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English, Cultural, 1 seasons, 14 episodes, 9 hours 50 minutes
There is an old African proverb that says, ”Until lions tell their tale, the story of the hunt will always glorify the hunter.” We will no longer accept false narratives about our people, our countries or our past AND future. It’s time for us to roar. Join us as we give it to you straight no chaser.
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911 is a Joke

Systemic injustice impacts all areas of our lives. That includes healthcare and how we are treated. Let's discuss the history of racism in medical care and the impact on our communities.
25/04/202345 minutes 46 seconds
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Stay Woke

Are we indoctrinated or educated? Can it be both? Sometimes indoctrination can also be education. On this episode, we explore the good and bad side of the concept of indoctrination and how we determine what is worth keeping from what we learn and how to confirm information that we are taught or absorb from others. 
19/04/202347 minutes 37 seconds
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Come and Get Your Soul Food

How has food and access to food shaped the diaspora?
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It Takes a Village.

The family make up. How does the family make up in our community serve as a support system. Half vs Full Sibling.. Is that a thing in the Diaspora?
28/03/202331 minutes 7 seconds
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Jesus was a Therapist Y’all!

Black people have a lot of trauma in our lives. Instead of being skeptical of and not believing in therapy, we should embrace it. Praying is awesome, but if you broke your leg, you would pray AND see a doctor. Let's discuss how therapy and religion are complimentary and not competitive.
21/03/202346 minutes
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Everyday We Hustlin’

Today, we discuss how sports and entertainment have impacted the diaspora. Have these industries helped drive our cultural and economic advancement? Are there lessons from our successful participation in these industries that can help inform how we gain buy-in and support in more traditional business sectors such as tech and finance?
15/03/202345 minutes 19 seconds
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Who Shot Ya!

Why is living in America so dangerous to Black people?
07/03/202345 minutes 41 seconds
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F*ck You, Pay Me!

Let's discuss the lack of reparations for Black Americans, the impact and how it differs from all other communities violated by colonizers.
28/02/202344 minutes 4 seconds
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We Prejudiced Y’all

Can Black people be racist?
12/12/202246 minutes 7 seconds