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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 season, 9 episodes, 50 minutes
This show covers topics such as fitness, lifestyle, relationships, and topical issues. Linda is a radio/TV personality, speaker, media coach and lifestyle expert. Known as The Lady With The Moves® and the author of the Simple Treasures® series. Join the LBJ CLUB to hear full-length interviews!
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Financial freedom by adding value

Linda B James ( interviews Brian Tracy, noted expert on the psychology of achievement.  Brian reveals the financial power of a value oriented mind. (1 minute). This "snippet" is part of a 1 hr interview with this noted expert in the field achievement. To learn about other topics, read my blog For FREE downloads click here
4/2/20161 minute
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Does financial and other success have anything to do with money?

Linda B James ( interviews Brian Tracy, noted expert on the psychology of achievement.  Brian reveals the financial power of a value oriented mind. (1 minute). To learn more, read my blog For FREE downloads click here
4/2/20161 minute
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Sleep Series 1 of 6 - Faint Sounds Can Ruin Your Sleep?

Linda B James ( explores the topic of sleep.  Linda interviews sleep expert Stephen Halpern.  In this short interview, she uncovers how faint sounds can actually disturb sound sleep and how you can avoid this. A good night's sleep is important for anyone seeking success.  We all need sleep!  Unfortunately, young and old alike have trouble sleeping. Let’s face it; sometimes it’s difficult for you to relax, rest and unwind and “slip into dreamland.” If you’re having trouble sleeping, you’re not alone… consider the following from the National Sleep Foundation: Over 40% of all Americans between 13 and 64 say they rarely or never get a good night’s sleep 60% experience a sleep problem every night (snoring, waking up in the middle of the night, etc.) Join the LBJ Club to hear the full interview!
6/1/20155 minutes
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Jack Canfield, Best Selling Author

What was the origin of the title "Chicken Soup For The Soul?  Listen to this interview and find out.  This is an excerpt of a full interview. Linda B James, known as "The Lady With The Moves" ®  is a radio/TV personality, speaker, media coach and lifestyle expert. She is also the author of the Simple Treasures® series.  Visit her website for more interviews!  ( Read her blog (
11/1/20144 minutes
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Why Men Cheat and the SECRETS to Selecting A Faithful Man - MOST DOWNLOADED SHOW

Linda B James interviews Ish Major M.D. from WE TV's Ex Isle.  They explore the reasons for men cheating.
5/23/20128 minutes
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Is Cleavage Appropriate For The Workplace?

JOIN THE LBJ CLUB!  DOWNLOAD THE FULL INTERVIEW BY CLICKING HERE You know how difficult it is to find something appropriate to wear for work.  The chances for mistakes or a "wardrobe disaster" can be high and lead to embarrassment and frustration.  So what do you wear?? Linda B James ( is going to help you answer those questions.  She has invited image consultant Victoria Seitz, Ph.D. to offer detailed wardrobe guidelines and fashion advice for men and women in any industry. From client meetings to new business pitches, this fashion expert shares exactly what you need to know to “think outside the cubicle” and dress confidently, stylishly and professionally. Dr. Seitz, the author of “I Don’t Wear A Suit! – A Guide To Style For All Of Us” can help you: Explain the unwritten rules of dressing for the office, client meeting and business travel. Identify the foundations of good style and design. Show how to use color to develop you own individual look. Demonstrate how to maximize your assets and minimize your liability for your body type. Dr. Seitz is an international recognized speaker, author and consultant with over 30 years experience in fashion and marketing. Her clients include: Abbott Laboratories, General Dynamics, Northern Telecom and Texas Instruments. She is a professor of marketing at California State University, San Bernardino.
5/6/20128 minutes
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The SECRET To Looking Fabulous On A Budget!

JOIN THE LBJ CLUB!  ?DOWNLOAD THE FULL INTERVIEW BY CLICKING HERE How do you make the most your money and still buy high quality, gorgeous clothes?  Linda B James ( helps you discover the secrets to looking fabulous for less AND making money in this tough economy.  Look no further than the treasures hidden in your closet and the closets of others! Tracy True Dismukes is a nationally recognized expert on consignment shopping who owns three consignment stores and founded, the online community for those who love consignment shopping. She has been featured by Fox Business, Entrepreneur magazine, CBS Atlanta, the ABC, NBC, CW, FOX and CBS affiliates in Birmingham, and in newspapers and radio stations across the country.
4/28/20128 minutes
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Can You Be Jailed For SHARING A Video On the Internet???

JOIN THE LBJ CLUB!  ?DOWNLOAD THE FULL INTERVIEW BY CLICKING HERE Linda B James ( interviews Michael Carrier, Esq. an attorney and expert on intellectual property and the internet.  Mr Carrier believes that there is a growing threat to American's rights to use the internet.  Below are examples of this threat: Congress may have the power to shut down sites like YouTube,Google, Facebook, Flickr, and Dropbox. If Congress' power is expanded as proposed, the U.S.would join China and Iran in censoring the Internet—and Americans could go to jail for forwarding YouTube videos. Why celebrities are joining together to stop Congress from hijacking the Internet. Michael Carrier teaches intellectual property, antitrust and property law at Rutgers University School of Law-Camden. He is the author of Innovation for the 21st Century: Harnessing the Power of Intellectual Property and Antitrust Law.
4/22/201211 minutes
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This Simple Change Can TRANSFORM Your Career!

DOWNLOAD FREE - 86 Ways To Boost Your Career SUBSCRIBE to Linda's Blog  Linda B James, "The Lady With The Moves" ( interviews New York Times best selling author Roxanne Emmerich. Remember your first day of your job? Your shoes were shined and your part was razor-straight—you had every intention to set the world on fire. But at some point you discovered you were working with Dweebs…a.k.a. humans with ISSUES. Whiners, complainers, gossips and excuse-crafters were suddenly everywhere. Everyone was shooting wildly for mediocrity—and hitting the bull’s-eye. And then it happened to you. You resigned to working in what looks like an adult day care and accepting a mediocre vision of what’s possible for you and your organization. Or you maybe you’re a leader who has tried everything you know, but the business still isn’t growing, profits are harder and harder to come by…and it just isn’t much fun anymore. In fact, you are losing your passion to be extraordinary. Discover how to: Replace a “Why we can’t” with a “Why we CAN” attitude Bust the “baditudes” and stop the energy vampires from sucking your energy Replace dysfunctional behaviors with a fire in the belly to get massive results  Breathe results-generating life back into your life and your organization Think big and make big things happen! DOWNLOAD FREE - 86 Ways To Boost Your Career SUBSCRIBE to Linda's Blog 
4/13/20124 minutes