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LIGHT WORK : A podcast with Desire Map author, Danielle LaPorte Profile

LIGHT WORK : A podcast with Desire Map author, Danielle LaPorte

English, Health / Medicine, 1 season, 9 episodes, 6 hours, 48 minutes
Girlfriend-style sermons on saving the world while staying sane, cosmic connectedness over tech addiction, self compassion and more fulfilling friendships — from Danielle LaPorte, a member of of Oprah’s Super Soul 100 and author of The Desire Map. How can you feel more lit up, closer to what matters without losing your edge? Tune in for Danielle’s poetic and often hilarious straight-talk on self-realization.
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New podcast! All love. Here’s a preview…

Thank you for the listens and encouragement for LIGHT WORK. You fueled me to keep making more—and so I did! NEW podcast. “With Love, Danielle.” For you. I hope it leaves you feeling a little less alone, full of possibility, and very clearly part of the solution.  It launches today, August 25, 2019. Tune in for Sunday sermons and Thursday’s Q&A—send your Qs to me (anything goes!) and please subscribe at
8/25/20194 minutes, 22 seconds
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Two special announcements(!) for LIGHT WORK listeners…

Friends, First: gratitude. Thank you for hanging out and listening to LIGHT WORK. The response continues to be... surprisingly amazing. I’m going to make so much more for you — and that’s the first announcement: New podcast!! For you. All the love. This summer. In the meantime, there’s this for you... announcement #2: I’ve got a new conversation out that I had with one of my dearest friends, Jeff Krasno (co-founder of Wanderlust and Commune). This is the first time I've publicly spoken about the "living death" I experienced in the Fall of 2018. I went to the darkest place of my being — panic attacks, identity crisis, loss, disillusionment and… incredible awe. GRACE. I'm still mining it, and will be sharing the gold for years to come. It’s one of the most psychologically intimate conversations I've recorded. My hope is to shed light on the pain that we all experience to varying degrees, so that we can heal together. Togetherness is powerful medicine. Please have a listen:
5/17/20192 minutes, 51 seconds
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[LIGHT WORK] Ep 6: Hopefully Devoted

Friends, this is the last episode of the podcast. And, of course, it’s devoted to one of my favourites: Devotion. We’re shining light on our prayers, our beliefs, our teachers… and whether they’re actually getting us closer to what we really want—liberation. We’re talking about the real work of light work.   There are some doozer questions to chew on in this ep:   Do your beliefs liberate you? Because if we don’t feel free… what’s the point? What are the “devotion flags” that you fly without shame? What can we do to un-believe the things that tie us down? How important is it to know about our past lives? How do we tell posers from true spiritual teachers? And how can you feel gratitude (instead of beating yourself up) if you’ve ever fallen for a charlatan? #beenthere
5/29/20181 hour, 1 minute, 13 seconds
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[LIGHT WORK] Ep 5: How to be a revolutionary for just love

Revolutionaries,   This episode is about our personal activism. I’m talking about how we can get justice, without incurring too much karma. About how to fight corruption without the anger burning us out. About the importance of being inclusive—to even the bad guys. I’m talking about how to be a revolutionary for just love.   Here’s the trip:   Where do we even start? (When the world is so messed up, and we’re feeling messed up because of it.) Why we have to resist going numb. Numbness leads to disconnection. Hopelessness is as common as violence. Think about that for a minute. The difference between anger and rage, and why we shouldn’t dismiss or repress the latter. My perspective on evil, and the value of having compassion for EVERYONE, like, on a Soul level––but still working for justice.   Tune in here: DANIELLELAPORTE.COM/PODCAST
5/29/20181 hour, 3 minutes, 42 seconds
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[LIGHT WORK] Ep 4: Beliefs, Movies & Man Crushes

If God is in the details, then the Soul is in a good Q&A. And that’s the substance of Podcast #4: Beliefs, Movies & Man Crushes.   Your questions make it so easy for me to rant and offer some (hopefully) useful how-to’s and tricks of the trade. The “trade” being discernment and devotion. It’s deep, it’s lite, I hope it’s all right:   Have I ever Feng Shui’ed my house? The short answer: yes. The cliffhanger: no, not anymore. What brings back my energy when I’m in my darkest hour? (I take my own medicine.) Who are my celebrity crushes? Favourite movies? Favourite tea? In between swooning, I manage to break down some romance wisdom. Why don’t I talk about my parents? I do now. What's my take on the narcissistic vs. empath dynamic? Oh darling… When did I know I “arrived”? (Still getting there.)
4/29/20181 hour, 22 minutes, 39 seconds
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[LIGHT WORK] Ep 3: The service of joy, especially in these times

I've talked to rabbis, priests, monks, and people who I consider to be high esoteric practitioners. I’ve figured out a few things about joy… and woven them into this week’s episode. Listen in for: Should you leave your soul-dulling job and follow your joy to France? (Maybe.) I’ve got some ideas on HOW to buck fear and obligation. The difference between happiness and joy, and a story from my divorce about the first time that I really understood the truth about joy. Are you addicted to longing? Waking up to the corruption and addiction in our own psyches, community, and society. Starting to make more holistic choices. Moving towards joy: Two questions to help you remove the debris, and create more space for light to move in. The 3 kinds of “happy lives”, Sensitive New Age Guys, Flow Boys… And finally: Living in joy without feeling like you’re betraying your (or anyone else’s) pain. Shedding the achievement, possessing, having, striving ways to be “happy” and focusing on one way to be joyful—to serve.
4/22/20181 hour, 17 minutes, 24 seconds
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[LIGHT WORK] Ep 2: The upside of suffering… sort of

No tip-toeing in this episode: I deep dive into the unfathomable, beautiful lessons we may learn from pain… without falling for the New Age speak that would have us gloss over real suffering.   Also in this EP: The 3 types of suffering (knowing what you’re experiencing is key to liberation) Everyday suffering—the slog, the general malaise, the greyness. Interconnected suffering—the feeling a lot of us have because of the agony in the world. Brutal tragedy-type suffering—seemingly insurmountable circumstances, violations, and losses. How some New Age perspectives on suffering utterly fail us, invalidate us and keep us from liberation. My damn the man retelling of the Princess and the Pea story that illustrates how to keep moving forward, when the day-to-day takes it out of you. For more, visit DANIELLELAPORTE.COM/PODCAST
4/15/201855 minutes, 2 seconds
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[LIGHT WORK] Ep 1: Friends, Lovers, and Therapy

We're connection starved, we know this. Let me give you a peek into my own circle of friendship. In this first episode of LIGHT WORK, I use my own crew as how-to examples for creating radical support and sweetness in your life. Also in this episode: Compelling reasons for resisting the perfectly normal urge to play the therapist with your lover-person (don't do it) A script for starting your own Goddess Group Relationship research that will make you go whoa A gather ‘round the fire tale that illustrates (with scientific proof!) that we need each other to shine Plus...   ...Tears of gratitude for my woman tribe, sexy monks, vagina talk, poetry, and general real-realness.   For more, visit DANIELLELAPORTE.COM/PODCAST
4/6/201858 minutes, 17 seconds
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Announcing LIGHT WORK : Self-Realization, Straight Up

Light Makers, I finally did it. Made a podcast. This was creatively edgy for me. Because it’s... just me... sitting in my podcast closet (it really is a closet), waxing philosophical for about an hour. There was a distinctly different feel about this creative venture like feeling EXPOSED. But, deep breath and a great back beat, thanks to my friends DJ Drez + Marti Nikko, and here we go!   The LIGHT WORK series will unfold over six episodes. These are girlfriend-style sermons on serving the world while staying sane, cosmic connectedness over tech addiction, self compassion and more fulfilling friendships. Poetry. Hilarity. Peeks into the personal. The podcast—and my upcoming LIGHTER year-long “Soul support” program—is intimate with plenty of esoteric talk.   For more, visit: DANIELLELAPORTE.COM/LIGHTWORK
3/15/20183 minutes, 5 seconds