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English, News, 2 seasons, 33 episodes, 1 day, 8 hours, 53 minutes
A weekly review and commentary on the most relevant news and current events from a wholesome, conservative and Christian perspective.
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Season 3 Finale - Lessons learned and the War.

This is the final episode, of this season or maybe of the show. With my friend and co-founder of the podcast Vadim Melnik, we talk about lessons learned, and our last comment on Ukraine vs Russia.
3/13/202250 minutes, 6 seconds
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What is the state of the Union? And are Russians and Ukrainians united?

Andrey Baydak, 911 Dispatcher from Bellingham, WA  joins me to discuss this weeks events. He's Russian and I am Ukrainian, we both are American citizens. So we discuss Biden's State of the Union address first, and then we talk about the effects of the war tensions on the Slavic people living abroad.
3/6/202255 minutes, 54 seconds
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The Invasion of Ukraine, and what’s left of Freedom Convoy?

This week Stan Davidyuk, joins me to discuss the next level events that occurred this week. Including the shocking conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and the leftovers or the new beginning of Freedom Convoy.
2/27/202254 minutes, 10 seconds
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Deconstructing Christianity, and who identifies as LGBTQ today?

This week, Vadim Melnik, joins me to discuss this weeks events. From world events, to Christian news, from space to science to economy, we cover it all. The featured stories are "deconstructionism in Christianity" and the latest Gallup poll result of LGBTQ self-identification in U.S.
2/20/202259 minutes, 39 seconds
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People’s Republic of... and Whoopi Goldberg

This week, Vadim is joining to discuss the events. we're featuring Olympic hosting country discussion, and the cancel culture as it faced Whoopi Goldberg this past week.
2/6/202249 minutes, 54 seconds
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Freedom Convoy to Ottawa, USA vs Russia vs Ukraine - who’s doing what?

This week, Paul Kazakov, one of the four people who made this project possible, joins me to discuss this weeks events. From Politics, to Economy, to Tech to Space, we cover it all. The featured stories are the trucks protesting in Canada, and the USA vs Russia growing conflict with Ukraine as the chess board.
1/30/202258 minutes, 56 seconds
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Presidential First Year Critique and John McArthur’s Transgender Sermon

This week, as usual we go over some of the most interesting headlines, and of course we focus on top stories each, I cover Biden's first year of presidency, while Vadim focuses on the new Canadian C4 law regarding gender conversion therapy, and John MacArthur is involved tangentially in this story.
1/23/202258 minutes, 42 seconds
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Capitol Insurection Christian Analysis, Colorado wildfire disaster, and more...

This week Vadim joins me as we go through the top stories of the week: Looking back on Jan 6 capitol incident, Colorado wildfires are the two main stories. And much more in the lightning round.
1/9/202257 minutes, 50 seconds
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Abortion pills and Guatemala, and devastating tornado aftermath

This week, December 18th 2021,  I am joined by Daniel Kislyanka, and we chat about recent abortion news, and the devastating tornado aftermath.
12/19/202151 minutes, 24 seconds
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What is blockchain? And where are we with the vax mandates?

This week, I attempt to explain the concept of blockchain, and my co-host Vadim focuses on reviewing the situation with vaccination mandates, that are being challenged on the national level.
12/12/202159 minutes, 47 seconds
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Landmark Abortion Case, and Oxford High School Shooting - with Andrey Baydak

We take a deeper dive into these two stories: The Supreme court hearing of the Dobs v. Jackson, a crucial case for Pro-Life cause, and review the tragedy of the school shooting in Oxford High School Michigan. Joining me as a guest co-host is Andrey Baydak.
12/5/202148 minutes, 25 seconds
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Waukesha Tragedy review, and rumors of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

We take a look at what happened this Thanksgiving week: Specifically, we review the polarized reaction to the tragedy in the Waukesha, WI. And also take a look at the next wave of conflict brewing between two Eastern European countries - Ukraine and Russia.
11/28/202147 minutes, 47 seconds
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What is 6th Circuit Court of Appeals, Transgender ideology, Belarus migrant crisis, and tragic flooding in Sumas

We take a look at what happened this week: Where is the vaccine mandate court case headed? How the transgender ideology is being forced upon young minds? The insight into the migrant crisis in Belarus. And the catastrophic flooding that in the Pacific Northwest.
11/21/202158 minutes, 15 seconds
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Astroworld tragedy, Millennials struggles report, what‘s tromethamine, and the trial of Mr. Rittenhouse

We take a look at what happened this week: What lessons can be learned from the tragic concert stampede in Houston Texas? What most millennials are struggling with? What is tromethamine, and why should you care, and should you? And finally what can we see from this side of Kyle Rittenhouse trial?  
11/14/202159 minutes, 19 seconds
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Pandemic pulse, jobs and jabs, Metaverse and Kanye‘s Sunday Service odd guest

We take a look at what happened this week: Where are we with Covid? What is the situation with jobs, economy and vaccinations? What to think of the new Metaverse coming soon to our lives? And is Marilyn Manson converted to Christianity now that he's been seen praying with Justin Bieber and Kanye?
11/7/202159 minutes, 37 seconds