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Finding You
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3 Practices you can do to help you navigate life.

In this episode I share 3 lessons I have learnt that have helped me immensely in navigating this thing called life.1. Build systems to get your through your low moments2. Energy is real, surround yourself with people who refuel you3. Have an abundance mindset Lets connect:
3/5/202311 minutes, 17 seconds
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Learn to win at being yourself with Red Higo

In this episode we sit down we Redemptha William Nsanzugwanko @Red_higo to learn how she has built her Marketing & Communication business, balancing between her social media business & life plus how she is able to stay rooted to who she is even as she grows a large following. Red's Instagram:'s Twitter: Ocean Church IG:
2/25/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 32 seconds
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We don't have a second chance at life (Go for it!!)

In this episode, I share with you my thoughts on second chances and how we don't have a second go at life! It's the beginning of the year and I hope this gives you a push in the right direction for 2023. Connect with me via Twitter:
2/20/20238 minutes, 58 seconds
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How to stay Motivated in Life and Work (Bonus)

Sharing some insights I have learnt from reading Atomic Habits by James Clear. He shares about the Goldilocks Rules, a method of how to find the sweet spot between hard and easy challenges that allow you to stay motivated to do your work and also how one has to fall in love with boredom in the pursuit for becoming the greatest versions of themselves. Enjoy.Book:
5/9/202213 minutes, 1 second
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How can Meditation reduce stress and help provide a more balanced life? with Ferry Sefat

In this episode I sit down with Ferry (Mindfulferry) a Psychologist & Yoga Teacher to learn more about how Meditation has changed her life, how she was able to cope with anxiety, depression through this using this practice. She also share advice on how someone can start practicing so they can create a more balanced life. Enjoy Guest Youtube Link: Insight timer Link: Link:
5/2/202251 minutes, 17 seconds
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7 Things I wish I knew in my 20s

In this episode I share with you 7 lessons I learnt in my 20s, lessons I wish I knew during those years. Sharing these lessons in the hopes that it may provide insight & guidance for someone going through their 20s so that your able to learn from my mistakes/lessons.Podcast Link: Link:
4/26/202215 minutes, 11 seconds
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Why Gratitude is the Secret Ingredient to Happiness with Maza Sinare

This is episode 25 and I got to sit down for a chat with one of my Mentors, its none other than Maza Sinare, my sister. She has been able to build multiple successful businesses throughout her career, pursued life according to her terms. Whenever I am in doubt and need advise, she is the one I turn to. We always have inspiring conversations and I thought they may be of value our community here on Life thrills. In this episode she shares with me the power gratitude and how it changed her life. Excited for you to hear this conversation. Enjoy   Guest Instagram:
4/18/202243 minutes, 24 seconds
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Improving your life by learning about yourself with Darlington Mbasha

This is episode 24 and I got the chance to sit down with Darlington Mbasha, A Business man at heart, Co Owner of Cyne Experience & Family Man. He shared with me how he has balances his roles as Business owner &  being there for his family, Why having a journal has allowed him to reflect in key moments in his life, knowing when to say no and more . Excited for you to hear this episode, enjoy.Guest Link: Instagram: Twitter:
4/11/202253 minutes, 48 seconds
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Staying creative through tough times with Mutua Matheka EP 023

In this Episode I got the chance to sit down with Mutua Matheka (Truthslinger) an Architect, Photographer and Filmmaker . He speaks on his creative process, how he was able to get through the Kenyan lockdown last year by allowing his emotions to guide him, quitting his Architect profession to pursue his own career path and much more. Excited for you to hear this episode, Enjoy.Guest Instagram:
4/4/20221 hour, 50 seconds
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Adding Good Habits & Breaking Bad Ones

In this mini session I share with you insights from a book I am currently reading, Atomic Habits by James Clear. He shares insights & tools that allow us to foster better habits and get rid of habits that hold us back from being the best versions of ourselves. Two tools have stood out to me at the moment and I wanted to share them with you. EnjoyInstagram: Twitter:
4/1/202212 minutes, 21 seconds
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Bringing your dream career to life with Josh Moshi

In this episode I sit down with Josh Moshi a problem solver at heart, Entrepreneur & Family man. He has been able transform his dream in the past 10 years and brought it to reality by setting up a successful Media business. He company Infocus Studios has provided media solutions for organisation such as Vodacom, CRDB Bank , DJI Global, Survivor TV show and many more. In this episode he opens up about how he has been able to do it all. Enjoy  Infocus Studios: Thrills Podcast:
3/29/202243 minutes, 50 seconds
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Climbing Kilimanjaro three times, facing struggles & building your dream career with Frank Papushka

In this episode I chat with successful Tanzanian Documentary Filmmaker Frank Papushka. We speak about his journey of starting from the village to working with organisations like the UN & Wild Aid. He shares with me his struggles as a creative, doubts, victories and what characteristics he believes a person needs to have to bring their dream to life. Frank Papushka Contacts:Instagram: Website: Host: OsseInstagram:
9/26/202140 minutes, 13 seconds
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Quickest way to lose your Happiness as a Creator

In this episode I talk about competition and why comparison will take away your happiness. I also share what you should focus on as a creator so that you can feel fulfilled. Instagram: www.ossegrecasinare.comYoutube:
9/23/202111 minutes, 2 seconds
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Your self Image might be holding you back

In this podcast I will be sharing with you why your self image might be holding you back from your greatness. “Your self-image is what you consider to be appropriate for you; it’s what you can see yourself doing or achieving. Most people attempt to change their body, finances, relationships, or income by changing something outside of themselves when the problem lies within. Self-image becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.That’s because the strongest force in human personality is the need to remain consistent with how we see ourselves.”Excerpt From: Dan Lok. “Unlock It: The Master Key to Wealth, Success, and Significance”. Apple Books.And because we might be too comfortable with our self image we might not want to change it as we move into new chapters of our journeys.Social Handles:InstagramTwitterYoutube 
8/24/202112 minutes, 24 seconds
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Overcoming obstacles & Setting the right mindset with Anna (Lavidoz)

In this episode I sit down with Anna Founder & Owner of Lavidoz, A successful entrepreneur and Fashion/Lifestyle Influencer to speak about her journey, overcoming major obstacles, why mindset is so important and much more.
8/6/202125 minutes, 3 seconds
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Don't depend on Motivation to get things done

In this podcast I will be sharing with you why I don’t believe motivation is a great tool for any creative and why it can actually lead to procrastination  & creative block. I also share methods you can use to create a better workflow that allows motivation to be a natural by product of your actions.
8/4/202111 minutes, 51 seconds
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Getting brands to work with you

In this episode I share with you my experience of how I have been able to get brands to work with me and a few additional thoughts I have learnt along my 10 year journey.
7/29/202118 minutes, 11 seconds
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Maza Sinare: Setting yourself up for Success

In this episode I chat with Successful Business owner, Lawyer, Mother and my role model Maza Sinare to discuss how you can set yourself up for success in your personal and business life.
5/3/20201 hour, 1 minute, 52 seconds
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Perfect time to start

In this episode I go over why this is the perfect time to start on your dreams & creative goals.
5/1/202010 minutes, 58 seconds
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Fahad Fuad: Building a successful travel business

Show Links: Instagram: Unzip Tanzania:
8/22/201942 minutes, 42 seconds
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I dropped my Camera in the Ocean

Instagram: Website: Youtube:
8/17/20196 minutes, 15 seconds
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Ngaira Mandara: Transforming your art into a Business

The Futur: Ngaira Instagram Handle: Hosts:
7/8/201951 minutes, 44 seconds
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Putting all your eggs in one basket (Instagram)

In this episode we speak about Instagram being down and the solutions you can take to take back a bit of control in the future.
7/5/20196 minutes, 58 seconds
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Thursday Tips EP.01: Website & Online Gallery

7/4/20192 minutes, 15 seconds
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Why Social Media can lie about Success

Thought of the Day: What is your Definition of Success? TED Talk About Success: Website: Instagram: Twitter: Youtube:
7/3/201914 minutes, 50 seconds
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Working with Marketing Agencies & Corporates

In this episode we go over 3 things I wish I knew before getting into business with Marketing Agencies and Corporate Companies.
7/2/20198 minutes, 39 seconds
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Educating your Clients

Thought of the day: Have you started making passive income through your creative business?
7/1/201913 minutes, 24 seconds
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Should you work for Free?

In this episode I go over the topic a lot of us have a challenge with and that is when should we take on free work and when is it a must to charge for the work.
6/28/201910 minutes, 36 seconds
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How to stand out as a Photographer in the Marketplace

Key Points: Focus on who your client is or what field of photography you shoot Switch things around and start to market in a unique way Go back to basics Use different platforms to market your Art
6/27/201911 minutes, 39 seconds
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Feeling like your not moving Forward (Career/Creative)

Super happy I get to share with you this recent podcast on what advice I received from listening to a Gary Vee podcast on switching up things so that you can get back to moving forward with your career goals. Thank you very much for tuning.
6/26/20199 minutes, 28 seconds
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How I get International Projects (Tanzanian Creative)

In this episode I share a few tips on how I get International Projects as Photographer/Filmmaker inn Tanzania.
5/19/201910 minutes, 52 seconds