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Life Is Short

English, Cultural, 2 seasons, 9 episodes, 4 hours, 31 minutes
We created this podcast to have a place to dump all the thoughts and feelings we don't get to express throughout the busy week. Support this podcast:
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Money Buys Comfort

Join us as we ramble about daily life and struggles we face. --- Support this podcast:
3/8/202128 minutes, 3 seconds
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Life is Change, IDK

Join us as we talk about our daily struggles and what motivates us to keep trying.  --- Support this podcast:
2/22/202126 minutes, 47 seconds
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Don't Bleed on Your Neighbors Car.

Join us as we talk about the ups and downs of the last two weeks!  --- Support this podcast:
1/24/202125 minutes, 46 seconds
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Year Recap 2020

Join us as we reflect on this past year.  --- Support this podcast:
1/10/202129 minutes, 59 seconds