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Life At The Half with Camille D. Jamerson

English, Finance, 1 seasons, 10 episodes, 5 hours 52 minutes
Gen-X has had the keys to the house since we were 7 and rode bikes without helmets. You don't want to be lectured with information or stats. You want to be inspired, and motivated for this funky in-between season in your life. As a Gen-Xer, you may be often overlooked. But NOT here. Life at the half will make you laugh, think, feel, reset and move forward. After every episode, you will feel that someone gets you, has your back and will give you ammunition to make the next half of your life the BEST half. Mid-life doesn't know who its messing with. Let's do life TOGETHER.
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Giving you the best that I've got: Are GenXers invisible? And do we really care?

Gen Xers have been often coined as being lost...or even worse ,"invisible"! Like, uh what? But, real talk are we to blame for some of this incorrect stereotypical image? Do we show up for ourselves and truly give the world the best that we've got? Or are we simply too tired and don't care? Or is it something else altogether?Join us as we talk with Carla Palmer, the Founder of the "Get your sexy back" movement. We discuss what the REAL problem is with GenXers being authentic, how getting older plays a MAJOR role and how to stop the stank before it starts! This show is one that will leave you with a real plan, and real answers that might surprise you. Meet Carla Palmer the Founder of the Get Your Sexy Back! Born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Carla has resided in Los Angeles, CA for 30+ years. In addition to being a health and fitness enthusiast, she is the mom to a wonderful adult son. She's a humanitarian, p
11/06/202338 minutes 51 seconds
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Sergio Valente: My three biggest personal fears and why they are JUST like Sergio Valente jeans.

S1E7: "Sergio Valente" with Camille Jamerson My three biggest personal fears and why they are JUST like Sergio Valente jeans. Are there some things that are in the back of your head that you are fearful of? Do you just push those thoughts out of the way and keep living your day to day? Do those fears sometimes stifle you and hold you back from taking life head on? Or is it just me....? Just between you and I...I have some deep seated fears that have grown since Ive gotten older that I'm somewhat ashamed to admit. BUT I know that facing these fears is critical to elevating MY life at the half! My mid-lifestyle can be greatly impacted by giving in to these fears and not focusing on solutions. Soooooooo, I decided to take the mic on this episode and share with you what I am fearful of and get your input on what the hell I can do about it! AND (cause I know you're wondering lol) I plan to share with you w
28/05/202333 minutes 59 seconds
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Its a Hard Knocks Life: Can GenX push back against grind culture and embrace a "Soft Life"?

It's a Hard Knocks Life: Can Gen-X push back against grind culture and embrace a "Soft Life"? Guest: Katrina Michele Mitchell Website: Instagram: @KatrinaMichele The "Soft Life", a term coined by GenZers on TikTok has been at the heart of many discussions around pushing back against the grind culture of today's society. However, with the renowned work ethic of genXers, is a "softer life" even a reality for us and if so, what does that look like and what are the benefits for adapting this perspective? In this episode we discuss this with Katrina Michele, Owner of the Fundamentals Spa and host of the Soft Life Soiree! About Katrina: While many fight their way to the top of the corporate ladder, she strives to be the ladder. With over 25 years of administration, sales, marketing and management experience, Katrina Michele Mitchell
21/05/202352 minutes 10 seconds