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English, Hobbies, 1 season, 60 episodes, 8 hours, 35 minutes
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Singing: quick interview and singing musical songs w/ L my sister

Hi guys welcome to the first episode of the everything podcast. Today I am here with L my sister and we talk about ✨singing✨. We sung heart of stone from the musical SIX and we sung satisfied from Hamilton the musical.
8/20/202314 minutes, 5 seconds
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Trying spicy sweets

8/21/20223 minutes, 52 seconds
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Trying viral nerd ropes with my sis ( ASMR)

Do u like L ?
8/21/20224 minutes, 28 seconds
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TYSM yay
8/15/202217 seconds
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So close

We are at 959 plays we’re so close to 1k
7/19/20227 seconds
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TYSM for over 900 plays

I’m sorry for not updating recently but TYSM for all of the love and suppor. I still can’t get over 900 plays only 100 till 1k. (Btw this is a video podcast so go check it out on Spotify to watch the video.
7/1/202212 seconds
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Orbeez update video podcast

They’re green! (to watch go to Spotify)
5/30/20223 minutes, 58 seconds
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When I first met you, blue kangaroo! By Emma Chichister Clark. Video podcast watch on Spotify!

Video podcast watch on Spotify to see video. I’m only just trying to figure it out so pls don’t judge. Thanks for watching and for the support
5/30/20229 minutes, 54 seconds
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What happened?
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I’m speechless 😶. TYSM
5/28/20223 seconds
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800 plays part. 1! Orbeez stress ball cutting+ ASMR

Our goal= 1k
5/24/202226 minutes, 57 seconds
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ASMR with chocolate lolly and sweets and sprinkles

Do u like?
4/26/202220 minutes, 38 seconds
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100+ plays on my most listened book funnybones ( reading 2 books to say thanks) pt.2

I hope u enjoy! In this episode I read the elves and the shoemaker and little red riding hood. TYSM for 100+ plays on my most famous episode funnybones! 😊
4/22/202215 minutes, 27 seconds
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100+ plays on my most listened book funnybones ( reading 2 books to say thanks) pt.1

I hope u enjoy! In this episode I read wake up lidya Lu and the paper dolls. TYSM for 100+ plays on my most famous episode funnybones! 😊
4/22/202211 minutes, 43 seconds
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I got a mic! ASMR crisps, chocolate, Bruch pop-it ect.

I got a new mic I’m so exited! The book that got over 100 plays was funny bones and I think I will upload it about Friday or before but no promises
4/19/202218 minutes, 55 seconds
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Slime ASMR with whispering and my sister came as well halfway in

Hope you enjoy!
4/16/202235 minutes, 14 seconds
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Making slime /fixing slime /ASMR at the end

Pls share to ur friends and comment down bellow
4/13/202236 minutes, 32 seconds
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Rating roblox games

This was so fun no .offence to the people who like these games I think I rated them badly this is just my personal opinion. Thank you to Sunny for giving me this idea .I’m really sorry I haven’t been updating a lot I’ve been very busy with work but I will be updating a bit more now. Thank you so much for 600+ plays
4/13/20228 minutes, 30 seconds
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400+plays episode with special guest quizmaster from quizzes across the air!Even though we’re at 600

Go check out quizzes across the air please it’s such a good podcast. I’m really sorry that this is so that and there is no reading but I had no time to so I’m rlly sorry bout that
4/13/202217 minutes, 47 seconds
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Omg 600 plays!+some news

I’m so happy!!!
4/13/20221 minute, 38 seconds
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What I will be doing next

It will be on Saturday or Sunday ant I will be rating roblox games. Sorry I have not been posting much. Listen for more information 😊
4/9/20221 minute, 37 seconds
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This was so weird lol

Hehe sorry I haven’t posted in ages
3/30/20221 minute, 46 seconds
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Q&A with L my sis

Lol we revealed some secrets….
3/23/202215 minutes, 49 seconds
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ASMR with my sis L doing Sand ASMR

This was so funny with lots of hilarious bloopers at the end
3/21/202215 minutes, 5 seconds
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Some ASMR eating and EXPLOSION

Near the end this got chaotic
3/21/20223 minutes, 38 seconds
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Just some information

You guys can call me A. Sorry if the audio is bad
3/21/20221 minute, 20 seconds
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Please listen

Please reply to the Q&A and share to friends
3/18/202236 seconds
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Preview/ what’s going to happen (with some ASMR and shoutouts

3/15/20221 minute, 29 seconds
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Same: eating, stress balls and stationary

Hope u enjoy! lots of u wanted me to do this before the 450+ plays episode.
3/14/202217 minutes, 13 seconds
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I’m truly sorry

A tiny sip of ASMR water gulping and fidget
3/10/20221 minute, 27 seconds
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We hit 400+ plays!

I’m so happy. I will do a special 400+ plays and I’m so exited
2/28/202215 seconds
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ASMR:brushes and make up stuff

Hope you enjoy kids of the universe!
2/28/20229 minutes, 26 seconds
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New name for u guys!

Hi kids of the universe! (Sorry is ur not a kid but most people that listen are). Soooo cringe omg
2/28/20229 seconds
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ASMR:mic noises with long nails, Mike dipped in squelchy tore out slime and blu tack and other noise

Hope you enjoy this episode was fun to make
2/24/202213 minutes, 22 seconds
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2/24/202244 seconds
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ASMR random episode….. lol

Lol this was so random
2/23/20227 minutes, 48 seconds
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Chapter 1

Hope you enjoy. Please send a voice message with feedback it will really help. :)
2/23/202216 minutes, 45 seconds
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Hope you enjoy!
2/12/20229 minutes, 8 seconds
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Sorry ‘bout that

2/11/202226 seconds
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A start to our new book: the sparrow hawk

This book is by Natasha Farrant. Just a start to a fantastical new book!sorry that it is a short episode I will update soon bye!
2/11/20227 minutes, 16 seconds
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I’m coming back!

2/11/202250 seconds