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Life and other lettered words

English, Social, 1 season, 17 episodes, 3 hours, 51 minutes
From issues that are mind boggling to issues that are exciting... Every week on "Life and other lettered words"!we will be discussing real life issues. Prepare for a thrilling experience.
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On this episode, we discussed adulting as a whole. I know that I had been promising I was going to bring a friend and colleague.... I finally did. We had so much fun doing this, I hope you have as much fun listening.
2/27/202435 minutes, 54 seconds
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Dealing with loss

Cherish relationships and be intentional
8/20/202323 minutes, 51 seconds
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Do it, just do it

A NO is not so bad or is it? Press play to find out.
7/22/202313 minutes, 21 seconds
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Introduction to Life and the other lettered words

Just random introduction really
6/8/20227 minutes, 51 seconds
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Just do you

We all deserve happiness in life. Life is too short for us to be stuck up on doing what we don't want
7/7/20218 minutes, 46 seconds
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Its Okay to QUIT

I know people say quitters never win and stuff but sometimes, its okay to throw in the towel. Pause and re-strategize.
2/13/202117 minutes, 59 seconds
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All over

I was feeling all over the place before and while recording this podcast. I know sometimes we feel this way too. I get better when i talk and believe me, I feel way better now.
11/25/202011 minutes, 26 seconds
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Love and the in betweens part 1 maybe

Love is great BUT love is not enough. So maybe this should have been the title.
11/1/202016 minutes, 48 seconds
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Regrets? Nah, just lessons.

We can't change the past, but we can choose how to move on. Mistakes that we make in life shouldn't resort to regrets rather, we must pick up lessons from there.
10/24/20209 minutes, 54 seconds
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Just random sense 2. The end

This episode continues from where the last one stopped. My daily challenges and how I am working to overcome them.
10/14/202011 minutes, 13 seconds
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Just random sense 1

My challenges. In this episode, I try to share my daily challenges. I know we all have something we are struggling with.
10/3/202010 minutes, 8 seconds
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Body shaming

People body shaming people at the detriment of the those people's happiness. Who says we must all be the same size or look the same? What's the fun in that right?
7/15/202010 minutes, 8 seconds
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Depression and the crazy talk.

Many people in the society don't know the difference between depression and sadness... That's fine. People battle this daily and those who don't understand it downplay it.
7/13/20208 minutes, 34 seconds