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Liberia Land Wahala

English, News, 1 season, 9 episodes, 4 hours, 26 minutes
Deep dive into the land issues causing wahala — or trouble — in Liberia. New Narratives journalists travel to communities across this West African country and bring back their stories. Top news reporters Anthony Stephens of Power FM/TV and Mae Azango of FrontPage Africa host this exploration of land, environment and climate concerns and conflicts. And they interview experts and authorities for answers.
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Plastic Pollution Crisis

On the coast of West Africa, the country of Liberia is known for its fishing and strong surf — and now, for what locals call its “dirt.” We unlock the plastic pollution crisis that is drowning the land and sea and creating worrisome “wahala” for citizens. Those in the slums are in dire straits, especially during rainy season. Other African countries like Kenya and Rwanda have banned single-use plastic, but Liberians can find themselves adrift in a cesspool of it. A big part of the plastic problem is the water people drink. If nothing is done to solve this environmental crisis soon, recycling enterprise founder Abraham Freeman tells us, Liberia is on track to become one of the biggest ocean polluters of the Sub-Saharan region. Can entrepreneurs or government turn the tide?For more: New NarrativesContinuing coverage: FrontPage AfricaMusic by: Faith Vonic
12/17/202130 minutes, 54 seconds
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Land Rights Confusion

In Liberia, land is life. But this land is whose land? In this episode, we explore Liberia's legacy of land ownership. Modern laws are supposed to give rights to customary land back to indigenous tribes and local communities. Instead, widespread confusion and conflicts are erupting all over the country. Our reporters document disputes and land grabs — even while encountering threats — and seek answers from authorities. Have laws for land rights gone wrong, or can they work? For more: New NarrativesContinuing coverage: FrontPage AfricaMusic by: Faith Vonic
11/30/202135 minutes, 35 seconds