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English, Social, 1 seasons, 4 episodes, 1 hour 58 minutes
A Podcast on life, light, and the realities of it all right from Kampala, Uganda.
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E04: Being Queer, Loving Queer, & Living Queer in UG ft. Mama Kidongo & Malaika

In this episode, I chat with Mama Kidongo and Malaika on being queer and proud, the stigmas and assumptions, conversion therapy, transitioning, coming out, and being authentic to your true self!
20/09/202133 minutes 25 seconds
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E03: Twitter trolls, rape apologism, the myths & truths to health care in UG ft. Dr. Thomas Kanzira

In this episode, Dr Thomas Kanzira, A Ugandan medical doctor shares his lockdown experience in Wuhan, China where CO-VID19 broke out from, his passion for medicine and he debunks all myths and truths about Uganda's Health Care system from his point of view. We also touch on why he is trolled on twitter, his actual political views, and the realities of how rape cases are handled and the stigma that is rape apologism and silence.
22/04/202123 minutes 13 seconds
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E02: Sights from behind the booth, big tips, & lockdown survival ft. DJ Ssese & DJ Kas Baby

In this episode, Declan and I sit with Kampala City's biggest and most beloved DJs; DJ Ssese and DJ Kas baby and we chat about the entertainment industry and its downfall during the pandemic, how they have endured the pandemic career wise, the meaning behind their stage names, the craziest things they've seen from behind the booth, things men will fight over, and the need for men to be more vocal.
14/04/202117 minutes 14 seconds
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E01: The Ugandan music biz, exes as muses, & mental health ft. Lagum the Rapper & Lamu

In this inaugural episode, Lamu the singer and Lagum the Rapper chat about their musical journey, how they weathered through their own mental health during the 2020 lockdown and current pandemic, their writing influences, and so much more!
29/03/202144 minutes 17 seconds