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English, Education, 5 seasons, 52 episodes, 17 hours 15 minutes
This Podcast is for Creative Coaches and Entrepreneurs who will like to launch an exciting and profitable business, get paid clients, and create a repeatable system to generate revenue through modeling the habits of high-performance leadership so that you can 10x the positive impact they are making in the world. Join me as I share with you the stories of other leaders and their secrets to living a more purposeful and fulfilled life.
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Building Communities and Shaping the Future: Kyle Lozurko Path to Tech Entrepreneurship

👉🏼Take our CEO Type Quiz to discover your unique entrepreneurial strengths! Click the link in the episode description or visit to get started. Welcome to another exciting episode of the "Next Gen Tech CEO Journey" podcast! In this episode, your host Deano Delpleash engages in a captivating conversation with Kyle Lazurko, CEO and co-founder of By Smarter and a true tech visionary. Kyle's journey into the world of entrepreneurship began at just 13 years old, running his own lawn care business. Fast forward, and he's now leading tech projects, building communities, and making waves in the tech scene with over 2,000 followers on LinkedIn. Join us as we explore Kyle's insights into innovation, adaptability, and strategic thinking in the ever-evolving tech landscape. Discover how he leverages the power of community building to fuel his entrepreneur
15/11/202326 minutes 59 seconds
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Fashioning the Future: Pablo Rabadán CEO of Style Mate and the AI Revolution

👉🏼Ready to uncover your inner CEO? Take our CEO-type quiz and unlock your entrepreneurial potential. Start your journey to success now by visiting⁠. In this episode of "The Next Gen Tech CEOs Journey," we dive deep into the captivating story of Pablo Rabadán Cordón, a young entrepreneur who is redefining the rules of ambition, innovation, and purpose. Get ready to embark on an exhilarating journey as we introduce you to the enigmatic Pablo Rabadán Cordón. At just 25 years old, he's already making waves in the world of entrepreneurship, fashion tech, and behavioral science. Join us as we explore his path from Spain to Shanghai. 30:00 - 45:00 (Pablo's Leap into Entrepreneurship) Discover what inspired Pablo to take the leap into entrepreneurship. He shares the pivotal moment when he realized that pursuing a stable job left him feeling unfulfilled. 45:00 - 60:00 (Embracing Uncert
08/11/202349 minutes 28 seconds
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Overwhelmed to Organized:Proven Strategies for Productivity and Time management Episode 1

Are you tired of feeling overwhelmed and stressed out by your never-ending to-do list? Do you struggle to manage your time effectively and find yourself constantly falling behind? If so, then I have some exciting news for you. Introducing our brand new Level Up Quest Overwhelm to organized - Proven strategies for productivity and time management! Over the next 5 days, we will dive deep into the strategies and techniques you need to take control of your time, boost your productivity, and achieve your goals. In this series, you'll learn how to identify your priorities, set clear goals, and create effective to-do lists. You'll discover strategies for overcoming procrastination, staying focused, and mastering the art of delegation. And, you'll explore the importance of taking breaks and practicing self-care. But, this series isn't just about learning new skills. It's about transforming your
17/07/20237 minutes 7 seconds
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Journey to Becoming an Entreprneur in China | Adrien Thevenet CEO of RunForce and SportForce

Your High-Performance Leader Coaching Ecosystem: Go to today and receive FREE Access to learn and master all 6 Pillars of High-Performance Leadership!         In this episode, we spoke with Adrien Thevenet Running Coach and CEO of RunForce & SportForce.   You can find this interview, and many more, by subscribing to the Level Up with Deano Podcast on iTunes here.  SHOW NOTES:      00:00 | Introduction       01:55 | Journey for Adventure to China  06:36 | Mindset shift for entrepreneurs  10:21 | Reinventing yourself  19:50 | Main challenge in transitioning into Entrepreneurship  21:30 | How to charge for your services  23:30 | The Best time to start  26:05 | Thing you need to know before you start  29:17 | Other Tools
21/07/202233 minutes 4 seconds
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Welcome to Level UP with Deano

This Podcast is for Creative Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs who will like to achieve their highest level of performance so that they can 10x the positive impact they are making in the world. I am your host Deano Delpleash and I am on a mission to make leadership sexy by helping 1 million High-Impact leaders shift gear into their highest level of performance by Mastering the Six secrets of the World’s Highest Performing Leaders. Join me as I share with you the stories of other leaders and their secrets to living a more purposeful and fulfilled life. This is Deano Delpleash and If you are listening to the Level-up with Deano podcast I believe it’s because you want to 10x  your level of performance in life and work so that you can create an even bigger positive impact in the life of those you love and serve. That’s why I have created the level-up with Deano podcast as a course in the High-Performance Leader coaching Ecosystem. and it is Free for you today as my listener
05/04/20221 minute 39 seconds