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Level Up with ClassyGlampire!

English, Cultural, 1 season, 2 episodes, 27 minutes
ClassyGlampire is a level-up community that helps women around the world level up to their highest selves and become high-value women. We give advice on femininity, how to develop a high-value mindset, dating & attracting high-value men, and much more! We make you understand male psychology so that you have a better understanding of men and strive in your dating life and your relationships. We also talk about self-development and healing. • Instagram: @classyglampire |
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How To Behave When You Have A Provider Gentleman

In this episode, you learn how to behave when you have captured a provider gentleman's heart. It is not big science, but there are things you need to be aware of. Remember: don't ever let a man take away your individuality! Questions I answer in this episode: - What is the difference between a full-time & a part-time provider? - What to do when my provider stops me from doing something? - How do I get my provider to invest in my goals? - What should I wear? - How should I smell? - Where can we go together? Have fun listening! Follow me on Instagram & YouTube: @classyglampire Get premium membership on our website:
10/26/202220 minutes, 13 seconds
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Don't Tell A Man How Many Men You Have Slept With

*Update of this episode*: No need to lie about your body count. Just ignore the lying part. The best and the only option should be to keep the body count number to yourself. :-) Episode Description: The exact answers to a man's question "How many men have you slept with?" got many women ghosted. Even if men are the ones that ask you how many men you have slept with, any answer would still disgust them. In this episode, I get you prepared for what to answer him. Follow me on Instagram: @classyglampire Get premium membership on our website:
10/16/20227 minutes, 7 seconds