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English, Music, 1 seasons, 20 episodes, 14 hours 37 minutes
Los Angeles based radio personality, LETTY (formerly known as Rikki Martinez), gives her enthusiastic and passionate take on a different range of topics. Being Latina and known for her hip hop knowledge, she's also a young mom juggling career and family and cementing her place in media. Known to many as a small and strong minded individual, her talks will leave you both humored and inspired.
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Reactions to Kendrick's new song "The Heart Pt 4", what a beef with Dot & Big Sean would be like, why fat rappers don't get enough credit & why people shouldn't criticize the Pac biopic
25/03/20171 hour 27 minutes 49 seconds
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State of LA

State of LA by Loud Speakers Network
13/03/20171 hour 7 minutes 24 seconds
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The Right Way To Lose

Too often we go through a loss and it does us unnecessary damage. But there is a way to win when you lose. Let me show you’
11/01/201727 minutes 57 seconds
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My Inconvenient Truth As A Latino American

This was really tough to record. A lot of self-reflection and pondering on Donald Trumps intentions with the people of my culture. Plus what role Mexico plays in the pimping of an immigrant.’
10/11/201652 minutes 30 seconds
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Open Letter To Kid Cudi

My message to Kid Cudi and any one else, suffering from depression. From 1 of the infinity who have been lifted from their hurt with your transparency’
05/10/20169 minutes 4 seconds
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Letting Go Of Mr. Wrong f/ @SPICY MARI

I recently found out the horrible truth of a relationship I've voluntarily stuck myself in. Here I am, telling my great friend, and relationship coach Spicy Mari, all the details as she advises and sheds light on toxic relationships and why it took me so long to get the fuck out of one.
22/09/20161 hour 10 minutes 10 seconds
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Good Neighborhood Problems

The lie coffee makes us believe. What it's like to be in a drive-by shooting. PLUS why living next to white people has my Mexican father paranoid and what are some rap mysteries and cases worth investigating
05/08/201634 minutes 30 seconds
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F U Unicorns

I'm disgruntled and it's all Unicorns fault. Also there's no more sex in my champagne room, the romantic date I CAN'T have and why this summer 16 is LIIIIIT’
23/06/201651 minutes 54 seconds
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Stop Pay At The Pump

The message they tried to keep me from sharing with you, my review on the upcoming Tupac biopic and why you should never pay at the gas station pump AGAIN!’
01/06/201654 minutes 50 seconds
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Letty's Back

Letty's back. And she feels horrible/amazing about it
20/05/201612 minutes 14 seconds
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a fast gone wrong, are crosses really worth wearing, why new year's resolutions fail, and Dreamville artist Cozz answers "J cole would kill me if he knew"’
08/01/201628 minutes 11 seconds
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Tough Talks And Pusha T

How I broke down terrorism to my 10 year old, set my ex straight on police injustice. Plus a conversation with Pusha T about lyricism and drug cartels. And how to really get someone the perfect xmas gift according to science... wtf.
18/12/201540 minutes 52 seconds
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What A Difference A Year Makes

What A Difference A Year Makes chronicles Letty's last year year as example that rock bottom can actually lead to what you've been wishing for all along. Plus Letty shares too firsts: her first time getting plastered & first time getting cheated on.
16/11/201552 minutes 27 seconds
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Ppl Around Me: Brookelyn

A Convo With My Peeps: Brookelyn" @BrookeLynOnAir is an assistant to our night show. A whit girl who fights for black feminism and puts me up on the student revolt against racism going on at the University Of Missouri’
12/11/201544 minutes 54 seconds
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The time I cheated in a relationship, when to be a sheep and when to be a shepard PLUS how to use stereotypes to your advantage
23/10/201543 minutes 21 seconds
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The Game Explains Lupe Diss

The Game explains to Letty why he called Lupe Fiasco "weird." "Personally, maybe I might be lost. Or maybe he evoling. And Game can’t see it. I miss the old Lupe records when it was about Chi-town and it was hood. So maybe I’m being what I tell other people not to be. I guess that’s just being a fan of music. Some people evolve and you are able to embrace it, other people evolve and you get mad. That’s why when some people are like 'I like the old game,' You might be what I’m being when i said I like to the old Lupe."
16/10/20152 minutes
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Episode Five

Letty lets you know about Monday resolutions and why you should stay away from them, how to give yourself more blessings PLUS there's a new shock hip hop? And Letty's personal issues with The Game's new album’
09/10/201537 minutes 14 seconds
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Ep 4 Featuring Mike Chehadé

Mike Chehadé (@ChehadeTheKing) stops by and shares why he let out a secret of Drake’s. He also talks about the almost death of Lil Wayne and the real life horror story going on in Los Angeles.’ We also learn whether Letty had an imaginary friend or ghost around her as a kid and ask is being haunted actually a good thing?
02/10/20151 hour 8 minutes 1 second
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Episode 3

Letty is back to talk about piercing regrets, why bad relationships are like playing Super Mario, the study that ended my best relationship, my top 2015 hip hop projects plus the bad one I love listening to and why I lose when it comes to Future!!!!
25/09/201548 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 2

Letty poders life hacking your way out of taking medicine, whether narcos really the bad guys, why Travis Scott & "dark rap" are necessary and disgusting examples of us tryna play God.
18/09/201542 minutes 50 seconds