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Letters To My Daughters with Sue Khan

English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 season, 2 episodes, 24 minutes
Are you a woman looking to achieve balance in your life? Have you ever felt alone going through something wishing you had someone who can relate, who is going through or has gone through similar and can talk you through it and give you a little advice? Then this podcast is for you. Tune in every week to hear real life experiences and takeaways that I would give my daughters if they were going through the same thing! I look forward to having you.
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How to find the energy to achieve your goals, make your habits stick + truly enjoy your life

In this episode we dig into the very first step that I always do before setting goals or resolutions: Boundaries. Walk through my step by step guide to an "Energy Audit" that will help you to identify where you need to cut chords and let go, implement boundaries to reclaim your energy so that you actually have the time and space to focus on your goals, adopt healthy habits and routines that stick and to really begin creating and designing a life that fills you up! Follow me: Instagram: Personal: Tiktok: @suzannekjkhan Pod: Business: Naked Zero Wellness Naked Zero Matcha Matcha: TikTok: @nakedzeromatcha
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