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Welcome to “Let’s Talk Attachments”, a podcast all about ATTACHMENT THEORY! My name is Jessica Da Silva and I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist & Attachment Coach helping you transform the way you experience love by teaching you the ins and outs of your attachment style in a practical and relatable way. Website: Instagram: @thejessicadasilva Tiktok: @jessicadasilvacoaching Email: [email protected]
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Recovering From Heartbreak (Through a Secure Lens)

In this episode, I share my personal experience of recovering from my recent breakup of almost 7 years (from a secure approach). Is the grass greener on the other side? Tune in to learn more :) _____ 1-1 Attachment Coaching With Me:
6/3/202419 minutes, 56 seconds
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We Stop Pedestaling Our Partner By Adding Value To Our Own Life

One of the biggest reasons why many of us don’t leave our partners is because we’ve put them on a pedestal, meaning, we’ve exalted them in such a way that we don’t feel as worthy or valued without their presence in our lives. In this episode, I talk about how this “pedestaling” has played a significant role in my love life and how to begin adding more value to your own life so that you can feel innately worthy with it without them.
12/5/202012 minutes, 40 seconds
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“Healing Alone Vs. Within A Relationship” with Jessica Da Silva

In this episode, I answer the question that so many wonder: “Can I heal within a relationship or should I be alone?” Whether you’re thinking about taking a break for a solo healing journey or committing again to a relationship, this conversation will surely shed light on your decision as I share my own personal journey of becoming whole (and committing again) after a series of toxic relationships. Interested in Relationship Recovery Coaching? Visit:
7/6/202029 minutes, 54 seconds
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“Overcoming Self-Sabotage In Love & In Life” with Mezena Bagnall

On this weeks podcast I speak with Habit Forming Health Coach Mezena Bagnall about her experience of transforming self-sabotaging behaviors, both in relationships and in life, into healthier ways of relating to herself and other’s. Her personal story is so inspiring and of course, I asked her to share some of her personal strategies so that you too can benefit from these amazing tools. Mezena Instagram: @Mezena Mezena email: [email protected]
6/26/202049 minutes, 33 seconds
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“From Victim Mentality To Finding Love + Purpose” with Inna Mel

I’m this episode, Relationship Coach, Inna Mel shares her own personal story of breaking unhealthy relationship dynamics, her journey of self-discovery & healing, as well as tools she learned along the way, which she now gets to teach to her 1:1 coaching clients. Inna’s Website: Instagram: @iaminnamel ————————— Empowered Living Coaching Program:
5/7/202044 minutes, 39 seconds
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“Human Design + Love” with Kelly Roland

In this weeks episode, Human Design expert Kelly Roland explains what Human Design is, the different types involved, and how knowing our type can better help us understand ourselves and our relationships. I’m super excited about sharing this conversation with you guys 💡Over the last few months, I’ve been diving deep into human design myself and have been resonating so much with this multifaceted system of understanding human behavior and our energy DNA. It’s also given me really great insight into my partners personality and our relationship dynamic as a whole. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! ——— Kelly Roland info: Instagram- @whenthestarsaligned_ You can see all of her offerings through her Instagram page.
4/17/202054 minutes, 31 seconds
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“How Anorexia Impacted My Relationships” with Celina Stobbe

In this episode, holistic mentor Celina Stobbe from @alignedwithcelina vulnerably shares her story about her 8 year recovery process from anorexia. We talk about the many factors that fed into her dieting obsession, the repercussions it had on her relationships and how she’s using her story to help other women today. ——- Celina’s info: Instagram: @alignedwithcelina
4/1/202041 minutes, 25 seconds
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"Finding Your Joy After A Cycle Of Toxic Dating Patterns" with Megan Lee Joy

In this episode, actress and founder/host of TV show shares her experience of overcoming a long history of toxic dating patterns, guidance as to how she journeyed back to herself, as well as her beautiful perspectives on dating today! Find Megan here: Instagram: @meganleejoy Find Your Joy TV Show:
2/14/202049 minutes, 21 seconds
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"Seeking Your Bliss" with Shealyn Ivany

In this episode, Shealyn shares her struggles with anxiety and depression, what that looked like for her, and how she was able to finally accept and embrace her experience. With this new found knowledge (and strength), she now shares self-development and mindset tips, advice and ideas on her blog --------- More Info: "Empowered Living" 8 Week 1:1 Coaching Program with Jessica Da Silva -
12/20/201941 minutes, 18 seconds
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“Overcoming Maternal Narcissistic Abuse” with Amanda White

In this week's episode, Amanda and I dive deep into: ·Narcisstic abuse ·What it was like for her to grow up in a chaotic & negligent household ·The effects of having a mother who lacks empathy & the extent to which a person will go in order to get that validation & love from a parent ·How we re-create painful past experiences in our current lives ·The benefits of not saving or enabling our parents bad behaviors ·Being "perfect" or "productive" to gain a parents love ·Creating healthy boundaries with toxic parents ·Letting go of the guilt and shame ·How she found her new identity once she broke free from who people needed her to be I can't tell you how amazing this podcast was. So healing to have someone bring these issues to light. ----- Amanda's Info: Instagram: @breakupwithyourmother Facebook: Breakup with your mother Jessica's 8-week "Empowered Living" Coaching Program:
11/27/20191 hour, 12 minutes, 1 second
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"Thriving With Anxiety" with Lisa Poe

In this episode, Lisa shares her long journey with Anxiety and Panic Disorder (since age 6), emphasizing that knowledge was really the key factor in her healing process. In our talk, we explore the nature to her anxiety and different methods she uses to thrive amongst it. Now, Lisa shares her story openly on different platforms, allowing others to find peace and empowerment within their own stuggles with anxiety...Such a powerful talk! You don't wanna miss. Lisa Poe info: Instagram: @adventuresandanxiety To learn more about "Empowered Living” 8 week private coaching program, visit:
11/14/201949 minutes, 22 seconds
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Committing Again After A Cycle of Toxic Relationships

In Episode #6, I am personally sharing with you my experience of committing to a new relationship after a long cycle of toxic relationships. I also share with you tools and techniques that I used on myself and that I use with coaching clients to overcome unresolved emotions keeping us stuck in unhealthy patterns and to maintain peace & harmony in our current relationships. They're amazing and so effective! If you're interested in coaching with me one-on-one to overcome your own patterns of toxic relationships and finally experience healthy love, visit:
10/31/20198 minutes, 49 seconds
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“Embracing Motherhood” w/ Lauren Lee

In this episode, meditation teacher and founder of shares her experience of the shame around unexpected pregnancy, the judgments she overcame from the traditional ideals that so many of us hold about what starting a family "should look like", and finding empowerment & fulfillment from fully embracing motherhood. Truly a rebel at heart, Lauren sought out to create her own meaning and a life she wanted, despite opposing views. And now, she is sharing her story publicly for the first time on my podcast (which is so awesome 👏🏽) and has been on a mission to help people think more deeply about their life so they can find their own personal freedom. Lauren Lee Info: Instagram: App: Insight Timer (meditations) Resources Lauren suggests for parents: The Conscious Parent: Transforming Ourselves, Empowering Our Children Positive Parenting: An Essential Guide
10/10/201942 minutes, 52 seconds
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“Work/Life Balance” with Alia Elasmar

In Episode #5, Mental Health Therapist (and former colleague) Alia Elasmar shares her struggles with work/life balance, the implications of working in a toxic environment, the physical & emotional ramifications it had on her life and what she did/learned through the process in order to experience more fulfillment in her career and in her personal life.
9/27/201939 minutes, 5 seconds
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“From Perfectionist To Work In Progress” with Melina Charis

In Episode #4, Writer and Mindset Coach, Melina Charis, shares her journey with overcoming perfectionism and how she managed her crippling anxiety. Melina goes in depth with her struggle with the inner critic, imposter syndrome, creating healthy boundaries with social media, finding her passion through trying new things, as well as using creativity and mindfulness as a catalyst to her growth and well-being. Melina’s info: Instagram: @melinacharis
9/6/201951 minutes, 34 seconds
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“Healing From Broken Friendships” with Gabrielle Rose Gonzalez

In Episode #3, Mental Health Therapist (and fellow colleague) Gabrielle Rose Gonzalez discusses her grieving process from recently broken friendships and how she turned her pain into peace and power through creative expressions. Gabrielle Instagram: @sugarforthepsyche ------ For more info on my digital Masterclass "From Pain To Peace, Power & Purpose" visit
8/22/201946 minutes, 33 seconds
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“Self-Empowerment” with Julie Nelson

In this week's episode, Life + Mindset Coach Julie Nelson shares her life long journey of battling anxiety & depression, as well as how she overcame the stigma of her experience with postpartum depression, sharing the tools she gained to create peace within these challenges, power in her breakdowns, and purpose as she now serves to empower other mom's to create more fulfillment and joy in their daily lives. Julie's website: Julie's Instagram: @julienelsoncoaching ---------------------------- Want to join or learn more about Jessica's "From Pain to Peace, Power & Purpose" Digital Group Coaching Program? Visit this link -->
8/8/201954 minutes, 47 seconds
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“Spiritual Awakening” with Jim Rawson

In this episode I chat with Jim about his spiritual and healing journey which has changed his life forever. What some may call a mental disorder, Jim & many others believe to be a spiritual awakening.
7/18/20191 hour, 56 seconds