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Let's Sleep On It: Reclaiming Parenthood

English, Parenting, 5 seasons, 95 episodes, 2 days, 18 hours, 23 minutes
Join me, Taylor Kulik, an occupational therapist and sleep & well-being specialist, as we examine the mainstream narratives that dominate our culture. It's common to enter parenthood without really stopping to reflect on why we are doing the things we are doing. This is a space where we will challenge societal parenting and childhood norms and discuss biological infant sleep without sleep training. We'll also share real journeys of parents who have gone against the grain by practicing responsive and respectful parenting, and by following their intuition.
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How We Can Learn to Read Labels to Improve Our Family's Health with @verycrunchymama

Morgan, of @verycrunchymama, joins me today to discuss why it's important for parents to learn to read food and product labels, and how they can learn. Freebies: Gummy recipe book! Exclusive discount for podcast listeners: Use code PODCAST for $5 off --- Support this podcast:
5/16/202432 minutes, 51 seconds
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How Setting Postpartum Boundaries Can Facilitate a More Peaceful Postpartum with @organicallymaddie

Maddie, of @organicallymaddie, joins us to discuss how mothers can set postpartum boundaries to optimize their postpartum experience. Find Maddie: Instagram: @organically.maddie TikTok: @organicallymaddie E-Guide: "Babies, Bonding, and Boundaries": --- Support this podcast:
5/2/202433 minutes, 11 seconds
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Pelvic Floor Therapy + Dry Needling with Dr. Betty

On this episode, my pelvic floor therapist, Dr. Betty, joins me to discuss pelvic floor therapy and pelvic floor heath as well as how she uses dry needling in her practice. Dr. Betty is the founder and owner of Reborn Pelvic Health & Wellness. She is extremely passionate about changing the standard of care before, during and after pregnancy, because POSTPARTUM IS FOREVER!Dr. Betty is a world-class pelvic health expert and has built a center of excellence in Utah for pelvic floor physical therapy. She is a physical therapist by trait and has helped 1000s of people throughout her 10+ year career function, feel and move better. She received her doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Wisconsin-Madision in 2012.Knowing first-hand how difficult it can be to navigate this stage of life, having two children of her own, she wanted to help others get back to living their lives to the fullest without shame or embarrassment about their pelvic health. Unfortunently, more often than not, pelvic dysfunction can lead to postpartum mood disorders, secondary to an inability to get back to activity because of unexpected physical changes, pain, discomfort, leaking, and/or painful intimacy. What if we worked more upstream? What if we worked on preventing dysfunction from happening in the first place? And what if we provided true prehab and rehab to our birthing people? And that was where Reborn was derived out of.As a doctor of physical therapy, she believes one-on-one care is the best. Because many people do not have access to pelvic rehab, she created The Optimal Vagina: Beyond Kegels to reach more people. You can now start your journey and optimize your vagina in your own home online.She specializes in treating return to exercise postpartum with endurance sports and athletes. She is also passionate about finding the “why” behind your symptoms, optimizing your body and empowering you to become the expert of your own body so that you can live life to the fullest.When not at work you can find Dr. Betty hanging out with her husband, two daughters, and two fur-babies (dogs). She also spends her time enjoying endurance sports like, marathon training, triathlon training, lifting weights, hiking, and cross country skiing. @rebornpelvichealthandwellness on IG Receive $50 off your evaluation --- Support this podcast:
4/18/202433 minutes, 11 seconds
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Balancing Women's Hormones Naturally with Corinne Angelica

In this episode, Corinne Angelica joins me to discuss hormonal imbalances among women, hormonal birth control, infertility, and how women can start balancing their hormones naturally. Corinne is a Mom, wife and former High School teacher turned Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Entrepreneur, Podcaster & Speaker who empowers women to use food & lifestyle as medicine to address the root cause of their hormone imbalances and honor their cyclical nature. Corinne specializes in helping women have regular, pain & PMS free periods, boosted fertility for a healthy pregnancy & thrive in motherhood. Corinne’s passion for wellness came out of her own health struggles of an irregular/non existent period, migraines, body rashes, facial hair growth & IBS all which stemmed from undiagnosed PCOS. It’s now her mission to help as many women as possible understand their cycle & fertility & how to support themselves naturally so they can feel their best, be their best & fully reach their potential. Find Corinne: Podcast Building a hormone balanced meal freebie Instagram Course Save 10% with TAYLOR --- Support this podcast:
4/4/202438 minutes, 8 seconds
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How to Communicate Effectively With Your Partner When You Disagree About Parenting Choices with Christine Eartheart

Christine Eartheart joins me to discuss how we can improve our communication and form a team with our partner when we disagree on parenting choices that feel important to us, specifically responsive sleep related choices. Christine Eartheart is Co-Founder of the Center for Thriving Relationships, alongside her wonderful husband, where she adores helping couples create the kind of love they’ve always wanted. They offer couples retreats, online courses, and private sessions and train and certify others in their Thriving Relationship Coach Certification program. Christine is host of the Thriving Relationships Show, a TEDx speaker, and has been featured in Psychology Today, Happify, Thrive Global, NBC, ABC, and CBS. Learn more at Find more from Christine: Instagram: Facebook: Thriving Relationships Show: Main website: Thriving Relationship Coach Certification: Couples Retreat: --- Support this podcast:
3/21/202440 minutes, 22 seconds
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Reclaiming Childhood: Why Children Need to Spend More Time Outside with Ginny Zurich

I'm chatting with Ginny Yurich, founder of 1000 Hours Outside, to discuss the benefits of outdoor play and how parents can simplify parenthood by embracing old-fashioned creative and child-led play. Ginny Yurich is a homeschooling mother of five and founder of 1000 Hours Outside, a global movement designed to reclaim childhood. Along with her husband, Josh, Ginny is a full-time creator and curator of the 1000 Hours Outside lifestyle brand, which includes a robust online store, an app, and books. She also hosts the 1000 Hours Outside weekly podcast. A thought leader in the world of nature-based play and its benefits for children, Ginny lives with her family in the Ann Arbor area of Michigan. Find Ginny: Website Instagram --- Support this podcast:
3/7/202441 minutes, 46 seconds
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Sleep updates: my family's current sleep arrangements and patterns we've shifted

Today, I'm answering a common question which is what is my family's current sleeping arrangements. I'm sharing how sleep has changed for us over the last year or so. --- Support this podcast:
2/22/202412 minutes, 36 seconds
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Sleep is important for babies: but does this mean sleep training is important?

Today, I'm discussing an issue I see often: when people who promote sleep training products/programs use literature that demonstrates sleep is important to justify sleep training. --- Support this podcast:
2/8/202423 minutes, 55 seconds
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Why Rushing Through the Bedtime Routine Usually Backfires

Do you ever feel like hurrying to get your child to bed usually ends up being harder and takes longer? I'm telling you why in this episode. --- Support this podcast:
1/25/202412 minutes, 14 seconds
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How setting boundaries with family members can protect your energy with Courtney Burg

I'm joined by Courtney Burg to discuss setting healthy boundaries and limits. In this episode, we discuss What are boundaries, and how do we begin setting them? How reflecting on your childhood and how boundaries were modeled to you can help you understand your perceptions of boundaries What to do when someone disregards your boundary? How to navigate it when someone is hurt by a boundary you've set How we can model setting healthy boundaries with our children Courtney Burg is a wife and mother of four living in South Florida. She graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in Psychology, and she is currently apart of the Wheaton Propel Cohort, pursuing a Masters degree in Evangelism and Leadership. Courtney founded Discover Your Worth, an online membership for women to help them heal from codependency and set learn to establish a boundary practice. She just wrote a book that published in December titled LOYAL TO A FAULT: HOW TO ESTABLISH NEW PATTERNS WHEN LOVING OTHERS HAS LEFT YOU HURTING. Find Courtney: Website Instagram Book --- Support this podcast:
1/11/202447 minutes, 3 seconds
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Cutting babies tongues': Is it just a booming business? My response to the NY Times article

Read the article here: I'm sharing my quick thoughts about this article. --- Support this podcast:
12/18/202332 minutes, 36 seconds
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My favorite creative, clutter-free gift ideas for kids

Bonus episode! Today, I'm sharing my favorite clutter-free and non-toy gift ideas for kids. Links: Large art banner: Play Doh Kits: --- Support this podcast:
11/16/202315 minutes, 15 seconds
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What Happens When Primitive Reflexes Don't Get Integrated with Rachel Harrington

On this episode, I'm joined by Rachel Harrington to discuss primitive reflexes and a few other fun topics. We discuss: What primitive reflexes are and what happens when they don't get integrated How parents might know their child has retained reflexes and where to start for support Does swaddling impact reflex integration? How important is crawling really? Rachel Harrington is a Pediatric Occupational Therapy Assistant, founder of The Sensory Project and owner of Sensational Brain, which provides continuing education to therapists and other professionals as well as custom sensory diet creation technology and products. She works with Harkla creating therapeutic courses, products, and content, while co-hosting The All Things Sensory by Harkla Podcast, to help parents, therapists and educators understand sensory processing as it relates to daily life, in an easy to understand way. Rachel's two young children always keep her on her toes, and they love hiking, playing sports, and trying new sensory activities! Join her to understand how to put your sensory goggles on to best navigate this sensory world we live in! Find Rachel: The Sensory Project Sensational Brain Podcast --- Support this podcast:
10/26/202347 minutes, 3 seconds
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Do you have a low sleep needs child?

Today, I'm chatting about the wide range of sleep needs for babies and children, and how to determine whether you have a low sleep needs child. --- Support this podcast:
10/19/202316 minutes, 58 seconds
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Overcoming Postnatal Depletion by Nourishing Our Bodies with Kim Perez

In this episode, I'm joined by Kim Perez to discuss postnatal depletion and how we can address health issues through nourishing our bodies. We discuss: What postnatal depletion is and what causes it How postnatal depletion can present in a variety of different health areas Simple shifts mothers can take today to better nourish their bodies How eating nourishing foods can impact energy levels & more! Kim Perez is a functional nutritionist and the owner of Root & Branch Nutrition, where she supports women through the transition into motherhood and beyond. Her personal journey- especially the challenges she faced postpartum and the healing she embarked on once she became a mom- lit a fire in her to more deeply help others through this often difficult, unsupported, and misunderstood season.Kim uses a holistic and root-cause, yet balanced approach that honors metabolic function, mineral balance, and nervous system health to help women heal depletion, restore their energy, and build resilience to stress. She is passionate about proving that women CAN feel really good in their bodies after becoming moms (despite what society may say) and is on a mission to make nourished motherhood the norm. Find Kim: Kim's free nutrition guide Instagram Apply to work 1:1 Nourished Postpartum program --- Support this podcast:
10/12/202337 minutes, 38 seconds
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Is using toddler OK to Wake clocks considered sleep training?

In this episode, I'm sharing my thoughts about whether using OK to wake toddler clocks is considered sleep training, and if there is any way to use them that is respectful and responsive in nature. --- Support this podcast:
10/5/202312 minutes, 24 seconds
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How We Can Cultivate Healthy Technology Habits to Strengthen Our Relationships with Joey Odom

Joey Odom is the co-founder of Aro, a disruptive technology company that uses technology to help us put down our phones and be fully present in the moment with the people who matter most. Aro’s technology leverages the science of habit formation to create patterns and rhythms of presence for families. Aro is the only platform that quantifies time physically distant from phones, which studies show is the most effective way to limit personal device screen time. Joey is a natural storyteller and a dynamic leader known for his ability to inspire and foster deep connections with others. His own experience with technology as a husband and dad led Joey to help create Aro alongside co-founder Heath Wilson, former co-founder of eVestment (now a NASDAQ company). Joey also hosts The Aro Podcast, which is a weekly conversation with leaders and influencers who strive to live intentionally. Find Joey and Aro: Website Instagram --- Support this podcast:
9/28/202338 minutes
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Sleep "regressions" or sleep "progressions"?

In this episode, I share why I prefer to use the term sleep "progressions" instead of sleep "regressions". --- Support this podcast:
9/21/20237 minutes, 41 seconds
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The Surprising History of Sleep Training

In this episode, I'm sharing a brief history of how sleep training came to be what it is today. Read it here Visit the website and get sleep support --- Support this podcast:
9/14/202323 minutes, 47 seconds
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Social Media Negatively Impacts Executive Functioning

I'm sharing a recent study that found social media negatively impacted executive functioning, and sharing my struggle with social media addiction as a business owner, and the changes I'm making to try to battle it. Study:,%2Dmaking%2C%20and%20working%20memory.&text=Moreover%2C%20previous%20research%20has%20found,with%20problematic%20social%20media%20use. --- Support this podcast:
9/7/202314 minutes, 30 seconds
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Taylor's Birth Stories

I'm sharing my birth stories with you today!  --- Support this podcast:
8/31/202332 minutes, 56 seconds
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9/10 children experience symptoms of sleep disordered breathing

In this episode, I'm chatting about the findings of a research study about the prevalence of sleep disordered breathing in children + why it matters. --- Support this podcast:
8/24/202313 minutes, 33 seconds
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Managing Parent Overstimulation & Overwhelm with Larissa Geleris

On this episode, Larissa Geleris joins me to discuss parent overwhelm. We're chatting about: What causes parent overstimulation/overwhelm How the sensory processing system works How we can use play to foster connection and regulation with our children Strategies we can use in the moments of overwhelm to regulate our nervous systems How we can reduce the frequency and intensity of overwhelm Larissa Geleris, MS, OTR/L, is a licensed and registered occupational therapist specializing in identifying and treating sensory processing dysfunction. She is passionate about supporting parents who are experiencing overstimulation, overwhelm, and dysregulation to help them feel confident and steady in their parenting journey. Find Larissas: Website Instagram --- Support this podcast:
8/17/202347 minutes, 40 seconds
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4 Toxic Things I Just Can't Give Up

I'm spilling the 4 "toxic" things/experiences that I just can't let go of. --- Support this podcast:
8/10/202315 minutes, 7 seconds
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Why Birth Preparation Really Does Matter with Stephanie King

Stephanie King, of My Essential Birth, joins me on this episode to discuss: How she found her passion in birth work Why preparing for birth matters The most important things expectant mothers can do to prepare for their birth What is dad/partner's role in birth preparation & more! Stephanie is a mama to 3 boys {all born very differently}, professional childbirth educator, doula, host of the Pregnancy & Birth Made Easy podcast, and creator of the online course, “My Essential Birth.” She is passionate about empowering women through knowledge to trust in their bodies and the process of birth. When she’s not doing birth work you can find her homeschooling, serving in her church calling, indulging in good food and company, & spending time in the sun with her kids. TikTok --- Support this podcast:
8/3/202348 minutes, 20 seconds
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Dry Needling Eliminated My Chronic Pain + Tension and Changed My Life

Today, I'm sharing more about my dry needling experience with you! I had dealt with years of chronic pain and tension and nothing seemed to help long term... until dry needling. In this episode, I'm telling you more about what dry needling is, how it feels, and my experience with it. --- Support this podcast:
7/27/202318 minutes, 9 seconds
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Homeschooling in the Early Years with Lyndsey of Treehouse Schoolhouse

Lyndsey joins me to discuss: What homeschooling can look like in the early years Why she chose to homeschool and some of the benefits Should we be concerned about homeschoolers not getting enough socialization? and more! Lyndsey is a homeschool mama of four and the founder of Treehouse Schoolhouse. Before motherhood, Lyndsey had a career in children's ministry and special needs education. Her home education centers around living books and ideas, hands-on learning, nature exploration, and biblical discipleship. She shares experiences and home education inspiration through her Instagram and blog, as well as creates curriculum and resources for families around the world. Her most popular curriculum titles are An Expectant Easter, A Connected Christmas, and Treehouse Nature Study. Find Lyndsey: Instagram Shop Lyndsey's resources --- Support this podcast:
7/20/202349 minutes, 15 seconds
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Are there any forms of sleep training that are truly responsive?

"But not all sleep training is CIO." I respond to this common comment and talk about why sleep training almost always involves non-responsiveness. --- Support this podcast:
7/13/202319 minutes, 27 seconds
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Conscious Parenting & the Power of Authentic Relationships with our Children with Kaitlyn Streit of @themellowmama

Kaitlyn Streit of @themellowmama joins me today to discuss conscious parenting. We discuss: What is conscious parenting? Where can we start with conscious parenting? Opting out of the control/fear-based parenting paradigm How to reparent ourselves so we can parent in a way that better aligns with our values and more! You can find Kaitlyn on Instagram at @themellowmama. Find Kaitlyn's course here. Save 20% with the code MELLOW20. Kaitlyn's Youtube channel. --- Support this podcast:
7/6/20231 hour, 12 minutes, 56 seconds