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Let’s chat careers advice

English, Finance, 1 season, 19 episodes, 6 hours, 29 minutes
Focussed on career conversations, hosts Scott and Charlotte chat about a range of workplace-related topics. They’ll often be joined by PwC guests who will share their first-hand experiences and career top tips.
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Let’s chat… Giving back to our communities S3:E6

On the final episode of series three, Kate Beckwith and David Adair join Scott in the studio to discuss a topic that’s central to the work we do at PwC - giving back to the communities in which we live and work.Kate and David share their personal experiences of the community outreach they’ve been involved in at PwC, including volunteering and our annual panto show. You’ll also hear about the firm wide initiatives we offer to our people, and some advice on finding a purposeful career where you can make a difference to your local communities.
12/14/202324 minutes, 9 seconds
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Let’s chat…Finding a purposeful career in the jobs for the future S3:E5

Carl Sizer, Partner and UK Head of Regions, joins Charlotte and Scott in this episode to discuss a topic that’s becoming increasingly important to many of you - careers with purpose.Carl shares his career journey to date, whilst talking about the challenges and opportunities that technological advances are presenting for today’s workforce. We also discuss the growth of our regions, plans for our offices, and top tips that listeners can take away to better understand and consider for the careers of the future. 
11/30/202330 minutes, 58 seconds
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Let’s chat…leadership and parenthood S3:E4

In this episode, we’re joined by Victoria Coe, Audit Partner and Chris Holloway, Digital Accessibility Manager and SPACE (Supporting, Parents, Carers, & Everyone) Co-chair. They speak to Charlotte about their roles as leaders - both in the workplace and at home as parents, and how they manage to balance the two. They share their top tips for any parents who are trying to maintain a similar balancing act, discuss the transferable skills between the two leadership roles and share some of their personal anecdotes.During the episode, we also explore the different support networks available, both internally and externally, that Victoria and Chris rely on to achieve the right balance between parenthood and progressing their careers, and the integral role our everyday flexibility plays.
8/1/202321 minutes, 32 seconds
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Let’s chat… building a Cloud Centre of Excellence S3:E3

In this episode of PwC UK's 'Let's chat careers advice' podcast, host Scott Keys is joined by Warren Tucker, Partner and Cloud & Digital Lead in the UK and Bonnie Adams, Director in the Cloud Transformation Consulting practise. They speak to Scott about what Cloud transformation means for businesses, how Cloud can open up innovation opportunities and what our Cloud Centre of Excellence is looking to achieve. Warren and Bonnie also discuss their top pieces of career advice for applicants, as well as the advice they’d give to their past selves.
1/30/202333 minutes, 20 seconds
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Let’s chat… dropping the 2.1 entry requirement and top tips for applications - S3:E2

Cathy Baxter, Head of Early Careers, joins our hosts Scott and Charlotte in the studio to discuss the removal of the 2.1 entry requirement from our graduate roles. Cathy talks us through the reasoning behind the removal of the 2.1, including how we’re levelling the playing field for students and how this change will benefit the firm. She also discusses her own career journey at PwC and gives some top tips for applicants looking to join PwC.
11/28/202215 minutes, 18 seconds
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Let’s chat… mastering a successful career in Deals with Lucy Stapleton - S3:E1

To kick- off Season 3, Lucy Stapleton, Head of Deals spoke to Scott and Charlotte on how to master a successful career in Deals (Lead Advisory, Value Creation & Realisation, Transactions, Restructuring & Forensics). Lucy discusses her inspiring journey; from starting her career in audit, relocating to PwC New York, to becoming the Head of Deals at the firm whilst raising a family of four. She also shares how passionate she feels about making workplaces more inclusive for everyone. 
10/21/202226 minutes, 50 seconds
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Let’s chat… inspiring career stories with Rob McCargow - S2:E6

To wrap up season 2, we are joined by PwC’s Technology Impact leader, Rob McCargow. Rob started out in recruitment and, after transitioning his career into technology, he led PwC’s Artificial Intelligence Centre of Excellence. He is now recognised as one of the most influential people in UK tech.
5/26/202224 minutes, 40 seconds
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Let’s chat…becoming Britain's first female jet pilot to Consulting at PwC - S2:E5

How can we inspire and support ex armed forces personnel in their transition to a career in professional services? In this special episode, we spoke to Britain's first female fighter jet pilot, and now leader of PwC’s Center of Transformative Leadership, Jo Salter. Jo shares insights into her incredible journey in the Royal Air Force, how she came to join PwC, and her advice to anyone looking to join the world of professional services.
3/10/202224 minutes, 5 seconds
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Let’s chat.. the importance of Black role models in business - S2:E4

How important is it for us to inspire more black professionals and use role models to increase visibility or diversity of thought in the workplace? We learn about PwC’s first black Audit Partner, Charles Samuel’s career story, how we came to be where he is today, and gain insights into the importance of having Black role model visibility in the workplace in order to inspire Black professionals. He has also given insights into what makes a good role model, why representation is important as well as sharing practical advice on self-improvement through reflection. 
3/2/202226 minutes, 55 seconds
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Let’s chat.. balancing football, being a first responder and PwC - S2:E3

How do you manage to play sports part-time and volunteer for the ambulance service whilst working a full time job? We discover how both Matt and Sam have adapted their working hours to fulfill out of work commitments whilst also being able to complete a full work day. They also share practical advice for anyone thinking of approaching this subject with their manager in the future.
12/17/202122 minutes, 15 seconds
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Let’s chat… supporting women in tech - S2:E2

In this episode we’re joined by Louise Black, Technology Director within our Banking and Capital Markets team. We discover her journey into tech, why now is a great time to work in the industry and how we can create more inclusive environments for women to thrive. To learn more about careers at PwC visit:
11/19/202120 minutes, 9 seconds
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Let’s chat… the unexpected start to my career - S2:E1

In this episode, we’re joined by special guest Poppy, who joined our Risk graduate programme in September 2020. Poppy started her PwC journey right in the middle of the pandemic and shares insights into her experience so far.If you’re starting your career soon you’ll likely find the story of today’s guest very insightful. To learn more about careers at PwC visit:
10/25/202112 minutes, 48 seconds
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Let’s chat… inspiring career stories: Semsi Sonmez - S1:E6

In this special episode we’re joined by Semsi Sonmez, a Director in our Digital Audit team, who shares her career story and the journey she has been on. Touching on topics such as unconscious bias, role models and the importance of encouraging others into a career in Technology, this episode provides insight and advice we hope many will be able to adopt in their own careers. To learn more about careers at PwC visit:
9/2/202122 minutes, 33 seconds
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Let’s chat… pivoting your career - S1:E5

In this episode we discuss pivoting or changing your career path and how to take the first step in what can often be a daunting and yet incredibly exciting time. Whether you have years of experience behind you and you’re looking to retrain, or you’re about to finish studying and want to explore a completely different career route to your academic subject, you’ll likely find the story of today’s guest very insightful. To learn more about careers at PwC visit:
7/19/202119 minutes, 53 seconds
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Let’s chat… interview skills - S1:E4

Do you have a job interview coming up? Looking for some top tips? Listen to this episode to hear Recruitment Senior Manager, Andrew, offer his expert interview advice. Whether it’s in person or a video interview, we’ve got you covered. To learn more about careers at PwC visit:
6/3/202116 minutes, 31 seconds
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Let’s chat… adopting a growth mindset - S1:E3

This episode covers the concept of adopting a ‘growth mindset’ and how this can benefit your career progression. We’re joined by special guest Ben Oghene, a Director who leads our Intelligent Automation team, who tells us how adopting a growth mindset transformed his career. To learn more about careers at PwC visit:
5/13/202111 minutes, 24 seconds
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Let’s chat… finding your voice in a virtual world - S1:E2

This episode covers the challenges some people may be facing in making a real impact at work without being in the office. It can be tougher to be ‘seen’ by your colleagues while working virtually - and so we’ve asked our special guest, Rachel, for her advice on ways you can self-promote and show your value. To learn more about careers at PwC visit:
4/9/202117 minutes, 55 seconds
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Let’s chat...the future of the workplace - S1:E1

Since the recording of this episode PwC has announced it’s new ‘Deal’. This reflects the firm’s commitment to supporting its people by responding to the changes in working patterns accelerated by Covid-19. To learn more about the new changes including PwC’s blended approach to working, and how PwC’s offices will be used as collaboration spaces as the firm starts to return to a new normal, click here: 
4/9/202117 minutes, 29 seconds
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New careers podcast coming soon

Look out for PwC’s brand new careers podcast ‘Let’s chat careers advice.’ Make sure you listen and subscribe to hear about a range of workplace-related topics and advice applicable to all stages of your career.
3/26/202144 seconds