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Hello My Fellow Lashpreneurs! - Are you toying with whether you should venture out on your own to start your very own lash business? - Have you been an independent contractor or room renter for a while, but stumped on how to build a larger clientele...or even better, one that's willing to pay full price? - Have you booked yourself solid with an amazing clientele and are overworked, exhausted and frustrated that you have no life outside of lashing? - Are you sick of Groupon clients? - Are you tired of working harder and not smarter? - Are you an accidental business owner and are clueless about the ins and outs of running a business? If you said "YES!" to any of those questions, then you have come to the right place my friend! The Lashpreneur is for those of you looking for answers, guidance and practical tips that you can implement into your lash business TODAY to START, BUILD, and GROW a thriving Lash Business on your own terms! Also check out for all sorts of lash biz golden nuggets and how we can work together to take your lash biz to the next level! I welcome and congratulate you on taking the first step towards stepping into your badass business self! Have a good one! Tara
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Escape the Time Trap - How to Stop with the “Never Enough Time” Dilemma

Welcome to another episode of The Lessons of a Lashpreneur Show! In this week’s episode we’re putting you into the driver’s seat of your life and aiming to put you in a place of power over where your time is spent so you can experience more TIME freedom and LESS guilt/shame/stress around all the things on that endless to do list!  I always love to know your thoughts about how this episode connected with you AND to see how y’all are listening to the episodes! Share your thoughts or show us where you’re listening to this episode on Instagram and tag us @lessonsofalashpreneur  Episode Highlights: Strategic Time Investment: We explore the pivotal role of evaluating where your time and energy is best spent to get a positive return on your “time” investment i
04/12/202321 minutes 2 seconds
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How Our 6-Figure Clients are Planning for 2024

Set your 2024 up for success by following what our multiple 6 & 7 figure clients do to goal plan and strategize major growth in their business with the latest episode, unraveling the keys to effective goal planning for your lash and beauty business. We dive into the significance of crystal-clear goals, dissecting how each decision either propels you closer or farther away from success and you’ll learn about the steps we teach our mastermind clients on how to make decisions much easier with long term, big picture goal planning. Highlights: 🚀 Master effective 1 year, 3 year and 10 year goal planning strategies. 🤝 Cultivate a compelling mission statement that helps you get clarity on what the next best step is for your business based on your goals. <p dir="ltr" role="presenta
27/11/202330 minutes 36 seconds
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The Breathwork Episode: This ONE tool changed my life

🎙️ Ready for a breath of fresh air? 🌬️ In this latest episode, we dove into the transformative world of breathwork, and I can't wait to share this incredible practice with you. It's like hitting the reset button for your soul. It helps you release deep-seated emotions, whether they're big or small, and allows you to find freedom and clarity in the present moment. I've had some extraordinary experiences with breathwork, from my first life-altering experience with Breathwork in Sedona during the pandemic to processing the aftermath of a divorce. This practice has been pivotal in my healing journey, and it can be for you too. It's a safe space to embrace all your emotions and reach for your higher self. You'll hear testimonials from clients of mine like  Victoria, Amber, and Danielle, and their stories are just a glimpse of the incredible impact of breathwork. They discovered a path to healing, personal growth, and a lighter, more balanced
20/11/202337 minutes 13 seconds
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She Hired 8+ Team Members Last Quarter and Crossed the Million Dollar Mark Already with Momentum Mastermind Member Berlyn Ramirez

In this episode, we're diving into the amazing transformation of one of our Momentum Mastermind Members, Berlyn Ramirez, of Sugar & Glow Salon with 2 locations in Southern California. From a solo operator to a flourishing salon owner with two locations and a staff of 18! MAN has she got some valuable lessons to share on hiring for team culture and finding GREAT hires! AND she’s already crossed the Million dollars in sales mark as of October of this year!!! Highlights: Berlyn's revamped hiring process based on what we teach inside of Team Building Program, Society Xcelerator, unleashes team cohesion and profit producing team members! Listen to her personal growth wins through emotional regulation in the face of business challenges and how she navigates managing such a large team over 2 locations. <li dir=
13/11/202323 minutes 48 seconds
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7 Lessons for 7 Years of Being the Lashpreneur - Anniversary Episode

It's been seven incredible years since I started this Lashpreneur journey, and in this anniversary episode, I'm sharing seven vital lessons learned during this WILD ride. I dive deep into the 7 takeaways these last 7 years have taught me about business and life. Simplify Marketing: Overcomplicating marketing often leads to scattered efforts. The secret is to find what works and stick to it. Know Your Numbers: Understanding and tracking your data is crucial for growth. It's all about making data-based decisions. Choose Your Perspective on Failure: Failure is not the end; it's a chance to learn and improve. Keep moving forward, and you'll never truly fail. <li dir="ltr" role="presentation"
06/11/202313 minutes 38 seconds
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Your 2023 Holiday Success Checklist

In this podcast episode, we dove into Your Holiday Success Checklist for a successful holiday season in your lash and beauty service business. Here's a quick summary: Plan Ahead for the Holiday Rush: Anticipate and strategize for the increased demand during the holiday season. Smart Marketing: Learn why you shouldn't compete with the retail giants on Black Friday and when to market your services effectively. Holiday Decor and Gift Cards: Spruce up your salon with festive decor and make sure you have gift card options in place. <p dir="ltr" role="presentation
30/10/202317 minutes 8 seconds
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The TWO Questions to Ask in a New Hire Interview

Hey there, Lashpreneurs! 🚀 In today's podcast episode, we're going to spill the beans on the two MUST ASK questions you should always ask when you're hiring. Believe me, these questions can be total game-changers when it comes to building your dream team. Whether you're a seasoned pro at hiring, a newbie, or just thinking about it, these questions will save you time and help you find the perfect fit for your business. 🌟The 3-5 Year Vision: In the first phone interview, slyly pop the question about where they see themselves in three to five years. Sounds simple, right? But it reveals a lot. Do they want to grow with your company or have ambitions to start their own business? This can be a deal-breaker, and we'll tell you why. 🌟<span style= "color: #e
23/10/202313 minutes 14 seconds
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Unleashing Your Potential - Lessons from Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

🎙️ Hey there, my amazing podcast fam! 🎧 Have you ever found yourself chasing a goal so hard that you're practically holding your breath until you achieve it? Well, that used to be me too, until I had an incredible revelation that I just had to share. In this episode, we dive deep into me getting WAAAAAY outside of my comfort one at my very first team CrossFit competition experience as a newbie to Crossfit (only been serious about it for about 2 months), where I discovered that the journey matters WAY more than the results. 🏋️‍♀️ I've learned that focusing on who you're becoming along the way is far more rewarding than any end result. 🕒 Tune in at [2:20] as I share the initial doubts and fears I had before the competition began. Spoiler alert: I was way out of my comfort zone! 🤩 Then, head over to [6:32] to hea
16/10/202317 minutes 12 seconds
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How I Mastered my Mindset AND Overcame Anxiety

Let's dive into this week’s episode where I'm sharing my personal journey of the three key steps that have transformed my life, helping me conquer anxiety, prioritize self-care, and cultivate a positive mindset. 🌟 Prioritize Self-Care: I've been there, relying on unhealthy habits to cope with life's challenges. Discover how neglecting self-care can lead to self-sabotage and the crucial steps you can take to break free. 🌟 Understanding Your Brain and Hormones: Learn how to navigate the chemistry of stress and happiness to your advantage. Uncover the power of hormones in controlling your emotions and find natural ways to boost your well-being. 🌟 Changing Your Self-Talk: I'll share how altering the way you talk to and about yourself can be a game-changer. Embrace
09/10/202322 minutes 29 seconds
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Unmasking Social Media: Why Follower Count is Overrated

In today’s episode, we dive deep into the world of social media marketing and debunk some common myths. I spill the beans on why follower count isn't the be-all and end-all, and why obsessing over pretty pictures might not be doing your business any favors. We explore how to create content that truly resonates with your ideal clients and why authenticity reigns supreme. I share some invaluable insights into the marketing funnel, showing you how to guide potential clients from strangers to loyal customers. Discover why follower count is not the ultimate metric in social media marketing and why engagement matters more. Learn how to create content that resonates with your ideal clients and the importance of authenticity. Gain insights into the m
02/10/202319 minutes 24 seconds
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Results vs. Transformation: Why the Journey Matters Most

Welcome to the latest episode, folks! Today, I'm spilling the beans on my wild four-month ride with CrossFit, where I even dared to sign up for a competition. But you know what? This journey has taught me something priceless – it's not about the trophies; it's about the transformation! We'll dig deep into the idea that the real magic happens when we step out of our comfort zones. In life and business, we often get caught up in chasing external achievements, forgetting that the true gold lies in becoming the best versions of ourselves. Comfort zones? Well, they're cozy, but they won't make you grow. The real growth happens when you venture out, even if it feels daunting, because that's where the real treasure lies. Remember, wherever you go, you take yourself with you! So, let's stop fixating on the results we desperately crave. Instead, let's celebrate the journey, even when it gets tough. The results? They'll naturally follow, but you won't be so hung up on the
25/09/202316 minutes 28 seconds
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Bad Hires, Toxic Team Members and Team Walkouts

Taking 100% responsibility for the results in your business is how you effectively problem solve any people or process issues! In this team building chat - we're diving into how to avoid bad hires, toxic team members and team walkouts. If you find you are consistently struggling with any of these challenges - YOU are the common factor sis - and YOU are also the solution to prevent these patterns from continuing on in your business. If you're interested in learning more about building a profit producing team with less stress so you can create a well-oiled machine of a team, DM #hire and let's chat about what challenges you're facing in growing a team! If you’re looking for a STELLAR payroll company to simplify your payroll processing and new hire onboarding - I can’t recommend GUSTO enough! It is the payroll company we use and recommend to all our team building cli
18/09/202317 minutes 56 seconds
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Hustle Culture Won’t Get You Paid

Join me and Team Lashpreneur Coach Victoria Parrish of Lashtastic Lounge for a chat on taking the stress and "hustle" out of running a business! Knowing your numbers is how you start to pay yourself and GROW your pay, your profits, and your progress as a business owner. Unfortunately - the toxic "hustle" culture is bred from an employee mindset that has you overworking and waiting for "someday" for you to get some freedom in your business.  So if you want more time/financial freedom - you have GOT TO KNOW YOUR NUMBERS! Tomorrow is the LAST DAY to sign up for my Know Your Numbers Masterclass at the discounted price of only $19 USD. The price goes up September 9th at midnight (New York Time). To learn more about this masterclass so you can TAKE HOME MORE PAY (and stop hustling so dang hard) head to
08/09/202353 minutes 11 seconds
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How Does A Biz Coach Know What You Should Do Next In Business?

“What lash training do you recommend?" "Do you think I'm ready to hire?" "Should I move into this new space that has great walk by traffic?" "I was thinking of raising my prices but I'm not sure if I should, what do you think?" How do I know how to support someone in coming up with the best answer to their business when every business is different? Data Based Decisions and Crystal Clear Goals - that's how! Join me for an inside look as I share just how I and my Team Lashpreneur Coaches are able to advise and support the growth of 100s of businesses all over the world to grow sales, decrease expenses and TAKE HOME MORE! And if you’re ready to learn how to Know Your Numbers so that you can TAKE HOME MORE - join me this weekend for my Know Your Numbers Masterclass happening LIVE this SUNDAY, September 10 at 11:00am Los Angeles times (yes, the replay will be available and you’ll have access to this training fo
05/09/202321 minutes 31 seconds
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Top 3 Ways to Face Your Fear of Financial Failure

Tune into the latest episode "The Top 3 Ways to Face Your Fear of Financial Failure." In this real talk, I share practical steps to banish financial fears and boost your biz. From flipping failure to understanding money mindsets, let's break it down together.   Highlights: Choose your outcome, don't let it choose you. Define your fear, make it concrete, solve for it. Partners' or family’s opinions? Take 'em with a pinch of salt. A 4-step formula for a fearless financial mindset.   Get ready to make peace with your money monsters! Listen now and let's conquer those fears. 🚨NEW TRAINI
01/09/202319 minutes 12 seconds
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Feelings, FOMO and Finances…The Trifecta of Stressed Out Lashpreneurs

Ready for a new episode on this week’s podcast - that's all about turning your beauty business into a profit-churning powerhouse? We've got just the podcast guest that'll inspire you to want to get off the roller coaster of emotions that running your business has you on! 🔮 Unveiling the Magic of Data-Driven Success! 🔮 We know, we know –finances and numbers might sound as exciting as waiting for your lash glue to dry. But what if we told you that mastering the art of data-driven decisions could transform your biz owner journey into a spellbinding saga of growth and prosperity? In our latest episode, we're spilling the secrets with none other than Dreama Destiny-Har, long time student of mind and current Momentum Mastermind member who is sharing just how much shifting her focus from feelings to facts has transformed how she runs her business!!   Episode Highlights:</em
28/08/202333 minutes 47 seconds
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Meet the Most Dedicated Member of The Lashpreneur Society - Takeydia Smith

Welcome back to another power-packed episode of the Lessons of a Lashpreneur Show! Today, we're diving deep into the incredible journey of Takeydia, a long time Lashpreneur Society member from Miami, Florida. Get ready to be inspired, motivated, and ready to conquer your own lashpreneur dreams! 🎧 Listen to the episode here:   Here’s some highlights from today’s episode: [8:12] - Takeydia spills the beans on her favorite aspects of the Lashpreneur Society family. Learn how this tight-knit community is unlike any other in the industry, providing unwavering support and camaraderie that nurtures success. [10:41] - Discover the transformative magic
21/08/202321 minutes 2 seconds
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BEST OF - The Money Mindset Episode You Have to Hear

I wanted to do a deep dive on money mindset and how the most toxic phrase thrown around in our industry is useless to help you grow your business and adjust prices. “Charge Your Worth” 🤮 What does that even mean? Have you ever stopped to think about how you would even go about charging your worth? I think most people giving that advice mean it to raise your prices, but if you don’t have any clients at your current pricepoint, raising your prices certainly ain’t going to help you make more money… but hey – at least you’re “charging your worth now”.   So on this week’s podcast episode – I’m sharing ACTIONABLE steps you can use to identify a profitable price point for your business.   I share how you can reframe the meaning money has in your life, how to reassign looking at money through the lens of what’s possible as opposed to your current circumstances, how to help your clients see the value of what you offer before you ever introduce price, AND ke
14/08/202328 minutes 10 seconds
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I Don’t Want You To Know My Secret – But Here It Is! Meet my Coach James Wedmore

Well well well… I suppose this is about the time where you’re expecting me to tell you what my secret to building my business is. As you might already know, I transformed my in person lash business to a fully online, multi six figure business, with the help of this one thing… But before I tell you, it’s not exactly WHAT it is, it’s WHO it is… Yes people, on this week’s podcast episode, I am joined by my business coach and mentor, James Wedmore! I am so beyond thrilled to have him on the podcast this week because he has played a major role in helping me get to where I am today. In today’s episode we’re diving into three major key points: 1) Beliefs vs Facts 2) Overcoming Fear & Scarcity 3) How to Get Unstuck When You Feel beat down Now I will
07/08/20231 hour 24 minutes 57 seconds
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Coaching Corner – How to Get Started in Business as a New Lash Artist with Listener Sarah Anderson

I was recently asked by a new lash artist just how to get started in running a business once she’s got her license and I thought this would be a great opportunity to do some coaching for her on this week’s podcast episode! So I did just that! If you are new to running a business or heck – to the beauty industry in general – this call is going to be incredibly relatable! And for those of you who have been around for a hot minute – my guess is that there’s some tips and strategies that I’m going to share in this episode that will help you streamline your business and maybe even help future students of yours if you ever want to teach others to get going in the lash world!   Here’s some highlights from this week’s Coaching Corner episode of the Lessons of a Lashpreneur Show: [7:18] – Working with the end in mind
31/07/202349 minutes 20 seconds
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Coaching Corner: Getting Clear on your Marketing Process and Checking Your Ego at the Door with Podcast Listener Lilly Moore

I recently had a podcast listener, Lilly, write to me asking for help to get more clients. She shared she was having retention issues, and struggled to get clients who reached out via dm/text/email only to have them stop responding once she shared her prices. Sound familiar?   I invited her to come on the podcast to get some coaching and work through what may be happening in her business to get the lackluster results she’s been experiencing.   This episode helped her get clarity on what her current sales and marketing process is (spoiler alert – you ALL have a sales and marketing process you’re using – you likely just aren’t aware of what it is which means you can’t improve it) and where there’s room for improving her process to get closer to converting more clients. BONUS – in this episode I also share a killer influencer marketing strategy that I’ve never shared publicly before (shout out to Society members who have had
24/07/20231 hour 3 minutes 22 seconds
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I’m Sneaking You into a Lashpreneur Society Coaching Call

In this week’s podcast episode I’m sneaking you into a recent Coaching + Coffee call that I host once a month inside of my group business coaching program for solo beauty biz owners, The Lashpreneur Society. Inside of this episode - you’re hearing real life coaching conversations from my members and getting a feel for how we tackle marketing, growth strategies, overwhelm, goal planning and simplifying your business’ growth!   Here are some of this episode’s highlights: [08:17] Member, Kimberly, asks if she should start planning holiday marketing now [14:48] Member, Georgette, asks how she should structure her booth rental agreements so she can go on maternity leave! [18:12] Member, Angela, is battling some major overwhelm and can’t figure out how to get more time
17/07/20231 hour 21 minutes 10 seconds
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Myth Busting the 3 Top Beliefs About Becoming an Educator

In this week’s episode we’re busting through 3 of the most common myths I find people have about becoming an educator! And if you’ve ever chewed on the idea of moving on from providing lash services to becoming an educator - I want to give you the real, real of what becoming an educator in our industry REALLY looks like. I’m going to share the 3 most common beliefs I hear from students and followers when they’re asking me about how they can become an industry educator.   Episode Highlights: [01:14] The Typical Lash Artist “Success Path” Beyond the Treatment Room [04:45] Myth #1: There’s more money in becoming an educator [10:31] Myth #2: I’ll be able to mentor and pour into a women’s professional development as an artist  <span style="color: #eb2a
10/07/202320 minutes 58 seconds
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No More Detours! Find the Quickest Path to Success

In this episode I share my Google Maps analogy to explain the importance of clarity in achieving business goals that makes goal planning CLICK for my students. Without a clear destination, it's impossible to determine the fastest and most effective route to the successful business you’re trying to create. I’ll also help you get clear on defining success on your own terms and how it impacts decision-making and I’ll highlight the role of a coach in providing guidance and accountability.    Episode Highlights: [01:45] Introduction to the Google Maps analogy for business goals [02:30] Importance of clarity on the destination <p dir="ltr" role="p
03/07/202313 minutes 17 seconds
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Scarcity Sells: Mastering the Art of Limited-Time Discounts

In today’s episode, we dive into a powerful strategy to increase sales and create urgency in your marketing efforts. Understand the importance of communicating the value of your services and pricing them accordingly. You’ll also learn about the EFFECTIVE way to use discounts in your business using scarcity marketing and steps on how to implement them in your business cause creating a sense of urgency can prompt customers to make decisions they’ve otherwise been chewing on for months and months.  If you’re ready to stop trading your time for money and you’re itching to grow your business without growing your time spent in it - DM me #HIRE on Instagram and let’s chat about how you can stop trading time for money with building a team.   Episode Highlights: <p dir="ltr" role="presentation
26/06/202313 minutes 5 seconds
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Transforming Pain into Power: The Beauty of True Healing

Join me on a profound journey of self-discovery and acceptance in this enlightening episode as I share the transformative power of true healing and the beauty that lies within our scars. Many of us carry hardened shells over our wounds and childhood experiences, afraid to let them fully heal. But imagine a life where pain and fear no longer controlled our decisions, where emotional wounds become scars that no longer cause us distress. This episode offers hope and guidance, urging us to embrace our scars as symbols of strength and growth. Whether you've experienced Big T traumas or Little t traumas, this episode encourages you to acknowledge and accept your past, knowing that it has shaped the person you are today and that you don’t have to carry the pain and hurt with you. Take a step towards healing by seeking trauma-informed therapy or coaching or DM me if you’re interested in learning more about Somatic Breathwork which has been the mos
19/06/202320 minutes 48 seconds
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Get the Inside Scoop on LashCon 2023 with Paul + Tussannee Luebbers

Get ready to take your lash game to the next level at Lash Con 2023 where I’ll be closing out the conference on how to Turn Inspiration into Action! In today’s episode, I’ve invited LashCon organizers and fellow Lash podcast hosts Paul and Tussanee Luebbers on to spill the beans on why attending conferences like LashCon is a game-changer for your career. We’ll chat about the power of networking with fellow lash professionals and the importance of implementing what you learn to fuel long-term growth. They also share their insights on personal reflection and celebrating your progress as a business owner and even how you introverts can maximize your Lashcon experience. Lash Con 2023 will be held in Anaheim, California, just a stone's throw away from Disneyland. With ticket prices starting at $647 and a budget-friendly payment plan available so there's no excuse to miss out! Rub shoulders with industry experts, uncover cutting-edge techniques, connect with like-minded lash
12/06/202349 minutes 5 seconds
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Break Free from the Time-Money Trap: Building a Business Beyond Trading Your Time

In this powerful episode, we delve into the challenges that salon owners face and how they can break free from the time-money trap to experience true business growth and fulfillment. Join us as we uncover the mistaken beliefs that hinder success and explore practical strategies to overcome these challenges. Main Challenges Faced by Salon Owners: Overwhelm and Lack of Structure: Many salon owners wake up feeling attacked by the demands of their business, lacking a solid structure and accountability to guide their day effectively. Ineffective Team Management: Hiring team members who lack integrity, punctuality, or the ability to represent the brand properly can be a recurring issue, affecting the salon's reputation. Trading Time for Money: Salo
09/06/202326 minutes 12 seconds
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Doubled Sales, Increased Profits and Working Less - It’s not a Myth - It’s a Mastermind Member!

Discover how Momentum Mastermind member, Irina Rudman, transformed her business and achieved remarkable success in just FOUR MONTHS of being in the Mastermind! By embracing a mindset shift and building an effective team, she doubled her sales, increased profit by 30%, and gained time freedom where she is taking more and more time off - and she’s actually has time to be bored?!? This inspiring episode unveils Irina's beauty biz journey and provides valuable insights for you lashpreneurs seeking business growth and more work-life balance by building a team.   Episode Hightlights: Learn how Irina doubled her sales and increased profit by 30% while working less. Explore the newfound time freedom that allowed Irina to prioritize family and have a personal life. <li dir="ltr" aria-lev
05/06/202345 minutes 5 seconds
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From Beauty Biz Burnout to a Team of 8: Mastermind Member Kimberly Johnson’s Journey of Overcoming Overwhelm and Chaos

In this episode, Kimberly Johnson of Mandala Beauty in Lehi, UT, shares her inspiring journey from business burnout to growth through the Momentum Mastermind program. Join us as we explore the struggles of staying stuck and the breakthroughs that come from embracing change. Kimberly's story reveals the true discomfort of staying in your comfort zone, and the "nail" that kept her trapped in struggle and survival mode. Through the Momentum Mastermind, she found a supportive community that provided the motivation and courage to take steps towards healing, hope and healthy business boundaries. There is power in a community of like-minded women who want your success and growth as much as their own and Momentum Mastermind offers just that! Listen to just how Kimberly transformed her mindset, her marketing and her team management with the support of her fellow Masterminders that guided her and offered her support  during some MAJOR challenging ti
02/06/202336 minutes 35 seconds
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Behind Closed Doors: Real Talk with the Employees of Lashtastic Lounge

Today I’m doing something that I’ve NEVER done before… … and that is interviewing the team members of one of my former Momentum Mastermind members (and now coach) Victoria Parrish. Say whaaaaat? That’s right - her employees spill the beans on what it’s really like to work for Victoria, how the team culture is, and how their experience working for Lashtastic Lounge compares to the toxic work environments from their pasts. Hearing their perspectives was extremely eye-opening and a bit emotional. 😪  I’m always hearing beauty business owners say “it’s too hard to find good people”, or “all employees are lazy”,  but I want you to see that it is possible to build a team not only that you can TRUST, and that trusts and supports each other - but also a team that feels INSPIRED and PASSIONATE about their jobs because of the business owner’s ability to be an effective leader.    Episode Highlig
30/05/202341 minutes 30 seconds
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Can You Work Less and Make More with a Team? Mastermind Member Susie Montanez Shares if it’s Possible

On today’s episode we are featuring Season 3 Momentum Mastermind member, Susie Montanez of Lash. in Twin Cities, Minnesota. Susie shares her journey of having a home based lash extension business, moving to a commercial location as a solo artist, then hiring her first team member and more recently - opening up a second location! Susie joined our high level coaching program, Momentum Mastermind, in January and so far… has increased her sales by 40% from last year AND Susie has pulled back to only working in the treatment room 2-3 days a week 🤗 as a result of what she’s learned and how she’s evolved inside of Momentum Mastermind.   Episode Highlights: [07:56] Susie’s journey to two locations and what led to her realizing she really needed help and support to learn how to grow her business with two locations. <li dir=
26/05/202340 minutes 38 seconds
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A Salon Walkout Happened - Right After She had a Baby - with Mastermind Member Demi Papastamatatos

Today’s episode is going to blow your mind!! In this episode, we sit down with Demi Papastamatos, owner of two lash studios in Denver, who experienced 3 EMPLOYEES WALKING OUT ON HER right after she had her baby!  Yes, you read that right. But don't worry, it's not all bad news. Demi joined the Momentum Mastermind program and got the SUPPORT she needed to turn things around and build a better business - with stellar employees - who align with her mission, vision, and values AND she knows exactly how she's going to minimize the possibility of a salon walkout from happening again. During our chat, Demi talks about how - prior to joining the mastermind - she made business decisions based of emotions and would REACT to problems that arise - instead of making decisions based on data and numbers from the business. Our Momentum Mastermind program helped Demi shift from being a reactive and stressed owner into an INCREDIBLE LEADER who has built a P
22/05/202322 minutes 4 seconds
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Team Troubles and Profitability Woes: How This Business Owner Overcame Them All

In this episode, we dive into the inspiring story of  Danielle Wright, the owner of Organic Wellness Boutique - who joined the Momentum Mastermind program after realizing her business wasn't as profitable as she thought.  She encountered every challenge you can imagine with her team and business expenses, but through the mastermind, she gained valuable tools and awareness to focus on growth and improve her business. During this conversation, she shares her personal journey and discusses the importance of having data to make informed decisions. She also emphasizes the positive impact of setting boundaries and FINALLY being able to take TIME OFF for herself and her family. We talk about the benefits of joining the Momentum Mastermind program, including the power of COMMUNITY, SUPPORT, and COACHING to overcome fears and obstacles. It can truly be a transformative experience if you trust the process and invest the time needed
19/05/202339 minutes 31 seconds
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Money Talks: How to Build a Profitable Beauty Business

Let's get real for a sec. I know that crunching numbers and dealing with finances is not exactly the most exciting thing in the world… I mean, who wants to spend their Friday night looking at spreadsheets, amirite? But here's the deal - as a beauty business owner, understanding your numbers and tracking your finances is ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL. Your owner’s pay comes from the PROFIT of the business. And in order to maximize your profit, you gotta focus on it from the get-go. That means understanding and tracking your finances like a hawk. Trust me, it will be worth it. And here's a little secret - your behavior around money doesn't magically change the more you make. Nope, you still gotta be responsible and manage your finances wisely - whether you’re managing $20,000 or $200,000. I know, it's not as fun as spending all your hard-earned cash on lash supplies and a fancy new chair, but it's what separates the su
15/05/202320 minutes 32 seconds
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The Ripple Effect of Investing in Yourself

Welcome to what I’m calling “Lashpreneur Unplugged”.  In this inspiring and casual conversation, I sit down with my long time client turned Momentum Mastermind Coach, turned dear dear friend, Victoria Parrish and her husband, Chris.  In this episode, Victoria shares her journey of working with me -  starting as a 1:1 coaching client to becoming a Momentum Mastermind member and now our lead coach inside of our Society Xcelerator and Momentum Mastermind programs. It's a story of how support, hard work - and the power of breathwork - can transform your life. Victoria talks about her transformation and how the support and mentorship she received from working inside of our mastermind program has helped her to evolve both personally and professionally to experience less anxiety and more peace in her day to day life.  She explains how receiving coaching inside of our work together has allowed her to create the life and time freed
08/05/202349 minutes 46 seconds
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Beyond the Lashes: Retirement Planning For Beauty Industry Veterans

If you’re like most beauty business owners - once you’ve reached a comfortable level of success in your business where you are fully booked and making the income you desire to make - you start to wonder… What’s next? Will I continue trucking along doing this same thing for the next 10 or 20 years? What does retirement even LOOK LIKE for a lash artist?? Is building a team the logical next step? If not, then WHAT? That’s exactly what we’re talking about on today’s episode. My guest today is Natalie, a lash artist from the UK with 7 years of experience in the industry. She works from home and loves her clients, but also knows she doesn’t want to be taking appointments forever. She reached out to me because she was feeling stuck in what the next step was in her business that would allow her to stop taking clients while still bringing in income and setting herself up for retirement. She says: “In the UK, our retirement age is about 67. And I know th
01/05/20231 hour 30 seconds
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Simplifying Your Way to Success: Why One Income Stream is Better Than Many

Are you thinking about creating a source of “passive income” - a.k.a income that doesn't require constant effort - in your beauty business? It may seem like offering more products, services, or becoming an educator can allow you to quickly and easily bring in the big bucks, but have you considered the time, money, and resources needed to produce that revenue? Investing money and time to research products, creating an e-commerce store, marketing the products and giving away products to get people to try it, etc - all happens before you've ever made a sale. Becoming an educator means establishing credibility as an educator, building an audience of people who trust you, creating your curriculum, then having sales convos to get a student to buy from you. THEN you actually can do the education part of teaching a student. Not to mention a whole hell of a lot of MARKETING to consistently get new students into your program.  <
24/04/202321 minutes 57 seconds
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A Conversation On Overwhelm: How to Hack Your Brain to Overcome Fear-Based Thinking

Life can be tough, and sometimes your mind can feel like it's working AGAINST you… …but there's hope! You can learn to hack your brain and TAKE CONTROL of your thoughts. Did you know that the average person has 30,000 thoughts a day? That's a lot of mental chatter, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed by it. But, here's the thing: you are NOT your thoughts! In this episode, I’m going to teach you how to hack your brain to overcome fear-based thinking, anxious thoughts, and that feeling of overwhelm. And, let's be real, who hasn't experienced that feeling lately? I’m sharing practical tips and techniques - that I use with the clients I work with - that will help you take control of your thoughts and shift your mindset towards a more positive, growth-oriented perspective. If you’ve been thrown a curveball in your business or life…this is something you won't want to miss!   Episode Highlights: <span styl
17/04/202326 minutes 13 seconds
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What is a Process Dependent Business - and Why You Should Have One!

Which is better: a PEOPLE dependent business or a PROCESS dependent business? If you ever want to stop trading your time for money and not have your income and business growth tied to how much or how hard YOU can work - you might want to think about creating a process dependent business. Listen to today's quick episode to understand the pros/cons of each type of business.  And to help you get started,  I’m giving you a great actionable step at the end to create your very first business process to get you going!   Episode Highlights: [20:08] The importance of having time FREEDOM as a business owner. [22:17] How to stop trading your time for money.
10/04/202325 minutes 27 seconds
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Getting Clients Through Social Media: Expert Tips and Tricks for Salons

One of the BIGGEST struggles business owners come to me with when it comes to marketing their business and getting clients in the door is Social Media. I hear things like: “I HATE social media.” “I feel like I’m doing everything right but I’m still not getting new clients.” “I’m only getting a few likes here and there. What am I doing wrong?” “I just don’t understand social media.” If you’ve had any of these thoughts, then boy oh boy are you gonna love today’s episode!! I’m talking with my new friend - who I met through Instagram by the way - about social media marketing for salons.  Some of the topics we’re diving into are: who you should and shouldn’t be following, the different metrics and what they each mean, how to nurture clients, and our top caption writing and profile bio tips! If you feel at all frustrated or overwhelmed with social media, this episode will help shift your mindset and teach you how to simplify your market
03/04/202347 minutes 16 seconds
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When Your Brain Won’t Shut Up: My Trick for Managing Intrusive Thoughts

I want to chat with you about something that I’ve NEVER talked about publicly… … and that’s how I handle fears and intrusive thoughts that can pop into our heads unexpectedly and wreak havoc on our mental well-being. Personally, I know what it's like to get stuck in an anxious cycle, especially when it feels like those intrusive thoughts JUST WON’T GO AWAY. But over time, I've learned some techniques that have really helped me work through them quickly and keep my mind from spiraling. The amount of problems and challenges that I face now is probably more than I ever have - but get this - I am the HAPPIEST, most CONTENT, and most SATISFIED in my life that I've ever been! On today’s episode, I get personal and share some of my own struggles with these pesky thoughts that always seem to pop up at the worst possible times. But I also offer some valuable insights into how I've managed to train my brain to work
27/03/202330 minutes 44 seconds
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Is Hiring a Team For Your Beauty Biz As Scary As You Think?

"How much does it cost to hire someone?" "What if they leave after I train them?" "What if they steal clients?" "Do I have to stop taking clients?" "What if she opens up her own business nearby?" Let's be real, when it comes to building out a team - these are the kinds of questions that can keep you up at night! These are common fears and concerns beauty business owners have when it comes to hiring a team, so I want to put your mind at ease. In today's episode, we're going to tackle these topics head-on and address the most common fears around hiring a team. We'll dive into all the nitty-gritty details and give you the confidence you need to make the right decisions for your business.   Episode Highlights: [6:00] How much does it actually cost to hire a team member?  <li dir=
20/03/202329 minutes 27 seconds
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This Social Media Marketing Mistake Could Be Hurting Your Beauty Biz

STOP Posting About Policies on your Social Media!!  I get it, you want to make sure everyone knows your policies... however…when you post policies on your social media's business page - it indicates you lack an understanding of how to utilize social media for MARKETING purposes. I know it’s tempting because you see other business owners sharing their policies on social media… SPOILER ALERT: They DON’T UNDERSTAND how to use social media for marketing purposes! And following what they're doing is like the blind leading the blind. Plus, how can you stand out from the competition if you’re copying everything that they’re doing?? Join me in this eye-opening chat around how to best utilize social media for marketing your Beauty Business and where it is appropriate to communicate policies in a much more EFFECTIVE way that doesn’t compromise your marketing efforts! If you're ready to STEP UP your social media marketing game and learn how to use it t
13/03/202329 minutes 12 seconds
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The First Hire: How to Know When Your Business is Ready

Have you ever wondered when is the RIGHT time to hire someone for your business? It's a common question that we get asked in the DMs and in today's episode, we're going to tackle it head-on. First off, let's dispel a common myth that you need to have a ton of clients and be fully booked before even considering hiring. Actually, waiting until you're at that point can create more STRESS and CHAOS for you and your business. So, what should you be considering instead? I’m going to dive into the key milestones that you should be aiming for before making the decision to bring on a team member. From understanding your business goals, knowing your capacity and workload, and building a strong foundation for your future team members. Beauty Business owners often reach out to me for help, and they’re not even sure if they want to hire, but they believe they need to build out a team first so that they can go pursue an
06/03/202340 minutes 21 seconds
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How to Keep Clients Coming Back During a Recession

Worried about how a recession will affect your business? “It’s not that people are going to want to spend less money, they just want to get their money’s WORTH.” -Britt Seva  In today's episode, we're diving into the ONE thing that can make or break your business: the CLIENT EXPERIENCE. It doesn't matter if you're facing a pandemic, a recession, or a new competitor who just opened up down the street - if you can deliver an amazing client experience, your customers will keep coming back. And I’ve got the perfect guest to help us explore this topic, my good friend and someone who I aspire to be like pretty much every day - the incredible Britt Seva, of the Thriving Stylist Podcast!  She is a STELLAR business coach and strategist for hair stylists and salon owners and one of the top experts in the beauty industry on growing and scaling a beauty business.  In our interview, we'll be discussing
27/02/202346 minutes 27 seconds
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Team Building Tip: Why You Don’t Need A Bigger Space To Rake In The Cash

LISTEN TO THIS EPISODE BEFORE YOU THINK ABOUT EXPANDING - it's probably going to save you thousands! If you think you can't add a team member to your biz without getting a larger location OR you have a team and think it's time to add a second location... PLEASE listen to this quick training on how you can maximize your sales in your CURRENT location before ever expanding to a new or second location. This training has saved my students THOUSANDS in increased expenses when they saw the potential of what they could do in their current location that they didn't see before I shared this with them! If you are ready to start building out a team OR you already have started and it's just not the well-oiled machine you thought it would be - DM me #hire on INSTAGRAM
20/02/202321 minutes 34 seconds
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The Power of Community For The Lonely Business Owner

As business owners, we often face challenges that our family and friends don’t get. It’s like trying to explain quantum physics to a rock. They’re not even really sure what it is you DO for a living… And trying to vent to your team about these challenges? Let’s just say, that’s like trying to put out a fire with gasoline. If you vent to your team about the challenges you’re facing, it makes you look like an ineffective leader who can’t “keep it together”. They start to think that the business (and their job) is at risk - and may seek more “stable” employment somewhere else. But fear not, because on today’s episode we’re discussing why finding a tribe of business owners who understand the struggle is crucial.  And who better to join me in this convo than one of MY biz besties - Amber Brueseke of Biceps After Babies! Amber helps women achieve their health and fitness goals in a fun and easy way. Her motto is:  “Lose the weig
13/02/202331 minutes 15 seconds
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Society Xcelerator: The Key to Building a Strong Team with Dreama Destiny

Do you ever feel like you're trying to juggle a million balls in your business, only to have one unexpectedly drop, causing everything to come crashing down? 🤹‍♀️ Well, that's exactly what happened to Dreama-Destiny when she lost a team member during the busiest time of the year. But instead of giving up and going back to the treatment room herself, she did something better... she called on the power of the Society Xcelerator program! 💪 Together, we tackled the problem head-on and came up with solutions that allowed Dreama to stay calm, focused, and in control. You can hear all about it in today’s podcast episode!  Get ready to be inspired!  We’re talking about how Dreama uses the Society Xcelerator tools to forecast for the future, how she hires new team members with
06/02/202354 minutes 11 seconds
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Coaching Corner: A Beginner’s Guide To Starting Your Own Beauty Business with Abigail King

Have you been thinking about starting your own beauty service-based business and you need clarity on the steps to take to get started and what to focus on first - but you feel like every successful business owner is gatekeeping the info that got them to where they are??  Like no one wants to share their “secret” to success because they don’t want YOU to become their competition? #RUDE That’s exactly how podcast listener Abigail King felt when she applied to be a guest on the show. She says: “I’m currently work for a waxing franchise, and I'm wanting to work for myself. I really just want to have a Salon Suite and do my own thing. And that's really why I got into aesthetics, was to be able to have my own business. But I find it a very big challenge to go from one [employee] to the other [business owner]. And I fe
30/01/202326 minutes 59 seconds
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How Do You Reach 6 Figures In Your Business? The Answer Might Surprise You

Want to build a multiple 6 and even 7 figure business? Then build a "boring" business! Say what? It's true! Getting to your first $100,000 in sales is usually filled with new ideas, new services, learning and hustling and pouring a lot of YOUR time into the business to generate sales. Getting past that six figure mark into multiple six and even seven figures - well that can't be reliant on how much time YOU can put into your business because you only have so much time to give. So how do you leverage your time so that you can focus on tasks that will grow your business - like creating efficiency in your systems and processes or marketing to get multiple clients in the door? Where can you find the answers to questions like: Does your business need more leads and clients? Or does it need to get better at keeping the new clients that come in? Does it need to hire a new team member because we have more demand than we can handle? Or do you need to increase prof
23/01/202322 minutes 43 seconds
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Coaching Corner: How To Turn Your DMs Into Paying Clients with Lupita Arellano

Have you ever had a potential new client reach out to you asking for your prices, and after you tell them, you hear…crickets? They ghost you and you never hear from them again!! When you give your price point right off the bat - you give the potential customer no other buying factors to make an informed choice on - just price point. And y’all know there’s some chop shop down the street who charges way less than you. The question “How much do you charge?” is an OPPORTUNITY to start a conversation to uncover what is really the determining factor for them to book with you. On today’s episode, I’m talking with podcast listener Lupita Arellano about how to turn those “How much do you charge?” DMs into paying customers. I teach her my process on how to respond to those questions in a way that not only helps improve your bookings and lets you stand out from the competition - but also gives you valuable feedback that you can use in your future marketing.   <p
16/01/202357 minutes 47 seconds
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The Difference Between 1099s and W-2s

If you are interested in building a team, or have already hired a team member or two - THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT HIRING PODCAST EPISODE YOU SHOULD LISTEN TO!!! What’s the difference between a W-2 employee and a 1099 independent contractor - and why do you need to know the difference? Well for one, if you’ve already hired 1099 contractors, but you’re treating them like employees - then you’ve misclassified them.   How do you know if you’ve misclassified your new hire? In today’s episode, I’m going over several ways to know if someone is misclassified - but here’s a quick preview… Here's the most common ways you'll know if you've misclassified a team member as a 1099 when they should legally be a W-2: 1). CLIENTELE: a 1099 is self employ
09/01/202334 minutes 27 seconds
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The Real Reason Your Business Isn’t Growing

I get tons of DMs everyday from beauty business owners reaching out to me for help. They share their struggles with building a clientele, pricing their services, paying themselves, structuring their biz, managing a team, being overwhelmed… you name it, I’ve heard it. But do you know what MOST of them have in common? What’s the one thing that holds 99.99999% of business owners back from making the changes that will allow them to see significant growth? It’s most likely the thing holding your business growth back as well… Sis, it’s you! Yes, business ownership is a journey and there’s tons of stuff that you have to learn how to do and have no current knowledge of…but many times, the business owner KNOWS exactly what they should be doing. Whether it’s to learn marketing, start posting Reels, raise their prices, etc. They know. But they don’t do it. They know what it will take to make their business grow and achieve their desired results - but they still don’t do it. 
02/01/202350 minutes 13 seconds
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Are You Really Ready To Hire?

Are you SURE you want to hire a team? The journey of building out a team of revenue-producing employees who align with your mission and values can be incredibly rewarding - but it does not come without its challenges. If you’re only doing it because it seems like the next logical step, or you see others have had some success with it, or you’d like to work a little less and maybe take a vacation… I need you to re-evaluate some things sis! It’s totally normal to have fears around hiring or any major decision - even when you know 1000% that it’s what you want to do and are extremely passionate about it - but if you’re not too sure, then those “fears” might be your subconscious throwing up warning bells that you are out of alignment with what you truly want. On today’s coach
12/12/202252 minutes 38 seconds
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What Does It Actually Look Like To Stop Trading YOUR Time for Money? Just Ask Momentum Mastermind Coach Victoria Parrish

Does this sound familiar?  You’re trying to build out a team BUT: Your business revenue is totally dependent on YOU generating sales from your clients so you’re still in the treatment room the majority of the week taking clients. You find that you’re struggling with burnout and you don’t have balance with work because you have so many administrative responsibilities and managing the team tasks that have to get done AFTER you’ve taken a full load of clients for the day. You find yourself struggling to afford to pay yourself a decent living at all, oftentimes because team members are paid such a high percentage of commission, that the business is actually losing money every time a team member takes a paying customer and the business owner has no idea this is happening cause they’ve never looked at what the business can afford to pay the team member. You regularly contemplate “easier” business
07/12/202251 minutes 38 seconds
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How to Grow Your Business to The Next Level With Momentum Mastermind Member Danielle Todd

What got you HERE, won’t get you THERE. What does that mean? Whatever you’ve done to grow your beauty business up to this point has allowed you to get to where you are today, but to get you to the next level - you'll need to do MORE. That’s exactly what we’re talking about on today’s episode with Momentum Mastermind Member Danielle Todd. She has been a business owner with a team for 7 years already, and while she felt the business was doing well - she also knew it was capable of doing more.  She realized that she didn't know all the steps and processes involved in growing her business to the next level - and she needed help. She needed someone to show her how to get there.   Other masterminds she attended failed to teach her how to understand the data of her business and
05/12/202221 minutes 42 seconds
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From Service Provider To CEO (Practically Overnight!) with Momentum Mastermind Member Ashley Loya

The same skills that made you successful as a solo artist do NOT translate to success in building out a team. It’s a whole different ball game building out a team of revenue producing machines who help you grow your business and where you are no longer trading your time for money. This is exactly what Momentum Mastermind Member Ashley Loya had to learn - when she suddenly went from service provider to CEO. Today we are talking about the unconventional way she became a salon owner and how the Momentum Mastermind program is helping her to set her employees up for success so she can finally get out of the treatment room.    Episode Highlights [7:20] Being able to problem-solve with other business owners will help you achieve faster results. [11:34]</sp
02/12/202221 minutes 6 seconds
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Whoa! Her Secret Weapon For Marketing Is…Groupon!

This interview SHOCKED me!  I’ve been in the beauty service-based industry a long time, first as a master lash artist and then a business coach - so I didn’t think anything could surprise me anymore. But on today’s episode I spoke to podcast listener Asha Foster who is not only using Groupon to attract clients into her business - but she’s KILLING it!  She’s been able to convert 85% of those groupon users - who typically only show up for the cheap deal - into loyal repeat customers. If you know me, you know I’m pretty much anti-groupon for marketing for a whole host of reasons - which we’ll get into today - but the numbers don’t lie! It’s really working for Asha’s business.   Episode Highlights: [10:31] How to increase customer lifetime value with Groupon. [15:15] How do you know if/w
28/11/202241 minutes 7 seconds
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How To Go From STRESS to SUCCESS with Momentum Mastermind Member Nikki Ferris

Today I’m talking with Nikki Ferris of Dollhaus Beauty Co who - prior to working with me - had never heard of such a thing as hiring a business coach. But after watching a Tik Tok video, doing some research, and sliding into my DMs…she joined the Momentum Mastermind Program and completely transformed the way her business was run. “We've all heard of personal training, right? For learning how to use certain machines at the gym, or working out for a certain body type that you want, or whatever. But like someone that can help you one on one personally with your business, that is totally genius, right?” - Nikki Ferris Maybe you’re like Nikki and you struggle with bending over backwards trying to make your team happy - to the detriment of your own work/life balance - in the hopes that they will never want to leave!  You’ve given all of your time, attention, resources, and income to your team and NOTHING IS LEFT OVER FOR YOU. You paid them waaaay more
21/11/202236 minutes 15 seconds
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Can’t Pay Yourself? Here’s How To Fix It

CHEERS TO OUR 200TH PODCAST EPISODE!!! 🎉🥂 Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me! It's been such a joy to connect with so many amazing beauty biz bosses. To celebrate, I'm doing a special GIVEAWAY and you can get all the details about it over on INSTAGRAM - so make sure you go check that out after listening to this episode!   👇👇👇👇 Not being able to pay yourself SUCKS.   If starting your business was exciting & fulfilling, but now you feel emotional, scared, fearful, afraid, mad, angry, frustrated, & overwhelmed from running your business...well that's not what any of us signed up for.   If  you're not able to pay yourself - even though you're taking a pretty decent load of clients   - chances are, you're not being intentional about creating a business that is  profitable.   That would be a pretty logical reason you’re not paying yourself if there’s  NO MONEY LEFT OVER at the
18/11/202225 minutes 52 seconds
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Why I Can’t Stand Commission-Based Pay For Your Team

Every time I speak on this topic, it ruffles some feathers… Because hiring employees and offering commission-based pay is the “norm” in our industry - and it really SHOULDN’T BE (in my opinion). So I will continue to shout from the rooftops that commission-based pay is bad for beauty businesses AND their team members because the way MOST businesses in our industry structure their pay doesn’t provide consistency and stability for the team member NOR the business trying to build that team member a clientele. And I mean ANY commission based business model - not just the 50% commission model which, by this point, I hope you’ve seen the light of how unprofitable that pay rate is!  I want to release the BS (belief system) that just because everybody else is paying commission - that you should too! Because it’s a broken pay system in our industry in MOST (not all) businesses.  Commission sounds great for your team members when they are FULLY BOO
14/11/202221 minutes
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Do You Really Need An Accountant?

Do you really need an accountant? This is the perfect time of year to start interviewing and finding an accountant to help you learn the financial ins and outs of running a business and to help you understand what you need to know as far as taxes. It can absolutely seem overwhelming to face your finances, especially when it's not exactly booming - but I can assure you if you commit to learning just the basics of business finance - you will feel so much more empowered and confident in how to grow your business. If your goal is to pay yourself more, invest back into the business, secure your first (or bigger location), hire team members, etc - you won't get there without a PLAN.  An accountant can be your financial g
07/11/202236 minutes 14 seconds
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Your BS (Belief System) Is Robbing You Of Growth

I (LOVINGLY) want to call you out on your BS (belief system) that's robbing you of growth! Just because you don't know how to do something - doesn't mean you don't do it! It means you have got to prioritize learning how to do it! Don't know how to market your business in a way that gets clients in the door - that would be a pretty important skill to learn, don't ya think? Don't know what numbers or the financials that help make decisions in the business clear and simple - I would start with the basics of learning business finance and what a profit and loss statement is. Don't know how to hire a profit producing team member that wants to help you grow your business and produce the experience and results your fully booked clientele expects - it's totally possible to learn how to do that and train your team member step by step on how you do it. It's called an onboarding process! If you want to learn how to start, build and grow your business - DM me <
31/10/202219 minutes 42 seconds
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Stop Running Your Business On FEELINGS

Stop running your business on FEELINGS - cause let's face it - depending on the time of the month - your feelings be lying to you girl! On today’s episode, I am sharing some of the BEST ADVICE I have learned about letting my BUSINESS tell me what it needed to grow instead of relying on how I felt about my business - which is what led me to walking away from it 18 months ago. Are you lost, stuck, or overwhelmed when it comes to knowing your numbers? This episode is going to help you get found - unstuck - and just your average amount of “whelmed”!   Episode Highlights [6:44] How to get more sales in your business. [9:13] Here’s how to figure out which marketing strategies are working for your business. [12:50] How to hack your brain and avoid anxiety from tak
24/10/202223 minutes 14 seconds
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I Have A TROLL!!

I have a TROLL!! 🤣🥳 And no, it's not the cute kind that sings catchy songs!  I was told I'm a "trend chasing moron" and look "hideous with a low IQ" on a Reel that I posted. I know that receiving these types of comments - or any negative comment for that matter - is a FEAR for many business owners and likely why they hesitate with putting themselves out there when it comes to marketing their business online.  If you guys are afraid of putting yourself out there because of stuff like this - PLEASE understand that there is more POWER and IMPACT in putting yourself out there because of all the people that you can help.  I hope that today’s episode helps you see that and feel empowered to get out there and become the successful beauty business BOSS that I know you can be!    Episode Highlights [8:20] Why I’m unbothered by negative commenters. <span styl
17/10/202217 minutes 24 seconds
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You Are NOT a Victim to Where Your Time is Spent!

You are NOT a victim to where your time is spent! As an employee - sure, it can be argued that if you work more, you make more - likely when you're paid hourly and get overtime when you work past your standard hours of work. This thinking as a CEO is WHY your business is not growing, why you're stressed and overworked or overwhelmed or just flat out OVER IT! You are the Master Chess Player of your business and it's your role to strategically manage the resources of the business (i.e. time, money, energy, etc). So if you find yourself using the "I don't have enough time to XYZ" or “I can’t do ______ because _______” I want you to put yourself back into a place of power and out of victim-based thinking with an “I choose” statement and say... "I CHOOSE _________ because __________". Listen to this episode to learn how I manage where my time is spent as a business owner, how to automate, eliminate or delegate 💩 I shouldn't be spending my time on AND h
10/10/202222 minutes 35 seconds
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Here’s How You Know If You Can Really Afford to Hire a Team Member

Ah, I love data. I really do! I know it can be very draining and dull and boring, but I promise you - my fellow anxiety sufferers - the data is really what's going to help you make decisions in your business that aren't based on emotion, but actual informed decisions based on data. Know Your Numbers. Does the business need more sales? Does it need less expenses? Maybe a combination of the two? How do we create more profitability so you can pay yourself? Do you want to add on a team member? How much should you pay them? What are the costs associated? All Of That Is Data. The more you know your numbers, the more informed and educated you are as to what the problems are in the business - and where your time and energy as the business owner is spent. Business ownership is like playing a game of chess.  When you move something, it changes all the strategies involved. Your job as the business owner is to figure out - when you m
03/10/202234 minutes 34 seconds
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The #1 Way to Not Fail at Running A Business

“How do I not fail at running a business?” That's the question I was recently asked. And we're gonna talk about…what even is FAILURE? How do you avoid it at all cost? I know this is going to sound really cliche - but failure is not an option. I don't want you to even give yourself failure as an option. “Failure” is typically a meaning that you give to an unknown set of circumstances where you would walk away from your business… But starting today, I want you to redefine what failure means to you. I love these conversations that we have in the DMS!  So if you're not already following me on Instagram, please do so at and then send me a DM with what's going on in your business.   Episode Highlights <span style="font-weight:
26/09/202214 minutes 43 seconds
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Why “Appointment Available” Posts Indicate a Growth Problem

I ruffled some feathers and created a JUICY debate in a recent Instagram post! The post was in response to a question I was asked about "How do I advertise that I have appointments available without looking desperate?". My answer - you don't. And I explained why you don't and what to focus on instead, which was super valuable for the 90% of my audience who is not fully booked. If you haven’t listened to that episode yet - go check out episode 189 HERE. The followers who loudly disagreed (and respectfully I might add cause this community is amazing!!) guess what? They are not the 90% of my audience who are struggling to build a clientele. The overwhelming majority of "I disagree and this totally works for me, so you're wrong" types of comments on this post were from those artists who are pretty much fully booked to which the original post a
19/09/202213 minutes 16 seconds
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Top 5 (Proven!) Ways to Build a Clientele

Ever panic when you have a slow day on the books? Or a slow week? Or you’re just starting out and you’re like “shoo! My whole month is slow!” I know the feeling of being overwhelmed when building a clientele!  Inside of The Lashpreneur Society, my online coaching program for beauty business owners, I teach you EXACTLY how to build a clientele - but today I’m sharing what my current students are doing that is working really well for them!    Episode Highlights: [1:45] Why you MUST have a website. [2:55] What is Word of Mouth marketing and does it really work? [5:20] How to get your work in front of your ideal client’s eyes.</
12/09/202214 minutes 22 seconds
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“How Do I Avoid Looking Desperate to Fill Appointments?”

Today, we're going to be answering a question I got on Instagram which is:  “How do I advertise that I have appointments available? Without looking desperate to fill them?”  There’s really two parts to this question…the first part is “how do you advertise available appointments” and the second part is “How to not look desperate”. And what I'm going to share today is probably the complete opposite of what you think…   Episode Highlights [1:53] No Advertising Is Necessary  [3:37] Clients Aren’t Booking Because They Don’t Trust You [9:01] IT’S
05/09/202217 minutes 3 seconds
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How Do You Single-Handedly Run a Business?

Today I’m answering this question I received in an Instagram DM:  “How do you single-handedly run a business? There is no time to grab a sip of water, let alone get up and give each client the proper hello and see you later I would desire. Or getting back to potential and current clients during the day. I feel like my entire focus goes into when I'm in the chair, and there's no time for anything else.” You are not a victim of your time… You are the CEO, the business owner, the boss - and the ONLY person who is in control of your schedule. If you don’t give yourself the time to rest, stretch your hands, go to the bathroom, or have a sip of water - that's on you boo, your name is on the door!  Ain't nobody coming to save you. Let go of your need to please/serve everyone an
29/08/202226 minutes 24 seconds
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Want To Immediately Improve Your Marketing? Here’s How.

How I got SO GOOD at marketing and how you can improve your marketing too! I want you to GET OBSESSED with your ideal type of clientele. Anytime you feel like your marketing isn’t working or you’re stumped on what to do to market your business CONNECT BACK TO YOUR IDEAL CLIENTELE. My CHALLENGE to you - write out 5 reasons why someone would love to receive lashes or whatever service you provide from YOU. Once you’ve written out a minimum of 5 reasons - I want you to just brain dump all the different ways you can say each of those 5 reasons. Voilà! Now you’ve got content and caption ideas! Let me warn you - if you can’t come up with 5 reasons - THAT’s why your marketing is in trouble. If you can’t communicate why you’re different/better/or the best at what you
22/08/202217 minutes 21 seconds
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Why you don’t have to be on social media

I recently had a conversation with one of my mastermind members who has so much DEMAND for her and her team that she needs to hire several more team members to keep up with the demand. We were discussing her goals and she said a big focus of her’s was “I need to start making reels for the business” and I asked why. Her answer:  “Because I need to market the business.”  She ALREADY has more demand than she can handle for her AND her team. But it’s not wise to ever stop marketing your business, right? Her goal of learning how to be better at marketing is great - but from my perspective it’s not the best use of her time and energy right now, why? Because she has marketing that is ALREADY killing it for her! And she hasn’t posted one re
15/08/202220 minutes 22 seconds
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Is Your Lash Business Recession-Proof?

Lately we’ve had several members inside The Lashpreneur Society asking about this topic and I thought - if I'm seeing this come up with this level of frequency with our members - chances are, a good percentage of you are thinking the same thing.  And that is about a recession. There is a lot of talk on the radio, media, and social media - pretty much anywhere you get your news and information from - about a looming recession. What to do, how to prepare, will your business survive, what should you be doing with your finances right now….it’s enough to make anyone want to bury their heads in the sand.  Today I dare you to walk down the worst-case scenario path with me (just for a moment) and I also offer you a perspective shift that I believe will change the way you look at your business and your life.  <
08/08/202220 minutes 11 seconds
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Using Premade Lashes: Worth It or Not?

In today’s episode… My guest is Premade Lash Expert Michelle Smith of Imperfection is Beauty and we are talking all about Premade lashes. The myths, the benefits, and the CONTROVERSY! Here are just a few of the things that we cover today: ⭐What’s the difference between the various types of premades? ⭐How you could be making more money and saving time by utilizing premades - even though the product cost is significantly higher. ⭐Some things to consider when shopping for premades. ⭐Michelle’s best practices and tips for using premades.   Episode Highlights [12:36]</stron
01/08/202232 minutes 28 seconds
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Mental Health and Business Ownership - It’s OK to Not Be OK (Part 2)

In Part 2 of this two-part episode, I continue my conversation with Cheryl of Untamed Artistry on mental health issues and what that looks like in business ownership. Today we’re talking about what it means when you reach a goal that, by society’s definition, makes you successful (like earning six figures in revenue) - but it doesn’t bring you the feeling of joy or happiness that you thought it would.  We also discuss how learning to love yourself will make you a better CEO, finding the balance between anxiety and depression, and the reason why using the work and hustle of entrepreneurship is not a healthy escape. Missed Part 1? Check it out HERE <span style="font-weight: 400;
25/07/202230 minutes 15 seconds
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Mental Health and Business Ownership - It’s OK to Not Be OK (Part 1)

It is often too easy to look at business owners or influencers in our industry - especially those that have a platform and a lot of followers - and think they’ve got it all “figured out”. Like they’re just living the highlife. I want to assure you that this is NOT always the case - in fact it rarely, if EVER is.  I’ve gone through the experience of having my mental health tank, as I’m sure many of you listening have. I still go through big ups and downs, they’re just not as scary for me anymore because I gave myself permission to do what was scary back when I shut down my business and walked away for 4 months - unsure if I’d ever go back to it. In Part 1 of this two-part Lessons of a Lashpreneur episode, I talk with Cheryl of Untamed Artistry. Cheryl shares her journey of dealing with mental health struggles, anxiety, and
18/07/202244 minutes 42 seconds
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My Secret Weapon For A Better Customer Experience

I recently attended an event for one of my biz buddies, Britt Seva - a stellar business coach for hairstylists, called Thrivers Live. One thing that really resonated with me that one of the speakers spoke about was having EMPATHY in how you handle the clients in your business.  When a client gets unhappy - It’s usually caused by two factors - either they don't like the results, OR they didn’t  like the experience. Depending on their comfort level of communicating with the business on their undesired results or experience will determine how they feel they can be heard. Sometimes that means contacting you and giving you the opportunity to fix the error and sometimes that means putting you on blast online by way of a bad review and telling anyone who will listen about their results/experience. It’s totally normal when we feel like somebody's upset with us or we fe
11/07/202216 minutes 48 seconds
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Here’s How to Stop SNEAKY Clients Who Book Fill Appointments When It Should Really be a Full Set!

Today we're going to talk about the sneaky clients.  I've seen this come up in our Facebook community for The Lashpreneur Society a couple of times where people are like,“Gosh, this client, she just keeps booking the WRONG appointment cause she’s just cheap!”  or “I’ve told her a million times she has to come in by 3 weeks or it’s a full set and she just keeps booking a fill”  or just all of these frustrating client nuances.  So what do you do as a business owner when you think that clients are trying to GET AWAY with cheaper services, or undercut the policies that you have in place? <spa
27/06/202212 minutes 56 seconds
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The 5 Things You MUST Know Before Renting a Space for your Beauty Business

No matter what level you're at in your journey of being a business owner, at some point you may want to consider renting a space to operate your business out of.  On today's episode, we're gonna go over some basics of what you need to be aware of when looking for a commercial space to operate your business out of. Whether you’ve started your business yet or not, or if you're thinking about expanding beyond the current space that you're in… here are 5 things to consider when you start perusing the interwebs for a commercial lease space.  EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS - I actually have a more in depth list of 23 THINGS THAT YOU SHOULD CONSIDER WHEN LOOKING FOR A COMMERCIAL LEASE SPACE that you can go download for free. This is the checklist
20/06/202218 minutes 54 seconds
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How to INCREASE Your Income, WITHOUT Taking on More Client

Would you like to increase your income without taking on more clients? On today’s episode, I’m sharing a tip that will show you how!  I have ONLY shared this tip with my mastermind students who are building out salon teams - until now! This is a great financial exercise for you to do to see which service brings you in the most money for your time! To keep it simple and clear - this is not evaluating the profitability of your business - just the amount of SALES PER MINUTE. Doing this simple evaluation can help you to see if you've priced your services reasonably or if there are some major red flags to how you've structured your pricing! Once you know which service brings in the most money, you just do MORE of that service-which will allow you to increase your income without having to take on more clients!
13/06/20229 minutes 20 seconds
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What Does a MILLION Dollar Lash Biz Look Like? You’re Gonna Want to Meet Rose Meza

I got a DM yesterday asking- IS MOMENTUM MASTERMIND A GOOD FIT FOR THOSE WHO HAVE ALREADY STARTED BUILDING OUT A TEAM? On today’s episode, I’d like to introduce you to Mastermind Member, Rose Meza, of Sugar Blossom Lashes. When Rose joined this program 6 months ago - she already had two locations and a team of 14 with sales of OVER HALF A MILLION in annual revenue. Rose has now built out a team of 20 (and growing!) and is projected to do $1.2 million in annual revenue this year 🤩🤩🤩 Rose is incredibly business savvy, driven and highly motivated - so don’t get it twisted - Rose wasn’t hurting for success! However, external perceived success and a big b
08/06/202246 minutes 22 seconds
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1099s vs W-2 Employees - How to Set Up Your Business for PREDICTABLE and LEGAL Growth + Stability with Momentum Mastermind Member Tiffany Federico

On today’s episode, I spoke with Momentum Mastermind Member Tiffany Federico, of Bright Eyes Beauty Bar. Prior to the pandemic, Tiffany got pregnant, and found herself in need of hiring an employee to cover for her FAST.  She quickly realized that it wouldn’t be as simple as she thought-there are a lot of legalities and responsibilities that come with building out a team. Now I’m not unrealistic - I know that it is COMMON in our industry to hire women as 1099 Independent Contractors - throw 50% commission at them and think you’re creating a win-win situation for both you, the team member and the business… and that is how A LOT of salon owners choose to build out their teams without actually looking at whether or not that pay structure is LEGAL or PROFITABLE. But OOF - did you know that 99.999999% of the time -</span
06/06/202223 minutes 25 seconds
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Nightmare Employees and Sky High Salon Rent - How Lauren Overcame a Business Owner’s Worst Nightmare with the Momentum Mastermind Program

On today’s episode Lauren talks about her experience with her first employee who-within a couple weeks-was already stealing lashes and taking clients at home behind her back!  Lauren says, “So I would say every time I listened to any  free content out there on building a team-I was making EVERY SINGLE MISTAKE that someone who had gone through it before me was making and so I was like, I need to get help. I really need help.” Lauren was under a lot of pressure because when she first started, the whole goal was to start to pay herself more because she has $3,000 a month in rent, which is insanely high for a solo artist. So already, even if she was fully booked and doing $6,000, or $7,000 a month in sales, most of that was going to be to rent. So she made the investment into this program with the anticipation
03/06/202235 minutes 12 seconds
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From 1 Employee to Fully Out of the Treatment Room - Team Building Success with Momentum Mastermind Member Victoria Parrish

On today’s episode, I talk with Victoria Parrish who was essentially my “test subject” when it came to creating the Momentum Mastermind program.  She experienced such significant growth in just a few short months of working through the curriculum and I knew that there were more beauty business owners who could benefit from the same training. Victoria started lashing about six years ago and always knew she wanted to grow, to have a team of ladies who had the same vision as her. She was always really good at her craft, but not necessarily the business- so she needed help. One thing that she knew she wanted to do was learn from somebody else's mistakes and gain insight into their processes. That way, she didn't have to waste her own time or go through the same mistakes as others. “For me, I'm a very black and white person when it comes to business. And a lot of ti
30/05/202223 minutes 49 seconds
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The Pitfall of Hiring Someone Who’s “Just Like You” with Momentum Mastermind Member Erica Hjelmaa

On today’s episode, I talk with  Erica Hjelmaa about her experience going through the Momentum Mastermind program. Prior to the pandemic, Erica had one employee. Once her business was able to re-open, her employee- who was on a commission based salary- was asking for a raise. Erica didn't really know how to go forward with paying her more without it cutting into her profits.  When she received an email about Momentum Mastermind, she felt like it was perfect timing because it was exactly what she needed at that time. She learned how offering a 50% commission was actually bad for business and what she should be looking for in hiring a new employee. We will be having more interviews coming from our Momentum Mastermind members! Season 2 of Momentum Mastermind starts in July and applications open May 25th through June 10th, 2022. If you’d
27/05/202219 minutes 4 seconds
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From Having No Direction to a Business Structure that WORKS with Momentum Mastermind Member Farideh Fahoul

Farideh has been a member of the Momentum Mastermind since we started in January. She was doing well as a solo artist, but when she expanded she didn't have a business structure of how things worked. She knew she didn’t want to go the route of DIY-ing her business and trying to Google everything on her own because that was too cluttered and overwhelming. On today’s episode she gives an overview of what the mastermind is from her perspective and experience, how her mindset has shifted since participating in the program and what her biggest takeaways were. We will have more interviews coming from our Momentum Mastermind members! Season 2 of Momentum Mastermind starts in July and applications open May 25th Through June 10th. If you'd like to join us for Season 2 of Momentum Mastermind, then you can go to <a style="color: #eb2a
23/05/202226 minutes 47 seconds
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5 Things to Know Before Hiring Your First Team Member

There is this illusion that once you get fully booked, then you hire a warm body to come in there and help with your overflow. And eventually, someday, out in the future, you might be able to work less and still have the business be making money. When it comes to hiring a team member, there are questions that I get asked consistently- many of those come from lash business owners who have already hired team members and are now discovering steps that they may not have been aware of or just didn’t know would be an issue prior to hiring. So I want to address the five things that you should know before hiring your first team member so that you are setting yourself, your team member and your business up for success.   Episode Highlights: <span style= "color: #
16/05/202238 minutes 33 seconds
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Coaching Corner: How to Stay Motivated Long Term While Running Your Business with Ashley Lopez Part 2

In Part 2 of this two-part Coaching Corner episode with Ashley Lopez, we talk about the importance of improving the structure of your business and setting financial goals that will keep you motivated long term. Missed Part 1? Check it out HERE Talking with an accountant is a great place to start to understand the financials, I think it's also going to work better for you to start to look at your business as a BUSINESS and get yourself on payroll and get structure in your business. If you're only paying yourself when you want something, that  also comes with the downside of the opposite-when you want something and you can't pay yourself
09/05/202224 minutes 12 seconds
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Coaching Corner: Finding the Balance Between Business and Family with Ashley Lopez Part 1

In Part 1 of this 2-part Coaching Corner Episode, I talk to lash business owner Ashley Lopez about finding balance between working on her business and spending time with her husband and kids. Ashley is from Galloway, New Jersey and prior to opening her lash business in December 2018, she was in the corporate world. The corporate world was not very friendly with kids. Since she had a cosmetology license she thought, “What can I do with this to have a more flexible schedule, be with my kids, but still make the money that I was making at my corporate job?” Her main struggle right now is finding the balance between investing in the business and also being able to have the capacity to be present with her kids. Some business owners experience mom guilt- when they're paying attention to their business, they're like “I should be with my kids”. Y
02/05/202240 minutes 46 seconds
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Lash Biz FAQ - Should you offer a membership/subscription for your services?

Recently a long time student of mine asked "I want to offer a monthly subscription for my clients so I get paid on the 1st of the month. I'm thinking of including 2 services in their payment, with perks of getting first dibs on appointments - and offering the services at a discounted rate. This would help my clients save money and help me manage my time and money AND create a secure income. I think this would give me more consistency in my business - what do you think?" As someone who has run a membership business model for the last 5 years with The Lashpreneur Society - I would consider myself an expert in membership or subscription based business models. And I am NOT a fan of the membership or subscription based business model for solo lash artists for a variety of reasons which I share in today’s episode.    <span style="font-weight:
25/04/202219 minutes 59 seconds
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Imposter Syndrome

I have just returned from an incredible trip to Medellin, Colombia where I spoke at a lash conference for latin american lash and brow artists!   There were so many powerful moments for me over this trip that I’m incredibly grateful for - that the Tara of 2-3 years ago wouldn’t have had the capacity to even recognize were big moments for me in my journey as The Lashpreneur.   As I was speaking at this conference, the idea of imposter syndrome came up for me because I had this moment where I'm like, “Who am I to be going to a country where I don't necessarily speak the language and teach other beauty professionals?”   So it kind of left me going back and forth between what my brain was telling me (you’re not qualified to do this) versus what I know to be true (that I am an expert in business and
11/04/202223 minutes 13 seconds
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Coaching Corner: How Your Self-Worth Affects the Success of Your Business with podcast listener Tori Miller Part 2

In Part 2 of this Coaching Corner episode, I answer Tori’s question about how she can find the time to go to therapy and do the necessary work on herself to improve how she shows up in her business.  My recommendation for Tori to find more time for herself and her business is to drop some of the clients she’s taking.  There is a formula (which I share in this episode) for how to drop clients and create more time to work on your business-while making the SAME amount of money. I show Tori how she can free up an entire extra day of the week using my formula.  What would an extra day do for you and your business?    Highlights from this week’s episode:  [7:48] What is an “after hours” fee and how to use it to cut back on the hours you’re working.</sp
04/04/202219 minutes 4 seconds
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Coaching Corner: How Your Self-Worth Affects the Success of Your Business with podcast listener Tori Miller Part 1

In this new Coaching Corner episode, I talk with Tori Miller who owns a sugaring business in Las Vegas, NV. In Part 1 of this 2-part series, I take her through what I call domino belief coaching. That’s where we're going to get clarity on why she keeps overbooking herself despite her declining health and exhaustion-and it will start to make sense how it affects how she shows up in other areas of her business and life as well. Tori says: “I live in Las Vegas, Nevada.  I am now four years into my company and I do sugaring. I have found your episodes very helpful, especially the ones about what not to do and what to do with policies and clients. I just don't put myself in place with it. I always book days off to either give myself a break or to do office work. But if a client comes in and asks to have an appointment on that off day then I open it- and I just start stacking
28/03/202239 minutes 21 seconds
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Coaching Corner: How to Juggle Business and Life as a Single Mom with Podcast Listener Shyrome Hardmon Part 2

On Part 2 of my coaching call with Shyrome, we talk about marketing her business and where she’s stuck in a rut and needs a little guidance. Shyrome shares: “I know sometimes I get distracted by everything that's going on on my Instagram, and I'm looking at everybody else, and I'm feeling like I need to be at a certain speed. And so I decided to go in and unfollow people. I did hear that from your podcast a while ago. And I just never got to it.” Trying to copy and paste another lash artist’s success and marketing will NOT serve you or your business. In today’s episode, I’ll share with you what WILL.    Here’s some highlights from this week’s episode: [4:53] Why keeping up with your competition
21/03/202230 minutes 16 seconds
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Coaching Corner: How to Juggle Business and Life as a Single Mom with Podcast Listener Shyrome Hardmon Part 1

Podcast Listener, Shyrome Hardmon applied to be a guest on this Coaching Corner episode. Shyrom wrote in saying: “In 2020 I was pregnant with my 2nd child and literally had no motivation or energy to do anything. The time was also horrible because of covid and I didn't feel safe doing lashes. I kinda lost myself after. September 2020 I had my child, and it was hard getting back to business so I took it easy and started beauty school Jan 2021 which was online so it worked out for me. I just graduated Dec 2021 and I leased a space. Now I’m struggling with content, marketing, and building my clientele. I’m struggling with the business side, and branding myself. I’m trying to make money to invest in the business side also so I’m kind of in a rut and it’s hard because I’m a single mom who needs a little guidance.” In this two part epi
14/03/202223 minutes 7 seconds
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Discounts

On today’s episode, I’m diving into the do’s and don’ts of discounting your services. Discounting should not be used as a strategy to  compete on price - cause that’s a losing game. If you’re priced “too high” for someone - chances are they’re not the type of clientele you want to be attracting into your business for long term growth and stability. BUT there can be a lot of ways in which discounting is an effective marketing strategy to increase new clients coming into your business. In this episode I’ll share... ✅The strategic purpose of discounts/sales/promotions ✅ What to do when your discount doesn't work to bring people in ✅ Real talk about model pricing ✅ How much to discount your
07/03/202222 minutes 15 seconds
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Your Business is NOT Your Baby - Identifying an Unhealthy Codependency with Your Business

YOUR BUSINESS IS NOT YOUR BABY - if you've ever said or thought the phrase "my business is my baby" - there's a strong chance you've got an unhealthy codependent relationship with your business. In this episode I share… … the ways in which this unhealthy codependency shows up in beauty businesses … what a healthy relationship with your business looks like …and how to detach your feelings of worth from your business so you can make decisions based on the BUSINESS'S needs, not YOUR unmet needs. Shoot me a DM on Instagram if you’ve experienced any of the struggles I shared in the episode - cause I can tell you sis - I am STILL doing this work myself!    Episode Highlights:<
28/02/202226 minutes 53 seconds
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Coaching Corner - Getting Clear on your Marketing Process and Checking Your Ego at the Door with Podcast Listener Lilly Moore

Podcast Listener, Lilly Moore of San Diego, applied to be a guest on this Coaching Corner episode. Lilly wrote in asking for help to get more clients, shared she was having retention issues, and struggled to get clients who reached out via dm/text/email only to have them stop responding once she shared her prices. Sound familiar? In today’s episode, I help Lilly get clarity on what her current sales and marketing process is and where there’s room for improving her process to get closer to converting more clients including an influencer marketing strategy I’ve never shared on the podcast before. We also hit on a major mindset shift that’s likely been holding Lilly back in how she runs her business and where her ego was actually preventing her from experiencing the beauty of what she does and the services she provides.  <span style="font-weight: 400
21/02/202259 minutes 44 seconds
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Lessons Learned 1 Year After Shutting My Business Down

February 8, 2021 - I closed down the Lashpreneur and walked away from the business and the community I spent 5 years building. 1 year later - I have had some of the most transformational learning lessons from that rock bottom point that have shaped me into a woman I'm pretty damn proud of today. In this episode I’m sharing my top 3 greatest lessons learned from shutting down my business that I hope will serve you if you ever find yourself struggling in business or in life. I also want to invite you to reach out anytime thru DMs if you ever need to talk about the challenges you’re facing. You're not alone sis!   Episode Highlights: [05:25] - What help
14/02/202224 minutes 2 seconds
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The Money Mindset Episode You Have to Hear

On today’s episode, I’m diving deep on money mindset and how the most toxic phrase thrown around in our industry is useless to help you grow your business and adjust prices. That phrase is “Charge your worth.” What does that even mean?!?! This episode shares some actionable steps to identify a profitable price point for your business. I share how you can reframe the meaning money has in your life, how to reassign looking at money through the lens of what’s possible as opposed to your current circumstances, how to help your clients see the value of what you offer before you ever introduce price, AND keeping your money mindset out of your client’s pocketbook. This is one of those must listen to powerful mindset episodes that can really help challenge limiting beliefs around money that are so common in our industry. Hi
07/02/202222 minutes 47 seconds
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Business Beyond the Chair with Kayla Hertz of Educated Artistry

On this week’s episode - I’ve collaborated with a fellow lash podcaster, Kayla Hertz of Educated Artistry podcast! Kayla and I connected on Instagram recently and started talking about what we’re noticing in the industry by way of what to do once you’re fully booked. We have both seen and even experienced first hand that the traditional lash artist career path is start a business, become fully booked, then hire a team, become an educator and/or start a product line. Sound familiar?   Of course it does! It is what 99% of our industry plans to do when they first go out on their own. But reality is MUCH different than what our naive dreams of creating an empire look like when we first go out on our own.<br
31/01/202253 minutes 3 seconds
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Must Know Updates to Venmo and How to Find an Accountant with Michelle Cook of Small Business CPAs

Let’s talk accounting and payment processors! A recent Venmo change has some beauty pros freaking out about monies earned from Venmo transactions now being reported to the IRS by Venmo if more than $600 is processed using Venmo. To help you get clarity on what this actually means for your business if Venmo is one of the payment processors you’re using in your business as well as understanding must have accounting processes for your 2022 - I brought on a new friend of mine, Michelle Cook of @smallbusinesscpa to chat all things Venmo and accounting best practices. Michelle is a beauty school graduate turned licensed CPA. As a partner at Carter Cook, CPAs, she specializes in guiding beauty professionals to move beyond compliance and into forward-focused strategy. Michelle also empowers beauty professionals to be the financial expert in their business through her course, Beaut
24/01/202229 minutes 49 seconds
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Copy My WINNING Reels/TikTok Formula

Recently I created a Reel based on 4 factors to see if I could get it to outperform any other reel I did - and it worked! So in today's episode I'm going to share that formula with you for you to create your own reels that can increase reach and engagement with your audience. First - my perspective on REELS and social media in general. If you think I enjoy or crave or am super motivated to shake my tail feathers in public to 30,000+ potential people... HA you have me pegged wrong friends. Look I have insecurities just like you - I just don’t focus on ME in my marketing cause my marketing - is about you. I want to help you - and in order to do that - I gotta not make it about me. That may be where you are holding yourself back in marketing your business full out - because you’re more concerned about how you look, sound, act, behave and who might be judging you than  you are about how your
17/01/202223 minutes 17 seconds
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Coaching Corner - How to Get Started in Business as a New Lash Artist with Listener Sarah Anderson

On today’s episode, I invite one of our podcast listeners, Sarah Anderson, on to the podcast for some coaching around how to get started in business as a new lash artist! Here’s some highlights from this Coaching Corner episode: [3:50] - Working with the end in mind [7:21] - Defining Success and how to get clear on what you’re working towards [9:47] - What is it Sarah is working towards as she struggles to get clarity on WHY she wants a business [12:52] - We define what Sarah’s Highest Value is in wanting to have a business of her own - Security [16:01] - How to tie money as a tool to create a plan to get the feeling of security <span style="co
10/01/202245 minutes 53 seconds
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THIS is How to Create a Goal Worth Working Towards!

On today’s episode, I share the thoughts, beliefs and actions that get in the way of most business owners when it comes to goal planning.  Goal planning and resolutions are usually junk. People rarely achieve what they set out to do because they set themselves up for failure. It’s not the big dreams and goals aren’t possible for them - it’s usually a few key steps to achieving those goals that they’ve skipped over. The missteps in goal planning that I see Lashpreneurs making regularly are: 1 - They don’t allow themselves to dream big enough and they let their current circumstances decide what’s possible for them to achieve. 2 - They’re not specific about their goals. They say things like “I want a successful business” or “I want to feel confident about my business” or “I want to be fully book
03/01/202223 minutes 23 seconds
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How I Show Up On Social Media - Even When I’m Feeling Insecure

On today’s episode, I’m sharing an Instagram live chat I did a couple months back based on a conversation I had with a potential coaching client where she made the statement “I don’t think I could do what you do when it comes to being on video.” And ya know - I wonder… how many of you are thinking this same thing? Like specifically - those of you who listen to the podcast - I mean we’re hanging out every single week, so you know me pretty darn well. Cause ya know - those Instagrammers - they only get, like a minute of me at any given point… but you… you spend 20-30 minutes a week with me… so we’ve got a pretty decent situation-ship going on here on the podcast - and so I wanna know - do you have thoughts like that? Like “well it’s easy for Tara cause (fill in the blank)” cause she’s older than me or she’s got more experience or its just so natu
17/12/202119 minutes 8 seconds
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Problem Clients and Policies

On today’s episode, I’m sharing with you just how to handle the 3 most common client issues that happen in your business and how you can enforce policies effectively with less worry about being the “bad guy”. Those 3 issues are  Last Minute Cancellations due to emergency or unforeseen circumstances Fill when it really should be a full set “just do what you can” situation Refund requests And I’ll share with you the policy you should have in place that addresses each issue, how to implement this policy and what the perk is to having a policy that addresses each issue. If you’re interested in seeing an example of the policies I had in my lash business - you can download them at <a style= "color: #eb2a
10/12/202133 minutes 55 seconds
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Coaching Corner - Getting Your Team Up to Your Standards So You Can Hand Off Clients with Emily Moore of EBM Lash Bar

On today’s episode of Coaching Corner - I’m bringing on listener Emily Moore of EBM Lash Bar of Indianapolis Indiana. Emily wanted some coaching on the podcast specifically about how to manage her team. She wrote in saying: I need help with Onboarding and training valuable employees, and making each lash artists work similar so that we can proudly say that all of our clients can see anyone here. Trying to copy and paste 'me', and let clients know that the other lash artists are just as great, so that I can move into more education + supply + science and keeping up with how we can offer the BEST services. I can't lash 6 clients a day and run my business AND make sure that we are doing all of the things. ya feel me? I do feel ya Emily - can some of you relate to her struggles - even if you don’t have a team - maybe some of these challenges are what’s stopping you from doing so! <span style="fon
03/12/202138 minutes 49 seconds
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This Holiday Marketing Strategy is GENIUS!

Today’s a quick episode so you can enjoy your holiday weekend with loved ones - but I wanted to tell you to NOT compete with Black Friday deals and INSTEAD I share with you the strategy I shared with my coaching clients and students that has them carrying their holiday demand over to the January and February slump! This is a quick - yet juicy episode that will change how you market during the holiday season forever! And if you want to get your hands on that holiday promotions planner I mentioned in the episode, click here: SAVE THE DATE for our 2022 Best Year Ever Goal Planning Masterclass on January 10th, 2022! We wi
26/11/202111 minutes 18 seconds
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Why 50% Commission is Bad for Business and Other Team Building Tips

On today’s episode, I’m sharing with you an Instagram live I did in response to a salon owner who was struggling to find any decent talent for less than 50% commission and I also share WHY 50% commission is detrimental to the long term success of your business. If you have a team or you’ve ever considered building out a team to work under you - this episode is a must-listen! If you’re interested in joining the Momentum Mastermind where I will coach you and a small group of fellow salon owners in the steps to hiring, onboarding, and managing a team profitability and legally - hit me up in the DMs on instagram @thelashpreneur   Episode Highlights: [1:57] - The financial ramifications or benefits that come with building out a team [7:12
19/11/202134 minutes 25 seconds
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How to Hire a Social Media Manager with KNS Studios' Kileigh Scott

Love it, like it or absolutely despise it - it’s hard to ignore the power that social media has to grow your business! I find that the primary reason most Lashpreneurs hate social media is two fold: 1). They don’t know how to utilize the platform to get clients - thus they spend a lot of time creating content that never gets seen, engaged with and ultimately never drives any new clients into their business so it feels like a waste of time and energy  2). They blur the line of using social media for personal and business use so there is a lot of heaviness and toxicity a business owner is exposed to when there’s not a clear distinction between being on social for personal reasons vs being on social media for marketing and business growth reasons. On today’s episode, I brought on a new friend of mine who runs a social media marketing agency for beauty business o
12/11/202121 minutes 15 seconds
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The Next Level Beyond Fully Booked With Claudia Sternquist of Your Beauty Financial Friend

Have you noticed that it seems like the typical “LASH ARTIST CAREER PATH” is: Step 1: Work for someone else - realize they have no idea how to run a business and think you can do it better Step 2: Open up your own business only to realize you have no idea on how to run a business and you panic Step 3: Hustle your a$$ off to build a clientele and become fully booked only to then realize that you can’t make any more money cause you have zero time to get new clients in Step 4: Start the search to hire a team who can take on your excess clients so you can start to make more money and hopefully, 🤞🏻someday🤞🏻, get your time back This is the “dream” for MOST lash artists. Yet - MOST lash artists have zero idea what it takes to make steps 3 and 4 work a
05/11/202126 minutes 2 seconds
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Coaching Corner on Figuring Out What’s Next in Your Career With Hailey Barber of FACEShealthyskinandlashes

On today’s episode, we’ve got another podcast listener coming on for our Coaching Corner segment - where one lucky podcast listener comes on to ask their lash biz question and gets coached by me to help them plan out the next moves in their business! Today’s Coaching Corner guest is Hailey Barber of FACES - Healthy Skin and Lashes of Gillette, WY and she asked: “I need help with transitioning from being a solo lash artist. I love lashing but I’m ready to find out what’s next for me. I’ve been lashing for 9 years and I’m so burned out. But also completely obsessed with lashes and my clients. Ive built and awesome clientele and a great life, it’s freaking me out that it’s no longer satisfying me. I would love to possibly head in the direction of trainings or
29/10/202140 minutes 17 seconds
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How 2 Women Sold their Lashbiz for 7-figures

In today’s episode I’m interviewing two incredible women who founded Lash Bee Pro and who I credit to being the ones who breathed life back into the Lashpreneur because they reached out to me about a week after I announced I was stepping away from The Lashpreneur and wanted to discuss acquiring the business. Erin Soletski and Anjali Bhatia are the Co-founders of Lash Bee Pro - whose mission is to empower lash artists to succeed both as artists and as professionals through superior products, comprehensive education, and community support as part of the LashBeePro family. In our interview today, Erin and Anjali are sharing their journey to selling their brick and mortar business for a hefty price AND give you some tips on what you can start to do to get the foundations of your business ready to grow OR sell if that’s something you’re hoping to do some day and the incredible importance
15/10/202133 minutes 5 seconds
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From Maternity Leave to Fully Booked in TWO MONTHS with Lashpreneur LEGEND - Ashley Higgins

On today’s episode, I am bringing on one of my students from The Lashpreneur Society to share her journey from maternity leave to fully booked in two months. When Ashley shared her win inside of our Facebook community - I knew her journey - would be relatable and valuable to both the working mom listeners and to any women listening who wants to become a mom someday but fears what would happen to her business and her livelihood if she did.  Ashley does not hold back in sharing the fears she had going into having a baby, the naiveness in how long she thought she would be away from work because lets’ face it - nobody plans to get postpartum depression - but you can’t run from it if it strikes and how she now is experiencing the most success as a mom of two under 3 including recently making $576 from ONE CLIENT… yes… ONE CLIENT. And she shares just how she did that in this episode!
01/10/202128 minutes 12 seconds
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The Best Thing I've Ever Learned To Do for Myself

In my journey to becoming a business coach and from taking courses and working under mentors and coaches myself, I have learned some powerful tools that have helped to grow multiple businesses AND weather some of life’s craziest and most devastating experiences. I wanted to share with you some mindset hacks and strategies that you too can start to implement into your business and your life that will really help set you free. What I share in this week’s episode helps me overcome paralyzing anxiety, it helps me stay positive and out of a victim state, and it makes me a better woman, coach, family member and mom.  Being able to shift perspectives or even see other perspectives of any situation your in is a POWERFUL skill that you can learn and practice DAILY.  The thoughts that you think ARE within your control… and even when you get some disempowering or destructive thoughts that come in - YOU can choose whether those though
17/09/202127 minutes 36 seconds
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The Pros & Cons of Being an Educator & Distributor with Brigette Doherty of Lash Box LA - Australia

On today’s episode, I’m bringing on my friend, Brigette Doherty of Lash Box LA Australia to share her take on the Pros and Cons of being an Educator and Distributor for a major lash brand - LashboxLA. Brigette Doherty, the Director and National Master Educator with LashBoxLA Australia. With over 13 years industry experience, Brigette loves Delivering the latest in innovation and information in the lash industry, and specializes in education centered around offering your clients density without damage, retention without risk to the health of their natural lashes and supercharging your application speed without sacrificing quality. In my chat with Brigette today - we touch on some of the pros of being an educator and distributor of lash supplies - like how stepping away from her own successful lash business to join Lash BoxLA has transformed her life and her career and how rewarding i
03/09/202145 minutes 13 seconds
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COACHING CORNER with listener Zoe Yip (Part 2)

Zoe Yip Coaching Question: I am the most expensive in my area and I’m hardly getting any clients through my door. I feel like my prices are the main reason why I’m not getting any clients but I don’t want to reduce my price as I don’t feel like my price is unreasonable.  I actively post on Instagram and always try to include educational and engaging posts to attract my clients but I’m still finding that it’s not working.  So I’m running out of ideas and also MONEY to keep this business running! ~ Zoe of @beautychairbyzoe    Part 2 Episode Highlights: [6:02] Success leaves clues - what has WORKED in the past to bring i
20/08/202127 minutes 32 seconds
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COACHING CORNER with listener Zoe Yip (Part 1)

Zoe Yip Coaching Question: I am the most expensive in my area and I’m hardly getting any clients through my door. I feel like my prices are the main reason why I’m not getting any clients but I don’t want to reduce my price as I don’t feel like my price is unreasonable.  I actively post on Instagram and always try to include educational and engaging posts to attract my clients but I’m still finding that it’s not working.  So I’m running out of ideas and also MONEY to keep this business running! ~ Zoe of @beautychairbyzoe    Part 1 Episode Highlights: [6:02] Success leaves clues - what has WORKED in the past to bring i
13/08/202120 minutes 56 seconds
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Protecting Your A$$(ets) with Hairstylist turned Attorney - Reonna Green of SHEtrademarks

On today’s episode, I bring on a nail tech and hair stylist turned attorney, Reonna Green of SHE Trademarks. She gives some great tips on how to ensure you personally AND your business are legally protected, what to do if someone steals your photos or content online, the trademark process and why Trademarking is a valuable asset to your business and so much more! So i’m excited to have Reonna on the podcast! And because Reonna is an attorney - I do need to include a bit of a disclaimer for this episode: Reonna Green is licensed to practice law in the state of California and Georgia. The content available in this episode is for informational purposes only and not to be taken as legal advice and does not create an attorney-client relationship.    Episode highlights: [4:51] Policies and Waivers: Best Practices and how to ensure they’re legall
06/08/202147 minutes 44 seconds
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You CAN Do This - A Motivational Episode

Entrepreneurship is NOT the easiest way to make money in this life - but it sure as heck is the most challenging and hopefully - rewarding choice you’ll make for yourself. Being a business owner and being the one fully responsible for the results and outcomes of not only your business - but your future - it’s a scary undertaking. It’s MEANT to challenge you! It’s MEANT to make you uncomfortable. It’s MEANT to feel difficult - because you’ve never done it before and you’re in a learning phase to prepare yourself for whatever obstacles are headed your way. I encourage you to get comfortab
30/07/202114 minutes 25 seconds
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Why I Can’t Stand Charging by Time

On today’s episode, I’m going on a rant that I REALLY want you to think thru… cause girlfriend - it is the most common way lash artists price their services and ALSO we don’t do common here on the Lessons of a Lashpreneur cause those Facebook groups that recommend doing this are the blind leading the blind. I’m going to share with you the ONE and ONLY reason why you should NOT price your services by time - and I would love to hear just how eye opening this episode is for you! Hit me up on social media after you’ve listened to this episode and let me know why you agree OR why you disagree.  Keep in mind - these episodes are just my opinion… I look at a lot of factors when I share my opinions on business - but I’m
23/07/202117 minutes 47 seconds
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Mindset Matters in Business with Skin CEO Host Heather Terveen

Today’s guest, Heather Terveen, is sharing some step by steps of how to THINK DIFFERENTLY to get RESULTS in your business. She also shares her “Belief Diamond” which has helped her students overcome the anxiety, overwhelm, and paralysis they faced during the pandemic and how THRIVING business owners take control back of their minds to overcome the most challenging of obstacles and circumstances you may face in your entrepreneurial journey. Heather Terveen is a former licensed aesthetician turned mindset and marketing coach for beauty business owners. She helps beauty business owners become confident thought leaders and go-to experts. She’s also the host of The Skin CEO podcast where she helps listeners build confidence, let go of overwhelm and establish themselves as #1 experts in their specialty. You can learn more about Heather at <a style="color: #000000;" href= "
16/07/202140 minutes 23 seconds
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Content Creation in Less Time with Giuliana Evangelista of Gem Social Agency

On today’s episode, I’m bringing you a Social Media Manager for Beauty Service Businesses - yes - people like this DO exist! Giuliana Evangelista is the founder of Gem Social Agency and she helps beauty biz owners get their time back by taking over your social media marketing and branding. She supports her clients by helping them build their target audience, get clear on their brand voice, messaging, personality, and content so that you can use social media marketing to get clients in your sleep!   In this interview - we cover:    ( 3:12) How to Combat The Time Objection that Social Media Content Creation Takes Too Long? (10:22)</stron
09/07/202145 minutes 1 second
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Is 6-figures Realistic as a SOLO Beauty Business Owner?

I DESPISE those infographics that state you can make $144,000 a year doing lashes! Like - with an intense passion do I want to shake anyone who is being sold pure BS about making that kind of money. It's the biggest lie that someone is telling you because THEY WANT YOUR money - not cause they care about you making that amount of income. In today's episode... 👉let's talk about what's REALISTIC about what one can make in our industry (six figures is POSSIBLE... just not how these infographics state it) 👉why "Charge your Worth" and "Raise your Prices" is TERRIBLE advice from your industry peers 👉the ONLY FORMULA to know what your actual "worth" is as a beauty biz CEO. 👉The #1 skillset you need to learn to get to that "worth" Did you ever think to include vacation days in determining your price point before? If you want to get your hands on my FREE For
02/07/202127 minutes 40 seconds
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This is Why Your Engagement Sucks

How can you make your business stand out against ALLLL that competition? In this episode I cover: 🌈What you may be doing that could actually be TURNING CLIENTS OFF from wanting to book with you 🌈Why the marketing strategies most new beauty business owners try is ineffective 🌈The Un-Common-Sense thing you SHOULD be doing to help you serve MORE clients (this is SUCH a game changer!!!) 🌈And how do you shift your marketing to start getting more clients NOW Want to join me in my FREE Overlooked to Fully Booked Masterclass - find a class time that works with your schedule here: www.thelashpreneur
25/06/202122 minutes 17 seconds
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Let's Solve Why You're Struggling to Get Clients

Are you freaking out about having enough clients to make ends meet or maybe you’re struggling to build a clientele? I know I don’t even need to ask if you’re marketing on social media, or asking for referrals or handing out business cards - cause my assumption if you’re reading this is - YOU ARE TRYING ALL THE BUSINESS-Y THINGS YOU KNOW TO DO! 01:54 - So what are the specific types of results a lash business owner like you needs to have to know your business is growing? 05:35 - What the heck is getting in the way of clients booking with you? 07:1
17/06/202117 minutes 17 seconds
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I Fired Myself - Here's Why

On today’s episode I share the raw and the real about  What the heck happened that I walked away from a seemingly crazy successful business… What have I been doing these last 4.5 months and am I better for it… What happens now with The Lashpreneur… Thank you to the incredible and talented Britt Seva of and founder of for interviewing me and making me feel comfortable to come back into the spotlight! If you or someone you know is struggling with mental illness, anxiety, depression, or is just struggling emotionally, or there ar
11/06/202154 minutes 44 seconds
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Best Of: A Raw Conversation About Mental Health

This week, I wanted to bring back an episode that is very near and dear to my heart. I recorded this when I was going through a very difficult time in my life and I wanted to share with you guys how I was able to cope with dealing with very severe mental health issues while running a business. Unfortunately, most of us will all struggle with our mental health at some point during our life, and coping with those struggles can be especially difficult as a business owner. I think that it's important that I am open about my journey in regard to mental health so that you all know that it is okay not to be okay all the time, and there are healthy ways to heal and move on.  If you have any questions for me about this episode or business in general, feel free to submit them at 
29/01/202117 minutes 18 seconds
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129: From Employee to Fully Booked in 12 Months - My Journey to Lash Biz Success

Over 100 episodes of The Lessons of a Lashpreneur and I am finally sharing my business journey of how I went from employee to fully booked within 12 months. Sounds too good to be true, right?  Although I was able to grow my business tremendously in just one year, as every successful entrepreneur will tell you, it definitely was not always easy. There are some crucial choices and decisions I made along the way that allowed me to grow and scale my business. In this episode I will share what I did successfully, what I would have done differently, and why becoming fully booked IS possible for any lash artist looking to build their business.  Additionally - to sign up for a chance to win a free coaching session and to be featured on The Lessons of a Lashpreneur Show Podcast head to 
22/01/202125 minutes 12 seconds
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128: 3 Ways To Make More Money In Your Business This Year

2020 was undoubtedly a year of struggle for the beauty industry... But your business does not have to have the same fate in 2021! In fact - using these three tips, you can start to implement a plan in order to make more money in your business this year. In this episode, I will share my top three tips and tricks that I used to grow my lash business to from zero to 6 figures.  Additionally, we are having a contest exclusively for Lessons of a Lashpreneur show listeners! To enter for a chance to win a FREE VIP coaching session with me and be featured on the podcast, head to   
15/01/202115 minutes 27 seconds
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127: How To Become a Facebook Ads Master Ft. Zach Spuckler

If you've ever been tempted one too many times by the "boost this post and reach XYZ amount of people" button on Facebook... this episode is for you! I'm so happy to have my friend and Facebook ads guru, Zach Spuckler, give us his best tips and tricks on how to run a successful and profitable facebook ad campaign. Just like anything else in marketing... you need to have strategy, intention, and most of all, a well thought out plan for your facebook ad campaign. Zach shares you how he was able to grow and scale his business using facebook ads, and how he now helps tons of entrepreneurs, including beauty business owners, do the same for their business.  Find out more about Zach here at:  IG: @heartsoulhustle
08/01/202141 minutes 15 seconds
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126: How Do Customers Find You

Have you ever wondered how your customers find you? Or have you ever wondered what your potential customers find when they Google your business? I mean think about it... Have you ever paid for a service, or spent money on anything really, without doing some digging?  In order for someone to book with you and become a loyal client, the things that they find on the internet about you need to be positive, inviting, and clearly present the value of what you offer as a beauty service provider. In this episode, I am going to dive into where exactly your customers find you, what areas you should focus on promoting, and how to make your online presence a great experience for potential customers.  AND... A special treat for you! After much request from our audience, I am giving you a behind the scenes look into how we record The Lessons of a Lashpreneur Show Podcast! Click here to tune in. 
18/12/202015 minutes 23 seconds
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125: How To Grow Your Instagram Account and Boost Engagement with Jamie Dana

As a business owner, social media marketing can be a huge asset to generate revenue and get new clients. But what are the best practices for Instagram? How can you use  Instagram in a way that actually creates results in your business? And I get it, Instagram has soooo many different options for content: stories, videos, feed posts, reels, oh my! So how do you know what REALLY works?  In this episode, I am so happy to have my friend Jamie Dana give you her top tips, tricks, and hacks on how to grow your instagram and how it can be used as a major marketing tool in your business. Jamie is a hair stylist educator and instagram guru. We dive into:  Types of content to prioritize  How the algorithm ACTUALLY works  Engagement and growth hacks  How to create the best and most effective Instagram strategy for your business  Find out more about Jamie and her business on her Instagram page at @jamiedanahairstylist. 
11/12/202028 minutes 36 seconds
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124: Q&A Edition to your Lash Biz Questions

In this special edition of The Lessons of a Lashpreneur Show, I am answering the most burning biz questions from our very own audience! On today's episode I will be answering the following questions:  1) What makes a service outstanding? How do you get clients to come back? 2) Why am I not gaining any traction from my IG on getting booked, even worse touch up appointments or clients raving of my work. What am I missing? 3) How do I grow my business in a small town, where my previous salon (who is best known in town) keeps trying to ruin it? 4) How do I take my biz from a small studio to an empire? If you want your questions to be answered on the next Q&A edition of our show, submit your questions here at! 
04/12/202025 minutes 24 seconds
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123: How to Uplevel Your Client Experience on the Cheap

When it comes to having a successful lash business, your skill set is only half of the battle.  You could be the best lash artist west of the Mississippi, but if you don't have an excellent client experience that includes a clean, relaxing, and comfortable place for them to relax and unwind during the appointment, they are likely not going to want to invest their money into you as a lash artist. When clients are getting their lashes done, that is a treat for them. They are making an investment into you as an artist, the transformation you provide, AND the experience that you can give them.  In this episode I am giving you my top tips and tricks to ensure that your clients are provided with the best client experience possible. And the best part? All these things are not only super simple, but super cheap! Claim my free download here at <a href= "http://www.
20/11/202035 minutes 30 seconds