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Lessons Learnt with the Greats gets inside the minds of the greatest cricketers the world has ever seen. These amazing insights dive into the technical, mental and fitness side of cricket, the media, the investment and business aspects of their life as well as general life lessons that we all can learn from.
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Chris Rogers on working backwards, switching off and riding the rollercoaster

Today's guest on this episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats is a true batting technician and one of my favourite teammates, Chris 'Bucky' Rogers. Bucky was a run machine as a left-handed opening batsmen, compiling more than 25,000 runs and 76 centuries at first-class level, not to mention his 25 Tests in the Baggy Green. It's why there is perhaps nobody better to talk batting technique and the mental side of batting than Bucky, who shares the lessons he has learned across his playing and coaching careers. Bucky also shares his experiences with the media, investing and the inspiring people he has met in this fascinating chat. I hope you enjoy it.Episode Rundown02:30 - We start with an honest declaration: Bucky and I didn't see eye-to-eye when we first met but when he returned to the Test team in 2013 we hit it off and became great mates. Here we remember that first meeting before talking about Bucky's career highlights.12:45 - Bucky then
12/02/20211 hour 4 minutes 31 seconds
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Andy Bichel on changing the psyche, recovering his body and being the smiling assassin

Today's guest on Lessons Learnt with the Greats is a true warrior, Andy Bichel. Bic is Australia's most celebrated 12th man but when he got on the park he was a beast of an allrounder. I'll never forget his 2003 World Cup campaign in South Africa, where he played the perfect game against England to bring his country back from the brink twice. There were fewer fitter, stronger fast bowlers than Bic in his time in the game and in this episode he shares his fitness methods, how he captured more than 750 first-class wickets, developed his mental edge and fell in love with coaching. It was a great chat and I hope you enjoy it.Episode Rundown02:50 - We start by talking about Bics' career highlights, from the 2003 World Cup to all the success he has enjoyed with various teams all over the world09:04 - Bic talks about fast bowling and how he needed a mid-match adjustment to get his groove back15:28 - Bic was built out of stone and here he sha
05/02/20211 hour 6 minutes 43 seconds
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Merv Hughes on being the big kid, making sacrifices and bowling bouncers

During the late 1980s and '90s there was no fast bowler mimicked more in the backyard than today's guest on Lessons Learnt with the Greats, Merv Hughes. Merv was part of the trailblazing group under Allan Border that led Australia out of the doldrums to the top of the world. His aggression, attitude and serious skill led Merv to take 212 Test wickets for his country along with hundreds more for his beloved Victoria. In this episode, Merv talks about his beginnings, the advice that has stuck with him to this day and how he became one of Australia's most successful and revered fast bowlers. I hope you enjoy it.Episode rundown:01:22 - Merv had a brilliant international career and we start by chatting about a couple of his highlights, from taking on the mighty Windies to the historic '89 Ashes series in England07:25 - We then dig into the technical side of fast bowling and what worked for Merv10:02 - Next Merv talks about the mental
29/01/20211 hour 14 minutes 55 seconds
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Michael Vaughan on playing the name, managing the man and analysing the game

Michael Vaughan is today's guest on Lessons Learnt with the Greats, a former England captain, No.1 Test batter in the world and one of the sharpest cricket minds in the game. Vaughany was a master technician with the bat, carving up Australia in the 2002-03 Ashes series and a few years later was the inspirational leader of England's epic 2005 Ashes victory. In this episode, Vaughany shares his brilliant insight into leadership, batting and his endeavours off the field. It's not to be missed for any aspiring captain or batter.Episode Rundown01:08 - We start by discussing India's dramatic series win over Australia, which might have surpassed the 2005 Ashes on the list of great Test match series04:30 - We then move into Vaughany's career highlights, from the 2002-03 Ashes to the epic in 2005 before Michael delves into leadership. I found how Vaughany managed his players and his philosophies on leadership, not to mention some colourful advice from his fathe
22/01/20211 hour 18 minutes 55 seconds
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Ryan Harris on feeling the game, finding the zip and bouncing back

Our first guest of 2021 is one of my old teammates and one of the most skilled fast bowlers I have ever played with, Ryan Harris. Ryno came into international cricket late in his career but boy, he didn't waste any time making an impact and helped Australia win the 2013-14 Ashes and the following series in South Africa. Since his retirement in 2015, Ryno has turned his attention towards coaching and on this episode he shares the invaluable lessons he has learnt as a player and a coach. Episode rundown02:58 - We start by talking through Ryno's career highlights, namely the 2013-14 Ashes and 2014 tour of South Africa13:14 - Ryno was a master of his craft and here he explains what worked for him and his technical checklist22:18 - Managing injury is part and parcel of being a fast bowler and here is how Ryno looked after his body30:09 - We then talk about the mental side of the game and how Ryno had to develop and work on
15/01/20211 hour 16 minutes 28 seconds
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Life Lessons with the Greats - Fleming, Hussey, Katich, Singh, Jones, Lee

On this episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats you will hear from six greats – Stephen Fleming, Mike Hussey, Simon Katich, Harbhajan Singh, Dean Jones and Brett Lee – about the mantras they live by and the life lessons they have learnt. One thing I have learnt over the years is that life isn't a fairytale. There are tough times, down times, times when things can go from good to not so good instantly. This happens to people in all walks of life, including the legends of the game who have achieved incredible things.Episode Rundown00:55 - Stephen Fleming04:45 - Mike Hussey08:51 - Simon Katich12:32 - Harbajhan Singh16:39 - Dean Jones25:17 - Brett Lee Purchase Winning The Inner Battle Audiobook version now. https://plus.acast.com/s/lessons-learnt-with-the-greats. <p style='color:grey; font-size:0
08/01/202138 minutes 6 seconds
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Mental Skills Masterclass - Warne, Border, Pietersen, Hussey and de Villiers

Today is a special episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats, focusing on the mental side of the game. I've been lucky enough to speak to some of the games greatest players about how they developed their mental skills and what their ultimate mindset looked like. Today we hear from five legends – Shane Warne, Allan Border, Kevin Pietersen, Mike Hussey and AB de Villiers about how they handled the mental aspects of cricket. I hope you enjoy it.Episode Rundown00:56 - Shane Warne09:31 - Allan Border21:35 - Kevin Pietersen30:44 - Mike Hussey38:39 - AB de Villiers Purchase Winning The Inner Battle Audiobook version now. https://plus.acast.com/s/lessons-learnt-with-the-greats. Hosted on Acast. See <a style='color:grey;' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer' href=
01/01/202152 minutes 44 seconds
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Tribute to Dean Jones

As Dean Jones is remembered at the MCG today, on Deano’s favourite day of the year, Boxing Day, I give my little tribute to my hero and good friend. I miss him so much but his legacy and impact that he had on so many people around the world will live on forever.Rest In Peace mate.Episode notes03:10 - My favourite memories of Deano04:45 - Deano's most cherished moments for Australia&nbsp;12:20 - We chat about batting and the skills Deano focused on18:09 - Deano talks through how he became a master of running between the wickets22:45 - The fitness side of the game28:25 - Deano talks about the mental aspect of cricket and his tough initiation&nbsp;44:55 - How Deano has handled the media50:52 - We chat about wealth generation and the lessons learnt in that area1:03:50 - Deano's mantra for overcoming challenges&nbsp;1:12:35 - The advice Deano would five his younger self1:21:31 - The influential
26/12/20201 hour 24 minutes 4 seconds
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Ian Bell on preparing his mind, body and life after cricket

This week on Lessons Learnt with the Greats I am lucky enough to chat to another one of my fierce Ashes rivals, Ian Bell. Belly was one of the finest and classiest batsmen I played against, particularly during the 2013 Ashes series in England where we could not get him out!. In our chat we discuss the importance of preparation, finding the right mindset, putting faith in the right people and how to handle the modern traps of a professional athlete. It was truly a privilege&nbsp;to speak to Belly and I hope you get out of it as much as I have.Rundown03:11 - After our introductions we start with Belly's career highlights, which involve two Ashes wins and a memorable series victory in India09:18 - We move to the technical side of the game and discuss batting and how Belly became such a quality player of spin bowling17:18 - Belly was always a fit cricketer and here he reveals the coach that pushed him to another level21:39 - The mental side of cric
18/12/202056 minutes 8 seconds
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Brad Haddin on following Gilchrist, bringing the energy and keeping it real

Today's guest on Lessons Learnt with the Greats is a rock-solid wcketkeeper, dashing batsman and a wonderful teammate who shared a very similar ride to my own, Brad Haddin. Hadds worked as hard as anyone to become one of Australia's greatest glovemen and played a huge role in the 2013-14 Ashes whitewash and 2015 World Cup triumph. His thoughts on how he sharpened his on-field skills, altered his training regime and switched off mentally are priceless. I hope you enjoy this chat with Hadds.Rundown01:10 - We start by discussing a few standout highlights off Hadds's career, from his hundred in the first Test of the 2010-11 Ashes, to the 2013-15 cleansweep and 2015 World Cup win08:38 - Then we drill into the skills aspects of cricket, starting with wicketkeeping15:36 - Hadds was a brilliant batter in full flight and here we talk about how he did it at his best18:01 - We moving into the fitness regime Hadds used and how it changed over time26
11/12/20201 hour 12 minutes 41 seconds
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Graeme Swann on defying coaching, slips catching and his UFO

During his five-year Test career, nobody took more wickets than this week's guest on Lessons Learnt with the Greats, former England spinner Graeme Swann. Swanny was a master of his craft, spinning his country to memorable wins in Australia and India and playing a huge part in England becoming the No.1 Test team in the world. What really impressed me was Swanny's simple yet beautiful perspective&nbsp;on cricket and life and how he mastered off-spin bowling by trusting his&nbsp;gut and learning a secret weapon from an Australian great. It's a wonderful chat with my old Ashes foe and as is always the case with Swanny, there are plenty of laughs.&nbsp;Rundown01:18 - We start by going over some of Swanny's remarkable stats and how managed the pressure of playing at the highest level11:18 - We discuss one of Swanny's career highlights (and lowlights for my Australian team) from the 2010 Adelaide Test&nbsp;19:45 - Swanny talks off-spin and how he ignored coa
04/12/20201 hour 12 minutes 51 seconds
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Stuart MacGill (Part 2) on setting goals, staring down foes and drinking with journos

In Part 2, Macca talks about his mindset and how he set lofty goals that put him up there with the greats of the game. We discuss how he dealt with the media (something I wish I had done), how he played the game for love not money before finishing with three of his favourite books and a wonderful story about Mitchell Johnson. I hope you enjoy it.&nbsp;Episode rundown01:00 - We kick off Part 2 by discussing Macca's mindset and what he did to get the best out of himself19:05 - Macca then reveals how he dealt with the media and how he still calls certain journalists friends to this day28:20 - Macca played the game for love not money and&nbsp;shares a brilliant story about Brian Lara and his philosophy on playing the game45:15 - Life doesn't always go to plan and here Macca shares his mantra for getting through the tough times, which he recently picked up from a Disney film47:01 - We finish with Macca talking about the books he loves and the
27/11/20201 hour 6 minutes 27 seconds
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Stuart MacGill (Part 1) on spinning big, staying motivated and sledging fast bowlers

One teammate I wish I got to know even better during my playing days was the great Stuart MacGill, this week's guest on Lessons Learnt with the Greats. Macca didn't care about economy rate or average, he cared about taking wickets, which he did at a strike rate few have ever matched. In Part 1, Macca talks about playing behind Shane Warne, playing under different captains, his bizarre strategy against fast bowlers (it worked on me!) and goes into great detail about the technical side of leg-spin bowling. This is a must-listen for all aspiring leggies.&nbsp;Episode rundown01:48 - We begin by talking about how Macca dealt with playing behind Shane Warne and making sure he was always the 'next guy'10:17 - When I was playing with and against Macca&nbsp;there was never a dull moment and here we discuss how he used to get under the skin of his opponents, including me!16:12 - I go over some of Macca's incredible statistics as he explains how leadership playe
27/11/20201 hour 13 minutes 44 seconds
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Shane Bond on bowling fast, bouncing back and coaching the best

There are only a few bowlers who terrorised Australia like Shane Bond did and he is my next very special guest on Lessons Learnt with the Greats. Only injury held him back from being labelled as one of the greatest fast bowlers of all time, but when he was on the park, he was one of the most potent&nbsp;and prolific&nbsp;pacemen in the world. In this episode, Bondy shares golden insights on fast bowling and his mental approach before talking about coaching and how he gets the best out of the best players. It is a fascinating chat and I hope you enjoy it.Episode rundown01:12 - We start by talking about Bondy's ridiculous career statistics and how he went about setting goals07:00 - Bondy shares his personal highlights12:50 - Bondy talks about bowling skills, technique and how he changed his action24:10 - Fitness plays a big part in fast bowling and here Bondy shares how he stayed fit28:16 - As one of the leading T20 coaches in the world, B
20/11/20201 hour 14 minutes 13 seconds
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Mark Butcher on changing his technique, mindset and career after cricket

Mark Butcher is not just a former England batsman, although&nbsp;in his day he was sublime player and single-handedly won the fourth Ashes Test in 2001 at Headingley. Butch is also a polished media pundit and brilliant musician and on this episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats we take a deep dive into his cricket career and his new passions. I still remember watching him bat against Australia when I was 16 and it was a great thrill to chat to him about how he went about it and how he met one of his idols, which I am extremely jealous of! Butch was a great chat and I hope you get as much out of it as I did.Episode rundown01:40 - We start with Butch recalling his Ashes memories before moving onto his match-winning 173no at Headingley in 2001.17:15 - Butch talks about team success and an incredible series in 2004 when England beat the Windies and Brian Lara scored 400 not out!24:05 - We go into the technical side of Butch's game, starting with battin
13/11/20201 hour 29 minutes 43 seconds
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Murali Vijay on staying calm, being comfortable and connecting with human beings

I first knew Murali Vijay as a dangerous rival on the international stage but I've been lucky enough to play alongside him with CSK and learnt what a great player and person he truly is. I can vividly remember the times Vijay put the Australian teams I played in to the sword, and I can say it's much better having him as a friend than a foe! Vijay is a master of playing fast and spin bowling and hearing him chat about how he handles the turning ball is not to be missed. Vijay speaks so well about the mental side of cricket, his philosophies on life and playing with the legendary Sachin Tendulkar.&nbsp;Episode rundown02:19 - Vijay and I chat through some his incredible career highlights for India and in the IPL06:35 - We get into the technical side of the game, starting with batting and how Vijay played spin bowling20:36 - Vijay explains his fitness regime and how he trains to cover all scenarios22:48 - There are few better close
06/11/20201 hour 5 minutes 19 seconds
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Dwayne Bravo on slower balls, beach muscles and becoming the next Jay-Z

Dwayne 'DJ' Bravo is the ultimate cricketer, a genuine allrounder who can star with the bat, ball and in the field and it's my great privilege&nbsp;to speak to him on this episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats. DJ might make the game look easy but behind the scenes he is a true professional in his preparation&nbsp;and practice. During our fascinating chat, DJ talks all things cricket and goes in-depth about his aspirations as a music performer and producer, which serve as an inspiration for all people not just athletes. I hope you enjoy my chat with DJ, a real champion!&nbsp;Episode Rundown03:38 - I share my favourite&nbsp;highlights of DJ's career, one each from Test cricket and IPL10:05 - DJ shares his fondest on-field memories, including his maiden Test century11:56 - We move into the technical side of the game, starting with DJ's batting19:30 - DJ then talks about his bowling, focusing on his brilliant slower ball<p
30/10/20201 hour 34 minutes 39 seconds
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Faf du Plessis (Part 1) on shouldering the loads of a batsman, captain and leader

It is my absolute pleasure to have an extended chat to my old adversary and now valued teammate Faf du Plessis over two episodes of Lessons Learnt with the Greats. Faf is one of South Africa's greatest batsmen and leaders and we dedicate Part 1 talking about batting, fielding and leadership, and I can honestly say this is one of the most enlightening interviews I have done to date. The way Faf explains his batting technique will be loved by casual fans and true cricket tragics (like me!) and his insight into captaincy is second to none. Part 2 is also available, covering the mental side of the game, the media and how Faf has managed his money. I hope you enjoy.&nbsp;Episode Rundown02:00 - We start with me giving my honest first impression of Faf which could not have been more off the mark10:53 - I share my favourite moment of Faf's stellar career - his maiden Test Century in Adelaide18:36 - Faf then shares his career highlights&nbsp;<
23/10/20201 hour 21 minutes 52 seconds
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Faf du Plessis (Part 2) on his mental toughness, working with the media and making wine

Part 2 of my fascinating chat with former South Africa captain and Chennai Super Kings superstar Faf du Plessis goes off field. We talk about the mental side of the game - a topic Faf and I could chat about for hours - before discussing how he worked with, not against, South Africa's media and how a chat between mates led to a boutique business. Part 1 is available now too and if you haven't already listened to it, I thoroughly recommend.&nbsp;Episode Rundown00:41 - Part 2 starts with Faf talking about his mental toughness, a subject he and I are fascinated by and explore in great depth29:04 - Faf then talks about how he handled the media and how he consumes news - good and bad - while he is still playing45:12 - We talk business, finance and investment and why it is crucial to get the right advice1:00:00 - Faf discusses how his faith helps in trying moments1:04:40 - We finish this extraordinary chat by talking about book
23/10/20201 hour 15 minutes 40 seconds
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Kevin Pietersen on making runs, saving rhinos and riding his bike

Kevin Pietersen is the kind of batsman every player wants to emulate. Confident, aggressive, audacious, skillful - KP had it all. It's my pleasure to be able to pick his brain on this episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats to discover how he forged one of the finest cricket careers in history. Not only do we discuss the physical and mental side of the game, KP and I talk about how he handles the media, his finances and&nbsp;his brilliant conservation work.Rundown04:13 - We start by discussing KP's life-changing maiden Test century in 200508:22 - KP then talks about the many highlights in his career, both personally and in a team11:11 - KP explains the keys to his batting and how he mastered spin bowling19:44 - As one of the fittest players of his day, KP talks about his training regime and what is working for him now24:13 - KP discusses the mental side of the game33:51 - He is one of the world's sharpest commen
16/10/20201 hour 6 minutes 50 seconds
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Ricky Ponting on his mental checklist, most cherished moment and going all in

Ricky Ponting is one of cricket's greatest captains, batsmen and fielders and I am delighted and privileged to have him on Lessons Learnt with the Greats. Punter took me under his wing from the day that I met him as a nineteen year old playing with him for Tasmania. He went on to play a massive part in the success I had on the field, but I wish I had asked him the questions I put to him on this episode when we were playing together - it would have made the world of difference. Fortunately, you can hear the great man talk about his batting methods, mental techniques, fielding tips, leadership learnings and who inspired him to become Australia's best batsman since Bradman.Episode Rundown03:00 - We start by talking about my favourite highlights of Ricky's career, including a career-defining hundred in the 4th Ashes Test of 200113:08 - Ricky then talks about his career highlight, not a personal innings but a team moment he considers his most ch
09/10/20201 hour 19 minutes 30 seconds
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Lisa Sthalekar on inventing rivalry, moving to the commentary box and her incredible Dad

It is an absolute honour to speak to Lisa Sthalekar on this week's episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats, one of the game's greatest players. Lisa is four-time World Cup winner, Hall of Famer and perhaps the best T20 allrounder&nbsp;ever in the women's game. On this episode we discuss how she perfected her craft, was taught mental resilience from an early age and how she carried her professionalism from the field and into the commentary box, so much so that Lisa grills me throughout!&nbsp;Episode&nbsp;rundown02:15 - Lisa lists some her career highlights05:05 - We move into the technical side of the game, first on Lisa's batting and then the mental skills she utilised13:14 - Lisa shares how she became an effective off-spinner20:27 - What Lisa would have done differently from a fitness perspective&nbsp;32:06 - How Lisa got the best out of herself on the field37:06 - Lisa talks about the media and her transition
02/10/20201 hour 1 minute 26 seconds
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Harbhajan Singh on becoming the Turbinator and the importance of balance on and off the field

Today's guest on Lessons Learnt from the Greats is a magnificent person who has gone from a fierce rival to close friend, Harbhajan Singh. 'Bhaji' as he's known, tormented batting lineups around the world but saved his best for the Aussies. His efforts in the 2001 Test series against Australia is truly unbelievable, kickstarting one of the most successful cricket careers of all time. While he might have rubbed a few people the wrong way, I can tell you Bhaji is one of the kindest, nicest people I have met and it's a privilege to have him on my show.&nbsp;Episode rundown04:14 - We start by talking about the epic 2001 Test series against Austraia and how that changed his life09:57 - Bhaji talks about his career highlights, including World Cup wins in 2007 and 201114:44 - Bhaji is a master off-spinner and here he talks about his technique and bowling process20:10 - We speak about the mental side of the game and how the mind is mor
25/09/20201 hour 3 minutes 37 seconds
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AB de Villiers on the secret to his batting success, the challenges in South Africa and dealing with pressure

I am truly honoured to welcome one of the game's greatest players of all time and the batter every aspiring cricketer wants to be - AB de Villiers. AB's record on the field goes without saying - as one of the most dominant batters of his generation, AB destroyed bowling attacks in every corner of the globe and produced a long list of jaw-dropping innings I still can't believe happened. While we were fierce rivals on the field, I'm so lucky to be able to chat to AB now as a friend, and discuss the art of batting, dealing with pressure and our entrepreneurial passions. This is one of my favourite episodes of Lessons Learnt with the Greats and I hope you enjoy it.Episode rundown02:42 We start by chatting about some of my favourite highlights of AB's career but go into the mental side of the game, how he prepared for games and his secret for success that he stole from the Aussies17:40 - AB names his career highlights&nbsp;19:30 - Here we
18/09/20201 hour 14 minutes 50 seconds
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Shane Watson (Part 1) on how my batting, bowling and fielding evolved over time

This is a special episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats where the tables are turned! Over two parts, it's my turn to share the lessons I have learnt over my life and career, with champion Aussie batsman and good mate Mike Hussey picking my brain. I've soaked up so much golden information over the years and can't wait to discuss what I've discovered along the journey. Part One touches on batting, bowling, catching and fitness, while Part Two (available now) features the mental side of the game, the media, finance and other life lessons. I hope you enjoy my chat with Huss.&nbsp;Rundown04:00 - Huss and I begin by talking about highlights and favourite moments from my career12:00 - I go in depth about the batting&nbsp;techniques I have used throughout&nbsp;my career and how my batting has evolved23:45 - We then move on to bowling and how I had to change from bowling as fast as I could to relying more on the skills I developed32
11/09/202045 minutes
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Shane Watson (Part 2) on getting the right advice, my mental approach and succeeding in business

The shoe is on the other foot this week as I chat to Aussie legend Mike Hussey about the lessons I have learnt through my life and career. This is part two of my chat with Huss, and on this episode we cover mental skills, the media, finance, business and the mantras I live by. It was great to share my experiences with Huss and I hope it can help.Rundown00:15 - We start by chatting about the mental side of the game and the skills and techniques I have acquired during my career15:30 - The media play a huge role for current cricketers, so I talk about how I dealt with the media and offer some advice to aspiring players22:05 - The lessons I have learnt from a finance, investment and business have been tough and many, but I am so glad I can share what I went through39:48 - The two main mantras I live my life by, which have come from a school teacher and my mother47:15 - I've been lucky to meet so many inspiring people and her
11/09/202055 minutes 12 seconds
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Belinda Clark on changing women's cricket, amassing mountains of runs and valuing time

When it comes to trailblazers in women's cricket there are few who have achieved more or made a bigger impact than Belinda Clark. As a player, BC was unparalleled. She became the first player - male or female - to score 200 in an one-day international and captained Australia to two World Cup wins. BC's post-playing career has been in sports administration, primarily with Cricket Australia in developing grassroots and women's cricket. It truly is an honour to speak to Belinda and I hope you get out of it as much as I did.Episode rundown01:38 - BC's incredible achievements&nbsp;04:08 - BC lists her career highlights06:43 - How BC honed her batting technique12:55 - Whether BC would have changed her fitness regime during her playing days16:48 - The art of leadership20:46 - The mental skills BC uses31:13 - How BC handled the media35:15 - BC talks about finance and investment&nbsp;40:58 - Growing the game45:2
04/09/202052 minutes 47 seconds
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Simon Katich on picking a fight, our partnership and his new role as a coach

One of the highlights of my career was opening the batting with Simon Katich and I'm thrilled to have him on this week's episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats. Kat was one of the toughest and most resilient players to don the Baggy Green and loved getting into the contest, which I know as both his teammate and opponent. Kat's insights into batting, coaching and the mental side of the game make this a must-listen for any aspiring cricketer or athlete and I am so grateful to have him share his experiences. Enjoy.Episode&nbsp;rundown01:17 - Batting with Kat and my favourite knock of his05:32 - Kat's personal&nbsp;and team career highloights12:02 - The batting techniques Kat used to have success21:36 - The fitness side of the game and the lessons Kat learnt34:03 - Kat's experiences&nbsp;as a coach39:04 - The mental skills Kat used and developed&nbsp;1:00:36 - How Kat handled the media and his role as a comm
28/08/20201 hour 31 minutes 31 seconds
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Ian Healy on keeping to Warnie, trusting your gut and staying sharp

Today's guest on Lessons Learnt with the Greats is one of Australia's finest glovemen, hardest workers and best cricket pundits, Ian Healy. As a youngster I loved watching a fellow Queenslander dominate in the Test team and he's been a huge inspiration for not only me but thousands of aspiring cricketers all over the country. Heals speaks so well about the art of wicketkeeping, how he stayed mentally and physically fit and learnt to trust his gut when it came time to make decisions. He also tells a couple of great yarns about Warnie as well!Episode rundown01:35 - My personal highlight of Heals' career, his century against the Windies in '96 (link below)03:31 - Heals names his top three career highlights09:39 - Heals goes into the techniques he used to master wicketkeeping and the mental approach he used29:34 - The fitness regime of Heals during his career39:45 - Heals talks about how he dealt with the media and his time
21/08/20201 hour 8 minutes 26 seconds
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David Boon on team camaraderie, fielding at bat-pad and proving people wrong

David Boon is one of the toughest and most talented players ever to pull on a Baggy Green and I am so lucky to speak to him on this episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats. Boonie was the rock at the top of the order in Australia's Test side in the 80s and 90s, scorng 21 Test hundreds and dominating the bat-pad position like no other. His insights into batting, his mental approach and how he values camaraderie are all absolute gold.Episode rundown02:33 - Boonie's career highlights11:07 - The technical components Boonie used to get the most out of his batting21:57 - How Boonie made the bat-pad fielding position his own27:35 - Boonie talks about his fitness regime37:15 - The mental skills Boonie used51:34 - How Boonie handled the financial side of the game57:50 - The mantras Boonie lives his life by1:01:04 - The people who have inspired BoonieYoutube LinksDavid
14/08/20201 hour 7 minutes 7 seconds
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Rod Marsh on keeping to DK Lillee, the cricket academy and his golf game

Today is a very, very special episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats. I would not be the cricketer or person I am today without the guidance and tutelage from my Cricket Academy coach when I was just a teenager, Rod Marsh. Rod is a legend as a player, forming one half of the famous Caught Marsh Bowled Lillee combination before perhaps making a larger impact as a coach and mentor once his playing days were done. Rod's insights into wicketkeeping, coaching and the mantras he lives by should not be missed.Episode notes:01:36 - Rod's career highlights03:44 - The World Series Cricket days06:35 - Rod discusses wicketkeeping techniques17:40 - Rod reflects on his batting24:15 - How Rod kept fit during his playing days31:26 - Rod's coaching lessons he learnt from his time at the academy45:26 - The mental skills Rod used50:25 - What Rod instilled in the young cricketers at the academy55:16 - Rod's fi
07/08/20201 hour 12 minutes 53 seconds
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Craig McDermott on becoming the game's fittest bowler, his business savvy and mentoring

This week I have the pleasure of speaking to one of Australia's, Queensland's and Ipswich's finest fast bowlers, Craig McDermott. Craig debuted for Australia at just 19, earning the nickname 'Billy the Kid' and quickly discovered what worked for him at the highest level. Billy goes into how he honed his bowling skills, how he became one of the fittest players in world cricket and how he has thrived in the business world once his playing days finished. This is an awesome episode with one of the true greats of the game.Episode rundown01:47 - Billy talks about two of his career highlights04:02 - How Billy hones his fast-bowling skills13:50 - How Billy managed his body through his career31:13 - Billy's coaching lessons learnt33:40 - The mental skills Billy used38:13 - How Billy interacted with the media41:22 - Investment and financial lessons48:55 - Billy's life mantra52:27 - The people who have i
31/07/20201 hour 1 minute 38 seconds
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Justin Langer on mental toughness, meditation and watching the ball

Former Australian batsman and current Aussie head coach Justin Langer is this week's guest on Lessons Learnt with the Greats. I was lucky enough to play a few Tests with JL, one of Australia's toughest, most resilient and focused cricketers ever. In our chat, JL talks on a wide range of topics from mental toughness to meditation, batting techniques to training his body, who has inspired him to his life philosophies. It's an enlightening conversation and I hope you enjoy his amazing insights.Episode notes02:00 - JL starts by telling a terrific story about his breakthrough hundred in the 5th Ashes Test of the 2001 series and how it changed him11:08 - JL takes us through his mental approach14:54 - We touch on mediation and how JL discovered it21:20 - JL's batting mindset33:54 - We explore JL's batting technique and what worked for him36:55 - JL discusses his fitness regime49:22 - JL's mantra when he suffers se
24/07/20201 hour 14 minutes 21 seconds
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Mitchell Johnson on conquering his demons, physical fitness and smart investments

Cricket has delivered many joys in my life but none more so than the friendships I have made and I am proud to say one of my great friends from the game is this week's guest, an absolute legend of the game, Mitchell Johnson. Mitch and I have known each other since we were teenagers and have enjoyed the highs and dealt with the lows together on and off the field. Mitch is one of Australia's most successful bowlers, one of the fastest to play the game and one of the mentally toughest. His insights on mental toughness, fast bowling and getting his body fit to bowl should not be missed.Episode notes01:45 - Mitch picks his favourite moments07:10 - Mitch goes in depth about his comeback in 2013 and how he developed his mental skills23:53 - The bowling checklist Mitch used during his career33:05 - The lessons Mitch learnt about his body and bowling fast44:46 - How Mitch dealt with the media51:47 - Mitch talks finance and
17/07/20201 hour 17 minutes 7 seconds
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Dennis Lillee on fast bowling, taking on Viv Richards and rebuilding his body

Legends don't get much more legendary than this week's guest on Lessons Learnt with the Greats, Dennis Lillee.DK started off as a raw tearaway before transforming into arguably Australia's greatest fast bowler, a paceman with speed, skill and savvy for the game.Not only did Dennis have a phenomenal impact on Australian cricket during his playing days, he then became the best fast bowling coach in the world. Without DK's amazing coaching and mentoring skills, Australia wouldn't have produce the production line of Fast Bowlers that it did over the last 20 years or so.This is a must listen for any fast bowler and coach. His insights across so many aspects of cricket and life are truly a dream to share them with you all.Enjoy.Episode notes02:00 - DK reflects on his impact as a supreme fast bowler and role model11:20 - I get DK's take on his epic battle with Viv Richards in 1976 (YouTube link below)
10/07/20201 hour 54 seconds
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Ian Chappell on World Series Cricket, standing up to Bradman and leadership

Australia's current cricketers owe a lot to this week's guest on Lessons Learnt with the Greats, the former captain and champion batsman Ian Chappell. Chappelli was as tough as they come, not only as a no-nonsense batsman but off the field when dealing with the Australian Cricket Board. Chappelli, along with his peers in the 1970s, stood up to the likes of Sir Donald Bradman in fighting for better pay and conditions for the players. He was a key figure in World Series Cricket before returning to the Test team where the players were paid more, paving the way for today's cricketers reaping the rewards for their efforts.It's a fascinating listen and Chappelli tells stories that I could listen to for days and days. I hope you all enjoy.Episode notes01:46 - Chappelli starts by talking about his early days and taking on the ACB16:00 - Chappelli talks batting an taking on the short ball35:47 - How Chappelli honed his catching
03/07/20201 hour 21 minutes 51 seconds
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Dean Jones on running between the wickets, his father and the importance of networking

It is my great pleasure to chat to champion Australia and Victoria batsman Dean Jones on this episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats. Deano was a trailblazer in the one-day game and was an integral part in Australia's wins in the 1987 World Cup and 1989 Ashes series. I loved watching him play when I was a youngster and feel extremely privileged to speak to him and tap into his vast wisdom in all facets of life. Enjoy!Episode notes02:10 - My favourite memories of Deano (YouTube links below)03:45 - Deano's most cherished moments for Australia11:20 - We chat about batting and the skills Deano focused on17:09 - Deano talks through how he became a master of running between the wickets21:45 - The fitness side of the game27:25 - Deano talks about the mental aspect of cricket and his tough initiation43:55 - How Deano has handled the media49:52 - We chat about wealth generation and the lessons learnt in that area1:0
26/06/20201 hour 23 minutes 4 seconds
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Rahul Dravid on how he built the wall, handled pressure and his inspiration

One of India’s greatest batsmen, Rahul Dravid is this week's guest on Lessons Learnt with the Greats. Known as 'The Wall' for his seemingly impenetrable defence, Rahul was one of the premier batsmen of his generation in a star-studded Indian top order. While he rarely gave anything away on the field, in this episode he opens up about his batting technique, how he dealt with pressure and scrutiny and what inspired him to become one of the game's greatest players.Episode notes02:55 - Some of my favourite Rahul Dravid innings05:45 - Rahuls's personal career highlights08:06 - Rahul talks about his batting technique13:40 - How Rahul became one of the world's best fielders17:50 - Rahul's fitness regime22:14 - Rahul shares how he crafted his mental skills32:00 - How Rahul handled pressure and scrutiny41:20 - Rahul talks about the financial lessons learnt51:43 - Rahul's mantra for getting through the
19/06/20201 hour 8 minutes 9 seconds
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Mike Hussey on the craftsmanship of batting, handling setbacks and coaching in the IPL

On this week's episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats, I speak to the one and only, 'Mr Cricket', Mike Hussey. Huss was forced to wait for his international debut but when he got in the Australian team he was one of our best performers ever. In this episode, Huss breaks down his batting and mental techniques, how he handled challenges and setbacks, and shares ripping stories about his time in the IPL as an assistant coach – they're not to be missed!Episode rundown03:13 – I name a few of my favourite innings by Huss (YouTube links below)09:34 – Huss shares his career highlights11:05 – Huss talks about his batting process. Incredible insight here.15:57 – How Huss became a terrific fielder19:00 – Huss explains how his upbringing put him in peak physical shape22:15 – Huss talks captaincy25:50 – Two ripping stories from Huss about his coaching career. These are absolute gold.34:12 – Huss discusses his
12/06/202059 minutes 1 second
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Allan Border on mental toughness, leadership and never backing down

Allan Border was one of my childhood heroes and I am so lucky to be speaking to him on this episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats. Allan is Australia's longest-serving Test captain, leading his country to World Cup glory and Ashes success, and is one of the finest batsmen the game has ever seen. I hope you enjoy this chat as much as I do.Episode rundown02:17 - My favourite highlights of AB's magnificent career02:58 - AB's stand out moments06:05 - AB's batting technical components11:23 - AB on what made him a brilliant fielder18:18 - How AB managed his body over his career26:11 - AB's insights on leadership30:58 - AB's mental skills and how he developed them43:03 - How AB has handled the media49:12 - AB's financial advice59:18 - AB's mantra on lifeYouTube linksAB's 205 v New Zealand 1987/88 <a href="https://youtu.be/W0d3KSOOYM8" rel="noopener norefe
05/06/20201 hour 7 minutes 2 seconds
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Brett Lee on bowling fast, honing the mind and lessons in business

This week I have the privilege to speak to one of cricket's fastest bowlers, a true champion and a close mate, Brett Lee. Binga enjoyed the highs of winning an Ashes series, World Cup and Allan Border Medal during his career, but also suffered the lows of being dropped and battling injury setbacks. On this special episode, Binga talks about the mental and physical techniques he used throughout his career and how he is managing phase two of his life.Rundown02:00 Some of my favourite memories of Binga (YouTube links below)04:45 Binga reflects on his career06:50 An in-depth chat on bowling techniques17:10 Brett talks about injury and injury prevention24:58 Brett's fascinating take on mental skill36:58 How Binga handled the media48:50 The financial lessons learnt1:02:48 Binga's life mantras1:15:30 The documentaries Binga has been watchingYouTube clipsB
29/05/20201 hour 20 minutes 55 seconds
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Stephen Fleming on the art of captaincy, coaching and not taking his chances

On this week's episode I have the absolute pleasure of chatting to former New Zealand captain, gun opening batsman and mastermind coach Stephen Fleming. Flem was one of cricket's great leaders, but as he'll explain, his skills as a skipper took years to develop. Flem also talks about his passion for reading, the art of man management and how he became one of the game's great slip fielders.Episode rundown01:50 My highlight of Flem's career, his superb century in the 2003 World Cup (YouTube link below)04:05 Flem speaks about his batting and how he never fully mastered the craft08:30 Flem explains his catching process and technique10:55 Lessons learnt about fitness11:55 Flem's big learnings as a leader15:45 The light bulb moment in his coaching career20:29 Flem's mental checklist as a batsman and fundamentals as a coach29:02 Flem talks about his relationship with the media34:05 The financial less
22/05/202048 minutes 38 seconds
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Shane Warne on the art of leg spin, self-belief and his business ventures

This week's episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats is an absolute beauty. Shane Warne is not only one of the greatest bowlers to ever play the game but I'm lucky enough to call him a good friend and mentor. Warnie has been kind enough to come on the show to share his wisdom, from how he managed fame and off-field drama to what he did during his career to get the best out of his extraordinary ability, to how he know spends his time and his current passion projects. Don't miss this episode.Rundown01:12 Welcome Warnie!02:38 A couple of my favourite Warnie memories (links below)04:00 Warnie looks back on his career and the deliveries that changed his life09:00 Warnie on self-belief and his champion mindset17:55 Coming back from injury and the mental challenges20:22 The technical components Warnie focused on28:00 Body management for peak performance30:45 Warnie and I discuss the modern fitne
15/05/20201 hour 16 minutes 58 seconds
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Wasim Akram on swing bowling, learning from Imran Khan and investing wisely

On this very special episode, I have the absolute privilege and honour of talking to and gaining incredible insights from not only the best left arm fast bowler of all time but one one of the greatest bowlers in cricket history, Wasim Akram. I have been so lucky to have spent time with Wasim over the last five years in the Pakistan Super League, where he has been the mentor of one of my teams, Islamabad United. I hope you enjoy listening to Wasim talk about his life as I did chatting to the legendary allrounder.Rundown00:50 I welcome Wasim by reading out some of his ridiculous statistics02:55 Wasim talks about the early days of his career04:10 I go full fanboy and tell Wasim two of my favourite memories of his playing days (links below)08:00 Wasim remembers his first tour to Australia in 198509:58 Wasim picks out a few of his career highlights, including facing India in Tests for the first time in a decade (link below)</
08/05/202046 minutes 13 seconds
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Matt Hayden on his partnership with JL, taking down bowlers and love of cooking

On this episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats, I have the great fortune of chatting with a fellow Queenslander, a phenomenal batsman and a player I always tried to emulate growing up – Matt Hayden. Through sheer hard work and determination, Haydos achieved so many things that all cricketers only dream of. I was so fortunate to have been mentored by him on an off the field from the day I came into the Australian squad in 2002 and now it is awesome to have the chance to gain even more incredible insights from one of the greatest opening batsmen the world has ever seen. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did!Rundown00:34 A message to all those out there doing it tough during these challenging times02:07 The incredible career numbers of Haydos05:15 Some of my favourite innings of Haydos's career (links below)10:00 Memories of the hard work put in for the 2001 tour of India and his first Test double century12:
30/04/20201 hour 9 minutes 38 seconds
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Yuvraj Singh on bouncing back from cancer, hitting sixes and the IPL

On this episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats, I interview the 2011 World Cup winner, Yuvraj Singh. Yuvi has lived an extraordinary life so far. He was a T20 World Cup winner in 2007, he was crowned Player of the Tournament in India's 2011 World Cup victory at home and straight after had to fight for his life after being diagnosed with lung cancer.Everyone who listens to this episode will be blown away by the insights that Yuvi so generously gives us, from a cricket perspective and most importantly, a life perspective.I am sure everyone will absolutely love this episode.Episode notes02:04 - My highlights of Yuvi's incredible career05:20 - Yuvi's thoughts on batting10:58 - How Yuvi went about bowling his left-arm spinners14:08 - Yuvi on fitness and injury management17:15 - Yuvi's lessons learnt dealing with the media25:12 - How Yuvi dealt with the financial side of the game during his career<p
17/04/202043 minutes 7 seconds
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Sir Vivian Richards on destroying bowlers, fearless batting and being the coolest cricketer ever

On this episode of Lessons Learnt with the Greats, I have the absolute honour to interview my favourite cricketer of all time, the one and only Master Blaster, Sir Vivian Richards. Sir Viv was a true pioneer on so many levels and was one of the main pillars in the West Indian team through the 1970's and 1980's that goes down as one of the greatest cricket teams of all time. His achievements are staggering with one of them being playing integral roles in the West Indian team winning Two World Cups in 1975 and 1979.This episode is a must for any cricket lover. Sir Viv has lived an extraordinary life and his insights into his cricket life and other aspects of his life are absolutely phenomenal.Episode rundown04:20 - After reading his epic stats I go through my favourite innings of Viv's career10:07 - Viv talks about his batting approach16:30 - Viv was one of the great fielders and here he talks about what made him so good<
05/04/20201 hour 12 minutes 19 seconds