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Leo Rising: A Living Tarot & Creative Intuition Podcast

English, Religion, 2 seasons, 59 episodes, 1 day 12 hours 36 minutes
Leo Rising is a conversational exploration of tarot, personal/spiritual growth, and identity formation. It's less of a "how-to" and more of a "come along on the journey with me." I process stories from my life, both from the past and from the current moments that I'm moving through, to give listeners things to think about in their own journey. It is hosted by Jenna Fox, an educator, writer, tarot reader, Reiki master, and queer mystical mama.
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Tributaries to Source

Been thinking about teachers, and how I used to practice Bikram Yoga, which now has a Netflix documentary. It's gotten me thinking about all the teachers and teachings I've believed or been influenced by in my life. --- Support this podcast:
03/12/201914 minutes 55 seconds
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Conversation with Karl of Pinewood Tarot

Season 2 wraps up with a lovely conversation with Karl of Pinewood Tarot! Karl and I are both tarot readers and professionals in higher education, so this was such a lovely conversation to have! Connect with Karl on Instagram: @pinewoodtarot  --- Support this podcast:
16/04/201957 minutes 55 seconds
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Confronting My Shadow: Ted Bundy was a Leo Rising

Born November 24, 1946 at 10:35 pm in Burlington Vermont, notorious serial killer Ted Bundy and I share not only the leo rising signs in our natal chart, but also Sagittarius sun and moon, as well as Jupiter in Scorpio in the 4th house. We're also adoptees. In this episode, I talk about confronting the shadow, asking the questions how does this happen, and try to honor the victims he left behind. --- Support this podcast:
07/02/201943 minutes 24 seconds
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Spirituality of Groundhog's Day: Ace of Pentacles

On this episode, I talk about the spirituality of Groundhog's Day, bringing it back to the Goddess Brigid, then talking about St. Brigid's Day and Imbolc, as well as Candlemas and finally tying it in to Groundhog's Day...the movie with Bill Murray. I talk about the Ace of Pentacles as a seed, and share a personal story about my realization of my kids and their ancestry withing me.  I mention: Tess Giberson The City Witch and read from Wikipedia.  Let's Connect:  Instagram: @leorisingtarot  Website: --- Support this podcast:
01/02/201925 minutes 26 seconds
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Drishti Points: Hanged Man & The Sun

On today's episode, I talk about two drishti points I'm using right now: the card of 2019 Hanged Man, and my card of the year The Sun. I share about mental health, my desire to be the community's story keeper, and how we can intentionally change perspective.  --- Support this podcast:
26/01/201934 minutes 41 seconds
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Wild and Precious Life

Mary Oliver asked about what you'd do with your wild and precious life. I do some musings on how things are changing or evolving for me, based off Hannah Gadsby's comedy special Nanette. I talk about the wild unknown tarot deck, my former English instructor Dan Peters, James Fowler's Stage of Spiritual Development and Erik Erickson's stages of psychosocial development.  --- Support this podcast:
20/01/201929 minutes
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Life Update & Listener Email

On today's episode, I talk about where I am currently, just having experienced a concussion of winter break from a freak fender bender (I rear ended someone at a stoplight). I muse about how it was nice to take a social media break, even if forced, and how I sometimes think that watching other people's spiritual journeys online makes me procrastinate on my own spiritual connection, because it's just not as sexy! I then read on air, a listener email, who responded to my Which New Year episode. This listener, Lisa of  @ninthwavedesigns  on Instagram, is so thoughtful in her own exploration of Samhain vs. New Years, giving us much to think about, including the timing of Samhain,  Zeno's Paradox of the Tortoise and Achilles, and the Kabbalistic belief if tzimtzum of creation. I learned so much from her! --- Support this podcast:
13/01/201924 minutes 39 seconds
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Peter the Bear & Reclaiming Ancestral Wisdom

In this episode, I share a personal story about my toddler's visit from an ancestor, walking you through some of my ancestral healing session with Darla Antoine (, and finish up with some musings about white people finding ancestral connections... and asking the this whole journey I'm on one of cultural appropriation?  --- Support this podcast:
11/11/201844 minutes 9 seconds
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North & South Nodes with their Corresponding Tarot Cards

On this episode, I explore the north and south nodes of astrology and their corresponding tarot cards. There's a theory that the north node is your "guiding star" and your south node is the lessons you've come into this lifetime with, or what you're learning in your first 30 years. This information was so helpful for me to think about! I mention Jubilee of @cedartreeceramics, and  --- Support this podcast:
01/11/201834 minutes 48 seconds
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Samhain Tarot Reading for the Collective

In this episode, I share a collective tarot reading for Samhain, using The Pagan Otherworlds Deck. I mention Lindsay Mack's Tarot for the Wild Soul Course ( & Yarrow Magdalena's Podcast ( --- Support this podcast:
31/10/201831 minutes 38 seconds
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Episode 29: A Season of Death

On this episode, I talk about this season of death, as cultures celebrate Samhain, Halloween, or Dia de los Muertos. I talk about The Death card, number 13 in The Major Arcana, and how the process of death, either physical or mental is not always a quick process of release. I share about my experience working with my friend who's dying. --- Support this podcast:
31/10/201824 minutes 22 seconds
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A Witch in the Pews: My Experience with Christianity & Witchcraft

I go on a ramble about my experience as a witch who attends church. I'ts not meant to be prescriptive, and does not dive deeply into the historical experience of the church's persecution of witches throughout the years. This is only my personal experience in this moment.  --- Support this podcast:
31/10/201827 minutes 41 seconds
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Birth Card & Year Card: Combining Numerology & Tarot.

On this episode, I talk about how my birth year (The Hermit) shows up in my life, going way back to some of my earliest memories. I share about taking a break from podcasting this fall aligning with The Hermit, and then muse about how to figure out a year card. Am I gonna have a Magician, Wheel of Fortune, or Sun year coming up? What do you think?  --- Support this podcast:
30/10/201826 minutes 45 seconds
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The Empress Card as Receptive Energy

In this episode, I explore my relationship to The Empress card, which is line one in the Major Arcana. The Empress is traditionally seen as a mother figure, and in my class I learned that we can look at it as one that is receptive. I share about my feelings around receptivity, and share a personal story of a friend who is dying from cancer, and how The Empress is showing up in her life. Connect with me: Book a reading: --- Support this podcast:
30/10/201824 minutes 39 seconds
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Boundaries, Compartmentalization, & Exploring Temperance

On today's episode, I explore my relationship to boundaries and compartmentalization. I take a look at my history with dividing the world into categories, my professional experience as a mental health counselor and how I used boundaries as self-care, and share about the Temperance card, which is all about de-compartmentalizing parts of the self to make and share a whole being. But what does that look like in today's context, with social media, business branding, and online safety (both physical and emotional?).  --- Support this podcast:
28/08/201827 minutes 35 seconds
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Conversation with Jo Zurita

Jo Zurita is an empowerment and mindset coach who specializes in helping women work through fear-based limiting beliefs. She helps her clients catapult from broken to beaming, re-light the fire within their soul, and teaches them the tools to create a life of their dreams through mindset work, accountability, compassion and empowerment. She utilizes tarot and energy work in her sessions and is certified in crystal healing, reiki, and holisitc tarot. She has helped her clients build confidence, manifest amazing opportunities, start their own businesses and transform their beliefs from small and limiting to powerful positive mindsets. Jo has been featured in Love, Light &amp; Legacy Magazine, she also teaches courses in tarot and Shadow Work. While she is based in the Verde Valley in Arizona, her client base is international and rages from all backgrounds and walks of life. --- Support this podcast: <a href="h
24/07/20181 hour 12 minutes 15 seconds
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Tarot as a Metaphorical Map of the Moment

On Episode 12 I introduce you to some of the information that I am learning from Ren Zatopek's Simple Spiritwork online course (that's free!), including her quote that "all maps are metaphors." So tarot can be a map for this moment?! Yes! I was introduced to Ren in an episode of Sarah Chappell's podcast: So You Wanna Be a Witch? I recommend listening to that podcast, as well! I mispronounce her last name in the episode, oops! It sounds like chapel, not shapelle. Sorry Sarah! I take this concept of maps as metaphors and apply it to my tarot practice. I share some vulnerable insights from a recent motherhood experience I had with my son who lives with sensory processing disorder, and my own insecurities as a mom in general. Resources: Ren's FREE Simple Spiritwork Course: Follow Ren on Instagram at: So You Wanna Be a Witch Podcast:; --- Support this podcas
19/06/201830 minutes 19 seconds
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Lions and LGBTQ: Reading Tarot at Pride

On this episode I reflect on my experience reading tarot at the Burien Pride festival over the weekend. I look at the dictionary definition of pride, as well as the definition of it that I had grown up believing. I then talk about community and where lion symbolism shows up in tarot, like on the Major Arcana strength card. Mentions: Nicole Hamilton Yoga (@yogabird19) as well as Adaptive Yoga Northwest.&nbsp; --- Support this podcast:
05/06/201830 minutes 13 seconds
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Mother May I? A Reflection on Inherited Patterns

Motherhood is a complicated subject for me as an adoptee, so on Mother's Day I did a personal spread that examined things that I've inherited from my biological and adoptive families, as well as what I am passing on to each of my children. I walk through each of the cards in the spread and how they relate to my life. I share deeply personal thoughts and feelings that were brought up in the week following, including my fear of loss, my coming out experience, and some of the struggles in my parenting journey!&nbsp; --- Support this podcast:
21/05/201827 minutes 51 seconds
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My Tarot Journey Begins with Archetypes

Hi! I'm Jenna, and I am an educator, writer, tarot reader, Reiki Master, and queer mystical mama! This is my podcast on tarot and spiritual concepts, and my introduction to tarot came from my English Literature background that focused on archetypes and Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey. --- Support this podcast:
14/05/201819 minutes 13 seconds
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Infusing Technology with Tarot, AKA Apps Rock!

It's 2018, what's stopping you from infusing technology into your tarot practice? I share my journey to tarot reading through the use of tarot apps, specifically The Fool's Dog app, which has access to SO MANY different decks at your fingertips (for a really low price!). I can check out a deck, with the full guidebook, for only $3.99 and decide if I want to make the commitment to a physical deck. It's also great for when I want to be discreet and read for myself in public places like the doctor's office waiting room, or in my car. I can do a spread on the app without having to shuffle and lay out cards on the germ-infested office floor, risking ridicule by the rest of the patients. Win-win! I mention Beth Maiden of Little Red Tarot, and The Fool's Dog tarot app that can be found on Google Play. I also share that my favorite deck is Shadowscapes by Stephanie Law. --- Support this podcast: http
14/05/201822 minutes 15 seconds
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Magic and the Three Types of Skeptics You Might Encounter

In this episode I look at some definitions of magic and decide whether tarot is magical or not. Yes? No? Maybe? I mention The Queer Witch Podcast by Anna Joy Healing! I also talk about the 3 different types of skeptics I've met along the way in my tarot journey. There's the: 1) The Science/Rational/Logical Mind Guy (aka my husband) 2) The Afraid to Look in the Mirror Skeptic 3) The "I Don't Know Much, Could Tarot Actually Help Me?" Skeptic&nbsp; --- Support this podcast:
14/05/201830 minutes 22 seconds
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Tarot & Upholding Systems of Oppression

This episode is just the beginning at tackling some big topics in tarot. I talk about hierarchy in the court cards, the idea of upward mobility or a bias toward success as a ladder as we move through tarot cards, and why tarot is SO WHITE (and why it shouldn't be). I do a personal 3 card reading on the subject and would love to open this conversation up to more discussion. I'm not the first to say that tarot has some flaws in upholding systems of oppression. Some other podcasts that cover topics like this (not just tarot related): Queer Witch Podcast Rise Up Good Witch Podcast Wild Mystic Woman Truth Telling with Elizabeth Dialto&nbsp; --- Support this podcast:
14/05/201833 minutes 51 seconds