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English, Finance, 2 seasons, 24 episodes, 14 hours, 13 minutes
Welcome to the LeglWise podcast, South Africa's leading legal podcast. On this platform, we provide access to legal advice and industry insights to empower you to #BeLegalWise! LegalWise is the affordable way to get a lawyer on your side when you need one. We provide our Members with the power to enforce and defend their legal rights through professional legal representation. Visit ( for more.
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Chat Lobola with The Makhs

Whether it’s “lobolo” or “lobola”, we have a legal document that has you covered during the lobolo negotiations. The Makhs share their experience.   Create your own Lobolo Agreement using our Online Contract Creator. Visit: to start.
10/14/202225 minutes, 24 seconds
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Women INpowered

The Women of LegalWise are joined by Mark Grobbelaar, Founder of Women INpowered: an extremely simple, easy to learn, yet incredibly effective self INpowerment system that has been designed specifically for women to give them mental and physical ability to make a choice in threatening situations.
9/23/202256 minutes, 4 seconds
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#BeyondMentorship: Red Round Table Conversations

Following the successful completion of our first cohort, we are continuing with the LegalWise #BeyondMentorship programme.
8/19/202240 minutes, 28 seconds
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Protecting Our Children

The children of South Africa live in a country which has a Constitution underpinned by the highest regard for human rights, equality and dignity. However, despite our sophisticated legal framework, violence against children remains the greatest threat and a critical challenge for the country.
7/29/202245 minutes, 17 seconds
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Labour Law

Our Head of Legal Research, George Pelser teamed up with The Makhs to answer your frequently asked questions on labour law.
6/24/202246 minutes, 27 seconds
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Universal Partnerships

In this case study, take a look at what defines a universal partnership and how it might affect the parties if something should go wrong between them.
6/17/20226 minutes, 21 seconds
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Sectional Titles- Know Your Rights

The interest in secure and convenient living has become more important to South Africans in recent years. More people are selling their standalone homes and opting to move into secure gated complexes that are known as Sectional Title Schemes. This movement is prompted by a number of benefits that complex life provides, such as:• reduced maintenance duties; • increased safety and security; and• shared amenities, such as communal clubhouses, playgrounds, gyms and swimming pools. However, staying in a complex comes with certain limitations owners and residents are faced with, which may lead to disputes that can most often be resolved if everyone understands their rights and duties.
6/10/202240 minutes, 13 seconds
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Sexual Harassment- Rights and Remedies

Sexual harassment can occur anywhere, including schools, at social gatherings or in the workplace. During this podcast, we will provide an understanding of what sexual harassment is, the rights and remedies available to victims of sexual harassment, offer more details about sexual harassment in the workplace and the responsibilities of employees and employers when it happens.
6/3/202246 minutes, 43 seconds
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Find out what 'hearsay evidence' means, and whether it has any relevance in a South African legal context.
5/13/20224 minutes, 57 seconds
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Access to Justice- Are Courts the Only Option?

We delve into the different avenues that can be followed to access justice. We will look at alternative methods of dispute resolution which are more affordable and accessible, including discussing some of the institutions and ombudsman where commonly encountered disputes can be referred to before approaching the courts.
5/6/202247 minutes, 59 seconds
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Access to Justice

Learn about the use of English as the language of record in our courts, and if it limits an individual’s right to access to justice.
4/22/20229 minutes, 57 seconds
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Addressing bullying

Using the law to address the issue of bullying.
4/1/20229 minutes, 22 seconds
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Understanding Customary Marriages

Customary marriages are fully recognised under South African law and legislation regulates the legal requirements for a valid customary marriage. However, our courts are often faced with different types of disputes of which the outcomes depend on the existence of a valid customary marriage or not.Here are legalities to consider before entering into a customary marriage:• The legal requirements;• What happens to property of the spouses during and after the marriage; and• The consequences if the marriage comes to an end (either through divorce or death).We unpack this and more..
3/18/20221 hour, 9 seconds
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How to cope with fear and panic

3/2/202253 minutes, 16 seconds
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Understanding legal contracts

Understanding contracts and the T&Cs contained on legal contracts.
2/1/20228 minutes, 38 seconds
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The impact of GBV on our economy

Our CEO Siva Gengan hosted Prof. Corné Davis from the University of Johannesburg to discuss the impact of GBV on productivity in our workforce and the negative effects on our economy. #Beyond16Days #BeLegalWise #GBV #GenderBasedViolence #16Days
12/21/202129 minutes, 44 seconds
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Understanding your consumer rights

As the festive season approaches, spending increases as consumers are rushing to buy gifts. Some consumers may also consider taking out loans over the festive season to keep up with the extra expenses. In this week's episode, we look at what your consumer rights are in respect of goods and services, as well as when taking out a loan. We also discuss your rights relating to the return of goods, getting a refund, cancellation of holiday bookings, and what to look out for when applying for a loan.
12/14/202143 minutes, 18 seconds
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COVID-19 alert level 1 and vehicle accidents

Our Head of Research, George Pelser discusses the legal impact of drunk driving during the COVID-19 alert level 1
11/12/20217 minutes, 51 seconds
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Getting ready for marriage?

Our Legal Research team share some legal insight on the various marriage regimes in South Africa
10/29/202146 minutes, 18 seconds
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#OurStoriesMatter A dialogue with women in law Tebello Motshwane

#OurStoriesMatter - A dialogue with women in law (Tebello Motshwane)
10/26/202135 minutes, 57 seconds
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#OurStoriesMatter A dialogue with women in law Justice Leona Theron

#OurStoriesMatter - A dialogue with women in law (Justice Leona Theron)
9/28/202148 minutes, 49 seconds
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The importance of having a Will

Head of Legal Research at LegalWise, George Pelser as well as Legal Counsellor Ludfia Samed unpack the importance of having a valid Will, and some of the requirements and formalities around Wills.
9/6/202149 minutes, 7 seconds