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English, Education, 6 seasons, 115 episodes, 3 days, 7 hours, 40 minutes
Every other week, you'll hear conversations with artists and teachers about how to get better at painting. Conversations will cover topics for all levels of painter from beginning to advanced. We'll explore everything from tools and techniques, color theory, composition and design to habits and goals.
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Ep.95 with Jordan Wolfson

Welcome to conversation with Jordan Wolfson!Feature InterviewIn the interview, you’ll learn how to get yourself familiar with a subject before you start your formal painting, how to match the type of painting you do to your energy, and why you may not want to search for your style but instead listen for your motifs. Plus a whole lot more. Extended Cut Bonus [Podcast Art Club]Discover the power of self talk and why it’s important to start enjoying what you're doing right now, no matter what your skill level. Listen here.  Learn more about Jordan Wolfson here:WEBSITE / WORKSHOPS / INSTAGRAM / YOUTUBE---Each week, discover 3 ideas you can put to work in your next painting. Sign up for free here: the show
4/23/202452 minutes
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Episode 8: Carrie Waller, Part A

For the next two episodes, I’m talking with watercolorist Carrie Waller. I’ve divided the episodes up into two parts. In part A (today’s) Waller talks about being OK with finishing paintings slowly. She explains how she uses color- like puzzle pieces- in her work. And she shares the method she uses to bypass those ugly middles stages that can demoralize so many of us.In part B we get into the specifics of glass, the importance of art friends and why sometimes you  just need to take one of those technical art classes. It’ll pay off later big time.---Each week, discover 3 ideas you can put to work in your next painting. Sign up for free here: the show
1/26/202042 minutes, 4 seconds
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Hello Season 2!

What's season two of the Learn to Paint Podcast look like? What guests will I be speaking to? How often will it come out?You've got questions. I've got answers.Take a listen! Support the show
1/6/20201 minute, 23 seconds