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English, Religion, 1 season, 67 episodes, 1 day, 5 hours, 41 minutes
Alan Peto hosts an informative and helpful podcast for anyone who is interested in Buddhism and beginning a Buddhist practice. Alan explains Buddhism and Buddhist teachings for beginners and westerners on his website,, through articles, videos, infographics, and books. Contact Alan: Podcast Homepage: Podcast Disclaimer:
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51 - Repentance in Buddhism

Do Buddhists "repent"? Yes! And it's not what you think. Repentance in Buddhism is a fundamental part of Buddhist practice because it helps us "get out" the misdeed/transgression of the five precepts we created so that we can understand why, ask for help, and set an aspiration of action and cultivation of good deeds. This is important because morality/conduct is part of the Buddha's teachings and essential for enlightenment. As human beings, we sometimes go "off the path" in Buddhism and as we repent, we make ourselves aware of that so we can prevent it in the future. It's a wholesome practice that is firmly rooted in Buddhism. Contact Alan: Podcast Homepage: Podcast Disclaimer: --- Send in a voice message:
6/19/202319 minutes, 41 seconds
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35 - The Five Hindrances of Buddhist Meditation

Buddhism has something called the "Five Hindrances" which are mental obstructions on our path towards enlightenment and Nirvana.  In this episode, we will talk about Buddhist meditation, our mind, and how the Five Hindrances are like obstacles on the road and some common Buddhist ways to overcome them. Contact Alan:  Podcast Disclaimer:  Get Alan's free eBook "Buddhism in 10 Steps": --- Send in a voice message:
9/6/202223 minutes, 9 seconds
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Welcome to the Learn Buddhism with Alan Peto Podcast

If you are interested in Buddhism and live in a Western country, but confused by all the confusing words and concepts, this podcast is for you.  I have been explaining Buddhism for years in my articles, videos, and infographics, and now taking to podcasts.  What sets this apart is that I am not a Buddhist monastic or having some fancy title in front of my name.  Instead, I am a Buddhist layperson - just like you.  This allows me to help explain Buddhism in a way that "makes sense" and is relatable, while still holding true to the Buddhist teachings.  This intro episode will tell you what to expect in the next few episodes, and what is coming up later.  I want to hear from you:  tell me what you are wanting to learn about Buddhism, what you are confused about, and what you want to get out of this podcast!  Also, check out my articles and videos on my website and subscribe to me on your favorite social media platform:  To learn more about me, visit: --- Send in a voice message:
12/26/202046 seconds