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The Leading Voices in Real Estate podcast series interviews some of the most successful, interesting, entrepreneurial people who shape our cities and the built environment. Host Matt Slepin gets to the personal side not often heard from these legends and visionaries, their career stories and advice, and their role in creating vibrant communities with character, beauty, and a high quality of life.
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Deb Harmon, Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Artemis | Anar Chudgar, Co-President of Artemis

Debbie Harmon, Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Artemis, and Anar Chudgar, Co-President of Artemis, talk about finding opportunity in today’s market and the “force multiplier” effect of their investing through emerging managers. Artemis Real Estate Partners is a $10 B AUM real estate investment manager focused on middle market real estate investments across the equity and debt risk spectrum.
27/11/20231 hour 25 minutes 12 seconds
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Amanda Fajak, President of Walking the Talk | Larry Krema, Managing Director of ZRG

In September 2023, ZRG hosted a half-day symposium for real estate HR leaders in New York City, consisting of two panels. This is the second of those panels, featuring Amanda Fajak, President of ZRG culture consulting group, Walking the Talk, and Larry Krema, Managing Director in the Real Estate Practice of ZRG. They discuss how to create an actionable strategy for company culture.
06/11/202341 minutes 15 seconds
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Rick Caruso | Founder and Executive Chairman of Caruso

Rick Caruso, founder and Executive Chairman of Caruso, owner of three of the top ten retail centers in the US, discusses the evolution of how he created breakthrough properties like The Grove, some of secrets of its success, as well as his civic and philanthropic activities in Los Angeles, including his recent run for Mayor. Rick’s innovative leadership and development thinking has led to the creation of one of the largest and most admired privately held real estate firms in the US, boasting three of the country’s most productive shopping centers, all in Southern California.
23/10/202353 minutes 59 seconds
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Stephanie Biernbaum, Chief People Officer of Hines and Doug Holte, CEO of EXP by Hines

Stephanie Biernbaum, Chief People Officer of Hines, and Doug Holte, CEO of EXP by Hines, discuss change, innovation and striving to be a "beloved brand". In 2018, I had the privilege of sitting down with Gerald Hines to hear how he built one of the most respected, legendary names in the real estate business. This follow up conversation with Stephanie and Doug about their leadership in their respective role at Hines, now in its third generation of family leadership, is inspiring and marked with hard-won wisdom.
02/10/20231 hour 21 minutes 38 seconds
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Scott Rechler | Chairman and CEO of RXR

Scott Rechler, Chairman and CEO of RXR, delves into office space, the current downturn in the market, and value and importance of civic leadership for our industry. This episode with Scott builds upon my last conversation with Colin Connolly of Cousins Properties on the state of the office sector, while going beyond the topic at hand and into the broader realm of the commercial real estate markets.
18/09/20231 hour 16 minutes 6 seconds
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Colin Connolly | President and CEO of Cousins Properties

Colin Connolly, President and CEO of Cousins Properties, details their outperformance in Sun Belt trophy lifestyle offices and the broader office market. Cousins, a fully-integrated REIT, is solely focused on “trophy lifestyle office” properties in the Sun Belt region and has outperformed Class A office properties in its markets.
05/09/20231 hour 16 minutes 3 seconds
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Caroline Johns | Director of Sustainability at Pembroke

Caroline Johns, Pembroke’s Director of Sustainability, details their long-term perspective on sustainability investments and resilient real estate assets. Caroline is the second interview in this year’s third annual series on real estate and carbon.
21/08/20231 hour 11 minutes 3 seconds
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Brad Dockser | CEO and Co-Founder of GreenGen

Brad Dockser is the CEO and Co-Founder of GreenGen, a global firm dedicated to helping real estate owners and investors move towards a zero–carbon future. In this week’s interview with Brad, we kick off our third annual month-of-August focus on climate change and the built environment.
07/08/20231 hour 37 minutes 15 seconds
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Cathy Marcus | Global Chief Operating Officer and Head of U.S. Equity at PGIM Real Estate

Cathy Marcus, Global Chief Operating Officer and Head of U.S. Equity at PGIM Real Estate, discusses the power of playing the long game in real estate. A recurring theme throughout the Leading Voices in Real Estate podcast is just how essential a long-term vision is.
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Matt Pestronk | The Post Brothers

Matt Pestronk, Co-Founder and President of Post Brothers, details how he and his brother Mike became leaders in Philadelphia multifamily and are now taking their expertise in adaptive reuse of office buildings and ground up development to Washington, DC and other markets. When they founded their Philadelphia-based company just before the great financial crisis of 2007-2008, they had no idea what kind of challenges they would face on their entrepreneurial journey...
03/07/20231 hour 22 minutes 10 seconds
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Constance Freedman | Founder and Managing Partner at Moderne Ventures

Constance Freedman, Founder and Managing Partner of Moderne Ventures, talks innovation in technology solutions and its impact on the real estate market. Moderne Ventures is a Chicago-based venture fund focused on technology firms that are disrupting the real estate, mortgage, finance, insurance, hospitality, and home services industries.
19/06/20231 hour 10 minutes 2 seconds
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Mitchell Silver | Principal of Urban Planning at McAdams (Rebroadcast)

Mitchell Silver, now Principal of Urban Planning at McAdams, explores the lasting impact of work-from-home and the recovery of our urban fabric post-pandemic. In this week’s rebroadcast, I brought Mitchell back to revisit our original podcast episode together from two years ago.
05/06/20231 hour 26 minutes 27 seconds
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Sam Zell | In Memoriam

In honor of Sam Zell, real estate legend and trailblazer, we revisit our 2016 conversation about how he built his real estate empire. As the son of Jewish immigrants who fled Poland in 1939 as Hitler invaded, Sam’s life path is marked by resilience, controversy, and an insatiable drive to succeed.
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Justin Wheeler | CEO of Berkadia

In part two of our series on real estate services platforms, Justin Wheeler, CEO of Berkadia, talks about the focus of his firm on multifamily finance and investment sales and how that focus defines their strategy and culture. This conversation is the flip side of the coin from our prior conversation with Brett White, who talked about the strategy and strengths of the global, full service real estate services platforms, Cushman & Wakefield, and CBRE.
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Brett White | Executive Chair of Cushman & Wakefield

Brett White, Executive Chair of Cushman & Wakefield and prior CEO of Discovery Land Company, discusses the evolution of today’s global giant real estate services platforms. As the first of this month’s two part series on the real estate brokerage and services platforms, Brett tells the story of the growth and evolution of the giant real estate services platforms.
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Antonio Marquez | Principal and Managing Partner at Comunidad Partners

Antonio Marquez, Principal and Managing Partner at Comunidad Partners, talks about his firm’s focus on workforce housing and their community oriented, impact investment business model. This is the second of a two part series this month on Leading Voices focusing on the housing crisis in our country.
24/04/20231 hour 21 minutes 25 seconds
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Matt Slepin | When the Host Becomes the Guest

I’m trading places this week, and I’m the guest! Enjoy this rebroadcast of my interview on Juniper Square’s The Distribution podcast with Brandon Sedloff.
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Ismael Guerrero | President and CEO of Mercy Housing

Ismael Guerrero, President and CEO of Mercy Housing, dissects the housing affordability crisis, subsidized housing, and stewardship of public dollars. Founded in 1981, Mercy Housing has grown into the nation’s largest nonprofit owner of affordable housing.
03/04/20231 hour 8 minutes 53 seconds
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Christopher Hawthorne | Senior Critic at the Yale School of Architecture

Christopher Hawthorne, Senior Critic at the Yale School of Architecture, discusses why collective spaces deserve intentional design and public support. After over a decade as the architecture critic for the Los Angeles Times, Chris took a position as the first Chief Design Officer of the City of Los Angeles, working under Mayor Eric Garcetti...
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Jordan Slone | Chairman and CEO of Harbor Group International

Jordan Slone, Chairman and CEO of Harbor Group International, shares the secret sauce behind the company’s $20 billion, diversified, but apartment-sector heavy portfolio. With 58,000 units of apartments, Harbor Group International came in 15th on last year’s NMHC top fifty list of apartment owners.
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Chris Merrill | Co-Founder and CEO of Harrison Street

This week’s podcast guest is Chris Merrill, the co-founder and CEO of Harrison Street, a $55 billion family of real estate funds focused on demographically-driven real estate niche sectors such as student housing, senior housing, life science, self-storage and infrastructure throughout the U.S., Canada and Western Europe. He talks about their strategy as a break out from the four main real estate “food groups” and how their strategy is “de-risked” both by focusing on these multiple niche sectors and through working through multiple operating partners in each business.
20/02/20231 hour 1 minute 26 seconds
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Kevin Marchetti | Executive Chairman for Lineage Logistics, Co-Founder of Bay Grove

This week’s podcast guest is Kevin Marchetti the co-founder of Bay Grove, a real estate private equity firm that has built the world’s largest portfolio of cold-storage warehouses, and its operating company, Lineage Logistics, that runs the business. The company has scaled up by acquiring different businesses and portfolios, and now Lineage employs over 25,000 people globally.
06/02/20231 hour 5 minutes 35 seconds
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Wemimo Abbey | Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Esusu

This week’s podcast guest is Wemimo Abbey, a 30-year-old entrepreneur already making waves in the apartment business as Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Esusu. Esusu allows lower income renters to use their rental payments to help build their credit scores to create a pathway to their personal financial health.
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Paul Saffo | Forecaster & Head of Future Studies at Stanford University (Rebroadcast)

As a holiday treat, this rebroadcast episode from January 2021 features Paul Saffo, forecaster and Head of Future Studies at Stanford University. He forecasts the future of city development in light of historic patterns of change, economic shifts, and the role of real estate post pandemic.
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Rosanne Haggerty | President & CEO of Community Solutions (Rebroadcast)

MacArthur Foundation Genius Award Winner and internationally recognized leader in the field of homelessness, Rosanne Haggerty, President and CEO of Community Solutions, dives deep into the challenges of the homelessness crisis and talks about how the problem is indeed “Solvable”. Rosanne puts the homelessness crisis in context as a symptom of broader systemic failures rather than as the fault of individuals experiencing homelessness.
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Michael Van Konynenburg and Christopher Hartung | President of Eastdil Secured; Executive Director of Fisher Center for Real Estate & Urban Economics at Berkeley

This week’s podcast guests are Michael Van Konynenburg, President of Eastdil Secured, and Chris Hartung, Executive Director of Fisher Center for Real Estate & Urban Economics at Berkeley and Co-founder of the Terra Firma REIT investment funds. Mike and Chris provide their perspectives on how the downturn is affecting both the public and private commercial real estate markets particularly given the near lockdown in the real estate capital markets.
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Ross Perot Jr. | Chairman of Hillwood, Real Estate Developer

Ross Perot Jr., Chairman of Hillwood and real estate developer, talks about his varied businesses, inside and outside of real estate, including the development of the giant Alliance project in Fort Worth, developing public private partnership projects in the US and abroad, and about his father’s legacy.
28/11/202249 minutes 45 seconds
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Byron Carlock | Real Estate Leader, PwC US

This week’s podcast guest is Byron Carlock, the U.S. real estate leader with PwC and the primary author of the ULI/PWC annual survey, “Emerging Trends in Real Estate”. The podcast centers on the current market downturn in the real estate transaction market within the context of the longer term, very positive, fundamentals and trends for the real estate business.
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Tyler Morse | CEO of MCR Hotels

Tyler Morse, CEO of MCR Hotels, discusses travel and the hotel business, experiential hotels, and business versus leisure travel.
07/11/202255 minutes 7 seconds
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Carl Shannon & Larry Baer | Senior Managing Director at Tishman Speyer; CEO of the San Francisco Giants

This week’s podcast guests are Carl Shannon of Tishman Speyer and Larry Baer of the San Francisco Giants. The pair discuss the opportunities in the land surrounding the Giants’ stadium. Together, Tishman and the Giants are building the Mission Rock mixed-use project, a new neighborhood adjacent to the Giant’s Oracle Park. The space is 28 acres with 1.6 million square feet of office and retail, 1,100 residential units, and eight acres of public open space — all on the waterfront.Larry explains that the baseball kedInMission RockTishman SpeyerBaseball Reference
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Mark Preston | Executive Trustee & CEO of Grosvenor

Matt speaks with Mark Preston, Executive Trustee and CEO of Grosvenor, on this week’s episode. Grosvenor is a 340 year-old family office and commercial property business in the UK, owned by the Grosvenor family. Their young patriarch and Chair, Hugh Grosvenor, is the Duke of Westminster. Matt reflects that this kind of business longevity is nearly unrelatable in the real estate investment business, where the time horizon is so often three, five, or at max, fifteen, year holds.Mark delves into what long-termism means from Grosvenor’s perspective, particularly around the issues and responsibilities surrounding carbon and community benefits for property owners.He emphasizes that while there is growing opportunity to invest in environmentally sound real estate, it is imperative to do so, if investors and developers are going to be responsible citizens. These long-term real estate investments and developments have the potential to make a signific
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Alex Robinson | CEO & Co-Founder of Juniper Square

This week Matt sits down with Alex Robinson, CEO and co-founder of Juniper Square, a real estate technology company that is providing major backbone infrastructure for real estate investment managers and how they interface with their LPs. Juniper Square has gained tremendous market share over a short six years. Now that it has significant scale, it has the opportunity to play a major role in helping to create a more transparent and low-friction marketplace for GPs and LPs to bring capital and investment opportunities together in the real estate investment business. Juniper Square’s next level of work in its capital marketplace could be truly transformative for the industry.Alex’s success with Juniper’s Square’s resonates deeply with Matt on a personal level. Matt shares that years ago, when real estate was still the domain of the mom-and-pops and the deal cowboys, he was the Executive Director of the Multifamily Housing Inst
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Tim Schoen | President & CEO of BioMed Realty

This week’s guest is Tim Schoen, President and CEO of BioMed Realty, a Blackstone company and an industry leader in life science and technology-focused real estate. Tim is a deeply experienced real estate and capital markets professional, and he is a true business leader within the biotech field. In this episode, Tim drills into the dynamics of the biotech real estate space, which has such a different business model, unique customer base, and range of specialty skills within the team to make it a market leader.Tim shares his passion about the real estate business overall as well as the intellectual engagement in focusing on the biotech field. Tim is fascinating to listen to because he is “always learning,” as evidenced by his leadership at BioMed, serving on the Salk Institute Board, and the challenges and opportunities for both the bio tech and real estate businesses to contribute to carbon reduction. </
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Mikael Colville-Andersen | Author & Founder of Copenhagenize Design Company

Mikael Colville-Andersen | Author &amp; Founder of Copenhagenize Design CompanyThis week Matt’s guest is Mikael Colville-Andersen, speaker, TV host, author of “Copenhaganize”, and founder of Copenhagenize Design Company, a global consultancy firm that helps cities understand best practices and implementation of bike infrastructure for their communities. Mikael has a Canadian public TV show called “The Life-Sized City” and also hosts a podcast of the same name. Mikael and Matt talk broadly about urban bicycle infrastructure in-person from Copenhagen, one of the most bicycle friendly cities on the planet, in which 60% of commuting is done by bicycle.Matt is an avid cyclist, often cycling 30-50 miles on a given weekend morning. He reflects that bike culture in Denmark is not so much about riding for exercise as it is transport. Riding a bike in Copenhagen is casual — seeing people in suits coming home on their bikes, m
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Sara Neff | Head of Sustainability at Lendlease Americas

Matt’s guest this week is Sara Neff, Head of Sustainability at Lendlease Americas, a globally integrated real estate and investment group specializing in creating strong cities and connected communities. Sara dives into all aspects of sustainability in real estate, emphasizing that materials, construction practices, and management need to support carbon-neutral goals.Sara inspires business leaders to raise the bar in their companies on decarbonization and encourages young people interested in sustainability to join the real estate business. There is huge work to be done and this is an opportunity to move the needle on carbon not just in the industry, but nationally and globally.Sara believes that a business’ level of commitment to sustainability is a good indicator of its overall management quality. Leadership that cares about sustainability has a long-term vision for their company and can see that carbon-neutra
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Doug Bibby & Ed Walter | President, National Multifamily Housing Council; Global CEO, Urban Land Institute

Matt converses with Doug Bibby of the National Multifamily Housing Council and Ed Walter of the Urban Land Institute this week. Doug and Ed are retiring soon from their respective roles, and both are stalwart leaders, especially through how they have pointed their organizations and, by extension, the industry as a whole toward responsible citizenry for the next generation of the business.Matt believes that as real estate development has become more scaled and institutional, responsible long-term thinking and stability are becoming more important industry behaviors than maximizing profits — it is a smart business practice that protects both individual companies as well as the reputation of the overall industry. Doug and Ed remind the listener that in this interconnected world, anyone can fall victim to the behavior and opinions of their neighbors or competitors. Yet, it is the real estate industry’s responsibility — especially through its investors and developers — to s
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Mark Parrell | President & CEO of Equity Residential

Matt sits down this week with Mark Parrell, President &amp; CEO of Equity Residential, one of the largest and most respected public companies in the real estate world and one of the long term leaders in the apartment space. Their conversation is a deep-dive through the different aspects of what is truly one of the best-run long-term hold real estate businesses in the country.Mark homes in on themes that are familiar on Leading Voices that merit repetition: Great operations, efficient technology, customer service, investment savvy, disciplined capital strategy, transparency, and the impact of political risk on the business. Mark emphasizes political risk in the business goes beyond rent control to assess whether jurisdictions are proactively investing in infrastructure or general pro-business policies. With EQR’s target affluent renter profile, their business needs to be in high functioning, exciting urban environments.</p
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John McLaren | President & Chief Operating Officer Sun Communities

This week Matt’s guest is John McLaren, President and Chief Operating Officer of Sun Communities, a REIT and the largest owner/operator of manufactured housing communities. John and Matt explore the different facets of the manufactured housing business in general, as well as a deep dive into Sun Communities’ business. John lends particular insight to manufactured housing as part of the affordable housing toolkit and its ability to address the financial and social needs of people from a variety of income levels. On the subject of manufactured housing providing different options for housing affordability, we also refer you to a Letter to the Editor of the Washington Post from a friend of Matt’s, Daniel Weisfield, from Three Pillars Communities, about misperceptions about the manufactured housing industry, its overall impact on housing affordability for its residents as well as having inevitable rent increases in the business.
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Majora Carter | Developer, Consultant, Author

This week’s podcast guest is Majora Carter, a real estate visionary, developer, and author who is dedicated to revitalizing communities through talent retention. Her new book “ Reclaiming Your Community: You Don’t Have to Move Out of Your Neighborhood to Live in a Better One,” pulls from her deeply personal experience in her own community, the South Bronx.The belief that they have it within themselves to succeed is the cornerstone of the culture that communities must establish to keep their best and brightest asset: their people. Persistent poverty is a problem that is self-replicating for low-status communities, but Majora says the solution lies in reimagining the measuring stick of success. Instead of success being defined by how far away you can get from your hometown, it should be defined by how you can transform it and impact it. This is a critical shift. While this conversation highlights the tangible benefits and opportunities that exist for today’
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Bjarke Ingels, Roni Bahar & Nick Chim | Co-Founders of Nabr

This week Matt is joined by Bjarke Ingels, Roni Bahar, and Nick Chim from Nabr, a real estate development company specializing in sustainable, customizable apartments. Nabr’s mission is to address the housing crisis with a unique approach: a business platform that creates, at scale, well designed, attainably-priced apartment units on a homeownership model.Its founding team comes well-qualified for the task. Bjarke is one of the world’s leading architects and the founder of BIG, the Bjarke Ingels Group architectural firm; Roni came to Nabr via his role as WeWork’s Director of Development; and Nick boasts a background with Sidewalk Labs and Google.The trio reveals that the secret to Nabr’s business model and designs is that they are inspired by consumer productization. Too many developers build cookie-cutter housing that is not consumer-friendly in terms of technology, delivery, and design. Nabr is breaking the mold by pullin
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Joe Margolis | CEO of Extra Space Storage

This week, Matt is joined by Joe Margolis, CEO of Extra Space Storage, one of the largest providers of self-storage in the U.S. Joe explores the drivers of the exponential growth the industry has seen in the past few years, the importance of company culture and customer care, and why self-storage is ultimately about hope.Matt shares an interesting connection with Extra Space. His wife is a member of its board and was instrumental in helping raise Extra Space’s first institutional capital. They have seen from both inside and out that Extra Space is a company that cares deeply about providing an excellent customer experience and maintaining a family-centered culture. Joe illustrates this point with a story from his first week at Extra Space. He’d moved from the East Coast to Utah for the job, and at the end of the work day asked an employee to run some numbers for him. Joe expected the employee to jump to it right away, and was s
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Stephen Ross | Founder and Chairman of Related Companies

This week, Matt is joined by Stephen Ross, Founder and Chairman of Related Companies, one of the country’s premier real estate development organizations. Stephen talks about their current mega-project, Hudson Yards, where we recorded the episode, the breadth of Related’s activities and both his personal business and philanthropic interests, including as owner of the Miami Dolphins NFL team.One of Stephen’s current projects takes the form of revitalizing downtown Detroit through a major new development. Stephen grew up in Detroit until he was 15, when his family moved to Florida. As soon as he had the chance, he moved back for college before planting himself more permanently in New York City. Detroit has been through changes and challenges since Stephen’s days there, but he still sees a bright future for it. His hope is that this new development will serve as a catalyst for a renaissance of the whole city.Stephen brin
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Bob DeWitt & Greg Bates | Retired CEO/Vice Chairman, GID; CEO & President, GID

This week Matt is joined by Bob DeWitt and Greg Bates from GID, the Boston-based, vertically integrated real estate investment manager. Bob is Vice Chairman and former CEO of GID and Greg is currently CEO and President. The pair tell the story of generational transitions in the real estate business through GID’s unique lens. Bob recalls transforming the business in the 90’s and early 2000’s as GID, and others, institutionalized their businesses. This opened doors to significant professionalization and scaling in both the apartment sector and commercial real estate. GID underwent another major growth spurt more recently when it has scaled to compete with the new huge private equity investment shops as part of real estate’s transition from an alternative asset class into a primary asset class. Greg foresees operational excellence becoming valued over capital appreciation as a measure of success as the market continues to shift.</
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Doug Yearley | Chairman & CEO of Toll Brothers

This week, Matt is joined by Doug Yearley, CEO and Chairman of Toll Brothers, widely recognized as the most admired homebuilder in the nation. Doug’s leadership and extensive experience in growth management and expansion offers important insight. From the current supply chain issues to strategies for exiting the pandemic, he highlights the opportunities and challenges on the table. He also touches on the unique juxtaposition of a homebuilding business and the corporate, client facing culture required to meet the needs at the luxury end of production. Matt shares a surprising but significant connection with the Toll Brothers’ founder, Bob Toll. Growing up, they both attended Maine’s Camp Powhatan, albeit at different times. Bob went on to acquire Camp Powhatan which he has helped nurture as it transformed into an international peace center. Now called Seeds of Peace, the old camp is a
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Rosanne Haggerty | President & CEO of Community Solutions

An internationally recognized leader in developing innovative strategies to end homelessness and strengthen communities Rosanne Haggerty joins Matt on this week’s Leading Voices in Real Estate. As President and Chief Executive Officer of Community Solutions, Rosanne oversees a nonprofit that assists cEmmunities throughout the U.S. and internationally in solving the complex housing problems facing their most vulnerable residents. Community Solutions also leads “Built for Zero”, a movement of more than 90 cities and counties using data to radically change how they work and make homelessness rare. As a 2001 MacArthur Genius, Rosanne broadened her work in this space after spending decades working in supportive housing. She formally established Community Solutions in 2011, and in 2021 <a href="https://www.macfou
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Keith Oden | President of Camden Property Trust (Rebroadcast)

In this episode, we take a visit back to Matt’s conversation from February 2018 with Keith Oden, Co-Founder and President of Camden Property Trust. Camden is one of the largest multifamily REITs in the U.S. that owns, develops, acquires, sells, and manages apartment communities with a current portfolio of 171 properties containing 58,300 units. We revisit this conversation since the themes of this pre-Covid conversation still deeply resonate. Camden was one of the first REITs to use its scale and business platform to invest meaningfully in technology and it also “took a stand” to create an outstanding culture. At the time of the interview, Camden was celebrating 11th straight year (now on its 14th straight year and currently rated 8th on the list) as one of Fortune Magazine’s “100 Best Companies to Work For”​, an auspicious accomplishment for the first real estate company to achieve an
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Chris Tokarski | Founder and Co-CEO of ACORE Capital

Co-CEO and a Founder of ACORE Capital, Chris Tokarski joins Matt on this week’s Leading Voices to talk about the CRE debt business in general and, specifically talk about the private debt providers, like ACORE, which have become a major part of the market, particularly in construction and transitional lending since the Global Financial Crisis. With approximately $17 billion of assets under management, ACORE is one of the largest private debt providers focused on commercial real estate, originating and managing first mortgages, B-notes, mezzanine debt, and preferred equity, deploying over $28 billion in more than 375 transactions since inception in 2015. Chris also talks about his early start in the business at Nomura—the then disrupter in the CRE finance business, meeting his current partners there and their path together at several firms before co-founding, and co-leading ACORE.Chris has over 25 years of experience in leader
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Laura Foote | Executive Director of YIMBY Action

On this episode of Leading Voices, Laura Foote, the Executive Director of YIMBY Action (the national organization for the “Yes in My Back Yard” movement) joins Matt and doesn’t hold back as she shares how we can influence policymakers—especially at the local level—to reduce barriers to building more housing that will address the huge housing shortage in the U.S. YIMBYs are the pro-housing counterpart to the NIMBY’s who so often block density and development. YIMBY Action is a national network in nearly 20 cities that understands the extreme housing shortages in our communities and takes political action to advocate for “abundant, affordable housing and inclusive, sustainable communities”. 
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Owen Thomas | CEO of Boston Properties

CEO of Boston Properties, Owen Thomas, joins Matt for the first conversation of 2022 on Leading Voices in Real Estate. Boston Properties is the largest office REIT, developing, investing, and managing Class A office buildings in Boston, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C, with a portfolio of 193 properties. Owen exemplifies leadership in our industry with distinct parts of his career. First, he climbed the ladder at Morgan Stanley through a 24 year career, a large part of which was running their real estate state group, then serving as Chief Executive Officer of Morgan Stanley Asia. After his “retirement” from Morgan Stanley, Owen became Boston Properties’ CEO, where he’s served in the organization for close to a decade. Finally, he has made a commitment to the industry in key leadership positions, including serving as the immediate past Global Chair of the Urban Land Institute and his significant contribution to ULI’s Net Zero Imperative Initiative worki
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Jordan Moss | Founder & CEO of Catalyst Housing Group

Jordan Moss, Founder and CEO of Catalyst Housing Group, joins Matt on this episode of Leading Voices in real estate to discuss his company, Catalyst Housing, which has focused on creating housing opportunities for the “missing middle”. Jordan founded Catalyst Housing Group in just 2015, which now controls or is under contract for 6,000 units, about $2.5 billion of asset value. This housing, which Jordan calls “Essential Housing”, is structured to preserve long term affordability for the essential middle-income workforce including nurses, teachers, and first responders (among others) who earn too much to qualify for traditional affordable housing, but are priced out of the communities where they work. On the podcast, Jordan describes the unique structure of public ownership that he pioneered and the critiques of the model, and his company’s work combining investment, innovation, and impact in our industry.Over the past two
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Lisa Picard | CEO of EQ Office (Rebroadcast)

During this episode, we are rebroadcasting a Leading Voices favorite with Lisa Picard, CEO of EQ Office. EQ Office is the vertical of Blackstone that oversees the office assets of one of the world’s leading investment firms and its acquisition of the portfolios of Sam Zell’s Equity Office, CarrAmerica, Trizec, and other office assets. Lisa’s story exemplifies one of the most compelling career trajectories in real estate and passionately articulates the meaning, the ripple effects, and opportunities around innovation in real estate. This is a pre-pandemic discussion of the office business which will be a great background for our conversation right after the New Year with Boston Properties’ Owen Thomas about the current state of the office business.Lisa Picard is a woman with a vision. Thanks to technology, the office development space has evolved from a B2B market to B2C, and she’s on the front lines of in an industry resistant to
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David Stanford | Founder of RealFoundations

On this episode of Leading Voices, Matt is joined by David Stanford, founder of RealFoundations. RealFoundations is a professional services firm focused on “helping companies that develop, build, own, operate, service, occupy, or invest in real estate make smarter, more profitable decisions. We make real estate run better.” David and Matt discuss the thesis that, as real estate companies become of institutional scale, the “operating platform” of the business can move the needle more than the transactional side of the business. David and Matt dive deep into how strategy, operations, technologies, culture, and training can move the needle with significant NOI swings.David has over 30 years of experience providing strategic financial and operational improvement services to clients in the property and building industries. David leads RealFoundations’ Owner/Operator and Investment Management practices and is responsible for the
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Dan Doctoroff | Chairman & CEO of Sidewalk Labs

Matt is joined by Dan Doctoroff, Chairman and CEO of Sidewalk Labs, an Alphabet/Google subsidiary, dedicated to urban innovation, on this latest episode of Leading Voices. Sidewalk Labs tackles “cities’ greatest challenges by creating products and solutions, investing in new companies, and helping developers build more sustainable, innovative, and equitable places around the world”. Dan is a testament to what it means to be a leader in our industry. While Managing Partner of the private equity investment firm Oak Hill Capital Partners, he founded NYC2012, spearheading an Olympic City bid for NYC which resulted in a vision for urban redevelopment of the city. Under Mayor Bloomberg, he served as Deputy Mayor for Economic Development and Rebuilding, where he helped lead NYC’s resurgence after 9/11 through a comprehensive five-borough economic development strategy. This included plans to redevelop areas that are now high-profile destinations l
01/11/20211 hour 12 minutes 4 seconds
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Ned Spieker | Managing Partner of Spieker Realty Investments

Ned Spieker joins Sam Zell, Gerald Hines, Art Gensler, Ron Terwilliger, and Leonard Wood as part of our industry legends series on Leading Voices in Real Estate. Like many of our guests, Ned came out of the Trammell Crow Company, where he had been then their youngest partner, and established and built their West Coast Division. He spun his team out in 1987, founding Spieker Properties and taking the company public as a REIT in 1993. As one of the most respected CEOs among REITs at the time, Ned led Spieker Properties to aggregate more than 40 million square feet of office and industrial properties in California and the Pacific Northwest. In 2001, Spieker Properties sold to Sam Zell’s Equity Office Properties Trust as a top of the market trade for more than $7 billion. Ned has since gone on to become one of the most active developers and owners of Continuing Care Retirement Communities in California. Ned shares st
18/10/20211 hour 7 minutes 52 seconds
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Julia Boyd Corso | Co-President & COO at Interstate Equities Corporation & Marshall Boyd | Co-President & CIO at Interstate Equities Corporation

On the latest episode of Leading Voices in Real Estate, Matt is joined by Julia Boyd Corso and Marshall Boyd, Co-Presidents of Interstate Equities Corporation. Founded in 1981 by their parents, IEC is a value-add investor and manager of multifamily properties across California and now Seattle, with a niche of acquiring dated apartments and transforming them into attainable, updated, boutique-style assets for the current resident demographic. Julia and Marshall took over the organization in 2007 following the passing of their father when they were 27 and 29 respectively. Some of the themes of this episode surround the challenges of starting in the industry as emerging leaders, the transition of a family company to a private equity business, the benefits of a co-head structure, and climbing the ladder from a syndication model up to a commingled fund business.About JuliaJulia is co-president and chief operati
04/10/202159 minutes 5 seconds
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Jodie McLean | Chief Executive Officer of EDENS

Jodie McLean, CEO of the retail owner, operator, and developer EDENS joins Matt on Leading Voices in Real Estate. Founded over 50 years ago in South Carolina, EDENS, now headquartered in Washington, D.C., has a portfolio of 110 properties consisting of mixed-use, shopping centers, grocery-anchored retail, and unique historic retail redevelopments. Jodie shares her “aha” moment when she moved her perspective and leadership from transactional to purpose and mission, resulting in EDENS’ focus on their “enriching community through human engagement”. EDENS knows that “when people come together, they feel a part of themselves and prosperity follows: economically, socially, culturally and soulfully”. Jodie talks about this approach throughout the business, including through the challenges of COVID and EDENS’ development of the historic Union Market District in D.C., where EDENS offices are located and our conversation was recorded.With a tenur
20/09/202158 minutes 1 second
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Sam Chandan | Silverstein Chair and Academic Dean of NYU’s Schack Institute of Real Estate

In Leading Voices’ inaugural “back to school” episode, Matt interviews Sam Chandan, the Larry &amp; Klara Silverstein Chair and Academic Dean of NYU’s Schack Institute of Real Estate, one of the largest real estate graduate and undergraduate programs globally. In a wide-ranging conversation, Sam shares the value of an education in real estate and how it prepares future leaders for their careers in the multi-disciplinary business of real estate. In the episode, they discuss the complex issues addressing our industry, including climate change, urbanization, social equity, diversity in leadership, and public health issues. Sam provides a framework on how our industry can cultivate the next generation of leaders through educational programs, mentorship, and other opportunities, and how his personal relationship to establishing
07/09/202148 minutes 20 seconds
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Elena Alschuler | Head of Americas Sustainability for LaSalle and Marta Schantz | SVP, Greenprint Center for Building Performance at ULI

In the second part of Leading Voices in Real Estate’s discussion surrounding sustainability in the built environment, Matt is joined by Elena Alschuler, Head of Americas Sustainability for LaSalle Investment Management, and Marta Schantz, head of ULI’s Greenprint Center for Building Performance. While much of the global conversation surrounding carbon emissions centers on transportation issues the built environment is responsible for about 40% of global emissions, while transportation is just 20%. Directly after recording this episode, the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a new report going further than any previous statement indicating that cli
16/08/20211 hour 3 minutes 37 seconds
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Greg Smithies | Partner at Fifth Wall

In the first of our two-part episode series on climate change and the built environment, Greg Smithies, Partner of Fifth Wall where he leads the Climate Technology Investment team, joins Matt to discuss sustainability in the real estate sector. Greg is the second guest on Leading Voices from Fifth Wall as Co-Founder and Managing Partner Brad Greiwe was featured in 2019. Our industry, the built environment, is responsible for about 40% of total global carbon emissions, about 3/4 of which comes from existing buildings and about 1/4 from construction and deconstruction. Addressing our industry’s carbon footprint in addition to finding adaptation strategies to cope with climate change will be a large global investment in real estate over the coming years. Greg provides a high-level global perspective on sustainability and shares how Fifth Wall’s $500M fund focusing on “climate tech” is a start in a burgeoning area of investment.Prior to
02/08/202154 minutes 28 seconds
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David Radcliffe | VP Real Estate & Workplace Services at Google

In our 100th episode of Leading Voices in Real Estate, Matt speaks with David Radcliffe, the head of real estate at Google, and the first corporate real estate guest on the podcast. David is responsible for managing all aspects of Google’s global real estate portfolio, industry-leading workplace services, and physical security services that enable the company to thrive. Through his leadership, David and his team create inspiring environments where 130,000+ employees in over 170 cities spanning more than 60 countries can do their best work every day. The conversation revolves around Google’s mentality to create unique, collaborative workspaces for employees to engage daily, corporate residences and communities beyond the workplace environment, and how the global tech giant is bringing personnel back in the office following COVID.In his 15+ years at Google, David has built and led teams that continually scale, evolve, and innovate Go
19/07/202155 minutes 24 seconds
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Richard Barkham | Global Chief Economist & Head of Americas Research at CBRE

As everyone tries to make sense of the next cycle of the real estate industry post-pandemic, Matt is joined by Richard Barkham, Global Chief Economist &amp; Head of Americas Research at CBRE, to discuss how COVID has affected various sectors of CRE. Richard provides his outlook sector-by-sector, including high-growth for both multi-family and industrial. He shares a balanced view on retail, given the need for various retail products like grocery and entertainment, and discusses the continued uncertainties and transitions in the office sector. Following, Richard shares his career journey in his unique senior-leadership position of real estate research and how his insights provide strategic direction for the largest global commercial real estate services company.Richard is a specialist in macro and real estate economics. He joined CBRE in 2014 as Executive Director and Global Chief Economist. Prior to taking up his position with CBRE, R
05/07/202153 minutes 2 seconds
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Gunnar Branson | CEO of AFIRE

During this week’s episode of Leading Voices in Real Estate, Gunnar Branson, CEO of AFIRE, speaks with Matt about current issues facing the CRE business, including his thoughts on what is driving foreign capital into U.S. real estate right now as we are moving forward from the Covid crisis. As CEO of AFIRE, the Association for International Real Estate Investors, Gunnar leads the trade group with nearly 200 leading global institutional investors, investment managers, and supporting partners from 24 countries representing approximately $3 trillion in real estate assets under management in the U.S. Prior, Gunnar was CEO of NAREIM, the National Association of Real Estate Investment Managers. Gunnar is also the host of The AFIRE Podcast where he deep dives with business leaders on specific topics, strategies, and issues in the global real estate business.
21/06/202156 minutes 3 seconds
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Chaz Mueller | CEO of Progress Residential and Dana Hamilton | Head of Real Estate at Pretium

Long-term colleagues Chaz Mueller, CEO of Progress Residential, and Dana Hamilton, Head of Real Estate of Pretium, jointly speak with Matt on this week’s episode of Leading Voices in Real Estate to talk about the single-family rental business. Progress Residential, a portfolio holding of Pretium, is the country’s largest privately held owner and operator of single-family rental. Dana and Chaz share the dynamics and drivers of the single-family rental business, which has only recently emerged as a significant real estate asset class, institutionalizing a heretofore wholly “mom and pop” business. Dana and Chaz were among the founding leadership team at Archstone, which in the late ’90s, along with the other apartment REITs, were similarly institutionalizing a non-institutional business. They talk about the parallels between the early days at Archstone and this still-emerging business in single-family rentals as
07/06/202150 minutes 2 seconds
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Neveo Mosser | CEO of Mosser Companies

Neveo Mosser leads a fascinating second generation family business that operates mostly in the multifamily space. His father founded the company in the 1960s; they have owned many of their generational assets now for decades. Mosser specializes in owning and managing rent stabilized apartments in the Bay Area and now also in Southern California. Mosser is one of a handful of sharpshooter companies that operate in this niche in the business.As he will explain, there are two sides of the Mosser business: the owner-operator side and a relatively new business, Mosser Capital, which invests in this asset class for third party capital. Neveo and Matt discuss the dynamics and drivers of his business, how they have fared through COVID in San Francisco, a market that overall saw some of the largest rent drops in the country, and the dynamics of his career path as a second generation business leader.For more than 30 years at Mosser Companies, Neveo has developed a
17/05/202152 minutes 39 seconds
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In Memoriam, Art Gensler | Founder of Gensler

On Tuesday, May 10, the real estate community lost one of its great thinkers and leaders, Art Gensler, the Founder of Gensler, the world’s leading design firm. This is a re-release of our November 19, 2018 Leading Voices interview with Art Gensler, who founded the eponymous-named design firm in 1965, which has grown to become the largest design firm in the world. For a fuller appreciation of Art’s life and work, visit on the Gensler website. This original interview was sponsored by JLL and featured a joint conversation with Art and Riki Nishimura, then a Director with Gensler.This re-release is timely given the current depth of thinking, in which Gensler is one of the world’s thought leaders, around reimagining the workplace and the future of our cities in a post-pandemic world. For a more current discussion on the topic, please also revisit our July, 2020 interview with current
13/05/202154 minutes 36 seconds
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Jim Risoleo | President and CEO of Host Hotels & Resorts

Matt spoke with Jim Risoleo, President and CEO of Host Hotels &amp; Resorts, during this week’s episode of Leading Voices in Real Estate. Host Hotels &amp; Resorts is the largest hospitality REIT with over 46,800 hotel rooms worldwide and the largest owner of high-end hotels in the United States with brands including Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Westin, and Hyatt. Given today’s COVID environment, much of the conversation revolves around the pandemic’s impact on the hospitality sector, how Host Hotels &amp; Resorts has weathered the storm, and his predictions for business resumption coming out of the pandemic. Additionally, Jim shares his insights as a leader within the real estate industry as the chair of NAREIT, the National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts.Jim became President and Chief Executive Officer of Host Hotels &amp; Resorts in January 2017. He joined the company in 1996 as S
03/05/202135 minutes 2 seconds
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Mitchell Silver | Commissioner of the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation

This week on Leading Voices in Real Estate, Mitchell Silver, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation and a global leader in urban planning, joins Matt to discuss his work for the city and his long career in city planning. With his appointed role as Parks Commissioner, Mitchell has been responsible for the management, planning, and operations of nearly 30,000 acres of public space in New York. Matt and Mitchell talk about bringing greater equity to the city’s investment in its parks, particularly in neighborhoods of color, and about the challenges brought by COVID to New York’s public places. Known as one of the thought leaders in planning and someone with great passion for the importance of a planning approach to the growth of our cities, Mitchell is the past president of the American Planning Association (APA) and is currently president of the <a href="https://www.plannin
19/04/20211 hour 14 minutes 52 seconds
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Lynne Katzmann | President, CEO, and Founder of Juniper Communities

President, CEO, and Founder of Juniper Communities (an owner/operator of seniors housing) Lynne Katzmann joins Matt on this week’s episode of Leading Voices in Real Estate. Lynne founded Juniper Communities over 30 years ago and is the only woman-owned business among the top owners in the assisted living business and has been recognized by various organizations including Crain’s New York as one of the top women-owned businesses in the tri-state area. Lynne has been a leader for other seniors housing owners during COVID, providing transparency at the start of the pandemic in her vulnerable communities to now requiring staff members to be vaccinated. Additionally, she shares what it means to be a female CEO and company founder in a male-dominated industry, the hospitality model of seniors housing, and how she wants to leave the world a better plac
05/04/20211 hour 7 minutes 17 seconds
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Jeff Berkes | President & COO of Federal Realty Investment Trust

This week on Leading Voices in Real Estate, Matt is joined by Jeff Berkes, President and Chief Operating Officer of Federal Realty Investment Trust. Founded in 1962, Federal is one of the oldest US REITs and is focused on the ownership, operation, and development of high-quality retail properties—from grocery-anchored shopping centers to large-scale mixed-use neighborhoods. As a non-mall retail owner, Federal has seen continued stability and success, despite the challenges of COVID and the realignments in the retail real estate sector due to the impact of e-commerce. Jeff shares Federal’s “secret sauce” of building mixed-use projects with retail, office, and residential to help drive the organization’s success and innovations and how Federal has worked with core tenants, including the hard-hit restaurants and retailers, to cope with the challenges of operating during the COVID shutdowns.Jeff is responsible for leading Federa
22/03/20211 hour 5 minutes 41 seconds
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Robin Hughes | President & CEO of Abode Communities

This week, Robin Hughes, President and CEO of Abode Communities, speaks with Matt about her experience and leadership in the affordable housing community. Abode Communities is a nonprofit owner, developer, and designer of affordable housing. Based in Los Angeles, the organization is one of the top 50 affordable housing developers nationally and is the premier provider of environmentally sustainable affordable housing in California. The conversation begins with a discussion on how COVID has impacted Abode’s and other affordable owner’s residents, an important dialogue as the pandemic has disproportionally affected low-income communities. Additionally, Robin shares how growing up in public housing as a young child brings a lived experience into her current role where she not only serves as the President and CEO of Abode but also serves on numerous boards and committees in the affordable housing space including as chair of the <a href="https:
08/03/20211 hour 14 minutes 52 seconds
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Vicki Been | Deputy Mayor of Housing and Economic Development for New York City

Vicki Been, Deputy Mayor of Housing and Economic Development for New York City, joins Matt on this week’s episode of Leading Voices in Real Estate. Vicki oversees 25 agencies responsible for both economic development and housing initiatives for the City, a portfolio in which the issues have deepened and accelerated during COVID. Matt and Vicki discuss her work during COVID, positive changes to the urban fabric that will likely persist post-COVID like outdoor dining and closed-off streets as well as her responsibilities for preparing for future health emergencies. As the former head of the city’s housing agencies, we also discuss the ongoing housing affordability crisis. Furthermore, Vicki shares her career story, which includes growing up in a rural Colorado uranium mining town to her clerkship at the Supreme Court (where she also met her husband) to leading the NYU Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy, and now her roles in city government.
22/02/20211 hour 7 minutes 37 seconds
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Walt Rakowich | Former CEO of Prologis, Author of Transfluence

This week, Matt speaks with real estate leader Walt Rakowich, former CEO of Prologis and author of the new book, Transfluence: How to Lead with Transformative Influence in Today’s Climates of Change. In the interview, Walt tells his career story, interspersed with leadership lessons along the way. Walt’s true crucible as a leader came first when he was President and COO of Prologis and he found himself unaligned with the style and decision making of the CEO, leading to Walt’s resignation from the firm…and then rejoining the firm, just months later, to restructure and rebuild the business after a crash that he had essentially foreseen. In our conversation, Walt discusses these lessons in leadership but we certainly recommend that you take a deep dive into his philosophy and practice of servant leadership in Transfluence.Prologis is a NYSE company
08/02/20211 hour 13 minutes 29 seconds
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John Helm | Managing Director of RET Ventures

John Helm, Managing Director and Founder of RET Ventures, joins Matt for this week’s episode of Leading Voices in Real Estate. RET Ventures is the first industry-backed early-stage venture fund focused on helping build cutting-edge real estate technology companies for the multifamily and single-family rental industries. John is our third guest from the proptech space (we previously featured Clara Brenner from the Urban Innovation Fund and Brad Greiwe from Fifth Wall). RET Ventures’ business model is differentiated in both its focus on the rental space and that all of their investors are owner-operators, creating a virtuous cycle between clients, customers, and investors. In the episode, John and Matt talk about the impact of technology on the rental housing business, the benefits of tenure and deep relationships in a relationship-oriented business, and John’s fascinating career journey.John also sits on the boards of Smart Rent, GiGstr
25/01/202159 minutes 44 seconds
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Marilyn Strickland | Congresswoman and Former Mayor of Tacoma

Today’s conversation is a re-release of the inaugural episode of Leading Voices, a conversation with then Mayor of Tacoma, WA and now, in 2021, a newly elected Congresswoman, Marilyn Strickland (D-WA). In this conversation, from 2017, Matt and then Mayor Strickland discuss the strategies for redevelopment that she used in Takoma, balancing neighborhood economic redevelopment neighborhood with the needs of the existing businesses and residents. We are re-releasing this conversation with Representative Strickland the week after last week’s chaos at the US Capitol, cognizant of the need for constructive leadership from our elected officials. As per the Seattle Times, “business friendly Strickland won…in a closely watched race mirroring a nationwide struggle between progressive and establishment liberals” and is the first African American to represent Washington State and the first Korean-American woman elected to Congress.
11/01/202152 minutes 36 seconds
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Paul Saffo | Forecaster and Head of Future Studies at Singularity University

In this first episode of 2021, Matt interviews Paul Saffo, Silicon Valley based futurist, about long term trends and their impacts on our cities and workplaces. Paul places COVID-19 in perspective and talks about the trends affecting our global civilization, impacts on the real estate business, and the opportunities for the real estate industry “to become good ancestors” through our work in the built environment. This is a look forward — way forward – with the end of COVID in sight and the beginning of new times following 2020.
04/01/20211 hour 8 minutes 36 seconds
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Nancy Lashine | Managing Partner and Founder of Park Madison Partners, Host of “Innovations in Real Estate” Podcast

For the final episode of 2020, Matt speaks with Nancy Lashine, Managing Partner of Park Madison Partners and host of the podcast series, “Innovations in Real Estate”. Matt and Nancy interview each other about their respective careers, highlights from their podcasts, and current wisdom from their respective businesses. Nancy talks about the current drivers for institutional capital into real estate strategies from her perch as a capital raiser at Park Madison Partners and Matt talks about helping build teams and the need for talent in real estate organizations from his recruiting business at Terra Search Partners. This conversation is being release
14/12/20201 hour 9 minutes 51 seconds
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Alan Gold | Executive Chairman of IQHQ

During this episode of Leading Voices in Real Estate, Matt interviews Alan Gold, Executive Chairman of IQHQ, a start-up real estate company serving the life sciences industry. The episode serves as a continued exploration of different niches within the real estate business — serving the biotech/life sciences field requires unique knowledge and relationships and brings a special set of challenges as well as opportunities. Alan is a serial entrepreneur, having been a co-founder of Alexandria Real Estate Equities and then the founder and CEO of BioMed Realty Trust (and its predecessor), which sold to Blackstone in 2016. He is now the Executive Chairman of both IQHQ, started in February of this year, as well as of Innovative Industrial Properties, the only NYSE cannabis REIT. In addition to drilling down on the life s
23/11/202051 minutes 22 seconds
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Randy Norton | Founder and Chairman of Board at MultiGreen

MultiGreen made a big splash in early 2020 at the World Economic Forum’s 50th Annual Meeting in Davos, announcing its intention to build 40,000 units of attainable, sustainable, tech-enabled workforce housing apartments over the next ten years. In this episode, Matt talks with MultiGreen Founder and Chairman, Randy Norton, who is leading this new venture towards this audacious and important goal. MultiGreen is backed by 60 of the world’s wealthiest families via its partnership with i(x) investments, an impact investment firm that is bringing long term investment to address major social problems like the housing crisisRandy has more than 20 years of real estate experience, namely Real Estate Development and Construction, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Smartgrid Cogeneration and Renewable Energy with Intelligent Building IoT. Ra
02/11/20201 hour 3 minutes 16 seconds
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Sheryl Palmer | Chairman and CEO of Taylor Morrison Home Corporation

Sheryl Palmer, Chairman and CEO of Taylor Morrison Home Corporation, joins as our second leading voice within the homebuilding industry (after Larry Webb, CEO of the New Home Company). Taylor Morrison is one of the nation’s top-ranked public homebuilders, following the company’s IPO in 2013, which Sheryl oversaw. With her college studies in special education and a career start in the sales and marketing department at McDonald’s, Sheryl shares how she came into the homebuilding business and how these prior, non-real estate experiences have influenced her consumer-first approach to the business. Additionally, we talk about Taylor Morrison and the homebuilding industry’s response to COVID-19 and her prognosis for the sector going forward. Throughout the conversation, Sheryl demonstrates candidness, both as an executive leader in business and in her non-work life, even sharing her pe
19/10/20201 hour 12 minutes 16 seconds
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David Schless | President of the American Seniors Housing Association

Today Matt interviews David Schless, the President of the American Seniors Housing Association, to discuss the impact of COVID on seniors housing and his thoughts on the future of this business post-pandemic. The first hot spot for COVID in the US was at a nursing home in Washington State; the seniors housing industry has been at the forefront in responding to the crisis for its vulnerable residents and its workers on the front lines. David discusses the tremendous response of the industry and the future of the seniors housing business, for which the demographic trends continue to suggest significant growth and opportunity.David has served as ASHA’s President since its creation by the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) in 1991. With over 30 years of industry experience, David has an extensive understanding of seniors housing research, policy and regulatory issues, and an intimate
05/10/202046 minutes 31 seconds
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Tammy Jones | Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Basis Investment Group

In our Leading Voices in Real Estate season five premiere, Matt is rejoined by Tammy Jones, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Basis Investment Group, a real estate investment manager primarily focused on debt and structured equity strategies. Tammy was a participant on the Black Voices in Real Estate episode released in June, where she shared her experience as a Black woman in the real estate industry and the opportunities for change in racial equity in our business. Now four months later, this episode continues with a discussion on whether the Black Lives Matter moment offers a temporary or permanent path towards inclusion in our business. Tammy also shares her experience building a career as a Black woman in the business and starting Basis Investment Group as one of the few certified Minority and Woman-Owned Businesses in real estate investment management. Tammy tells us her career journey, from becoming the first female in her
21/09/20201 hour 3 minutes 57 seconds
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In Memoriam, John Stewart | Founder and Chairman of The John Stewart Company

In honor of John Stewart’s memory, we are rebroadcasting his Leading Voices interview from December 2018. John passed away last week after a two-year battle with cancer. He was the founder of The John Stewart Company, a developer of low and mixed-income housing and the country’s 6th largest manager of affordable housing. John was a personal friend of Matt’s and an inspiration throughout his career. He views John as one of the Bay Area’s leading voices who was a tireless advocate across the range of social justice issues, particularly around low-income housing and the challenges of our current politics. John was a generous mentor to many with an inimitable voice and perspective; we are pleased to share this episode again. John will be sorely missed and deeply remembered.From original release:John Stewart is the Founder and Chair of the John Stewart Company, a San Francisco-based owner, develop
14/09/20201 hour 2 minutes 52 seconds
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In Memoriam, Gerald Hines | Founder of Hines

In honor of Gerald Hines’ legacy, we are rebroadcasting his interview from the spring of 2018. Mr. Hines passed away last week at the age of 95, having inspired generations of leaders in the real estate industry. He founded Hines in 1957 as a developer of office properties and has built some of the most iconic city landscapes in Houston, London, San Francisco, and other major cities around the globe. Hines is renowned for not only creating the highest quality buildings in the market but for partnering with the world’s best architects. Mr. Hines’ leadership within the company and the greater real estate community will be sorely missed.Gerald Hines | Industry Legend, Developer, and VisionaryGerald Hines founded his business in 1957 as a developer of office properties. His namesake company now has a presence in 201 cities
31/08/202043 minutes 34 seconds
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Ken Bernstein | President and Chief Executive Officer of Acadia Realty Trust

In this episode, Matt discusses the retail sector with Ken Bernstein, President and Chief Executive Officer of Acadia Realty Trust. Ken talks about the fundamental reworking of the sector due to what he terms the “Retail Armageddon,” a trend that was taking place well before Covid. They also discuss the long-term trends of retail and the additional impacts Covid may have on the retail sector. Acadia Realty Trust specializes in the acquisition, redevelopment, and management of retail properties with an ownership interest in over 100 properties totaling approximately $4 billion in value.Ken co-founded Acadia in 1998. Acadia is also the manager of a series of discretionary institutional acquisition funds. Acadia is currently investing on behalf its Fund V, which is capitalized to acquire $1.5 billion dollars of retail properties.Along with his responsibilities at Acadia, Ken is a past Trustee of the Board of Truste
24/08/20201 hour 51 seconds
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Conor Dougherty | Economics and Housing Reporter at “The New York Times” Author of “Golden Gates: Fighting for Housing in America”

Conor Dougherty is an Economics and Housing Reporter at The New York Times who recently published Golden Gates: Fighting for Housing in America. His book explores the housing affordability crisis by weaving stories from the front lines of real estate development, investment, struggling families, government officials, and both NIMBYs and YIMBYs in California. This interview provides the perspective of an outside observer of the real estate industry thinking about the roots of the lack of adequate supply and development, the dynamics of real estate investment, and potential solutions to create more housing. Conor articulates the complexity of the problem, understanding the combination of deep emotions and interests that bring wildly different perspectives around real estate.He has been reporting on business and economics for two decade
27/07/20201 hour 3 minutes 39 seconds
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Andy Cohen | Co-CEO of Gensler

Andy Cohen is the Co-CEO of Gensler, the leading global design firm, which includes 6,300+ people networked across 50 offices and serving clients in 120+ countries. He joins Matt for another interview in our series of conversations on leadership in the real estate space amidst the Covid crisis. With his global perspective, Andy shares his thoughts on what the office landscape may look like both in our current constrained return to work and post-vaccine, the future and potential reinvention of cities post-pandemic, and how a senior leader has responded within his company to Covid and issues surrounding equity in the workplace.This episode is the first of Leading Voices in Real Estate that returns to a company as Matt interviewed Art Gensler, Founder of Gensler, in November 2018.
06/07/20201 hour 6 minutes 58 seconds
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Black Voices in Real Estate: Our Industry Can Lead Change

This is a special episode of Leading Voices in Real Estate featuring conversations with six Black real estate leaders, each of whom speaks with Matt about their personal experiences and their thoughts on how our industry can address inequalities and systemic racism in our companies, our work in the built environment, and in the real estate sector broadly.Featured GuestsTammy K. Jones, Co-Founder &amp; CEO | Basis Investment GroupSince 2009, Tammy has served as both Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Basis Investment Group, a multi-strategy commercial real estate investment platform she founded with JEMB Realty Corporation that acquires and originates a variety of senior and subordinated loans, preferred equity and joint venture equity positions on behalf of its investors. Under her leadership, Basis has succeeded in closing nearly $2.7 billion in commercial real estate debt and structured equity-rel
15/06/20201 hour 57 minutes 29 seconds
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Mary Ludgin | Senior Managing Director – Head of Global Research at Heitman

Mary Ludgin is one of the best big-picture, strategic minds in the commercial real estate investment business. She is the Head of Global Research at Heitman, a global real estate investment management firm with $45.5 billion in assets under management. The initial interview focused mostly on the effects of COVID on the built environment, with a fascinating discussion on ripples of the COVID crisis post-vaccine, both from a national and global perspective. Recorded a week prior to the George Floyd killing and the resulting national outcry, Matt had a follow-up conversation with Mary on June 3rd to discuss issues relating to social and racial equity in our country, the current unrest, and opportunities for the real estate industry to do better.Mary is Heitman’s Senior Managing Director, Head of Global Research and an equity owner of the firm. She is a member of the firm’s Board of Managers, Global Management Committee, North America
08/06/20201 hour 29 minutes 10 seconds
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Amy Rose | President and CEO of Rose Associates

Amy Rose, President and CEO of Rose Associates, joins Matt for this week’s Leading Voices in Real Estate interview. Rose Associates is one of the largest, most storied apartment owners and managers in New York City with over $15 billion of assets under management and over 17,000 units owned or operated. Amy is a third-generation leader of this company originally founded by her grandfather and great uncle and is Rose Associate’s first female CEO. Most of the podcast is a deep dive into how her firm is dealing on a day-to-day basis with the COVID-19 crisis in the highly impacted New York market. Her insight provides commentary on the importance of civic leadership during Covid, the responsibility of owners and developers to their tenants and community, and the resilience of New York City to bounce back from this crisis. Additionally, the episode concludes with Amy sharing her unique real estate story, including the history of the family company a
26/05/20201 hour 8 minutes 46 seconds
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Leonard Wood | Founder of Wood Partners

This week’s episode features a real estate legend: Leonard Wood, the Founder and Former CEO of Wood Partners, one of the nation’s leading apartment builders. Since Leonard founded Wood Partners in 1998, the company has developed over 79,000 homes with a combined value of more than $14.1 billion. Additionally, he is the Founder of the Leonard Wood Center for Real Estate Studies as a part of the Kenan-Flagler Business School. In this episode, Leonard talks about leadership lessons learned and important values for the real estate industry. Leonard also addresses potential issues for the next generation of real estate leaders as the industry moves into a post COVID world of urban development.In 2013, Leonard retired and merged GLJ Partners, a southern California apartment development company he founded in 2008, into Trammell Crow Residential. That same year, he joined the Advisory Board of Trammell Crow Residential where he conti
11/05/20201 hour 4 minutes 54 seconds
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Doug Bibby | President of the National Multifamily Housing Council

As we enter the second month of the Covid-19 lockdown, Matt met with longtime industry colleague and friend Doug Bibby, President of the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC), the leading trade association for the apartment industry. In addition to discussing the implications of the national crisis on the multifamily housing, Matt and Doug unwrap the significant evolution of the apartment industry over the past two decades. The conversation with Doug provides prior context of the multifamily housing industry, shares resources and strategies that the industry is implementing during the crisis including NMHC’s Rent Tracker, and the industry’s continued agenda around affordable housing, fighting NIMBYism, rent control, and overall housing supply.The National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) is a national organization of more than 1,400 member firms in
20/04/20201 hour 8 minutes 10 seconds
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Spencer Levy | Chairman, Americas Research & Senior Economic Advisor at CBRE

With so much uncertainty in the world due to Covid-19, Matt sat down (virtually) with Spencer Levy, Chairman, Americas Research &amp; Senior Economic Advisor at CBRE, on March 24 to discuss the impact this crisis has across all sectors of commercial real estate. This is a special episode focused on Covid-19, versus our ongoing conversations which are geared towards leadership and the business of our guests. Spencer outlines the potential implications the pandemic has across various sectors including multifamily, retail, industrial, and office and digs into the impacts on a few specialty product types like co-working, seniors housing, data centers, and self-storage. The discussion provides commentary on the immediate response while touching on potential short-term and long-term effects this may have on real estate and the world economy, taking a globalized approach and looking at current government response.In addition to the conversat
30/03/20201 hour 5 minutes 34 seconds
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Maria Hawthorne | President and CEO of PS Business Parks

This week, Matt interviews Maria Hawthorne, President and CEO of PS Business Parks, where has been for over three decades. She started at the ground floor in a temporary position at Public Storage, the company’s parent, and moved up the ranks at PS Business Parks from running the East Coast, to Chief Administrative Officer, then President, and now to her current role as CEO in 2016. PS Business Parks is a REIT that acquires, develops, owns, and operates commercial properties, primarily multi-tenant industrial, flex, and office space. The company owns over 27.5 million rentable square feet concentrated in six states and has recently started the redevelopment of some of its office parks into mixed-use properties, primarily multifamily. Throughout her career, Maria had to carefully create a track record and build relationships to experience her growth within the company.Highlights from the EpisodeMaria carefully built a positive track record starting with her temp role at
16/03/20201 hour 6 minutes 30 seconds
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Ricardo Pagan | Founder and CEO of Claridge Properties

Recorded in front of an audience at a ULI Young Leaders event in Los Angeles, Matt sat down with Ricardo Pagan, Founder and CEO of Claridge Properties, a 100% minority-owned real estate investment and development firm.Born in the Dominican Republic, Ricardo emigrated to the U.S. when he was nine and is now a self-made entrepreneur in real estate under the age of 40. His path to success is different than other leaders featured on this podcast.Ricardo never attended a four-year college and started buying houses in his late teens and developing properties in his 20s. This eventually led to developing institutional deals, like the historic Westin Book Cadillac Detroit and 4-acre Brooklyn waterfront deal in Greenpoint. He is part of a partnership selected by the Los Angeles City Council to acquire and develop the coveted Angels Landing site, a $1.2 billion project that will eventually be the largest residential tower west of the Mississippi River.<p
02/03/20201 hour 14 minutes 21 seconds
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Alex Mehran Sr. | Chairman of the Board of Sunset Development Company

This week’s episode of Leading Voices in Real Estate features Alex Mehran Sr., the Chairman of the Board of Sunset Development Company and the immediate past Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Sunset Development was founded in 1951 by Alex’s father who had emigrated from Iran, and today it is in its third generation of leadership, run by Alex’s son. Under Alex’s leadership, the company acquired and developed Bishop Ranch, a 585-acre mixed-use community in the Bay Area with best-in-class offices, retail, and entertainment. The development includes over 9.5 million square feet in workspace for 30,000 employees with 600 tenants including IBM, AT&amp;T, Chevron, and GE Digital. Matt and Alex discuss the constant evolution of suburban office park developments, the successes of a multi-generational family business, and Alex’s civic leadership roles.Alex is a San Francisco Bay Area native.
17/02/20201 hour 4 minutes 1 second
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Ben Harris | CEO of Link Industrial Properties

Ben Harris, CEO of Link Industrial Properties, Blackstone’s industrial sector operating platform, joins us for this week’s episode of Leading Voices in Real Estate. In this episode, we dive into the drivers of the robust industrial sector, especially how the overall secular changes in retail, logistics, and distribution are driving a re-make of the industrial real estate business. We also discuss Blackstone’s approach to Link and its businesses in other real estate sectors, both from the investment and operating angles, and the extraordinary growth of the Link platform from a start up to a 355-million square foot business in just over a year. And as always, we talk about Ben and his career path into this role.
03/02/20201 hour 3 minutes 23 seconds
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Mark Myers | EVP and Head of Commercial Real Estate at Wells Fargo

With almost 40 years under his belt at Wells Fargo, Mark Myers is the bank’s Head of Commercial Real Estate. Under his leadership, Wells Fargo has been the #1 commercial real estate lender for the last 10 years. As a longtime leader in this space along with his upcoming retirement in February 2020, Mark shares his perspective on the vast changes in the real estate capital markets over this period and reflects on his career. He also expands on his outlook of the current markets and what he sees is a stable infrastructure moving forward for the business.
20/01/20201 hour 2 minutes 21 seconds
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Amy Price | Managing Partner, Co-Head of U.S. at BentallGreenOak

Our first episode in 2020 features Amy Price, Managing Partner and Co-Head of the U.S. business for BentallGreenOak. After the recent merger between Bentall Kennedy and Green Oak, which she helped orchestrate, the company has grown to become a $48B real estate investment manager with a global footprint. Amy is a senior leader in the real estate investment management business. We talk about overall trends and challenges in this sector and how she has navigated and built her career, first at Morgan Stanley and now at BGO.Amy has responsibility for the operating and financial performance of BGO U.S. business and has direct oversight of transactions, asset management, and portfolio management. Amy focuses her time on the Core, Core Plus and Development parts of the business. Amy chairs the U.S. Investment Committee for BGO Diversified and Separate Account Clients, co-chairs the U.S. Management Committee, and is a member of the
06/01/202055 minutes 50 seconds
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David Brickman | CEO of Freddie Mac

David Brickman was appointed CEO of Freddie Mac in July 2019. He has been with the company for over two decades, previously serving as a longtime leader of its multifamily division. Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, Freddie’s sister GSE, have both been in government conservatorship for eleven years and there finally seems to be a feasible pathway back to private status. In this interview, David dives deep about his leadership of Freddie’s multifamily group and his rise within the organization based on his innovations, particularly in the area of securitization and housing affordability.A unique aspect of this episode is that most Leading Voices in Real Estate guests are founders or early generation leaders of companies. Due to the nature of the GSEs, there has been a lineage of chief executives before David. Freddie Mac makes housing possible for millions of families and individuals by providing mortgage capital to lenders. Since the
16/12/201949 minutes 33 seconds
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Cedric Bobo | Co-Founder of Project Destined (Rebroadcast)

As we wrap up Thanksgiving and head into the 2019 holiday season, we wanted to re-release an episode about hope, empowerment, and giving back with Cedric Bobo, Co-Founder of Project Destined. Project Destined is a social impact nonprofit that trains inner-city youth and military families to be active partners in sourcing and financing real estate investments. Students then receive a percentage of the profits from those investments in the form of scholarship funds.Cedric, who grew up in an underserved community in Memphis, became obsessed with business at a young age, inspired by his mother who worked for FedEx. He then received a degree in engineering, attended Harvard Business School, and spent the first part of his career in private equity, culminating in becoming an executive at Carlyle Group. Cedric has an entrepreneurial spirit, and he wanted to combine his two passions of investment and social impact, which drove him to
02/12/20191 hour 8 minutes 56 seconds
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Brad Greiwe | Co-Founder & Managing Partner at Fifth Wall

Disruptors in real estate, particularly in the PropTech sector, are topics that Matt has tackled on several Leading Voices in Real Estate episodes, including with guests like Clara Brenner, the co-heads of Lyric, Jamie Hodari, and Chip Conley. He expands on this conversation with Brad Greiwe, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Fifth Wall, the largest venture capital fund focused on the global real estate industry and property technology. Still in his 30s, Brad already has substantial career achievements (including co-founding Invitation Homes) and has created a VC fund that is differentiated from others. For instance, half of Fifth Wall’s billion-dollar VC funds come from investors inside of the industry. Additionally, the company consults with real estate clients on how to get ahead of the curve in terms of technology and innovation to drive a more sustainable performance. Brad’s entrepreneurial spirit and gravitas demonstrate how he is establis
18/11/20191 hour 4 minutes 37 seconds
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Paul Smithers | CEO of Innovative Industrial Properties

Leading Voices in Real Estate has tackled the full spectrum of the real estate industry: multifamily, office, retail, hospitality, and now cannabis? That’s right. This week, Matt speaks with Paul Smithers, CEO of Innovative Industrial Properties, the first and only NYSE REIT serving the cannabis space. It’s hard to imagine that this type of business would exist even a decade ago, but with the changing landscape of real estate investment groups and the legalization of marijuana across the U.S., Innovative Industrial Properties tapped into an industry with huge growth potential.Founded in 2016, Innovative Industrial Properties (IIP) is the pioneering real estate investment trust for the medical-use cannabis industry. Like a traditional real estate investment trust (REIT), a corporation that combines the capital of many investors to acquire income-producing real estate, IIP invests in facilities that are a combination of industrial buildings plus greenhouses for (mostly)
04/11/201949 minutes 8 seconds
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Jamie Hodari | CEO and Co-Founder of Industrious

It’s no surprise that coworking spaces are shaking up the business world. Many companies are abandoning their traditional offices, selling assets like desks and rolling chairs, and downsizing square footage to move into modern outsourced workplaces, like Industrious and WeWork. With this growing trend, competition is increasing, though no two models are identical and profits can be hard to achieve. This week’s timely discussion with Jamie Hodari, CEO and Co-Founder of Industrious, touches on just that and drills into what sets a company like Industrious apart from others.The three major takeaways from this conversation are just that:In terms of user experience, coworking spaces are extremely differentiated.Not all of these coworking businesses need to have a “unicorn model” that completely disrupts the office industry.<p
21/10/20191 hour 7 minutes 11 seconds
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Dr. Peter Linneman | Founding Chairman of Wharton’s Real Estate Department

The late 1980s saw massive changes in the real estate industry. The passage of the Tax Reform Act of 1986 and then the S&amp;L crisis that followed transitioned the industry into a modern, institutional business. During this time, Dr. Peter Linneman had just started reworking the real estate program at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.Dr. Linneman was an outsider economist who saw the obvious future in information, transparency, and capital flows. This week’s conversation dives into Dr. Linneman’s experience, from his perch at Wharton where he learned from and then counseled the then giants in the industry on this transformation as well as trained the future generation of leaders in the business.Dr. Linneman’s story begins in Lima, OH, which at the time was a booming industrial city. He supported himself starting at a young age to attend private high school and went on to obtain his maste
07/10/201956 minutes 55 seconds
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LVRE Podcast Season Four Kick-Off

Season Four Teaser | Where We’ve Been + Where We’re GoingAfter our summer hiatus, Leading Voices in Real Estate returns for its fourth season. To kick it off, host Matt Slepin shares the current trends of listeners and the direction for the new season. He also reflects on some of his favorite moments from the series that include:The episode with Lisa Picard, CEO of EQ Office, and how she demonstrates that there are no limits for women on how far they can take their careers.A two-part episode with Ron Terwilliger, former CEO of Trammell Crow Residential, where he walks through the entirety of his influential career and his lasting impact on the real estate industry. A big portion of the conversation is on affordability, a common topic of this podcast that we see in other episodes like Bobby Turner, Daryl Carter, and Jonathan Rose.In the final interview of season three with Larry Webb, founder and CEO of The New Home Company, he concluded with the statement
16/09/20191 hour 17 minutes
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Phil Freelon | Lead Architect of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture (Rebroadcast)

This is Matt Slepin and welcome to Leading Voices in Real Estate. I just read the sad news that architect Phil Freelon, a guest on the show back in June 2017, just passed away. This is a rerelease of that interview.In the interview, we spoke about his life, his work, his family and his battle with ALS, which he approached as another mountain to climb. Phil is best known for designing the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture. He was also the mastermind behind Atlanta’s National Center for Civil and Human Rights and San Francisco’s Museum of the African Diaspora.This was a particularly moving conversation. Phil did not shy away from talking about his disease and how he was using the limited time that he knew he had left to plan for his legac
09/07/201942 minutes 31 seconds
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Larry Webb | Founder & CEO of The New Home Company

Larry is the founder and CEO of The New Home Company, a West Coast focused public homebuilder founded in 2009 in the depths of the financial crisis.Prior to forming The New Home Company, Larry was the CEO of John Laing Homes, where he was instrumental in growing that business from a small, two market company to the second largest private homebuilder in the US; he sold the firm in 2006 in the largest private residential transaction in US history.Larry talks about lessons learned in the homebuilding business and his thoughtful, intentional, lessons-learned approach to the business in the forming of The New Home Company.Larry talks passionately about his leadership journey from high school teacher and coach to building and running teams and companies in the homebuilding business and the meaning of his company’s mantra that “buildings homes is a noble thing to do with your life”. We discuss the audacity of using the word “noble
17/06/20191 hour 14 minutes 5 seconds
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Bobby Turner | Principal & CEO of Turner Impact Capital

Bobby Turner, the Principal and CEO of Turner Impact Capital, and previously the leader of Canyon’s real estate investment platform, is a passionate force for good in the real estate industry.His career began as a money maker and pure wealth creator in the private equity world, particularly in real estate at Canyon. Gradually, he eased into impact investing through an early partnership with Magic Johnson. This led to a revelation that inspired him to focus exclusively on impact investing, the art of balancing impact and profits, and the creation of Turner Impact Capital.Since 2014, Turner Impact Capital has become one of the country’s largest social impact investment funds, with $3 billion of investment potential in three areas:Workforce housing where they have acquired 7800 units.Charter schools with his partner Andre Agassi, which has built 103 public charter schools.Healthcare facili
03/06/20191 hour 4 minutes 25 seconds
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Gene Golub | Founder & Chairman of Golub and Company

Gene Golub is the Founder and Chairman of Golub and Company, a family-owned, international real estate developer and owner based in Chicago.Now in his eighties, Gene discusses the discipline and passion it took to build this commercial real estate business from the ground up in the ‘60s, and how his family values and culture have shaped its impressive trajectory. Gene highlights the projects and partnerships that influenced the company’s growth, from its early beginnings in his hometown of Chicago to Eastern Europe and beyond.Today, Gene guides the company directionally but has passed the baton onto the second and third generations of family members. The family’s strong trust in one generation to the next is a defining factor in the rich Golub and Company legacy.
20/05/201952 minutes 16 seconds
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Chris Rising | CEO of Rising Realty

In this episode of Leading Voices in Real Estate, host Matt Slepin engages in a sort of joint interview with Chris Rising, CEO of Rising Realty Partners, an LA-based vertically integrated real estate firm, and host of The Real Market Podcast. Chris and Matt talk about the lessons they’ve learned while hosting their podcasts and their experiences interviewing leaders in commercial real estate. They also swap questions with each other about their business journeys. While Matt talks about his work in executive search at Terra Search Partners, Chris discusses his family built company, Rising Realty Partners, which he co-founded with his father—real estate legend, and past client of Matt’s—Nelson Rising. Rising Realty Partners is largely an office property company, and is deeply focused on bringing technology, sustainability, and diversity into the real estate industry.Learn more about Chris Rising and Rising Realty Partners:Rising Realty Partners</
06/05/20191 hour 4 minutes 28 seconds
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Bill Bayless | Co-Founder & CEO of American Campus Communities

Today’s interview is with Bill Bayless who is the co-founder and CEO of the only publicly traded student housing company, American Campus Communities (ACC). Bill co-founded the company in 1993, literally just down the hall from Michael Dell who founded Dell Computers—that’s right, two of Austin’s biggest companies founded just a few dorm rooms apart from each other.This company is one of the true pioneers in the student housing business. ACC’s initial mission revolves around a deep and long term commitment to excellence and service—be it to employees, customers, investors—focusing on more than just a transactional goal.To learn more about Bill and American Campus Communities visit: mentioned in this episode:<a href=\"
22/04/20191 hour 2 minutes 35 seconds
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Ed Walter | Global CEO of the Urban Land Institute

Today’s interview is with Ed Walter, who was named Global CEO for the Urban Land Institute (ULI) in June of 2018. Ed has had a 35-year career in the industry prior to joining ULI, the headline of which was his 20 years at Host Hotels &amp; Resorts, formerly known as Host Marriott, of which the last 9 years he spent as its CEO. Now as the leader of ULI, Ed discusses the changes and challenges that the organization faces, as well as its mission in representing the voice of thoughtful development out in the world. The real estate industry is all about helping create sustainable and vibrant cities and places to live, work, and play. ULI plays a crucial role in articulating and promoting that message and aspiration.Find out more about Ed Walter:Renowned Real Estate Industry Leader W. Edward Walter Is ULI’s New Global CEO<a href=
08/04/20191 hour 6 minutes 21 seconds
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Gilda Perez-Alvarado | CEO of JLL Hotels & Hospitality Group

In this episode of Leading Voices in Real Estate, Matt Slepin interviews Gilda Perez-Alvarado. Gilda was recently, in September 2018, named the CEO for JLL’s Hotels and Hospitality Group, Americas. In the interview, Gilda shares her career story — from growing up in Costa Rica, to hotel school at Cornell, then working across the globe on hotel transactions, and now her leadership in the business. She shares her wisdom both about the ever-changing hotel business and its ever-deepening engagement with its guests as well as the global nature and appeal of investing in the sector.This is the first part of back-to-back episodes on the hospitality business. Our conversation with Gilda will be followed up with a conversation with Ed Walter, formerly head of Host Hotels and Resorts, and now the Global CEO of the Urban Land Institute.Find out more about Gilda Perez-Alvarado:Gilda on
25/03/201951 minutes 28 seconds
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Cedric Bobo | Co-Founder & CEO of Project Destined

Cedric Bobo is the Co-Founder of Project Destined, a 501c3 that educates both inner city kids and military veterans in financial literacy and community development by their investing, shark tank style, in real real estate deals in their communities. Project Destined brings in the kids and the vets alongside major real estate investment firms like Brookfield in the Bronx and Cortland Partners in Atlanta, with sponsorship and participation from the NBA and celebs like A-Rod, J Lo, and Mariano Rivera. The mission of Project Destined is to transform minority youth into owners and stakeholders in the communities in which they live, work and play. Cedric tells his career story — from growing up in Memphis, to Harvard Business School, to investment banking and private equity at DLJ and The Carlyle Group, to founding Project Destined.
11/03/20191 hour 9 minutes 10 seconds
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NMHC Panel | Industry Leaders Discuss Challenges of Recruiting Talent

In this special edition showcasing a panel discussion from the 2019 National Multifamily Housing Council Meeting, we explore the centerpiece topic of recruiting and managing talent in today’s industry with four leaders in the apartment business: Bill Bayless, CEO of American Campus Communities; Chris Payne, President of SARES-REGIS Group; Cindy Scharringhausen, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Camden Property Trust; and Julie Smith, Chief Administrative Officer at The Bozzuto Group. They are generous in sharing their honest challenges, valuable wisdom, innovative strategies, and time-tested tactics for success.Related Links<a href="
25/02/201946 minutes 16 seconds
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Lucy Billingsley | Co-Founder of Billingsley Company

You might say that innovation, passion, and real estate are in Lucy Billingsley’s blood. As the only daughter of real estate legend Trammell Crow, Lucy wanted to make her own name for herself and co-founded the Billingsley Company with her husband. The firm has been developing and creating spaces full of dynamic energy in the Dallas area for years.
11/02/201952 minutes 26 seconds
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Clyde Holland, Christine Espenshade, & Mike Kingsella Discussion on Multifamily Supply/Demand

In today’s round table discussion, Co-head of JLL’s Multifamily Capital Market’s platform, Christine Espenshade; CEO of Holland Partner Group, Clyde Holland; and Executive Director of Up for Growth National Coalition, Mike Kingsella explore the future of the Multifamily Housing Market and the policies shaping its trajectory.The FutureWhile Clyde, Christine, and Mike agree that the outlook is positive and the economy is picking up, the supply is already a problem for the increasing demand in the market.Clyde advises developers and builders to get start building now to get ahead of the projected buying challenges, with the knowledge that it may be slow in the beginning but will pay off as demand increases.Christine emphasizes that institutional investors are already interested and willing to support these long-term projects because they know that the investment promises steady, safe returns. The shift from home ownership to long-term apartment
04/02/201935 minutes 14 seconds
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Bill Stein | CEO of Digital Realty Trust

Bill Stein, CEO of Digital Realty, one of the largest data center real estate companies in the world, entered the data center space just as the cloud was born.“We are fortunately right at the middle of all of this, we are at the heart of this revolution.”Pennsylvania and PrincetonBill grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, where relationships, friendship, family, and sports (specifically football) mattered above all else. He attended boarding school in Philadelphia, Princeton for his B.A. in the classics, and the University of Pittsburgh for law school.After working for his father’s law firm as an insurance defense litigator, he joined Duquesne Light Company as a lawyer and then Assistant Treasurer, and then Westinghouse Credit and Westinghouse Electric where he tackled deals before and during the S&amp;L crisis.In 1994, Bill moved to San Francisco to work with one of his previous clients at Westinghouse, TriNet Corporate Realty Trust whic
28/01/201956 minutes 50 seconds
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Daryl Carter | Founder & CEO of Avanath

Daryl Carter is the Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Avanath Capital Management, LLC, a real estate investment firm that acquires, renovates, and operates affordable and workforce housing communities across the US. His dual focus on both investment returns and improving the communities where he invests is rare in this business, and we hear on this episode what drives Daryl to succeed in this balancing act.
14/01/20191 hour 26 minutes 22 seconds
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John Stewart | Founder & Chairman of John Stewart Company

John Stewart is the Founder and Chair of the John Stewart Company, a San Francisco-based owner, developer, and manager of affordable and mixed-income housing, founded in 1978 with three employees.Today, the Company has 1,400 employees in five offices in the state of California, managing 31,000 units with over 2000 units in its development pipeline.From Aerospace to Affordable HousingJohn grew up in California, graduating from Stanford in 1956 with a liberal arts degree and a focus on history and finance. When he was recruited by U.S. Steel, he moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles but found that the large corporate culture wasn’t a good fit for his entrepreneurial mindset. He switched to TRW as a young management trainee and moved in 1964 to Houston to join TRW’s new offices at the
31/12/20181 hour 4 minutes
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Sam Zell | Founder & Chairman of Equity International (Rebroadcast)

Sam Zell, one of the most storied names in real estate, describes his riveting journey from his parents’ escape from Poland in 1939 as Hitler invaded to how he built his real estate empire at Equity International, created the modern REIT, and lead the industry public.More about Equity Group InvestmentsForbes Magazine on Sam Zell’s successAm I Being Too Subtle?: Straight Talk From a Business Rebel
17/12/201854 minutes 21 seconds
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Colin Weil | Co-Founder of MYND Management

Colin Wiel is Co-Founder Chairman, and CTO of Mynd, a full stack, tech-enabled, property management company focused on small residential (single family rentals plus small multi-family buildings).AI and JavaColin grew up in Washington D.C., went to high school in Reno, Nevada, and went to UC Berkeley where he got his BA in mechanical engineering. Straight out of college, he landed a dream job at Boeing, where he wrote algorithms for automatic control systems and developed groundbreaking new software.He had a strong entrepreneurial spirit and soon struck out on his own as an independent software consultant working with giants like Hewlett Packard, Oracle, and Netscape, where he became one of the very first Java programmers in the world.He began developing and teaching the Java curriculum for UC Berkeley and while continuing his consultin
03/12/20181 hour 8 minutes 24 seconds
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Art Gensler | Founder of Gensler | Riki Nishimura | Director of Urban Strategies at Gensler

Art GenslerWhen Art Gensler started his firm in 1965, Gensler solely did interiors. Today, it is not just an interior or a design firm; rather, Gensler thinks of itself as a full-scale, client-focused design firm with a team of 6,000 in 48 offices around the world.He remembers knowing he wanted to be an architect from since he was 5 years old, and credits his ability to visualize things and communicate that vision well to his skill as a planner.After working in the service, he went on to work for a Shreve, Lamb and Harmon in NYC, spent time in the British West Indies, and created the entire architectural standards guide for Wurster, Bernardi &amp; Emmons. At 30, he struck out on his own.EvolvingArt says that when he founded Gensler, it started slowly by focusing on produci
19/11/201856 minutes 22 seconds
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Liz Holland | CEO of Abbell Associates

Liz Holland is now CEO of her grandfather’s over 77-year-old real estate business, Abbell Associates. She never imagined she would end up there, but she says it was amazing creating a relationship with her grandfather and becoming his colleague for two years before he passed away and continuing his legacy.“It’s such a challenging time in retail real estate because things are transforming so quickly and certainly there have been big retail disruptors in the past and there will be bigger retail disruptors in the future, so it’s been quite exciting for us both in our real estate business and our software business to anticipate those disruptors and ride the wave.”Early CareerHer early career in bond trading, law school, her time at Sekadden Arps, and then working in government for a congressional commission gave her a thick skin and taught her how to take risks. She also was quick to learn that she had a strong desire to be an expert in what
05/11/20181 hour 8 minutes 25 seconds
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Lisa Picard | CEO of EQ Office

Lisa Picard is a woman with a vision. Thanks to technology, the office development space has evolved from a B2B market to B2C, and she’s on the front lines of in an industry resistant to change.“We’re really not producing products per say; we’re creating ideas. And so, … organizations’ access to ideas is really through collaboration, connection, of having really high-quality talent.”CuriosityLisa grew up in Southeast L.A. County with her twin sister and Depression-era parents who taught her to cherish and respect her resources. This instilled in her a fascination for her urban environment, and she went on to study Urban Planning at California State Polytechnic University.After graduation, she worked closely with the City of L.A., and she saw how developers had a different view book than she did. She wanted in and applied to MIT to dive deeper into development, planning, urban economics, and finance.Just before heading to MIT, a
22/10/20181 hour 31 minutes 26 seconds
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Jon Geanakos | President, Americas of JLL Capital Markets

Jon Geanakos grew up in Ipswich, Massachusetts, raised mainly by his Greek immigrant grandparents. They gave him a strong sense of ethnicity and hard work, speaking Greek predominantly in their home and running a local grocery store and ice cream parlor. He was recruited to play lacrosse at the University of Lowell and it was there that he found himself embracing leadership. As the captain of his lacrosse team, he excelled at helping the right people work together to achieve their goal.His lacrosse coach introduced him to the president of the local bank, Lowell Institution, and that set him on the trajectory to real estate.   “It’s fascinating how one person just at that pivot point in a young person’s life can guide you to what your life’s work is. You never understand the profoundness at the time when it happens, you obviously realize it when the years have passed.”Jon’s Leadership JourneyAfter a few years at the bank, he
08/10/20181 hour 11 minutes 17 seconds
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Ron Terwilliger | Former CEO of Trammell Crow Residential/Chair Enterprise Community Partners (part 2)

Ron Terwilliger’s outstanding career and legacy didn’t end when he retired from Trammell Crow, it only grew.Coming from a low-income family with little expectations of wealth, he wanted to give back and affordable housing seemed to be the most natural place for his philanthropic interest to bloom.   “As I started to get wealthy in my late forties and fifties, I began thinking: what should I do with my time and wealth?”From his $100 million legacy gift to Habitat for Humanity, chairing Habitat’s international Board and the Enterprise Community Partners board to name a few, Ron gives generously of his money, time, and expertise.Public PolicyWhile he is very active in the private sector, his role in the public sector has made a serious impact. After being invited to give a lecture at Harvard on Housing Policy in America, he became inspired by the great Shortage of affordable housing in this country. He characterized this shortage
24/09/201848 minutes 26 seconds
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Ron Terwilliger | Former CEO of Trammell Crow Residential (part 1)

In today’s episode, Ron Terwilliger, a great influencer in the apartment sector and dedicated philanthropist, shares part one of his story: his leadership at Trammell Crow Residential and how he literally spawned the next generation of the business.A Strong FoundationRon TerwilligerRon Terwilliger grew up in Arlington, Virginia in the late forties and fifties. He played baseball and basketball at Wakefield High School, and despite a back defect which was thought to be the end of his playing career, he went on to play for the Naval Academy. There, he was named an Academic All American in basketball.Post-graduation, he spent five years in the Navy before getting his MBA at Harvard.“I had one real estate class and I really liked it. I have a fairly good feel for numbers and how they relate and how to think about the quantitative side of the business.”His first real estate job was at Sea Pines
17/09/20181 hour 7 minutes 45 seconds
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Chip Conley | Former Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy for Airbnb (Rebroadcast)

Chip Conley started one of the country’s first boutique hotel chains, Joie de Vivre, when he was just 26 years old. After selling the company, he joined the startup Airbnb at age 52, despite the fact that the young founders were primed to disrupt his industry.Read more about Chip’s leadershipRead more about Chip’s role at AirbnbPre-order Chip’s newest book, Wisdom @ Work: The Making of a Modern ElderLearn more about Chip’s other books*This is a rebroadcast of our previous interview with Chip Conley.
03/09/201858 minutes
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Clara Brenner | Venture Capitalist Making City-Living Easier

Clara Brenner is the Co-founder and Managing Partner of the Urban Innovation Fund, a venture capital firm that provides seed capital and regulatory support to the tech startups addressing the challenges facing urban dwellers. Clara and I had a wide-ranging discussion about her career, business, and the startups and technologies in which her firm has invested.Real Estate and GovernmentGrowing up in Washington, D.C., Clara was surrounded by real estate and government, and found herself drawn to both. Her undergrad thesis explored the historic relationship between real estate developers and local government in Lower Manhattan.“Ultimately, I decided to go down the real estate development path because it seemed like you were equally influential and you got to have more fun, be more creative, and make more money.”After four years of working in real estate, Clara realized she wanted to be her own
20/08/201858 minutes 42 seconds
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Karl Polen | Chief Investment Officer of Arizona State Retirement System

Karl Polen did not start out with his sights on real estate. He left his Midwest roots for Nashville at 19, eventually playing with the likes of Charlie Daniels and Johnny Cash.“One of the highlights of my life is that I actually met and chatted with Johnny Cash. He was an incredibly gracious guy.”Karl credits music for shaping his professional career by teaching him the type of discipline and focused effort it takes to become successful.Opening New DoorsWhen he needed a steadier paycheck, Karl went on to work in accounting and received his MBA at Vanderbilt. He was drawn to an entrepreneurial culture, worked with Ed Robson of Robson Communities in the 1980’s, and then joined Francis Najafi, Founder of Pivotal Group, as a partner in real estate investment. Working with these driven entrepreneurs was incredibly fulfilling, and Karl thrived in his role as he helped focus and implement the larger vision.Arizona State Retirement Syste
06/08/20181 hour 4 minutes
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Matt Slepin (Hosted by Jeff Large) | Managing Partner of Terra Search Partners

Note from the host- In this episode, you will actually hear me being interviewed, rather than me doing the interview. Jeff Large is the editor of Season 2 of Leading Voices. He interviewed me on his podcast, The Jeff Large Podcast, where he talks about tech, podcasting, and running a business. I get to discuss how this relates to real estate from both a recruiting and leadership standpoint. Enjoy!Terra Search PartnersI founded Terra Search Partners in 2006, a highly consultative executive search firm specializing in the real estate industry. Clients hire Terra as an advisor and consultant to help them understand and hire leaders for their firm.True LeadersCuriosity, humility, a deep understanding of others and their industry, and people who talk about mentors and teams are traits that I consistently see in true leaders. All of them come from some depth of knowledge in the
30/07/201837 minutes 26 seconds
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Joe Framain + Andrew Kitchell | Co-Founders of Lyric

Joe Fraiman and Andrew Kitchell, the Co-Founders of Lyric, While it is tempting to compare their startup business to Airbnb, it is actually quite different. Lyric is a highly curated, highly designed, professionally-operated version of rentals where they have total control over the supply, design, and experience of their guests.The Connection:With a background in software and finance, Joe moved West and started Tastemaker, a company created to help people find the right interior designer. At this time, Andrew was managing Beyond Stays and reached out to Joe at Tastemaker to remodel their properties.They had lunch and quickly realized they shared a passion for the possibilities at the intersection of technology, data, and real estate. They saw that people want to live and travel in a more flexible, experience-driven way and they de
23/07/201854 minutes 54 seconds
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Ken Woolley | Founder & Chairman of Extra Space Storage

Ken grew up in Northern California’s Bay Area, eventually receiving his M.B.A. and Ph.D. from Stanford in Business. Simultaneously, he obtained a California Brokers License because he was drawn to real estate. He was aware of the self-storage industry in California, but when he moved out to Boston after college he saw that there was a gap in the market on the East Coast. This piqued his interest in the industry.After opening up the first Extra Space Storage in Billings, MT in 1977 in a partnership with his boss at the time, Ken went on to teach at Brigham Young University (BYU) in Utah. There, he continued growing Extra Space, until sky-high interest rates slowed down development in the early 1980s and again in the early 1990’s.“I didn’t think it through very well… but you know, sometimes when you’re an entrepreneur you don’t have a good long-term strategy. You’re just trying to survive.”The Modern Extra SpaceInspired by the corporate strate
09/07/201854 minutes 5 seconds
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Jane Graf | President & CEO of Mercy Housing

Jane Graf is the President and CEO of Mercy Housing based in Denver and operating nationally, one of the country’s largest nonprofit affordable housing organizations.Jane’s work in affordable housing began early, as she founded the nonprofit Specialized Housing that built affordable housing for those with disabilities before she was 30. When her husband was relocated to San Francisco for his job, she began working for Catholic Charities, which eventually led to her joining Mercy Housing during a merger.Jane credits Mercy Housing’s resilient structure to the Sisters of Mercy’s entrepreneurial approach and understanding that to do good work, you need to put money behind it and take risks.25:40 “They built these institutional responses to need… They kno
25/06/20181 hour 11 minutes
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John Rahaim | Planning Director for the City of San Francisco

John Rahaim grew up in Detroit. His high school day of community service inspired him to understand the city more, and he went on to receive his B.S. in Architecture from the University of Michigan and a Masters in Architecture with an emphasis on Urban Design from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.The Urban Design program focused on man-environment systems which especially fascinated John."It’s all about the interaction of human behavior and the environment and how each one affects the other."Pittsburgh’s Second Renaissance:After graduating from Wisconsin, he headed to Pittsburgh in the early 80’s, at which point it had the third largest number of corporate headquarters in the country. However, over the 15 years that he was there, most of them left, along with the 27 steel mills.Despite this traumatic change to the city’s makeup, John credits Pittsburgh’s strong ethnic neighborhoods for maintaining their stability, low cri
11/06/20181 hour 3 minutes 31 seconds
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Fred Tuomi | President and CEO of Invitation Homes

A Technology FoundationFred Tuomi was born in Minnesota, and went on to attend high school and college in Georgia, receiving a B.A. in Business Information Systems and a Masters in Business Administration from Georgia State University. While working for the Computer Sciences Corporation doing consulting, Fred connected with John Lie-Nelsen of Consolidated Capital and Johnstown Properties. This opportunity led to Fred creating the very first automated, apartment management system.“The idea was, let’s use these things called computers that make everything more efficient and increase productivity… Let’s put it where we have most of our people. To really get the benefits of productivity enhancement, you have to make as many employees as possible productive, not just a few back at the home office.”When the Tax Reform Act of 19
28/05/20181 hour 3 minutes 6 seconds
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Gerald Hines | Founder of Hines

Gerald Hines founded his business in 1957 as a developer of office properties. His namesake company now has a presence in 201 cities and 24 countries, and manages over $110 billion in property. Hines is renowned for not only creating the highest quality buildings in the market, but for partnering with the world’s best architects.The Beginning:Born in Gary, IN in 1925, Hines was the child of parents who came on a boat from Nova Scotia. Growing up, he ran cross country and track and is proud to share that his team won the city championships. He entered college at Purdue early, completing 3 semesters of studies before joining the Army at 18.While in the service, he was part of the Army Corps of Engineers, and his travels introduced him to the inspiring architecture in Seattle and Tacoma.After the Army, Hines returned to school to complete his Mechanical Engineering degree and spent some time selling engineering equipment.He made t
14/05/201843 minutes 16 seconds
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Dar Williams | Musician and Author of “What I Found in A Thousand Towns”

Community BuildingMusic was everywhere. We played music, we were encouraged to play music, we sang in the car. But that was also the 70’s.Dar grew up in Chappaqua, NY during the 70’s. It was developing and becoming more progressive as a commuter city to New York City. Her parents were involved in city politics but also enjoyed art, gardening, and music.Through volunteering and fundraising, her parents exemplified community building, her father specifically holding an instrumental role in bringing their local library to life. Dar emphasizes the importance and beauty of libraries as community gathering spaces.Growing up, she has a clear memory of listening to Judy Collins and connecting with the seriousness and poetry of the songwriting. She pursued playwriting and theater until she moved to Boston where she began doing open mics and writing songs in its supportive, vibrant music community.Taking OffAs Dar began traveling and per
07/05/20181 hour 2 minutes 5 seconds
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Jim Ketai | Revitalizing Detroit

Jim was born and raised in the Detroit suburbs. He has positive memories of the dynamic neighborhood full of families raising their kids and a strong public school environment. Also clear in his memory is a downtown visited on special occasions or to shop at Hudson’s, once America’s largest department store.Transit:Jim attributes Detroit’s early lack of public transportation to the fact that it was the hub for automotive companies, making car ownership king. He wonders how different things might have been, had public transportation been implemented.Many companies have maintained their presence in downtown Detroit through thick and thin, however, during this time of new investment, attracting and retaining top talent is the priority. Bedrock’s success has sparked competition and investment by others in downtown Detroit, helping bring young people and new businesses to the Central Business District.Roo
30/04/201853 minutes 15 seconds
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Keith Oden | President of Camden Property Trust

Creating and Building:Born in McComb, MS, Keith says he could have written the book “Hillbilly Elegy,” about his own life. Since his parents weren’t really in the picture, his grandmother raised him from a young age in Pasadena, TX. He went on to graduate from the University of Texas, receiving his MBA with a concentration in real estate shortly thereafter.“I was just intrigued always with the idea of creating and building things.”After working as a management consultant at Deloitte, he interviewed at Century Development and joined the team. This is where he met Ric Campo, who became his long-time business partner.During that time, they realized that considering Houston’s economic recovery status, short-term leases were going to do the best, so they focused their business on apartments.From there, Keith and Ric began buying apartments in Houston and working with investors, until the RTC came along and the one-off asset g
16/04/20181 hour 5 minutes 7 seconds
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Sam Zell | Founder & Chairman of Equity International

Sam Zell, one of the most storied names in real estate, describes his riveting journey from his parents’ escape from Poland in 1939 as Hitler invaded to how he built his real estate empire at Equity International, created the modern REIT, and lead the industry public.More about Equity Group InvestmentsForbes Magazine on Sam Zell’s successAm I Being Too Subtle?: Straight Talk From a Business Rebel
05/09/201753 minutes 32 seconds
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A-P Hurd | President of Touchstone

A-P Hurd was not planning on going into the real estate industry. After working in journalism and on the trading floor, she then landed a leadership role at Touchstone. Her unique perspective on business encourages people to use their skillsets to allow them to do their best work.Executive Q+A: A-P Hurd’s Urban ExpressionRead more about AP’s book The Carbon Efficient City
23/08/201746 minutes 19 seconds
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Gadi Kaufmann | Managing Director & CEO of RCLCO

After growing up in Israel and serving in the army, Gadi Kaufmann came to the U.S. on a scholarship to Brigham Young University. His drive led him to an interview with RCLCO during college; and now, after 38 years and four careers at RCLCO, he has transitioned to the current managing director and CEO.Read Gadi’s biography
08/08/201745 minutes 8 seconds
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Ellen Winkler | Co-Founder of INDUSTRY, Drumbeat

Ellen Winkler became an accidental developer when she moved her video production firm to Denver and failed to find a fun, yet collaborative work environment. Now she is creating coworking spaces all around the city.Read more about Ellen’s backgroundRead more about Drumbeat
25/07/201746 minutes 42 seconds
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Jonathan Rose | President of Jonathan Rose Companies

Jonathan Rose left his family’s multigenerational real estate company to start his own for-profit mission-driven development firm. His passion for creating communities of opportunity is strengthened through the belief that we all share a compassion that makes the world a better place.More information on the Rose CompaniesMore information on the Well Tempered City
11/07/201727 minutes 43 seconds
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Phil Freelon | Lead Architect of the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of African American History and Culture

Leaving a legacy is easy for Phil Freelon, who founded one of the largest African American–owned architecture firms. With numerous cultural institutions under his belt, including the newest Smithsonian museum, he is motivated to design places where the public can convene.Phil Freelon’s bioRead more about the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and CultureRead more about Phil Freelon
16/06/201744 minutes 17 seconds
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Mary Ann Tighe | CEO, New York Tri-State Region of CBRE

Mary Ann Tighe didn’t know what commercial real estate was until she was 36 years old. With a successful career in the Carter/Mondale White House before launching the A&amp;E network, she recognized her knack for deal-making and is now one of the country’s most prolific brokers.Read Mary Ann Tighe’s bioRead more about Mary Ann’s career
13/06/201745 minutes 52 seconds
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Chip Conley | Former Head of Global Hospitality and Strategy for Airbnb

Chip Conley started one of the country’s first boutique hotel chains, Joie de Vivre, when he was just 26 years old. After selling the company, he joined the startup Airbnb at age 52, despite the fact that the young founders were primed to disrupt his industry.Read more about Chip’s leadershipRead more about Chip’s role at AirbnbPre-order Chip’s newest book, Wisdom @ Work: The Making of a Modern ElderLearn more about Chip’s other books*This is a rebroadcast of our previous interview with Chip Conley.
30/05/201759 minutes 37 seconds
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Tom Geddes | CEO of Plank Industries

A chance meeting on a playground led Kevin Plank, Under Armour’s founder, to ask Tom Geddes to oversee his private investments. Tom’s leadership is enhancing Baltimore’s waterfront and how the public experiences the city.Learn more about Plank IndustriesLearn more about Tom Geddes
16/05/201738 minutes 49 seconds
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Janet Marie Smith | Executive Vice President Planning and Development of Los Angeles Dodgers

Janet Marie Smith had a homerun vision for Camden Yards, the first baseball stadium in 70 years that was built within the existing urban fabric of any U.S. city. With stadium work in Boston and Atlanta also under her belt, she is now enhancing 55-year-old Dodger Stadium.Learn more about Janet Marie SmithRead more about Janet Marie Smith’s involvement with Camden Yards
02/05/201739 minutes
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Andrés Duany | Founder of Congress for the New Urbanism/DPZ CoDesign

Following the advice of his grandfather, Andrés Duany knows he can either be popular or indispensable, and he’s chosen the latter. Made famous by his traditional neighborhood design of Seaside, Florida, Duany has led the charge in creating new urbanist communities.Learn more about Andrés Duany and DPZRead more about New Urbanism
19/04/201740 minutes 35 seconds
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Scott Cowen | President of Tulane University

How does one prepare for an unexpected crisis? Scott Cowen managed to lead Tulane University through Hurricane Katrina, strengthening the student body and city of New Orleans in the process by strategically integrating the two.
05/04/201741 minutes 5 seconds
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MaryAnne Gilmartin | President & CEO of Forest City Ratner Companies

MaryAnne Gilmartin defies many conventions in the real estate world. She wears high heels to construction sites of major New York City projects and has achieved the top leadership position in a family business where she has no relation.
22/03/201748 minutes 15 seconds
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Toby Bozzuto | President & CEO of The Bozzuto Group

Growing up, Toby Bozzuto did not want to work in the family business—yet now he is the CEO. Toby began his career in the music industry but was drawn into the real estate world because of the foundational values his father set for the Bozzuto Group.
08/03/201746 minutes 43 seconds
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Alex Gilliam | Director of Public Workshop

Teens using power tools? That’s the foundation for Alex Gilliam’s two nonprofits. He brings together youth to physically build amenities in their struggling neighborhoods. These students learn how to engage civically while changing the urban landscape.Learn more about Alex Gilliam and Public WorkshopWatch Alex Gilliam’s TED Talk
07/02/201737 minutes 19 seconds
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Kimber Lanning | Founder of Local First Arizona

Kimber Lanning has operated an independent record store in downtown Phoenix for 30 years. Her experience as a small business owner led her to start Local First Arizona, advocating for self-reliant, unique downtowns that can support the little guy.Learn more about Kimber Lanning and Local First Arizona
07/02/201738 minutes 20 seconds
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Steve Leeper | President & CEO of 3CDC

Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine neighborhood was one of the most blighted in the country, impeding on the city’s economic development. Leveraging creative financing as well as civic and corporate partnerships, Steve Leeper has led 3CDC in the transformation of this historic neighborhood.Learn more about Steve Leeper and 3CDCLearn more about the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood
31/01/201748 minutes 26 seconds
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Alicia Glen | Deputy Mayor for Housing and Economic Development

A lifelong New Yorker, Alicia Glen serves as the city’s deputy mayor for housing and economic development. Why did she leave the private sector for public service, and what are the challenges for New York given one of its own is entering the White House?Read Alicia Glen’s bio
24/01/201738 minutes 13 seconds
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Egbert Perry | CEO of Integral Group

Egbert Perry of the Integral Group developed the national model for mixed-income housing. He has since been changing the notion of which industry sectors people of color are accepted, and successfully forging into market-rate commercial projects.Read more about Egbert Perry and the Integral GroupRead a 1998 article on the creation of Centennial Place
24/01/201741 minutes 28 seconds
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Steve Wilson | Founder of 21c Museum Hotels

Steve Wilson is the founder of 21c Museum Hotels, started in Louisville, Kentucky, in 2006. These unique concept hotels, which incorporate gallery space for Wilson’s expansive art collection, are a unique way to help revitalize the downtowns of midsized cities with a growing tourism industry. Wilson and his wife now have seven other hotels open or under construction around the United States. In this episode, Wilson talks about his unusual path to creating such a unique revitalization technique and the impact it has had in his hometown and beyond.Read more about Steve Wilson and 21c Museum HotelsRead the ULI Case Study on the 21c Museum Hotel Cincinnati
17/01/201740 minutes 42 seconds
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Marilyn Strickland | Mayor of Tacoma, WA

As an African American and Asian American woman in office, Mayor Marilyn Strickland challenges our notion of what makes a strong leader. She talks about her journey, starting with a job at the headquarters of Starbucks to earning the top post of an international port city. Mayor Strickland is a trustee of ULI and was a Rose Center for Public Leadership and Land Use fellow.Read Mayor Strickland’s bioRead Mayor Strickland’s 2016 State of the City speech
17/01/201749 minutes 44 seconds