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English, Finance, 8 seasons, 188 episodes, 5 days 5 hours 53 minutes
The Leadership is Female podcast brings interviews with female leaders in sports to you each week so that you can uncover opportunity, hear tips to elevate your career, learn from our mistakes and successes, so that you can get to the top FASTER. We will lead HER forward because leadership is female.
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156. Strong Women are Called to Do Hard Things with Christina McInnis, CEO of Soil Kit

Christina Woerner McInnis is a fifth-generation farme; her family has been farming Alabama soils for over 100 years. In 2019, Christina founded of AgriTech Corp and created the product “SoilKit” which is a soil health technology platform. As an Alabama Rural-Owned Small Business of Year winner, Christina offers a unique perspective on being a female leader in a traditionally male business - farming. She offers "no hold back" advice on stepping up to the challenge. It's rare you get this candor, humility, and toughness all in one woman, Christina has it all. Listen in and level-up. Let's go! --- Support this podcast:
31/10/202341 minutes 3 seconds
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151. Business Building Lessons from a 20 Year CEO of a publicly traded company, Julie Smolyansky, CEO of Lifeway Foods LWAY

Julie Smolyansky became the youngest female CEO of a publicly held firm at the age of 27 when she took over leadership of Lifeway Foods in 2002. The company was founded by her refugee father over 30 years ago with the mission of bringing Kefir, an Eastern European product, into the U.S. mainstream. Under her leadership, the company has boosted revenues to over $140 million today from $12 million when she took over.
26/09/202353 minutes 36 seconds
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150. The Female Advantage with Sloane

Sloane left working for the 4th largest law firm in the world to start her own, generating millions of dollars before selling it to follow her real passion. By embracing her darkest parts with radical self-love, Sloane transformed her relationships and her life. Her connection with her daughter flourished, and she stepped fully onto her purpose path. Sloane discovered that by choosing pleasure as the foundation for everything she does, she could manifest success with a lot more ease. Armed with her background as a business attorney and decades of experience in scaling businesses, Sloane now guides other women on their path to uncovering their inner truths and creating personalized strategies for success. She combines her expertise with her intuition to help her clients shatter the boundaries of conventional thinking and embrace their highest potential. Fro
19/09/202354 minutes 9 seconds
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149. Masterclass in Leadership with Ellen Taaffe, Kellogg Professor (Northwestern University) and Author of "The Mirrored Door: Break Through the Hidden Barrier that Locks Successful Women In Place"

Ellen Taaffe, Leadership Coach, TEDx Speaker, Kellogg Professor, Board Director, and Author of "The Mirrored Door: Break Through the Hidden Barrier that Locks Successful Women In Place" Top 4 Takeaways: Self Promotion = Career Planning “Know the book on you” through understanding the feedback you get from others. Listen with curiosity when receiving feedback and learn how to ask “feed forward” or powerful questions when asking for feedback like, “What do you hope I’ll do? And What do you fear I’ll do?” We are our own toughest critics; knowing your inner critics “greatest hits” will help you to overcome your inner antagonist and elevate your inner protagonist.  Courage precedes confidence. Practice the small behaviors in the moments that scare you. Surviving these littl
12/09/202355 minutes 32 seconds
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148. Rebecca Otto, Vice President of Talent Marketing and Media at Wasserman

Rebecca Otto, Vice President of Talent Marketing and Media at Wasserman discusses making it in the industry, her tips on what to do when you get a no, how to climb the ladder, how to connect with your clients, how to pitch, how to create an amazing circle around you and so much more! Rebecca is IT. She's full of advice, down to Earth, and ready to share to help you to level up. Follow her journey or reach out here: Follow Leadership is Female: ⁠⁠
05/09/202334 minutes 47 seconds
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147. How to Have More Confidence in Today's Job Market

Are you looking for a job? Are you hiring? It's a confusing world out there and today Emily breaks down the state of the market and four tips on how to land a job, more confidently, faster. If you are hiring, this episode will help you to find a great candidate faster. If you are searching, this episode will help you get hired fasters. Let's find the job or candidate of our dreams. Let's go!
29/08/202335 minutes 13 seconds
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145. 10 Marketing Tips to Finish the Year Strong

It's August! Your year is hopefully cruising and you are hitting all of your company's marketing metrics, sales goals, and achieving more than ever before. If you are, or if you are not, this episode is for YOU. The Top 10 Marketing Tips for 2023 will help you finish the year strong and aid in your planning for 2024 - because that is just around the corner. Learn how to repurpose content, test, try new avenues, employ influencers and more tips to elevate your marketing strategy and results. Let's Go! Don't forget, my book, Let's Go, A Guide to Increasing Your Confidence is available for preorder until August 25! Get it here: Follow along at: instagram.
15/08/202335 minutes 18 seconds
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142. Building a Dream Team with Dr Jen Wagner, CEO of WeProsper.Co

Dr. Jen Wagner, MD, MS, has expertise in medicine, athletics, and business leadership. With a career spanning over 20 years in Medicine and Human Performance, and having honed her skills during her tenure at Stanford University, Dr. Wagner has emerged as a renowned expert in healthspan/lifespan. Her contributions are not limited to academia, as she has also made a significant impact as a partner at Liminal Collective. In addition, Dr. Wagner&#39;s ability to coordinate high acuity healthcare teams has been highly sought after by prestigious organizations, including the US Olympic Committee, NBA, elite military units, healthcare teams, E-sports, and creative performers. Her versatile skills and extensive experience have solidified her reputation as a true leader in her fields. <
25/07/202342 minutes 49 seconds
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12. Mentorship: MID WEEK LIF with Emily and Paige

Do you have a mentor? You should! And not only one, several! For any leader, mentorship is crucial! This is probably an overwhelming statement for some listeners but Paige and Emily bring you some incredible tips today about why mentorship is critical to your career growth AND how to find a mentor. We take it one step further and talk about "and then." What we mean by "and then" is that you have a mentor but need to ensure that you sustain an impactful relationship for both of you. We discuss that, too! All the tips, right here on the Leadership is Female podcast. Follow Leadership is Female at: Follow Emily: Follow Paige: Get 15% off MOBOT at
23/03/202212 minutes 19 seconds
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2. How to Earn a Raise and Non-Profit Leadership with Anne Marbarger, Exec. Dir. of Padres Pedal the Cause

Anne Marbarger is the Executive Director of Padres Pedal the Cause San Diego, an organization committed to accelerating cures for cancer by funding collaborative cancer research in San Diego. &nbsp;Anne talks about her non-linear path to leading a hugely successful sports adjacent non-profit. Prior to joining Pedal the Cause, Anne worked in management consulting for four years in Washington, DC, within Deloitte Consulting’s federal human capital practice. &nbsp;She also served as an intelligence analyst at the United States Treasury Department for four years where she focused on a major Middle East terrorist organization’s illicit funding sources and use of the US financial system. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Government from Dartmouth College and an MBA from George Washington University. Listen closely as Anne outlines exactly how to earn a raise and juggle a demanding job with young children. This is an interview you won't want to miss! Keep in touch. Keep
17/08/202039 minutes 26 seconds
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