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English, Education, 3 seasons, 37 episodes, 21 hours 5 minutes
Welcome to Leadership Babes - an upbeat and supportive space that will inspire you to “ignite the leader within'' in every single aspect of your life! You can expect deep, insightful chats on all things mindset, manifestation and the ebbs and flows of what it takes to commit to living your best, most empowered life.  Will share the lessons, the love and the leadership skills, alongside raw and inspired conversations between us, trendsetters and entrepreneurs that have paved the way. It’s time to give yourself permission to choose again every single day to live a life based on your wildest dreams. Join us as we help keep you accountable, shift your mindset and guide you through what it takes to commit to yourself. Think of us as your virtual bffs, here to cheer you on, inspire and encourage you every step of the way! So get ready to set intentions, get energized and level up - It’s time to take the lead!  Follow along the journey with us on Instagram @leadershipbabes ( to get a deeper connection to the community and be the first to know as soon as a new episode drops.  To connect with Atena Morelli click HERE ( To connect with Laura Wizman click HERE (
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How to Unlock YOUR Path to SUCCESS W/ ATENA & LAURA

In this episode, the Leadership Babes talk to you about what it means to be successful and offer you some thought-provoking questions. Unlocking your path to success requires you to be authentic to YOU, and what YOU want, may wildly differ from what other people may want. And if only it were that easy! The Babe's got you, by the end of this episode you will feel empowered and inspired to lead your own way!  This is the final episode of SEASON 3 - we can't wait to come back and share what we have in store for SEASON 4 X Follow along the journey with us on Instagram @leadershipbabes to get a deeper connection to the community and be the first to know as soon as a new episode drops. To connect with Atena Morelli click HERE  To connect with Laura Wizman click <a href="" targ
17/05/202339 minutes 18 seconds
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In this episode, our babe Laura Wizman, co-founder of Leadership Babes, opens her heart, sharing moments of inspiration that come from learning to embrace duality, facing your deep pain points and reclaiming your power even while navigating one of the most challenging &amp; difficult seasons of life. She shares how stepping into HER is a constant journey of embodiment, by connecting deeply with your vision as your life and identity shifts.  Rebirth and shedding layers, can not only take much longer than expect, it requires you to believe in yourself, to trust, to give yourself space to process, to feel your wide array of emotions, to allow the lows to flow in and sit with them, all while giving yourself grace, compassion and a deeper level of self love. Laura explains how duality is something we all face, every single day, in every season of life. Sometimes we really have no idea what is going on on the other side of someone’s life. It is by getting familiar
03/05/202322 minutes 29 seconds
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How to Manifest your Dreams with Hypnosis

In this episode, our Babe Atena Morelli shares with you how she turned her life around from heartbreak, hitting an emotional dead-end and the dark realization that she was way out of alignment with her authentic path - to her current reality (married, in love, traveling the world &amp; aligned with her purpose).  In this podcast, Atena also clarifies why she credits the deepest shifts within her state of being to the last 3 years, as she has used hypnotherapy and different somatic therapies.  If you have ever heard, "Choose your thoughts like you choose your clothes" and been frustrated AF about it: this episode is for you! She will explain why that does not work so well for most people, and how you can effectively change it.  Join the magic of "to be COURAGEOUS" "Begin with the End in Mind" - a life-chang
12/04/202347 minutes 56 seconds
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2 years ago the Leadership Babes shared their stories on the Women's Thrive Summit, which is led and created by Raimonda Jan (see episode 2, season 1) ! This moment was life-changing for both Laura and Atena.  And how quickly did our babes become HEADLINE SPEAKERS!!!  It is such a moment to celebrate and you will feel that throughout this episode. In this episode, you will laugh with the babes, get some reality checks and feel inspired to get out of your shell and be bold AF! About the summit, as headliners for the @womenthrivesummit, the babes' talk will take you through social media confidence embodiment strategy that will support you to show up consistently, with confidence in alignment with your authenticity to reflect a powerful brand and business. @leadershipbabes has shown that both women are true community builders, with supportive loving audiences, and they want to share t
22/03/202340 minutes 15 seconds
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In collaboration with Dormez-Vous, the Leadership Babes want to highly the importance of a healthy night time routine and restful night sleep. March 17th is international sleep awareness day, which is all about focusing on routines and habits that drive us to consistently getting 8-hours of deep rest every night. Join the Leadership Babes and Dormez-Vous to get your 248 hours of sleep this month and moving forward in life.  In this episode, the Babes share all the small actions, routines and habits that they incorporate in their nighttime routine. Laura and Atena really enjoy romanticizing their nighttime routine, and firmly believe that this is such an important element to living your best life!  The Babes share their spiritual, mindful and body practices, as well as how they've each evolved over the years. This is definitely more of a bestie conversation and they hope to inspire you to jump on the healthy nighttime train! Follow along the journey with us on
15/03/202338 minutes 7 seconds
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In this episode, the Leadership Babes talk about all things mindset, business and soul with Alanna Ruizunger. Alanna is a true boss babe powerhouse, building a million dollar business &amp; brand while raising two children and doing the inner healing.  She built her success by staying open to life's opportunities in combination with following her passion. Alanna has an authentic desire to be of service to others, lifting women's spirits all around the world.  In the episode, she also speaks of her hardships and choices she had to make along the way as mompreneur, including leaving a toxic relationship, releasing the programming that comes with growing up with addicts, and growing a business while going through postpartum!  From the start of the episode, Alanna mentions how trusting our knowing that we are the Universe, that God flows through us, is of the highest important.  This episode will inspire you to get out of your head and into inspiration!</
08/03/202341 minutes 8 seconds
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In this episode, Laura interviews Doctor Rosi - mom to two little children, MD, content creator &amp; health coach. She is a firm believer in the power of preventative medicine and believes that our healthiest and strongest bodies are built through mindful choices in our daily lives.  We dive into how you can simplify 'healthy' through habits involving mindfulness, nutrition and movement. Along with mindful parenting, what it means and how you can start adapting these micro-changes into your daily life as a positive impact for yourself and your little ones to embody. Dr. Rosi has created a workout program that makes fitness attainable for even the busiest of people, coaches clients on their health journeys and shares evidence-based advice on nutrition and how to make healthy 'sustainable'.  Tune in for the healthy micro shifts you need in your life NOW! To connect with Dr. Rosi see the links below: <a href="
01/03/202346 minutes 27 seconds
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In this episode, the Leadership Babes are joined by Expert Love Coach and Founder of The School of Love, Diana Eskander.  Diana has helped hundreds of women around the world meet their matches and access deeper layers of love in their existing relationships. She’s been named Top 2 Love Coach by Yahoo, selected as a TEDx speaker and featured on Global TV, making her the reference for women who crave a different approach to love - one that gets them out of their heads, and into their hearts. We dive into so many layers during this conversation, whether you are single, in a relationship or in a transition... this episode has a gem for you!  Connect with Diana  htt
15/02/202343 minutes 44 seconds
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In this episode, our Babe Atena breaks down how you can use the energy of courage to embody a new identity and face your deepest fears in the process.  Whether you’ve been stalling on your goals, dropping the ball on your commitments or are in a stage of “fear paralysis”, this short soul infused episode will inspire you to activate the courage within!  Invitations from Atena:  Step into the Chrysalis: a journey to embody your Higher Self via soul activation and goal setting. Available worldwide on Amazon, for US, UK, and CAD: CLICK HERE ( To be COURAGEOUS: a transformative MASTERCLASS ( Activate your ABUNDANCE mindset via HYPNOSIS (<a href="" target="_
08/02/202319 minutes 3 seconds
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Bold Moves w/ Million Dollar Squadcast

In this episode, the Babes interview the incredible founders of the Million Dollar Squad, Sabrina Ariel and Carine Basiala. This is a club for female entrepreneurs to learn, connect and level up together!  We dive into taking the leap to start something new, manifesting abundance and how to navigate the discomfort of bold decisions. As 4 female entrepreneurs, we of course speak about the power of money, especially in the hands of women.  This is one inspiring and uplifting converstation you defintely want to plug into!  Connect with the Million Dollar Squad on Instagram: Follow along the journey with us on Instagram @leadershipbabes to get a deeper conn
01/02/202339 minutes 41 seconds
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Welcome to SEASON 3, a new chapter to welcome a new year! Tune in as the babes dive into the New Year energy, each sharing their own tips and tools of how to set your goals, tap into your zone and visualize your year ahead to turn it from vision to reality. Catch you up on the break, the slowdown and how this new season will be evolving. A real reflection of the work and embodiment that Atena and Laura each talk about and put in daily. Follow along the journey with us on Instagram @leadershipbabes to get a deeper connection to the community and be the first to know as soon as a new episode drops. To connect with Atena Morelli click HERE  To connect with Laura Wizman click HERE 
18/01/202320 minutes 58 seconds