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English, Christianity, 5 seasons, 56 episodes, 1 day 12 hours 55 minutes
Hosted by Kristian Ponsford of, this podcast is where we explore how Worship and Technology come together in the lives of pastors, music artists, worship leaders and musicians. Join us weekly as we converse with some of the most influential leaders in the Church today.
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The Power of Prayer with Michael Freeland Miller (founder of UPPERROOM)

Michael Freeland Miller is the lead pastor and founder of UPPERROOM in Dallas, TX. The prayer movement that UPPERROOM first sparked in 2010 has now reached every corner of the globe. His book His House, His Presence serves as a timely reminder for believers worldwide to prioritize intimacy with God and embrace the power of prayer. Michael and Kristian discuss how UPPERROOM came into being, the lessons he’s learned along the way, and God’s original design for authentic prayer and worship. Learn more: for UPPERROOM: us @multitracks // @multitracksgospel //
13/11/202349 minutes 32 seconds
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Building a Songwriting Culture with Gateway Worship

While at our office to record sessions of their new songs on Crown Down, Kristian sat down with Hope Adams and Josiah Funderburk to talk about their creative team’s songwriting process and how they’re able to write songs that not only bless their church, but travel beyond the walls of Gateway. Enjoy this insightful and encouraging conversation today! Resources for Gateway Worship: us @multitracks // @multitracksgospel //
30/10/202341 minutes 41 seconds
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Encountering Jesus Through Imperfect People with Anna Golden

Worship leader and Gospel-influenced artist Anna Golden has a heart for worship teams of the local church. We were honored to release her latest album CHURCH early this year on the Lead Worship Well platform, which is all about the revival Anna believes is coming to the local church, in a way we have yet to see. Anna returned to the church she grew up in to draw inspiration for the record. Chris Baker and Anna dig into these songs and this sense of revival, and how imperfect people of faith can lead us back to a perfect savior. Resources from Anna Golden: us @multitracks // @multitracksgospel //
16/10/202351 minutes 1 second
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Worship Leading from a Healthy Place with Red Rocks Worship

Tyler Christian Roberts joins us today to speak into leading worship from a healthy place, drawing from his own experience as worship pastor at Red Rocks Church. He also shares the story of Red Rocks Church’s beginnings, finding God in unlikely places, and how the Church is not defined by its buildings or physical spaces, but by the presence of God in its people. Resources for Red Rocks Worship: us @multitracks // @multitracksgospel //
02/10/202347 minutes 40 seconds
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Revival and Repentance with William McDowell

Pastor, worship leader & songwriter William McDowell joins us on the Lead Worship Well podcast today! Based out of Orlando's Deeper Fellowship Church, McDowell first gained wide attention with 2009's number three Billboard Gospel Album, As We Worship Live, and continues to release some of the most notable music in the gospel music space today. He and Chris Baker have an insightful conversation around revival and repentance, and how they both allow us to walk in the promises God has for our lives. Check out the episode today!Follow us @multitracks // @multitracksgospel //
25/09/202355 minutes 49 seconds
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Worship as a Weapon with Cody Carnes

Cody Carnes joined us to share some stories and encounters that inspired the songs on his latest album, Firm Foundation, the day before is was released into the world. He and Kristian also dove into the idea of worship being a weapon, and how we can lean into its power as we’re met with difficult seasons. Cody Carnes and Kari Jobe were our second ever guests on the podcast. We were honored to have him back! We hope you enjoy this conversation. Follow us @multitracks // @multitracksgospel //
18/09/202341 minutes 40 seconds
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A Celebration of Gospel Music with EJ Gaines, DOE and Aaron Lindsey

The Lead Worship Well podcast is back! To kick off Season 5, we revisit a roundtable conversation we hosted in February on the past, present and future of Gospel Music. This roundtable features one of our podcast hosts Chris Baker (Grammy Award-winning producer and our Gospel Brand Manager), EJ Gaines (Sr. VP of Marketing & Co-Executive Director at Motown Gospel), DOE (Grammy Award-nominee and multi-layered singer/songwriter) and Aaron Lindsey (6x Grammy Award-winning producer and songwriter). They speak on when and how they first fell in love with gospel music, why it is uniquely integral to their spiritual experiences, and how stewarding relationships with the up and coming generations is Kingdom-building. Watch the roundtable and subscribe to our YouTube channel here: us @multitracks // @multitracksgospel //
11/09/202355 minutes 24 seconds