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LEAD with Isaac Oyedepo

English, Finance, 1 season, 13 episodes, 2 hours, 47 minutes
LEAD PODCAST is a platform for everyone who desires to make a difference, where leaders and change-makers are molded for impact. In each episode, Isaac Oyedepo's teachings invoke leadership qualities in the minds of listeners and encourages each individual to be effective leaders.
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Enemies of Goal Setting

Many people set goals, but it takes so much grit and discipline to achieve them. If you struggle with achieving your goals, it is important that you recognize the different enemies of goal settings and how you can avoid them from holding you back. In this podcast, I mentioned the 7 enemies of goal settings, and here are a few of them: 1.Association 2.Failure 3.Your environment 4.Exposure Once you identify these enemies, you are one step closer to achieving your goals.
10/16/20208 minutes, 39 seconds
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When You Miss The Target

When it comes to goal setting, you must learn to handle disappointments.  Every successful entrepreneur and leader at one point has had to handle failure and not meeting their target.  Falling short of your goals doesn’t mean you should give up, learn from Jesus, He has taught us how to set goals and how not to settle when we miss our goals.  How not to miss the target:  Remind yourself of the why.   Remind yourself you set reaching goals.  Remind yourself that you can ask for help.  It is not what happens to you that matters, but how you respond to what happened makes the difference.  Remember, failure is part of every success story.
10/8/20206 minutes, 40 seconds
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3Ds To Help You Achieve Your Goals

There are 3 different types of goal setting, we have;  Short-Term goals, Long-Term goals, On-going goals.  To achieve any of these goals that you’ve set, you will need to have daily commitment checklists that will enable you to achieve your goals.  1. Dedication  2. Determination  3. Documentation  These 3 checklists are signs that you are committed to achieving your goals. When progress is slower than anticipated will you still pursue your goals?
10/2/20207 minutes, 34 seconds
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Steps To Goal Setting

Every goal you have ever succeeded in setting, pursuing, and achieving begins with setting a plan in your mind.  If you want to achieve a goal you have set it, you need to possess the right mindset.  In this episode, I spoke about the 8 ways you can successfully achieve your goals.  You must think, write, ask, eliminate, balance, stretch, do a final check, and also partner with the right people. I hope you will practice these steps into achieving your set goals. Make sure you share this with a friend.
9/25/202020 minutes, 56 seconds
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God Made You To Be A Problem Solver

To discover your purpose, you need to be able to look within yourself, look at your environment, look back at your childhood, look forward far ahead into your vision, and lookup.  Most of the time, you have that purpose because God wants you to take others into their purpose.  Before God created you, He already had a purpose and an assignment for you on earth.  The surest way to discover your purpose is to ask the ONE who created you because Purpose is always in the mind of the creator.  What steps are you taking to discover your purpose?
9/18/20209 minutes, 30 seconds
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Unboxing Your Purpose

Until you’ve unveiled what your purpose is, you cannot discover. God formed you and sent you to earth to achieve a purpose.  To discover your purpose you have to ask purpose-driven questions. Asking God questions if different from questioning God. God has designed your purpose in such a way that it is not complex nor is it difficult to uncover.  In this episode, I spoke on the 6 different places you can look to uncover and discover your purpose, listen, and make sure you share with your friends.
9/11/20209 minutes, 36 seconds
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Discovering Your Purpose

Your duty is to discover and not dictate your purpose.  At your conception purpose is concluded and at death, purpose is completed dependent on how you lived your life; you either fulfill your purpose or die full of your purpose. It is your duty to Uncover, Discover, and Recover purpose.  You are not just gifted, you are a gift to your generation wrapped by God and until you are unboxed, your generation cannot notice you. Listen to this episode and learn how to Uncover, Discover, and  Recover your purpose.
9/3/20206 minutes, 58 seconds
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The Purpose Flow

God had an intention before creation. God wouldn’t have formed you without giving you purpose. He is a creator of purpose and everything He creates is purpose-driven.  He had a plan for your whole life, even before your birth. God created you with the end in mind, His intentions for you has and will always be to excel and be phenomenal.  In your daily activities, you have to remember that the content deposited in you was no accident, it was to achieve a purpose. Your uniqueness was intentional.  God created you with a specific content for a specific purpose.
8/29/20208 minutes, 17 seconds
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Building a Higher Pain Threshold and Setting Priorities for your Team - Episode 5

How do you teach your team to respond to discomfort and pain?  A team that goes the extra mile and challenges themselves every time will go a long way in being effective and exceptional.  As a leader, setting the right priority for your team is a major key to achieving excellence. Your team must learn to work smart rather than work hard.  When pain comes, ensure you make gain out of it and if peanuts are thrown at you, make peanut butter out of it.  Remember, priorities will help you manage your time effectively as a team.
7/30/202019 minutes, 58 seconds
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Developing New Thinking Patterns for Your Team - Episode 4

Most times people hinder new ideas because they are afraid it will disrupt their old comfort zone. To build a transformational team, your team members have to think differently than others and one of the best ways to develop a new thinking pattern is to be uncomfortable with your comfort zone. The key component for a team to develop a new thinking pattern is ‘EXPOSURE’. An exceptional team needs to be exposed.  You cannot develop a new thinking pattern without building the culture of exposure amongst your team members. Exposure in a team will cause knowledge to be accepted and observation to be practiced. The level at which your team thinks is the level will they perform. Hence, you must upgrade their thinking pattern by practicing the culture of exposure.  Remember, never put your team in a box.
7/23/202015 minutes, 19 seconds
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Building the Right Team Culture - Episode 3

You have developed the perfect vision for your team and picked the right pieces. 
 So, what’s next?   To have a team that is relevant and attractive to this generation, you have to build the right team culture amongst your team members. Having the right team culture will determine the impact of your team as a leader, so you ought to instill the right culture in your team.  To have an exceptional team that solves problems in the 21st century, you as a leader need to imbibe the following into your team culture:  Excellence: You cannot be excellent at what you do and not excel.  Innovation: Allow for new ways to do old things.  Creativity: Encourage your team members to carry out tasks in dynamic ways.  Exposure: Never box up your team, allow your team members to explore.  Risk-taking: As a team, you should not be afraid of failure because failure is just an event.  Build a culture of having an exceptional approach to a common task amongst your team members and you will stay relevant and attractive for a long time.  
  Do you have an exceptional team culture?
7/16/202019 minutes, 12 seconds
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Identifying The Right Pieces For An 'A' Team - Episode 2

If you want to go fast go alone, but if you want to go far go with an effective team.  To build  an ‘A’ team, as a leader you need to consider:   1.  Competence: The team member should be capable of delivering on given tasks and assignments  2. Chemistry: He/she should relate and connect with team members and manage resources properly. 3. Character: Every team member must have the right attitude towards work.  In this episode, Isaac Oyedepo highlights the fundamentals of selecting a team member because your ability as a leader to identify the right pieces for your ‘A’ team sets you apart.  How do you select your team members?
7/9/202016 minutes, 46 seconds
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Building An "A" Team - Episode 1

Many leaders desire to have an effective team that solves problems with the most creative and innovative solutions. To build a team relevant in this generation, you need a Vision that will guide the actions and output of your team members.  In this Episode, Isaac Oyedepo sheds more light on the importance of having the right vision to enable your team to function effectively.  Do you have a vision your team understands?
7/6/202018 minutes, 15 seconds