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English, Comedy, 1 season, 2 episodes, 2 hours, 1 minute
Various members of LDOE (Last Day On Earth) come together to discuss their thoughts with one another. Twitter @LDOECorp
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What's Our Guy's MO

We’re goin to Papo John’s Today's young thinkers are: Greenleaf Montie MindDitch ggxrts
12/15/20201 hour, 8 minutes, 33 seconds
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Tap Out

On November 18th 2020, the world was revolutionized in the fellatio industry. Twitter user @TrixieNumbaNine uploaded a voice tweet with the caption "he decided to stop by for a mouf hug". The planet was never the same. Four young men dissect the audio and describe their personal journey with it. Todays LDOE members are Montie Crisco @eyesaaya Yonlazarus @yonlazarus KOBMustard @KOBMustard Mind Ditch @MindDitch
12/3/202053 minutes, 11 seconds