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Leading By Example, The Diesel Stigma, Love & Trucks, and so much more w. Allie Carpenter

The one thing I love more than anything about being in the truck scene, besides, of course, the trucks, is all the great people I have met because of it. My guest for this episode is Allie Carpenter. Some of you may know her as Allie_Chevy99 and as the driving force behind the Lead By Example brand. Now, she may be new to the scene, but I'm telling you now, do not sleep on this girl. Because she is about to set it off. We talk trucks, relationships, and Allie tells us a little bit more about her brand, Lead By Example. She also takes the seat to answer some questions from Instagram.
2/14/202454 minutes, 16 seconds
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Raquel Leigh - AKA @Reckless.Raquel - The Value Of Authenticity, Finding Perspective, Saving Animals, Mental Health,

What's up ya'll! This one has been a long time coming and I have to say for her first ever podcast, my girl, Reckless Raquel, absolutely killed it!! I love talking to this girl, not only is she REAL, with a capital R. But she is so generous and has this incredible heart. This girl has not had it easy, but she doesn't let anything keep her down. In this episode we talk about authenticity in the creator space, finding perspective, her deep love for animals, and what it means to be a woman in car culture. This is a must listen!
1/29/202449 minutes, 25 seconds
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Drag Cars, Shop Ownership, Love & Motorsports w. Jessie & Stacie - Jessie's Performance

On this episode I catch up with Jessie & Stacie of Jessie's Performance - a powerhouse couple that reminds me ALOT of me & my other half. No kids, they just eat, sleep & breath horsepower! We get the low down on how they met, the journey of their successful business, and how they got to where they are today working with some of the biggest companies in the performance industry. We also give a couple hints to something BIG we will be doing together in the motorsports world soon.. something we caaaan't quite release just yet. But just know this isn't the last you will see of this trio in 2024 🤘🏼
1/23/20241 hour, 12 minutes
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Breaking Generational Curses, Being A Working Mom, Having A Dream Job You Love w/ Katelyn Mitchell - Lacey's Assistant

If you know her, you love her. Our guest on this episode is my right-hand lady, my assistant, and the glue that holds LB Motorsports together—my friend, Katelyn Mitchell. She's a remarkable woman with a remarkable story. If you looked up "resilience" in the dictionary right now, you might just find her picture. And to top it off, she is funny as hell. We laugh the whole way through this episode, when we weren't crying... I don't know what I would do without her. Hope ya'll get as much from this one as I did.
1/15/20241 hour, 17 minutes, 17 seconds
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American Muscle, The Power Of Content, Big Dreams, Cars & Guns | Garett Reed - @americanmusclehd

Well, this is the final installment in our PRI After Dark Series, and we are ending this series on a REAL high note, y'all!Join me as I sit down with Garrett Reed, the man behind one of the biggest car culture pages on social media - @AmericanMuscleHD.In this episode, Garrett and I talk about American Muscle, trucks, builds, the life and dreams of a content creator, and Garrett's experience as a young Black man in a niche historically dominated by white Baby Boomers. Don't miss this one!
1/8/20241 hour, 15 minutes, 18 seconds
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Influencer Marketing, Motortrend, Drag Racing, Mustangs, w/JoAnna Iacobelli - PRI After Dark Series

Hey y'all! Happy New Year! On this episode, it's part 2 of our PRI After Dark Series, and in part 2, I'm sitting down with JoAnna Iacobelli, better known as @That1320ChickAnd this is a great episode! Definitely one you won't want to miss. JoAnna and I dive deep into influencer marketing. We discuss her recent and newly created role at Motor Trend, and of course, we talk about her and her families love for Mustangs and her experience and passion for drag racing.Check it out!
1/1/202454 minutes, 16 seconds
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Drag Racing, Content Creation, and Banging Gears w/ Lauren Stoney - PRI After Dark Series

Episode #1 in our PRI (Performance Industry Racing Event) Series. Here we sit down & chat with Lauren Stoney AKA : LaLaFox 💥 drag racer & content creator. We talk about her experience working with & modeling for Ford, why she prefers racing a manual car over an automatic, her future charity endeavors and more! Lot's of laughs and inspiration with this gal!! 🔽 Follow her here on Youtube 🔽 @LalaFox92 Don't forget you can experience a video version of the podcast on YouTube. -
12/27/202343 minutes, 47 seconds
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The Future of auto paint = Bodyliner - Talking with inventors & Owners - Brad & Kristine

Yah, you read that title right, I had a chance to sit down with the owners and inventors of Bodyliner- www.teambodyliner.comHave you seen this stuff? It protects like Bedliner, but it looks like paint. I saw this stuff at SEMA this year and I was blown AWAY! Beyond this amazing product, Brad and Kristine are AWESOME! You have to hear their story, you won't believe it. I found it so inspiring and I hope you all get as much out of this as I did.
12/13/20231 hour, 48 seconds
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SEMA Talk, Stalkers, The Blue Collar Movement, and more w. DMAXRyno: LB Motorsports Podcast

Finally got a chance to catch up with my dude @DMAXRYNO. Not in a White Castle this time (the OGs will get it). We chatted about what his brand 'Work For It Apparel' stands for, his business moves for 2024, some INSANE stalker stories... and I almost got him to go off on a couple of rants too. Hope y'all enjoy this one!
12/5/202349 minutes, 53 seconds
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2023 SEMA Recap w. Lacey & Zach - Burnouts, Burban update, new giveaways! And so much more!

Hey ya'll! Hope you've been gobbling up our pre-SEMA YouTube videos like Thanksgiving leftovers – because, let me tell you, we crammed a truckload of awesome into a time frame so tiny, it'd make a smart car feel spacious! So, we're fresh off the SEMA train, and I've roped in Zach to reminisce on our not-so-sinful escapades in Sin City. Spoiler alert: we were more workaholics than party animals! Speaking of SEMA, did you catch our SEMA episode? It was WILD! Whiskey Biz and Boss Whiskey Biz - Bryce and Paige had us laughing the whole time, check it out here - In this episode, we have a full SEMA recap, plus we have some cool updates on Rhett, the Suburban winner. Oh, and we've got some tantalizing tidbits on our upcoming giveaways – you won't want to miss it! And guess what? In this episode, you can actually hear Zach. Brought his A game on this one. Strap in, hold onto your hats, and let's dive into this wild ride! 🚀🤠🎉
11/28/202340 minutes, 34 seconds
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SEMA Edition - w. guests - Whiskey Biz & Boss Whiskey Biz, Kayla Williams (misssarge_jku) and Rami Ayran from Renegade Products

Along with burning some tires and showcasing the eight trucks we brought to SEMA 2023, we took over the Renegade Products booth to record a couple of podcasts. It's a three-in-one, y'all! First, unless you've been living under a rock, the name "Whiskey Biz" should be familiar. We had Mr. Whiskey Biz, Bryce, and his super badass wife, Boss Whiskey Biz, Paige, join us for a chat. You don't want to miss this. We also caught up with Kayla Williams, AKA Miss Sarge, who gave us the inside scoop on her first-ever SEMA build—a fully polished Land Rover Defender that was breaking all the necks! And last but not least, the man himself, owner of Renegade Products, Rami Ayran. He and I share what it's really like leading up to the SEMA Show every year.
11/20/202343 minutes, 59 seconds
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The OFFICIAL RELAUNCH of The LB Motorsports Podcast! Pre-SEMA Chat With Lacey, Zach & Kap

After a long hiatus the LB Motorsports Podcast is officially back! And we are kicking it off with a pre-SEMA chat with Zach and Kap. Should we be working on trucks instead of podcasting? YES.. we have WAY too much to get done before SEMA but here we are 😂And if you want to see Kap's hilarious chair that was the subject of so much discussion, check out this episode on YouTube -
10/24/202351 minutes, 35 seconds
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LB Motorsports Podcast Ep. 12: Bad Habits Monster Truck with Joe Sylvester

On this episode of LB Motorsports we talk with Bad Habits monster truck owner Joe Sylvester on his upcoming into the monster truck world
2/22/202348 minutes, 11 seconds