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Law Firm PPC | A Weekly Law Firm Marketing Podcast

English, Finance, 1 season, 26 episodes, 10 hours, 38 minutes
Law Firm PPC For Lawyers is a weekly podcast about Google Ads, Facebook, and other online marketing strategies for law firms. Every week Jason will be giving advice about how to get more clients from Google Ads, Facebook, and other digital marketing strategies. He'll also be answering questions. Thanks for listening, enjoy the show, and good luck with your law firm marketing campaigns!
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026: Why Attorneys Should Be Advertising on Local Service Ads

Local Service Ads are an awesome way for attorneys to generate high-quality leads. Local Service Ads - Jason -
3/27/202316 minutes, 20 seconds
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025: Getting Comfortable With Bad Leads From Good Keywords

Bad leads come from the best keywords, it's just a part of search advertising. If you can get comfortable with this and take advantage of the high-volume keywords, then you can have a ton of success as an attorney advertising on search with Google Ads.Contact Jason -
1/2/202320 minutes, 54 seconds
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024: Attorney Pay Per Click Ads That Work (Easy Formula For Success)

This is my three step formula for amazing Google Ads ad copy that generates new leads and more clients.Contact Jason -
7/22/202212 minutes, 24 seconds
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023: 4 Easy Ways Attorneys Can Get More Leads In Google Ads

Here are four easy things that attorneys can do in Google Ads to get more leads.Partner NetworkStrong BidWide Schedules and LocationsBroad KeywordsContact Jason -
5/19/202225 minutes, 15 seconds
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022: What Attorneys Need To Know About The Broad Match Updates In Google Ads

Broad match targeting in Google Ads has changed. These updates are huge and will have a big impact on the performance you get from broad match keywords as well as the way you should be managing broad match keywords. Jason covers what these updates are and how they will be influencing his Google Ads campaign management for attorneys.Thanks for listening and enjoy the episode!About keyword matching options - Jason -
5/15/202121 minutes, 53 seconds
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021: Attorney Website Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Bounce Rate

Jason talks about bounce rate, the idea of giving website visitors what they want, and avoiding the things they don't want. If you avoid these simple mistakes you can lower your bounce rate and get more value from your website traffic.Contact Jason -
2/16/202128 minutes, 20 seconds
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020: Will The Streaming Wars Destroy Television Advertising For Attorneys?

Will the streaming wars end the ability to advertise on TV? Whether or not that happens, creating content on YouTube is a tremendous opportunity for attorneys to grow their brand awareness and get more clients. YouTube is the world's second largest search engine, and if you can get in front of people looking for legal information on YouTube with interesting and educational videos, then you can turn some of those viewers into paying clients. Streaming is the future, and video content creation is a great opportunity to benefit from that future.Contact Jason -
10/14/202020 minutes, 37 seconds
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019: What are you going to do about losing 40% of your search terms?

Here's how I'm handling this change in Google Ads.Say hi -
9/17/202028 minutes, 2 seconds
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018: Two Easy Website Tips For Attorneys

This week Jason walks through two easy website tips for attorneys that can increase their chances of success online. The first tip has to do with making sure all phone numbers are clickable on the mobile version of your website. And the second tip is related to making sure the content on your website covers all the types of cases you handle and want to get clients for from your online marketing efforts.Link telephone numbers for click to call - Jason -
8/22/202016 minutes, 47 seconds
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017: The Three Types Of Keywords Presented With Example For Attorneys

There are three types of keywords in Google Ads that attorneys will encounter: red, yellow, and green. Knowing how to identify and categorize keywords and search terms in Google Ads, and then knowing how to handle those keywords, is what's needed to win on Google Ads and get a continual flow of new clients into your law firm. In this episode Jason breaks down the three types of keywords, how to handle them, and he gives you an attorney-related example of each type of keyword. Thanks for listening. Please leave a rating or review because it helps the show grow. Thanks!The article - Jason -
7/3/202019 minutes, 2 seconds
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016: Call Only Ads Have Changed!

This week Jason talks a new feature that has been added to call only ads in Google Ads, which are now called call ads. Jason also gives some budget advice for the upcoming month. And he shares an article about how there have been more fatal car crashes lately, even though there's been less traffic than normal. Thanks for listening and enjoy the episode.Call Only Ads Have Become “Call Ads” And Include An Interesting New FeatureThe Roads Are Quieter Due to Coronavirus, but There Are More Fatal Car CrashesContact Jason at
4/30/202017 minutes, 30 seconds
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015: Two Ways Attorneys Can Get Attention With Online Marketing

Getting attention is very important. When you get someone's attention, your level of importance to them rises. And when you're important to someone, you can persuade them and win their business. Two ways to get attention with online marketing are remarketing on Facebook and being in the number one position on Google search results.Thanks for listening and please share the show!Contact Jason -
4/17/202018 minutes, 28 seconds
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014: Flexible Google Ads Budget Options For Attorneys During These Strange Times

Welcome back to the Law Firm PPC podcast! Lots of advertisers are pulling back on advertising because of the coronavirus, and that includes some law firms. But you don't have to completely turn off your Google Ads account. Instead, there are some interesting ways you can lower your overall budget, but continue advertising and hopefully get results that you're used to, at least partially. Jason walks you through the ways you can lower your budget but keep running on Google Ads.Thanks for listening and please share the show!Contact Jason -
4/7/202021 minutes, 41 seconds
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013: Two Tips For Surviving Coronavirus Hell

Coronavirus sucks. It's affecting every industry to some extent, attorneys advertising on Google included. In this episode Jason shares some advice on how to avoid accidentally getting clicks from unwanted Coronavirus-related traffic, and he also shares some thoughts on how he's dealing with the Coronavirus situation on Google Ads and how it could be an opportunity to take advantage of weaker advertisers who decide sit on the sidelines during this period of uncertainty.Thanks for listening and please share the show!Contact Jason -
3/15/202017 minutes, 43 seconds
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012: How To Deal With Heavy Competition On Google Ads

This week Jason shares some thoughts on a brief existential crises he had and how he's dealing with it, his gravity theory of Google Ads and how to deal with situations where competitors are bidding a lot on Google Ads, and also a cool segmenting feature where you can see your performance data when your ads show at the top of the page versus when your ads show on other parts of the search engine results page.Thanks for listening. Please leave us a rating or review.Use segments in your tables - Google Ads HelpContact the show - Law Firm PPC Podcast
2/24/202032 minutes, 48 seconds
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011: Grow Your Market Share With A Higher Clickthrough Rate

This week on the show Jason talks about the importance of clickthrough rate and how a high clickthrough rate can help your grow your market share as well as give you more options with your bidding decisions. Big things can happen with a strong clickthrough rate, and it's a very important Google Ads topic to focus on and know well.Thanks for listening. Please leave us a rating or review.Contact Jason -
1/25/202032 minutes, 12 seconds
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010: Online Marketing Mindset Tips For Attorneys

Welcome back to the Law Firm PPC podcast. This week on the show Jason shares six online marketing mindset tips for attorneys. He discusses SEO vs PPC, small advertising budgets, sticking to a budget, focusing on search terms, Bing, and the importance of choosing online marketing strategies that are a good fit for you.Contact Jason -
1/10/202031 minutes, 6 seconds
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009: Attorney PPC Ad Copy Tips

Jason shares some Google Ads ad copy tips. And he talks about two factors that make a search engine ad effective. Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!The 2 Crucial Parts To Attorney PPC Ads -
11/5/201923 minutes, 21 seconds
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008: Running PPC Ads On Saturdays

One of the most common questions I get from attorney clients is should we run ads on Saturdays?  We answer that question in today's episode.  Thanks for listening and enjoy the show!Check out our website -
10/8/201920 minutes, 11 seconds
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007: Start Your Attorney PPC Campaign Today!

"More is lost by indecision than wrong decision." - Tony SopranoIt's true. When it comes to attorney PPC campaigns, more is lost by indecision than wrong decision, at least when it comes to deciding to start a campaign. Attorneys should start their PPC campaigns today! Don't wait! There are costs associated with waiting and there's no real downside or risk to getting started today. I explain why in this episode.Thanks for listening! Please share with friends and colleagues. And please leave us a rating or review.
9/11/201921 minutes, 3 seconds
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006: Search Terms Advice For Attorneys

Attorneys get frustrated with AdWords and Bing. Why? Because they turn on their search engine ads, they see business pick up, but at the same time they know they must be wasting a lot of money too because something just doesn't seem right about the way their ads are running. What is the root cause of this frustration? Showing up on the wrong search terms. That's it. It's all about search terms. Search terms are everything. And in this episode Jason walks you through what search terms are, how they affect your Google Ads performance, and how you can improve your results by focusing on showing up on only the right search terms. Enjoy!Thanks for listening! Please share with friends and colleagues. And please leave us a rating or review on Apple Podcasts.
8/29/201924 minutes, 26 seconds
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005: Insights from A Recent PPC Sales Call With Criminal Defense Attorneys

Recently I had a sales call with two criminal defense attorney that are interested in hiring me to manage their Google Ads PPC campaigns to help them get more clients. These attorneys are not experts in PPC marketing, but they understand it from a business perspective and they had three interesting insights during the call. One, they could tell Google Ads must work great because they've seen the same law firms in their area advertising on Google for a long time. Two, they know what kinds of cases they want to prioritize in terms of what kinds of keywords we should be maxing out the budget on before we move to other topics. And third, they know the value of getting one new case, and that information is crucial to running a profitable PPC campaign.Thanks for listening! Please share with friends and colleagues. Work with Jason -
8/8/201919 minutes, 40 seconds
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004: Talking Law Firm Websites With LawLytics CEO Dan Jaffe (Interview)

Rothman PPC For Lawyers welcomes LawLytics founder and CEO, Dan Jaffe, for a discussion about all things related to law firm websites. We talk about must-haves for attorney websites, common mistakes attorneys make with their websites, how great content can help you grow you SEO traffic, and how you can use your website to pre-quality leads before they contact you. It's a fascinating interview, and we thank Dan for coming on the show! If you're an attorney looking for help with your website needs, we recommend contacting LawLytics. Enjoy the interview.Get a free demo from LawLytics -' Law Firm SEO Guide - Management For Attorneys -
7/24/201931 minutes, 37 seconds
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003: PPC Marketing Strategies For Lawyers (Must Listen Interview With Jacob Baadsgaard)

Get a free PPC proposal from Disruptive Advertising - Jacob on Twitter - to the Rothman PPC For Lawyers Podcast - Jason on Twitter - today's Rothman PPC For Lawyers podcast we bring on the CEO and founder of Disruptive Advertising Jacob Baadsgaard to talk about online marketing strategies for attorneys.We talk about both Facebook advertising and Google Ads and Bing search engine marketing and there's even some display contextual and remarketing talk.We kick off the interview talking about running a marketing agency and leadership, and then we dive into the law firm marketing talk.  We cover the differences between social media marketing and search advertising and how law firms can best use both strategies.Then we talk about the importance of selecting the right kinds of keywords to target in Google Ads.  Specifically we cover the importance of focusing your keywords on your best types of cases and also the importance of buyer intent.Next up we talk about the much-debated number one position in Google Ads.  Do you have to show up number 1 to be effective?  Jacob has a very interesting take on how to approach ad position.Then we discuss how to handle the sometimes high cost per click of personal injury keywords like "car accident lawyer near me" and "truck accident attorney."  And we also talk about the conversion rate levels we see on attorney campaigns.We finish up by talking about the importance of landing pages and how sending PPC traffic to the homepage is almost always a mistake for law firms.And we also do some questions at the end of the show about how to pick out a Google Ads budget, how long until attorneys can expect to see results from their PPC campaigns, and what attorneys can do to help their PPC managers get the best results possible.I hope you enjoy the interview  Please leave the video a like and share with friends because those likes and shares really help the channel grow!  Thanks again for listening and enjoy!
6/28/201936 minutes, 41 seconds
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002: Internet Marketing Opportunities For Attorneys

Hi, welcome to the second episode of the Rothman PPC For Lawyers podcast. Today we're going to survey all the internet marketing opportunities that are available for attorneys. Jason covers both paid and non-paid strategies, and gives advice on how many strategies you should focus on to bring in tons of leads to your law firm. Digital marketing strategies covered today include:Search Engine Advertising (Google Ads and Bing)Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Website ContentCannibal SEOGoogle My BusinessStarting A PodcastStarting A YouTube ChannelYouTube AdvertisingFacebook AdsSocial Media ProfilesYelpLaw Firm Listing WebsitesChamber Of Commerce WebsitesShop Local WebsitesEmail NewslettersEventbriteBeing A Source For Your NewspaperThumbtackRecommended Resources PagesThanks for listening! Please share the show with friends and leave us a rating or review on iTunes!Contact Jason here -
5/30/201953 minutes, 5 seconds
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001: How To Handle Expensive Personal Injury Lawyer Keywords

Hi, welcome to the first ever Rothman PPC For Lawyers podcast! Today we're talking about ways to handle the expensive nature of injury lawyer keywords on Google Ads and Bing Ads. Jason talks about why injury lawyer keywords are expensive and provides strategies on how to deal with their costs.Contact Jason here - out the Paid Search Podcast -
5/4/201926 minutes, 56 seconds