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English, Social, 4 seasons, 195 episodes, 6 days, 9 hours, 47 minutes
A weekly podcast delivering a fresh perspective on midlife living and reinvention. Join host Yvonne Marchese on her midlife journey and in candid conversations with other Boomers and GenXers who are dreaming big and achieving great things.
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EP 193: Embracing Wanderlust When You’re Over 50 with Siobhan Farr

Have you been dreaming about traveling, but you aren’t ready to retire? Maybe you’ve heard the term “digital nomad”, but it brings to mind images of beautiful, young influencers roaming the world taking selfies at remote locations. Are you telling yourself you’re too old to get out and travel on your own?   Meet Siobhan Farr, a digital nomad in her 60s who’s proving that age is just a number. Join me as I chat with Siobhan, the founder of Digital Nomads Beyond 50, a vibrant community for adventurous souls over 50.  Siobhan shares her journey from a traditional career to a nomadic lifestyle, and the challenges she faced when she became an “accidental nomad” figuring out how to run her business as a Medicare Enrollment Specialist from another country.  She talks about how she built the supportive and inspiring community, Digital Nomads Beyond 50, and how it helps others prepare for and embrace a life of travel. She talks about how she built the supportive and inspiring community, Digital Nomads Beyond 50, and how it helps others prepare for and embrace a life of travel. Tune in for a dose of inspiration and practical advice on how to reinvent yourself and live your best life, no matter your age. Hint: It involves staying curious and open to creative problem solving. 
7/3/202450 minutes, 19 seconds
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EP 187: Strength, Fitness, and Fun at Any Age with Mimi Ison

Ever wonder how to keep feeling healthy and energetic no matter your age? This week, we're hanging out with Mimi Ison, who has some amazing stories and advice on just that. Mimi, also known as Hey Middle Age on her blog and Instagram, is all about saying 'yes' to new adventures, and she'll inspire you to do the same.    We also get real about ageism—how it messes with our heads and what we can do to push back.   And if you've been slacking on your workouts, Mimi's got some straightforward tips on why strength training is key to staying strong and independent. Tune in for a fun and inspiring chat that’ll make you see aging in a whole new light!
5/22/202450 minutes, 38 seconds
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EP 177: Bet On Yourself with Stacy Sherman

What does it mean to take a leap of faith in yourself?  In this episode, Stacy Sherman, a customer experience (CX) expert, shares her personal journey from a storied corporate career to becoming a thought leader in her industry and a renowned professional speaker.  Yvonne and Stacy talk about the significance of self-belief while preparing to make the leap from a corporate career to entrepreneurship. From navigating challenges to finding confidence, Stacy's story offers a down-to-earth perspective on making calculated bets on your own capabilities. Join us for a grounded exploration of personal growth and the simple yet impactful steps to bet on yourself in the pursuit of success.
3/13/202436 minutes, 31 seconds
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EP 176: Embracing the Unknown and Reinventing Your Life with Lesley Jane Seymour

Are you itching to shake things up and reinvent yourself?  Do you find yourself hesitating and wondering where to start?    My guest on the Late Bloomer Living Podcast this week is Lesley Jane Seymour, founder of Covey Club.     Lesley was the Editor-In-Chief of More Magazine for 8 years until the magazine closed.  Recognizing that the publishing industry was in turmoil, she had to completely reinvent herself, so she knows the journey first hand.    In this conversation, Lesley shares her wealth of experiences and insights on personal and career reinvention, offering guidance on navigating life's transitions, embracing change, and fostering a mindset of continuous learning.    If you're feeling stuck or contemplating a new chapter in your life, this episode is a beacon of inspiration and practical advice.
3/6/202437 minutes, 10 seconds
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EP 175: Taking Inspired Action with Susie deVille

Do you ever feel stuck in the grind, and find yourself in constant hustle mode, battling perfectionism and struggling to make time for play without feeling guilty?   Join this conversation with Yvonne and Susie deVille, entrepreneur and author of "Buoyant: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Becoming Wildly Successful, Creative, and Free."     Susie opens up about her personal journey through a "nuclear winter" period, and how embracing creativity became the catalyst for personal and professional transformation. Yvonne shares about her Living Playfully at ANY Age Challenge for February, where she’s aiming to reshape her relationship with work and daily life.    Discover the power of small, consistent practices and the liberating effects of living playfully. Tune in for insights, inspiration, and a conversation that encourages you to infuse more joy and creativity into your own life.
2/28/202444 minutes, 3 seconds
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EP 167: Kickstart Your New Year with Camp Reinvention

Ever wondered how to kickstart the new year with a bold personal reinvention?   Join me in conversation with Dana Hilmer and Wendy Perrotti, the brilliant minds behind "Camp Reinvention," as they unravel the secrets to rewriting the rules on aging. In this episode, discover the power of being a beginner, conquering fears, and setting agile goals as we embark on a fresh journey into 2024.   Whether you're stepping into a new phase of life or simply seeking a reset, Dana and Wendy guide you through intentional change with confidence and excitement.    Get ready to begin again and make this year yours.
1/3/202457 minutes, 46 seconds
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From Bud to Bloom: The Author Journey

To celebrate the book launch of “In Full Bloom: a guide to aging playfully”, Cat Corchado and Yvonne Marchese spill the beans about their self-publishing adventures.  Join them to hear how two people who never planned to write a book ended up on the journey to becoming published authors at the age of 55 and 65. 
11/29/202331 minutes, 22 seconds
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EP 161: Unpacking Ageism: Why Words Matter with Ashton Applewhite

Join us for a special Thanksgiving Eve episode as we sit down with Ashton Applewhite, renowned expert on ageism and author of This Chair Rocks: A Manifesto Against Ageism.  In this insightful conversation, Ashton delves into the importance of the language we use when discussing aging. Unpacking her quote, 'it's so important to learn about aging, and to realize how much ageist thoughts we have all internalized,' we explore the profound impact of ageist narratives on our health, self-esteem, and life's journey. As we prepare to give thanks, let's reflect on breaking down stereotypes, embracing wisdom, and cultivating gratitude for every stage of life. It's a feast of ideas you won't want to miss!"
11/22/202349 minutes, 39 seconds
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EP 160: Celebrate the Gray with Stephanie O’Dell

Isn’t it time women over 50 were well represented in media and advertising? Our special guest this week is Stephanie O'Dell, the founder of Celebrate the Gray, an agency for and about the 50+ woman representing 100's of models and influencers over the age of 50.  She also offers age inclusion consulting for brands and companies.  Stephanie's passion lies in empowering women on their aging journey, redefining beauty standards, and challenging societal norms. As a national speaker and a thought leader on age inclusion, she's on a mission to ensure that women's faces, bodies, voices, and opinions are authentically represented in marketing and media.
11/15/202340 minutes, 55 seconds
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EP 159: From Near Paralysis to Global Adventure: The Jack Perez Update

Join us for a captivating "Where Are They Now?" episode as we catch up with our friend Jack Perez. Jack's life has taken some incredible turns since her last visit (Episode 46), including a harrowing near-miss accident that could have left her paralyzed.  She's okay now and traveling the world with the goal of visiting 60 countries before turning 60, often while working remotely and traveling solo. In 2017, Jack Perez started the online platform, Kuel Life where she champions the idea of normalizing aging, and is redefining modern midlife for women through curated content and women-driven brands.  Today, Kuel Life boasts contributions from over 65 thought leaders.  Jack’s work is a major contribution towards shaping the future of a movement to empower and celebrate midlife women.  Don't miss this inspiring update on her remarkable journey.
11/8/202354 minutes, 10 seconds
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Inspiring Women to Lead with Passion and Purpose in Midlife with Sara O’Brien

Join us in this episode as we sit down with women's leadership coach, Sara O'Brien. We'll explore her remarkable transition from a thriving corporate marketing career to entrepreneurship during a pandemic. Sara shares her experiences, highlighting the importance of embracing change and navigating imposter syndrome, regardless of age or accomplishments. Discover how her coaching empowers women to lead with confidence and purpose in both their personal and professional lives. If you're looking for inspiration and practical advice for your own midlife career journey, this episode is a must-listen.
11/1/202329 minutes, 13 seconds
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EP 157: What is Intermittent Fasting? with Laurie Lewis

Is Intermittent Fasting all it’s cracked up to be, or is it  just another diet fad? Join us as we dive into the world of intermittent fasting with Laurie Lewis.  She’s a fasting coach and founder of Fast Forward Wellness.  The proclaimed benefits of intermittent fasting are far ranging and may sound too good to be true.  They include weight loss, improved focus, energy, sleep, heart health, brain health, deep cellular repair and hormonal balance.  Laurie informs us about the science behind it, and talks about how to get started.  This episode aims to help you get your questions answered! (This is not to be considered medical advice and it’s best to talk to your doctor to determine if I.F. is a good option for you.)
10/25/20231 hour, 12 minutes, 30 seconds
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EP 153: Starting a Business Later in Life - Brand Strategy Insights from Maggie Bergin

In this episode, we explore the world of entrepreneurship and the journey of starting a business later in life. Do you feel like you are too old to start a business? Our guest, Maggie Bergin, a Brand Strategist and the Owner of Be Understood Branding, shares her insights on how to build a distinct and irresistible brand strategy.  In our conversation, we delve into Maggie's transition from working in Government Affairs to becoming an amazing brand strategist. If you are considering starting a business or are already in business and struggling to set yourself apart from the competition, this episode is for you. Maggie's expertise and personal stories about becoming a business owner will provide you with valuable insights and encouragement to pursue your entrepreneurial dreams.
7/19/202347 minutes, 17 seconds
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EP 151: Entrepreneurship at Any Age with Nina Hart

In this special podcast episode, Nina Hart joins us for a second time to talk about her journey to becoming an entrepreneur later in life.  Nina is a writer, performer, and creativity coach for heartbroken artists. The conversation was originally recorded for a live stream talk show called Good Morning Entrepreneurs (GME) and it is an extended version of what aired on the show.  GME was created for business owners who feel alone on their entrepreneurial journey to provide a space where entrepreneurs can learn from each other and share their expertise, knowledge, and behind the scenes business stories.
7/5/202326 minutes, 8 seconds
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EP 147: Celebrating Three Years of Proving It’s Never Too Late to Reinvent Yourself

Get ready to party like it's 1999, because the Late Bloomer Living podcast is turning three! That's right, three years of celebrating midlife and proving that it's never too late to reinvent yourself. Whether you're 30 or 70, this podcast is all about embracing your inner late bloomer and realizing that you're not too old to chase your dreams. This episode is filled with the voices of previous guests and listeners... So join us for our anniversary episode as we raise a glass to all the incredible late bloomers out there who are making their mark on the world. Cheers to you!
6/7/202333 minutes, 33 seconds
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EP 144: From Music Executive to Best-Selling Author at 77 with Rick Bleiweiss

In this inspiring episode, you’ll get to know Rick Bleiweiss, a former music industry executive turned novelist. At the age of 77, Rick published his first novel, "Pignon Scorbion & The Barbershop Detectives", which quickly became a best-seller on Amazon. Now, with the release of his second book in the series, "Murder in Haxford", Rick proves that it's never too late to pursue your dreams. Join us as we delve into Rick's journey towards becoming a successful author and gain valuable insights on how to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.
5/17/202345 minutes, 38 seconds
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EP 142: Betting on Yourself with Lynn McNutt

Lynn McNutt joins the podcast for a second time to talk about her experience writing, producing, and performing her first one-woman show at the age of 55. The show, "Blue: A Rhapsody in Blubber," features Lynn playing three characters who are searching for family, dealing with grief, and wanting to communicate with loved ones who have passed away. The director of the production, Erika Batdorf, also joins the conversation. The show's development took six years, and Lynn's story is one of courage and personal growth.
5/3/202342 minutes, 28 seconds
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EP 140: Habit Changes for Saving the Planet with Yvonne Marchese

In this episode, I'll be discussing Earth Day and why it's important to talk about how we can create and keep up with environmentally sustainable habits in our daily lives.   Although I've been hesitant to bring it up on the podcast, I believe it aligns with our mission of challenging ourselves to grow through discomfort.   In this episode I'll be introducing my plans to dive deeper into the topic in future episodes featuring inspiring guests. Join me in celebrating Earth Day and making positive changes to protect our planet.
4/19/202318 minutes, 34 seconds
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EP 135: From a Childhood Dream to a Midlife Adventure with Adam Rothenberg

In this episode, Adam Rothenberg shares his journey of achieving his childhood dream of being in the entertainment industry, but not in the way he expected.  Whether you are still exploring what you want out of life or looking for a new adventure or challenge, Adam's story will inspire and motivate you to pursue your dreams. 
3/15/202341 minutes, 50 seconds
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EP 134: Hopeful Simplicity with Melissa Stecher

Melissa Stecher is a professional organizer, author and founder of Hopeful Simplicity, but the road that brought her to where she is today started with a "driveway moment" that wasn't so pretty. She found herself overwhelmed as a parent by the feeling of 'it's all on me'. Managing all the people, places and things of Home life was too stressful for her to handle. Desperate for a solution, she gathered herself together and began a hopeful journey. She swapped out unsuccessful organizing systems, harsh chemicals and bad habits for compromises and successes. Thanks to just 15 minutes a day, one small space at a time, she found Hope in her chaos and clutter. Now, she and her son save time, save money and enjoy living Less Stressed lives together.
3/8/202341 minutes, 33 seconds
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Late Bloomer Living Trailer

Are you middle aged with dreams of writing a book, changing your career or finally taking on that passion project and you’re worried it’s too late?  Maybe you want to take a peek behind the curtain to see how other people have done it? I’m going to be taking you on a journey with me as I explore what it means to try new things in mid life.  Each week I’m going to be sitting down with inspiring people “of an age” who are taking on new, big, scary things…
5/26/20201 minute, 37 seconds