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English, Public-Community, 1 season, 468 episodes, 2 days, 2 hours, 6 minutes
Radio 4's weekly obituary programme, telling the life stories of those who have died recently
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Sir Oliver Popplewell, Lynn Conway, Tony Bramwell, Francoise Hardy

Kirsty Lang on the Judge and cricketer Sir Oliver Popplewell. His godson Stephen Fry pays tribute.The computer pioneer and transgender advocate Lynn Conway.The music mogul and friend to the Fab Four Tony Bramwell. One of France’s best loved singer song-writers Francoise Hardy.Interviewee: Stephen Fry Interviewee: Charles Rogers Interviewee: Roag Best Interviewee: Laura BartonProducer: Catherine PowellArchive used: Get Carman: The Trials of George Carman QC BBC 2 5th April 2002; The Today Programme BBC 15th May 1985; Michigan Engineering, University of Michigan 8 Oct 2014 uploaded from Youtube; Trans Activism Oral History Project, Chair in Transgender Studies, University of Victoria, Canada Feb 4th 2020; Radio Newsreel BBC World Service 31st October 1963; Dermot O’Leary show BBC Radio 2 17th August 2013; Sunny South Kensington – Donovan Epic 22nd October 1966; Songbird – Eva Cassidy Didgeridoo Records/ Hot Record 1998; My Generation – The Who Bruinswick Records/ Decca (US) 1965/6; Falling for Francoise, Producer: Alan Hall A Falling Tree Production for BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio 4 2011.
6/21/202427 minutes, 49 seconds
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Nora Cortiñas, Belinda Belville, John Burnside, Roger Corman

Matthew Bannister on Nora Cortiñas, a founding member of Argentina’s “Mothers of the Disappeared” campaign group. Her son Gustavo was 24 when he was arrested by the country’s right-wing dictatorship. He was never seen again. Belinda Bellville, the fashion designer who dressed every female member of the royal family apart from Queen Elizabeth. Her business partner David Sassoon shares his memories.The poet John Burnside whose acclaimed work reflected his troubled childhood in Cowdenbeath and Corby.Roger Corman, the American film director and producer known for his prolific output of low budget pictures.Producer: Ed PrendevilleArchive used: Exhibition of Belinda Bellville dresses at Holkham Hall, BBC Norfolk, 17/04/2013; Princess Goes To Washington (1965). Pathe News, 21/11/1965; Wild Music, Radio 4, 29/12/2019; Belief: John Burnside, BBC Radio 3; 04/04/2012; The Little Shop Of Horrors (1960) Official Trailer; Masque Of The Red Death (1964) Trailer; Attack of the Crab Monsters Official Trailer; Viking Women and the Sea Serpent (1957) Trailer; It Conquered the World (1956) Theatrical Trailer; Horror Café, BBC 2, 15/09/1990; The Film Programme, BBC Radio 4, 30/05/2008;
6/7/202426 minutes, 52 seconds
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Richard M Sherman, Professor Wendy James CBE , Morgan Spurlock, June Mendoza OBE

Matthew Bannister onRichard M Sherman who teamed up with his brother Robert to write some of Disney’s best loved songs.Professor Wendy James CBE, the anthropologist who studied the Uduk tribes of Sudan.June Mendoza OBE, the portrait painter whose subjects included members of the Royal Family, Prime Ministers and celebrities.Morgan Spurlock, the film maker best known for his Oscar nominated documentary about the fast food industry “Supersize Me”.Interviewee: Brian Sibley Interviewee: Dr Douglas Johnson Interviewee: Anna Smith Interviewee: Kim MackrellProducer: Gareth Nelson-DaviesArchive used: Richard Sherman, Outlook, BBC Radio 4, 29 Aug 2016; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Trailer, Dir: Ken Hughes, MGM, 1968; Mary Poppins trailer, Director: Robert Stevenson, Disney, 1964; Julie Andrews, Feed The Birds, Composer Sherman; Richard Sherman, The Film Programme, BBC Radio 4, 30 May 2008; Richard Sherman, Front Row, BBC Radio 4, 26 Oct 2007; Richard Sherman, Soul Music, BBC Radio 4, 03 May 2016; It's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow, Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman, Walt Disney; Richard Sherman interview, Empire Magazine, YouTube, uploaded 12 Aug 2013; Interview with Professor Wendy James, Apollo, University of Cambridge Repository, Dir: Alan Macfarlane, Edit: Sarah Harrison,, 15 May 2009; Super Size Me, 2004, Writer/Director: Morgan Spurlock, Samuel Goldwyn Film, You Tube, uploaded 17 May 2024; Super Size Me, Official Movie Trailer, Samuel Goldwyn Films, 2004; Super Size Me 2, Official Trailer, Samuel Goldwyn Films, 2019; Morgan Spurlock interview, ABC News, YouTube uploaded, 19 Sept 2019; June Mendoza, Desert Island Discs, BBC Radio 4, 08 Sept 1979; June Mendoza, Midweek, BBC Radio 4, 25 May 1988;
5/31/202427 minutes, 50 seconds
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Sir Tony O'Reilly, President Ebrahim Raisi, Penny Simkin, Professor Alasdair Geddes

Matthew Bannister onThe Irish rugby star and businessman Sir Tony O’Reilly. He made billions but ended up bankrupt.The hardline President of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi.Penny Simkin, who championed the role of birth doulas to help mothers during and after labour.Professor Alasdair Geddes, the infectious diseases expert who diagnosed the world’s last ever case of smallpox – in Birmingham.Producer: Ed PrendevilleArchive used: Penny Simkin, YouTube upload, PSfromPenny, 27/10/2009; Penny Simkin, YouTube upload, PSfromPenny, 22/03/2011; Today Programme, Radio 4, BBC, 20/05/2024; Newshour, BBC World Service, 20/05/2024; News report by Philip Hayton, Sound Archive, BBC Radio 4, 11/02/1979; Ebrahim Raisi interviewed by Lesley Stahl, CBS Interactive Inc., YouTube upload, 60 Minutes, 19/05/2024; BBC profile on Tony O’Reilly, 24/01/1975; Conversation Piece, Radio 4, 02/12/1985; People in profile, Radio Ulster, 06/09/1980; The Last Case of Smallpox in the UK, BBC News, 31/08/2016
5/24/202427 minutes, 50 seconds
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Dame Shirley Conran, Doreen Massey, Beverley LaHaye, Steve Albini

Matthew Bannister onDame Shirley Conran, the journalist and author best known for her books “Superwoman” and “Lace”.Baroness Doreen Massey, the educator and former director of the Family Planning AssociationBeverly LaHaye the founder of Concerned Women of America who campaigned to stop the Equal Rights Amendment.Steve Albini, the controversial musician who worked many influential albums including Nirvava’s “In Utero”.Producer: Ed PrendevilleArchive used: National Women’s Coalition for Life, National Cable Satellite Corporation, C-Span, 03/04/1992; Former President Trump Speaks at Concerned Women for America Summit, National Cable Satellite Corporation, C-Span, 15/09/2023; Beverly LaHaye,, 23/02/2017; President Reagan's Remarks at Convention of Concerned Women for America, Reagan Library, YouTube upload, 28/11/2017; The PTL Club, The PTL Club – Heritage USA, YouTube upload, 12/08/2022; Woman's Hour, 07/11/2014; Woman's Hour, 02/08/2012; Graham Norton, BBC Radio 2, 14/07/2012; The Stephen McCauley Show, BBC Radio Ulster, 29/08/2022; House of Lords,, 24/04/2019; Baroness Massey Stories of Democracy, House of Lords, YouTube upload, 22/11/2012
5/17/202427 minutes, 48 seconds
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Anne Dagg, Ross Anderson, Cecil Murray, Kris Hallenga

Matthew Bannister on Anne Dagg, the Canadian biologist known as The Woman Who Loves Giraffes for her lifelong study of the animals.Professor Ross Anderson, the computer scientist who was a leading expert on data protection and online security.Reverend Cecil Murray, the pastor of the First African Methodist Episcopal Church in Los Angeles who played a pivotal role during the riots of 1992.Kris Hellenga, who was diagnosed with breast cancer aged 23 and set up the charity Coppafeel to encourage other young women to check their breasts.Producer: Ed PrendevilleArchive used: Archive of Anne Dagg, The Woman who loves Giraffes, Pursuing Giraffe Adventures Inc, 2018; Newsnight, BBC Two, 01/07/1992; Newsnight, BBC Two, 11/02/2010; Ross Anderson Interviewed by Elisabetta Mori, Archives of IT, YouTube Upload, 20/03/2024; Digitalize in Stockholm ’22, DigitalFuturesHub, YouTube Upload, 28/10/22; USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture, YouTube Upload 22/02/2021; BBC Radio Cornwall, 12/10/2021;
5/10/202427 minutes, 45 seconds
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C.J.Sansom, Olga Fikotová-Connolly, Dr Jenny Vaughan OBE, Sir Andrew Davies

Matthew Bannister on an author, a campaigner, an Olympic medallist, a conductor
5/3/202427 minutes, 49 seconds
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Terry Anderson, Trina Robbins, Lord Field, Ann Trevenen Jenkin

Matthew Bannister onThe American journalist Terry Anderson who was held captive in Lebanon for almost seven years. In an emotional interview, his daughter Sulome tells us how she followed in his footsteps as she tried to connect with a father she met for the first time when she was seven years old. Lord Field who, the Labour MP Frank Field who campaigned tirelessly for welfare reform.Trina Robbins the feminist cartoonist and writer who was the first woman to illustrate the Wonder Woman comics.Ann Trevenen Jenkin the first woman Grand Bard of Cornwall and a founding member of the Cornish nationalist party Mebyon Kernow.Interviewee: Sulome Anderson Interviewee: Ellin Stein Interviewee: Liam Halligan Interviewee: Loveday Jenkin Producer: Gareth Nelson-DaviesArchive Used:Sulome Anderson writes a letter to her father on his birthday, BBC News, 07/10/1991; Terry Anderson release, Live press conference, BBC News, 04/12/1991; Terry Anderson interview, BBC Radio 1, 01/01/2000; Terry Anderson on What It’s Like to Live as a Hezbollah Hostage, Slate. YouTube Channel uploaded, 17/11/2014; Trina Robbins, Meet Trina Robbins, the first woman to draw Wonder Woman for D.C. Comics, KTVU FOX 2 San Francisco, YouTube uploaded 30/03/2023; Frank Field MP interview, Straight Talk, BBC News, 19/06/2010; Frank Field, Profile, BBC Radio 4, 13/12/2014; Frank Field, Lent Talks, BBC Radio 4, 01/04/2009; Ann Trevenen Jenkin interviewed by Carmen Talbot for Dreadnought South West’s Rebellious Sounds Archive, 2019; Ann Trevenen Jenkin interview, Cornish March, BBC News, 21/06/1997;
4/26/202427 minutes, 50 seconds
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“I was born while my father was a hostage”

Sulome Anderson first met her father – journalist Terry Anderson – at the American Embassy in Damascus. She was seven years old and he had just been released from nearly seven years as a hostage in Lebanon. She desperately wanted to build a relationship with him, even going so far as to become a war correspondent herself and tracking down and meeting one of his captors. But Terry’s traumatic experiences made the task very challenging. When she was nearly kidnapped in the Middle East herself, she became determined to break out of the “cycle of fascination with war” that had bedevilled the family. In this moving interview recorded shortly after Terry’s death she speaks candidly about the pressures they faced. Presented by Matthew Banister Produced by Gareth Nelson-Davies and Eirian Jones
4/26/202423 minutes, 21 seconds
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Sir Paul Fox, Lynne Reid Banks, Joan Hills, Amnon Weinstein

Matthew Bannister on:Sir Paul Fox, the respected TV executive who commissioned some of the best loved programmes of the 1960s and 70s. We have a tribute from his former colleague Sir David Attenborough. Lynne Reid Banks, the author best known for her novel “The L Shaped Room.”Joan Hills, the artist who played a key role in the art world of the 1960s and, with her husband and two children, was part of the Boyle Family quartet.Amnon Weinstein, the luthier who collected and restored violins which had been played in concentration camps during the Second World War.Interviewee: Sir David Attenborough Interviewee: Gillon Stephenson Interviewee: Georgia Boyle Interviewee: Avshalom Weinstein Interviewee: Jaap HamburgerProducer: Gareth Nelson-DaviesArchive Used: Sportsview, BBC Television, 27/01/1955; Roger Bannister 4 minute mile news report, BBC Archive Newsreel, 07/05/1954; Interview with Paul Fox, The Oral History of the BBC,, 30/11/1984; Lynne Reid Banks interview with Rita Hayworth1956, On This Day, ITN Archive Facebook channel, uploaded 13/07/2022; L-Shaped Room, Official Trailer, 20th Century Fox, 1962, Dir: Bryan Forbes; Lynne Reid Banks interview, With Great Pleasure, BBC Radio 4, 24/09/1999; Reading extract, The Indian in the Cupboard, Episode 1, BBC Radio 4, 02/10/1986; Official Film Promo, Paramount Pictures, Dir: Frank Oz, 1995; Lynne Reid Banks talks about how her life would be different if she couldn't write, gconversations YouTube Channel, uploaded 25/10/2012; Joan Hills interview, The Boyle Family, BBC Four, 27/08/2003; Amnon Weinstein 2018, Alabama Holocaust Education Center, YouTube uploaded 02/06/2022; Violins of Hope, CBS Sunday Morning, YouTube uploaded 22/03/2024;
4/19/202427 minutes, 49 seconds
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Peter Higgs, Trevor Griffiths, Hella Pick, Margaret Tynes

Matthew Bannister on Professor Peter Higgs, the physicist who won the Nobel prize for explaining why the building blocks of the universe have mass. Trevor Griffiths, the playwright whose stage and TV dramas focused on left wing politics and social issues. We have a tribute from the actor Jack Shepherd. Hella Pick, the long serving Guardian foreign correspondent who enjoyed the company of many world leaders. Margaret Tynes, the African-American soprano who sang leading operatic roles and worked with Duke Ellington.Interviewee: Roland Pease Interviewee: Dr Alan Walker Interviewee: Jack Shepherd Interviewee: Paul Allen Interviewee: Linda Christmas Interviewee: Michael HarperProducer: Catherine PowellArchive used: BBC News at Six : 04/07/2012; BBC The Life Scientific 18/02/2014; Nobel Prize Announcement in Physics 2013, Youtube, 08/10/2013; All Good Men, Play for Today, BBC 1, 31/01/1974; Trevor Griffiths, BFI, YouTube Upload, 02/06/2017; Through the Night, Play for Today, BBC 1, 04/08/1977; Trevor Griffiths interviewed by Sir Tony Robinson, Showreel 88, BBC2, 26/12/1988; Hardtalk, BBC, 1997; Desert Island Discs, BBC Radio 4, 16/11/2018; Aida - 'Ritorna vincitor' az I. felvonásból, 08/09/1962; Macbeth - 'Una macchia e qui tuttora' a IV. felvonásból (Gran Scena del Sonnambulismo / Alvajáró jelenet) 08/09/1962; A Drum Is a Woman, Pt. 1 by Duke Ellington, Margaret Tynes, Duke Ellington & His Orchestra; "Salome" excerpt, Spoleto, 1961
4/12/202427 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

Joe Lieberman, Diana Baring, Lynn Kinnear, Kay Benbow

Matthew Bannister on Joe Lieberman, the US Democrat politician who fell out with his party over the Iraq War. Diana Baring, the respected literary agent. We have a tribute from her client Frederick Forsyth. Lynn Kinnear, who was one of the most influential landscape architects of her generation. Kay Benbow, who commissioned and made many acclaimed TV shows for children. Interviewee: Matt Lieberman Interviewee: Frederick Forsyth Interviewee: Caroline Dawnay Interviewee: Sean Griffiths Interviewee: Kim TserkezieProducer: Catherine Powell Archive used: Joe Lieberman addresses the Senate floor, 04/09/1998, AP Archive, YouTube upload, 21/07/2015; Joe Lieberman interview, The Mehdi Hasan Show, MSNBC, YouTube Upload, 27/10/2021; Joe Lieberman interview, HardTalk, BBC News, 29/06/2017; Joe Lieberman interview, All things considered, NPR, 12/10/2015; Late Night with Conan O'Brien 15/01/2003 Show Executive Producers Lorne Michaels Jeff Ross; The Day of the Jackal trailer, Universal City Studios LLC, IMDb, 1973; Walthamstow Wetlands, London Wildlife Trust, YouTube upload 04/2021; Lynn Kinnear interviewed by Hattie Hartman, 01/07/2022; Balamory Theme Song – BBC Foster Paterson; Woman's Hour : Children's Television; 12/09/2014; Nina and the Neurons BBC Series 2 “Nina’s Cake Bakes” 02/04/2008; The Clangers, Smallfilms for the BBC, 31/10/08
4/5/202427 minutes, 43 seconds
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Richard Taylor, Lisa Lane, Rose Dugdale, Ian Green

John Wilson onRichard Taylor, who became a tireless campaigner against knife crime and supported disadvantaged young people. Lisa Lane, the chess champion who was the first player to feature on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Rose Dugdale, the English heiress and debutante who went onto join the IRA. Ian Green, the Scottish folk music champion who started the record label Greentrax. Producer: Ed PrendevilleArchive used: Rose Dugdale – Mná an IRA, Sé Merry Doyle Loopline Film, 2012; Rose Dugdale charges, BBC News, 06/05/1974; Anti-war march 1967,BBC,26/03/1967; Alfred Beit – Russborough House interview, Midweek, BBC, 03/07/1974; What’s my Line, Freemantle – May 1961, YouTube upload 26/04/2014; BBC Archive – News report Rose sentencing, BBC, 27/11/1974; BBC News – report on murder of Damilola; BBC News – Hardtalk; BBC News interview with Richard Taylor; Ian McCalman – Farewell to the haven; Shian Road sung by Isla St Clair. Written by Ian McCalman; The Pearl Aly Bain, Phil Cunningham and Violet Tulloch; Take the Floor – 19/02/11 Programme number: 10L33047/01; Dateline East Asia Presented By Kathryn Davies;
3/29/202427 minutes, 31 seconds
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John Boyega on campaigner Richard Taylor, father of Damilola Taylor

In this special edition of Last Word, John Boyega pays tribute to campaigner Richard Taylor, the father of Damilola Taylor who was killed 24 years ago.Richard Taylor - a Nigerian civil servant - dedicated years to improving the lives of disadvantaged children in the wake of his son's death via the Damilola Taylor Trust. Mr Taylor said he wanted his son to be remembered as a boy of hope and for his legacy to be a better life and opportunities for underprivileged young people.Boyega - best known for his roles in Star Wars sequel movies – was schoolfriends with Damilola Taylor in South London, as well as being a beneficiary of the Trust set up in his friend’s name.John was one of the last people to see him alive. Until now he had never spoken about that night, or the impact the death of Damilola has had on him.Presented by John Wilson Produced by Ed Prendeville
3/29/202418 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

Vince Power CBE, Olga Murray, Akira Toriyama, Cecilia Eckelmann-Battistello

Matthew Bannister on Vince Power, the live music promoter whose Mean Fiddler group operated a string of London venues and built up the Reading and Leeds festivals. Olga Murray, the American lawyer who devoted her later life to helping the children of Nepal. Cecilia Eckelmann-Battistello, the Italian businesswoman who ran a major container shipping company. Akira Toriyama, the Japanese manga artist who created the Dragon Ball series which has millions of fans around the world.Interviewee: Melvin Benn Interviewee: Shaun Clarkson Interviewee: Gina Parker Interviewee: Som Paneru Interviewee: Janet Porter Interviewee: Chris Gray Interviewee: Shao Dow Producer: Gareth Nelson-DaviesArchive used; Reading Festival 2023 Aftermovie promo, Reading and Leeds Festival, YouTube uploaded 27/10/2023; Vince Power interview , BBC 6Music, 27/03/2008; Vince Power interview, BBC Radio London, 04/12/2022; The Pogues appearance at the Mean Fiddler, 26/01/201986; New Order appearance at the Reading Festival, Reading Festival,1989; Olga Murray interview, Nepal Youth Foundation, YouTube uploaded, 17/09/2012; Olga Murray presentation, TEDx Talks, YouTube uploaded 18/11/2015; Cecilia Eckelmann-Battistello acceptance speech, Lloyds Group, YouTube uploaded 28/10/2015; ShaDow Clone, Shao Dow, YouTube uploaded 26/01/2024;
3/22/202427 minutes, 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

Audrey Adams, Nicola Trahan, Edward Bond, Eric Carmen

Matthew Bannister onAudrey Adams who became a tireless campaigner for the rights of black people after her son was stabbed to death in a racist attack.Nicola Trahan, who joined the French Resistance as a teenager and was later awarded the Croix de Guerre. Edward Bond, the controversial playwright who played a key role in the abolition of censorship in British theatre.The singer and songwriter Eric Carmen whose biggest hit “All By Myself” was based on a Rachmaninov piano concerto.Interviewee: Lord Simon Woolley Interviewee: Reverend Eleanor Rance Interviewee: Simon Callow and Sean Holmes Interviewee: Debbie Wiseman Producer: Ed PrendevilleArchive used: French Wartime Service: Musical Items, Sound Archive, BBC; D-Day Announcement - Communique No. 1, Sound Archive, BBC; The Reverend Al Sharpton, Kilroy BBC 1, BBC; Audrey Adams interviewed by C4 news in 2021, C4 News, YouTube upload, 19/03/2021; Edward Bond interview - TX Date: 12.10.2011; Eric Carmen - Never Gonna fall in love again; Eric Carmen - All by myself; The Raspberries – Go all the way
3/15/202427 minutes, 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Iris Apfel, Colin Murray Parkes, Baroness Henig, Jim Lawrence

Matthew Bannister onIris Apfel the colourful fashion and interior designer whose own dress sense made an impact until her death aged 102.Dr Colin Murray Parkes, the psychiatrist once described as “the David Attenborough of the bereavement world.”Baroness Henig, the deputy House of Lords Speaker who was a historian and expert on the security industry.Jim Lawrence who became skipper of a Thames sailing barge aged eighteen and went on to set up a successful sail making business in Essex. Interviewee: Dame Zandra Rhodes Interviewee: Laura Higginson Interviewee: Debbie Kerslake Interviewee: David Henig Interviewee: Baroness McIntosh of Pickering Interviewee: Simon Devonshire KCProducer: Catherine PowellArchive used: Iris Apfel on BBC Radio 4 “Woman's Hour” 31/07/2015; Colin Murray Parkes on BBC Radio 4 “Word of Mouth - The Language of Bereavement and Grief” 14/01/23; BBC Wales “Aberfan 2 days after the disaster” 24/10/1966; BBC News 20/09/2001; St Thomas Church Memorial Service, BBC New Special, BBC, 20/09/2001; Colin Murray Parkes courtesy: Cruse Bereavement Support, YouTube 23/09/2019; Baroness Henig on Woman's Hour - 20/10/2011; House of Lords 08/11/23; BBC Parliament “Levelling up and Regeneration” 6/9/24; Jim Lawrence: Jim Lawrence singing, “The Singing Bargee”, Paul Desmond, YouTube 14/11/2012; Jim Lawrence Recalls His Early Days, Paul Desmond, YouTube uploaded 14 Nov 2012
3/8/202427 minutes, 43 seconds
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Nicholas Dimbleby, Lord Patrick Cormack, Wendy Mitchell, Eleanor Fazan

John Wilson on the celebrated sculptor Nicholas Dimbleby, responsible for numerous well known commissions around the country. Lord Patrick Cormack the politician, historian and prolific author.Wendy Mitchell, the author and blogger who was diagnosed with young onset dementia and worked tirelessly to help improve the understanding of the condition. Eleanor Fazan, the theatre director, choreographer and actor. Her career spanned almost 70 years and saw her working with some of the biggest names in the business.Archive Details Archive used:. “Wogan” BBC 1 10/12/1986. BBC Midlands Today News 13/7/2011. BBC News West 09/09/1999. “The Bright Side of Life” BBC Radio 4 21/11/2023 & 28/11/2023 21/02/23 & 05/09/19. The Michael Ball Show, BBC Radio 2, BBC, 16/01/2022 Wendy Mitchell reads from “Somebody I used to know”. Bloomsbury publishing, uploaded to Youtube 29 Jan 2018. "The Complete Beyond The Fringe" Label - Parlophone Records Ltd, a Warner Music Group Company. Oh! It's a Lovely War, Title Oh! It's a Lovely War Performer - Courtland and Jeffries Album - Oh! It's A Lovely War (Volume 1) Label - CD41 Recordings. Stage to Screen BBC
3/1/202427 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Alexei Navalny, Dr Brooke Ellison, Gertrude Wright, Steve Brown

John Wilson onAlexei Navalny, the anti-corruption campaigner and leading opponent of President Vladimir Putin, who has died in a Russian state prison. Dr Brooke Ellison, an American academic and disabilities rights advocate who drew on her own experience of living with quadriplegia.Gertrude Wright, who survived the bombing of her German home city during World War Two and went on to become a translator for Field Marshall Montgomery.And Steve Brown, the music composer who worked on comedy productions such as Alan Partridge, Spitting Image, Dead Ringers and many more productions. Steve Coogan and Harry Hill pay tribute.Interviewee: Nikolai Petrov Interviewee: Jean Ellison Interviewee: Professor Stephen Post Interviewee: James Holland Interviewee: Steve Coogan Interviewee: Harry HillProducer: Gareth Nelson-DaviesArchive used: Alexei Navalny, Profile, BBC Radio 4, 27/10/2012; BBC News, 05/12/2011; Alexei Navalny, HardTalk, BBC News, 19/01/2017; Navalny, Cable Network News, Dogwool, BBC Storyville, Director: Daniel Roher; 2022; Brooke Ellison, Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, 21/09/2010; Brooke Ellison, Tedx Talks, YouTube uploaded 14/07/2015; Brooke Ellison interview, Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education, YouTube upload 28/09/2023; Brooke Ellison Harvard Commencement Speech, June 2000; Magdeburg Blitzed, Pathe Gazettes/Pathe, 1944; Steve Brown, The Mitch Benn Music Show, BBC Radio 4 Extra, 12/04/2009 (original TX 2006); Steve Brown/Glen Ponder, Knowing Me, Knowing You with Alan Partridge, BBC Two, 05/08/2002; Spend, Spend Spend promo, Barbara Dickson/Steve Brown/Justin Green, Chariot Records, Released 06/05/2016; I Can't Sing! The X Factor Musical, YouTube 04/11/2013; Steve Brown singing on Newsnight, BBC TWO, 20/03/1992
2/23/202427 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

Steve Wright, Baroness Flather, Alan Mills, Angela Peberdy

Matthew Bannister onThe much-loved Radio 1 and 2 DJ Steve Wright. We have a tribute from his former colleague Simon Mayo.Baroness Flather, who was the first Asian woman to sit in the House of Lords.Alan Mills, the Wimbledon tennis referee who had to deal with tantrums on court.Angela Peberdy, the train announcer known as “the golden voice of British Rail”.Producer: Ed PrendevilleArchive Used The Six o’clock News, BBC 1, 25/06/1985; Network East: Big Talk, Asia 2 BBC 2, 14/11/1998; Daily Politics, BBC2, 17/01/2012; Three Bridges - Platform 4 for the Victoria train - 27/01/1989; Lewisham - Platform 4 for the Bexleheath line service to Dartford - 26/07/1990; Angela Peberdy On London Plus, 27/11/1986; Newsnight, BBC Two, 17/06/1983; BBC Breakfast Time, BBC 1, 19/06/1986; Steve Wright's Sunday Love Songs Extra, BBC Radio 2, 08/02/24; Steve Writght in the Afternoon, BBC Radio 2, 09/03/2010; Steve Wright in the Afternoon, BBC Radio 2, 22/02/2008; Steve Wright in the Afternoon, BBC Radio 2, 28/09/22; Steve Wright in the Afternoon, BBC Radio 2, 27/09/22; Steve Wright, BBC Radio 1, 10/01/94; Steve Wright, BBC Radio 1, 24/12/93; Steve Wright, BBC Radio 2, 29/09/22; Steve Wright, BBC Radio 2, 25/09/22; Steve Wright, BBC Radio 2, 14/09/22; Steve Wright - Sunday Love Songs, BBC Radio 1, 04/02/2010; Steve Wright in the Afternoon, BBC Radio 2, 29/09/2022; Steve Wright, BBC Radio 1, 01/01/1988
2/16/202427 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

Dr Lowitja O’Donoghue, Ian Lavender, Robie Harris, Barry John

Matthew Bannister onDr Lowitja O’Donoghue who overcame a traumatic childhood to become one of Australia’s leading campaigners for the rights of indigenous people.Ian Lavender, the actor best known for playing Private Pike in Dad’s Army.Robie Harris, whose book explaining sex to children made her one of America’s most banned authors.Barry John, the Welsh and British and Irish Lions fly-half known simply as “The King”. Interviewee: Stuart Rintoul Interviewee: Paul Abbandonato Interviewee: Hilary Gagan Interviewee: Rick Wakeman Interviewee: Michael EmberleyProducer: Gareth Nelson-DaviesArchive used:Dr O’Donoghue speaking at the Indigenous Health and Wellbeing Conference 2016, Lowitja Institute International, YouTube upload 07/09/2023; Dr Lowitja O'Donoghue, Australian Biography Series 3, Film Australia Collection 1994, Director & Producer Frank Heimans, YouTube upload 01/06/2021; Native Title Act News Report, BBC News, BBC One, 22/12/1993 Barry John: The King, BBC One Wales, 08/032013; Barry John, Scotland v Wales, Five Nations, BBC One, 1971; Barry John, Cardiff v Wales, BBC One Wales, 1969; Barry John playing for Lions v New Zealand, BBC One Wales, 22/03/2013; Barry John, Desert Island Discs, BBC Radio 4, 12/12/1978; Robie Harris On Kids' Right To Read, National Coalition Against Censorship, YouTube, 01/02/2014; Robie Harris on KidLit TV, 07/11/2014; Ian Lavender, Celebrity MasterMind, BBC One, 01/01/2009; , Dad's Army: Series 5, Asleep in the Deep, BBC One, 04/01/1977; Dads Army, Battle of the Giants!, BBC One, 26/08/1972; Dads Army, The Deadly Attachment, 31/10/1973; Ian Lavender interview, Today, BBC Radio 4, 14/11/2022; Ian Lavender interview, 5’s Company, 1997, Freemantle, YouTube upload 24/08/2018
2/9/202427 minutes, 42 seconds
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Frank Farian, Caroline Richmond, Phil Baines, Norma Izard

Matthew Bannister onFrank Farian, the German music producer behind the hugely successful group Boney M, who caused controversy when it was revealed that his duo Milli Vanilli had been miming at all their live shows. We hear from Boney M singer Liz Mitchell.Medical journalist Caroline Richmond who founded the Campaign Against Health Fraud, now known as HealthSense.Professor Phil Baines, the respected typographer who designed many book covers and public signs as well as the memorial to the victims of the 7/7 2005 bombings in London.Norma Izard, who managed the England Women’s Cricket team, leading them to win the World Cup and creating the trophy for the women’s Ashes series.Producer: Ed PrendevilleArchive used: London Plus, BBC 1 South East, 09/10/1985; Sixty Minutes, BBC 1, 07/06/1984; BBC Breakfast Time, BBC, 25/03/1986; Caroline Richmond’s interviewed on Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio Four, 27/04/2000; England v New Zealand - Women's World Cup Final, 5 Live, 01.08.1993; Phil Baines - Form and content: reflections on the practice and responsibilities of book design, Real Smart Media, 25/04/2012; From Priesthood to Art and Design, Central Saint Martins
2/2/202427 minutes, 46 seconds
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Norma Barzman, Lord Saye and Sele, Jim Hobson, Susan Campbell

Matthew Bannister onNorma Barzman, the screenwriter from the Golden Age of Hollywood who fled to Europe after facing being blacklisted from the House Un-American Activities Committee for her Communist views. Lord Saye and Sele, the aristocrat who served in the army during the Second World War, then worked to restore the historic family seat Broughton Castle.James 'Jim' Hobson, the Assistant Chief Constable of West Yorkshire who was in charge of the Yorkshire Ripper enquiry when Peter Sutcliffe was arrested.Susan Campbell, the illustrator who co-founded the Walled Kitchen Garden Network.Interviewee: Larry Ceplair Interviewee: John Barzman Interviewee: Martin Fiennes Interviewee: Franco Pardini Interviewee: Jim Buckland Interviewee: Caroline ConranProducer: Gareth Nelson-DaviesArchive used:CSULB Human Rights Forum - Norma Barzman, the Advanced Media Production Center, California State University Long Beach, Beach TV CSULB, YouTube, uploaded 06/04/2009; The Locket (1946), RKO Radio Pictures; Norma Barzman, Hollywood Exiles, Podcast, BBC World Service, 15/01/2024; The House Committee of Un-American Activities Actuality, Omnibus, Hollywood on Trial, BBC Two, 04/11/1973; Give us This Day (1949) Dir, Edward Dmytryk; IMDB; Lord Saye and Seye interview, From D-Day to Bergen-Belsen: Lord Saye & Sele, Dir/Prod Nathan Portlock-Allan, YouTube uploaded 26/01/2021; Lord Seye and Sele, SignPost, BBC, 25/04/1962; News Conference, Newsbeat, BBC Radio, 04/09/1979; The Yorkshire Ripper Files: A Very British Crime Story, BBC Four, 11/04/2019; Susan Campbell "Trained Fruit in Historic Kitchen Gardens", Garden Conservation YouTube uploaded 30/09/2022; Susan Campbell makes her first visit to Althorp, Episode 8, Walled Garden Historian,;
1/26/202427 minutes, 50 seconds
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Annie Nightingale, Isca Salzberger-Wittenberg, Bryan Ansell, Charlie Allan

Matthew Bannister onAnnie Nightingale who was Radio 1’s first female presenter and its longest serving DJ. Her son remembers meeting Jimi Hendrix over breakfast in her kitchen and the 72-hour-party at her home featuring some of the biggest names of the dance music scene.Isca Salzberger-Wittenberg, the psychoanalyst who changed the approach to treating young people’s mental health.Bryan Ansell, the games designer who co-created Warhammer and helped lead the growth of the Games Workshop company.And Charlie Allan who was a Scottish farmer, an economist, a broadcaster and a caber tossing champion.Interviewee: Alex Nightingale Interviewee: Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg OBE Interviewee: Dr Valerie Sinason Interviewee: Sir Ian Livingstone CBE Interviewee: Susie Malcolm Interviewee: Frieda MorrisonProducer: Gareth Nelson-DaviesArchive used: Annie Nightingale 1940-2024, BBC Radio 1, 14/01/2024; Annie Nightingale, Desert Island Discs, BBC Radio 4, 24/07/2020; Interview with Annie Nightingale, Sussex-BBC Centenary Interview part of the Connected Histories of the BBC project. You can hear the interview in full by going to the Connected Histories of the BBC website at ; Annie Nightingale interview about her Request Show, BBC Radio 1, Vintage, 22/12/2018; Old Grey Whistle Test, 100 Voices, BBC Four, 23/02/2018; Dungeons and Dragons News report, BBC News South East, 06/10/1983; Fantasy Board Games report, BBC Breakfast, BBC News 20/08/1984; Warhammer 40000, Darktide, Soundtrack, Fatshark Youtube channel, uploaded 18/11/2022; Charlie Allan sings, Blue Grey Coo and Other Bothy Ballads, Ardo Pedigree Cattle, published 1979; Charlie Allan - A Tribute to a North East Man O' Pairts, BBC Radio Scotland, 03/01/2024;
1/19/202427 minutes, 56 seconds
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Camila Batmanghelidjh, Sir Roy Calne, Glynis Johns, J.P.R. Williams

Matthew Bannister onCamila Batmanghelidjh who founded the charity Kids Company to help disadvantaged children. The charity collapsed amidst controversy, although she was later cleared of any wrongdoing.Sir Roy Calne, the surgeon who carried out the UK’s first successful liver transplant operation. He was also a talented artist. Glynis Johns, the actor best known for playing the suffragette Winifred Banks in the film of Mary Poppins.JPR Williams, one of the greatest full backs in rugby history, who made many appearances for Wales and the British & Irish Lions. Sir Ian McGeechan pays tribute. Interviewee: Steve Chalke Interviewee: Tim Rayment Interviewee: Professor John Wallwork Interviewee: Peter Jackson Interviewee: Sir Ian McGeechanProducer: Gareth Nelson-DaviesArchive used: Camila Batmanghelidjh interview, Desert Island Discs, BBC Radio 4, 27/10/2006; Camila Batmanghelidjh interview, Woman's Hour, BBC Radio 4, 12 Feb 2016; Camila Batmanghelidjh interview, Listed Londoner, BBC Radio London, recorded 01/2013; Camila Batmanghelidjh interview, Woman's Hour, BBC Radio 4, Podcast, 25/02/2021; Sir Roy Calne interview, Desert Island Discs, BBC Radio 4, 01/03/1996; Sir Roy Calne interview, History of transplantation, ISN Video Legacy Project, 2003; Glynis Johns interview, Desert Island Discs, BBC Radio 4, 24.04.1976; Glynis Johns interview, Maybe Next Year, BBC Two, 20/02/2003; Glynis Johns interview, Parkinson, BBC One, 26/10/1974; JPR Williams try, Wales v England 1976, 5 Nations championship, Guinness Six Nations YouTube channel, uploaded 06/03/2020; JPR Williams drop goal 1971, British & Irish Lions, uploaded 13/03/2017; JPR Williams needed stiches during match, Bridgend v New Zealand, 1978;
1/12/202427 minutes, 56 seconds
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John Pilger, KM Peyton, Paula Murphy, Michael Blakemore

Matthew Bannister onJohn Pilger, the campaigning journalist who made award winning films about human rights abuses and was an outspoken critic of British and US foreign policy.K.M. Peyton, the author of many “pony” books for children and adolescents, including the “Flambards” trilogy.Paula Murphy, the American racing driver once described as “the fastest woman on wheels”.Michael Blakemore, the versatile theatre director who was the only person to win Tony Awards for Best Play and Best Musical in the same year.Interviewee: Sam Pilger Interviewee: Anthony Hayward Interviewee: Meg Rosoff Interviewee: Hilary Peyton Interviewee: Pam Miller Interviewee: Conrad Blakemore Interviewee: Greta ScacchiProducer: Gareth Nelson-DaviesArchive used: John Pilger, Desert Island Discs, BBC Radio 4, 18/02/1990; Year Zero: The Silent Death of Cambodia, (ATV) ITV, 1979 p/d David Munro; Cambodia: Year One, (ATV), ITV, 10 September 1980, p/d David Munro; John Pilger interview with Kim Hill, TVNZ's 1News, 1 News, YouTube uploaded, 24/11/2023; KM Peyton interview, Front Row, BBC Radio 4, 27/04/2009; KM Peyton interview, Womans Hour, BBC Radio 4, 20/02/2016; Flambards TV Series, TV Theme and scene extract, ITV, 02/02/1979; Paula Murphy interview/clips, Paula Murphy: Undaunted, Documentary, Fox Sports, Director Pam Miller, released 2023, Michael Blakemore interview, Theatre Talk, YouTube uploaded 04/08/2013; John Lahr talks with director Michael Blakemore, Conversations, The New Yorker, YouTube uploaded 23/07/2014;
1/5/202427 minutes, 48 seconds
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Jacques Delors, Nancy Pearce, Elinor Otto, Tony Allen

Kirsty Lang on Jacques Delors, the politician and architect of the modern EU. Nancy Pearce, the founder of a charity to help people with eating disorders. Elinor Otto, the American factory worker who was one of the original 'Rosie the Riveters'. Tony Allen, one of the pioneers of the alternative comedy scene. Producer: Ed Prendeville
12/29/202327 minutes, 52 seconds
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Maureen Sweeney, Sir Tim Brighouse, Shirley Anne Field, Juanita Castro

Matthew Bannister onMaureen Sweeney, the postmistress from the west of Ireland whose weather forecast postponed D-Day by 24 hours.Sir Tim Brighouse, the educationalist credited with transforming the performance of London’s schools.Shirley Anne Field, the actor who appeared in classic 1960s films like The Entertainer, Saturday Night and Sunday Morning and Alfie.Juanita Castro, younger sister of the Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who became a CIA informer.Interviewee: Fergus Sweeney Interviewee: Harry Brighouse Interviewee: Lord Blunkett Interviewee: Brian Latell Interviewee: Nicola Gill Interviewee: Anita Harris Producer: Gareth Nelson-DaviesArchive used:D-Day Greatest Combined Operation In World's History (1944), British Pathe News, British Pathe News YouTube channel, uploaded 13/04/2014; Maureen Sweeney interview, RTE News, 2005; Maureen (née Flavin) Sweeney interview, Blacksod Lighthouse, Facebook, uploaded 17/12/2023; Tim Brighouse talks to Estelle Morris about his 45-year career in education, Alexander Street Video, uploaded 2006; Tim Brighouse on purpose of education, RM Education, YouTube uploaded 19/12/2023; Tim Brighouse news report, BBC News; Juanita Castro press conference, ABC News, 1964; Juanita Castro interview, AP Archive, 21/07/2015; Juanita Castro speaks out, New York Times, 28/11/2016; Castro Announces Take Over Of Us Owned Property (1960), British Pathe News, YouTube, uploaded 13/04/2014; Shirley Anne Field, Desert Island Discs, BBC Radio 4, 29/07/1994; Scene extract from the film The Entertainer, 1960; Scene extract from the film Saturday Night Sunday Morning, 1960;
12/22/202327 minutes, 51 seconds
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Matthew Bannister on The dub poet Benjamin Zephaniah who overcame childhood trauma to become an acclaimed performer and writer.Laura Lean, who volunteered for the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry, helping to support distressed families after The Grenfell Tower fire and greeting Afghan evacuees.Stacy Marking, one of the first women directors in documentary television whose work focused on social issues.Eric Freeman, the Gloucestershire farmer who played a key role in saving the county’s rare breeds of cattle, sheep and pigs.Interviewee: Qian Zephaniah Interviewee: Neil Astley Interviewee: Dot Newman Interviewee: Adam Henson Interviewee: Clifford Freeman Interviewee: Havana MarkingProducer: Gareth Nelson-DaviesArchive Used:Benjamin Zephaniah performance of Dis Poetry, BBC Radio 1, 05/06/1984; Benjamin Zephaniah, To Do Wild Me (trailer), Blood Axe Books, director: Pamela Robertson-Pearce, Uploaded 17/02/2013; Benjamin Zephaniah interview, Desert Island Discs, BBC Radio 4, 13/06/1997; Benjamin Zephaniah, I Luv Me Mudder, Benjamin Zephaniah Orchard Enterprises, YouTube uploaded 08/11/2014; Benjamin Zephaniah - What has Stephen Lawrence Taught Us?, AKL Concepts, YouTube, Uploaded 16/02/2012; Laura Lean interview, First Aid Nursing Yeomanry;; 2022; Princess Alice inspects First Aid Nursing Yoemanry Unit and donated ambulances (1940), British Pathe, British Pathe YouTube channel, uploaded 11/11/2020; Eric Freeman interviews courtesy of Vernon Harwood, Eric Freeman, Auction Memories. Farming Today, BBC Radio 4, 17/04/2017; Eric Freeman Future of Rare Breeds. On Your Farm, BBC Radio 4 03/03/2013; Gloucester Cattle. Country Matters, BBC Radio Gloucestershire 19/05/2013; Wassail. Country Matters, BBC Radio Gloucestershire 14/01/2007;
12/15/202327 minutes, 55 seconds
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Shane MacGowan, Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, Lord Darling, Joan Jara

Matthew Bannister onShane MacGowan the lead singer of The Pogues who was famous for his song writing but also his abuse of drugs and alcohol. His sister joins us to discuss the roots of his talent and his excesses. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman to be appointed to the US Supreme Court.Lord Darling, the Labour politician who was Chancellor during the financial crash of 2008.Joan Jara, whose husband, the singer Victor Jara was killed by the Pinochet regime in Chile. She campaigned for justice on behalf of thousands whose relatives died or disappeared.Interviewee: Siobhan MacGowan Interviewee: James Fearnley Interviewee: Justice Ruth McGregor Interviewee: Alan Day Interviewee: Catherine MacLeod Interviewee: Almudena BernabeuProducer: Gareth Nelson-DaviesArchive used: Shane MacGowan interview, BBC Two, Crock of Gold: A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan, BBC iPlayer, First broadcast 16/03/2021; Sandra Day O’Connor , 60 Minutes, YouTube uploaded, 01/12/2023; Sandra Day O'Connor nomination to the Supreme Court by President Reagan, CBS, 19/08/1981; Sandra Day O’Connor interview, PBS Newshour, 04/04/2013. Supreme Court Ruling Bush v Gore, BBC Newsnight, 08/12/2000; Alistair Darling interview ,10 Years After the Financial Crash with Alistair Darling, RBS Events, YouTube uploaded, 25/09/2017; Chile News report. The World at One, BBC Radio 4, 19/09/1973; Joan Jara interview, Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4, 04/09/1988; Joan Jara interview, Weekend Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4, 20/09/2003; Sandra Day O'Connor Retires, BBC News, BBC Radio 4, 01/07/2005;
12/8/202327 minutes, 50 seconds
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Henry Kissinger, Terry Venables, Paul Watson, Rachel Heller

Matthew Bannister onHenry Kissinger, a towering figure in international diplomacy, who won the Nobel Peace Prize but was condemned by some as a war criminal. Also, Terry Venables, the colourful manager who took the England Football team to the semi-finals of Euro 96.Paul Watson, the pioneer of reality TV whose “fly on the wall” techniques caused controversy. Sir Peter Bazalgette pays tribute.And Rachel Heller the artist who was born with Down’s Syndrome and whose work was collected by fellow artists including David Hockney, Sir Peter Blake and Maggi Hambling.
12/1/202327 minutes, 45 seconds
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Captain Don Walsh, Dame A.S. Byatt, Rosalynn Carter, Dr Finlay Macleod

Matthew Bannister on Captain Don Walsh, the American submariner who made the first descent to the deepest place in the ocean – the Mariana Trench. His friend and fellow deep sea explorer Victor Vescovo relives the experience for us. Dame A.S. Byatt, the author best known for her Booker Prize winning novel “Possession”. Rosalynn Carter, the former First Lady of the USA. Dr Finlay Macleod, the historian from the Isle of Lewis who fought to preserve the Gaelic language. Robert Macfarlane pays tribute. Interviewee: Rebecca Morelle Interviewee: Victor Vescovo Interviewee: Neil La Bute Interviewee: Sam Leith Interviewee: Kate Andersen Brower Interviewee: Robert Macfarlane Interviewee: Agnes Rennie Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Archive used: Rebecca Morelle interviews Don Walsh, BBC News, 23/02/2012, They Dived 7 Miles, British Pathe News Reels, 08/02/1960; Witness History : The world's deepest dive 11km down, BBC World Service, 01/03/2021; Don Walsh interview, Short CUts 18, The Descent, BBC Radio 4, 05/03/2019;
11/24/202327 minutes, 50 seconds
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Peter Betts, Audrey Salkeld, Heather Rogers KC, Louise Meriwether

Matthew Bannister on Peter Betts, who was the UK’s lead negotiator at international climate change summits. Audrey Salkeld, the mountaineering historian best known for her work on the ill-fated Mallory and Irvine expedition. Heather Rogers KC, the lawyer who championed freedom of speech in many high profile cases Louise Meriwether, the author and journalist whose acclaimed novel “Daddy was a Number Runner” told the story of her childhood during the depression in Harlem. Interviewee: Fiona MacGregor Interviewee: Caoilfhionn Gallagher KC Interviewee: Geoffrey Robertson KC Interviewee: Adam Salkeld Interviewee: Ed Douglas Interviewee: Cheryl Hill Reading extract by: Susan Abebe Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Archive used: News report following 2009 United Nations Climate Change Conference, Copenhagen, BBC News, 12/19/2009; News report, The Paris Agreement, UN Climate Change Conference (COP21), BBC News, 13/12/2015; Pete Betts interview, 194: Making a Difference, Outrage + Optimism podcast, Outrage + Optimism Ltd, uploaded 30/03/2023; Spycatcher ruling, Newsnight, BBC Two, 13/10/1988; David Irving, HardTalk, BBC News, 28/04/2000; Denial - official movie promo, IMDB, uploaded 2016; Louise Meriwether Lecture, Lectures to the Black Experience in the Arts course, University of Connecticut 14/03/1972;
11/17/202327 minutes, 47 seconds
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Ken Mattingly, Anne Wright, Mary Gallacher, David Kirke

Matthew Bannister on Ken Mattingly, the astronaut who missed flying into space on the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission because he had been exposed to German measles. We have a tribute from Fred Haise who did take part in that hazardous flight. Anne Wright, who devoted her life to conserving the wild animals of India. Mary “Tiny” Gallacher who worked behind the scenes at Rangers Football Club in Glasgow for over 50 years. David Kirke, the co-founder of the Dangerous Sports Club who took part in the first modern bungee jump wearing top hat and tails and carrying a bottle of champagne. Interviewee: Fred Haise Interviewee: Belinda Wright Interviewee: Raza Kazmi Interviewee: John Gallacher Interviewee: David Mason Interviewee: Chris Baker Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Apollo 13 official movie trailer , Universal Pictures, Universal Pictures All-Access YouTube channel, uploaded 12/04/2011; Ken Mattingly interview, NASA Johnson Space Center Oral History Project, Thomas K. Mattingly II, interviewed by Rebecca Wright, Costa Mesa, California, 06/11/2001; NASA’s Look at 50 Years of Apollo, NASA, YouTube channel uploaded 13/04/2020; Apollo 13, CBS News Coverage of Apollo 13, 17/04/1970; Apollo 13 re-entry, BBC One, Cliff Michelmore, James Burke, Geoffery Pardoe and Patrick Moore, BBC, 17/04/1970; Anne Wright interview, Witness History, The End of British Rule in India 22/07/2014; Mary Tiny Gallacher interview, Rangers Retro , Tiny's Team, Rangers Football Club Official YouTube Channel, uploaded 25/10/2023;
11/10/202327 minutes, 50 seconds
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Matthew Perry, Benedict Birnberg, Field Marshall Muthoni Wa Kirima, Professor Jose Harris

Matthew Bannister on Benedict Birnberg, the radical lawyer who fought the cases of the far-left Angry Brigade and the Mangrove Nine and got the murder conviction of Derek Bentley quashed. Professor Jose Harris, the historian best known for her acclaimed biography of William Beveridge. Field Marshall Muthoni Wa Kirima, the last Mau Mau fighter to lay down her arms after the rebellion against British rule in Kenya. Matthew Perry, the actor best known for playing Chandler Bing in the TV sitcom “Friends”. Interviewee: Ariadne Birnberg Interviewee: Gareth Peirce Interviewee: Dr Beth Rebisz Interviewee: Professor Stuart Jones Interviewee: Natalie Jamieson Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Archive used: Ben Birnberg appearance on Newsnight, Derek Bentley news report, BBC Two, 30/07/1998; Mangrove Nine, The Reunion, BBC Radio 4, 05/09/2021; King Charles speech, State Visit to Kenya, BBC News, 01/11/2023; Mau Mau Disorders, British Pathe News, British Pathe YouTube Channel, uploaded 13/014/2013; Interview with Muthoni Wa Kirima, MauMau Chronicles, Youtube uploaded, 09/09/2023; Muthoni Wa Kirima singing, Museum of British Colonialism, uploaded 11/01/2020; Jose Harris appearance on Thinking Aloud, BBC Two, 28/10/1984; Sir William Beveridge talks to Pathe Gazette (1942), British Pathe YouTube Channel uploaded 13/04/2014; Jose Harris interview, Analysis : The Deserving and the Undeserving Poor, BBC Radio 4, 21/11/2010; Friends TV Promo, IMBD; Matthew Perry interview, Q with Tom Palmer, YouTube, uploaded 22/11/2022; Matthew Perry appearance in panel discussion on Alcoholism, NewsNight, BBC Two, 16/12/2013; Matthew Perry interview, uploaded CNN, 31/05/2013;
11/3/202327 minutes, 51 seconds
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Sir Bobby Charlton, Dr Evelyn Fox Keller, Julian Bahula, Haydn Gwynne

Matthew Bannister on Sir Bobby Charlton, who is hailed as England’s greatest ever footballer. Dr. Evelyn Fox Keller, who explored the effects of gender on the study of science. Julian Bahula, the South African musician and anti- apartheid activist And Haydn Gwynne, the versatile actor known for her roles in Billy Elliott and The Audience on stage and The Windsors and Drop the Dead Donkey on screen. Andy Hamilton pays tribute.
10/27/202327 minutes, 58 seconds
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Charles ‘Chuck’ Feeney, Phyllis ‘Pippa’ Latour, Florence Fisher, Dr Nicholas Arnold

Kirsty Lang on Charles ‘Chuck’ Feeney, the secret billionaire who gave most of his money away to good causes. Phyllis ‘Pippa’ Latour, the fearless secret agent who was parachuted into Nazi occupied Normandy a month before D-Day. Florence Fisher, who was adopted as a child and later led a movement to help millions of others find their birth parents. Dr Nicholas Arnold, one of the world’s leading experts on reptiles. Interviewee: Conor O'Clery Interviewee: Clare Mulley Interviewee: Lorraine Dusky Interviewee: Andie Markoe-Byrne Interviewee: Chris Arnold Interviewee: Dr Colin McCarthy Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Archive used: Secret Billionaire: The Chuck Feeney Story, RTE Factual, YouTube, Atlantic Phil, Uploaded 05/06/2010; Chuck Feeney, Founding Chairman of The Atlantic Philanthropies, on Empathy, YouTube, Atlantic Phil, Uploaded 13/04/2011; Discovery with Jill Neville, BBC World Service, 01/06/1988; Adoption – The Right To Know, interview with Florence Fisher, Harvard University, 01/06/1990; Adoption records unsealed, News 8, News report, Wish-TV Indiana, YouTube uploaded 05/07/2018;
10/20/202327 minutes, 44 seconds
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Kirsty Lang on The talented young scientist Kirsty Smitten who did pioneering work developing a new generation of antibiotics. Singer Kat Anderson who made pop history with Motown’s first Number One hit: Please Mr Postman. The architect Beverly Willis who devoted much of her career to promoting her female peers. Tony Wade who helped built Britain’s first black owned multi-million-pound business selling hair and beauty products to Afro Caribbean women. Producer: Ed Prendeville
10/13/202327 minutes, 55 seconds
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Michael Gambon, Pat Arrowsmith, Treleven Haysom, Dianne Feinstein

Matthew Bannister on the acclaimed actor Sir Michael Gambon. His son Fergus reveals his love of cars, antique firearms – and lying to journalists. The peace campaigner Pat Arrowsmith, who went to prison a number of times for direct action protests. Treleven Haysom, the stone mason who devoted his life to working, quarrying and telling the history of Purbeck stone. Dianne Feinstein, the US Senator who campaigned for women’s rights and gun control and revealed the CIA’s use of torture. Producer: Ed Prendeville
10/6/202327 minutes, 58 seconds
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Gita Mehta, Matteo Messina Denaro, Irma Brenman Pick, John Stevenson

Matthew Bannister on Gita Mehta, the author who set out to reveal the truth about India to the West. Her friend the theatre director Sir Richard Eyre pays tribute. Matteo Messina Denaro, the Italian mafia boss who boasted he could “fill a cemetery” with his murder victims. Irma Brenman Pick, the psychoanalyst who investigated the emotional reactions between patient and therapist. John Stevenson, who wrote some of the best loved episodes of Coronation Street. Sally Wainwright shares her memories of working with him. Interviewee: Sir Richard Eyre Interviewee: Barbie Latza Nadeau Interviewee: Daniel Pick Interviewee: Margaret Rustin Interviewee: Sally Wainwright Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Archive used: Gita Mehta interview with Charlie Rose: The complexity and diversity of India, Charlie Rose website, 12/05/1997; Paperbacks: Gita Mehta interview about her book Karma Cola, BBC One, 29/04/1981; Gita Mehta documentary, Dateline Bangladesh, 18/12/2014; Gita Mehta interview, Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4, 02/07/1990; News report: Falcone killed in bomb explosion, BBC News, 23/05/1992; News report: Anti-Mafia Judge murdered, BBC News, 19/07/1992; Matteo Messina Denaro arrested, The World Tonight, Radio 4, 16/01/2023; Ken Barlow Finds Out About Deidre’s Affair, Coronation Street YouTube channel, uploaded 21/01/2015; Hilda Ogden unveils her new "muriel " , Coronation Street, 1976; Rovers Return scene, Coronation Street, 11/09/1978; Reg’s Waterbed Floods His Apartment, Coronation Street YouTube Channel, uploaded 30 May 2017; Brass opening scene, ITV, 21/02/1983; Ken gives Raquel French Lessons , Coronation Street Facebook page, uploaded 19/08/2020;
9/29/202327 minutes, 44 seconds
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Sir Horace Ové, Su Gorman, Roger Whittaker, Jean Combes

Matthew Bannister on Sir Horace Ové, the director whose films told stories of the experiences of black people in Britain. Su Gorman, who campaigned for justice for the victims of the contaminated blood scandal, after her own husband was infected with hepatitis C. Roger Whittaker, the singer best known for his hits Durham Town and The Last Farewell, and his skill at whistling. Jean Combes, the naturalist whose meticulous records of the moment when trees came into leaf in the spring cast light on the effects of climate change. Interviewee: Zak Ové Interviewee: Jan Smith Interviewee: Caroline Wheeler Interviewee: Siobhan Grogan Interviewee: Sue Stout Interviewee: Professor Tim Sparks Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Archive used: Horace Ové interview Galeforce Television, YouTube uploaded 04/10/2010; Horace Ové interview, Caribbean Links, BBC Radio 4, 03/02/1984; Reggae, Review, BBC Two, 26/03/1971; Horace Ové interview, Newsnight, BBC Two, 02/02/1982; Pressure: Discussion Panel, The Derek Jarman Lab, uploaded 21/05/2021; Play for Today: A Hole in Babylon, BBC One, 29/11/1979; Contaminated Blood Inquiry, Today, Radio 4, 24/09/2018; Contaminated Blood Scandal, BBC News, 17/08/2022; Roger Whittaker interview, BBC Radio 2, 01/01/2000.
9/22/202327 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mike Yarwood, Ada Deer, Sir Ian Wilmut, Dorothy Purdew

Matthew Bannister on Mike Yarwood, whose impressions of famous people made him one of TV’s biggest stars in the 1970s and 80s. Ada Deer, the Native American campaigner who became head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs under President Clinton. Professor Sir Ian Wilmut, the embryologist who led the team that created Dolly the Sheep – the first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell. Dorothy Purdew, who left school at fourteen but went on to build up the Champneys chain of health farms and spa resorts. Interviewee: Emma Freud Interviewee: Gyles Brandreth Interviewee: Ben Wikler Interviewee: Dr Bill Ritchie Interviewee: Stephen Purdew Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Archive used: Mike Yarwood sketch as Prime Minister Ted Heath, Christmas with the Stars, BBC One, 25/12/1972; Denis Healy sketch, Look – Mike Yarwood, BBC one, 07/02/1976; Harold Wilson sketch, The Best of Mike Yarwood, BBC One, 23/04/1976; Mike Yarwood interview, On the Ropes, BBC Radio 4, 01/12/1995; Mike Yarwood impressions Nixon/Cooper/Moore, Listen – Mike Yarwood, BBC Radio 2, 08/12/1973; Emma Freud as Princess Diana, Mike Yarwood’s Royal Variety Show, Thames Production, 30/09/1986; Ada Deer interview, NPR Radio, uploaded 17/08/2023; Ada Deer interview, YouTube, uploaded 04/01/2013; Native American Experience, Ada Deer, Communications for Change, 01/01/1976; Professor Sir Ian Wilmut interview, Life Scientific, BBC Radio 4, 11/10/2016; Dolly The Sheep – BBC News, BBC Archive; Dorothy Perdue , Champneys, ITV, YouTube uploaded 04/07/2014;
9/15/202327 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mohamed Al-Fayed, Dorothy Goodman, Professor Anthony Bryceson, Denyse Plummer

Matthew Bannister on Mohamed Al-Fayed, the controversial businessman who owned Harrods department store and Fulham Football Club. His son Dodi died in the car crash that killed Princess Diana. Dorothy Goodman, the educationalist who helped to found the consumer affairs magazine that became known as “Which?”. Professor Anthony Bryceson, the tropical medicine expert who was kidnapped by guerrilla forces in Laos. Denyse Plummer, the singer who overcame prejudice to be crowned Calypso Monarch in her home islands of Trinidad and Tobago Interviewee: Tom Bower Interviewee: Harriet Goodman Interviewee: Professor Sir David Warrell Interviewee: Carl 'Beaver' Henderson Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Archive Used: Mohamed AL Fayed, Press Interview, BBC News, 01/03/1990; Mohamed Al Fayed refused British Passport, BBC News, 06/05/1999; The death of Princess Dianna and Dodi Al Fayed, BBC Radio, 31/08/1997; Mohamed Al Fayed interview, Tabloid Tales: Mohamed Al Fayed, BBC ONE, 31/03/2004; Inquest into the death of Princess Diana, BBC News, 04/2008; Dorothy Goodman interview, Which? 60 Years of Which, Source:, 08/07/2022; Kitchen Gadget (1950), Pathe News, 16/10/1950 ; Denyse Plummer interview, Woman Making A Difference, TT Online, YouTube uploaded 17 /05/2020
9/8/202327 minutes, 54 seconds
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Julian Haviland, Johaar Mosaval, Tricia Tyler, Matyelok Gibbs

Matthew Bannister on: Julian Haviland who was political editor at ITN and then the Times, covering key events at Westminster in the 1970s and 80s. Johaar Mosaval, the South African dancer who overcame racial prejudice to fulfil his dream of becoming a ballet star. Tricia Tyler, who edited the Nursing Times. Matyelok Gibbs, the actor and director who secured the future of London’s famous Unicorn Children’s Theatre. Interviewee: Philip Webster Interviewee: Sharon Paulson Interviewee: Janet Snell Interviewee: Ursula Jones Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Archive used: Julian Haviland interview with Prime Minister Ted Heath, Associated Press, 22/01/1974; Julian Haviland interview with Margaret Thatcher, ITN Archive YouTube Channel, 04/10/1976, uploaded to YouTube 17/08/2023; Julian Haviland interview with Matt Chorley, Red Box podcast, The Political Editors: Julian Haviland, The Times, 23/08/2023; Julian Haviland Interview with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, ITN archive, 23/07/1980; Johaar Mosaval interview, University of Cape Town South Africa, Uploaded on YouTube 17/04/2020; Johaar Mosaval interview, Al Jazeera English, Uploaded on YouTube 12/03/2023; Jewel in The Crown, promo, Granada TV, 1984; Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1, Promo, Warner Bros. Pictures, 2010;
9/1/202327 minutes, 55 seconds
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Michael Parkinson, Renata Scotto, John Brierly, Isobel Crook

John Wilson on: The journalist and broadcaster who became synonymous with the British chat show, Sir Michael Parkinson. Italian soprano Renata Scotto, one of the biggest stars of opera in the 1960s and 70s John Brierly, the author of bestselling guidebooks to the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage route The teacher, anthropologist and communist Isobel Crook who lived and worked in China for most of her life. Producer: Ed Prendeville
8/25/202327 minutes, 56 seconds
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SPECIAL EDITION: Michael Parkinson

Sir Michael Parkinson was a journalist, broadcaster, and arguably Britain’s greatest television chat show host. During a TV career than spanned six decades, Parky interviewed hundreds of the world's most famous stars. Sir Michael died on 16th August 2023. For Last Word, John Wilson talks to Sir Michael's son Mike about his father's life and career. Starting with his upbringing in a council house in Cudworth, near Barnsley, discussing his relationship with his parents, and later with his wife Mary. In this revealing special edition, Mike says his father was "constantly questioning himself" after joining the mainstream media and "didn't have as much self-confidence as he appears". He also tells of how despite going on to success at both Granada Television and ITV, Sir Michael harboured "an innate distrust of the establishment. Presented by John Wilson Produced by Ed Prendeville
8/24/202340 minutes, 57 seconds
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Nick Kaiser, Angela Flowers, Robbie Shepherd, Doreen Mantle.

Kirsty Lang on: Nick Kaiser, an internationally renowned British scientist who reached not just for the stars but the entire cosmos.... A gallerist who championed British contemporary art: Angela Flowers opened her first exhibition space in a Soho attic in 1970 A fixture of Scottish cultural life, the legendary broadcaster Robbie Shepherd, who presented BBC Scotland’s Dance music programme, Take the Floor, for 35 years The actress, Doreen Mantle - best remembered for her role in the popular 1990s sitcom, One Foot in the Grave Producer: Ed Prendeville Archive used: Robbie Shepherd, Braemar Gathering commentary, BBC Scotland; Take the Floor - Robbie Shepherd Intro, June 2015; Music of Spey–poem, BBC Scotland; Robbie Shepherd interview, BBC Scotland 2016; Wonders of the Solar System (Ep: Dead or Alive), BBCHD, 28/Mar/2010; Midweek, BBC Radio 4, 04/05/2011; One Foot in the Grave: The Futility of the Fly, BBC1, 30/10/2000; One Foot in the Grave: The Beast in the Cage, BBC1, 23/02/1992
8/18/202327 minutes, 41 seconds
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Sir Michael Boyd, Jess Search, Warren Ford, Leny Andrade

Kirsty Lang on: Sir Michael Boyd, the former Artistic Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company. Jess Search, the fearless documentary producer who backed award winning but controversial films others feared to touch. Warren Ford, the tea consultant and buyer who devised the well-known Yorkshire blend. Leny Andrade, the Brazilian bossa nova and jazz singer.
8/11/202327 minutes, 50 seconds
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Kirsty Lang on: Richard Barancik, the last known surviving member of a World War II allied unit - The Monuments, Fine Arts, and Archives section - known as the Monuments Men and Women. Yvonne Littlewood MBE, the first woman to become a television producer and director in the BBC Light Entertainment unit. Edward Sexton, the Saville Row master tailor. And Dr Christian Carritt who set up her own GP practice in 1950s London. Interviewee: Robert Edsel Interviewee: Cathy Graham Interviewee: Liz McLoughlin Interviewee: Dominic Sebag-Montefiore Interviewee: William Cohen Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies
8/4/202327 minutes, 57 seconds
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George Alagiah, Sinead O'Connor, Ann Clwyd, Tony Bennett, and Trevor Francis

John Wilson on George Alagiah, the BBC Journalist and Presenter is remembered by his colleagues Sophie Raworth and John Simpson. Sinead O’Connor, the Irish singer who won worldwide fame with Nothing Compares 2 U. Ann Clwyd, the former Labour Member of Parliament who held frontbench posts in opposition, and campaigned on behalf of Welsh miners and Iraqi Kurds. Tony Bennett, the consummate crooner who sold 50 million records with hits including I Left My Heart In San Francisco. His son and manager Danny Bennett pays tribute. Trevor Francis, the former England footballer who became Britain’s first £1million player when he joined Brian Clough’s Nottingham Forest. Interviewee: Sophie Raworth Interviewee: John Simpson Interviewee: Danny Bennett Interviewee: Jo Stevens MP Interviewee: Linda Christmas Interviewee: Tony Woodcock Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Archive used: George Alagiah report on the World Bank, Breakfast Time, BBC One, 27/04/1989; George Alagiah report on 40th Anniversary of Ghana independence, BBC News, 22/11/1997; George Alagiah interview, BBC Radio 5 Live, 27/08/2019; Sinead O Connor interview, MasterTapes (Side A), BBC Radio 4, 15/12/2014; Sinead O’Connor interview, MasterTapes (Side B), BBC Radio 4, 16/12/2014; Ann Clwyd question in House of Commons, PMQ’s, BBC One, 24/01/08; Ann Clwyd interview at Tower Colliery Protest, BBC News Wales, 15/04/94; Ann Clwyd interview, Iraq War 10 Years On, BBC News Wales, 26/03/13; Tony Bennett interview, Front Row, BBC Radio 4, 02/07/2011; Trevor Francis interviews, BBC News, 02/10/1972; Trevor Francis goal, Nottingham Forest v Malmo, BBC Sport, 30/05/1979; Brian Clough interview, BBC News, 30/05/1979.
7/28/202327 minutes, 51 seconds
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Lady Williams of Elvel, Professor John Goodenough, Christine Baker, Lord Palmer

Matthew Bannister on Lady Williams of Elvel, who, as Jane Portal, was personal secretary to Winston Churchill and the mother of the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. Professor John Goodenough, the American materials chemist who won the Nobel prize for his work on developing the rechargeable lithium battery. Christine Baker, the publisher who specialised in making British children’s books available in France. Sir Michael Morpurgo pays tribute. Lord Palmer, the aristocrat who worked in the family biscuit making firm Huntley and Palmer before inheriting the 109 room Manderston House and estate in the Scottish borders. Interviewee: Allen Packwood OBE Interviewee: Marnie Chesterton Interviewee: Sir Michael Morpurgo Interviewee: Robin Baker Interviewee: Hugo Palmer Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Archive used: Interviews with Lady Williams, all courtesy of the Churchill Archives Centre; An Interview with Lady Williams, HTB at Home,, YouTube uploaded 18/04/2021; Winston Churchill speech, The Commonwealth Mourns Its King, BBC Radio, 14/04/1952; Warhorse (2011) Trailer, YouTube uploaded 04/10/2011; Huntley and Palmers Factory, Reading in the 1930s, Wessex Film and Sound Archive YouTube channel, uploaded 25/08/2011; Lord Palmer Interview, Front Row, BBC 13/02/2004; Lord Palmer interview, BBC Antiques Roadshow Series 28 Manderston, BBC One, 30/10/2005; Lord Palmer Interview, Posh people: Inside Tatler, BBC Two, 18/12/2014; Lord Palmer speech in House of Lords, Today at Parliament, BBC Radio 4, 24/03/2021;
7/21/202327 minutes, 55 seconds
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Malcolm Mowbray, Victoria Amelina, Roger Lovegrove, Mavis Cheek

Matthew Bannister on Malcolm Mowbray, the British film director best known for making “A Private Function” - the comedy about wartime rationing starring Michael Palin and Maggie Smith. The film’s writer Alan Bennett pays tribute. Victoria Amelina, the Ukrainian novelist and war crimes researcher who was killed in a missile strike in Kramatorsk. Roger Lovegrove, the ornithologist who played a leading role in re-introducing red kites to the UK. Mavis Cheek, who wrote humorous novels about middle class marriage and relationships. We’re joined by her friend Helen Lederer. Interviewee: Olha Mukha Interviewee: Alan Bennett Interviewee: Joe Mowbray Interviewee: Roy Dennis Interviewee: Helen Lederer Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Archive used: Kramatorsk: Russian missile strike hits restaurants in Ukrainian city, Verified Live, BBC World News, 28/06/2023; Victoria Amelina interview recorded 15/05/2023, Copyright Clearance Centre, YouTube uploaded 03/07/2023; Playhouse: Days at the Beach, Director: Malcolm Mowbray, BBC Two, 13/02/1981; Our Winnie, BBC Four, repeated broadcast 10/12/2009; Malcolm Mowbray, London Standard Film Awards, BBC One, 26/01/1986; A Private Function (1984) film promotion, Hand Made Films, YoutTube uploaded 24/05/2019; A Private Function (1984), Hand Made Films, 1984; Roger Lovegrove: Red Kite, The Great British Birdwatch BBC One, 19/06/1989 ; Red Kite sound effects, RSPB, recordist Jens Kirkeby, recorded 17/08/2005; Mavis Cheek interview, Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4, 04/03/2002; Mavis Cheek reading The Sex Life of My Aunt, Faber and Faber, Arts Archive, Woman’s Hour arts book archive website, BBC Radio 4, uploaded 04/03/2002; Mavis Cheek interview and extract reading, Sixty Minutes, BBC One, 26/10/1983.
7/14/202327 minutes, 56 seconds
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Lord Kerslake, Dame Ann Leslie, Diane Rowe, Tim Blackmore

Matthew Bannister on Dame Ann Leslie, the journalist who reported on some of the most significant events of recent times. Lord Kerslake, who was Head of the Civil Service under the coalition government. Diane Rowe, the table tennis champion who won the world doubles title with her twin sister Rosalind. Tim Blackmore, the radio executive who produced the first Radio 1 breakfast show and pioneered independent production in the industry. Interviewee: Lindsey Hilsum Interviewee: Lord O’Donnell Interviewee: Mary Wright Interviewee: Tony Blackburn Interviewee: Simon Cole Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Archive used: Dame Ann Leslie, Desert Island Discs, BBC Radio 4, 12/11/2004; Dame Ann Leslie, Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4, 07/08/2011; Lord Kerslake interview, BBC Newsnight, 21/02/2020; Bob Kerslake interview Affordable Housing, You and Yours, BBC Radio 4, 09/04/2008; Bob Kerslake interview, How to run a city, BBC Radio 4, 21/10/2009; Sir Gus O' Donnell and Sir Bob Kerslake talk about the Civil Service, Civil Service Mailbox, YouTube uploaded 31/07/2012; Lord Bob Kerslake, National Housing Federation , YouTube uploaded 01/02/2023; Diane Rowe, Table Tennis champions return home (1951), Pathe, uploaded 10/11/2020; Rowe Twins Triumph (London 1954), World Champs Top 10 Moments, World Table Tennis YouTube Channel, uploaded 30/03/2017; A Conversation with Tim Blackmore, Radio Academy, 06/07/2022; Tim Blackmore, Established 1973: 40 years of commercial radio, BBC Radio 4, 27/08/14; Tim Blackmore, Radio Moments - Conversations, David Lloyd Radio, 09/04/2019; The Story of Pop, BBC Radio 1, 26/01/1974;
7/7/202327 minutes, 48 seconds
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Baroness McDonagh, Craig Brown, Godfrey Merlen, Winnie Ewing

Matthew Bannister on Baroness McDonagh Margaret McDonagh was the youngest person and the first woman to become General Secretary of the Labour Party. She was a key player in the New Labour project that helped the party win a landslide in 1997 and two subsequent terms in office. Margaret McDonagh was born in Mitcham in South London where her mother worked as a psychiatric nurse and her father was a building worker. Born: 26 June 1961. Died: 24 June 2023. Age: 61 Craig Brown Scotland’s longest serving football manager – taking the national team to the Euro 96 finals and the World Cup in 1998. He started his career as a player for Dunkirk and Falkirk before turning to coaching in 1977. Born: 1 July 1940. Died: 26 June 2023. Age: 82 Godfrey Merlen Conservationist and author who devoted much of his life to studying the Galapagos Islands. He lived on the archipelago in the Eastern Pacific for fifty years. The area is noted for its large numbers of unique species which were studied by Chares Darwin and gave rise to his theory of evolution by natural selection. Godfrey Merlen was born in the Cotswolds. After leaving university he worked in the fishing industry and first became concerned about the damage humans were doing to nature. Died: May 10th, 2022 Winnie Ewing One of most high-profile pioneers of the Scottish Independence movement. In the 1960s, the Glasgow criminal lawyer won an unexpected by-election victory which made her the first Scottish National Party MP at Westminster. Born: 10 July 1929 Aged: 21 June 2023. Age 93 Producer: Ed Prendeville Interviewee: Sir Tony Blair Interviewee: Pat Nevin Interviewee: Noemi d’Ozouville Interviewee: Christine Grahame Archive used: Kinnock takes on Militant - Labour Conference speech 1985 – YouTube 30 October 2020; Winnie Ewing reconvenes Scottish Parliament in 1999, YouTube 12 May 2019. Winnie Ewing interview after winning the Hamilton By-Election 1967 THE HAMILTON BY-ELECTION 1967, TRIUMPHS AND DISASTERS, Radio 4 05 June 2002. World at One, Radio 4 03 November 1967. Winnie Ewing didn’t think they’d win, Before you go 19 December 2001. Madame Ecosse, Scottish Digital Library First Broadcast Mon 13 April 2009; Craig Brown talking about the kilts worn by the Scottish Tartans in 1998, Mr Brown's Boys, BBC Scotland, First Broadcast Sat 11 Feb 2023. Brown talking about the team, Craig Brown's 1998 World Cup Diary | Full Behind The Scenes Documentary Film Posted on YouTube 16 March 2020. Brown on his football career, published 2 Sept 2019, YouTube Channel Open Goal; Margaret on Clause 4, Tx 19.09.2014 ; Radio 4. Margaret on hearing Kinnock's speech, Tx 19 September 2014, Radio 4. Margaret on New Labour's achievement, Tx 19.09.2014 ; Radio 4; Dr. Godfrey Merlen on Scientific Whaling Versus Cultural Whaling. YouTube published: 9 Aug 2013. Galapagos Islands of Change, Natural World, BBC 2 NI, first Broadcast Sun 21 May 2017. In memory of Godfrey Merlen, YouTube, published: 26 May 2023 ; Galapagos Conservation Trust, Galapagos Islands of Change, Natural World, BBC 2 NI, First Broadcast Sun 21 May 2017
6/30/202327 minutes, 47 seconds
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Daniel Ellsberg, Glenda Jackson, Melanie Phillips, Sir Ben Helfgott

Matthew Bannister on Daniel Ellsberg, the whistleblower who leaked the Pentagon Papers, revealing the US government’s secret approach to the Vietnam War. Glenda Jackson, the Oscar winning actor and Labour MP Melanie Phillips, who helped to change embedded racial prejudice in the social work system Sir Ben Helfgott, who survived the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps and went on to become captain of Britain’s Olympic weightlifting team Producer: Ed Prendeville Interviewee: Robert Ellsberg Interviewee: Maurice Helfgott Interviewee: Ratna Dutt & Jabeer Butt Archive used: SIX FIFTY-FIVE SPECIAL. BBC2 Tue 17 Aug 1982; This Cultural Life. Thu 15 Jun 2023; Clip from Marat Sade published on Youtube on 10 Jun 2010; Clip from Women in Love published on YouTube 7th July 2021; Glenda Jackson winning Best Actress for "Women in Love" published on Youtube 30 Mar 2011; Glenda talking about the news she had won ITN Archive 16 April 1971; Glenda Jackson Remembers... Elizabeth R; Clip from Elizabeth. Broadcast Wed 24 Mar 1971; Glenda winning Hampstead and Highgate constituency. BBC 1 First Broadcast Fri 10 Apr 1992; Glenda talking about her maiden speech. BBC2. First Broadcast Tue 28 May 1996; Glenda Jackson: Housing benefit debate, House of Commons. Glenda Jackson MP speaks in the debate on housing benefit, 9/11/10; Clip from Elizabeth is missing. BBC1, Sun 08 Dec 2019; Conversations with History: Daniel Ellsberg From: University of California Television. Uploaded 08.02.08
6/23/202327 minutes, 46 seconds
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Silvio Berlusconi, Cormac McCarthy, Kathryn Harries, Francoise Gilot

John Wilson on Silvio Berlusconi, Italy's flamboyant and controversial media mogul and four-time Prime Minister. Kathryn Harries, The soprano sang in more than 60 major operatic roles and raised millions of pounds by doing sponsored charity walks. Francoise Gilot, A celebrated painter and printmaker whose career spanned 8 decades. She was also known for a turbulent relationship with Pablo Picasso, with whom she had two children, Claude and Paloma. Cormac McCarthy, Author who wrote 12 novels including The Road and No Country for Old Men, both of which were adapted as successful films. Interviewee: Alastair Campbell & Nathalie Tocci Interviewee: Robert MacFarlane Interviewee: Mary McCabe Interviewee: Markus Muller Producer: Ed Prendeville Archive used: Cormac McCarthy on Oprah Winfrey. You Tube 2007, The Road - beginning scene, you tube 2012, Youtube: Italy bids farewell to Silvio Berlusconi with state funeral – source NBC news. Uploaded 14.06.23, Youtube: Compilation of Silvio Berlusconi's funniest blunders. Source The Telegraph. Uploaded 09.11.11, Youtube: Thank goodness for Silvio (Meno male che Silvio c'è) Source: Chickensh1t. Uploaded 12.04.08, Youtube: Françoise Gilot on Henri Matisse | Artist Interview | TateShots. Source Tate. Uploaded 06.06.14, Françoise Gilot – 'You Put Your Energy Into the Painting' | TateShots. Source Tate Uploaded 19.12.13, Francoise Gilot - Meet The Artist – Source: Arts Editor Doug MacCash of "The Times-Picayune". Uploaded 14.06.10. EXMOOR:KATHRYN HARRIES| VCS Take ID: ECEB5F7B | Prog: Ramblings Tx’ed 26.05.2006, KH Music Time Archive Christmas | Prog: Music Time | Tx’ed 28 Nov 1977
6/16/202327 minutes, 45 seconds
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Mel Parry, Professor Alice Coleman, Hugh Callaghan, Cynthia Weil

Matthew Bannister on Mel Parry, the SAS veteran who was part of the team that stormed the Iranian embassy in London in 1980. Professor Alice Coleman, the geographer whose modifications to modernist high rise estates won the support of Margaret Thatcher. Hugh Callaghan, the labourer who was one of six men arrested after the Birmingham pub bombings of 1974. He served 16 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Cynthia Weil, the American songwriter behind hits like The Righteous Brothers’ “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling”, The Animals’ “We Gotta Get Out Of This Place” and Dolly Parton’s “Here You Come Again”. Interviewee: Bob Shepherd Interviewee: Jo Kendall Interviewee: Professor Loretta Lees Interviewee: Chris Mullin Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Archive used: Iranian Embassy Siege, News bulletin, BBC Radio 4, 30/04/1980; Iranian Embassy Siege, Reports and interviews, BBC Radio 4, 01/05/1980; Iranian Embassy Siege, Reports and interviews, BBC Radio 4, 03/05/1980; Iranian Embassy Siege in London, News report, BBC Radio 4, 05/05/1980; Cynthia Weil interview: writing songs for male performers, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, YouTube uploaded 14/03/2016; Cynthia Weil and Barry Mann interview, Sunday Morning, CBS, 08/02/2015; Alice Coleman interview, The Friday Report: A Design for Living, BBC Two, 05/02/1988; 1974 Birmingham Pub Bombings report, BBC News, 15/08/1975; Birmingham bombings, 21 Dead And 182 Injured In Birmingham, RTE News Archive, 21/11/1974; Hugh Callaghan interview, World In Action, Granada Television, 18/03/1991; Hugh Callaghan interview, BBC Radio Ulster, 08/12/1996; Birmingham Six freed, News reports, BBC Newsnight, 11/03/1991; Hugh Callaghan singing, Songs of Love and Emigration: Two, The Irish Pensioners Choir, 2023;
6/9/202327 minutes, 50 seconds
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Jeremy Clarke, Dr Moira Woods, Iain Johnstone, Rita Lee

Matthew Bannister on Jeremy Clarke, who chronicled his experiences of living a “low life” in the Spectator magazine for more than 20 years. We have a tribute from Eric Idle. The women’s rights campaigner Dr. Moira Woods, who set up the Irish Republic’s first dedicated sexual assault treatment unit. Iain Johnstone, the film critic and documentary maker who told the stories of stars like Dustin Hoffman, Barbra Streisand and John Wayne. Rita Lee, the singer known as Brazil’s “Queen of Rock” Interviewee: Eric Idle Interviewee: David Goodhart Interviewee: Rosita Sweetman Interviewee: Oliver Johnstone Interviewee: Camilo Rocha Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Archive used: Jeremy Clarke's Low Life: Dead cool, Jeremy has bitten the bullet and taken up yoga, The Spectator, uploaded Facebook 03/09/2023; Jeremy Clarke’s Low Life - Sharon has ditched Jeremy and is getting a dog, her mum has set him up on a blind date, The Spectator, uploaded Facebook 09/07/2023; Jeremy Clarke, Off the Page, BBC Radio 4, 09/07/2009; Dr Moira Wood appearance on Irish Television from 1994, YouTube, uploaded 10/02/2016; President Nixon visits Dublin 1966, RTE Archives, RTE website uploaded in 2016; Iain Johnstone appearance, Film 82: E.T. Review, BBC Archive, Facebook, uploaded 06/12/2017; Iain Johnstone, Jaws - from the Set 1974, YouTube, uploaded 09/01/2012; 1976: Tonight, BBC Archive, Facebook uploaded 20/02/2020; A Fish Called Wanda (1988), Official Trailer, MGM Studios, YouTube uploaded 09/08/2021; Harold Wilson appearance, Friday Night, Saturday Morning, BBC Two, 19/10/1979; Rita Lee, Lança Perfume, Live concert, MTV Brazil, YouTube uploaded 02/09/2015; Rita Lee – Agora So Fata Voce, Live Universal Music Group, YouTube uploaded 26/01/2017;
6/2/202327 minutes, 36 seconds
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Tina Turner, Martin Amis, Leroy Cooper, Rolf Harris, Marlene Bauer Hagge

Matthew Bannister on Tina Turner, the singer who overcame an abusive relationship to become an international superstar Martin Amis, one of the literary giants of his generation Leroy Cooper, the photographer who captured the social history of his area of Liverpool Rolf Harris, the entertainer who was imprisoned for sexually assaulting young girls Marlene Bauer Hagge, the last surviving founding member of the US Ladies Professional Golf Association
5/26/202328 minutes
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Matthew Bannister on Newton Minow, who was just 35 when he was appointed chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission by President John F. Kennedy. He gave a famous speech describing TV as a “vast wasteland” and helped to set up the Public Broadcasting Service. Vicky Neale, the mathematician who responded to her diagnosis with cancer by launching a podcast discussing the role of maths in cancer research. Lois Keith, who campaigned for equal rights for disabled people. Gerald Rose, the children’s book illustrator who won the Kate Greenaway Medal for his work on “Old Winkle and the Seagulls” Interviewee: Nell Minow Interviewee: Professor Hannah Fry Interviewee: Charlie Gilderdale Interviewee: Richard Rose Interviewee: Joanna Owen Interviewee: Dea Birkett Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Archive used: Newt Minow interview, Talk of the Nation, NPR, 06/09/2006; Newton Minow's interview, PBS News Hour, YouTube, uploaded 08/05/2021; Newton Minow on his 1961 "Vast Wasteland" speech, Emmy TV Legends, 04/05/2011; President Obama Awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom 2016, The Obama White House, YouTube, uploaded 22/11/2016; Vicky Neale, Maths+Cancer podcast, University of Oxford, date unknown - source: ; Vicky Neale appearance on The Infinity Monkey Cage, BBC Radio 4, 07/07/2014; Vicky Neale, Oxford Mathematics, YouTube uploaded 27/05/2022;
5/19/202327 minutes, 26 seconds
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Grace Bumbry, Don Short, Dame Rosemary Cramp, Wee Willie Harris

Matthew Bannister on The opera singer Grace Bumbry who broke down barriers by becoming the first black performer at the Bayreuth Festival. Don Short, the showbusiness journalist who coined the term “Beatlemania” and became good friends with the Fab Four. Dame Rosemary Cramp, the archaeologist who deepened our understanding of the Anglo Saxon period. And Wee Willie Harris, the flamboyant rock’n’roller name checked in Ian Dury’s song “Reasons To Be Cheerful” Interviewee: David Brewer Interviewee: Daisy Dunn Interviewee: Professor Joanna Story Interviewee: Jonathan Wingate Interviewee: Tony Thorpe Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Archive used: Royal Visit to Kenya - First Stage of the Commonwealth Tour, British Pathe, 1952; A taste of Beatlemania in the 1960s, CBS News, CBS YouTube channel, uploaded 21/01/2014; Don Short interview about the writing of his memoir 'The Beatles and Beyond', The Surrey Edit, YouTube uploaded 24/03/2020; Rosemary Cramp interview, On Site, BBC Radio, 03/09/1967; Professor Rosemary Cramp interview, PM, BBC Radio 4, 29/05/1979; Rosemary Cramp, Professor of Archaeology at Durham University, talks to Sue Macgregor about her life and work, BBC Radio 4, 08/12/1988; Meet The Archaeologist: Rosemary Cramp, YouTube uploaded 04/07/2014; Wee Willie Harris – Still Rocking, Celluloid Tapestry, YouTube uploaded 29/06/2023.
5/12/202327 minutes, 51 seconds
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Harry Belafonte, Jerry Springer, Valerie Winn, Kate Saunders

Matthew Bannister on Harry Belafonte, the singer and actor who was also a leading civil rights campaigner. Jerry Springer, whose TV talk show was once voted the worst in history – but was watched by millions around the world. Valerie Winn, the runner who became the face of a campaign to allow women to compete in top level middle distance races. Kate Saunders, the novelist, journalist and critic who won the Costa Prize for Children’s Literature for her book Five Children on the Western Front. Interviewee: Michael Shnayerson Interviewee: Amanda Craig Interviewee: Wendy Sly Interviewee: Jene Galvin Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Archive used: Harry Belafonte, Desert Island Discs, BBC Home Service, 06/10/1958; "Sing Your Song": Remembering Harry Belafonte, Who Used His Fame to Help Civil Rights Movement, Democracy Now, YouTube uploaded 26/04/2023; Harry Belafonte interview, Film Night, BBC Archive originally broadcast 15/04/1972; Civil Rights, British Pathe, uploaded YouTube 25/11/2016; Harry Belafonte interview, PBS Newshour, PBC, YouTube uploaded 15/11/2011; Kate Saunders introduction on Have I Got News For You, BBC ONE, 28/09/1990; Jerry Springer , Desert Island Discs, BBC Radio 4, 06/11/2009; Jerry Springer resigns from Cincinnati city council in 1974, WCPO, YouTube uploaded 28/04/2016; Jerry’s Final Thought Brings Him To Tears, Jerry Springer Show, YouTube uploaded 21/09/2015; When Paxman met Springer, BBC Newsnight, 26/02/2014;
5/5/202327 minutes, 45 seconds
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Barry Humphries, Len Goodman, Professor Elizabeth Murray, Jah Shaka

Matthew Bannister on Barry Humphries, best known for his comic creations Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson. We have tributes from Rob Brydon and John Humphrys. Len Goodman, who went from working as a welder to international fame as head judge of Strictly Come Dancing. Professor Elizabeth Murray, a pioneer in the use of digital technology in health care. And Jah Shaka, dub reggae star, producer and sound system king. Interviewee: Rob Brydon Interviewee: John Humphrys Interviewee: Mary Richardson Interviewee: Anne Pender Interviewee: Professor Fiona Stevenson Interviewee: Neil Fraser (also known as music producer Mad Professor) Interviewee: Bryan Gee Producer: Paul Martin Archive used: Dame Edna Everage on Parkinson, BBC One, 1998, uploaded to YouTube 01/07/2017; One More Audience with Dame Edna Everage, ITV, 1988, uploaded to YouTube 22/04/2023; Another Audience With Dame Edna Everage, ITV, 1984, uploaded to YouTube, 01/09/2022; Barry Humphries on Parkinson, BBC One, 1982, uploaded to YouTube. 23/04/2023; Barry Humphries, Desert Island Discs, BBC Radio 4, 29/05/2009 Dame Edna Everage on the Today Programme, BBC Radio 4, 18/09/2019; Len Goodman, Desert Island Discs, BBC Radio 4, 24/06/2011; Jah Shaka, Junior Brown, Warriors, Reggae Records Archives, YouTube uploaded 26/09/2022; Jah Shaka sound system live London, (Tape Edit)YouTube uploaded 15/10/2022;
4/28/202327 minutes, 51 seconds
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Anne Perry, Dame Mary Quant, Jean Argles, Ahmad Jamal

Matthew Bannister on Anne Perry, the best-selling crime novelist who committed a murder when she was a teenager. Dame Mary Quant, the influential fashion designer at the heart of the swinging 60s. Pattie Boyd recalls the coat Mary designed for her wedding to George Harrison. Jean Argles, who – with her sister - served as a codebreaker during the second world war. Ahmad Jamal, the jazz pianist and composer whose restrained but intense style inspired Miles Davis. Joe Stilgoe pays tribute. Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Interviewee: Joanne Drayton Interviewee: Jenny Lister Interviewee: Pattie Boyd Interviewee: Tessa Dunlop Interviewee: Joe Stilgoe Archive used: Carnaby Street, British Pathe News, 1969; Mary Quant interview with ITN about the ideas that guided her innovative designs, ITN Archive, YouTube uploaded 13/04/2023; Mary Quant interview, Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4 , 16/02/2012; Anne Perry: The Making of a Writer, Open Road Media, YouTube uploaded 21/03/2010; Ian Rankin interview with Anne Perry, YouTube uploaded 18/08/2007; Heavenly Creatures film promo, YouTube uploaded 22/07/2014; Jean Argles interview, Legasee, The Veterans Video Archive, recording date unknown, source:;
4/21/202327 minutes, 51 seconds
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Ben Ferencz, Seymour Fortescue, Valerie Elliott, Rachel Pollack

Matthew Bannister on Ben Ferencz, the last surviving prosecutor at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. He devoted his life to campaigning for an international system of justice for the victims of such crimes. Seymour Fortescue, the banker who pioneered the credit and debit card revolution. Valerie Elliott, the respected journalist who reported on politics and then rural affairs. Rachel Pollack, the author and trans activist best known for her award-winning novel Unquenchable Fire and for creating the first mainstream transgender superhero. Her friend Neil Gaiman pays tribute. Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Interviewee: Don Ferencz Interviewee: Neil Gaiman Interviewee: Andrea Gittleman Interviewee: Alisa Kwitney Interviewee: Rick Kelsey Interviewee: Jennie Fortescue Interviewee: Tony Harrop-Griffiths Archive used: British Pathe, The Nuremberg Trials (1945), VS Court Assembling, YouTube, uploaded 13/04/2014; Ben Ferencz interview, BBC News, HardTalk, 22/07/2017; Rachel Pollack interview on The Tarot of Perfection, YouTube uploaded 14/07/2010; Rachel Pollack discussing her inspirations, Fortress Comics, YouTube uploaded 04/05/2022; Valerie Elliott, Genethod Gwent, Come Down to Earth Boy, YouTube, uploaded 18/12/2018;
4/14/202327 minutes, 41 seconds
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Nigel Lawson, Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou, Ken Buchanan, Mary Rayner

Matthew Bannister on Nigel Lawson – Baron Lawson of Blaby, the reforming Chancellor of the Exchequer under Margaret Thatcher. He cut income tax, led the campaign of privatisation and paved the way for the Big Bang in the City of London. Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou, the Ethiopian-born nun acclaimed for her unique musical compositions. Ken Buchanan, the Scottish boxer who became World Lightweight Champion. Mary Rayner, the children’s author and illustrator best known for her books about Mr and Mrs Pig and their ten piglets. Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Interviewee: Jim Black Interviewee: Ilan Volkov Interviewee: Kate Molleson Interviewee: Sarah Rayner Archive used: Nigel Lawson - Chancellor of Exchequer, Budget statement, House of Commons, BBC News, 13/03/1984; Lord Baker interview, Today, BBC Radio 4, 04/04/2023; Nigel Lawson, Desert Island Discs, BBC Radio 4, 03/12/1989; Nigel Lawson interview, In The Psychiatrist Chair, BBC Radio 4, 01/09/1998; Nigel Lawson interview on Government’s White Paper on Public Expenditure, The World Tonight, BBC Radio 4, 01/11/1979; Margaret Thatcher speech to Conservative Party Conference, BBC News, 14/10/1983; Nigel Lawson comments on his resignation in the House of Commons, BBC News, 31/10/1989; Lord Moore interview, Today, BBC Radio 4, 04/04/2023; Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou interview, The Honky Tonk Nun documentary, BBC Radio 4, 18/04/2017; Ken Buchanan interview, Scotland Today, BBC Scotland, 18/09/1971; Ken Buchanan interview, Scottish Sporting Legends, BBC Scotland, 18/10/2002; This Sporting Life – Ken Buchanan, BBC Scotland, 03/04/2023 ; Undisputed: The Life and Times of Ken Buchanan, BBC Scotland, 14/09/2021; Babe, Universal Studios promo, IMDB uploaded 1995.
4/7/202327 minutes, 42 seconds
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Paul O'Grady, Gordon Moore, Vera Selby, Simon Emmerson

Matthew Bannister on Paul O’Grady, who made his name as the drag queen Lily Savage, and went on to become a much-loved TV and radio star. Gordon Moore, the tech entrepreneur who founded the chip maker Intel and came up with Moore’s law which says that computer processing power doubles every two years. Vera Selby who challenged sexist prejudice to become the women’s world snooker champion – twice. And Simon Emmerson who put together two hugely influential bands – the Afro Celt Sound System and the Imagined Village. Eliza Carthy pays tribute. Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Interviewee: Zoe Kleinman Interviewee: Harvey Fineberg Interviewee: Eliza Carthy Interviewee: Johnny Kalsi Interviewee: Hector Nunns Interviewee: Keith Green Archive clips used: Paul O’Grady show, BBC Radio 2 03/06/2018; YouTube, uploaded; Lily Savage at the Filth concert in aid of the Terence Higgins Trust, Youtube uploaded 23/09/2014 ; Parkinson, BBC ONE, 28/02/2004; Paul O’Grady on Royal Vauxhall Tavern Raid, Peter Tatchell Foundation, YouTube, uploaded 29/03/2023; Desert Island Discs, BBC Radio 4, 28/12/2003; Inheritance Tracks, BBC Radio 4, 04/01/2020; Vera Selby on Ladies Day, World Snooker Tour, Youtube uploaded 26/04/2016; Vera Selby: How to play snooker, Youtube uploaded 26/03/2009; Gordon Moore, Frontiers, BBC Radio 4, 01/10/2010; Oral History of Gordon Moore, Computer History magazine, Youtube, uploaded 24/03/2008; A Discussion with Gordon Moore and Harvey Fineberg, Moore Foundation, Youtube uploaded 24/08/2016
3/31/202327 minutes, 44 seconds
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Jacqueline Gold CBE, Lance Reddick, Traute Lafrenz, Lynn Seymour

Matthew Bannister on Jacqueline Gold CBE – the businesswoman who turned Ann Summers from a couple of seedy sex shops into a multi-million pound high street success. Lance Reddick, the American actor best known for playing Cedric Daniels in The Wire. Traute Lafrenz, the last known survivor of the White Rose Group that actively resisted the Nazis in Germany during the second world war. Lynn Seymour, one of the greatest dramatic ballerinas of the twentieth century. Producer: Gareth Nelson-Davies Interviewed guest: Kevin O’Hare Interviewed guest: Charlotte Hardie Interviewed guest: Dr. Renee Meyer Interviewed guest: Helen O’Hara Archive clips used: Desert Island Discs, Jacqueline Gold, BBC Radio 4, 02/11/2018; Woman’s Hour, BBC Radio 4, 18/04/2017; Off Camera Show, Sam Jones interviews Lance Reddick, YouTube, uploaded 04/11/2019; In Town Today, Michael Smee interviews Lynn Seymour, BBC Television 27/02/1975; The Wire _Season 1, HBO Films, uploaded to YouTube 25/02/2011;
3/24/202327 minutes, 35 seconds
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Chaim Topol, Zandra Flemister, Bill Tidy MBE, Avis Fawcitt

Matthew Bannister on The actor and singer Chaim Topol (pictured), best known for his performances in the musical Fiddler on the Roof. Zandra Flemister, the first African American woman to work as a Secret Service special agent. The prolific cartoonist Bill Tidy MBE who created the Cloggies and The Fosdyke Saga. Avis Fawcitt, the Leicestershire music teacher who devoted her life to the Orphean Youth and Concert Orchestra. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: John Collinge Interviewed guest: Sylvia Tidy-Harris Interviewed guest: Sir Tim Rice Interviewed guest: Ian Stewart Archive clips used: BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs – Chaim Topol 15/10/1983; BBC Radio 4, In The Public Eye 28/12/1967; Batjack Productions/ The Llenroc Productions/ The Mirisch Corporation, Cast A Giant Shadow (1966) film clip; Eon Productions, For Your Eyes Only (1981) film clip; Starling Films/ Famous Films (II)/ Dino De Laurentis Company, Flash Gordon (1980) film clip; The Mirisch Production Company/ Cartier Productions, Fiddler On The Roof (1971); BBC Radio 4, The World This Weekend, South Asian Earthquake 09/10/2005; BBC Radio 4 Extra, The Fosdyke Saga – Tripe War 21/07/2018; BBC Two, One Man’s Week – Bill Tidy 16/04/1975; BBC Radio 4, I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue 21/01/1989; Jeremy Oakley personal archive, Avis Fawcitt actuality and music.
3/17/202328 minutes, 7 seconds
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Judith Heumann, Brian Tufano, Sir David Elliott KCMG, Elizabeth Foulkes

Matthew Bannister on Judith Heumann (pictured), the American disability rights campaigner who led the longest non-violent occupation of a Federal building in US history. Brian Tufano, the cinematographer who shot films like Quadrophenia, Trainspotting and Billy Elliot. Sir David Elliott, a key figure in the negotiations that created the European single market. Elizabeth Foulkes, who helped to define common standards for architects in the UK. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Thomas Shakespeare Interviewed guest: Stuart Harris Interviewed guest: Franc Roddam Interviewed guest: Tony Pierce-Roberts Interviewed guest: Simon Pugsley Interviewed guest: Lord Hannay GCMG Interviewed guest: Nick Foulkes Archive clips used: TEDx talks, Judith Heumann - Our fight for disability rights and why we're not done yet 24/04/2018; BBC Radio 4, Woman's Hour 06/08/2021; Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund, The Power of 504 (1977); StudioCanal/ Working Title Films/ BBC Films, Billy Elliott (2000) trailer; BBC Two Rogue Male 22/09/1976; BBC TV Archive, All in a Day - The Fight 12/11/1973; The Who Films/ Polytel, Quadrophenia (1979) trailer; Channel Four Films/ Figment Films/ The Noel Gay Motion Picture Company, Trainspotting (1996) trailer; Future Films/ MBP (Germany)/ Scala Productions, Last Orders (2001) trailer; BBC TV Archive, The Evacuees 05/03/1975; Screen and Film School, In memory of cinematographer Brian Tufano (February 2023); BBC Sound Archive, Margaret Thatcher speaks on the future of the European community 20/09/1988; DTI, Europe's Open for Business - UK TV advert (1991-92); Nick Foulkes, personal archive interview with Elizabeth Foulkes (2014); British Pathé, New housing to replace demolished village inspected by Nye Bevan (1946).
3/10/202328 minutes, 5 seconds
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Lady Betty Boothroyd, Marianne Mantell, John Motson OBE, Sulamita Aronovsky

Kirsty Lang on The extraordinary Lady Betty Boothroyd (pictured) who went from humble beginnings in a Yorkshire mill town to becoming Westminster’s first female Speaker. John Motson OBE - the BBC’s voice of football for half a century, The pioneering New York publisher Marianne Mantell who paved the way for audio books... And Lithuanian pianist Sulamita Aronovsky who founded London’s International Piano competition. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Julia Langdon Interviewed guest: Matthew Rubery Interviewed guest: Ricky George Interviewed guest: Jonathan Powell Archive clips used: YouTube/ The Independent, Baroness Betty Boothroyd’s best moments uploaded on 27/02/2023; BBC One, Parkinson 04/11/2000; Central Cinema Company Film, …und abends in die Scala (1958) film clip; BBC News Archive, Betty Boothroyd obituary – clips from speech at House of Commons; Caedmon Recordings, A Child’s Christmas in Wales, A Story and Five Poems – Dylan Thomas TC 1002; Caedmon Recordings, Ezra Pound Reading His Poetry TC 1122; Caedmon Recordings, JRR Tolkein Reads and Sings his The Lord of the Rings TC 1478; Caedmon Recordings, Ernest Hemingway Reading TC 1185; BBC Two, Victoria Derbyshire Show – John Motson interview 06/09/2017; BBC One, Grandstand 07/07/1990; BBC Two, Sunday Grandstand 24/06/1984; ITV News – Bernard Ingham item 24/02/2023; BBC Radio 3, Music Matters 17/06/2019; London International Piano Competition, promotional video from YouTube.
3/3/202327 minutes, 48 seconds
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Dorothy Pitman Hughes, Ralph Hooper OBE, Raquel Welch, Dickie Davies

Kirsty Lang on Dorothy Pitman Hughes who brought black women into the 70s Feminist movement and inspired Gloria Steinem. Raquel Welch (pictured), the Hollywood actor who became a Sixties sex symbol after playing a cavewoman in the film 'One Million Years BC'. The aeronautical engineer Ralph Hooper OBE who designed the revolutionary Harrier jump jet. And Dickie Davies, the sports presenter best known for anchoring ITV Saturday afternoons in the 70s and 80s. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Laura L Lovett Interviewed guest: Professor John Fielding Interviewed guest: Sir Colin Chandler Interviewed guest: Jim Rosenthal Archive clips used: ITV Sport, World of Sport 1985/1973/1981; CBS Mornings/ YouTube Channel, Life and Legacy of Activist and Feminist Leader Dorothy Pitman Hughes uploaded on 24/07/2021; Artemis Rising Foundation/ Saks Picture Company/ The Glorias, The Glorias – movie clip (2020); Associated British Pathé/ Hammer Films/ Seven Arts Productions, One Million Years BC – trailer (1966); BBC Radio 2, Gloria Hunniford Show 01/01/1989; BBC One, Parkinson 11/11/1972; Twentieth Century Fox, Myra Breckinridge – movie clip (1970); HIT Entertainment/ Henson Associates (HA)/ Incorporated Television Company (ITC), The Muppet Show S03E11 17/11/1978; Film at Lincoln Center/ YouTube Channel, Q&A with Raquel Welch uploaded on 23/02/2012; BBC Two, Designing the ‘60s 15/03/2003; British Pathé, Harrier Plane (1968); BBC One, Red Arrows Flyover Centenary of RAF 10/07/2018; Thames Television, The Benny Hill Show 18/02/1976; ITV Studios, The Best of ITV Wrestling (DVD) 2006.
2/24/202328 minutes, 4 seconds
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David Vaughan OBE, Burt Bacharach, Janet Anderson, Eileen Sheridan

Matthew Bannister on Professor David Vaughan OBE, who was a leading expert on the effects of climate change on glaciers in the Antarctic. Burt Bacharach (pictured), who wrote scores of hit songs including 'I Say A Little Prayer', 'Do You Know The Way To San José' and 'Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head'. Janet Anderson, the Labour MP who wrote entertaining reports of proceedings in parliament for Queen Elizabeth. Eileen Sheridan – one of Britain’s greatest cyclists, she held the speed record for the journey from Land’s End to John O’Groats for 36 years. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Justin Rowlatt Interviewed guest: Professor Dame Jane Francis Interviewed guest: Professor Andrew Shepherd Interviewed guest: Julia Langdon Interviewed guest: Paul Jones Archive clips used: BBC World News, Our World - Journey to Doomsday Glacier 07/02/2020; BBC News, Scientists at NASA say East Antarctica is showing signs of significant melting 11/12/2018; The Christmas TV & Film Company/ BBC Four, Burt Bacharach... This Is Now 30/04/2012; BBC Radio Wales, Eye on Wales 16/06/1996; BBC Radio 4, With Humble Duty Reports... 05/10/2014; British Pathé, Sporting Britons - Eileen Sheridan's Record 1954; British Pathé, Housewife Cyclist 1956, Testimony Films/ BBC Four, Pedalling Dreams - The Raleigh Story 20/07/2017.
2/17/202328 minutes, 6 seconds
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Frene Ginwala, Lady Martha Bruce OBE, Pervez Musharraf, Paco Rabanne

Matthew Bannister on Frene Ginwala (pictured), one of the leading figures in the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa, who became Speaker of the country’s first democratically elected parliament. Lady Martha Bruce OBE, governor of Scotland’s first purpose built prison for women. General Pervez Musharraf, who took power as President of Pakistan in a military coup and supported George Bush’s War on Terror. Paco Rabanne, the designer who created clothes from metal, plastics and wood. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: John Battersby Interviewed guest: Tessa Dunlop Interviewed guest: Umer Farooq Interviewed guest: Suzy Menkes OBE Archive clips used: C-Span, South African State of the National Address, introduction 24/05/1994; The Freedom Collection, Frene Ginwala – We had more offices than the South African Government had Embassies 06/07/2015; British Pathé, Come On Girls Join The Ats 1944; British Movietone, ATS Training Centre 07/07/1941; BBC Radio 4, Now – In Scotland 30/06/1971; BBC One, Nationwide 09/12/1975; ABC Australia, Profile of a General 2000; BBC Two, Newsnight 13/10/1999; BBC World News, HARDtalk – Pervez Musharraf 10/01/2001; NDTV – News (YouTube Channel), Pervez Musharraf interview uploaded on 17/11/2011; BBC News, Assassination Attempt On Musharraf 25/12/2003; FRANCE24 (YouTube Channel), EN – Culture – Paco Rabanne interview uploaded on 04/07/2007; British Pathé, Cinetic Fashions aka Paco Rabanne Way-Out Fashions 1967; British Pathé, Metal Fashions 1969; Paco Rabanne, UK television advert 1986.
2/10/202328 minutes, 9 seconds
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Ralph Ehrmann, Sylvia Syms, Rabbi Dr Abraham Levy, Jo Sandilands

Matthew Bannister on Ralph Ehrmann, the German-born businessman behind the success of the Airfix model kits that delighted a generation of young boys in the 1960s and 70s. Sylvia Syms (pictured), the actor whose roles ranged from beautiful heroines in the 1950s and 60s to Margaret Thatcher and The Queen Mother later in life. Rabbi Dr Abraham Levy, the leader of the UK’s oldest Jewish community who was awarded the OBE for services to interfaith relations. Jo Sandilands, who edited the magazines Honey and Woman and became Programme Controller of Capital Radio in London. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Melanie Williams Interviewed guest: Jenny Agutter Interviewed guest: Jonathan Sacerdoti Interviewed guest: Alexandra Ehrmann Interviewed guest: Jeremy Brook Interviewed guest: Gay Search Archive clips used: East of Sudan (clip), YouTube: MorningsideMovies channel, uploaded 28/11/2021; In Town Today, BBC Radio TX 21/08/1965; My Teenage Daughter (clip), YouTube: Network Distributing channel, uploaded 01/09/2014; Ice Cold in Alex (clip), YouTube: Coolmacatrain channel, uploaded 09/02/2019; Clip from ITV news item about Intermission Youth Theatre School, YouTube: Ricardo P Lloyd channel, uploaded 04/11/2019;Excerpt of Les Barker reading his poem ‘Déjà Vu’, YouTube: Les Barker channel, uploaded 03/03/2020; Relighting the Candle, BBC 1 TX 14/10/1993; Mazeltov Israel, BBC 1 TX 30/04/1998; Woman Magazine advertisement, YouTube: Nina Perez channel, uploaded 18/01/2015; Chris Tarrant jingle, YouTube: MayDay51 channel, uploaded 22/12/2017; Airfix advertisement, YouTube: British Nostalgia channel, uploaded 06/03/2015
2/6/202327 minutes, 50 seconds
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Howard Baderman, David Crosby, Milly Thompson, Brenda Heywood

Matthew Bannister on Howard Baderman, the hospital consultant who transformed the discipline of emergency medicine and treated casualties from high profile events like the Kings Cross Tube Fire and the sinking of the Thames river boat The Marchioness. David Crosby (pictured), the singer and songwriter with the Byrds and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young whose life went through periods of chaos through drug addiction. Milly Thompson, the artist who, as a member of the BANK collective, satirised the pretentiousness of the art world. Brenda Heywood, the archaeologist who was fascinated by the stories behind the building of Hadrian’s Wall. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: James Baderman Interviewed guest: Simon Bedwell Interviewed guest: Sacha Craddock Interviewed guest: Suzanne Heywood Archive clips used: BBC Radio 4, The World Tonight – King’s Cross fire 18/11/1987; BBC One, Breakfast Time – King’s Cross fire 19/11/1987; BBC One, The Nine O’Clock News 20/08/1989; BBC One, BBC Breakfast News 03/06/1991; WNYC, Here’s The Thing – David Crosby 24/04/2018; BBC Radio 4, Mastertapes – David Crosby (The B-Side) 19/11/2013; BBC Radio 4, Mastertapes – David Crosby (The A-Side) 18/11/2013; Channel 5 News (US) – Today 12/12/1985; AXS TV, The Big Interview with Dan Rather – Crosby, Stills & Nash 07/02/2020.
1/27/202328 minutes, 13 seconds
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Jeff Beck, Alice Mahon, Tom Karen OBE, Gina Lollobrigida

Matthew Bannister on Jeff Beck (pictured), who was acclaimed as one of the most influential and innovative rock guitarists of all time. Alice Mahon, the left wing Labour MP who often rebelled against her own party. Tom Karen OBE, the designer who came up with the Raleigh Chopper Bike, the Bond Bug, the Reliant Robin and the Popemobile. Gina Lollobrigida, the first post war Italian actress to gain an international reputation as a sex symbol. She was known for her rivalry with Sophia Loren. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Martin Power Interviewed guest: Jeremy Corbyn Interviewed guest: Julia Langdon Interviewed guest: Eugenie Karen Interviewed guest: Josephine Bahns Interviewed guest: Angie Errigo Archive clips used: BrianMay.Com, Thoughts on sad loss of Jeff Beck 12/01/2023; UK Parliament, Margaret Thatcher's last Prime Minister's Questions 27/11/1990; Raleigh, Noel Edmonds' Raleigh bike advert 1978; Discovery Real Time, Wheeler Dealers S07E06 Bond Bug 12/10/2010; krc/ YouTube, sound effect Landspeeder - Star Wars 18/01/2017; BBC Sound Archive, The Pope in Liverpool 30/05/1982; BBC Sound Archive, The Morning Show - African Service 07/01/1970; Excelsa Film/ Omnium International du Film/ Ponti-De Laurentiis Cinematografica, Women of Rome - clip (1954); Hecht-Lancaster Productions/ Joanna Productions/ Susan Productions, Trapeze - trailer (1956); 7 Pictures/ Raoul Walsh Enterprises, Come September - trailer (1961); BBC One, Parkinson 28/09/1974; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer/ Canterbury Production, Never So Few - trailer (1959).
1/20/202328 minutes, 4 seconds
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Gianluca Vialli, Fay Weldon, Michael Dower, Anita Pointer

Matthew Bannister on Gianluca Vialli (pictured), the Italian footballer who won many major trophies with Sampdoria and Juventus before moving to Chelsea as a player and then manager. Fay Weldon, the author who told stories of women taking control of their own destinies, including ‘The Life and Loves of A She Devil’. Michael Dower, the former Director General of the Countryside Commission who devoted his life to conserving and developing the British countryside. Anita Pointer, one of three Pointer Sisters who recorded hits like ‘Jump (For My Love)’ and ‘I’m So Excited’. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: John Foot Interviewed guest: Fiona Reynolds Interviewed guest: Katrina Leskanich Archive clips used: BBC One, The FA Cup: 2022/23: Third Round 08/01/2023; BBC 5Live, Football Daily – Remembering Gianluca Vialli 06/01/2023; Sky Sports Retro, Gianluca Vialli looks back on his career 06/01/2023; Everything FOOTBALL/ YouTube Channel, Barcelona 2 – 0 Sampdoria 1989 European Cup Winners’ Cup Final 1989; RAI, Roberto Mancini e Gianluca Vialli – Che Tempo Che Fa 27/11/2022; BBC 5Live, Headliners (Gianluca Vialli interview) 14/05/2020; Sky Sports News, Graeme Souness pays tribute to his friend and former teammate – 06/01/2023; Chelsea Fan Clips/ YouTube, Chelsea fans pay respects to Gianluca Vialli 08/01/2023; BBC Two, Frank Delaney – Men and Women Writers 26/11/1984; AP/ British Movietone, Go To Work On An Egg advert 21/04/1966; BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs Fay Weldon 23/02/1980; Thames TV, Afternoon Plus – interview with Fay Weldon 26/10/982; BBC Newsnight YouTube Channel, Fay Weldon interview 06/04/2017; BBC TV/ Arts & Entertainment Network/ Seven Network Australia, The Life and Loves of a She-Devil 08/10/1986; arc2020eu, Michael Dower’s speech on behalf of ARC2020 at the ‘CAP’ post ‘2013’ 20/07/2010; Thomas Müller/ YouTube Channel, Michael Dower 14/11/2022; ABC News, Barbara Walters interview with Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad 07/12/2011; YouTube, Anita Pointer interview at her Beverly Hills home for German TV 2009.
1/13/202328 minutes, 11 seconds
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Pope Benedict XVI, Dame Vivienne Westwood, James Caan, Georgia Holt

Matthew Bannister on Pope Benedict XVI, the religious conservative who was the first Pontiff to resign from the job in almost 600 years. Dame Vivienne Westwood (pictured), punk pioneer, high fashion designer and eco warrior. James Caan, the American actor best known for playing Sonny Corleone in The Godfather. Georgia Holt, the singer who enjoyed success late in life thanks to her daughter Cher. Producer: Tim Bano Interviewed guest: Catherine Pepinster Interviewed guest: Ian Kelly Interviewed guest: Laird Borelli-Persson Interviewed guest: David Thomson Interviewed guest: P David Ebersole Archive clips used: YouTube/ Rome, Habemus Papam - Uploaded 2012; BBC Radio 4 News 19/04/2005; YouTube, The Regensburg Speech 12/09/2006; BBC Radio 4, Thought for the Day 24/12/2010; BBC News Archive, Pope Benedict XVI announces resignation 11/02/2013; Netflix/ Rideback, The Two Popes (2019); BBC One, The British Fashion Awards 15/10/1991; BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs - Vivienne Westwood 28/06/1992; BBC Four, Vivenne Westwood Talks To Kirsty Wark 13/04/2004; BBC One, Wogan with Sue Lawley 11/03/1988; Finished Films, Westwood - Punk, Icon, Activist (2018); BBC One, Wogan In Hollywood - James Caan interview 02/01/1991; Paramount Pictures/ Albert S. Ruddy Productions/ Alfran Productions, The Godfather (1972); Castle Rock Entertainment/ Nelson Entertainment, Misery (1990); Broadway Video/ Conaco/ NBC Studios, Late Night with Conan O'Brien 31/10/2003; New Line Cinema/ Guy Walks into A Bar Productions/ Gold/Miller Productions, Elf (2003); Mann/Caan Productions, Thief (1981); WJZ-TV13 Baltimore 1979; Westinghouse Broadcasting Company/ Mike Douglas Entertainments, Mike Douglas Show 1979; Paramount Domestic TV, Entertainment Tonight 1988.
1/6/202328 minutes, 16 seconds
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Terry Hall, Dame Beryl Grey, Heather Iandolo, Eric Allison

Matthew Bannister on Terry Hall (pictured), the singer who captured the disillusionment of a generation with The Specials’ biggest hit “Ghost Town”. Heather Iandolo, the daughter of the notorious Nazi propaganda broadcaster known as Lord Haw Haw. Eric Allison, who turned his back on a life of crime to become the Guardian’s prisons correspondent. Dame Beryl Grey, the acclaimed ballerina who went on to run the London Festival Ballet. Producer: Tim Bano Interviewed Guests: Professor Colin Holmes, Simon Hattenstone and Alastair Macaulay
12/30/202228 minutes, 20 seconds
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Victor Lewis-Smith, Maureen Doherty, Pablo Milanés, Ailsa Irving

Matthew Bannister on The columnist, broadcaster, producer, musician and outrageous hoaxer Victor Lewis-Smith (pictured). Maureen Doherty, the designer who worked with Issey Miyake and founded the influential fashion brand Egg. Edmund de Waal pays tribute. Pablo Milanés, the Cuban musician who was one of the founders of the nueva trova singer/songwriter movement. Ailsa Irving, who started and ran the UK Endometriosis Society after a long battle to get her own symptoms diagnosed. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Graham Pass Interviewed guest: Edmund de Waal Interviewed guest: Robin Denselow Interviewed guest: Rob Irving Interviewed guest: Emma Cox Archive clips used: BBC Two, Inside Victor Lewis-Smith 06/12/1993; YouTube, Opera Spoof by Victor Lewis-Smith; BBC Radio 4, You and Yours - the revival of Brylcreem 02/12/1985; BBC Radio 4, Midweek 21/05/1986; BBC Radio 4 Extra, Victor Lewis-Smith s1e08, 05/10/2017; Associated Rediffusion Productions Ltd/ Victor Lewis-Smith, Mary Whitehouse Sketch; YouTube, Victor Lewis-Smith - BBC Reception General Pinochet Prank Call; BBC Radio 4, Loose Ends - Victor Lewis-Smith 01/01/1987; BBC Radio 1, Victor Lewis-Smith Christmas Message, 26/12/1989; YouTube/ CriticalPast channel, Fidel Castro and his army fight against Batista's forces 12/06/2014; Juan Pil Vila, Pablo Milanés documentary (2017).
12/23/202228 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

Joyce Bryant, George 'Johnny' Johnson MBE, Dame Clare Marx, Joseph Kittinger

Matthew Bannister on Joyce Bryant (pictured), the American singer who was named by Ebony magazine as one of the five most beautiful black women in the world. Squadron Leader George 'Johnny' Johnson MBE, the last surviving airman who took part in the Dambuster raids. Dame Clare Marx, the first woman to be elected President of the Royal College of Surgeons. Joseph Kittinger, who held the record for the world’s highest skydive for over 50 years. He jumped from 19.5 miles above sea level. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Jim Byers Interviewed guest: Andrew Reed Interviewed guest: John McDonald Archive clips used: Metromedia Television, WNEW-TV interview with Joyce Bryant; Benedict Bogeaus Production, Mr Ace (1946) film clip; BBC News 24, HARDtalk- George ‘Johnny’ Johnson interview 05/01/2018; Associated British Picture Corporation, The Dam Busters (1955) film clip; BBC Radio 3, Private Passions 24/04/2022; BBC One, Hi-De-Hi! 26/02/1981; BBC Radio 4, The Men Who Fell to Earth 31/03/2009; 1895 Films, Apollo – Missions to the Moon (2019) documentary clip.
12/16/202228 minutes, 8 seconds
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Christine McVie, Jiang Zemin, Derek Granger

Matthew Bannister on Christine McVie who wrote some of Fleetwood Mac’s biggest hits and was a key player in the turbulent history of the band. Jiang Zemin, who became Chinese President after the 1989 protests in Tiananmen Square and presided over the opening up of the country’s economy. Derek Granger, the TV and film producer best known for the acclaimed adaptation of Brideshead Revisited. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Tim Sullivan Interviewed guest: Isabel Hilton Interviewed guest: Matt O’Casey Interviewed guest: Anthony Andrews
12/9/202228 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Doddie Weir, Hebe de Bonafini, Irene Cara, Cornelia Schroeder

Matthew Bannister on Doddie Weir (pictured), the leading Scottish rugby player who spent the last few years of his life raising funds for research into the causes of Motor Neurone Disease. Hebe de Bonafini, the human rights activist from Argentina who led the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo in campaigning to trace victims of the country’s so-called “Dirty War”. Irene Cara, the singer and actor best known for her role in the film “Fame” and for co-writing the hit song “Flashdance”. Cornelia Schroeder, the virologist from East Germany who made a significant contribution to the treatment of herpes and influenza. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Prof Kai Simons Interviewed guest: Jill Douglas Interviewed guest: James Grainger Interviewed guest: Paul Schroeder Archive clips used: Dr Ludwig/YouTube channel, ‘Der heimliche Aufmarsch‘ 22/08/2021; British Pathe/YouTube channel, Soviets close off East Germany 1952 10/11/2020; British Pathe/YouTube channel, Berlin riots in 1953 13/04/2014; BBC ARCHIVE: rugby commentary, BBC Scotland TX 04/03/1995; M P YouTube channel, Jim Telfer’s tribute to Doddie Weir 26/11/2022; British and Irish Lions YouTube channel, Doddie’s ‘mistaken identity’ 04/07/2020; Lorraine YouTube channel, Doddie Weir interview 29/11/2018; Rugby Republic YouTube channel, Doddie honoured NZ rugby stadium this autumn 13/11/2022; lozleo/YouTube channel, Irene Cara performs on ‘The Original Amateur Hour’ in 1967 29/08/2011; BBC ARCHIVE: Pebble Mill, BBC Two TX 27/02/1996; PROFILES Featuring Mickey Burns channel, Profiles host Mickey Burns interviews Singer, Songwriter and Actress Irene Cara 14/01/2014; Al Jazeera/YouTube channel, Tribute to Hebe de Bonafine 22/11/2022; BBC ARCHIVE: International Assignment, Radio 4 TX 4/9/1981
12/2/202227 minutes, 54 seconds
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Mehran Karimi Nasseri, Ann Savours, Sue Baker, Wilko Johnson

Matthew Bannister on Mehran Karimi Nasseri – otherwise known as Sir Alfred (pictured). He was the Iranian migrant who lived for eighteen years in terminal one of the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Sue Baker, the motoring journalist who presented Top Gear. Ann Savours, the archivist and polar historian who wrote books on the search for the Northwest Passage and Captain Scott’s ship the Discovery. Wilko Johnson, the former guitarist with Dr Feelgood who was diagnosed with terminal cancer in 2013 and given ten months to live. He undertook a farewell tour, but then a nine hour operation changed the prognosis. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: John Shirley Interviewed guest: Robert Headland Interviewed guest: Michael Palin Interviewed guest: Paul Schroeder Interviewed guest: Martin Gurdon Interviewed guest: Vicki Butler-Henderson Interviewed guest: Andrew Donkin Archive clips used: Clip from the trailer for Terminal Man, Rotten Tomatoes Classic Trailers YouTube Channel, Uploaded 13/12/2017; Clip from the trailer for Jonathan Dove's opera 'Flight', Minnesota Opera YouTube Channel, Uploaded on 24/01/2020; BBC Archive: BBC World News - 13/11/2022: An Iranian man who lived in a Paris airport for 18 years has died; BBC Archive, Top Gear 27/09/1983; BBC Sound Archive, Mastertapes 19/05/2018; BBC Archive, World News 07/08/2013
11/25/202228 minutes, 1 second
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Peter de Savary, Bob Le Sueur MBE, Ela Bhatt, Hannah Pick-Goslar

Matthew Bannister on Peter de Savary, the serial entrepreneur who ran private members’ clubs, once owned both Land’s End and John O’Groats and spent a fortune trying to win the America’s Cup for the UK. Bob Le Sueur MBE, who risked his life during the German occupation of Jersey by helping Russian slave workers to escape. Ela Bhatt (pictured), the Indian trade unionist who campaigned for the rights of street vendors and other self-employed women. Hannah Pick-Goslar, the German-born Israeli nurse and Holocaust survivor who was a close friend of Anne Frank. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Savannah de Savary Interviewed guest: Chris Stone Interviewed guest: Renana Jhabvala Archive clips used: OxfordUnion YouTube Channel, Peter de Savary – Business Advice 22/03/2013; BBC World News, Madonna and Guy Ritchie marry 22/12/2000; BBC Sound Archive, Peter de Savary – America’s Cup 02/07/1983; BBC Sound Archive, The America’s Cup 27/09/1983; BBC Radio 5Live, Backtrackers – Jersey Under Occupation 02/05/1991; BBC Radio 4, Open Country 24/11/2011; British Pathé/ Gaumont British Newsreel, Liberation of the Channel Islands (1945); BBC Two, Gandhi – The Rise To Fame 10/10/2009; BBC Two, India – Ruins of the Raj 11/12/1990; Yad Vashem – The World Holocaust Remeberance Center, ‘That’s What I Hope’ – The Story of Hannah Pick 13/01/2020; BBC Two Holocaust Memorial Day 27/01/2005.
11/18/202228 minutes, 11 seconds
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Leslie Phillips CBE, Dame Valerie Beral, Avtar Singh Jouhl, Atarah Ben-Tovim MBE

Matthew Bannister on Leslie Phillips CBE (pictured), the actor who made his name in the Navy Lark and the Carry On Films, then became a respected character actor. Dame Valerie Beral, the epidemiologist who created the million women study and investigated the safety of the contraceptive pill and HRT. Avtar Singh Jouhl, the trade unionist and activist who campaigned for racial equality. Atarah Ben-Tovim MBE, the flautist who inspired generations of children to take up music. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Peter Bradshaw Interviewed guest: Tim Teeman Interviewed guest: Jagwant Jouhl Interviewed guest: David Jesudason Interviewed guest: Emily Banks Archive clips used: BBC News, HardTalk Extra – Leslie Phillips 2000; Peter Rogers Productions/ Beaconsfield Productions, Carry On Teacher (1959); BBC Radio 4 Extra, The Navy Lark – Left Hand Down A Bit! 28/03/2009; Sol C. Siegel Productions/ Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer, Les Girls (1957); Peter Rogers Productions/ Beaconsfield Productions, Carry on Nurse (1959); Impact Quadrant/ Izaro Films/ Quadrant Films, Spanish Fly (1976); Amblin Entertainment/ Warner Brothers, Empire of the Sun (1987); BBC Radio 4, The Skivers 17/03/1994; BBC Radio 4, The Life Scientific – Valerie Beral 05/02/2013; Jagwant Photobooks, Avtar Singh Jouhl interview – 2021; Midlands Today/ YouTube, Malcolm X visits Smethwick 03/10/2014; BBC Radio 3, Sound Archive – Atarah Ben-Tovim 11/05/1972; Thames TV, Seeing And Doing – Atarah Ben-Tovim 1985; BBC Radio 3, Atarah’s Music Box 04/10/1976; BBC Radio 4, Woman’s Hour 02/06/2004; Sandie Smith/ YouTube Channel, Atarah Ben-Tovim and Sophie Clavel at Chateau Rigaud 16/09/2016.
11/11/202228 minutes, 4 seconds
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Baroness Blood, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ian Jack, Hilaree Nelson

Matthew Bannister on Baroness Blood (pictured), the trade unionist, community worker and peace campaigner who became the first woman from Northern Ireland to be given a life peerage. Jerry Lee Lewis, the rock 'n' roll pioneer whose turbulent private life included bigamy, violence and drug addiction. Ian Jack, the journalist known for his long form articles and for editing the Independent on Sunday and the literary magazine Granta. Hilaree Nelson, the intrepid ski mountaineer who completed more than forty challenging expeditions in 16 countries. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Monica McWilliams Interviewed guest: Joe Bonomo Interviewed guest: Bill Paterson Interviewed guest: Sigrid Rausing Interviewed guest: Richard Williams Interviewed guest: Emily Harrington Archive clips used: Newsline Belfast/ YouTube, NI Women's Coalition Launch and Forum 1996; BBC News, Lady Blood being sworn into the House of Lords 02/11/1999; BBC Radio 4, The House of Ladies - The Mouldbreakers 17/08/2005; YouTube, Jerry Lee & Myra Lewis interview 1958; BBC Radio 3, Night Waves 16/05/2007; The North Face, Mentors - Hilaree Nelson 04/09/2018; Men's Journal/ YouTube, The Line Between Good and Evil 20/01/2021; OutsideWatch/ YouTube, Failure Is Next To Success - Hilaree Nelson Elements 26/06/2020; AP Archive, US extreme skier cremated in Nepal 02/11/2022; The North Face, Lhotse ft. Hilaree Nelson and Jim Morrison 15/10/2019.
11/4/202228 minutes
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Dame Carmen Callil, Ivy Jo Hunter, Kathleen Booth, Dietrich Mateschitz

Matthew Bannister on Dame Carmen Callil (pictured), the Australian-born publisher who founded the feminist Virago Books. Ivy Jo Hunter, known as the 'forgotten man of Motown', he co-wrote Dancing In The Street for Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. Kathleen Booth the mathematician and pioneering computer designer. Dietrich Mateschitz, the billionaire who turned the Red Bull energy drink into a global success by sponsoring sports clubs and daring stunts, including backing two Formula One motor racing teams. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Harriet Spicer Interviewed guest: Graham Betts Interviewed guest: Ian Booth Interviewed guest: Amanda Booth Interviewed guest: Nina Baker Interviewed guest: Chris Medland Archive clips used: BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs – Carmen Callil; Audible Audio/ Spoken Realms, My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin 30/03/2021; The Red Bull Company, Rapunzel commercial 1991; BBC One, Formula 1 – The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 14/11/2010; Red Bull Stratos, Red Bull Space Dive 14/10/2012; @pianograndad – Alan Melinek.
10/28/202228 minutes, 7 seconds
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Ian Hamilton KC, Audrey Evans, Parvatiben Solanki, Robbie Coltrane OBE

Matthew Bannister on Ian Hamilton KC, the Scottish lawyer who, as a student, took part in removing the Stone of Destiny from Westminster Abbey and returning it to Scotland. Professor Audrey Evans, the paediatric oncologist who founded a global network of homes where the families of her young patients could stay during their treatment. Parvatiben Solanki, who teamed up with her husband to launch Garavi Gujarat, one of the biggest selling Asian news magazines outside India. Robbie Coltrane OBE (pictured), the actor best known for playing Hagrid in the Harry Potter films and the criminal psychologist 'Fitz' in Cracker. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Kevin Drummond KC Interviewed guest: Richard Durham Interviewed guest: Shailesh Solanki Archive clips used: crisden1/ YouTube Channel, Òran na Cloiche performed by Ruairidh Caimbeul 14/07/2010; Infinity Features Entertainment/ The Mob Film Company/ Alliance, Stone of Destiny (2008) movie clip; BBC World Service, The History Hour - How I took the British Coronation Stone 29/12/2018; British Pathé, ‘The Stone’ Returns 1951, AP Archive, Stone of Scone Is Returned After 700 Years In UK 21/07/2015; Modern Hero/ YouTube Channel, Meet Dr. Audrey Evans 27/05/2017; RMHC/ YouTube Channel, Ronald McDonald House Charities 16/07/2020; BBC One, Black Adder the Third, Ink and Incapability 05/06/1987; BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs – Robbie Coltrane 09/02/1992; BBC News Scotland 10/04/2014; BBC Scotland, Tutti Frutti – The Boy Can’t Help It 03/05/1987; Eon Productions/ United Artists, GoldenEye (1995) movie clip; A+E Networks/ Granada Television, Cracker – Murder On The Train 27/09/1993; Hat Trick Productions, Clive Anderson Talks Back – Robbie Coltrane interview 29/10/1993; Warner Bros./ Heyday Films/ 1492 Pictures, Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone (2001) movie clip; Casey Patterson Entertainment/ Pulse Films/ Warner Horizon Unscripted Television, Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return To Hogwarts (2022); Warner Bros./ Heyday Films/ 1492 Pictures, Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets (2002) movie clip.
10/21/202227 minutes, 52 seconds
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Dame Angela Lansbury, Lady Keswick, Sacheen Littlefeather, Franca Fendi

Matthew Bannister on Dame Angela Lansbury (pictured), the stage and screen actor best known in recent years for her role in the TV series Murder She Wrote. Lady Keswick who was Director of the Conservative think tank the Centre for Policy Studies after being a special adviser to Kenneth Clarke at Education and the Treasury. He pays tribute. Sacheen Littlefeather, who staged a high profile protest about the representation of Native Americans in Hollywood when she declined an Oscar on behalf of Marlon Brando. Franca Fendi, one of five sisters who took an Italian leather and fur business from a small shop in Rome to a multi-million pound international fashion house. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: David Benedict Interviewed guest: Matt Wolf Interviewed guest: Kenneth Clarke Interviewed guest: Tim Knox Interviewed guest: N. Bird Runningwater Interviewed guest: Dana Thomas Archive clips used: Corymore Productions/ Universal Television, Murder She Wrote S05E10 10/02/1990; Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Gaslight (1941) clip; Wallis Productions, Blue Hawaii (1961) clip; Audible Audio/ W.F. Howes Ltd, The Colour Of The Sky After Rain – by Tessa Keswick 22/10/2020; BBC Radio 4, PM 17/06/2003; ABC7/ KGO-TV, Escape To Alcatraz – Documentary 13/06/2021; Firelight Media/ Native American Public Telecommunications/ WGBH, Wounded Knee 16/01/2009; Oscars – YouTube Channel, 45th Annual Academy Awards® 27/03/1973; BBC Radio 4, Short Cuts 12/07/2016; KPIX Public Affairs Presentation, I Believe – Sacheen Littlefeather interview 1976; BBC News, Academy apologises to Sacheen Littlefeather 16/08/2022.
10/14/202228 minutes, 2 seconds
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Yusuf al-Qaradawi, 'Ma' Smith MBE, Mike Burrows, Loretta Lynn

Matthew Bannister on Yusuf al-Qaradawi, one of the most influential Muslim scholars of his generation. He reached a vast audience through his show on the TV channel Al Jazeera. 'Ma' Smith MBE, who ran a celebrated soup kitchen in Oxford for thirty years. Mike Burrows, the pioneering cycle designer who came up with the Lotus 108 bike ridden by Chris Boardman when he won Olympic Gold in Barcelona. Loretta Lynn (pictured), the American country singer whose songs told the stories of working class women. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Dr. Usaama al-Azami Interviewed guest: Gary Smith Interviewed guest: Stuart Dennison Interviewed guest: Michael Hutchinson Interviewed guest: Garth Cartwright Archive clips used: MEMRI TV Production, Friday Sermon with Dr. Yusef al-Qaradhawi 15/04/2005; BBC Two, Newsnight 07/07/2004; BBC Radio 4, PM 07/07/2004; BBC News Online, Ma Smith wins Pride of Britain Award 01/11/2018; BBC One, Songs Of Praise – Interview with Ma Smith 08/03/2020; BBC Sport, Barcelona 1992 – Chris Boardman qualifying 28/07/1992; BBC Radio 4, Eureka – Mike Burrows 16/01/1994; BBC One, Tomorrow’s World - Mike Burrows interview 01/10/1993; BBC Radio 2, Loretta Lynn – In Conversation 07/03/2016.
10/7/202228 minutes, 2 seconds
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Dame Hilary Mantel, John McVicar, Joyce Reynolds, Paul Sartin

Matthew Bannister on Dame Hilary Mantel (pictured), the Booker prize winning novelist best known for the Wolf Hall trilogy. John McVicar, the former armed robber who studied sociology in prison and became a writer and broadcaster. Joyce Reynolds, the eminent Cambridge classicist who specialised in the study of epigraphs and taught Dame Mary Beard who joins us to remember her. The multi-instrumentalist and singer Paul Sartin, a key figure on the English folk scene and member of the band Bellowhead. His band mate Sam Sweeney pays tribute. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Laurie Taylor Interviewed guest: Dame Mary Beard Interviewed guest: Sam Sweeney Interviewed guest: Jon Wilks Archive clips used: Company Pictures/ Playground Entertainment/ BBC, Wolf Hall – E01 Three Card Trick 21/01/2015; BBC News, interview with Hilary Mantel 03/05/2020; BBC Radio 4, Front Row – extended interview with Hilary Mantel 05/06/2012; BBC Radio 4, The Reith Lectures – Hilary Mantel 13/06/2017; Polytel/ The Who Films, McVicar (1980) UK TV Trailer; BBC One, Straight Talk – John McVicar interview 09/05/1980; BBC Radio 4, Six Men – John McVicar interview 20/04/1986; Loftsingers Andover, Andover Museum Loft Singers Promo 13/10/2018.
9/30/202228 minutes, 5 seconds
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Jean-Luc Godard, Barbara Ehrenreich, Dennis Wilson, Mavis Nicholson

Kirsty Lang on Jean-Luc Godard (pictured), the critic and filmmaker who revolutionised French cinema. The writer and journalist Barbara Ehrenreich, whose bestseller 'Nickel and Dimed', is considered a classic in social justice literature. Captain Dennis Wilson, the Normandy veteran whose war poems were ranked alongside Wilfred Owen’s... And Mavis Nicholson, the Welsh broadcaster with a knack for making her subjects talk about matters that they had never previously confronted in public. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Ian Christie Interviewed guest: Professor James Williams Interviewed guest: Alissa Quart Interviewed guest: Professor Tim Crook Interviewed guest: Steve Nicholson Interviewed guest: Maureen Lipman Archive clips used: Les Films de la Pléiade/ Pathé Consortium Cinéma, Vivre Sa Vie (1962) - Trailer; Daphne Productions Inc/ WNET/ Thirteen, The Dick Cavett Show – Interview with Jean-Luc Godard 23/10/1980; Les Films Impéria/ Les Productions Georges de Beauregard/ Société Nouvelle de Cinématographie (SNC), À bout de souffle (1960) - Trailer; Rome Paris Films/ Les Films Concordia/ Compagnia Cinematografica Champion, Le Mépris (1963) - Clip; BBC Radio 3, Night Waves 30/01/2003; BBC Radio 4, Woman’s Hour – Barbara Ehrenreich interview 22/09/2008; BBC Radio 4, Today Programme – Captain Dennis Wilson interview 19/11/2013; Thames TV/ Pineapple Productions, Mavis catches up with Kenny Everett – jingle 15/11/1989; Thames TV/ Channel 4 , Mavis on 4 – Elizabeth Taylor interview 10/02/1988; Thames TV, Afternoon Plus – David Bowie interview 16/02/1979; BBC Wales, Being Mavis Nicholson: TV’s Greatest Interviewer 25/08/2016.
9/23/202228 minutes, 9 seconds
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Bill Turnbull, Anne Sutton, Norah Vincent, Drummie Zeb

Matthew Bannister on Bill Turnbull (pictured), the journalist and BBC Breakfast presenter who was also a beekeeper and committed fan of Wycombe Wanderers. Anne Sutton, whose detailed studies of the life and times of King Richard III transformed his reputation. Norah Vincent, who wrote a best-selling book about her experience of living as a man for eighteen months and then suffered a mental breakdown. Drummie Zeb, the drummer and vocalist with the British reggae band Aswad. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Sian Williams Interviewed guest: Wendy Moorhen Interviewed guest: Justine Hardy Interviewed guest: Brinsley Forde Archive clips used: BBC One, BBC Breakfast 27/04/2001; BBC News, London Bombs at Kings Cross 08/07/2005; BBC Three, Strictly Dance Fever on Three 01/04/2006; BBC One, BBC Breakfast - Bill Turnball talks about cancer 21/12/2018; WeTalkWycombe/ YouTube Channel, Best Wycombe Wanderers Chants! 06/07/2020; BBC One, BBC Breakfast 23/01/2007; BBC One, Celebrity Mastermind 01/01/2008; London Film Production/ L.O.P., Richard III (1955) film; Quite Frankly Productions/ BBC Hardtalk Extra, Norah Vincent 21/04/2006; ABC News, Self-Made Man: Norah Vincent 2006; Elephant House Studios/ Tribute, Nelson Mandela 70th Birthday Concert 11/06/1988.
9/16/202228 minutes, 10 seconds
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Mikhail Gorbachev, Stella 'Jaye' Edwards, Jerry Allison

Matthew Bannister on The last President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev (pictured), who was feted in the West but often derided in his own country. We follow his journey from a collective farm in Stavropol to momentous times in the Kremlin, including the introduction of Perestroika and Glasnost, the end of the Cold War and the coup that toppled him from power. Stella 'Jaye' Edwards, who was the last surviving British woman pilot who delivered planes from factories to front line bases during the second world war. Jerry Allison, the drummer and songwriter with Buddy Holly and the Crickets, whose girlfriend inspired their hit song 'Peggy Sue'. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Bridget Kendall Interviewed guest: John Eames Petersen Interviewed guest: Geoff Barker Archive clips used: BBC Radio 4, Today programme 31/08/2022; BBC Two, Newsnight 30/08/2022; CNN - Larry King, Mikhail Gorbachev interview November 1993; UVA Miller Center, President Ronald Reagan speech on the Geneva Summit 21/11/1985; Pizza Hut, Gorbachev TV spot commercial January 1998; Juno Beach Centre / YouTube Channel, Jaye Edwards interview 19/02/2019; British Pathé, Sir Stafford Cripps and the A.T.A. (1943); Geoff Barker Archives, Jerry Allison interview.
9/2/202228 minutes, 9 seconds
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Margaret Keane, Keith Smith, Mario Fiorentini, Brenda Fisher

Matthew Bannister on Margaret Keane (pictured), the American artist whose paintings of children with 'Big Eyes' became hugely popular in the 1960s. Her identity as the painter was kept secret by her husband who claimed the works as his own. Keith Smith, the market trader who co-founded the Poundland chain of shops. Mario Fiorentini, Italy’s most decorated partisan, who risked torture and death to fight the German occupation of his country. Brenda Fisher, the long distance swimmer from Grimsby who became an international celebrity after breaking the women’s speed record for swimming the English Channel. Producer: Emily Finch Interviewed guest: Larry Karaszewski Interviewed guest: Steve Smith Interviewed guest: Philip Cooke Interviewed guest: Alessandro Portelli Interviewed guest: Lucy Wood Interviewed guest: Peter Winchester MBE Archive clips used: Westinghouse Broadcasting Company / Mike Douglas Entertainments, The Mike Douglas Show - Interview with Margaret Keane 1972; BBC World Service, Outlook - Margaret Keane interview 30/12/2014; Duane Anderly, 1964 Lost Interview with Walter and Margaret Keane from YouTube; The Weinstein Company / Silverwood Films / Tim Burton Productions, Big Eyes (film clip) 2014; Express & Star YouTube Channel, Founder of Poundland, Keith Smith opens his grounds up for a festival 25/06/2015; BBC One, Antiques Roadshow: Series 41 - Pioneering Women Special 10/06/2018; BBC Sound Archive, Swim The Channel 17/08/1951.
8/26/202227 minutes, 47 seconds
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Lamont Dozier, Joan Lingard, Issey Miyake, Edana Minghella

John Wilson on Lamont Dozier (pictured), who wrote dozens of hits for Motown Records. Joan Lingard, the author of the popular Kevin and Sadie books set during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Issey Miyake, the Japanese fashion designer who survived the atomic bomb. Edana Minghella, the mental health researcher and jazz singer. Producer: Emily Finch Interviewed guest: Eddie Holland Interviewed guest: Adam White Interviewed guest: Shelly Clark Interviewed guest: Lindsey Fraser Interviewed guest: Dana Thomas Interviewed guest: Dai Fujiwara Interviewed guest: Dominic Minghella Interviewed guest: Jo Brand Archive clips used: Radio 4, Front Row - Brian and Eddie Holland interview 25/12/2019; BBC Radio 1, David Jensen Show - Lamont Dozier interview 29/02/1984; Radio 4, Joan Lingard interview 01/01/1984; BBC Two, Maggie episode 1 17/02/1981; British Pathé, Atomic Bomb Destruction in Japan (1945); INA Société/YouTube Channel, Mai 68 et l'éducation (1968).
8/19/202228 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

James Lovelock, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Roy Hackett MBE, Dame Olivia Newton-John

Kirsty Lang on James Lovelock (pictured), the scientist and inventor who came up with the Gaia theory. Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda. Roy Hackett MBE, who led the Bristol bus boycott in 1963. Dame Olivia Newton-John, the singer and actor who starred in Grease. Producer: Emily Finch Interviewed guest: Bryan Appleyard CBE Interviewed guest: Paul Martin Interviewed guest: Lynn Mareno Interviewed guest: Professor Kehinde Andrews Interviewed guest: Holly Thomas Archive clips used: Web of Stories - YouTube channel, James Lovelock - The Gaia Theory (11/17) 17/08/2017; BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs - James Lovelock 17/11/1997; AP Archive, USS Cole Attacked 12/10/2000; BBC News, Bombings in New York 11/09/2001; BBC Two, Newsnight - London Bombings 07/07/2005; BBC Radio 4, Six O'clock News 06/10/1981; AP Archive, Muslim Extremists Trial 15/12/1982; PBS News Hour, President George W. Bush - First US strikes in Afghanistan 07/10/2001; CBS News, Biden announces death of Ayman al-Zawahiri 02/08/2022; BBC Ideas, Why I'm still fighting racism at 90 24/01/2019; BBC One, Paul O'Grady's Working Britain 15/08/2013; BBC World Service, Witness - Bristol Bus Boycott 10/10/2019; BBC One, Parkinson - Olivia Newton-John interview 02/12/1978; Paramount Pictures/Robert Stigwood Organisation (RSO)/Allan Carr Production, Grease (Film clip) 1978.
8/12/202227 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bernard Cribbins OBE (pictured), Diana Kennedy MBE, Sir Colin Blakemore, Nichelle Nichols

Matthew Bannister on Bernard Cribbins OBE, the much-loved actor known for appearances in The Railway Children and Doctor Who as well as reading countless stories on Jackanory. Diana Kennedy MBE, the British-born food writer who dedicated her life to promoting the diversity of Mexican cuisine. Sir Colin Blakemore, the neuroscientist who received death threats after speaking out in defence of experiments on animals. Nichelle Nichols, the trailblazing African American actor who played Lieutenant Uhura in Star Trek. Producer: Sofie Vilcins Interviewed guest: Jenny Agutter Interviewed guest: Helen Lederer Interviewed guest: Gabriela Cámara Interviewed guest: Fiona Fox Archive clips used: EMI Films, The Railway Children 1970; BBC One, Fawlty Towers - The Hotel Inspectors 10/10/1975; BBC, CBeebies - Storm in a Teacup 05/04/2015; Filmfair, The Wombles - One Pair of Feet 23/02/1973; BBC Radio 4, The Food Programme 30/06/2014; Greenwich Entertainment/Submarine Deluxe, Diana Kennedy - Nothing Fancy 2020; BBC Two, The Mind Machine 13/09/1988; BBC Radio 4, Today 08/11/2011; BBC Radio 4, The Life Scientific - Sir Colin Blakemore 08/11/2011; Desilu Productions/Norway Corporation, Star Trek S02E02 Who Mourns For Adonais 27/04/1970; BBC Radio 4, Archive on 4 - Star Trek, The Undiscovered Future 03/09/2016; BBC Radio 1, Nicky Campbell - Nichelle Nichols interview 31/01/1995; NASA, Recruitment Film 1977; Yap Films, Building Star Trek (TV Movie) 2016.
8/5/202228 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Lord David Trimble (pictured), Susie Steiner, Uwe Seeler

John Wilson on Lord David Trimble, Northern Irish politician who was an architect of the Good Friday Agreement and won a Nobel Peace Prize. Susie Steiner, a British crime author who shared her experience of living with a brain tumour. Uwe Seeler, captain of the West German football team in 1966 and a hero for his home team of Hamburg. Producer: Sofie Vilcins Interviewed guest: Lord Dean Godson Interviewed guest: Val McDermid Interviewed guest: Alan Mullery MBE Interviewed guest: Derek Rae Archive clips used: British Pathé, 1966 World Cup Final: England vs Germany (Part 1) 1966; BBC Radio 4, Meeting Myself Coming Back - David Trimble 05/03/2017; BBC News Online, Good Friday agreement 10/04/1998; BBC Radio 4, Today - Tony Blair on David Trimble 26/07/2022;, Michelle O'Neill on David Trimble's legacy of leadership 26/07/2022; BBC Radio Ulster, Doug Beattie and Sir Jefferey Donaldson on David Trimble 26/07/2022; BBC Radio 4, Great Lives - Elvis Presley 14/08/2007; Peter James TV / YouTube Channel, Susie Steiner interview 02/01/2018; BBC Radio 4, In Touch, Susie Steiner interview 12/04/2016; BBC Radio 4, Open Book - Susie Steiner interview 24/09/2020; BBC Archive, 1966 World Cup Final 30/07/1966; YouTube, Uwe Seeler scores against England - World Cup 1970; HSV / Hamburger SV YouTube Channel, The Life of Uwe Seeler 22/07/2022; YouTube, HSV Team Tribute in memory of Uwe Seeler.
7/29/202228 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Tony Sirico (pictured), José Eduardo dos Santos, Ann Shulgin, Ivana Trump

John Wilson on Tony Sirico, the former armed robber turned actor who found fame playing the role of mobster Paulie Walnuts in ground-breaking television series The Sopranos. José Eduardo dos Santos, who ruled Angola as president for 37 years, steering the country through a bloody civil war, and reaping the benefits of an oil boom while being accused of huge levels of corruption. Ann Shulgin, a therapist who pioneered the use of psychedelics and MDMA in therapy together with her chemist husband Sasha. And Ivana Trump, the Czechoslovakian skier and model whose marriage to Donald Trump made her a fixture of tabloid and society pages for decades. Producer: Tim Bano Interviewed guest: Fr Robert Sirico Interviewed guest: Dr Justin Pearce Interviewed guest: Amanda Feilding Interviewed guest: Professor David Nutt Archive clips used: Paramount Pictures, The First Wives Club (1996); American Playhouse, The Big Bang (1989); NBC Today, 20th Anniversary of 'The Sopranos' 10/01/2019; HBO, The Sopranos (1999); Miramax/ Sweetland Films/ Magnolia Production, Bullets Over Broadway (1994); YouTube, Comício José Eduardo dos Santos - Angola 1992 16/09/2010; BBC Sound Archive, Independence celebrations in Angola 11/11/1975; BBC Radio 4, News 23/02/2002; BBC News Archive, Angola vote in first election for 16 years 05/09/2008; BBC Two, Panorama - The Corrupt Billionaire 25/01/2020; Viveka Films, MDMA The Movie - Promo Clip (2016); CBS News, When Ecstasy was legal 1985; gaiamedia/ YouTube channel, Ask the Shulgins 17/03/2014; BBC One, Wogan - Ivana Trump interview 03/06/1992; CBS Sunday Morning, Ivana Trump interview 08/10/2017; BBC Radio 4, Woman's Hour - Ivana Trump interview 03/06/1992; HBO/ Harpo Productions, The Oprah Winfrey Show 25/04/1998; BBC One, Modern Times - The Fame Game 03/01/1996; Del Monte/ Brian Jackson, UK Del Monte pears advert (2014).
7/22/202227 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

Shinzo Abe (pictured), Mona Hammond OBE, Lorna de Smidt, Monty Norman

Kirsty Lang on Shinzo Abe - Japan’s longest-serving prime minister who sought to end a wartime legacy of defeat and occupation and to tackle the economy through ‘Abenomics’. Actor Mona Hammond is best known for her TV role in Eastenders. Lorna de Smidt, the anti-apartheid and anti-racist activist who cut her political teeth in the Black Consciousness Movement in South Africa in the late 1960s. And Monty Norman - Composer and singer who wrote the James Bond main theme and a string of successful musicals as well. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Nakano Koichi Interviewed guest: Dr Kristin Surak Interviewed guest: Michael Buffong Interviewed guest: Graham de Smidt Interviewed guest: Matthew Sweet Archive clips used: BBC News, Report on death of Shinzo Abe, 08/07/2022; BBC Radio 4, The World This Weekend, Votes counted for Japanese election, 29/07/2007; BBC One, Eastenders 25/10/2010; Humphrey Barclay Productions for Channel 4, Desmond's S01E04 26/01/1989; BBC Radio 4, The Archers 28/12/2003; BBC Two, Storm Damage (1989), 23/01/2000; Paramount Pictures/ Albert S. Ruddy Productions/ Alfran Productions, The Godfather Part 1 (1972); BBC Radio 4, News Bulletin19/03/2001; BBC Two Omnibus - Monty Norman interview 17/10/1982.
7/15/202227 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

Baroness Greengross OBE (pictured), Sonny Barger, Technoblade, Qin Yi

Matthew Bannister on Baroness Greengross, who championed the rights of older people as Director General of the charity Age Concern. Sonny Barger, the leading American Hell’s Angel who was arrested 21 times and spent 13 years in prison. Technoblade, the young Youtuber who amassed millions of followers for his commentaries on the video game Minecraft. Qin Yi, the leading Chinese film star whose career spanned eight decades. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Gail Perry Interviewed guest: Alexandre Kalache Interviewed guest: Zhen Zhang Interviewed guest: Chris Berry Interviewed guest: Deanne Stillman Archive clips used: BBC Radio 4, Woman's Hour 07/03/2003; BBC Radio 4, Woman's Hour 03/03/2004; BBC News, News report on Dementia 03/07/2012; BBC Two, Hell's Angels 04/01/2004; BBC Four, Storyville - Gimme Shelter 11/12/2009; KSAN Radio/ Stefan Ponek/ from Storyville - Gimme Shelter, Sonny Barger Interview 11/12/2009; EricSalasProductions/ YouTube Channel, Sonny Barger Exclusive Interview 08/08/2012; Technoblade YouTube Channel, Minecraft Storymode Season 1 Episode 1 07/01/2019; Technoblade YouTube Channel, "so long nerds" 01/07/2022/; Technoblade YouTube Channel, the hypixel skyblock experience 14/06/2019; BBC Radio 4, Glenda Jackson interviews Peter Brook 19/04/2021; Shanghai Film Studio/ Tianma Film Studio, Woman Basketball Player No 5 (1957); Ningxia Film Group/ Shanghai Film Studios, Railway Guerrilla (1956); China Central Television, Under the Roofs of Shanghai (1982); BBC One, Eastenders 26/05/1997.
7/8/202228 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

Dame Deborah James (pictured), Yves Coppens, Revel Guest OBE, Samuel Bhima

Matthew Bannister on Dame Deborah James who raised millions of pounds for cancer research by talking openly about living with - and dying from - bowel cancer. Yves Coppens, the charismatic French palaeontologist who led the team that discovered hominid remains estimated to be 3.2 million years old. Revel Guest OBE, the documentary film producer who became chair of the Hay Literary Festival. Samuel Bhima, the first Malawian to become a Fellow of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Jude Rogers Interviewed guest: Zeresenay Alemseged Interviewed guest: Corisande Albert Interviewed guest: Maliza Bhima Archive clips used: BBC Radio 5 Online, Raising a Glass to Deborah James 28/06/2022; BBC Two, The Making of Mankind - One Small Step 11/05/1981; FRANCE 24 English, Yves Coppens dies at 87 23/06/2022; PBS (US), PBS Ident by Paul Alan Levi; Trans Atlantic Film, Placido 1983; Dreamworks Pictures/ Touchstone Pictures/ Reliance Entertainment, War Horse (2011) Trailer; YouTube/ memoriesofrhodesia, 1957 Royal Tour of Nyasaland 29/10/2015; Meliza Bhima Personal interview archive with Samuel Bhima; BBC Sound Archive, Dr Hastings Banda Interview 27/02/1959.
7/1/202227 minutes, 59 seconds
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Dom Phillips (pictured), Stephen S. Thompson, Caroline Drummond, Maureen Hiron

Matthew Bannister on Dom Phillips, the freelance journalist who was ambushed and shot dead on a trip into the Amazon rain forest. Stephen S. Thompson, the novelist and screenwriter who won a BAFTA for his TV drama telling the story of his brother’s experiences during the Windrush scandal. Caroline Drummond, who campaigned for greater links between farming and environmental protection – and oversaw the launch of Open Farm Sunday. Maureen Hiron, the top-class bridge player who invented many new games including Continuo and Quizwrangle. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Sian Phillips Interviewed guest: Sylvia Colombo Interviewed guest: Anthony Bryan Interviewed guest: Krishnendu Majumdar Interviewed guest: Minette Batters Interviewed guest: Ian Pigott Interviewed guest: W. Eric Martin Interviewed guest: Deej Johnson Archive clips used: BBC News 24, Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira 16/06/2022; Metrópoles - Café da Manhã Com Jornalistas 14/06/2022; BBC News Online, Amber Rudd's regret over scale of Windrush problem 26/04/2018; Edinburgh Television Festival, Sitting in Limbo - Edinburgh TV Festival 2021 12/06/2021; Left Bank Pictures/BBC/Ian Johnson Publicity, BBC Trailers Sitting in Limbo 01/06/2020; BAFTA, Sitting in Limbo wins Single Drama BAFTA TV Awards 2021 06/06/2021; BBC Radio 4, The Archers 07/06/2019; BBC Two, A Will To Win 20/10/1986; Granada TV, The Krypton Factor 1993.
6/24/202228 minutes, 9 seconds
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Dame Paula Rego (pictured), Bruce Kent, Hilary Devey CBE

Matthew Bannister on Dame Paula Rego, the acclaimed Portuguese-born artist who later made her home in the UK and was renowned for making vivid and disturbing work focussing on the subjugation of women. We talk to her son Nick Willing. Bruce Kent, the Catholic priest who became a leader of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Hilary Devey CBE, who founded a multi-million pound freight distribution business and was one of the Dragons on the TV show Dragons Den. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Nick Willing Interviewed guest: Jacky Klein Interviewed guest: Kate Hudson Archive clips used: BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs - Dame Paula Rego 07/12/1997; Kismet Film Company/ BBC, Paula Rego - Secrets and Stories 25/03/2017; Eric Minh Swenson Art Films, Samella Lewis - Pioneering Visual Artist and Educator 19/12/2016; BBC Radio Ulster, Bruce Kent documentary 13/03/1988; British Movietone, Aldermaston March - Natural Sound 12/04/1963; British Movietone, The March to Aldermaston in Trafalgar Square 10/04/1958; BBC Radio 4, PM - Cardinal Basil Hume interview 27/04/1983; BBC News, Troops Erect Fence Around RAF Molesworth Base 06/02/1985; CND - YouTube Channel, Bruce Kent - Why I joined CND 18/02/2018; BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs - Hilary Devey 02/11/2012; BBC Radio 4, Woman's Hour - Hilary Devey interview 24/05/2012; BBC One, Dragons' Den (Season 10) 2012; ITV Studios - YouTube Channel, Loose Women - Hilary Devey interview 03/06/2015.
6/17/202228 minutes, 6 seconds
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Amanda Claridge, Sidhu Moose Wala (pictured), Mark Sykes, Paul Vance

Matthew Bannister on Amanda Claridge, the archaeologist who was a leading expert on ancient Rome. Sidhu Moose Wala, the acclaimed Indian rapper who was shot dead at the age of 28. Mark Sykes, the upper-class gambler, con man, gun smuggler and playboy. Paul Vance, who wrote the song 'Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini' and whose death was announced prematurely in 2006. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Richard Hodges Interviewed guest: Professor Richard Alston Interviewed guest: Bobby Friction Interviewed guest: Lady Colin Campbell Interviewed guest: Douglas Thompson Archive clips used: BBC Radio 3, Night Waves - Roman Empire Exhibition 20/10/2000; BBC One, Nationwide - Pompeii 19/11/1976; BBC News 31/05/2022; ABP Sanjha / YouTube Channel, Sidhu Moose Wala in Big Trouble 04/05/2020; BBC Radio 4, Last Word 29/09/2006.
6/10/202228 minutes, 4 seconds
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Dervla Murphy, Lester Piggott (pictured), Anne Howells

Matthew Bannister on Dervla Murphy, the intrepid travel writer who cycled from her native Ireland to India. Lester Piggott, the jockey who rode thousands of winners and broke many records, including winning the Derby 9 times. Anne Howells, the acclaimed mezzo soprano known for her beautiful voice and sense of mischief. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Antonia Quirke Interviewed guest: Hilary Bradt MBE Interviewed guest: Susan Griffiths Interviewed guest: Frank Keogh Interviewed guest: Sir John Tomlinson CBE Interviewed guest: Mark Rice-Oxley Producer: Neil George Archive clips used: BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs - Dervla Murphy 17/01/1993; BBC Radio 4, Wheels Within Wheels ep 2 23/12/2001; BBC Radio 4, Intrepid Women 19/05/1980; BBC Radio 4, Wheels Within Wheels ep 3 30/12/2001; BBC Sport, AP McCoy tribute to Lester Piggott May 2022; BBC News 06/06/1970; BBC News, Frankie Dettori tribute to Lester Piggott 30/05/2022; BBC News, Willie Carson tribute to Lester Piggott 30/05/2022; British Pathé, Lester Piggott 56th win 1950; YouTube, 1970 King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes win 25/07/1970; Ascot Racecourse, Lester Piggott interview 23/07/2020; Central Television/Spitting Image Productions, Spitting Image 1984-1996; BBC News, Lester Piggott tax evasion 23/10/1987; NBC Sports, Lester Piggott amazing ride on Royal Academy 27/10/1990; BBC Radio Archive, Music Now: Anne Howells 20/09/1975.
6/3/202228 minutes, 13 seconds
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Baroness Haleh Afshar, Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Kay Mellor, Vangelis (Pictured)

Matthew Bannister on Baroness Haleh Afshar, the Iranian-born academic and activist who made her home in the UK and campaigned for women’s rights. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Emir of Abu Dhabi and President of the United Arab Emirates who led the transformation of his country and was a key ally of the West. Kay Mellor, the TV writer best known for series like 'Band of Gold', 'Fat Friends' and 'The Syndicate'. Vangelis, the prolific composer who won an Oscar for the soundtrack to the film 'Chariots of Fire'. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Molly Newton Interviewed guest: Janet Veitch OBE. Interviewed guest: Sameer Hashmi. Interviewed guest: Paul Allen. Archive clips used: BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs - Baroness Haleh Afshar 28/12/2008; FOX 5 New York, The first minutes of the reporting of the 9/11 attacks from WNYW 11/09/2001; BBC Radio 4, Today Programme - Kay Mellor tribute 18/05/2022; BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs - Kay Mellor OBE 29/10/2017; Granada TV, Band of Gold (1995); Rollem Productions/ Tiger Aspect Productions/ Yorkshire Television, Fat Friends 2000; Isolde Films, Vangelis and the Journey to Ithaka - Documentary (2013); Al Jazeera English, Vangelis: A Message of Hope 22/01/2012.
5/27/202228 minutes, 11 seconds
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Shireen Abu Akleh, Robert Gillmor, Leonid Kravchuk (pictured), Carrie White

Matthew Bannister on Shireen Abu Akleh, the respected Al Jazeera reporter who was shot dead while covering an Israeli military raid in Jenin in the occupied West Bank. Robert Gillmor, the wildlife artist best known for his striking paintings of birds. Leonid Kravchuk who oversaw Ukraine’s transition to independence after the collapse of the Soviet Union and became its President. Carrie White, the hairdresser who styled some of Hollywood’s biggest stars and became addicted to drink and drugs. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Dalia Hatuqa Interviewed guest: Stephen Moss Interviewed guest: Dr Taras Kuzio Interviewed guest: Helena de Bertodano Interviewed guest: Pitita Alcala White Archive clips used: BBC News 24, Newsday 12/05/2022; BBC News,14/05/2022; Al Jazeera English, 74 years of Nakba 2022;, Pied Avocet (Recurvirostra avosetta); BBC One, Animal Magic 23/11/1971; YouTube/Behind Nhu, Eurasian collared dove call 17/05/2020; BBC Radio 4, The World Tonight 28/04/1986; BBC News, Ukranian Referendum Results 02/12/1991; AP Archive, Ukraine - Preparations for Presidential Elections 25/06/1994; BBC One, six o'clock news - Ukraine Nuclear Weapons 14/01/1994; Connie Martinson YouTube channel, Upper Cut - Carrie White interview 31/10/2011.
5/20/202228 minutes, 1 second
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Kathy Boudin, Dennis Waterman (pictured), Sidney Altman, Régine Zylberberg

Matthew Bannister on Kathy Boudin, the American radical activist who was sent to prison for her part in the killing of a security guard and two police officers during a robbery. While serving her sentence she became a campaigner for penal reform. Dennis Waterman, the actor best known for his roles in TV series 'The Sweeney', 'Minder' and 'New Tricks'. Sidney Altman, the American biologist who won the Nobel prize for his work on the function of RNA... And Régine Zylberberg, the French nightclub owner who claimed to have invented the discotheque. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Baroness Helena Kennedy QC. Interviewed guest: Dr Thomas R. Cech, Ph.D. Interviewed guest: Hugh Schofield Archive clips used: CBS Sunday Morning, Weather Underground's accidental bombing 06/03/1970; Center for Justice at Columbia University, Interview with Kathy Boudin 09/05/2022; BBC One, Life and Times of Dennis Waterman 06/12/2000; Danziger Productions Ltd, Night Train To Inverness (1960); Cy Howard Productions / Desilu Productions, Fair Exchange (1962); / YouTube clip, Dennis Waterman - Very Early Clip 07/10/2016; BHE Films / Crasto, Up The Junction (1968); Euston Films / Thames TV, The Sweeney (TV series) 1974; Euston Films / Thames TV, Minder 1979; BBC / Wall To Wall, New Tricks 01/04/2004; UC Berkeley Events, Unravelling the Mystery of Ribonucleic Acid 2010; i24NEWS Francais, Histoires Et Decouvertes Régine se raconte 4/04/2021.
5/13/202228 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Colonel Alan Jenkins, Mary Monson, Elspeth Barker, Art Rupe (pictured)

Matthew Bannister on Colonel Alan Jenkins, the Gurhka officer who was the last living Westerner to have travelled to independent Tibet. Mary Monson, the solicitor who devoted her career to helping the poor and disadvantaged. Elspeth Barker, the novelist and critic who lived a colourful life surrounded by animals in a Norfolk farmhouse. Art Rupe, the American record producer who helped to launch the careers of Little Richard and Sam Cooke. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Nigel Warren Interviewed guest: Roger Croston Interviewed guest: Joseph Kotrie Monson Interviewed guest: Raffaella Barker Interviewed guest: Geoff Barker Archive clips used: BBC TV Archive, Jungle Green - Borneo 24/12/1964; BBC Radio Manchester, Trump's tour bus 13/07/2018; Mary Monson Solicitors - YouTube channel, client care philosophy 18/02/2014; BBC Radio 4, O Caledonia by Elspeth Barker 14/10/1992; BBC Radio 3, The Verb - Life, Nature & Literature 10/04/2004; CBS, Alan Freed Rock & Roll Dance Party 1957.
5/6/202228 minutes, 9 seconds
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Yvonne Blenkinsop (pictured), Dr Margaret Carswell, Mikhail Vasenkov, Denise Coffey

Matthew Bannister on Yvonne Blenkinsop, one of the four so-called 'Headscarf Revolutionaries' from Hull who campaigned for better safety regulations on fishing trawlers after three were lost at sea in 1968. Margaret Carswell, the doctor and ornithologist who treated survivors of the Ugandan civil war and in her spare time compiled the definitive guide to the country’s bird population. Mikhail Vasenkov, the Russian spy who assumed a South American identity and lived undercover in the United States for decades. Denise Coffey, the talented comic actor who made her name in the TV show 'Do Not Adjust Your Set'. Producer: Emily Finch Interviewed guest: Nell Carswell Interviewed guest: Grace Carswell Interviewed guest: Gordon Corera Interviewed guest: Dr. Brian W. Lavery Interviewed guest: Humphry Barclay Interviewed guest: Michael Coveney Interviewed guest: Miriam Margolyes Archive clips used: British Pathé, Hull - Trawlers Lost At Sea - Wives Demand Stricter Safety Measures 1968; BBC World Service, Witness - Hull's Headscarf Revolutionaries 12/02/2018; BBC TV, Look North - Yvonne Blenkinsop gets freedom of the city of Hull 20/12/2018; YouTube, Triple Trawler Disaster - Hull 1968; xeno-canto, XC292779 Speckled Tinkerbird / XC291649 Woodland Warbler; BBC World Service, Witness - The Fall of Idi Amin 29/04/2014; BBC News 24, Russia/US Spy Swap 09/07/2010; Rediffusion, Do Not Adjust Your Set Ep 05 25/01/1968; BBC Radio 4 Extra, Alison and Maud 20/05/2009.
4/29/202227 minutes, 58 seconds
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Mimi Reinhard, Sir Harrison Birtwistle (pictured), Sylvia Lancaster OBE, Letizia Battaglia

John Wilson on Mimi Reinhard, the Holocaust survivor who typed Oskar Schindler’s famous list and later turned down an offer from Steven Spielberg. Sir Harrison Birtwistle, the uncompromising British composer of contemporary classical music who once caused panic at the Proms. Sylvia Lancaster, the mother of Sophie Lancaster who was brutally murdered in 2007. Sylvia set up a foundation with the aim of promoting tolerance and inclusivity among young people... And Letizia Battaglia, who defied the Mafia with her graphic photographs of their crimes. Producer: Neil George Archive clips used: BBC News 24, Mimi Reinhard 07/12/2007; Universal Pictures/Amblin Entertainment, Schindler's List - Trailer 1993; Oscars, Schindler's List wins Best Picture 1994; The Royal Opera - YouTube Channel, The Minotaur - Labyrinth Scene 1991; BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs - Sir Harrison Birtwistle 16/01/1994; BBC Radio 3/English National Opera, The Mask Of Orpheus 01/04/1987; BBC News 24, Greater Manchester Police records offences against members of subcultures 04/04/2013; BBC TWO, Black Roses: The Killing of Sophie Lancaster 12/03/2015; BBC Radio 4 Extra, Black Roses: The Killing of Sophie Lancaster 11/10/2015; Granada TV, Coronation Street 07/05/2021.
4/22/202228 minutes, 3 seconds
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Jordan Mooney (pictured), Jack Higgins, Robert Ashe, David McKee

John Wilson remembers the lives of those who have recently died including Jordan Mooney the punk icon known as ‘the original Sex Pistol’ who ended up as a veterinary nurse. Jack Higgins, the thriller writer who hit the jackpot with The Eagle Has Landed, and sold more than 250 million books. Robert Ashe, an aid worker who spent most of his working life supporting refugees all over the world. And David McKee - author and illustrator who created timeless childhood favourites including Mr Benn and Elmer the multi-coloured elephant. Producer: Neil George Archive Clips Used: BBC 6Music, Three Minute Epiphany - The Essence of Punk and Defiance 05/06/2019; BBC TWO, The Culture Show - Jordan Mooney interview 01/07/2014; Megalovision/ Whaley-Malin Productions, Jubilee - trailer (1978); BBC Radio 2, The John Dunn Show 01/07/1992; Audible Audiobook/Harper Collins Publishers Ltd, The Savage Day by Jack Higgins 2019; BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs - Jack Higgins 12/12/1981; Associated General Films/ ITC Entertainment, The Eagle Has Landed - trailer (1976); BBC Radio 4, Profile - Jack Higgins 27/04/1984; ThamesTV/ Freemantle, The Killing Fields - Cambodia VT50536 18/01/1990; BBC News, 29/06/1980; BBC News, 23/10/1999; BBC Breakfast News, interview with David McKee 25/05/2019; BookTrust, David McKee reads Elmer 25/05/2022; Books Alive! YouTube Channel, Not Now Bernard by David McKee 08/11/2017; BBC TWO, Mr Benn - Pirate 31/03/1972; Made in Me - YouTube Channel, Me Books - David McKee interview 10/01/2013.
4/15/202228 minutes, 5 seconds
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Derek Mack (pictured), June Brown, Doris Derby, Dave Sales

Matthew Bannister on Derek Mack, the rocket engineer who helped Britain enter the space age June Brown, the actor best known as Dot Cotton in Eastenders Dr Doris A. Derby, the American civil rights activist and photographer who took historic pictures of the struggle for equality Dave Sales, the Dorset fisherman who fought a 23 year campaign to protect the sea bed in Lyme Bay. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Dion Mack Interviewed guest: Ken MacTaggart Interviewed guest: Bob Banks Interviewed guest: Hannah Collins Interviewed guest: Gill Sales Archive clips used: British Pathé, The Black Knight Rocket 1958; BBC One, The One Show - The Rocket Men 25/01/2019; BBC TV Archive, Black Arrow Project - 24 Hours 27/10/1971; BBC One, Eastenders, 1985-2020; BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs - June Brown 17/02/2017; British Movietone, V E Day in London 1945; Granada TV, Coronation Street, 19/08/1970; Library of Congress, Southern Oral History Program in North Carolina - Doris Derby Interview 2011; Storylines, Guardians of the Reef Project - Interview with David Sales 27/07/2017.
4/8/202227 minutes, 50 seconds
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Madeleine Albright (pictured), Peter Padfield, Christina Smith, Sheila Paine

Matthew Bannister on The first female US Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who was a leading advocate of the NATO bombing campaign aimed at stopping ethnic cleansing in the Balkans. Peter Padfield, the naval historian who as a young man took part in the reconstruction of the voyage of the Mayflower from the UK to the USA. Christina Smith, the colourful entrepreneur known as “the queen of Covent Garden” for her property and business development in that area of London. Sheila Paine, who travelled to remote areas of the world to build up a renowned collection of textiles. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Jim Naughtie Interviewed guest: Tom Lippman Interviewed guest: Fiona Padfield Interviewed guest: Andrew Lambert Interviewed guest: Dame Rosemary Anne Squire DBE Interviewed guest: Nick Fielding Archive used: One to One: Madeleine Albright, BBC Two, TX 12.9.2005; A Woman Called Smith, BBC Two, TX 30.4.1997
4/1/202227 minutes, 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bruce Page, Dottie Frazier, Josephine Veasey (pictured), Maynard Davies

Matthew Bannister on Bruce Page, the investigative journalist best known for leading the Sunday Times Insight team’s expose of the Thalidomide scandal. Dottie Frazier, the pioneering American scuba diver who kept a boa constrictor as a pet and rode a motorcycle until she was in her nineties. Josephine Veasey, the British mezzo-soprano acclaimed for her performances in works by Wagner and Berlioz. And Maynard Davies, who left school unable to read and write, went on to become a well-known bacon curer and chronicled his extraordinary life in a series of books. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Magnus Linklater Interviewed guest: Peter Kellner Interviewed guest: Alec Peirce Interviewed guest: Karen Straus Interviewed guest: Una Barry Interviewed guest: Karen McCall Archive clips used: AP Archive, How West Germany Treats Thalidomide Children 10/12/1972; BBC One, The Editors: Press and Politicians 02/07/1978; Alec Peirce Scuba Channel, Dottie Frazier - A Diving Legend 09/01/2020; BBC Radio 4, A Musical Evening - Josephine Veasey 01/08/1985; YouTube - TheScottReaProject/Channel 4, Interview with Maynard Davies 1996; BBC Radio 4, The Food Programme - Interview with Maynard Davies 23/07/2000; Channel, Madeleine Albright - International Women's Day speech 08/03/2010.
3/25/202228 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mary Coombs, Paul Farmer, Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper, William Hurt (pictured)

John Wilson on Mary Coombs, the world's first female computer programmer in the commercial sector; Paul Farmer, a medical anthropologist who saved millions of lives in the world's poorest countries; Leslie Lonsdale-Cooper, who had a run-in with General Eisenhower and later went on to translate the comic book Tintin; and William Hurt, Oscar-winning actor. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Fred Frank Land OBE Interviewed guest: Georgina Ferry Interviewed guest: Sheila Davis Interviewed guest: Sue Brown Interviewed guest: Michael Goldfarb Archive clips used: Putney High School YouTube Channel, Mary Coombs - 125th Anniversary Alumnae Portrait Exhibition 09/11/2018; LEO Computer Society / The Centre for Computing History, Sounds of the Leo Computer - LEO III in Operation 1964; Google / computingheritage YouTube Channel, Mary Coombs shares her story 25/09/2013; Partners in Health YouTube Channel, Paul Farmer - I believe in healthcare as a human right 21/05/2009; Decades TV Network, America Enters World War II 1941; British Movietone, Festival of Britain Opening 03/05/1951; BBC Cymru / Moulinsart, Tintin's Adventure with Frank Gardner 30/10/2011; Ellipse Programme/Nelvana Ltd, Tintin - The Crab With The Golden Claws (DVD) 1992; BBC Radio 4 Extra, The Adventures of Tintin By Hergé - Explorers On The Moon (Radio Drama) 06/02/1992; The Ladd Company, Body Heat (1981) film; HB Filmes / FilmDallas, Kiss of The Spiderwoman (1985) film; Marvel Studios / Vita-Ray Dutch Productions (III) / Studio Babelsberg, Captain America - Civil War (2016) film.
3/18/202227 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

Shirley Hughes (pictured), Roger Graef, Shane Warne

Matthew Bannister on Shirley Hughes, the children’s author and illustrator whose books created a welcoming and recognisable picture of family life. Roger Graef, the documentary filmmaker who revealed the inner workings of the criminal justice system, the planning authorities and the treatment of children in care. Shane Warne, the Australian spin bowler hailed as one of the greatest cricketers of all time, but also known for his off the pitch party lifestyle. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Tom Vulliamy Interviewed guest: Julia Eccleshare Interviewed guest: Michael Palin Interviewed guest: Katie Derham Interviewed guest: Simon Wilde Archive clips used: Random House Children's Publishers UK, Shirley Hughes reading 'Dogger' 18/09/2013; BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs - Shirley Hughes 25/03/2001; BBC Radio 4, Woman's Hour - Shirley Hughes on 30 Years of Alfie 06/06/2011; Amnesty International, A Pleasure at Her Majesty's - documentary 1976; BAFTA, Tribute to Roger Graef 02/05/2014; Derrick Knight and Partners/ BFI, One of Them is Brett - documentary 1965; BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs - Robert Graef 26/10/2014; BBC One, Police - A Complaint of Rape 18/01/1982; BBC Radio 5Live, Remembering Shane Warne 04/03/2022; YouTube, 5 Magical Wickets of Shane Warne 05/08/2018; 60 Minutes Australia/ YouTube Channel, Shane Warne Interview 04/03/2022; YouTube Channel, From the Vault - Warne's Four Turns Adelaide on its Head 19/04/2020; BBC Radio 4, News - Shane Warne Sent Home from World Cup 11/02/2003; BBC Radio 4, Today - Tribute to Shane Warne 05/04/2022.
3/11/202228 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sonny Ramadhin (pictured), Sister Catherine Wybourne, Captain Raymond Savage, Anna Karen

Matthew Bannister on Sonny Ramadhin, the West Indian bowler who was one of the heroes of the side that scored a famous victory over England in 1950. Sister Catherine Wybourne, who was known as the 'digital nun' for her use of blogs and social media to communicate the messages of her order. Captain Raymond Savage, one of the last surviving prisoners of war who worked on the notorious Burma railway in the 1940s. Anna Karen, the actor best known for her appearances in the TV sitcom 'On The Buses' and the 'Carry On' films. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Kenneth Ramchand Interviewed guest: Joshua Surtees Interviewed guest: Eric Southworth Interviewed guest: Caroline Aston Interviewed guest: Linda Regan Archive clips used: YouTube, Melbourne 1960 - The Tied Test; British Pathé, West Indies Cricketers Look 'Aussie' Class (1950); Joshua Surtees, Interview with Sonny Ramadhin; BBC SOUND ARCHIVE, ENGLAND V WEST INDIES 29/06/1950; Imperial War Museum, IWM 4823 Interview with Raymond Savage; British Pathé/ Reuters, The Fall of Singapore 1942; London Weekend Television, On The Buses TV Show 1971; Rabbit and Snail / Morris Bright MBE Interview with Anna Karen; Hammer Films/EMI, Holiday on The Buses (1973); The Rank Organization, Carry on Camping (1969); BBC One, Eastenders 20/01/1997; BBC Radio 4, Listening Corner - Sally's Secret by Shirley Hughes 04/04/1983.
3/4/202228 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Jamal Edwards MBE, P.J. O'Rourke (pictured), Romaine Hart OBE, Ronnie Campbell

Matthew Bannister on Jamal Edwards, the young music entrepreneur whose YouTube channel supported the careers of grime and rap stars like Dave, Skepta and Stormzy. P.J. O’Rourke, the conservative American satirist who applied his barbed wit to reporting from the world’s trouble spots. Romaine Hart, whose Screen on the Green cinema gave a platform to art house films and was described by Quentin Tarantino as “the coolest cinema in London”. Ronnie Campbell, the Scottish crofter and land rights campaigner who is thought to have been the last Highland drover, taking flocks of sheep on long distance journeys by foot. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Crystal Mahey-Morgan Interviewed guest: Michael Goldfarb Interviewed guest: Nicola Hart Interviewed guest: Kenny Mackintosh Archive clips used: BBC Radio 4: Bookclub, TX 5.2.2006; BBC Radio 4: The Report, TX 11.2.2016
2/25/202228 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Beryl Vertue CBE (pictured), Flavio Carboni, Phil Harvey, Lata Mangeshkar

Matthew Bannister on Beryl Vertue, the TV and film producer who brought us 'Men Behaving Badly' and 'Sherlock'. The actors Martin Clunes and Martin Freeman pay tribute. Flavio Carboni, the Italian wheeler dealer who was at the centre of many legal and political mysteries, including the death of the Vatican banker Roberto Calvi. Phil Harvey, the American businessman who set up a chain of sex shops to fund the provision of birth control to millions of people in the developing world. Lata Mangeshkar, who was seen as one of India’s most influential singers. She recorded songs in thirty six Indian languages. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Simon Nye Interviewed guest: Martin Clunes Interviewed guest: Martin Freeman Interviewed guest: Philip Willan Interviewed guest: Simona Zecchi Interviewed guest: Christopher Purdy Interviewed guest: Anil Sinanan Archive clips used: BBC RADIO 3, Free Thinking 09/06/2021; Thames TV/Hartswood Films, Men Behaving Badly S01 E01 18/02/1992; BBC/Hartswood Films, Men Behaving Badly S06 E01 06/11/1997; BBC/Hartswood Films, Sherlock 2010; BBC RADIO 4, Desert Island Discs 20/01/2013; YouTube, Italian Dinner Party 2010; BBC ONE, PANORAMA: Called To Account 20/12/1982; BBC NEWS, Report on Roberto Calvi 06/10/2005; BBC NEWS, Bomb Explosion in Bologna 03/08/1980; DKT International, Phil Harvey: Pioneer of Social Marketing 28/09/2015; YouTube/Telly TalkIndia, Lata Mangeshkar Funeral 07/02/2022.
2/18/202228 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bamber Gascoigne (pictured), Norma Waterson, Claire Tomlinson, Thich Nhat Hanh

Matthew Bannister on Bamber Gascoigne, the broadcaster and author best known as the long serving host of the TV quiz show 'University Challenge'. Norma Waterson, the revered singer who was part of the Waterson Carthy dynasty that played a leading role in the English folk revival. We have a personal tribute from her husband Martin Carthy and daughter Eliza Carthy. Claire Tomlinson, who broke down barriers to become one of the UK’s best polo players. Thich Nhat Hanh, the Vietnamese-born Buddhist monk known as the 'father of mindfulness'. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Christina Gascoigne Interviewed guest: Wasfi Kani Interviewed guest: Martin Carthy Interviewed guest: Eliza Carthy Interviewed guest: Mark Tomlinson Interviewed guest: Brother Phap Huu Interviewed guest: Jeff Wilson Archive clips used: BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs 01/11/1987; Granada TV, University Challenge 01/09/1987; BBC Two, The Young Ones - Bambi 08/05/1984; Granada TV, The Christians e03 The Birth of Europe 16/08/1977; BBC Radio 3, Music Matters 31/03/2018; BBC Radio 4, The King of Games 21/08/1984; BBC SOUND ARCHIVE, Hurlingham vs Scotland 02/09/1980; YouTube / Is Secret, Namo Avalokiteshvara Plum Village Chanting 13/08/2014; BBC Two, Arena: Stories My Country Told Me 14/07/1996.
2/11/202228 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sir Crispin Tickell, Barry Cryer (pictured), Darlene Hard, Elza Soares

Julian Worricker on: The diplomat Sir Crispin Tickell, who advised four prime ministers, and influenced international policy on climate change... The writer and performer, Barry Cryer, whose work spanned sixty years and involved scripts for most of the comedy greats... Darlene Hard, 21 times a Grand Slam tennis champion, described as one of the greatest doubles players of her generation... And the Brazilian singer, Elza Soares, who was a campaigner for women's rights and against racism. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Oliver Tickell Interviewed guest: Euan Nisbit Interviewed guest: Sally Jones Interviewed guest: Virginia Wade Interviewed guest: Robin Denslow Archive clips used: BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs - Sir Crispin Tickell 15/04/1990; BBC One, Breakfast News - Gulf War 17/01/1991; United Nations, UN General Assembly Climate Change 08/11/1989; AP, Rio Earth Summit 12/06/1992; BBC Four, Mark Lawson talks to Barry Cryer 02/04/2008; BBC Radio 4, I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue 24/08/2015; YouTube, Darlene Hard vs Maria Bueno US Nationals 1960; BBC Archive, All England Championships Ladies Final 04/07/1960; BBC Archive, All England Championships Ladies Final TX 06/07/1957; BBC Four, Brasil, Brasil: Samba to Bossa 24/11/2007.
2/4/202228 minutes, 7 seconds
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Meat Loaf (pictured), André Leon Talley, Jana Bennett, Kristin Baybars

Matthew Bannister on Meat Loaf, the rock opera singer best known for his album Bat Out Of Hell. André Leon Talley, the fashion editor who played a leading role at US Vogue magazine and supported the careers of many designers. Jana Bennett, the BBC executive who led the transformation of TV science programmes and oversaw the Corporation’s move into the digital age. Kristin Baybars, whose beautiful doll's house furniture and other toys were sought after by children and adults alike. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Dana Thomas Interviewed guest: Mark Thompson Interviewed guest: Lorraine Heggessey Interviewed guest: Susila Baybars Interviewed guest: Janet Richardson Archive clips used: BBC Four, Meat Loaf: In and Out of Hell 21/01/2022; CNBC News, assassination of John F. Kennedy 22/11/1963; BBC Radio 5Live, Afternoon Edition 07/09/2016; Twentieth Century Fox / Michael White Productions, The Rocky Horror Picture Show 1975; Radio 4 Last Word 09/05/2021; Fox 2000 Pictures / New Regency Productions / Linson Films, Fight Club 1999; BBC Radio 4, Front Row 12/01/2010; BBC One, Good Morning with Anne and Nick 27/10/1995; CBS, The Late Late Show with James Corden 25/01/2022; BBC Natural History Unit / Impossible Pictures / Discovery Channel, Walking With Dinosaurs 1999; BBC / The Learning Channel, The Human Body 1998, YouTube / National Theatre, Jerry Springer (The Opera) - National Theatre 50th Birthday Show 06/07/2014; André Leon Talley Full Address Oxford Union 08/05/2013; Entertainment Tonight Canada, tribute to André Leon Talley; BBC Radio 5Live, Emma Barnett with André Leon Talley 11/06/2020; Los Angeles Times / YouTube Channel, André Leon Talley On Growing Up 10/09/2017; BBC News, Kristin Baybars news report 17/01/2017; London Dollshouse Showcase, Kristin Baybars & her Aladdin's Cave 2016; BBC One Play School 06/01/1978; Talkback Thames / BBC, QI S02 E04 22/10/2004.
1/28/202228 minutes, 9 seconds
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Lord Sainsbury, David Stuart, Elizabeth Selby, Ronnie Spector (pictured)

Matthew Bannister on Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover who led the expansion of the family grocery business during the 1970s and 80s. David Stuart, the former gay escort and drug dealer who turned his life around and became a much loved support worker and advocate for the LGBT community. Elizabeth Selby, who with her husband ran one of the UK’s most successful photographic agencies, supplying pictures to newspapers and magazines around the world. And Ronnie Spector, lead singer of the Ronettes and wife of the notorious music producer Phil Spector. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Sir Timothy Sainsbury Interviewed guest: Adam Leyland Interviewed guest: Matthew Hodson Interviewed guest: John Selby Interviewed guest: Herbie Knott Archive clips used: Sainsburys, Jamie Oliver Advert 2003; BBC Archive, Woman's Hour - Centenary of J. Sainsbury Ltd 18/04/1969; BBC Radio 4, The Fall & Rise of Reginald Perrin: The Manipulators 29/01/1980; .NOBI Films, hu.mans: David Stuart 2016; David Stuart YouTube Channel, Why chemsex support doesn't belong in traditional addiction services 30/12/2021; BBC 6 Music, Lauren Laverne with Ronnie Spector 15/06/2016; BBC Radio 2, Tycoon of Teen 21/12/1996.
1/21/202228 minutes, 5 seconds
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Sidney Poitier (pictured), EO Wilson, Sarah Weddington, Assunta 'Pupetta' Maresca

Matthew Bannister on Sidney Poitier, the first black man to win a 'Best Actor' Oscar, known for his powerful performances in ‘In The Heat of The Night’, ‘Lilies of the Field’ and ‘To Sir, With Love’. His co-star in that film - Lulu - pays tribute. E.O.Wilson, the American biologist and champion of biodiversity who some have compared to Charles Darwin. Sarah Weddington, the lawyer who argued the landmark case of Roe v Wade before the US Supreme Court. The case, which is being challenged now, established the constitutional right for women to have abortions. Assunta ‘Pupetta’ Maresca, the Italian mafia boss who served a prison sentence for shooting dead the man who killed her husband. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Lulu Interviewed guest: Barbie Latza Nadeau Interviewed guest: Dr George McGavin Interviewed guest: Paula Ehrlich Interviewed guest: Joshua Prager Interviewed guest: Mary Ziegler Interviewed guest: Stephen Bourne Archive clips used: The Mirisch Corporation, In The Heat Of The Night (1967); BBC News, Bonnie Greer tribute to Sidney Poitier 07/01/2022; Entertainment Tonight Canada, Philip Davis tribute to Sidney Poitier 07/01/2022; YouTube, Poitier 80; Twentieth Century Fox, No Way Out (1950); Oscars / YouTube channel, Sidney Poitier wins best Actor 36th Oscars (1964); Columbia British Productions, To Sir, With Love (1967); BBC Radio 4, The Life Scientific - E.O. Wilson 28/07/2015; Texas Tribune / YouTube channel, Sarah Weddington interview 22/01/2013; ITV News / YouTube channel, Protest of anti-abortion laws in America 21/05/2019; BBC TV, Everyman - The Politics Of Life 03/12/1989.
1/14/202228 minutes, 8 seconds
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Lord Rogers (pictured), April Ashley MBE, Joan Didion, Ray Illingworth

Matthew Bannister on Lord Rogers of Riverside, the influential architect who designed the Pompidou Centre in Paris and the Lloyds Building in London. April Ashley, the transgender model who partied with pop stars and aristocrats during the Swinging Sixties and campaigned for changes to the law on gender identity. Joan Didion, the American writer best known for her memoir 'The Year of Magical Thinking' written after the deaths of her husband and daughter. Ray Illingworth, the Yorkshire-born cricketer who captained England to two successive Ashes victories. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Catherine Slessor Interviewed guest: Ivan Harbour Interviewed guest: Christine Burns MBE Interviewed guest: Dr Gary Everett Interviewed guest: Tracy Daughtery Interviewed guest: Susanna Moore Interviewed guest: Henry Blofeld Archive clips used: BBC TV, IMAGINE - Richard Rogers Inside Out 26/02/2008; ThamesTv YouTube Channel, Good Afternoon - April Ashley Interview 1970s; Media Archive Central England, What Am I? (1980); BBC RADIO 4, KALEIDOSCOPE - California Dreaming 05/07/1979; F.P. Productions / Universal Pictures, Play It As It Lays (1972); BBC RADIO 3, Words and Music - Less is More 23/02/2020; BBC RADIO 4, Today 23/04/2008; Merlin Television, MMC Masterclass (1994); YouTube, Ray Illingworth Career Review 01/01/2022; YouTube, Ashes Tour 1970-71 7th Test SCG 17/08/2021; BBC RADIO 4, Start The Week 09/08/1980; BBC RADIO 5Live, Ian Chappell Tribute to Ray Illingworth 26/12/2021; BBC RADIO 4, It's Your Line 13/04/1971; BBC Video. Ashes '72 (1988); YouTube, The Ashes 1970-71 Australia v England 7th Test End of Match 31/10/2016.
1/7/202228 minutes, 2 seconds
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Janice Long (pictured), Marvin Hagler, Esther Bejarano, Leslie Bricusse

Julian Worricker on Janice Long, the pioneering female DJ who was heard on Radios 1 and 2 and was a familiar face on Top of the Pops. “Marvellous” Marvin Hagler, one of the greatest middleweight boxing champions of all time. Esther Bejarano, one of the last survivors of the Auschwitz women’s orchestra who devoted her life to campaigning against racism. Leslie Bricusse OBE, the prolific songwriter behind dozens of hits for stage and screen, including songs for the Bond films, Willy Wonka and Doctor Dolittle. Producer: Dan Hardoon Interviewed guest: Annie Nightingale CBE Interviewed guest: Peter “Hooky” Hook Interviewed guest: Sugar Ray Leonard Interviewed guest: John McDonald Interviewed guest: Antonella Romeo Interviewed guest: Kutlu Yurtseven Interviewed guest: Evie Bricusse Interviewed guest: Dame Joan Collins Interviewed guest: Craig McLean Archive clips from: YouTube, Janice Long Radio 2 Presenter on 3-2-1 in 1978; YouTube, Janice Long 1986 interview with Billy Jam 10/09/2020; Top of the Pops, BBC1 07/03/1985; Rob Bonnett interview with Marvin Hagler, BBC TV 11/06/2005; On Side, BBC1 09/03/1998; YouTube, Marvin Hagler vs Alan Minter 1980, Fight Collective 07/03/2021; YouTube, Marvin Hagler vs Sugar Ray Leonard, Top Rank Boxing 06/04/2020; YouTube, Esther Bejarano & Coincidence, ‘Mir Lebn Ejbig’; BBC4, Shooting the War: Women 03/02/2010; YouTube, Kölner Treff - Mit Jeanette Hain und Esther Bejarano 30/03/2019; Esther Bejarano & Microphone Mafia, ‘Avanti Popolo’; BBC Radio 2, Graham Norton 05/11/2017.
12/31/202128 minutes, 4 seconds
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bell hooks (pictured), Shirley McGreal, Lionel Blair, Melvin Van Peebles

Julian Worricker on The feminist writer bell hooks, credited with prompting new, radical thinking about race, gender and class. Shirley McGreal, founder of the International Primate Protection League, whose work in conservation led to her opening a gibbon sanctuary in South Carolina. The singer, dancer and actor, Lionel Blair, whose career began during World War II, and spanned eight decades... And the pioneering film director, Melvin Van Peebles, who became known as the godfather of black cinema. Producer: Emily Finch Interviewed guest: Liza Goddard Interviewed guest: Gwenda Motley Interviewed guest: Linda Strong-Leek Interviewed guest: Helen Thirlway Interviewed guest: Liza Goddard Interviewed guest: Jess Conrad Interviewed guest: Garrett Chaffin-Quiray Archive clips used: YouTube, Freedom Forum: Speaking Freely - bell hooks 29/03/2016; Sankofa Read Aloud YouTube Channel, Happy to Be Nappy by bell hooks 03/07/2017; YouTube, The Bill Collins Show - Shirley McGreal 13/04/2018; International Primate Protection League Facebook Page, Gibbons Singing and Swinging 16/4/2020; BBC1 TV, Nationwide: Shirley McGreal 01/07/1980; SOSorangutans YouTube page, Orangutan Longcall 11/10/2011; YouTube, Gibbon Sound 05/10/2016; THAMES TV, Give Us a Clue (Series 2) 1979; The Official Sammy Davis Jr Website, Sammy Davis Jr and Lionel Blair Tap Battle - 1961 Royal Variety Performance; BBC Radio 4, Today 17/02/2010.
12/24/202128 minutes, 4 seconds
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Mary Maher, Robbie Shakespeare (pictured), Anwar Ditta, Anne Rice

Matthew Bannister on The journalist and feminist Mary Maher. She edited the women’s page of the Irish Times and was a prime mover in campaigns for equal rights. The bass player Robbie Shakespeare. With his partner Sly Dunbar he formed a powerful rhythm section in demand by artists from Peter Tosh and Black Uhuru to Grace Jones, Mick Jagger and Bob Dylan. Anwar Ditta, the British Asian mother who fought for five years to be allowed to bring her three children from Pakistan to the UK. Anne Rice the best-selling author of the Vampire Chronicles series of books. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Rosita Sweetman Interviewed guest: Michael Foley Interviewed guest: Don Chandler Interviewed guest: David Katz Interviewed guest: Tariq Mehmood Interviewed guest: Ruth Bundey Interviewed guest: Dr Samantha George Archive clips used: RTE, Bowman - Tribute to Mary Maher 12/12/2021; GRANADA TV, World in Action: These Children Are Mine 16/03/1981; Oxford Television Production/BBC FOUR, Cover Stories - Anne Rice 25/06/2002; BBC Radio 4, Front Row - Tribute to Anne Rice 13/12/2021; Geffen Pictures, Interview With The Vampire (1994); Anne Rice YouTube Channel, Returning to Christianity 07/05/2010.
12/17/202127 minutes, 58 seconds
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Sir Antony Sher (pictured), Roger Phillips, Judy Totton

Matthew Bannister on Sir Antony Sher, one of the finest actors of his generation, who was also a writer and a painter. We have a heartfelt personal tribute from his husband, the Artistic Director of the Royal Shakespeare Company Gregory Doran. Roger Phillips, the colourful plant photographer who produced many authoritative books on wild flowers, trees and plants but was perhaps best known for his work on mushrooms. Judy Totton, the music business publicist who worked with clients like Status Quo, Toyah Willcox and the Great Train robber Ronnie Biggs. Her friend Joan Armatrading pays tribute. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Gregory Doran Interviewed guest: Martyn Rix Interviewed guest: Lyla Foy Interviewed guest: Joan Armatrading Interviewed guest: John Taylor Archive clips used: Opus Arte, King Lear - Royal Shakespeare Company 2017; BBC Radio 3, Free Thinking - Antony Sher 06/05/2015; Illuminations Media, Macbeth - Royal Shakespeare Company 2003; Roger Phillips' YouTube Channel, Wild Food Forager: Foraging for Morel Mushrooms in the Forest 24/05/2019; YouTube: Happy Tibet, Tibetan Prayer Dechen Monlam 26/10/2017.
12/10/202128 minutes, 1 second
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Stephen Sondheim (pictured), Sir Frank Williams, Jo-Carroll Dennison

Matthew Bannister on Stephen Sondheim, the acclaimed composer and lyricist who revolutionised the stage musical. We have a tribute from Imelda Staunton who gave award-winning performances in some of his finest roles. Sir Frank Williams, the Formula One motor racing team owner who continued to enjoy great success after breaking his neck in a car crash that left him quadriplegic. His close friend and colleague Sir Patrick Head recalls their long working relationship. Jo-Carroll Dennison, the oldest surviving winner of the Miss America beauty contest and one of the first to object to the swim suit round. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: David Benedict and to actor Interviewed guest: Imelda Staunton Interviewed guest: Simon Taylor. Interviewed guest: Jenny Kirchner Interviewed guest: Evan Mills Archive clips used: BBC TV, The Late Show: Face to Face - Stephen Sondheim 09/10/1995; BBC Radio 4, Desert Island Discs - Stephen Sondheim 31/12/2000; BBC Sound Archive, Frank Williams Interview 12/07/1980; BBC One, News 29/11/2021; BBC Radio 1Xtra, Newsbeat 29/11/2021; Watershed Pictures/Formula One Constructors Association, Mansell & Williams 1992; BBC 5Live, News 29/11/2021; BBC Radio 4, Sport On Four 20/09/1986; YouTube, Crash Aftermath - F1 1994 San Marino; BBC One, Six o' Clock News 29/10/1997; BBC Radio 4, Today programme 29/11/2021; Justin Johnson/YouTube Channel, Delta Blues on the Weissenborn Lap Slide Guitar 20/08/2021; British Pathé, Miss America 1940; Miss America Organization/Evan Mills, Jo-Carroll Dennison 100th Anniversary Gala Speech 07/09/2021; Kenco Productions/CBS Television Network, The Phil Silvers Show 1955; Columbia Pictures, Trailer for the Jolson Story 1946; Alliance Productions, Trailer for Prehistoric Women 1950; Television Corporation of America, Abbott and Costello Show S1 E24 The Actors' Home 1953.
12/3/202128 minutes, 9 seconds
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Ian Wallace, Rossana Banti, Ivy Nicholson (pictured), Cedric Robinson MBE

Matthew Bannister on Ian Wallace, one of the most influential figures in British ornithology. At one time he had seen a wider variety of species of birds than anyone else in Britain. Rossana Banti, the Italian partisan who risked her life acting as a courier for the Resistance. Ivy Nicholson, the model who was once a muse for Andy Warhol but fell on hard times and ended up sleeping on the streets. Cedric Robinson MBE, who guided people across the treacherous sands of Morecambe Bay for more than 50 years. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Stephen Moss Interviewed guest: Roderick Bailey Interviewed guest: Bill Bewley Interviewed guest: Taryn Gould Interviewed guest: Sean Bolger Archive clips used: BBC Radio 4, 100 Years of British Birds 07/05/2007; The Sound Approach Podcast, Interview With Ian Wallace 2019; Progettazione Multimediale, Noi Partigiani - Interview With Rossana Banti 2021; Taryn Gould / Vimeo, As Is, As Was teaser 2014; Planet Group Entertainment, Factory People 2008; YouTube, Valarie Solanas on Shooting Andy Warhol 1968; BBC Radio 4, Midweek 09/12/2009; BBC Radio 4 Extra, Crossing the Bay 19/04/2019; BBC Radio 4, Saturday Live 16/07/2016.
11/29/202128 minutes, 5 seconds
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Aaron Beck, Joan Carlyle (pictured), Etel Adnan, Anne Bradford

Kirsty Lang on Aaron Beck the Eminent psychiatrist who developed cognitive behavioural therapy into the world’s most popular treatment for depression and anxiety. Joan Carlyle the principal soprano at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden for almost 20 years. Etel Adnan one of the Arab world's most important writers, and author of one of the most important War Novels ever written and Anne Bradford Compiler of the bestselling crossword solver’s dictionary who could complete the Times puzzle in six minutes. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Dr Judith Beck Interviewed guest: Catriona Gallo Interviewed guest: Peggy Reynolds Interviewed guest: Dr Elizabeth Marcus Interviewed guest: Gillian Beauchamp Archive clips used: BBC Radio 4, All In The Mind 26/03/2003; BBC TWO, Living Hell: Depression 03/03/1999; BBC TWO, Music On Two: I Think It Should Go Like This 31/01/1973; Serpentine Galleries, Etel Adnan Reading From The Arab Apocalypse 07/10/2015; HENI Talks, Hans Ulrich Obrist Visits Etel Adnan 24/02/2020; BBC Radio 4, The Reference Library 21/11/2000.
11/19/202128 minutes
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Sir Archie Lamb (pictured), John Boyden, Ida Nudel, Abolhassan Banisadr

Matthew Bannister on Sir Archie Lamb who rose from Foreign Office filing clerk to become one of the UK’s most distinguished ambassadors. John Boyden, the record producer who founded the Classics For Pleasure label to bring classical music to a wide audience at affordable prices. Ida Nudel, whose campaigns on behalf of Jewish people refused permission to emigrate to Israel from the Soviet Union led to her being sent to Siberia. Abolhassan Banisadr, the first President of Iran after the Islamic Revolution. Produced by Neil George Interviewed guest: Robin Lamb Interviewed guest: Tony Faulkner Interviewed guest: Norman Lebrecht Interviewed guest: Jane Biran Interviewed guest: Hossein Bastani Archive clips used: Churchill College Archives Centre - Cambridge, Interview with Sir Archie Lamb 21/06/2000; BBC Panorama 18/07/1977; AP Archive, Anti-Soviet Demonstration Over Jews' Treatment 04/10/1987; YouTube, Songs of Islamic Revolution in Iran 02/02/2020; AP Archive, Ayatollah Komeini Returns in Triumph to Iran 01/02/1974; ABC News, Iran Hostage Crisis 1979 11/11/1979; BBC Radio 4, The World Tonight 03/08/2009; AP Archive, Iran - Fall of President Bani-Sadr 26/06/1981.
11/12/202128 minutes, 8 seconds
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Sir Michael Rutter (pictured), Christopher Wenner, Sister Megan Rice, Jeanette Altwegg

Matthew Bannister on Sir Michael Rutter who was known as the 'father of child psychiatry'. He pioneered research into many aspects of child development. Christopher Wenner - also known as Max Stahl - who changed career from Blue Peter TV presenter to intrepid documentary film maker. Sister Megan Rice, the American nun who campaigned against nuclear weapons. She was arrested and sent to prison for breaking into a uranium processing plant. Jeanette Altwegg, the last British woman to win the individual Olympic Gold Medal for figure skating back in 1952. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Edmund Sonuga-Barke Interviewed guest: Stephen Scott Interviewed guest: Martin Wenner Interviewed guest: David Butcher Interviewed guest: Carole Sargent Interviewed guest: Peter Mason Interviewed guest: Susan D Russell Archive clips used: BBC Radio 4, The Life Scientific - Sir Michael Rutter 03/06/2014; BBC TV, Blue Peter 18/06/1979; JOURNEYMAN TV, REF 4701 Dili Massacre 12/07/1994; ABC Australia, British journalist and television presenter passes away 28/10/2021; MSNBC, Nun Prisoned For Anti-Nuclear Protest Released 21/05/2015; British Pathé, Atomic Tests in Nevada 1955; Washington Post, The Nun Who Broke Into a US Nuclear... 30/04/2013; War Register's International, Sister Megan Rice Talk In London 08/02/2016; British Pathé, British Amateur Figure Skating 1947; British Movietone, British Women in Winter Olympics 25/02/1952; BBC Sound Archive, Olympic Games Skating 02/02/1952; AP /Movietone, Jeannette Altwegg wins European Figure Skating 08/02/1951.
11/9/202127 minutes, 41 seconds
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Bernard Haitink (pictured), Victor Gregg, Ruthie Tompson, Paddy Moloney

Matthew Bannister on Bernard Haitink, one of the greatest orchestral conductors of his generation, known for his interpretations of Mahler, Bruckner and Wagner. Victor Gregg, the British soldier who was caught up in the Dresden bombing raids, suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and later went undercover for MI6. Ruthie Tompson, one of Walt Disney’s longest serving animators, she worked on classic films like 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' and 'Fantasia'. Paddy Moloney, the Irish pipe player who founded and led the influential band the Chieftains. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Norman Lebretch Interviewed guest: Nick Kenyon Interviewed guest: Rick Stroud Interviewed guest: Brian Sibley Interviewed guest: Louise Mulcahy Interviewed guest: Aedín Moloney Archive clips used: BBC, Proms 2005/2008/2019; BBC Radio 3, Music Matters 20/11/2017; BBC Radio 2, Victor - Read by John Hurt 12/11/2011; MPTF YouTube channel, Spotlight on Ruthie Tompson 06/03/2012; King Features Syndicate, Popeye The Sailor Man ep52 1960; Walt Disney Productions, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 1937/Pinocchio 1940/Mary Poppins 1964; BBC, Omnibus 29/01/1976; BBC, Profile 15/11/1976; BBC FOUR, Legends - The Chieftains 15/03/2008; BBC, The Old Grey Whistle Test 06/04/1976.
10/29/202128 minutes, 7 seconds
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Colin Powell (pictured), Brendan Kennelly, Myriam Sarachik, John Clunies-Ross

Kirsty Lang on Colin Powell, who rose from an impoverished childhood in Harlem to become US Secretary of State A much loved Irish poet: Brendan Kennelly who learnt his storytelling skills growing up in his father’s pub in County Kerry A ground-breaking female scientist Myriam Sarachik who had to contend with the deeply entrenched sexism And the extraordinary story of John Clunies-Ross - former ruler of the Cocos Islands which he ran for many years as a private fiefdom Produced by Neil George Interviewed guest: Karen de Young Interviewed guest: John Sugar Interviewed guest: Gerald Dawe Interviewed guest: Kenneth Chang Interviewed guest: John George Clunies-Ross Archive clips used: AP, US President Biden on Colin Powell 18/10/2021; NBC, Colin Powell addresses UN Sec Council 2003; Aspen Ideas Festival, Colin Powell 26/09/2007; Bloodaxe Books, Driving to Work With Brendan Kennelly 19/09/2011; CUNY TV, Women to Women - Dr Myriam P. Sarachik 28/04/2005; David R.M. Irving - YouTube, The World of Cocos Malay Music and Dance 30/12/2020; ABC (Australian TV), Dynasties - The Clunies-Ross Family 2004; Movietone, Queen at Cocos Islands and Ceylon 22/04/1954.
10/22/202128 minutes, 2 seconds
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Abdul Qadeer Khan (pictured), R. Allen Gardner, Joyce Jackson, Beresford King-Smith

Matthew Bannister on Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan, once described as the world’s most dangerous man - but hailed as a hero in his native Pakistan for leading the country’s development of nuclear weapons. Dr. R. Allen Gardner, the American ethologist who trained a chimpanzee to use sign language. Beresford King-Smith, who played a key backstage role in the success of the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. And memories of the long life of Joyce Jackson who has died aged 107. Interviewed guest: Stephen Maddock OBE Interviewed guest: Mary Lee Jensvold Interviewed guest: Umer Farooq Interviewed guest: Gordon Corera Interviewed guest: Mary Lee Jensvold Interviewed guest: Sarah Allatt Archive clips used: DocsOnline, Nuclear Tango 26/05/2009; AP, Clinton condemns Pakistans Nuclear Tests 28/05/1998; Al Jazeera English, Abdul Qadeer Khan 10/10/2021; Geo News, Funeral prayers for Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan 10/10/2021; WGBH, BBC Horizon - Washoe the Chimp 04/11/1974; YouTube, Unidentified clip of Beatrix and Allen Gardner with Washoe the Chimp 13/02/2009; Sarah Allatt, Private interviews of Joyce Jackson 2021; BBC, Scrapbook for 1924 23/02/1955; British Pathé, Sir Alan Cobham shows how he will refuel in the air 1934; Inter-Pathé History, British Declaration of War 03/09/1939; BBC Radio 4, On The Town - Birmingham 02/01/1980; Central Television, Simon Rattle on the Record 1988.
10/15/202128 minutes, 6 seconds
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Antony Hewish (pictured), Roger Michell, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, Jane Powell

Matthew Bannister on Antony Hewish, the radio astronomer who won the Nobel Prize for his work on discovering pulsars. Roger Michell, the film, theatre and TV director who brought us Notting Hill, The Buddha of Suburbia and Persuasion. Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the President of Algeria for more than twenty years, who was ousted from power after trying to secure a fifth term in office. And Jane Powell, the American actor, singer and dancer who starred in many classic film musicals in the 1940s and 50s. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Astronomer Royal Lord Rees Interviewed guest: Michael Rowan-Robinson Interviewed guest: Jeremy Sams Interviewed guest: David Benedict Interviewed guest: Maher Mezahi Archive clips used: Web of Stories, Antony Hewish interview 01/08/2017; New York Times, Almost Famous - The Silent Pulse of the Universe 27/07/2021; Polygram Filmed Entertainment, Notting Hill (film) 1999; BBC Radio 3, The Essay – Roger Michell 06/05/2016; BBC 2, Downtown Lagos 07/10/1992; Paramount/Scott Rudin, Changing Lanes (film) 2002; BBC/Millésime Productions/WGBH, Jane Austen’s Persuasion (tv series) 1995; YouTube, From Our Mountains – revolution song; BBC Newsnight, Algerian Elections 15/04/1999; BBC World Service, This Week and Africa – Algeria Referendum 18/09/1999; BBC Radio 4, Today – Algerian Elections 09/04/2009; HBO/VICE News, The Youth-Led Protests That Forced Algeria's President To Not Run Again 13/03/2019; SAG-AFTRA Foundation, Conversation with Jane Powell 02/12/1997; Charles R. Rogers Productions, Song of the Open Road (trailer) 1944; NBC RADIO, The Big Show 12/11/1950.
10/8/202128 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Lord Gowrie, Kamla Bhasin (pictured), Shirley Metherell MBE, Roger Hunt MBE

Matthew Bannister on Lord Gowrie, the Tory peer who served as Northern Ireland minister and Arts minister under Margaret Thatcher. He was also a poet and went on to chair Sotheby’s and the Arts Council. Kamla Bhasin, the Indian feminist writer who inspired millions of women in her campaigns against patriarchy. Shirley Metherell MBE who founded a centre for the treatment of babies with hearing loss after her own daughter was diagnosed. Roger Hunt MBE, the Liverpool FC striker who played a key role in England’s 1966 World Cup winning team. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Julia Langdon Interviewed guest: V (formerly known as Eve Ensler) Interviewed guest: Aishwarya Bhuta Interviewed guest: Julie Hughes Interviewed guest: Imogen Manuel Interviewed guest: John Keith Archive clips used: BBC Radio 3, Private Passions - Lord Gowrie 01/08/1998; BBC Radio 4, The Ones That Got Away 01/08/2001; YouTube, Kamla Basin Official - Because I am a Girl 27/03/2020; YouTube, Kamla Bhasin - Slogans for One Billion Rising, 31/10/2013; TEDxDurbarMarg, Kamla Bhasin - In Women We Believe 08/06/2021; The Elizabeth Foundation Charity, Interview with Shirley Metherell MBE; BBC Radio 5Live, Football Daily 29/09/2021; British Pathe, Liverpool vs Leeds 1965 cup final; BBC1 Summer of 66 - Magyr Misery 26/05/1986; YouTube, England vs Scotland April 1966.
10/1/202128 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

Jimmy Greaves (pictured), Sir Clive Sinclair, Olivia Jordan, Carolyn Shoemaker

Julian Worricker on: One of the greatest attacking footballers of all time, Jimmy Greaves, who later became a successful and often very funny TV presenter... The inventor Sir Clive Sinclair, who made home computers and calculators portable and affordable. Olivia Jordan whose heroism during World War 2 saw her driving ambulances through France before she became Charles De Gaulle's translator. And the astrophysicist, Carolyn Shoemaker, one of the world's foremost detectors of comets and asteroids. Interviewed guest: Jim Rosenthal Interviewed guest: Jason Fitzpatrick Interviewed guest: Christopher Curry Interviewed guest: Tessa Dunlop Interviewed guest: Dr Jennifer Wiseman Interviewed guest: David Levy Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: The Levin Interview: Radio 4 24.06.1984; Today, Radio 4 20.09.2021; Profile, Radio 4 22.03.1979; Newsreel: German Invasion of France 1940, Pathe News; To All Free Frenchmen: Charles de Gaulle on the French Defeat 1940, Pathe News 13.04.2014; The Jupiter Collision - Watch this space, BBC Two 16.07.1994; BBC News: BBC One 22.07.1994.
9/24/202128 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho, Jean-Paul Belmondo (pictured), Angela Milner, Inge Ginsberg

Datshiane Navanayagam on Otelo Saraiva de Carvalho, the army officer who led the Carnation Revolution in Portugal. Jean-Paul Belmondo, the unconventional film star who made his name in the film Breathless. Angela Milner the palaeontologist who identified the previously unknown fish-eating theropod, the Baryonyx Walkeri. Inge Ginsberg - the holocaust survivor who became a heavy metal singer in her nineties. Produced by Neil George Interviewed guest: Kenneth Maxwell Interviewed guest: Raquel Varela Interviewed guest: Neil Christie Interviewed guest: Paul Barrett Interviewed guest: Pedro da Silva Interviewed guest: Lucia Caruso Archive clips used: Thames TV, Portugal The Carnation Revolution 02/05/1974; Les Productions Georges de Beauregard/Société Nouvelle de Cinématographie (SNC)/Les Films Imperia, A Bout de Souffle 1960; YouTube, Tetes d'affiche Jean-Paul Belmondo interview 1961; Films Georges de Beauregard/Rome Paris Films/Société Nouvelle de Cinématographie (SNC), Pierrot Le Fou (trailer) 1965; Cerito Films/Les Films/ArianeSimar Films, Stavisky (trailer) 1974; Dinosaurs Dinosaurs Dinosaurs, Interview with Angela Milner 1985; Natural History Museum, Baryonyx - the discovery of an amazing fish-eating dinosaur 2011; The New York Times YouTube Channel, How a Holocaust Survivor Became Death Metal Grandma 2018.
9/17/202128 minutes, 4 seconds
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Sergei Kovalev (pictured), Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Abebech Gobena, Ed Asner

Matthew Bannister on Sergei Kovalev, the scientist and leading dissident, who spoke out against human rights abuses under the Soviet Union and the Yeltsin and Putin regimes. He was sent to a labour camp and suffered internal exile. Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, the reggae pioneer who helped Bob Marley to develop his sound. Abebech Gobena, the Ethiopian humanitarian who devoted her life to helping thousands of disadvantaged children, with some calling her ‘Africa’s Mother Theresa’. Ed Asner, the American actor best known for playing the irascible but principled news editor in the TV series Lou Grant. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Jonathan Dimbleby Interviewed guest: Victor Davidoff Interviewed guest: Neil ‘Mad Professor’ Fraser Interviewed guest: David Katz Interviewed guest: Elias Mulugeta Hordofa Interviewed guest: David Gritten Interviewed guest: Angie Errigo Archive clips used: BBC, Russia: A Journey with Jonathan Dimbleby 25/05/2008; ITN, Chechnya war report 1995; YouTube - Human Rights Watch, Sergei Kovalev interview 28/12/2011; BBC, Lee 'Scratch' Perry in His Own Words 13/06/2011; YouTube - Choir at Emmanuel Orphanage in Woliso 2010; BBC, News Report 1Ethiopia Famine 7/07/1984; BBC, Everywoman 27/02/2004; Addis Post, Abebech Gobena funeral 06/07/2021; My Generation, Bill Newcott interview with Ed Asner 2021; Pixar/Disney, Up movie 2009; MTM Productions, Lou Grant S01 E01 1977; EMMYTVLEGENDS.ORG, Ed Asner interview 2011; New Line Cinema/Guy Walks into a Bar Productions/Gold/Miller Productions, Elf movie 2003.
9/10/202128 minutes, 5 seconds
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Jill Murphy (pictured), Len Gibson, Dame Elizabeth Blackadder, Nanci Griffith

Matthew Bannister on: The children’s author Jill Murphy who based her best-selling stories of the Worst Witch on her own schooldays. Len Gibson, the former prisoner of war from Sunderland who worked on the notorious Burma railway and later taught Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics to play guitar. Dame Elizabeth Blackadder, the acclaimed artist noted for her exquisite Japanese-influenced paintings of flowers and cats. Nanci Griffith, the singer and songwriter from Texas who was known as the 'queen of folkabilly'. Producer: Lucy Wai Interviewed guest: Bob Harris Interviewed guest: Alexandra Gladwell Interviewed guest: Brian Burnie Interviewed guest: Pamela Todd Interviewed guest: Alice Strang Interviewed guest: Duncan Macmillan Archive clips used: BBC, Jackanory Words or Pictures 1995; CBBC/ZDF, The Worst Witch 2017; BBC, Woman's Hour 2016; Pathe News, Japanese planes 1943; WarGen, The War Memories of Len Gibson 2019; Daft as a Brush charity, Dave Stewart tribute to Len Gibson 2021; BBC, Conversation with Artists 1982; BBC, Words and Music 1994; BBC, Bob Harris' Country 2012.
9/3/202128 minutes, 5 seconds
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Charlie Watts (pictured), Austin Mitchell, Hugh Wood, Sean Lock

Matthew Bannister on The Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts. We have a tribute from the boogie woogie pianist who played with Charlie in his other band. The maverick Labour MP and TV presenter Austin Mitchell who fought for the fishing industry in his constituency of Great Grimsby, once changing his surname to 'Haddock' as a publicity stunt. The composer Hugh Wood, remembered by his former student the pianist Joanna MacGregor. And the comedian Sean Lock, a regular on Channel Four’s panel show '8 Out of 10 Cats'. His friend and fellow comic Lee Mack pays tribute. Producer: Lucy Wai Archive clips used: Daily Politics: BBC Two, TX 13.11.12; BBC NEWS: BBC One, TX 1.2.1989; Woman's Hour: Radio 4, TX 23.8.2014; YORKSHIRE TV - September 1974; BBC Proms 2019: Radio 3, TX 29.8.2019; Cheltenham Festival 1999: London Mozart Players & Chilingirian Quartet; 15 Storeys High: Radio 4, TX 24.11.1999; Channel 4, You Tube page.
8/27/202128 minutes, 9 seconds
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Una Stubbs (pictured), Gino Strada, Mo Hayder

Matthew Bannister on Una Stubbs, the actor who first came to fame in the 1960s TV sitcom 'Till Death Us Do Part', then attracted a new generation of fans as Aunt Sally in Worzel Gummidge. She was also an acclaimed stage performer and ended her career as Mrs Hudson in the Sherlock TV series. Gino Strada, the Italian surgeon who set up the charity Emergency to provide state of the art hospital facilities in some of the world’s poorest countries, including Afghanistan. The photographer Giles Duley pays tribute. Mo Hayder, the best-selling crime writer known for describing the grisly details of violence, who in a previous life was a glamour model and TV actor. Producer: Laura Northedge Interviewed guest: Christian Henson Interviewed guest: David Benedict Interviewed guest: Giles Duley Interviewed guest: Alice Jolly Interviewed guest: Selina Walker Archive clips used: Yorkshire Films Archive, Dairy Box advert 1958; Ivy Films, Summer Holiday 1963; Southern Television, Worzel Gummidge 1979; Freemantle/Thames TV, 5's Company 1997; Hartswood Films, Sherlock 2014; The Graduate Institute Geneva, Gino Strada wins Right Livelihood Award 09/12/2015; Right Livelihood Awards, Gino Strada acceptance speech 04/12/2015; Dreamscape Media/ISIS Productions, Birdman audiobook.
8/20/202127 minutes, 40 seconds
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Jean 'Binta' Breeze MBE (pictured), Sir Nicholas Goodison, Shaykh Abdalqadir as-Sufi, Joyce Shrubbs

Matthew Bannister on The Jamaican-born poet Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze MBE, who was known for her compelling performances. We have a tribute from Linton Kwesi Johnson. Sir Nicholas Goodison, chairman of the stock exchange at the time of the Big Bang in the 1980s and also a noted expert on antique clocks. Shaykh Abdalqadir as-Sufi, the influential Muslim teacher who was born Ian Dallas, worked as an actor and script writer in the 1960s and converted to Islam after a visit to the holy city of Fez in Morocco. Joyce Shrubbs, who joined the Royal Observer Corps during World War II and rose to become its highest ranking woman officer. Producer: Laura Northedge Interviewed guest: Justin Urquhart Stewart Interviewed guest: Jonathan Betts Interviewed guest: Linton Kwesi Johnson Interviewed guest: Dona Croll Interviewed guest: Shaykh Paul Salahuddin Armstrong Interviewed guest: Yasin Dutton Interviewed guest: Michael Marks Interviewed guest: Edwina Holden Archive clips used: Pathe News, London stock exchange during Second World War; Cineriz, Federico Fellini's 8 1/2; Cyclops TV, documentary Sentinels of Britain.
8/13/202127 minutes, 55 seconds
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Sir Graham Vick (pictured), Carmel Budiardjo, Piers Plowright, Dusty Hill

Julian Worricker on: The opera director, Sir Graham Vick, who challenged people's perceptions by discovering new performers and new audiences. Carmel Budiardjo, the human rights campaigner whose work was influenced by time spent in jail in Indonesia. The award-winning radio documentary maker, Piers Plowright, who set out to shine a light on the everyday lives of ordinary people. And Dusty Hill....the bearded bass player from Texas, who enjoyed worldwide success as part of ZZ Top. Producer: Laura Northedge Interviewed guest: Simon Halsey Interviewed guest: Nicholas Payne Interviewed guest: Jonathan Head Interviewed guest: Barbara Patilla Interviewed guest: Simon Elmes Interviewed guest: Sam Dunn
8/6/202128 minutes, 7 seconds
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Jackie Mason (pictured), John Woodcock, Dinah Murray, Billy Lacey

Matthew Bannister on Jackie Mason, the comedian and former rabbi whose observations of Jewish life took him from the Borscht Belt to Broadway. John Woodcock, the veteran cricket writer who reported on some of the greatest matches of the twentieth century. Dinah Murray, a tireless campaigner for the rights of autistic people. Billy Lacey, thought to be the last of the Norfolk marshmen who used traditional methods to clear dykes and cut reeds. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Michael Goldfarb Interviewed guest: Jonathan Agnew Interviewed guest: Fergus Murray Interviewed guest: Dr Rebecca Wood Interviewed guest: Sue Goodchild Archive clips used: 20th CENTURY FOX, Simpsons episode 8F05, 1991; WARNER, The World According To Me, 1987; YouTube, A Bi Geznut The Genius Which is Jackie Mason; Angel/EMI, Look Who's Laughing - Live at the London Palladium, 1997; SPORTS BOOK AWARDS, John Woodcock, 2018; WISEArchive, Bill Lacey interview, 2021.
7/30/202128 minutes
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Gillian Sheen (pictured), William 'Twink' Allen, Lawrence 'Benny' Goodman, Alan Lewis

Matthew Bannister on Gillian Sheen, the first and only British person to win an Olympic Gold Medal for fencing. Professor William 'Twink' Allen, the equine fertility expert whose request for permission to clone a horse was turned down by regulators. Squadron Leader Lawrence 'Benny' Goodman, the bomber pilot who flew highly dangerous missions with the 617 squadron during the second world war. Alan Lewis, the publisher and editor who presided over some of the most successful music magazines of the late twentieth century, including 'Sounds', 'NME' and 'Kerrang!'. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Bruce Donaldson Interviewed guest: Malcolm Fare Interviewed guest: Richard Greenwood Interviewed guest: Dr. Robert Owen Interviewed guest: James Brown Archive clips used: BRITISH FENCING interview, 2012; PATHE, Olympian wins at foil competition, 1957; CSA The Melbourne Rendezvous film, 1956; Global Entertainment Test Tube Foals, 2016; MYFOOTAGE.COM Bombers Sink Nazi Battleship, 1944; PATHE RAF's New 10 Ton Bomb, 1945; EMAP Kerrang! UK advert, 2007.
7/23/202128 minutes, 4 seconds
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Jehan Sadat (pictured), Michael Horovitz, Richard Ernst, Dilip Kumar

Matthew Bannister on Jehan Sadat, the wife of president Anwar Sadat of Egypt, who campaigned for women’s rights, supported the disabled and disadvantaged people and forged an academic career. Michael Horovitz, the anarchic poet who staged chaotic 'happenings' and supported new talent. Richard Ernst, the Swiss chemist who won the Nobel prize for his work on nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy. Dilip Kumar, the Bollywood actor known as 'the king of tragedy'. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Noah Bakr Interviewed guest: Shibley Telhami Interviewed guest: Adam Horovitz Interviewed guest: John Hegley Interviewed guest: Matthias Ernst Interviewed guest: Professor Kurt Wüthrich Interviewed guest: Anil Sinanan Archive clips used: ABC NEWS, 06/10/1980; SPINE TV, 21/12/2011; Optic Nerve Ltd 2011-2021; Martin Packard, You Tube 2010; Devdas film, 1955; Kohinoor film, 1960; Mughal-E-Azam film, 1960.
7/16/202127 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

Donald Rumsfeld (pictured), Menelik Shabazz, Elizabeth French

Matthew Bannister on Donald Rumsfeld, the US Secretary of Defense who challenged the military bureaucracy, advocated the invasion of Iraq in 2003 and was blamed for many of the failings of that operation. Menelik Shabazz, the pioneering film director who supported the careers of many other black film makers. Elizabeth French, the archaeologist who was a leading expert on the pottery of the ancient Greek city of Mycenae. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Justin Webb Interviewed guest: Andrew Cockburn Interviewed guest: Joy Francis Interviewed guest: David Somerset Interviewed guest: John Bennet Archive clips used: C-SPAN 19/03/2003; CNN 02/12/2002; AP 13/05/2004; Step Forward Youth 1977 by Menelik Shabazz; Burning an Illusion 1981 by Menelik Shabazz; Blood Ah Go Run 1981 by Menelik Shabazz; Autumn Breeze Movies, Mycenaean War and Peace 24/05/2010; Introduction to Mycenaeans and Mycenaean Culture, History with Cy 21/06/2019; History Victorum, The Citadel of Mycenae 04/06/2020.
7/9/202127 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

John McAfee (pictured), Trần Thiện Khiêm, Karla Burns, Horace 'Lyle' Hutley

Matthew Bannister on The controversial American businessman John McAfee who made his first fortune selling anti-virus software, retreated into a compound in Belize where he was suspected of links with organised crime, campaigned to win the Presidential nomination for the Libertarian party and was found hanged in a Spanish prison cell after facing extradition on fraud and tax evasion charges. General Trần Thiện Khiêm, a key player in the 'snake pit' of coup and counter coup that destabilised the government of South Vietnam during the war of the 1960s. Karla Burns, the Broadway and West End singer who became the first black person to win an Olivier Award. Horace 'Lyle' Hutley, thought to be the last surviving prisoner of war who worked on the infamous bridge over the River Kwai. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Michael Carlson Interviewed guest: Nanette Burstein Interviewed guest: Professor Lien-Hang T. Nguyen Interviewed guest: Bill Ripper Interviewed guest: Allan Mallinson Archive clips used: CNBC News, 24/06/2021; Soft Focus with Jena Friedman, Adult Swim 2019; John McAfee on Larry King, Ora TV 11/03/2016; President Johnson Speaks on the Vietnam Crisis, British Pathe 1964; The Fall of Saigon, CBC News 1975; One On One, PBS 02/01/2019; It’s All Good With Sierra, Wichita Public TV 14/06/2012; The Battle of Dunkirk, British Pathe 1940; The Fall of Singapore, British Pathe/Gaumont/Reuters 1942; Far East Prisoners of War Return Home, British Movietone 11/10/1945.
7/2/202128 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

Kenneth Kaunda, Janet Malcolm, Penny Kemp, Bob Swash

Pictured: President Kenneth Kaunda Matthew Bannister on The Zambian President Kenneth Kaunda who fought for independence then ruled his country for nearly thirty years, but was voted out of office in the first multi-party elections of 1991. Janet Malcolm, the American writer whose works questioned the ethics of journalists and biographers, including herself. Penny Kemp, who brought passion and professionalism to the campaigns of the Green Party. Bob Swash, the theatre producer whose hits included Evita and Blood Brothers. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Maureen Nkandu Interviewed guest: Katie Roife Interviewed guest: Darren Johnson Interviewed guest: Caroline Lucas Interviewed guest: Michael Coveney Interviewed guest: Willy Russell Archive clips used: Zambian Independence Celebrations, BBC Archives, October 1964; Reading Chekhov, Radio 3 08/07/2004; A Brunch Conversation with Janet Malcolm, Kelly Writers’ House 19/03/2013; Today, Radio 4 13/09/2002; Greens On The Record, BBC One 24/09/1989; The World This Weekend, Radio 4 16/04/2006; Taking Issue, BBC Radio Scotland 30/01/1986.
6/25/202128 minutes
Episode Artwork

Edward de Bono, Paul Van Doren, Alastair Hanton OBE, Violetta Elvin

Pictured: Edward de Bono Matthew Bannister on Edward De Bono, the psychologist who advocated lateral thinking – and sold the concept to companies around the world. Paul Van Doren, the American businessman whose Vans sneakers were adopted by skateboarders, making him a multi-millionaire. Alastair Hanton OBE, who set up the National Girobank and developed direct debits to allow greater access to banking before becoming a campaigner for ethical investing and greener transport. Violetta Elvin, the Russian ballerina who made her name as a rival to Dame Margot Fonteyn at the Royal Ballet. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Sarah Tucker Interviewed guest: Steve Van Doren Interviewed guest: Nicholas Smith Interviewed guest: Angus Hanton Interviewed guest: Raffaele Lauro Interviewed guest: Ronald Hynd Translator: Martin Esposito Archive clips used: Logical and Lateral, Radio 4 29/12/1976; Today, Radio 4 29/04/1976; Fast Times at Ridgemont High, directed by Amy Heckerling, Universal Pictures 1982; LA Olympics Opening Ceremony, ABC News 1984; Alastair Hanton Oral History, The Hanton Family 2021.
6/18/202128 minutes, 9 seconds
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Lee Evans (pictured), Yuan Longping, Bill McCall, Alix Dobkin

Matthew Bannister on Lee Evans, the world-record-breaking American sprinter who took part in black power protests at the 1968 Mexico Olympics. Yuan Longping, the plant scientist who developed hybrid varieties of rice that increased yields dramatically and so saved millions from hunger. Bill McCall, the General Secretary of the Institution of Professional Civil Servants who challenged Margaret Thatcher over union recognition at GCHQ. Alix Dobkin, the folk singer and lesbian activist who performed to women-only audiences. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Tommie Smith Interviewed guest: Professor Douglas Hartmann Interviewed guest: Keith Bradsher Interviewed guest: Charles Harvey Interviewed guest: Liza Cowan Archive clips used: Athletics_400 Metres Final: BBC One, TX 18.10.1968; A Classless Civil Service: Radio 3, TX 10.7.1968; BBC News: BBC One, TX 28.2.1984
6/11/202128 minutes, 15 seconds
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Eric Carle (pictured), Helen Murray Free, Michael Parsons, Evelyn McNicol

Matthew Bannister on The children’s author and illustrator Eric Carle, best known for creating The Very Hungry Caterpillar which has sold fifty-five million copies. Helen Murray Free, the American chemist who developed revolutionary simple tests for diabetes and other serious conditions. Michael Parsons, the engineer who designed some of the world’s longest suspension bridges, including the Severn Bridge and the Humber Bridge. Evelyn McNicol, the pioneering Scottish mountaineer who was a member of the first all-female British expedition to the Himalayas. Producer: Rabeka Nurmahomed Interviewed guest: Oliver Jeffers Interviewed guest: Julia Eccleshare Interviewed guest: Dr Bill Carroll Interviewed guest: Philip Parsons Interviewed guest: Kate Ross Archive clips used: Open Book: Radio 4, TX 4.5.1999; The Severn Bridge at 50_A High Wire Act: BBC One Wales, TX 7.9.2016; Ladies Scottish Climbing Club: Radio Scotland, TX 20.12.2006
6/4/202128 minutes, 5 seconds
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Sir Paul Cosford, Max Mosley (pictured), Dr Frances Rotblat, Norman Lloyd

Julian Worricker on: Sir Paul Cosford, who - as medical director of Public Health England - took on a prominent role during the Ebola outbreak and the Salisbury poisonings. The Formula One boss, Max Mosley, who helped turn his sport into a global spectacle and became an outspoken privacy campaigner. Dr Frances Rotblat, a haematologist, whose pioneering work led to significant advances in the treatment of haemophilia. And the veteran actor, Norman Lloyd, whose career began in the 1920s and who worked alongside Orson Welles, Alfred Hitchcock and Charlie Chaplin. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Dr Gillian Leng Interviewed guest: Jeremy Hunt Interviewed guest: Simon Taylor Interviewed guest: Tom Brown Interviewed guest: Donogh O’Brien Archive clips used: BBC News: BBC One, TX 7.3.2018; BBC News, BBC One, TX 25.10.2014; Today Programme: Radio 4, TX 24.5.2021; On the Ropes: Radio 4, TX 1.3.2011; Today: Radio 4, TX 22.11.1984; Brain of Britain: Radio 4, TX 12.9.1977; Art for the Millions: Radio 4, TX 1.2.2018
5/28/202128 minutes, 13 seconds
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Spencer Silver, Kevin Jackson, Patricia Brown, Asfaw Yemiru

Matthew Bannister on Dr. Spencer Silver, the American chemist who invented the adhesive used in Post It Notes. Kevin Jackson, the writer, broadcaster and critic described as a “21st century man of letters”. Patricia Brown, who played a leading role in cracking German codes at Bletchley Park during the second world war. Asfaw Yemiru, the former street boy from Ethiopia who founded a school for orphans in Addis Ababa which has given free education to thousands of students. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Linda Spencer Interviewed guest: Art Fry Interviewed guest: Tom Sutcliffe Interviewed guest: Iona Brown Interviewed guest: Dr Tessa Dunlop Interviewed guest: Beneberu Demissie Kassa Interviewed guest: Revd Canon Tim Kinahan Archive clips used: Twenty Minutes_Dutch Icons_Vermeer: Radio 3, TX 8.10.2002; Saturday Review: Radio 4, TX 9.11.2019
5/21/202128 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Olympia Dukakis (pictured), Eric McGraw MBE, Anthony Thwaite

Matthew Bannister on: Olympia Dukakis, the Greek-American actor who won an Oscar for playing Cher’s mother in Moonstruck and became an LGBT icon after playing Anna Madrigal in Tales of the City. Its author Armistead Maupin pays tribute. Eric McGraw who founded and edited a magazine for prisoners called “Inside Time”. Former inmate Noel “Razor” Smith explains how it changed the course of his life. Anthony Thwaite, the poet, editor and critic who was a pivotal figure in British literary life. The former poet laureate Andrew Motion pays tribute. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Gregory Pappas Interviewed guest: Armistead Maupin Interviewed guest: Rachel Billington Interviewed guest: Noel ‘Razor’ Smith Interviewed guest: Ann Thwaite Interviewed guest: Andrew Motion Archive clips used: Hardtalk: BBC One, TX 19.3.2001; In Living Memory: Strangeways riot: Radio 4, TX 20.4.2005
5/14/202128 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

Baroness O'Cathain, Michael Collins, Sharon Matola, Jim Steinman (pictured, with Meat Loaf)

Matthew Bannister on Baroness O’Cathain, the successful businesswoman who became Managing Director of the Barbican Arts Centre in London but left after losing the confidence of staff and artists. Michael Collins, the Apollo 11 astronaut who stayed in the Apollo command module while Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the moon. Sharon Matola, the former lion tamer who became an environmentalist in Belize, establishing a zoo to care for the country’s rare and rescued animals. Jim Steinman, the songwriter whose masterwork “Bat Out Of Hell” became one of the best-selling albums of all time. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Lord Faulkner of Worcester Interviewed guest: Sir Nicholas Kenyon Interviewed guest: Lou Nicolait Interviewed guest: Andrea Polanco Interviewed guest: Meat Loaf Interviewed guest: Don Black Archive clips used: The Farming Week: Radio 4, TX 1.8.1987; Woman's Hour: Radio 4, TX 17.10.1989; 13 Minutes to the Moon: World Service, TX 15.5.2019; Naomi's Nightmares of Nature: CBBC, TX 2.7.2014; Simon Bates interview with Meat Loaf and Jim Steinman, recorded circa 1993, TX unknown; World at One: Radio 4, TX 21.4.2021; I Write the Songs - Series 3: Radio Wales, TX 12.3.2016
5/7/202128 minutes, 1 second
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Geoff Crowther, Isamu Akasaki, June Newton, Les McKeown (pictured)

Matthew Bannister on: Geoff Crowther, the global traveller, writer and map maker whose work helped to build the success of the Lonely Planet guide books. Isamu Akasaki, the Nobel prize winning physicist whose discoveries paved the way for LED lighting. June Newton, who was a successful portrait photographer using the name Alice Springs to avoid comparisons with her husband and fellow photographer Helmut Newton. Les McKeown, the front man of the Scottish boy band The Bay City Rollers. At their height the band provoked the same hysteria from fans as the Beatles had done a decade earlier. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Ashley Crowther Interviewed guest: Tony Wheeler Interviewed guest: Hiroshi Amano Interviewed guest: Professor Russell Dupuis Interviewed guest: Dana Thomas Interviewed guest: Billy Sloan Interviewed guest: Nina Myskow Archive clips used: Newsnight: BBC One, TX 5.8.1999
4/30/202128 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Helen McCrory (pictured), Hans Küng, Eric Gordon, George Reynolds

Matthew Bannister on Helen McCrory, the actor best known for playing the matriarch Aunt Polly in Peaky Blinders, but equally acclaimed for her classical stage performances. David Hare pays tribute. Hans Küng, the controversial Catholic theologian who often clashed with the Vatican and wrote many books including 'Does God Exist?” and “Can We Save The Catholic Church?”. Eric Gordon, the communist journalist who took his family to live in China under Chairman Mao and on his return bought the North London newspaper the Camden Journal and turned its fortunes around. George Reynolds, the colourful ex-offender who became a multi-millionaire, bought his local football club Darlington FC and once offered to pay off the mortgages of many of his employees and give them each a Mercedes car. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: David Hare Interviewed guest: Mark Strong Interviewed guest: Michael Coveney Interviewed guest: David Willey Interviewed guest: Charles Curran Interviewed guest: Kim Gordon Interviewed guest: Mike Amos Archive clips used: Sunday programme: Radio 4, TX 7.10.2012; Infallibility Questioned - Prof. Hans Kung: Radio 4, TX 24.7.1971; BBC News: BBC One, TX 16.12.1968; Twenty-Four Hours - Gordon Family Interview: Radio 4, TX 20.10.1969; BBC News: BBC One, TX 16.10.1969; Midweek: Radio 4, TX 2.4.2003; Homeground - George Reynolds Playing By His Own Rules: BBC 2, TX 16.3.2004; Desert Island Discs – Helen McCrory: Radio 4, TX 3.7.2020
4/23/202128 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

Baroness Shirley Williams (pictured), Glynn Lunney, Lyn Macdonald

Matthew Bannister on: The Liberal Democrat peer Baroness Williams of Crosby. As Shirley Williams she was a Labour cabinet minister who abolished the 11-plus exam in many parts of the UK, then a member of the Gang of Four who founded the SDP and later the Lib Dem leader in the House of Lords. Her former colleague Lord Owen pays tribute. Glynn Lunney, who was the flight director on key American space missions, including the Apollo 11 moon landing and the aborted Apollo 13 mission, during which he played a key role in saving the astronauts' lives. His fellow flight director Gerry Griffin pays tribute. And Lyn Macdonald, the historian who documented the testimony of ordinary First World War soldiers. The author Sebastian Faulks tells us how she inspired his best-selling novel “Birdsong”. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Julia Langdon Interviewed guest: Lord David Owen Interviewed guest: Gerry Griffin Interviewed guest: Kevin Fong Interviewed guest: Sebastian Faulks Archive clips used: Desert Island Discs - Shirley Williams: Radio 4, TX 3.2.2006; World At One: Launch of SDP: Radio 4, TX 26.3.1981; BBC News: BBC One, TX 29.11.1959; The Reunion – The Gang of Four: Radio 4, TX 17.8.2018; I Died In Hell... They Called It Passchendaele: Radio 4, TX 26.10.1977; Woman's Hour: Radio 4, TX 9.11.1974
4/16/202128 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Doreen Lofthouse OBE, Dr Chris Doake, Barbara Hosking CBE, Bernice Cohen

Matthew Bannister on Doreen Lofthouse, the Lancashire businesswoman who took Fisherman’s Friends lozenges from a Fleetwood chemist’s shop to a multi-million pound international company. Dr Chris Doake, the glaciologist who was able to predict with great accuracy the break-up of the Antarctic ice shelf. Barbara Hosking, who served as a Downing Street press officer under both Harold Wilson and Ted Heath and came out as a lesbian in her nineties. Bernice Cohen, the self-taught investor who became a TV star. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Duncan Lofthouse Interviewed guest: David Pearce Interviewed guest: Dr Andy Smith Interviewed guest: Iain Dale Interviewed guest: Lawrence Lever Archive clips used: Women of the Year: BBC One, TX 16.10.1989; Government ad re preparations for the European Single Market: BBC One, TX 12.7.1990; Horizon: Antarctica - Ice Station Rescue: BBC Two, TX 5.2.2018; The Emma Barnett Show: Radio 4, TX 14.2.2018; The Morning Show: BBC One, TX 14.2.2003; Woman’s Hour: Radio 4, TX 4.6.1999
4/9/202128 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bob Davey MBE; George Segal (pictured); Lady Violet Aitken; Tony Hendra

Matthew Bannister on Bob Davey, the retired water board superintendent who made it his mission to restore an ancient church in Norfolk – and in the process made a remarkable archaeological find. George Segal, the American film star who was nominated for an Oscar for his performance in “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?” and starred opposite Glenda Jackson in the comedy “A Touch of Class”. Lady Violet Aitken, the aristocratic power boat racer who carried on competing despite a serious injury. Tony Hendra, the outrageous British-born comedian who made his name in America. He edited the magazine National Lampoon, wrote for Spitting Image and played the manager of Spinal Tap in the classic spoof rockumentary. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Nick Ullett Interviewed guest: Sue Gattuso Interviewed guest: Michael Goldfarb Interviewed guest: Laura Levi Archive clips used: Making History: Radio 4, TX 8.5.2012; BBC NEWS: BBC One, TX 11.7.1969
4/2/202127 minutes, 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

Nawal El Saadawi (pictured), Brigadier Jack Thomas, President John Magufuli, Ion Mihai Pacepa

Matthew Bannister on: The Egyptian feminist writer Nawal El Saadawi who faced persecution and imprisonment but never wavered from her commitment to campaigning for women’s rights. Brigadier Jack Thomas who had a distinguished military career, serving during the Second World War, the Korean war and in Northern Ireland. John Magufuli, the autocratic President of Tanzania who advocated prayer and inhaling herbal infusions as a way of tackling the Coronavirus pandemic. Ion Mihai Pacepa, the senior Romanian intelligence officer who defected to the West and lived the rest of his life under a secret identity. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Mona Eltahawy Interviewed guest: Sally Nabil Interviewed guest: John Thomas Interviewed guest: Brigadier Norman Allen Interviewed guest: Zuhura Yunus Interviewed guest: Prof Ronald Rychlak Archive clips used: Woman’s Hour: Radio 4, TX 25.7.2011; Woman at Point Zero: Radio 4, TX 19.4.1993; Breakfast News: BBC One, TX 14.7.1988
3/26/202127 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Murray Walker (pictured), King Goodwill Zwelithini, Mary Asprey, Bunny Wailer

Julian Worricker on: One of the best known sports commentators of his generation, motor racing's Murray Walker The woman who co-founded what became the charity, Missling People, Mary Asprey King Goodwill Zwelithini, who ruled the Zulu nation at a time of enormous change in South Africa And Bunny Wailer, founder member of the Wailers, whose album Blackheart Man is regarded as one of reggae's finest. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Simon Taylor Interviewed guest: Nomsa Maseko Interviewed guest: Sophie Macaulay Interviewed guest: Trevor McDonald Interviewed guest: David Katz Interviewed guest: Clive Allick Desert Island Discs: Radio 4, TX 16.3.2014; 5 Live Sport Special - Murray Walker (BBC Podcast); BBC News: BBC One, TX 24.9.1994; BBC News: BBC One, TX 26.5.1991; The learning zone: BBC 2, TX 15.1.1998
3/19/202127 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

Nicola Pagett (pictured), Stan Shaw, Prof John Mallard, Rupert Neve

Matthew Bannister on Nicola Pagett, the acclaimed actor who made her name on TV in Upstairs Downstairs and as Anna Karenina but also excelled in classical stage roles. Later in life she suffered severe mental illness. Stan Shaw, one of the last Sheffield craftsmen known as “little mesters”. He spent eighty years forging, grinding and finishing blades in the city’s cutlery industry. Professor John Mallard, who led the team at Aberdeen University which developed the first full body MRI scanner. Rupert Neve, the recording engineer who designed mixing desks revered by rock stars and music producers. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Simon Williams Interviewed guest: Michael Coveney Interviewed guest: Prof David Lurie Interviewed guest: Dave Harries Interviewed guest: Phil Ward Archive clips used: Woman’s Hour: Radio 4, TX 23.9.1997; Shelford Interviews: Rupert Neve discusses how technologies in the 60's changed sound engineering
3/12/202127 minutes, 3 seconds
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Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani (pictured), Sidney Alford, Alison Lurie, Chris Barber

Matthew Bannister on Sheikh Ahmed Zaki Yamani, the Saudi oil minister who presided over the 1970s embargo that caused crises for Western economies. Sidney Alford, the maverick explosives expert who created methods of defusing improvised explosive devices used in Northern Ireland, Afghanistan and the Middle East. He also demolished large buildings and created spectacular effects for film makers. Alison Lurie, the American novelist whose biting satires on academic life and manners have been compared to Jane Austen. Chris Barber, the jazz trombonist and band leader who was a leading figure in the trad boom of the 1960s. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Dr Mai Yamani Interviewed guest: Javier Blas Interviewed guest: Jeffrey Robinson Interviewed guest: Roland Alford Interviewed guest: Prof Judith Newman Archive clips used: Panorama: BBC One, TX 20.11.1973; Book at Bedtime – Foreign Affairs: Radio 4, TX 11.10.2004; Desert Island Discs: Radio 4, TX 9.3.1985; 15 Minute Drama - Imaginary Friends: Radio 4, TX 11.7.2011; Chris Barber - Leader of the Band: Radio 2, TX 20.4.2011
3/5/202127 minutes, 9 seconds
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Sir William Macpherson (pictured), Margaret Snyder, Eleanor Wadsworth, Iain Pattinson

Matthew Bannister on Sir William Macpherson, the retired judge whose report on the investigation of the murder of Stephen Lawrence accused the Metropolitan Police of “institutional racism”. Margaret Snyder, seen by some as the United Nations’ first feminist. She established funds and projects to support women in developing countries. Eleanor Wadsworth, one of the last surviving women who delivered fighter planes during the second world war. Iain Pattinson, who gave up a career as an oil company executive to write jokes once described as “blue chip filth” for “I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue”. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Lord Brown Interviewed guest: Joshua Rozenberg Interviewed guest: Marilyn Carr Interviewed guest: Wanjira Mathai Interviewed guest: Jon Naismith Interviewed guest: Nick Utechin Interviewed guest: Jack Dee Archive clips from: Pathe News (A.T.A. 1943); Kaleidoscope: Radio 4, TX 9.2.1991; I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue: Radio 4, TX 15.12.2020 and TX 21.6.1999.
2/26/202126 minutes, 54 seconds
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Carlos Menem (pictured), Mary Wilson, Robin Pooley, Larry Flynt

Matthew Bannister on: Carlos Menem, the flamboyant President of Argentina during the 1990s who transformed the country’s economy, but was dogged by allegations of corruption. Mary Wilson, a founding member of the Supremes who rivalled the Beatles for chart success during the 1960s. Robin Pooley, the businessman who started in the meat trade before switching to become Chief Executive of the Potato Marketing Board and transforming the fortunes of that humble root vegetable. Larry Flynt, the multi-millionaire pornographer who saw himself as a champion of free speech. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Jill Hedges Interviewed guest: Professor Ernesto Calvo Interviewed guest: John Tuckwell Interviewed guest: Michael Pollitt Interviewed guest: Adam White Interviewed guest: Peter White Archive clips from: Breakfast with Frost, BBC One, TX 25.10.1998; Midweek, Radio 4, TX 2.3.2011; Ken Bruce, Radio 2, TX 16.9.2019; BBC Breakfast, BBC One, TX 12.7.1994; No Triumph No Tragedy - Larry Flynt, Radio 4, TX 19.1.1999
2/19/202127 minutes, 9 seconds
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George Shultz, Yvonne Conolly, Maureen Colquhoun, Christopher Plummer (pictured)

Matthew Bannister on George Shultz, the US Secretary of State during the Reagan years who came close to brokering a deal to abolish all US and Soviet nuclear weapons. Yvonne Conolly, Britain’s first black female head teacher who overcame racism to become a role model for others. Maureen Colquhoun, the first UK member of parliament to be openly in a same sex relationship. When they heard the news, her local Labour Party deselected her. Christopher Plummer, the Canadian born actor who played many roles on stage and screen, but will always be remembered as Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Angela Errigo Interviewed guest: Rose Gottemoeller Interviewed guest: Philip Taubman Interviewed guest: Denise Patrick Interviewed guest: Dame Angela Eagle Interviewed guest: Peter Tatchell Archive clips from: Maureen Colquhoun on Countdown to Number 10, Radio 4 TX 3.5.1979; I Was Britain’s First Black Headteacher, BBC World Service TV, TX 8.3.2020; West Indian Teacher, Pathe News TX 1969; William Shatner’s memories of Christopher Plummer, BBC World News TX 5.2.2021
2/12/202127 minutes, 5 seconds
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Lewis Wolpert, Cicely Tyson, Prince Khalid Abdullah and Captain Sir Tom Moore (pictured)

Matthew Bannister on The biologist Lewis Wolpert who developed new theories about embryo development and was a passionate communicator of science. The award winning actor Cicely Tyson, best known for portraying strong, dignified African American women on stage and screen. Saudi Prince Khalid Abdullah who became one of the world’s most successful racehorse owners. His horses included the great Frankel who was unbeaten in 14 races. Captain Sir Tom Moore, the second world war veteran who became a national hero when he raised millions of pounds for NHS charities as he approached his 100th birthday. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Julian Muscat Interviewed guest: Brough Scott Interviewed guest: Matt Wolfe Interviewed guest: Prof Jim Smith Archive clips from: Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 TX 25.6.1996; The Essay, Radio 3 TX 25.3.2008; Conversations, Radio 3 TX 27.3.1993; The Michael Ball Show, Radio 2 TX 6.9.2020
2/5/202127 minutes, 9 seconds
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Larry King (pictured), Catherine Ennis, Margaret Weston, Gerry Cottle

Matthew Bannister on Larry King, the American TV interviewer whose long running show on CNN attracted guests ranging from Presidents to pop stars. Christiane Amanpour pays tribute. Catherine Ennis, the organist at the City of London Church of St Lawrence Jewry who helped to design four major organs in the capital. Dame Margaret Weston, the Director of the Science Museum who spread funding around the UK by opening the National Railway Museum in York and the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in Bradford. Gerry Cottle, the charismatic circus owner who overcame bankruptcy and sex and cocaine addiction to evolve the art form as public tastes changed Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Christiane Amanpour Interviewed guest: Michael Carlson Interviewed guest: Sir Roger Gifford Interviewed guest: Sir Andrew Parmley Interviewed guest: Heather Mayfield Interviewed guest: David Morgan Interviewed guest: Professor Vanessa Toulmin Interviewed guest: John Haze Archive clips from: Profile, Radio 4 TX 26.03.1974; In Tune, Radio 3 TX 14.10.2016; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 TX 21.9.1984
1/29/202127 minutes, 12 seconds
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Phil Spector (pictured), Grace Robertson, Paul Nihill

Matthew Bannister on: Phil Spector, the influential record producer who created the “Wall of Sound”. He died while serving a prison sentence for murdering actress Lana Clarkson. Grace Robertson, the photojournalist known for chronicling working class life in post war Britain. Paul Nihill, one of the world’s finest race walkers who won 96 consecutive races and was the first male British athlete to compete in four consecutive Olympic games. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Mick Brown Interviewed guest: Prof. Amanda Hopkinson Interviewed guest: David Ainsworth Archive clips from: Five Master Photographers, Radio 3 TX 14.8.1990; Olympic Memories Part 3/6 - Mexico 1968, Radio 4 TX 1.4.1984; Olympics 1964: 50km walk, Radio 4 TX 18.10.1964
1/22/202127 minutes, 4 seconds
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Michael Apted (pictured), Kay Ullrich, Katharine Whitehorn, Reginald Foster

Julian Worricker on the film-maker Michael Apted, famous for his work on the 7UP documentary series, but who also directed nearly 30 feature films. Kay Ullrich, an MSP after the first elections to the Scottish parliament, who Nicola Sturgeon described as one of the most influential figures in her life. Katharine Whitehorn, whose column in the Observer revolutionised the journalism that women wrote....and read. And the Vatican Latinist, Reginald Foster, who served four Popes, and who would never acknowledge that the language he was expert in was anything other than alive. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Claire Lewis Interviewed guest: Shelley Joffre Interviewed guest: Nicola Sturgeon Interviewed guest: Julie Welch Interviewed guest: David Willey Archive from: Today Programme, Radio 4 TX 8.1.2021; On Top of A Column, Radio 4 TX 14.7.1971; A Point of View, Radio 4 TX 12.9.2008; Reginald Foster, High Priest of Latin, Radio 4 TX 16.4.1992; Today Programme, Radio 4 TX 27.12.2008; A World in Your Ear, Radio 4 TX 19.12.2003
1/15/202127 minutes, 9 seconds
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Sir Brian Urquhart (pictured), Albert Roux, Dame Rachel Waterhouse, Gerry Marsden

Matthew Bannister on Sir Brian Urquhart, the international civil servant and war veteran who played a key role in setting up United Nations peacekeeping forces. Albert Roux, the French-born chef who, with his brother Michel, helped to revolutionise the quality of British restaurant cooking. Dame Rachel Waterhouse, the chair of the Consumers’ Association whose campaigns were behind many significant improvements in consumer legislation. And Gerry Marsden, lead singer of Gerry and the Pacemakers, best known for his hit versions of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” and “Ferry ‘Cross The Mersey”. Interviewed guest: Alison Bernays Interviewed guest: Andrew Gilmour Interviewed guest: Rowley Leigh Interviewed guest: Brian Yates Interviewed guest: Peter Parfet Interviewed guest: Spencer Leigh Producer: Neil George Archive clips used: Profile: Brian Urquhart, Radio 4, 28.2.1981; Pathe News – Shaping the Future; The Liberation of Bergen Belsen –WS Historic Moments; Desert Island Discs: Albert & Michel Roux, Radio 4, 1986; Albert & Michel Roux on Roux Scholarship – YouTube; File on 4: Quangos, Radio 4, 7.6.1978; Farming Today, Radio 4, 17.10.1988
1/8/202126 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

Stella Tennant, George Bizos, Joan Feynman, Rishi Kapoor

Matthew Bannister on Stella Tennant, the iconic fashion model who rose to prominence in the 1990s, becoming the face of Chanel. George Bizos, the South African human rights lawyer who represented Nelson Mandela at the Rivonia Trial. Joan Feynman, the astrophysicist who made important breakthroughs in her study of auroras and solar cycles. Actor Rishi Kapoor, who appeared in almost 100 films and defined Bollywood for a generation. Interviewed guest: Plum Sykes Interviewed guest: Sir Nicholas Stadlen Interviewed guest: Christopher Riley Interviewed guest: Laura Tenenbaum Interviewed guest: Haroon Rashid Archive clips from: HARDtalk, BBC News 11/10/2011; Remembering Rivonia, BBC World Service 06/03/2018; Nelson Mandela Released from Prison, BBC News Archive 11/02/1990; The Fantastic Mr Feynman, dir. Christopher Riley, BBC2 12/05/2013; Bobby, R.K. Films Ltd 28/09/1973; Prem Rog, K.R. Films Ltd. 31/07/1982; Agneepath, Dharma Productions/Eros International 26/01/2012. Producer: Dan Hardoon
1/1/202127 minutes, 10 seconds
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Millie Small, JJ Williams, Maurice Healy, Dame Fanny Waterman

Julian Worricker on Millie Jones, the singer who brought ska rhythms and Jamaican culture to a global audience with her hit song My Boy Lollipop. JJ Williams, the Llanelli, Wales and British Lions winger who became one of the stars of world rugby. Dame Fanny Waterman, who co-founded the Leeds International Piano Festival and introduced many of the greatest pianists of our time. And consumer champion Maurice Healy, editor of Which? magazine and director of the National Consumer Council, who was instrumental in bringing in shopping on a Sunday, cheaper air fares and better food labelling. Interviewed guest: Chris Blackwell Interviewed guest: Chris Salewicz Interviewed guest: Phil Bennett Interviewed guest: Petroc Trelawny Interviewed guest: Richard Thomas Producer: Paul Waters
12/27/202027 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

John le Carré (pictured), Patience Thomson, Doug Scott, Dame Barbara Windsor

Matthew Bannister on The author John le Carré , the pen name of David Cornwell, who drew on his own experiences as a spy to elevate the espionage novel to new heights. Patience Thomson, the educator who devoted herself to helping children with reading difficulties and set up a publishing house to create books for them. Michael Morpurgo pays tribute. Doug Scott, the pioneering mountaineer who was the first Englishman to climb Mount Everest. His friend Sir Chris Bonington recalls Doug’s adventures. Dame Barbara Windsor – the much loved actor who went from Carry On to Eastenders. Interviewed guest: Adam Sisman Interviewed guest: Sir Chris Bonnington Interviewed guest: Denise Prior Interviewed guest: Alice Thomson Interviewed guest: Michael Morpurgo Producer: Neil George
12/18/202027 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

Mario Molina, Irina Antonova, Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, Peter Alliss (pictured)

Matthew Bannister on Mario Molina, the chemist who won the Nobel prize for revealing the devastating impact of CFCs on the ozone layer. Irina Antonova, the director of the Pushkin Museum in Moscow for more than fifty years. She was caught up in a controversy over her refusal to send back priceless works of art looted by the Soviet Army at the end of the Second World War. Valery Giscard d’Estaing, President of France between 1974 and 1981. He introduced liberal social reforms and was a passionate supporter of closer European integration. Peter Alliss, the jovial former player who became known as TV’s “Voice of Golf” Interviewed guest: Tony Adamson Interviewed guest: Prof James Shields Interviewed guest: Konstantin Akinsha Interviewed guest: Dr Tony Cox Producer: Neil George
12/11/202028 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hamish MacInnes OBE, José Padilla, Anne Rasa

Matthew Bannister on: Hamish MacInnes, the mountaineer known as “The Fox of Glencoe”. He climbed the Matterhorn aged 16, made four trips to Everest and was a stalwart of the Glencoe Mountain Rescue team. He was also an inventor, coming up with an all metal ice axe and a collapsible stretcher for use in rescue operations. His services were much in demand as an advisor to big budget films like The Eiger Sanction, the Mission and even Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Professor Anne Rasa, an expert in animal behaviour who studied the matriarchal society of the dwarf mongoose and then set up a sanctuary for meerkats in the Kalahari region. The Spanish DJ Jose Padilla who pioneered chill out music by providing a soundtrack to the sunset on Ibiza. Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Final Ascent: The Legend of Hamish MacInnes, BBC 4, 01/11/2020; Singular Scots, Radio 4, 12/09/1991; A Time to Talk, Radio Scotland, 10/01/1974; The Eiger Sanction, The Malpaso Company/ Universal Pictures; Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Python (Monty) Pictures / EMI Films; Natural Selection: Mongoose, BBC Bristol, 25/10/1985; Jóse Padilla – An Ibiza Original, A Fact Magazine Documentary; Moments in Love: A History of Chillout Music, Radio 2, 01.05.2004
12/4/202028 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Diego Maradona, Rosalind Grimshaw, Jan Morris CBE

Pictured: Diego Maradona Matthew Bannister on: Diego Maradona, the flawed footballing genius who was worshipped by fans in Argentina and his adopted home city of Naples before drug abuse and scandal tainted his reputation. We speak to Asif Kapadia, director of the acclaimed film about Maradona’s life. Rosalind Grimshaw, the talented stained glass artist whose works include a spectacular window depicting the seven days of creation at Chester Cathedral. And Jan Morris, the author of more than 50 books chronicling her travels around the world and one describing her decision to undergo gender reassignment surgery. Interviewed guest: Asif Kapadia Interviewed guest: Chris King Interviewed guest: Patrick Costeloe Interviewed guest: Paul Clements Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Today, Radio 4 26/11/2020; 5 Live Breakfast, 26/11/2020; Diego Maradona, directed by Asif Kapadia, On The Corner/Film 4 14/06/2019; Match Commentary: World Cup 1990 Semi Final - Italy v Argentina, BBC Sound Archive 1990; Woman’s Hour, Radio 4 29/03/2003; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 16/06/2002; Profile, Radio 4 01/06/1978; The Verb, Radio 4 14/02/2020.
11/27/202028 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Des O’Connor CBE, Richard Trim OBE, Dr Ataullah Siddiqui, Edith Raymond Locke

Pictured: Des O'Connor Matthew Bannister on The comedian Des O’Connor, an all-round entertainer equally at home telling jokes, hosting a chat show or recording an album. Richard Trim, the radar engineer who developed the technology that supports modern air traffic control systems. Dr Ataullah Siddiqui, the leading Muslim scholar who played a major role in creating inter-faith dialogue. Edith Raymond Locke, the editor of Mademoiselle Magazine who supported the early careers of fashion designers like Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan. Interviewed guest: David Steadman Interviewed guest: Fergus Trim Interviewed guest: Sughra Ahmed Interviewed guest: Canon Andrew Wingate OBE Interviewed guest: Ali MacGraw Interviewed guest: Rosemary Feitelberg Interviewed guest: Andrea Robinson Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 01/09/1969; Jimmy Tarbuck, The Daily Mail 17/11/2020; One Minute With Des O’Connor, Radio 1 01/01/2000; The Morecambe & Wise Show, BBC Two 25/12/1975; Front Row, Radio 4 06/10/2011; Jimmy Tarbuck, ITV News 16/11/2020; This Morning, ITV 16/11/2020; Countdown, Channel 4 29/09/2008; Good Morning Britain, ITV 16/11/2020; Tomorrow's World, BBC One 15/01/1997; Ataullah Siddiqui, Cardiff University/Islam UK 21/01/2019.
11/20/202028 minutes, 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

Lord Sacks, John Sessions, Joanna Harcourt-Smith, Jim Radford

Pictured: Lord Sacks Matthew Bannister on The former Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks, a respected scholar and broadcaster who reached out to other faiths, but had trouble reconciling the different strains of opinion in his own. John Sessions, the actor and comedian who used his gift for improvisation and mimicry in TV shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway, Spitting Image and Stella Street. Clive Anderson and Sir Kenneth Branagh pay tribute. Joanna Harcourt-Smith, the socialite who was friends with the Rolling Stones, campaigned to get Timothy Leary released from prison and struggled with addiction. Once she entered recovery she hosted an early podcast called Future Primitive. Jim Radford, the singer-songwriter and peace campaigner who took part in the D-Day landings aged 15 – and later performed his song based on the experiences at the Royal Albert Hall to mark the 70th Anniversary. Interviewed guest: Dr Rowan Williams Interviewed guest: Jenni Frazer Interviewed guest: Clive Anderson Interviewed guest: Sir Kenneth Branagh Interviewed guest: Lara Tambacopoulou Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 26/041991; Sunday, Radio 4 25/08/2013; Today, Radio 4 28/11/2019; Whose Line Is It Anyway, Channel 4 1988; Whose Line Is It Anyway, Radio 4 February 1988; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 25/02/1990; Finding Your Feet, directed by Richard Loncraine, Eclipse Films 2017; Napoleon by John Sessions, directed by Sir Kenneth Branagh 1989; Margaret, directed by James Kent, Great Meadow Productions 2009; Future Primitive: Heartmending, 23/08/2020; My Psychedelic Love Story, directed by Errol Morris, Fourth Floor Productions 22/10/2020; Good Morning Britain, ITV 31/05/2019; D-Day Veteran Goes Back to the Beaches, BBC Three Counties Radio 06/06/2019; Jim Radford Goes Back to Normandy, Legasee Educational Trust 01/08/2017; BBC News 05/06/2019.
11/13/202028 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sir Sean Connery, Eavan Boland, Nobby Stiles MBE, Bobby Ball

Pictured: Sir Sean Connery Matthew Bannister on Sir Sean Connery, seen by many as the definitive James Bond, he won an Oscar for The Untouchables and was a supporter of the Scottish National Party. Eavan Boland, who changed the course of Irish poetry by making women’s experiences central to her work. The footballer Nobby Stiles, one of only two Englishmen to have won both the World Cup and the European Cup. Bobby Ball, the comedian whose double act with Tommy Cannon was hugely popular on TV during the 1980s. His catchphrase was “Rock On Tommy”. Interviewed guest: Christopher Bray Interviewed guest: Professor Peggy Reynolds Interviewed guest: Mary Robinson Interviewed guest: Alex Stepney Interviewed guest: Gary Richardson Interviewed guest: Rob Harper Interviewed guest: Darren Harper Interviewed guest: Lee Mack Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Sean Connery In His Own Words, BBC 2 Scotland 18/08/2015; Dr No, directed by Terence Young, Eon Productions 1962; With Great Pleasure, Radio 4 09/11/2000; ‘Our Future Will Become The Past of Other Women’ by Eavan Boland, read by Fiona Shaw, The Royal Irish Academy 09/12/2018; Archive on 4: Four Women Poets Today, Radio 4 18/07/2020; My Top Ten: Bobby Ball, Radio 1 15/09/1985; Not Going Out, BBC One 30/12/2009.
11/6/202028 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

David Toole OBE, Professor Valerie Curtis, Frank Bough, Jill Paton Walsh CBE

Pictured: David Toole Matthew Bannister on David Toole, the disabled dancer who starred in the opening ceremony of the 2012 Paralympics. Professor Val Curtis, who was known as the Queen of Hygiene for her expertise on sanitation and research in how to communicate public health messages. Frank Bough, the popular presenter of TV shows like 'Grandstand' and 'Nationwide' whose BBC career ended in disgrace after he was caught taking drugs with prostitutes. Jill Paton Walsh, the award winning children’s author who also wrote the first self-published novel to be shortlisted for the Booker Prize and completed an unfinished work by Dorothy L. Sayers. Interviewed guest: Jenny Sealey Interviewed guest: Oliver Cumming Interviewed guest: John Stapleton Interviewed guest: Sally Magnussen Interviewed guest: Julia Eccleshare Interviewed guest: Oliver Soden Reader: Emma Handy Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Midweek, Radio 4 01/03/2017; The Cost of Living, directed by Lloyd Newson, DV8 Physical Theatre 2005; In Business, Radio 4 29/07/2010; Science Stories, Radio 4 28/08/2019; Off The Page, Radio 4 Extra 13/07/2016; Grandstand, BBC One 1960; Woman’s Hour, Radio 4 09/07/1975; Nationwide, BBC One 05/08/1983; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 26/04/1987; PM, Radio 4 26/10/2020; BBC Breakfast Time, BBC One 17/01/1983; The John Dunn Show, Radio 2 17/10/1984; News 92, Radio 1 01/09/1992; Treasure Islands: Jill Paton-Walsh, Radio 4 20/11/1991; The Dolphin Crossing by Jill Paton Walsh, Faber & Faber 15/11/2012, read by Emma Handy; Private Passions, Radio 3 07/12/2014; Knowledge of Angels by Jill Paton Walsh, Black Swan 01/01/1995, read by Natasha Pyne, Radio 4 10/10/1994.
10/30/202028 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Herbert Kretzmer, James Nash, Tom Maschler, Sister Chiara Hatton Hall

Pictured: Herbert Kretzmer Matthew Bannister on Herbert Kretzmer, the journalist turned lyricist, best known for writing the lyrics for the musical Les Misérables. James Nash, the flamboyant adventurer who came under fire as a Colonial Officer in the Middle East during the last days of the British Empire. Tom Maschler, the influential publisher who promoted the careers of many leading novelists and founded the Booker Prize. Sister Chiara Hatton Hall, known as 'The Galloping Nun'. She taught Princess Anne and many other students to ride before taking holy orders as a forty-two year old widow. Interviewed guest: Don Black Interviewed guest: Russell Davies Interviewed guest: John Harding Interviewed guest: Peter Straus Interviewed guest: Sister Jane Bertelsen Interviewed guest: Ginny Elliott MBE Interviewed guest: Steve Axon Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: The Reunion, Radio 4 17/10/2003; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 17/10/2003; Gamal Abdel Nasser’s speech on Yemen 1962, IEPlus 27/03/2015; Everything You Need To Know About The Permissive Society, Radio 4 22/07/1971; Kaleidoscope: First Among Equals, Radio 4 22/10/1986; Burghley Horse Trials, AP / British Movietone 21/07/2015; Nuns’ Vows at Ladywell Convent 1962, British Pathe 13/04/2014.
10/27/202028 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Derek Mahon, Professor Gerta Vrbová, Ang Rita Sherpa, Helena Shenel

Pictured: Derek Mahon Matthew Bannister on Derek Mahon, one of Ireland’s greatest poets of recent times, whose work 'Everything’s Going To Be Alright' was read on Irish TV and radio at the start of the Covid lockdown. Professor Gerta Vrbová, who spent her youth fleeing Nazi persecution, then carried out pioneering work on the interaction between muscles and nerves. Ang Rita Sherpa, the only person to have climbed Mount Everest ten times without using supplemental oxygen. Helena Shenel, the voice coach who helped many celebrated performers – including Shirley Bassey, Annie Lennox and Peter Gabriel – to overcome problems with their singing. Interviewed guest: Sean O’Brien Interviewed guest: Peter Hilton Interviewed guest: Uma Shahani Interviewed guest: Ang Tshering Sherpa Interviewed guest: Bhadra Sharma Interviewed guest: Nikki Slade Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Derek Mahon, Radio Ulster 15/01/1984; Arts Extra Special - Derek Mahon: A Celebration, Radio Ulster 16/12/2008; Poetry Please, Radio 4 28/01/2007; New Poems, Radio 3 19/08/1974; Gerta Vrbová: Oral History, Imperial War Museum 15/04/2003; 60 Minutes Australia, Nine Network 05/10/2018; Last Rites of Ang Rita Sherpa, Nepal Tourism TV 23/09/2020; Slate: Shirley Bassey, BBC One Wales 16/09/1993; Saturday Live, Radio 1 06/04/1985.
10/16/202028 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

Kenzo Takada, Colonel John Waddy, Frank Windsor, Ann Getty

Pictured: Kenzo Takada Matthew Bannister on: Kenzo Takada, the Japanese-born fashion designer who made Paris his home and was known for his bold use of colour. Colonel John Waddy, the former head of the SAS who was wounded at the Battle of Arnhem. Frank Windsor, the actor best known for playing Detective Sergeant Watt in Z Cars and Softly Softly. Ann Getty, who married into the Getty family and used her fortune to rescue a publishing house, support the arts and start an interior design company. Interviewed guest: Dana Thomas Interviewed guest: John O’Reilly Interviewed guest: Niall Cherry Interviewed guest: Amanda Windsor Interviewed guest: Bill Fellows Interviewed guest: Diane Dorrans Saeks Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Flower by Kenzo, directed by Patrick Guedj 2018; The Clothes Show: Catwalk Special, BBC One 23/10/1994; Kenzo Takada – Renegades of Fashion, Fashion Industry Broadcast 01/03/2020; Red Devils of Arnhem (1944), British Pathe 13/04/2014; Today, Radio 4 08/05/2020; A Bridge Too Far, directed by Richard Attenborough, Joseph E Levine Productions 1977; Oosterbeek Battlefield Tour 2011, Bart H 18/03/2016; Woman’s Hour, Radio 2 24/03/1971.
10/9/202028 minutes
Episode Artwork

Sir Harold Evans, Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, Alan Minter, Helen Taylor-Thompson

Julian Worricker on: The campaigning journalist and editor, Sir Harold Evans, voted the greatest of all time by his peers.... Ruth Bader-Ginsburg, US Supreme Court Justice, who served in that role for 27 years and became something of a judicial celebrity.... The charity worker Helen Taylor-Thompson, who co-founded Europe's first AIDS hospice at a time of great hostility towards those with the disease.... And the boxer, Alan Minter, who became the undisputed middleweight champion of the world. Presenter: Julian Worricker Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Jessica Levinson Interviewed guest: Brenda Feigen Interviewed guest: Roy Greenslade Interviewed guest: Dr. Veronica Moss Interviewed guest: John McDonald Archive clips from: Archive on 4 - Harold Evans at 90, Radio 4 23/06/2018; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4, 07/04/2000; John Dunn Show, Radio 2, 04/09/1980
10/6/202027 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

Juliette Greco, Bob Gore, Dame Georgina Mace, Jiri Menzel

Pictured: Juliette Greco Julian Worricker on the French singer and actor, Juliette Greco, who rose to fame on the famous Left Bank in Paris after the war.... Bob Gore who revolutionised outdoor clothing with his invention of the waterproof fabric, Gore-Tex.... The ecologist Dame Georgina Mace, who changed the way threatened species were classified and reshaped worldwide conservation policies.... And the Czech director, Jiri Menzel, who won an Oscar for his 1966 film 'Closely Observed Trains'. Interviewed guest: Agnes Poirier Interviewed guest: David Cole Interviewed guest: Professor Kate Jones Interviewed guest: Professor Ian Christie Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: In Town Today, Radio 4 24/03/1962; ‘Vive Paris’: The Liberation of Paris in 1944, British Movietone 29/06/2015; Roots of Heaven, directed by John Huston, Darryl F Zanuck Productions / Twentieth Century Fox 1958; Moon Landing Live, BBC America 20/07/2019; Perseverance Launch to Mars, NASA 30/07/2020; The Life Scientific, Radio 4 12/07/2016; Closely Watched Trains, directed by Jiri Menzel, Filmove Studio Barrandov 1966; The Film Programme, Radio 4 09/05/2008.
10/2/202027 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sir Terence Conran, Dame Diana Rigg CBE, Shere Hite, Toots Hibbert

Pictured: Sir Terence Conran Matthew Bannister on: Sir Terence Conran, the designer and businessman who transformed the UK’s approach to home décor and eating out. Dame Diana Rigg, the actor who combined a critically acclaimed stage career with stardom on TV and film. Shere Hite, who wrote the Hite Report which changed attitudes to female sexuality. Toots Hibbert, the Jamaican singer often called “the man who invented reggae". Interviewed guest: Deyan Sudjic OBE Interviewed guest: Michael Quinn Interviewed guest: Matthew Sweet Interviewed guest: Lola Atkins Interviewed guest: Dame Jenni Murray Interviewed guest: David Katz Interviewed guest: Glady Wax Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Profile, Radio 4 22/04/1983; The Festival of Britain, British Pathe 07/05/1951; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 01/09/1996; Game of Thrones Series 7 Episode 3, directed by Mark Mylod, HBO 30/07/2017; Front Row, Radio 4 10/09/2020; Today, Radio 4 11/09/2020; Private Passions, Radio 3 3/12/2012; The Avengers, ABC 1965; Woman’s Hour, Radio 4 02/05/2006; The First Time With Toots Hibbert, 6 Music 17/01/2019.
9/18/202028 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

Stuart King, Comrade Duch, Deirdre Le Faye, David Bryant CBE

Pictured: Stuart King Julian Worricker on: Stuart King, who co-founded a humanitarian charity which involved perilous flights to southern Africa in light aircraft straight after the war.... The Khmer Rouge executioner, known as Comrade Duch, found guilty of some of the worst atrocities carried out by that regime in Cambodia.... Deirdre Le Faye, a scholar and professor, whose knowledge of the life and works of Jane Austen has been described as 'unparalleled'..... And the man with the pipe whose success on the bowling greens raised the profile of his sport, David Bryant. Interviewed guest: Max Grove Interviewed guest: Jonathan Head Interviewed guest: Nic Dunlop Interviewed guest: Dr Gillian Dow Interviewed guest: David Rhys Jones Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: 70 Years of MAF, MAF 2020; Remembering D-Day, MAF 2020; Today, Radio 4 30/03/2009; Comrade Duch Dies, Bloomberg Quick Take News 02/09/2020; Duch Statements Apology, Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia 15/08/2012; Jane Austen’s iPod, Radio 4 06/06/2010; 11th Commonwealth Games 1978, BBC Sound Archive, 10/08/1978; David Bryant Interviewed by Brian Roberts, Today, Radio 4 01/11/1966; Bowling Tips From David Bryant, Bowls UK 18/09/2016.
9/11/202028 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Chadwick Boseman, Sir Kenneth Robinson, Lord Renton of Mount Harry, Doreen Davies

Pictured: Chadwick Boseman Matthew Bannister on Chadwick Boseman, whose portrayal of the King of the fictional African kingdom of Wakanda in the movie Black Panther made him a global star. Sir Kenneth Robinson, the charismatic education expert whose TED talk “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” has been viewed online more than 67 million times. Lord Renton, the Tory politician who was Chief Whip when Margaret Thatcher was forced to step down as leader. Doreen Davies, who presided over the music policy and daytime output of BBC Radio 1 during its heyday in the 1970s and 80s. Interviewed guest: Amon Warmann Interviewed guest: Chris Anderson Interviewed guest: Dr Andy Hargreaves Interviewed guest: Julia Langdon Interviewed guest: Simon Mills Interviewed guest: Johnny Beerling Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Marshall, directed by Reginald Hudlin, Chestnut Ridge Productions 2017; Get On Up, directed by Tate Taylor, Imagine Entertainment 2014; Jo Whiley, Radio 2 14/10/2014; 42, directed by Brian Helgeland, Warner Bros 2013; Trevor Nelson's Rhythm Nation, Radio 2 19/11/2019; Black Panther, directed by Ryan Coogler, Marvel Studios / Walt Disney Pictures 2018; Front Row, Radio 4 09/02/2018; Chadwick Boseman – A Tribute from Marvel Studios, JoBlo Movie Trailers 31/08/2020; Sir Ken Robinson: Do Schools Kill Creativity?, TED February 2006; Sir Ken Robinson: How To Escape Education’s Death Valley, TED Talks Education April 2013; The Radio One Story, BBC Two 09/05/2010; Jimmy Young, Radio 2 13/06/1978; John Lennon Dies, Today Archives / NBC News 09/12/1980.
9/4/202028 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Dr James Partridge OBE, Sally Jacobs, Angela Buxton, Philip Horniblow OBE

Pictured: Dr James Partridge OBE (c) Paul Chambers Photography Julian Worricker on: The theatre designer, Sally Jacobs, whose work included a groundbreaking production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, set in a white box on stage…. James Partridge, whose life was transformed by facial burns suffered in a car accident, and who went on to campaign for equal treatment for all, irrespective of appearance…. The tennis player Angela Buxton, who faced discrimination in the sport because of her Jewish heritage, and who formed a winning doubles partnership with Althea Gibson…. And Philip Horniblow, variously described as a mountaineer, soldier, spy and doctor, who spent thirty years of his working life in the Middle East. Interviewed guest: Anna Furse Interviewed guest: Phyllida Swift Interviewed guest: Richard Evans Interviewed guest: Dawn Robertson Interviewed guest: Nigel Gifford Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: A Midsummer Night’s Dream, directed by Peter Brook 1970, RSC / MIT Global Shakespeare; The Reunion, Radio 4 08/05/2015; Turandot: Puccini’s Final Opera, Royal Opera House 25/09/2013; ITV News 17/08/2020; About Face, Radio 4 18/07/1993; North West Tonight, BBC One 02/07/2004; Angela Buxton on Althea Gibson, BET News 2004; Fry v Buxton, Wimbledon Ladies’ Finals, BBC Sound Archive 07/07/1956; Nationwide, BBC One 15/06/1981.
8/28/202028 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Julian Bream CBE, Elizabeth Ward OBE, Chris Graham-Bell, Stuart Christie

Pictured: Julian Bream Matthew Bannister on Julian Bream, said by many to be the greatest classical guitarist of all time. Elizabeth Ward, who campaigned for the introduction of the kidney donor card after her son went through three transplants. Chris Graham-Bell, the founding publisher of the Gay Times magazine. Stuart Christie, the anarchist who was involved in a plot to blow up the Spanish dictator General Franco. Interviewed guest: Lord Michael Berkeley CBE Interviewed guest: Andrew Green Interviewed guest: Sally Taber Interviewed guest: Nigel Bell Interviewed guest: Robert Hanwell Interviewed guest: Branwen Christie Interviewed guest: Duncan Campbell Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Julian Bream: My Life in Music, Avie 2006; Man With A Guitar, BBC Sound Archive 25/09/1961; East Midlands Today, BBC One 22/05/1997; Man Alive, BBC Two 14/02/1980; Newsroom South East, BBC One 17/06/1991; Profile: Stuart Christie, Radio 4 10/07/1981; By Fair Means or Foul, Radio 4 20/11/1973; Angry Brigade Trial, Sound Archive, Radio 4 06/12/1972.
8/21/202028 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hawa Abdi, Clive Ponting, President Lee Teng-hui, Richard Brooke

Matthew Bannister on Hawa Abdi, the Somali doctor who set up a clinic for pregnant women at her home that eventually became a sanctuary for thousands during violence in the country. Clive Ponting, the civil servant who leaked details of the sinking of the Argentine cruiser the General Belgrano during the Falklands War, but was acquitted of breaching the Official Secrets Act. Lee Teng-hui, the first democratically elected President of Taiwan. Richard Brooke, the mountaineer who played a leading role in the Commonwealth Trans Antarctic Expedition of 1957. Interviewed guest: Cindy Sui Interviewed guest: David Brooke Interviewed guest: Sarah J. Robins Interviewed guest: David Leigh Producer: Neil George
8/14/202028 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

John Hume, Stan Mellor MBE, Paulette Wilson, Sir Alan Parker

Pictured: John Hume Matthew Bannister on: John Hume, the politician widely credited with driving through the Northern Ireland peace process. Stan Mellor, who became the first jump jockey to ride one thousand winners. Paulette Wilson, who was wrongly threatened with deportation and went on to campaign for justice for others affected by the Windrush scandal. And the film director Sir Alan Parker, who brought us 'Bugsy Malone', 'Fame' and 'Midnight Express'. His friend and colleague Lord Puttnam pays tribute. Interviewed guest: Denis Murray OBE Interviewed guest: Barry Turley Interviewed guest: Brough Scott MBE Interviewed guest: Patrick Vernon Interviewed guest: Lord David Puttnam CBE Producer: Paula McGinley Archive clips from: The Signing of the Good Friday Agreement April 1998, Irish Foreign Ministry 16/01/2014; Northern Ireland Peace Agreement, BBC Sound Archive 10/04/1998; Bill Clinton on John Hume, The Pat Kenny Show, Newstalk 04/08/2020; When I'm 64: John Hume, Radio 4 21/08/2001; Londonderry Riots 1969, Pathe News 13/04/2014; Bono introduces Hume and Trimble, AP Archive 21/05/2015; 1966 Hennessy Gold Cup, The Racing Post 01/08/2020; Paulette Wilson’s Visit to Jamaica, The Guardian 07/10/2019; Midlands Today, BBC News 26/10/2017; Theresa May Apologises to Caribbean Leaders, ITV News, 17/04/2018; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 09/07/2000; Melody, directed by Waris Hussein, Hemdale Productions 1971; Bugsy Malone, directed by Alan Parker, The Rank Organisation 1976.
8/7/202028 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Stuart Wheeler, Josephine Cox, Miloš Jakeš, Peter Green

Pictured: Stuart Wheeler Matthew Bannister on Stuart Wheeler, the spread betting tycoon who used his millions to fund anti-EU political parties and campaigns. Josephine Cox, the multi-million selling author whose novels often drew on her working class childhood in Blackburn. Miloš Jakeš, the General Secretary of the Czech Communist Party at the time of the Velvet Revolution. Peter Green, the revered guitarist who founded Fleetwood Mac, but later suffered severe mental health problems. Interviewed guest: Philip Collins Interviewed guest: Kimberley Young Interviewed guest: Professor Mary Heimann Interviewed guest: Bernie Marsden Producer: Steven Williams Archive clips from: HARDtalk, BBC News 24 11/10/2019; General Election, ITN 24/05/2001; Nigel Farage on Stuart Wheeler, VoteLeaveMedia 02/04/2009; A Woman’s Fortune by Josephine Cox, read by Carole Boyd, Audible/HarperCollins 2018; Woman's Hour, Radio 4 02/09/1999; Woman’s Hour, Radio 4 09/10/2001; The Lion’s Den by Josephine Cox, read by Robert Glenister, Radio 4 Extra 24/04/2011; The Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia 1968, BBC News 21/08/2018; Miloš Jakeš speech, Radio Free Europe 17/07/1989; People’s Century: 1989: People Power, BBC One 16/02/1997; BBC News, BBC One 10/12/1989; Peter Green: Man of the World, BBC Four 04/02/2011; The Works: Peter Green: A Hard Road, BBC Two 03/10/1996.
7/31/202028 minutes, 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

John Lewis, Tony Elliott CBE, Wendy Cooling, Dr Alan Howard

Matthew Bannister on John Lewis, the leading American civil rights campaigner who was beaten and imprisoned in the 1960s when he marched with Martin Luther King and later served as a Congressman. Tony Elliott CBE, who founded the listings magazine Time Out and oversaw its transformation into a global brand. Wendy Cooling, the former teacher who, through the Bookstart scheme, gave millions of babies and toddlers their first books. Dr Alan Howard, the nutritionist who came up with the Cambridge Diet which became an international commercial success. Producer: Neil George Interviewed Guest: Bob Harris Interviewed Guest: Alan Yentob Interviewed Guest: Michael Carlson Interviewed Guest: Justin Somper Interviewed Guest: Jon Howard Interviewed Guest: Julio Bruno Archive clips from: Tomorrow's People, BBC 15/04/1972; Woman's Hour, Radio 4, 01/02/2008; The Perfect Diet?, BBC 2 28/11/1987
7/24/202027 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

Jack Charlton, Zindzi Mandela, Charles Webb, Ida Haendel

Pictured: Jack Charlton Matthew Bannister on The footballer Jack Charlton, who went from a pit village in Northumberland to become a Leeds United stalwart and member of England’s 1966 World Cup winning team – and then a successful manager of the Republic of Ireland. Zindzi Mandela, the youngest daughter of Nelson Mandela who was an anti-apartheid activist and later South Africa’s ambassador to Denmark. Charles Webb, the author of the novel The Graduate which became a classic film starring Dustin Hoffman. Charles was anti-materialism and gave away his royalties and even his homes. Ida Haendel, the Polish-born violinist known for her interpretations of Walton, Britten and Sibelius, who appeared at the BBC Proms 68 times. Interviewed guest: John Murray Interviewed guest: Milton Nkosi Interviewed guest: Jack Malvern Interviewed guest: Norman Lebrecht Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Football Daily, 5 Live 11/07/2020; England v Scotland, BBC Sound Archive 10/04/1965; Desert Island Discs: Jack Charlton, Radio 4 20/10/1996; Ireland pays tribute to Jack Charlton, RTE Sport 11/07/2020; Sports Personality of the Year, BBC One 14/12/2008; Talk to Al Jazeera: Zindzi Mandela, Al Jazeera 18/07/2008; Zindzi Mandela reads her father’s speech in 1985, BBC News Africa 13/07/2020; Book at Bedtime: The Graduate, Radio 4 05/06/2000; Front Row, Radio 4 29/05/2007; The Graduate, directed by Mike Nichols, Lawrence Truman Productions 1967; Woman's Hour, Radio 4 22/06/2000; EBU Interval Talk: Ida Haendel, Radio 3 26/11/1973; BBC Proms, Radio 3 1994.
7/17/202028 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

Ennio Morricone, Sir Everton Weekes, Baroness Maddock, Earl Cameron CBE

Pictured: Ennio Morricone Matthew Bannister on: Ennio Morricone, the Italian composer best known for his scores for films like The Good, The Bad and the Ugly and The Mission, but keen to be remembered also for his avant garde classical works. Sir Everton Weekes, the outstanding batsman who played a key role in West Indian cricket’s success in the 1940s and 50s. Baroness Maddock, the Liberal Democrat politician who won a stunning victory in the Christchurch by-election in 1993. Earl Cameron, the Bermuda-born actor whose long career included roles in many hit TV series as well as films like Pool of London, Thunderball and Guns at Batasi. Interviewed guest: David Willey Interviewed guest: David Temple Interviewed guest: Donna Symmonds Interviewed guest: BC Pires Interviewed guest: Lord Alan Beith Interviewed guest: Baroness Jenny Randerson Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Outlook, World Service 07/01/2015; Everton Weekes in his own words, Sky Sports January 2019; England v West Windies 1950 Test Match, Pathe News; England v West Indies at Lords 1950, BBC News; British Politics, Radio 4 30/07/1993; Black on Screen, Radio 4 08/01/2001; Front Row, Radio 4 14/10/2016; Pool of London, directed by Basil Dearden, Ealing Studios 1951; The Heart Within, directed by David Eady, Penington Eady Productions 1957; Guns at Batasi, directed by John Guillermin, Twentieth Century Fox 1964; Thunderball, directed by Terence Young, Eon Productions 1965.
7/10/202028 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Milton Glaser, Terry Dicks, Professor Tom Arie, Else Blangsted

Pictured: Milton Glaser Matthew Bannister on The graphic designer Milton Glaser who came up with the iconic “I heart New York” logo – but didn’t make a penny from it. Terry Dicks, the controversial right wing Tory MP who went out of his way to challenge political correctness. Professor Tom Arie, the psychiatrist who helped to transform mental health treatment for older people. Else Blangsted, the Hollywood music editor whose own life story reads like the script for a dramatic film. Interviewed guest: Christopher Bonanos Interviewed guest: Arianne Wack Interviewed guest: Julia Langdon Interviewed guest: Dr Claire Hilton Interviewed guest: Angie Errigo Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: I Heart Milton Glaser, Radio 4 10/02/2011; File on Four, Radio 4 24/07/1984; Sound Archive: Libyan Terrorism and U.K. Deportations, Radio 4 22/04/1986; File on Four, Radio 4 09/06/1993; The Week in Westminster, Radio 4 24/02/1990; Looking for Else, directed by Sandy Kopitopoulos and Daniel Maurer, Amka Films 2007; The Bonfire of the Vanities, directed by Brian De Palma, Warner Bros 1990; Olympic Sports in Berlin 1936, British Pathe 13/04/2014; Samson and Delilah, directed by Cecil B. DeMille, Paramount Pictures 1949.
7/3/202028 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sir Ian Holm, Jean Kennedy Smith, Felicity Bryan MBE, Lily Lian

Pictured: Sir Ian Holm Matthew Bannister on Sir Ian Holm, the respected actor best known for playing Bilbo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings films and for his interpretation of Shakespeare and Pinter. Jean Kennedy Smith, the last survivor of nine children of Joseph Kennedy. She was US ambassador to Dublin at a significant time in the Northern Ireland peace process. Felicity Bryan the literary agent who steered the careers of many leading writers, including James Naughtie who pays tribute. And Lily Lian, thought to be the last traditional Parisian street singer. Interviewed guest: Steven Jacobi Interviewed guest: Shane Harrison Interviewed guest: Laurence Leamer Interviewed guest: James Naughtie Interviewed guest: Agnes Poirier Producer: Paula McGinley Archive clips from: Richard III, Radio 3 26/08/1985; Woman’s Hour, Radio 4 16/09/1970; The Iceman Goeth, Radio 4 23/04/2009; Chariots of Fire, directed by Hugh Hudson, Allied Stars/Goldcrest Films 1981; The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, directed by Peter Jackson, New Line Cinema 2001; The Borrowers, BBC Two 1992; Be My Guest, Radio Ulster 24/09/1994; Today, Radio 4 17/03/1995; The Good Friday Agreement April 1998, Irish Foreign Ministry 16/01/2004; Agents During Lockdown: Felicity Bryan, FBA 14/04/2020.
6/26/202027 minutes, 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

Dame Vera Lynn, Professor Geoffrey Burnstock, Larry Kramer, Pierre Nkurunziza

Pictured: Dame Vera Lynn Matthew Bannister on: Professor Geoffrey Burnstock, the eminent neurobiologist who identified the function of a neurotransmitter called ATP with important implications for the treatment of many conditions including strokes, cancer and cystic fibrosis. Larry Kramer, the outspoken gay rights campaigner who organised direct action to force the US government to confront the AIDS crisis. Pierre Nkurunziza, the President of Burundi who used violence to hold on to power after his constitutional term ended. Dame Vera Lynn, the singer known as “the forces’ sweetheart” for her songs of hope during the second world war. Interviewed guest: Professor Mike Spyer Interviewed guest: Professor Timothy Arnett Interviewed guest: Peter Tatchell Interviewed guest: Vava Tampa Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Interview with Geoffrey Burnstock, Queen Mary, University of London 10/03/2008; Meridian, Radio 4 20/06/1995; Arena, BBC Two 05/02/1993; The Late Show, BBC Two 10/10/1989; Pierre Nkurunziza Interview, Woodrow Wilson Center 16/04/2013; Burundi’s Football President, Journeyman Pictures 17/11/2015; Nkurunziza Wins Disputed Election, Al Jazeera 25/07/2015; Burundi Coup Attempt, BBC News 13/05/2015; Desert Island Discs: Dame Vera Lynn, Radio 4 03/09/1989; The Emma Freud Show, Radio 1 01/01/2000.
6/19/202028 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Christo Javacheff, Cathie Sabin OBE, Dorothy Wakely, Jonathan Whitehead

Pictured: Christo Javacheff Matthew Bannister on: The artist Christo Javacheff, best known for his extremely ambitious projects to wrap significant buildings and landscapes in fabric. They included the Reichstag in Berlin and the coastline of Australia. Cathie Sabin, who was the first woman to be President of the Lawn Tennis Association. Dorothy Wakely, who served as a Signals Planner with the Special Operations Executive during the second world war. Jonathan Whitehead, the versatile musician who provided the soundtracks for many TV comedies including Green Wing, Smack the Pony and The Day Today. His friend and colleague Chris Morris pays tribute. Interviewed guest: Will Gompertz Interviewed guest: Ben Sabin Interviewed guest: Vicky Williams Interviewed guest: Simon Wakely Interviewed guest: Clare Mulley Interviewed guest: Chris Morris Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Christo interview: London Mastaba floating installation, Dezeen 08/08/2018; Public Art Enhancing Cities, Bloomberg Philanthropies 26/06/2018; Christo & Jeanne-Claude put Berlin’s Reichstag under wraps, CBS Sunday Morning 25/06/1995; Christo on ‘Wrapped Coast’, Art Gallery of NSW 03/08/2011; Front Row, Radio 4 16/11/2004; Highlights: Davis Cup, Davis Cup 29/11/2015; Andy Murray wins Wimbledon, Wimbledon 07/07/2013; Andy Murray wins Olympic Gold, Olympic 24/08/2016; Cathie Sabin: The Lawn Tennis Association, Shrewsbury U3A 15/03/2019; VE Day – 70 Years Ago, British Pathe 08/05/2015; Brass Eye: Drugs, Channel 4 1997.
6/12/202028 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Dr Stanley Ho, Roger Fellows, Margaret Meek Spencer, Mory Kanté

Pictured: Stanley Ho Julian Worricker on: The man praised by both Tony Blair and Gordon Brown for being the architect of the national minimum wage, Roger Fellows…. One of Asia’s richest men - the gambling tycoon, Stanley Ho, who transformed the economy of Macau…. The educationist Margaret Meek Spencer, who influenced a generation of children and teachers by emphasising the joy of reading... And the musician who wrote and performed the first African single to sell a million copies around the world, Mory Kanté. Interviewed guest: Chris Pond Interviewed guest: Liz Barclay Interviewed guest: Jill McGivering Interviewed guest: Julia Eccleshare Interviewed guest: Robin Denselow Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Labour Party Conference, BBC News 1995; Tokyo Celebrates Victory in China, Pathé News 1938; The Money Makers: Betting On A Certainty, BBC Two 18/03/1986; Stanley Ho interview, CNN 26/05/2020; Today, Radio 4 07/06/1997; Macau handover to China, AP Archive 23/07/2015; Correspondent: Hong Kong, BBC Two 07/06/1997; Reading Between The Lines, Radio 4 03/06/2012; Ted Hughes reads The Iron Man, Iconic, 24/10/2011; Mory Kanté interview, L’invité, 03/07/2012.
6/5/202028 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Margaret Maughan, John Cumming OBE, Jerry Givens, John Langdon, Eric Weissberg

Pictured: Margaret Maughan Julian Worricker on Britain’s first Paralympic gold medallist, Margaret Maughan; Tanni Grey-Thompson compares the games of 1960 and now…. The music promoter and producer, John Cumming, co-founder of the London Jazz Festival…. Jerry Givens, once a state executioner….but then a leading campaigner in the United States for the abolition of the death penalty…. And the comedy writer, John Langdon; his friend and colleague Rory Bremner, recalls some of his best lines…. Interviewed guest: Baroness Tanni Grey-Thompson DBE Interviewed guest: Peter White Interviewed guest: Nod Knowles Interviewed guest: Abraham Bonowitz Interviewed guest: Rory Bremner Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Rome Olympics 1960, Pathe News; No Triumph, No Tragedy, Radio 4 29/04/2013; Cerys on 6, 6 Music 05/11/2017; John Cumming interview, Jazz FM 17/11/2013; Former executioner opposes death penalty, Washington Post 11/02/2013; Week Ending, Radio 4 21/03/1980; Two Decades of Week Ending, Radio 4 07/09/1990; The News Quiz, Radio 4 03/09/1994; Bremner, Bird and Fortune: Silly Money, Vera Productions Ltd / Channel 4 02/11/2008.
5/29/202028 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Lord Robert May of Oxford, Dr Judith Darmady OBE, Mark Barkan, Saroj Lal

Pictured: Lord Robert May of Oxford Matthew Bannister on Lord May, a former Chief Scientific Advisor to the UK government and President of the Royal Society. He developed the concept of the R value in tracking the spread of infectious diseases and laid down key principles for scientific advice to politicians. Judith Darmady, the paediatrician who travelled to Romania to help thousands of children who had been abandoned in so-called orphanages. Mark Barkan, the songwriter and record producer who wrote “Pretty Flamingo” which was a hit for Manfred Mann and many other artists. Singer Paul Jones pays tribute. Saroj Lal, the Indian-born teacher who played a leading role in campaigning for racial equality in Scotland. Interviewed guest: Lord John Krebs of Wytham Interviewed guest: Jane Waldron Interviewed guest: John Illman Interviewed guest: Bridget Barkan Interviewed guest: Paul Jones Interviewed guest: Vineet Lal Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Desert Island Discs: Lord Robert May, Radio 4, 05/06/2012; Ceausescu's Children, BBC News, 30/01/2010; Heaven and Hell, National Museum of Scotland, 2000; The Usual Suspects, Radio Scotland, 13/12/1996; I Believe, You Believe, BBC One Scotland, May 1984.
5/22/202028 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

Little Richard, Dr Janet Carr OBE, Professor John Horton Conway, Florian Schneider

Matthew Bannister on The rock 'n' roll pioneer Little Richard, whose flamboyant performances and powerful vocal style influenced many who came after him. Janet Carr, the psychologist whose long-running study changed attitudes to people with Down’s Syndrome. John Horton Conway, the playful mathematician who invented the Game of Life. Florian Schneider, the co-founder of the mould-breaking German electronic band Kraftwerk. Interviewed guest: Geoff Barker Interviewed guest: Sally Carr Interviewed guest: Penny Warren Interviewed guest: Sir Roger Penrose OM FRS Interviewed guest: Colm Mulcahy Interviewed guest: Adam Sweeting Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Little Richard In His Own Words, 6 Music 11/05/2020; Little Richard - A Whop Bop A Lua A Whop Bam Boom, Radio 2 05/12/2012; John Horton Conway: Life, Death and the Monster, Numberphile 09/05/2014; Florian Schneider Interview, Silverstar Club 1998; Florian Schneider, Parley x COP21: Oceans, Climate, Life 08/12/2015.
5/15/202028 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

Catherine Hamlin, Irrfan Khan, Denis Goldberg, Ann Sayer

Pictured: Catherine Hamlin Matthew Bannister on Catherine Hamlin the obstetrician who, with her husband, set about tackling the devastating effects of obstetric fistulae in the women of Ethiopia. Irrfan Khan, the actor whose career brought stardom in both Indian and Hollywood films, like Jurassic World, Slumdog Millionaire and The Amazing Spiderman. The South African anti-apartheid activist Denis Goldberg who stood trial alongside Nelson Mandela. Anne Sayer, the long distance walker who was the first British woman to cover 100 miles in less than 24 hours. Interviewed guest: Julia Langdon Interviewed guest: Asjad Nazir Interviewed guest: Sir Nicholas Stadlen Interviewed guest: Julie Welch Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: The Oprah Winfrey Show, Syndication/Harpo Studios 2014; Asian Network's Big Debate, Asian Network 29/04/2020; The Lunchbox, directed by Ritesh Batra, Sikhya Entertainment 2013; Jurassic World, directed by Colin Trevorrow, Universal Pictures 2015; Piku, directed by Shoojit Sircar, MSM Motion Pictures 2015; Slumdog Millionaire, directed by Danny Boyle and Loveleen Tandan, Celador Films/Film 4 2008; Pienaar’s Politics, 5 Live 24/01/2016.
5/8/202028 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ronan O'Rahilly, Sir John Houghton CBE, Sue Davies OBE, Barbara Smoker

Pictured: Ronan O’Rahilly Matthew Bannister on Ronan O’Rahilly, the Irish businessman who ran the pirate radio station Radio Caroline on a ship off the coast of Essex. Sir John Houghton, the atmospheric physicist who was Director of the Met Office and co-chair of the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change. Sue Davies, who founded and ran the Photographers' Gallery in London, supporting the careers of many leading photographers. Barbara Smoker, the outspoken atheist and anarchist who was President of the National Secular Society. Interviewed guest: Ray Clark Interviewed guest: Hannah Malcolm Interviewed guest: Dave Roberts Interviewed guest: Paul Hardaker Interviewed guest: Amanda Hopkinson Interviewed guest: Chris Steele-Perkins Interviewed guest: Professor Anthony Costello Interviewed guest: Denis Cobell Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Arena: Caroline 199: A Pirate's Tale, BBC Two 01/03/1991; The Story of Pop, Radio 1 26/01/1974; Ray Clark on Radio Caroline 1987; Belief, Radio 3 10/06/2012; Interview with Sue Davies, courtesy of The Photographers’ Gallery; Seeds of Faith, Radio 4 14/07/1996; Today, Radio 4 16/12/2002.
5/1/202027 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

Dame Jocelyn Barrow DBE, Keith Critchlow, Leonard ‘Nipper’ Read, John Prine

Pictured: Dame Jocelyn Barrow Matthew Bannister on The artist, professor of architecture and expert on sacred geometry Keith Critchlow. He was a key figure in the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts and advised on the design of Islamic-influenced buildings all over the world. Dame Jocelyn Barrow who was an educator and leading campaigner against racial discrimination. She was the first black woman to be a Governor of the BBC. Leonard 'Nipper' Read, the respected detective who doggedly pursued the Kray twins. John Prine, the American country singer known for writing songs which offer a wry commentary on the human condition. Interviewed guest: Jon Allen Interviewed guest: Ian Skelly Interviewed guest: Baroness Valerie Amos Interviewed guest: Professor Dick Hobbs Interviewed guest: Bob Harris Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Britain's Best Buildings, BBC Two 16/11/2002; Night Waves, Radio 3 07/12/2004; Analysis, Radio 4 28/10/1976; It’s a Fair Cop: Leonard ‘Nipper’ Read, Radio 4 07/12/1976; BBC News, BBC One 13/10/1969.
4/24/202028 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sir Stirling Moss OBE, Professor Margaret Burbidge, Mahmoud Jibril, Tim Brooke-Taylor OBE

Pictured: Sir Stirling Moss OBE Matthew Bannister on Sir Stirling Moss, the iconic British racing driver, noted for his courage and patriotism. Although he never won the world championship, he stormed to victory in many Formula 1 and sports car races. Professor Margaret Burbidge, the pioneering astronomer who carried out extensive work on quasars. Mahmoud Jibril, who became interim Prime Minister of Libya after the fall of Colonel Gaddafi. Tim Brooke-Taylor, the comic actor best known for his parts in The Goodies and I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue. Bill Oddie and Graeme Garden pay tribute. Interviewed guest: Simon Taylor Interviewed guest: Lord Martin Rees Interviewed guest: Amira Fathalla Interviewed guest: Chris Serle Interviewed guest: Graeme Garden OBE Interviewed guest: Bill Oddie OBE Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: HardTalk: Stirling Moss, BBC News 23/12/2010; The World Tonight, Radio 4 18/11/1971; HardTalk: Mahmoud Jibril, BBC News 23/10/2011; Woman’s Hour, Radio 4 03/08/1977; I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, Radio 4 04/01/2016; Front Row, Radio 4 26/09/2018; I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again, Radio 2 02/11/1977.
4/17/202028 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

Dr Bill Frankland MBE, John Tydeman OBE, The Marquess of Bath, Honor Blackman

Pictured: Dr Bill Frankland Julian Worricker on: Dr Bill Frankland, who survived three years in a Japanese prisoner of war camp, studied under Alexander Fleming, and brought the pollen count into the public arena…. The radio drama producer, John Tydeman, whose work contributed to the success of Joe Orton and Sue Townsend…. Alexander Thynne, better known as the Marquess of Bath, an artist and aristocrat, whose home was the Longleat estate in Wiltshire…. And the actress, Honor Blackman, remembered most for her portrayals of Cathy Gale in The Avengers and Pussy Galore in Goldfinger. Interviewed guest: Paul Watkins Interviewed guest: Sir John Tusa Interviewed guest: Enyd Williams Interviewed guest: Nesta Wyn Ellis Interviewed guest: Dr Josephine Botting Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Desert Island Discs: Bill Frankland, Radio 4 09/08/2015; See You Sunday, BBC One Wales 17/03/1991; BBC Oral Histories: John Tydeman; The Mole Truth, Radio 4 20/12/2008; Desert Island Discs: The Marquess of Bath, Radio 4 07/01/2001; The Thynne Blue Line, BBC TV 11/07/1971; Jools Holland, Radio 2 16/05/2011; The Avengers, ABC 1961. Interviews in this programme with John Tydeman were taken from his contribution to the BBC Oral History Collection, an archive of more than 600 interviews with former BBC staff. For more information see:
4/10/202027 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

Albert Uderzo, Valerie Pettit OBE, Reverend Joseph Lowery, Julie Felix

Pictured: Albert Uderzo Matthew Bannister on Valerie Pettit OBE, the senior MI6 officer in charge of the daring operation to get Soviet double agent Oleg Gordievsky out of Russia after his cover was blown. Albert Uderzo – the French cartoonist who created Asterix the Gaul. Reverend Joseph Lowery – the leading American civil rights activist who worked alongside Martin Luther King in the campaign for black equality. Julie Felix – the American-born singer who became known as the first lady of British folk. Interviewed guest: Ben Macintyre Interviewed guest: Agnes Poirier Interviewed guest: Dr Paul Smith Interviewed guest: Henrietta Giles Interviewed guest: Fran Collier Producer: Neil George
4/6/202028 minutes, 14 seconds
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Betty Williams, Dr Fuad Nahdi, Sol Kerzner, Kenny Rogers

Picture Betty Williams Matthew Bannister on: Fuad Nahdi, the journalist, commentator and campaigner named as one of the world’s 500 most influential Muslims. Sol Kerzner, the South African businessman who made a fortune from hotels and casinos and built the controversial Sun City resort under apartheid. Betty Williams, the office receptionist from Belfast who teamed up with Mairead Corrigan to campaign for peace and won the Nobel Peace Prize. Kenny Rogers, one of America’s greatest country singers known for hits like “Lucille” and “Ruby Don’t Take Your Love To Town.” Interviewed guest: Abdul-Rehman Malik Interviewed guest: Bishop Toby Howarth Interviewed guest: Paul Martin Interviewed guest: Chris Ryder Interviewed guest: Garth Cartwright Interviewed guest: Bob Harris Producer: Neil George
3/27/202027 minutes, 45 seconds
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Michel Roux, Sammy McCarthy, Lilian Mohin, Roy Hudd

Pictured: Michel Roux Matthew Bannister on Michel Roux, the French chef who, with his brother Albert, transformed the British restaurant scene in the 1970s Sammy McCarthy, the British featherweight champion boxer who became an armed robber. Lilian Mohin, the lesbian feminist activist who co founded the OnlyWomen Press. Roy Hudd, the versatile entertainer whose career took him from the music hall stage to TV and radio stardom. Interviewed guest: William Sitwell Interviewed guest: John McDonald Interviewed guest: Anna Marslen -Wilson Interviewed guest: Tim Mohin Producer: Neil George
3/20/202028 minutes, 12 seconds
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Javier Pérez de Cuéllar, Max von Sydow, Professor Hannah Steinberg, Charles Portis

Pictured: Javier Pérez de Cuéllar Matthew Bannister on The United Nations Secretary-General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar. The Peruvian diplomat faced major challenges including the Iran-Iraq war and the Falklands War. Max von Sydow the Swedish-born actor whose film roles ranged from Ingmar Bergman to James Bond and, more recently, Game of Thrones. Professor Hannah Steinberg - a pioneer of psychopharmacology - the study of the effects of drugs on the human mind. Charles Portis, the American writer best known for his novel "True Grit" which was twice adapted for the big screen. Interviewed guest: Richard Gowan Interviewed guest: Angela Errigo Interviewed guest: Sandra Fraser Interviewed guest: Professor Clare Stanford Interviewed guest: Michael Carlson Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Witness, BBC World Service 12/01/2012; Interview with Cuellar, The Classic Sports 17/11/1991; Iran/Iraq War, TV Eye 1980; Meeting Of The U.N. Security Council (Falklands Conflict), BBC Sound Archive 23/05/1982; Perez De Cuellar Admits Defeat, BBC Sound Archive 31/05/1984; UN 40th Anniversary: J. Perez De Cuellar, BBC Sound Archive 31/05/1984; Virendra Dayal on Cuellar, UN News 05/03/2020; The Seventh Seal, directed by Ingmar Bergman, Svensk Filmindustri 1957; The Film Programme, Radio 4 19/02/2012; The Greatest Story Ever Told, directed by George Stevens, George Stevens Productions 1965; Never Say Never Again, directed by Irvin Kershner, TaliaFilm II Productions/Woodcote/Producers Sales Organization (PSO) 1983; The Exorcist, directed by William Friedkin, Warner Bros/Hoya Productions 1973; Liv Ullmann on Working with Max von Sydow, Criterion Collection 11/02/2019; The Simpsons: The War of Art, Fox Broadcasting Company 23/03/2014; Games of Thrones Season 6, HBO 24/04/2016; True Grit, directed by Henry Hathaway, Wallis-Hazen 1969; True Grit, Radio 4 Extra 26/09/2016; True Grit, directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, Paramount Pictures/Skydance Media/Scott Rudin Productions/Mike Zoss Productions 2010.
3/13/202028 minutes, 17 seconds
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Katherine Johnson, Nexhmije Hoxha, Sir Michael Berridge, Diana Serra Cary (Baby Peggy)

Pictured: Katherine Johnson Matthew Bannister on Nexhmije Hoxha, the wife of the Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha. The couple ran a repressive Stalinist regime and she was known in the West as the Lady Macbeth of Albania. Katherine Johnson, the best known of a small group of African American mathematicians who carried out crucial calculations for the American space programme. Their story was told in the 2017 film "Hidden Figures". Sir Michael Berridge, whose pioneering research into the saliva of blowflies revealed the process of cell signalling, with major implications for humans. And Diana Serra Cary, who, under the screen name "Baby Peggy" Montgomery, was a celebrated child star of silent cinema. Interviewed guest: Professor James Pettifer Interviewed guest: Albana Kasapi Interviewed guest: Dr Martin Bootman Interviewed guest: Tom Lamont Interviewed guest: Pamela Hutchinson Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Invasion Of Albania 1939, British Pathé 13/04/2014; Bugajksi Hour, Rezart Taci 23/03/2012; The World Tonight, Radio 4 11/04/1985; Newsnight, BBC Two 11/04/1985; President Obama Awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom, The Obama White House 24/11/2015; Hidden Figures, directed by Theodore Melfi, Fox 2000 Pictures/Chernin Entertainment/Levantine Films/TSG Entertainment 2016; Katherine Johnson: Math Interest, visionaryproject 08/03/2010; 5 Live Breakfast, Radio 5 Live 25/02/2020; What Matters - Katherine Johnson: NASA Pioneer and "Computer", WHRO Public Media 25/02/2011; John Glenn's Historic Space Flight 1962, CNN 08/12/2016; Lewis Wolpert Conversations, Radio 3 01/04/1993; Front Row, Radio 4 18/01/2006; Summer of Silents, Oscars 21/03/2014.
3/6/202028 minutes, 7 seconds
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Hosni Mubarak, Andrew Weatherall, Mary Higgins Clark, John Bevan

Matthew Bannister on Andrew Weatherall, a hugely influential figure in the dance music scene of the 1990s, who revolutionised what a DJ could be and produced many hit albums and remixes. Radio 1's Annie Nightingale explains how he changed her life. President Hosni Mubarak who ruled Egypt for thirty years before being ousted by mass protests. The best selling mystery writer Mary Higgins Clark. Her fellow writers Harlan Coben and Alafair S. Burke pay tribute. John Bevan, the record breaking deep sea diver who was a respected expert on the history of diving. Interviewed Guest: Annie Nightingale CBE Interviewed Guest: Dina Rezk Interviewed Guest: Paul Martin Interviewed Guest: Harlan Coben Interviewed Guest: Alafair Burke Interviewed Guest: Rosemary E Lunn Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: The First Time With..., 6 Music, 22/11/2017; Panorama, BBC One, 06/10/1981; BBC News, BBC One, 28/01/2011; BBC News, BBC One,03/08/2011; Woman's Hour, Radio 4, 14/06/2000; Woman's Hour, Radio 4, 31/05/2006;
2/28/202027 minutes, 39 seconds
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Heather Couper CBE, Leonard Woodley QC, Joseph Shabalala

Pictured: Heather Couper Matthew Bannister on Heather Couper, the astronomer who used her engaging media appearances to enthuse a generation about space. We talk to her co-author and business partner Nigel Henbest. Leonard Woodley, the Trinidad-born barrister who played a leading role in many high profile race trials and became Britain's first Afro-Caribbean Queen's Counsel. Joseph Shabalala, the South African musician who founded the singing group Ladysmith Black Mambazo. They became global stars after collaborating with Paul Simon on his album Graceland. Interviewed guest: Nigel Henbest Interviewed guest: Baroness Helena Kennedy QC Interviewed guest: Robin Denselow Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Inside Parliament, Radio 4 31/03/1980; PM, Radio 4 25/09/1995; World Routes, Radio 3 18/03/2001; Under African Skies, directed by Joe Berlinger, RadicalMedia 2012; A Brief History of Infinity, BBC World Service 20/09/2006; With Great Pleasure, Radio 4 24/07/1987; Woman’s Hour, Radio 4 11/10/1995; The Planets: Are We Alone?, Channel 4 1985.
2/21/202028 minutes, 15 seconds
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Daniel arap Moi, Feng Huiyan, Professor Donald West, Colonel ‘Mad Mike’ Hoare

Pictured: Daniel arap Moi Julian Worricker on: Daniel arap Moi, who led Kenya for 24 years, but did so amidst corruption scandals and the repression of political opponents... The teacher Feng Huiyan, who taught millions of Chinese people how to speak English via textbooks and broadcasting... The pioneering criminologist and clinical scientist Donald West, who wrote a ground-breaking study of homosexuality in the 1950s... And the mercenary leader, known as 'Mad Mike' Hoare, who inspired the film 'The Wild Geese'.... Interviewed guest: Victoria Brittain Interviewed guest: Vivian Yang Interviewed guest: Dr Adrian Grounds Interviewed guest: Professor Jeffrey Weeks OBE Interviewed guest: Chris Hoare Interviewed guest: Tim Ecott Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Daniel arap Moi’s funeral, NTV Kenya 12/02/2020; Weekend, BBC World Service 08/02/2020; Final Attack on Shanghai 1937, British Pathe 13/04/2014; Controversy: Criminology Is Obscuring The Causes Of Crime, BBC Two 23/08/1973; PM, Radio 4 11/03/1996; Homosexuality: Its Nature and Causes by Donald West, Aldine Transaction 22/05/2008; Gay Life, Straight Work by Donald West, Paradise Press 01/03/2012; Mike Hoare Talks Africa, Emma Goldman 15/04/2017; The Wild Geese, directed by Andrew V. McLaglen, Richmond Film Productions/Victory Films/Varius Entertainment Trading A.G. 1978; Last Word, Radio 4 10/03/2019; Breakfast Time, BBC One 20/08/1986.
2/14/202028 minutes, 21 seconds
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Kirk Douglas, Terry Hands CBE, Hazel Murphy, Seamus Mallon

Pictured: Kirk Douglas Julian Worricker on: Terry Hands, long serving artistic director of the RSC, who co-founded the Liverpool Everyman theatre and revived the Clwyd theatre Cymru... The wine marketer, Hazel Murphy, who's credited with spearheading Australia's wine invasion of Europe.... The nationalist Northern Ireland politician, Seamus Mallon, whose negotiating skills helped secure the Good Friday Agreement... And the actor Kirk Douglas, whose career in film spanned seven decades, and involved memorable portrayals of all-action if not always likeable characters... Interviewed guest: Paul Allen Interviewed guest: Jancis Robinson OBE Interviewed guest: Barry Turley Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 08/08/1981; Australian Table Wines, Monty Python’s Previous Record, Charisma 1973; BBC News, 03/02/2000; 1800 News, Radio 4 14/10/1999; The Vikings, directed by Richard Fleischer, Brynaprod S.A./ Bavaria Film/ Curtleigh Productions 1958; Kirk Douglas: I am Issur Danielovitch, Eyes On Cinema 21/10/2016; Parkinson, BBC One 16/04/1979; The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, directed by Lewis Milestone, Hal Wallis Productions 1946; Lust for Life, directed by Vincente Minnelli, MGM 1956; Woman’s Hour, Radio 4 26/09/1988; The Oscars, ABC 1996.
2/7/202028 minutes, 1 second
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Nicholas Parsons CBE, Mary Craig, Lord Maclennan of Rogart, Kobe Bryant

Pictured: Nicholas Parsons Matthew Bannister on The Just A Minute host, TV presenter and actor Nicholas Parsons. Sheila Hancock and Tony Hawks pay tribute - in just a minute! Mary Craig who wrote the best selling book "Blessings" after struggling to care for her severely disabled son. Lord Maclennan of Rogart, formerly the MP for Caithness and Sutherland, who negotiated the merger between the SDP and the Liberal Party. Kobe Bryant, the LA Lakers basketball star, who gave himself the nickname The Black Mamba. Interviewed guest: Sheila Hancock Interviewed guest: Matt Stronge Interviewed guest: Tony Hawkes Interviewed guest: Mark Craig Interviewed guest: Brain Taylor Interviewed guest: Michael Carlson Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Desert Island Discs, BBC Radio 4, 04/11/2007; Don't Raise The Bridge, Lower The River, Columbia Pictures Industries,1967; The Arthur Haynes Show, ATV, 1957-65; Just a Minute Series 64 Ep. 2, BBC Radio 4, 13/08/2012; Just a Minute Series 64 Ep. 3, BBC Radio 4, 20/08/2012; Sale of The Century, Anglia TV, 08/01/1972; 50 years of Just a Minute: Nicholas Parsons in Conversation with Paul Merton, Radio 4, 01/01/2018; Woman’s Hour Radio 4, 1976; The World at One, BBC Radio 4, 31/01/1988; Dear Basketball, Believe Entertainment Group Kobe Inc, 2017; LA Lakers and Minnesota Timberwolves, BBC 5 Live Extra, 04/10/2010; Toronto Raptors v LA Lakers, Kobe Bryant 81 Points Game Highlights, 2006; USA VS CHINA at the Beijing Olympics, X9Highlights, 2008; Newsbeat, BBC Radio 1, 06/08/2003; 10 o'clock news, BBC One, 05/08/2003;
1/31/202027 minutes, 57 seconds
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Tony Garnett, Joy Rainey, Professor Cuchlaine King, Terry Jones

Pictured: Terry Jones Matthew Bannister on Tony Garnett, the TV and film producer whose tragic childhood inspired him to make influential films like Up The Junction, Cathy Come Home and Kes. Joy Rainey, the racing driver whose restricted growth meant she needed specially adapted cars. Professor Cuchlaine King, the geomorphologist known for her studies of beaches, coasts and glaciers. Terry Jones, best known as a member of the Monty Python team, but also a medieval historian of distinction. Interviewed guest: Andreas Campomar Interviewed guest: Eddie Walder Interviewed guest: Professor Brian Whalley Interviewed guest: Betsey Everett Interviewed guest: Professor Alan Ereira Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Free Thinking, Radio 3 28/06/2020; Afternoon Edition, 5Live 11/07/2016; Front Row, Radio 4 27/05/2013; Kes, directed by Ken Loach, United Artists 1970; The Wednesday Play: Up The Junction, BBC One 03/11/1965; The Wednesday Play: Cathy Come Home, BBC One 16/11/1966; This Life Series 1, Episode 3, BBC Two 01/04/1996; Front Row, Radio 4 22/01/2020; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 02/07/1983; Monty Python’s Flying Circus, ‘The Funniest Joke in The World’ Sketch, BBC Two 05/10/1969; Life of Brian, directed by Terry Jones, Cinema International Corporation, 1979; 5Live Drive, 5Live 22/01/2020; Medieval Lives - The Peasant, BBC Two, 03/01/2004; The Story of 1, BBC Two, 28/09/2005.
1/24/202027 minutes, 49 seconds
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Sir Roger Scruton FBA, FRSL, Sultan Qaboos bin Said of Oman, Bobby Neame CBE, Elizabeth Sellars

Pictured: Sir Roger Scruton Matthew Bannister on Sir Roger Scruton, the leading conservative philosopher of his generation, known for his work on aesthetics. His outspoken views made him a controversial figure for some on the left. Sultan Qaboos bin Said of Oman who overthrew his father in a coup and transformed his country. Bobby Neame, the Chairman of Shepherd Neame - the country's oldest brewing company based in Kent. Elizabeth Sellars, the British actress who appeared alongside Humphrey Bogart in "The Barefoot Contessa" and Marlon Brando in "Desiree". Interviewed guest: Lord Maurice Glasman Interviewed guest: Douglas Murray Interviewed guest: Calvin Allen Interviewed guest: Jonathan Neame Interviewed guest: Dr Melanie Williams Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: The English Fix, Radio 4 14/09/2017; On Your Farm, Radio 4 28/10/2001; Best of Today Podcast, Radio 4 26/04/2019; Profile: Sultan Qaboos Of Oman, Radio 4 11/01/1980; Sultan Of Muscat and Oman Interview, Radio 4 02/08/1970; Oman Civil War, Thames TV 22/03/2017; Slang: Spitfire Ale advert 27/06/2013; Newsroom South East, BBC One 21/01/1998; Forbidden Cargo, directed by Harold French, J. Arthur Rank Organisation/ London Independent Producers 1954; Hunted, directed by Charles Crichton, Independent Artists/ British Film Makers 1952; Desiree, directed by Henry Koster, Twentieth Century Fox 1954; The Barefoot Contessa, directed by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Transoceanic Film /Figaro 1954; A Voyage Round My Father, directed by Alvin Rakoff, Thames Television 1982.
1/17/202028 minutes, 2 seconds
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General Qasem Soleimani, M.C. Beaton, George Laurer, Dr Sidney Holt

Pictured: General Qasem Soleimani Matthew Bannister on Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, who was killed by an American drone strike. We try to uncover the motivation of the man who spread Iran's military influence throughout the Middle East. M.C. Beaton who wrote more than 250 books which sold in their millions, including romantic fiction and murder mysteries featuring PC Hamish Macbeth and Agatha Raisin. George Laurer, the American engineer who played a pivotal role in the invention of the barcode. Dr. Sidney Holt, the biologist credited with saving the blue whale from extinction. Interviewed guest: Kasra Naji Interviewed guest: Mike Ripley Interviewed guest: Chris Stokel-Walker Interviewed guest: Vassili Papastavrou Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Profile, Radio 4 08/03/2015; TV Eye, Thames TV 1979; September 11 Attacks, CNN 07/09/2011; President Trump on Soleimani, The Telegraph 05/01/2020; Soleimani on Trump, MEMRI TV 30/07/2018; Soleimani’s funeral, The Sun 06/01/2020; Front Row, Radio 4 16/08/2010; The Chocolate Debutante by MC Beaton, read by Patience Tomlinson, Hachette Audio UK 2019; Hamish Macbeth, BBC Four 23/03/2008; Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death by MC Beaton, read by Penelope Keith, Chivers Audiobooks 05/07/2012; Woman’s Hour, Radio 4 10/12/2014; George Laurer: CSCMP Supply Chain Hall of Fame, CSCMPTube 02/10/2017; Sidney Holt: In His Own Words, Stephen Best May 2010; Britain's Whale Hunters: The Untold Story, BBC Four 27/10/2016; Newsnight, BBC Two 07/04/2000; Today, Radio 4 29/05/1995; Front Row, Radio 4 10/04/2006.
1/10/202028 minutes
Episode Artwork

Neil Innes, Steve Sawyer, Sheila Mercier, Alasdair Gray

Pictured: Neil Innes Matthew Bannister on Neil Innes, the talented musician who was a member of the Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, worked with Monty Python and satirised the Beatles. Roger McGough and Michael Palin pay tribute. Steve Sawyer, the Greenpeace activist who helped to evacuate the Pacific Islanders of the Rongelap Atoll after they were affected by nuclear testing. Sheila Mercier, the actress best known for playing Annie Sugden in the TV soap Emmerdale. Alasdair Gray, the Scottish novelist and painter who created the acclaimed novel Lanark. Interviewed guest: Roger McGough Interviewed guest: Michael Palin Interviewed guest: Brian Fitzgerald Interviewed guest: Anthony Hayward Interviewed guest: Jean Rogers Interviewed guest: Frazer Hines Interviewed guest: Alan Riach Producer: Paula McGinley Archive clips from: Chain Reaction, Radio 4 20/04/2016; Innes Own World, Radio 4 Extra 29/06/2018; All You Need is Cash, directed by Eric Idle and Gary Weis, Broadway Video 22/03/1978; The Reunion, Radio 4 14/09/2003; Rainbow Warrior's Rongelap Voyage, 25/06/2015, Pacific Media Centre; Breakfast Time, Radio 4 10/07/1985; Open To Question, Radio 4 15/10/1985; 1800 News Bulletin, Radio 4 26/08/1997; Emmerdale, ITV 31/10/1972; Emmerdale, ITV 16/07/1973; Emmerdale, ITV 19/05/1988; The Late Show: Alasdair Gray, BBC Two 18/10/1993; Artworks Scotland: Alasdair Gray, BBC 2S 14/11/2004; Alasdair Gray at Eighty, BBC 2S 27/12/2014; Reporting Scotland 2018: Alasdair Gray, 05/04/2018.
1/3/202027 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Andrew Graham-Yooll OBE, Andrea Newman, Peter Davis, Olly Croft OBE

Julian Worricker on: The journalist, Andrew Graham-Yooll OBE, who risked his life to tell the story of the so-called 'disappeared' in Argentina in the 1970s. The writer Andrea Newman, best known for 'Bouquet of Barbed Wire', the sexually charged family drama that pushed the boundaries of television. Ornithologist and conservationist, Peter Davis, who dedicated much of his working life to saving the red kite. And Olly Croft OBE who founded the British Darts Organisation, and is credited with making the sport more popular and more professional. Producer: Paula McGinley
12/27/201928 minutes, 14 seconds
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Kenny Lynch OBE, Chris Moncrieff CBE, Kate Figes, Branko Lustig

Pictured: Kenny Lynch OBE Matthew Bannister on Chris Moncrieff, the journalist who covered parliament for the Press Association for more than 50 years. He even has a bar named after him in the House of Commons. Kate Figes, the writer who captured the nuances of human relationships in books like "Couples" and "Our Cheating Hearts". Branko Lustig, the holocaust survivor who won an Oscar as the producer of the film Schindler's List. Kenny Lynch, the singer from London's East End who described himself as a black cockney and had hits including "Up On The Roof". Interviewed guest: Pete Clifton Interviewed guest: Lennie Goodings Contributor: Michael Goldfarb Interviewed guest: Garth Cartwright Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Labour Party Conference, BBC Sound Archive 01/10/1993; Loose Ends, Radio 4 20/09/2008; Thatcher Resigns as Prime Minister, The Telegraph Archive 08/04/2013; Backstage In Parliament, Radio 4 10/11/1985; Woman’s Hour, Radio 4 22/01/2013; Woman’s Hour, Radio 4 11/05/2013; Gladiator, directed by Ridley Scott, Dreamworks/Universal Pictures/Scott Free Productions 2000; Branko Lustig: Drawing Against Oblivion, Final Frame 22/03/2019; Schindler’s List, directed by Steven Spielberg, Universal Pictures/Amblin Entertainment 1993; Branko: Return to Auschwitz, The New York Times 15/04/2013; Jools Holland, Radio 2 28/10/2013.
12/20/201928 minutes, 1 second
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David Bellamy, Nell Gifford, Yasuhiro Nakasone, Mariss Jansons

Pictured: David Bellamy Matthew Bannister on David Bellamy, the botanist who became a household name through his popular TV programmes, but fell from prominence after describing man-made global warming as "poppycock". Nell Gifford, who founded and ran a circus company known for its retro styling and creativity. Yasuhiro Nakasone, the Japanese Prime Minister who formed a strong bond with US President Ronald Reagan and UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Mariss Jansons, the Latvian-born conductor noted for his interpretation of Mahler and Strauss. Interviewed guest: David Shreeve Interviewed guest: Chris Baines Interviewed guest: Cal McCrystal Interviewed guest: Dr Christopher Hood Interviewed guest: Norman Lebrecht Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 01/01/1978; Profile, Radio 4 16/09/1983; Torrey Canyon and the Toxic Tides, Radio 4 18/03/2017; Today, Radio 4 12/12/2019; Backyard Safari, BBC One 09/07/1981; Bard on the Box, BBC Two 23/10/1994; Midweek, Radio 4 08/06/2011; Nell Gifford: Behind the Curtain, directed by Gem Hall, July 2019; The World Tonight, Radio 4 11/06/1984; Nippon: Risen Sun, BBC Two 09/12/1990; Reagan/Nakasone arrival ceremony, Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, 30/04/1987; Mariss Jansons interviewed by Norman Lebrecht, Radio 3 29/08/2007.
12/13/201928 minutes, 8 seconds
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Bob Willis MBE, Gary Rhodes OBE, Dr Shuping Wang, Sir Stephen Cleobury CBE

Pictured: Bob Willis Matthew Bannister on Bob Willis, the former England cricket captain, who was seen as one of the finest fast bowlers of his generation. Gary Rhodes, the spiky-haired TV chef who won Michelin stars for his re-invention of classic British recipes. Shuping Wang, the Chinese doctor who lost her job and her marriage after blowing the whistle on a trade in blood products that was spreading HIV through Henan province. Sir Stephen Cleobury, the musical director of King's College Cambridge for thirty-seven years. He commissioned a new carol every year for the Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols. Interviewed guest: Jonathan Agnew MBE Interviewed guest: Fiona Pitcher Interviewed guest: Thane Prince Interviewed guest: Sir Michael Boyd Interviewed guest: The Reverend Dr Stephen Cherry Interviewed guest: Peter Lindsay Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Today, Radio 4 05/12/2019; Test Match Special, 5 Live 04/12/2019; Rhodes Around Britain, BBC Two 08/06/1995, 25/05/1995, 05/07/1994, 07/06/1994; Top of the Class, Radio 4 18/08/2008; Great British Food Revival, BBC Two 17/11/2011; Woman’s Hour, Radio 4 19/09/2019; CD Review, Radio 3 25/12/2004.
12/6/201928 minutes, 8 seconds
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Sir Jonathan Miller, Field Marshal Lord Bramall, Clive James AO, CBE

Pictured: Jonathan Miller Matthew Bannister on Sir Jonathan Miller, who hated the term polymath - but undoubtedly was one. He came to fame in the satirical revue Beyond the Fringe, was a celebrated opera and theatre director and sometimes regretted his decision not to concentrate on his first calling as a doctor. Field Marshal Lord Bramall, the Chief of the Defence Staff who saw action in the D Day landings, predicted the threat of terrorism and was wrongly accused of sexual abuse late in his life. Clive James, whose memorable turns of phrase made TV criticism an art form. He presented programmes dissecting TV from around the world, but was also a literary critic, essayist and poet who wrote acclaimed memoirs. Interviewed guest: William Miller Interviewed guest: Kate Bassett Interviewed guest: Lieutenant Colonel Jan-Dirk von Merveldt Interviewed guest: Lieutenant-General Sir Peter Royson Duffell KCB CBE MC Interviewed guest: Russell Davies Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Saturday Night Clive, BBC TV 11/11/1989; The Tingle Factor, Radio 4 Extra 02/08/2016; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 23/01/2005; Arena, BBC Two 31/03/2012; The Complete Beyond the Fringe, Parlophone Records Ltd 21/10/1996; The Body in Question, BBC TV 06/11/1978; D-Day: The Last Heroes, BBC One 08/06/2019; Today, Radio 4 06/06/1994; The Report: Lord Bramall, Radio 4 04/02/2016; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 16/06/2000; A Point of View, Radio 4 26/04/2009; The Clive James TV Show, ITV 1996; Front Row, Radio 4 03/04/2015.
11/29/201926 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Vladimir Bukovsky, Alison Prince, Keith Schellenberg, Robert Ponsonby

Pictured: Vladimir Bukovsky Matthew Bannister on The Russian dissident Vladimir Bukovsky, a long term opponent of the Soviet regime who revealed the use of psychiatric hospitals as political prisons. Alison Prince, the children's writer who scripted Trumpton. Keith Schellenberg, the eccentric millionaire who was a bobsleigh champion and keen powerboat racer. He bought the Scottish Isle of Eigg - and was accused of treating his tenants badly. Robert Ponsonby, the BBC Controller of Music who ran the Proms and faced a strike by musicians in the Corporation's orchestras. Interviewed guest: Alyona Kojevnikov Interviewed guest: Julia Eccleshare Interviewed guest: Ray Bulman Interviewed guest: Camille Dressler Interviewed guest: Professor David Hendy Interviewed guest: Peter Donohoe CBE Reader: Ian Conningham Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Vladimir Bukovsky interviewed by Bernard Levin, BBC Sound Archive 26/04/1980; Soviet Propaganda Film 1972, Periscope Film 17/08/2014; PM, Radio 4 04/01/1977; Watch with Mother: Joe and a Horse, BBC One 03/10/1966; Trumpton, BBC One, 03/01/1967; Spud by Alison Prince, Young Corgi, 07/08/2003; Jackanory, BBC One 1965; Radio Scotland News, 09/02/2006; Upfront, BBC Scotland 03/02/1994; Music Now, Radio 3 29/11/1974; Radio 3 continuity announcement, BBC Sound Archive 23/11/1978.
11/22/201927 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Nik Powell OBE, James Le Mesurier OBE, Frank Dobson, Hazel Vincent Wallace OBE

Pictured: Nik Powell Matthew Bannister on James Le Mesurier, the former British Army Officer who set up the organisation that trained the White Helmet volunteers who rescue people from bomb sites in Syria. Nik Powell, the businessman who helped Richard Branson to start Virgin Records and went on to produce a string of acclaimed British films. Frank Dobson, the Labour M.P. who became Health Secretary under Tony Blair and embarked on an ambitious hospital building programme. Hazel Vincent Wallace, who founded the Thorndike Theatre at Leatherhead in Surrey, which became known as one of the finest venues outside London. Interviewed guest: Stephen Woolley Interviewed guest: Jon Wardle Interviewed guest: Julia Langdon Interviewed guest: Michael Gaunt Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: PM, Radio 4 13/11/2014; Today, Radio 4 12/11/2019; The White Helmets, directed by Orlando von Einsiedel, Grain Media / Violet Films 2016; PM, Radio 4 11/11/2019; Masterclass with Nik Powell, Australian Film Television and Radio School 22/03/2017; The Evil Dead, directed by Sam Raimi, Renaissance Pictures 1981; The Company of Wolves, directed by Neil Jordan, Incorporated Television Company / Palace Pictures 1984; The Film Programme, Radio 4 01/09/2013; Who Wants to be a London Mayor? Carlton/ITV 25/04/2000; The World Tonight, Radio 4 02/06/1995; Labour Party Conference, BBC Sound Archives, 30/09/1997; Theatre and Stage Stars, Huntley Film Archives 26/01/2015; Sybil Thorndike Theatre, British Pathé 1969; Thorndike Theatre, British Movietone / AP 09/22/1969; Theatrical Balance Of Payments, Radio 3 01/12/1968.
11/15/201927 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

Gay Byrne, Sadako Ogata, Robert Evans

Pictured: Gay Byrne Matthew Bannister on Gay Byrne, the Irish TV and radio presenter who occupied a unique place in the nation's culture and public life. He presented the Late Late Show for thirty-seven years, often causing controversy when he covered changing social issues. Sadako Ogata, the Japanese academic who served as UN High Commissioner for Refugees in the 1990s. She was noted for her fearless approach and for putting the refugee crisis on the political map. The current Commissioner recalls his time working with her. And the Hollywood producer Robert Evans, who was behind classic films like The Godfather, Love Story and Chinatown, but was almost as well known for his colourful private life as his on-screen hits. The actor and director Simon McBurney pays tribute. Interviewed guest: Joe Duffy Interviewed guest: Jurek Martin OBE Interviewed guest: Filippo Grandi Interviewed guest: Angie Errigo Interviewed guest: Simon McBurney OBE Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Gay Byrne RTE tribute, RTE News 04/11/2019; The Gay Byrne Show, RTE Radio 1 14/06/1996; The Late Late Show RTE One 01/02/1966; The Meaning of Life, RTE One October 2010; The Meaning of Life, RTE One February 2015; The World Tonight, Radio 4 14/07/1993; Special Report on the Rwandan Genocide, SABC 1994; Sadako Ogata Expresses the Need to Prevent Future Genocide, AP Archive 21/07/2015; BBC News 1991; Today, Radio 4 21/06/1999; 1800 News Bulletin, Radio 4 02/08/1994; Brian Linehan's City Lights: Robert Evans Interview 1977, Reelin’ In The Years Productions; Man of a Thousand Faces, directed by Joseph Pevney, Universal International Pictures 1957; The Sun Also Rises, directed by Henry King, Twentieth Century Fox 1957; The Godfather, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, Paramount Pictures / Alfran Productions 1972; The Cotton Club, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, Zoetrope Studios / Producers Sales Organization / Totally Independent / Robert Evans Company 1984.
11/8/201928 minutes, 9 seconds
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Charles Jencks, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Irene Shubik, Raymond Leppard

Pictured: Charles Jencks Matthew Bannister on The architectural historian Charles Jencks, who was known as the godfather of postmodernism. He also involved leading architects in designing cancer treatment centres named after his wife Maggie. Lord Foster pays tribute. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the fanatical leader of ISIS who was behind the killing and torture of thousands of victims. Irene Shubik, the TV producer who created "Rumpole of the Bailey" and "The Jewel in the Crown". Raymond Leppard, the conductor and arranger who revived interest in baroque Italian opera with acclaimed productions at Glyndebourne. Interviewed guest: Dame Laura Lee DBE Interviewed guest: Lord Norman Foster Interviewed guest: Oliver Wainwright Interviewed guest: Andrew Hosken Interviewed guest: Judith Burnley Interviewed guest: Sir Nicolas Kenyon Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 06/07/2012; Look North, BBC One 29/12/11; Islamic State Leader, Wall Street Journal 05/07/2014; In Tune, Radio 3 15/11/2013; In Tune, Radio 3 13/12/2010; Rumpole of the Bailey, BBC One 1975; The Jewel in the Crown, Granada Television 1984; Edna, the Inebriate Woman, BBC One 21/10/1971.
11/1/201928 minutes, 7 seconds
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Alicia Alonso, Deborah Orr, Joyce Cansfield, Clora Bryant

Pictured: Alicia Alonso Matthew Bannister on Alicia Alonso, the Cuban ballerina who went on dancing when her sight began to fail. She also set up the National Ballet Company of Cuba. Deborah Orr, the witty columnist who also edited the Guardian Weekend magazine. Joyce Cansfield, the British Scrabble champion and 1983 Brain of Mensa who set more than a thousand crossword puzzles for the Times. Clora Bryant, the American trumpeter who overcame sexism to forge a career in jazz. Interviewed guest: Mike Lanchin Interviewed guest: Sarah Crompton Interviewed guest: Louisa Young Interviewed guest: Nigel Williamson Interviewed guest: Alyn Shipton Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Witness: The First Lady of Cuban Ballet, BBC World Service 28/10/2015; Off the Page, Radio 4 19/07/2010; Carrie Fisher: Guardian column by Deborah Orr, 04/01/2017; Motherwell by Deborah Orr, Orion January 2020; Woman's Hour, Radio 4 26/12/2017; Catchword, BBC Two 02/02/1988; Cross Talk, Radio 4 07/01/2001; Countdown, Channel 4 1982; Central Avenue Sounds Part 3, Radio 3 24/02/2001.
10/25/201928 minutes, 9 seconds
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Alexei Leonov, Sally Soames, Kary Mullis, Reg Watson

Pictured: Alexei Leonov Matthew Bannister on The Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov who was the first person to walk in space. Sally Soames, the photographer who made portraits of many leading politicians and celebrities as well as working in war zones. Her niece Claudia Winkleman and sister in law Eve Pollard pay tribute. Kary Mullis, the Nobel Prize-winning biochemist who invented PCR - a revolutionary technique for speeding up the process of analysing DNA. He also enjoyed surfing and experimented with LSD. Reg Watson, the TV producer behind the successful soap operas Crossroads and Neighbours. Interviewed guest: Doug Millard Interviewed guest: Claudia Winkleman Interviewed guest: Eve Pollard Interviewed guest: Nancy Mullis Interviewed guest: Anthony Liversidge Interviewed guest: Anthony Hayward Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Soviet Astronaut Leaves Spacecraft During Flight, BBC Sound Archive 21/03/1965; Two Sides of the Moon, Radio 4 13/04/2004; Today, Radio 4 12/10/2019; South East At Six, BBC One 30/09/1983; Kary Mullis: Google Tech Talk 17/09/2010; Horizon: Psychedelic Science, BBC Two 27/02/1997; The Kary Mullis Nobel Prize, Bonhams Auctioneers 19/01/2016; Crossroads, ITV 1985; Eyewitness with Reg Watson, Daily Motion; Neighbours, BBC One 1987; Harry Enfield and Chums, BBC One 1997; The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Radio 4 September 2004.
10/18/201927 minutes, 57 seconds
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Ginger Baker, Su Beng, John Haylett, Diahann Carroll

Pictured: Ginger Baker Matthew Bannister on Su Beng, the activist known as the father of Taiwan independence. Ginger Baker, the legendary drummer with rock super group Cream who struggled with drug addiction and an unpredictable temper. John Haylett who was editor of the socialist paper the Morning Star at a crucial time in its history. Diahann Carroll, the African American actress who starred in many films and stage shows as well as her own TV comedy "Julia" and the soap opera "Dynasty". Interviewed guest: Felicia Lin Interviewed guest: Cindy Sui Interviewed guest: Adam Sweeting Interviewed guest: Ben Chacko Interviewed guest: Matt Wolf Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Chiang Rattles The Sabre, Pathe News 1957; The Seven Ages of Rock, 6 Music 10/03/2015; Nationwide, BBC One 11/05/1978; Julia, 20th Century Fox Television/ Hancarr Productions / Savannah Productions 17 September 1968; Claudine, directed by John Berry, Third World Cinema / Twentieth Century Fox 1974; Dynasty, Aaron Spelling Productions 1 May 1982; One on One: Sir David Frost, BBC One 21/10/2002.
10/11/201928 minutes, 4 seconds
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Jessye Norman, Peter Sissons, Al Alvarez, Marita Lorenz

Pictured: Jessye Norman Julian Worricker on: The multiple award-winning American soprano, Jessye Norman, whose performances wowed audiences around the world.... Peter Sissons, the acclaimed television journalist, who moved from ITN to the BBC to present Question Time and the main evening news.... The author, Al Alvarez, poetry editor of the Observer newspaper, and renowned poker player.... And Marita Lorenz, who survived Bergen-Belsen as a child, and went on to become a spy involved in a near-assassination of Fidel Castro.... Interviewed guest: Sir Clive Gillinson CBE Interviewed guest: Norman Lebrecht Interviewed guest: Iain Dale Interviewed guest: Alexandra Pringle Interviewed guest: Michael Carlson Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: International Profile, Radio 4 29/07/1988; Jessye Norman Interview, Radio 3 06/08/2000; CD Review, Radio 3 23/08/2014; ITN News 21/11/84; Question Time, BBC One 09/12/1993; BBC News, BBC One 30/03/2002; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 19/03/2000; The World Of Books, Radio 4 25/05/1978; Timewatch, BBC Two 07/10/1992; Geraldo Rivera interviews Marita Lorenz, 23 Sep 2013; Archive Hour: Something Is Terribly Wrong, Radio 4 22/11/2003.
10/4/201928 minutes, 19 seconds
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Jacques Chirac, Sir Michael Edwardes, Cokie Roberts, Pat Cavendish O’Neill

Pictured: Jacques Chirac Julian Worricker on: Jacques Chirac, mayor of Paris for eighteen years, who served twice as French Prime Minister and twice as French president.... The man who took on the toughest of managerial assignments - running British Leyland in the late 1970s - Sir Michael Edwardes.... US television journalist and presenter, Cokie Roberts, credited with changing the role of women in the newsroom.... Pat Cavendish O'Neill, the racehorse trainer and breeder, who built up a menagerie of rescue animals in Kenya and South Africa. Interviewed guest: Agnes Poirier Interviewed guest: Nick Jones Interviewed guest: Michael Goldfarb Interviewed guest: Mark McGinness Producer: Neil George Archive clips from:
9/27/201928 minutes, 2 seconds
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Chester Williams, Sheikh Yusuf Motala, Jan Ruff O’Herne, Ric Ocasek

Pictured: Chester Williams Matthew Bannister on Sheikh Yusuf Motala who founded the first traditional Islamic seminary in the UK, and trained hundreds of Imams. Chester Williams, the only black rugby player in the South African team that won the World Cup in 1995. Jan Ruff O'Herne who was forced to work in a brothel by the Japanese army during the war. She kept her story secret for fifty years, but ended her life campaigning against the use of rape as a weapon of war. Ric Ocasek, the singer who wrote many hits for the American rock band The Cars, including 'Drive' and 'My Best Friend's Girl'. Interviewed guest: Innes Bowen Interviewed guest: Dr Riyaz Timol Interviewed guest: Carol Ruff Interviewed guest: Garth Cartwright Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Sunday, Radio 4 15/09/2019; Australian Story: Australian Comfort Woman Jan Ruff O'Herne, ABC 2001; Chester Williams - Champion of a New South Africa, Real Rugby 10/08/2016; Outlook, BBC World Service 14/10/2015; South Africa win the 1995 RWC, World Rugby 04/05/2016; Speedster Williams bags four tries on debut, World Rugby 14/09/2015; Invictus, directed by Clint Eastwood, Warner Bros 2009; Nelson Mandela & Francois Pienaar moment at RWC 1995, World Rugby 24/06/2015; Entertainment Tonight, Syndicated 1985.
9/20/201928 minutes, 9 seconds
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Hans Rausing, Sir Dawda Jawara, Sue Crockford, Terrance Dicks

Matthew Bannister on Hans Rausing, the Swedish-born industrialist who led the Tetra Pak company. In the 1990s he topped the Sunday Times Rich List ahead of the Queen. His daughter Sigrid pays tribute. Sir Dawda Jawara the first President of independent Gambia who faced two coup attempts. Sue Crockford, a feminist campaigner who made influential films about the social history of North London. Terrance Dicks, who was screenwriter and script editor for Dr Who and also wrote novelisations of the series. Producer: Neil George Interviewed Guest: Esau Williams Interviewed Guest: Matthew Sweet Interviewed Guest: Sigrid Rausing Interviewed Guest: Margaret Dickinson Interviewed Guest: Anna Davin
9/13/201928 minutes, 5 seconds
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Robert Mugabe, Alla Verber, Ciaran McKeown, Bill Anderson MBE

Pictured: Robert Mugabe Matthew Bannister on The former President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe. He was once hailed as a hero of the liberation struggle but later seen by many as a tyrant. Alla Verber, the Russian socialite who brought high fashion to the newly wealthy in the post-Soviet society. Ciaran McKeown, who joined Mairead Corrigan and Betty Williams to found the Peace People of Northern Ireland. Bill Anderson, described as Scotland's greatest ever Highland Games heavyweight athlete. He held countless records for throwing the hammer and tossing the caber. Interviewed guest: Stanley Kwenda Interviewed guest: Viv Groskop Interviewed guest: Patrick Corrigan Interviewed guest: Jack Davidson QC Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Today, Radio 4 06/09/2019; Alla Verber: Leading Russia's Fashion Revolution, ABC News 09/04/2010; BBC Sound Archive, 13/08/1976; PM, Radio 4 27/11/1976; The World This Weekend, Radio 4 28/11/1976; The Heavies, BBC 2S 04/01/1982; Scotland on Film: Aberdeen And Grampian, BBC 2S 05/03/2006; Braemar Games Commentary, AP 1970; Interview with Bill Anderson, BBC Sound Archive, 05/09/1963.
9/6/201928 minutes, 1 second
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Lord Bell, Paule Marshall, David Koch, Richard Booth

Matthew Bannister on Lord Bell, the advertising and public relations executive who helped Margaret Thatcher to win three elections. Paule Marshall, the novelist who wrote about the experiences of black Americans of Caribbean origin. David Koch, the American billionaire who poured money into right wing political causes. Richard Booth, the second hand bookseller who was the self-styled King of Hay-on-Wye. Interviewed guest: David Hopper Interviewed guest: Michael Cockerell Interviewed guest: Bonnie Greer Interviewed guest: Lyn Innes Interviewed guest: Daniel Schulman Interviewed guest: Lucia Stuart Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Tim Bell, Booktalk, BBC Parliament 04/12/2012; Coming Soon, Saatchi & Saatchi, 1979; PM, BBC Radio 4 4/05/1979; Newsnight, BBC Two 04/09/2017. Paule Marshall, A stranger in a strange land, Radio 3, 9/04/1993; Praisesong for the widow, Radio 4, 17/05/1993. Richard Booth, Down the River Wye, Radio 4 16/08/1987; BBC Wales News 27/05/88, Jamie Owen’s Wales, Radio Wales, 06/11/2013.
8/30/201928 minutes, 6 seconds
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Peter Fonda, Princess Christina of the Netherlands, Geoffrey Paul OBE, Jim Bouton

Pictured: Peter Fonda Matthew Bannister on Peter Fonda, the actor who became a hero of the 1960s counterculture, by riding his Harley Davidson across America in the classic film Easy Rider. Princess Christina of the Netherlands who was born nearly blind. When her mother Queen Juliana consulted a soothsayer, a constitutional crisis followed. Geoffrey Paul the respected long serving editor of the Jewish Chronicle. Jim Bouton, the baseball player whose memoir caused a scandal by revealing the behind the scenes antics of his colleagues. Interviewed guest: Roger Corman Interviewed guest: Diane Ladd Interviewed guest: Tim Bullamore Interviewed guest: Jenni Frazer Interviewed guest: Michael Carlson Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Easy Rider, directed by Dennis Hopper, Pando Company Inc./Raybert Productions 1969; The Wild Angels, directed by Roger Corman, American International Pictures 1966; The Trip, directed by Roger Corman, American International Pictures 1967; The Big Fix, directed by Joshua Tickell, Big Picture Ranch/Green Planet Productions 2012; Holland Aka New Princess 1947, Pathe News 1947; Huwelijk Prinses Christina en Jorge Guillermo (1975), Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid 27/06/2013; Sunday Night, BBC One 16/01/1983; The Long Goodbye, directed by Robert Altman, Lion's Gate Films 1973; Jim Bouton: MLB All-Star, EaglesTalent 13/02/2012.
8/23/201927 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

Julia Farron OBE, Nuon Chea, June Fraser, Marcel Berlins

Pictured: Julia Farron Julian Worricker on: The Cambodian political leader, Nuon Chea, who was found guilty of genocide and crimes against humanity during his time as a member of the Khmer Rouge.... Julia Farron, a dancer with the Royal Ballet, who's been described as a great performer of virtuoso roles.... The pioneering graphic designer, June Fraser, whose work has influenced so many of the logos and packaging we're familiar with today.... And Marcel Berlins, lawyer, broadcaster and critic who presented Law in Action on Radio 4 for sixteen years.... Interviewed guest: Rob Lemkin Interviewed guest: Jane Pritchard Interviewed guest: Zoe Cull Interviewed guest: Mike Ripley Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Enemies of the People, directed by Rob Lemkin, Old Street Films 2009; Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia 05/12/2011; BBC News 19/09/2007; John Pilger, Radio 4 16/10/1989; Dancing in the Blitz, BBC Four 05/03/2014; Compulsion, directed by Richard Fleischer, Darryl F. Zanuck Productions 1959; Quote Unquote, Radio 4 15/02/2010; Law in Action, Radio 4 14/07/1989; Round Britain Quiz, Radio 4 05/07/2014; Puzzling Passions, Radio 4 03/10/2000.
8/16/201928 minutes, 13 seconds
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Toni Morrison, Hal Prince, Dr Elizabeth Killick, Li Peng, Barrington Pheloung

Pictured: Toni Morrison Matthew Bannister on The Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison, acclaimed for her novels which put the experience of black women centre stage. Hal Prince, the successful theatre producer and director behind West Side Story, Phantom of the Opera and Evita. The pioneering radar and sonar engineer, Dr Elizabeth Killick. Li Peng, the Chinese Premier who ordered troops to fire on unarmed students in Tiananmen Square. Barrington Pheloung, the TV and film composer who wrote the theme music for Inspector Morse. Interviewed guest: Dr Tessa Roynon Interviewed guest: Margaret Busby OBE, FRSL Interviewed guest: David Benedict Interviewed guest: Ed Gorman Interviewed guest: Isabel Hilton OBE Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Start The Week, Radio 4 08/12/2003; Toni Morrison reads Song of Solomon, Penguin / PRH Audio; World Book Club, Radio 4 Extra 12/06/2016; Toni Morrison’s Nobel Prize Lecture, 07/12/1993; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 16/11/1986; Broadcasting House, Radio 4 04/08/2019; Elaine Paige on Sunday, Radio 2 04/08/2019; Workers Join Pro-Democracy Protests, BBC Sound Archive 23/05/1989; Tiananmen Square protesters battle Chinese troops, BBC News 04/06/1989; Today, Radio 4 08/11/1997; The Radio 2 Arts Show, 30/03/2016.
8/9/201927 minutes, 58 seconds
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Russi Taylor, Beji Caid Essebsi, Jane Hubert, Iván Erőd

Pictured: Russi Taylor Matthew Bannister on Beji Caid Essebsi who became the first democratically elected President of Tunisia in the aftermath of the Arab Spring. Russi Taylor the versatile voice artist best known for playing Minnie Mouse. She married the man who did the voice for Mickey Mouse. Jane Hubert, the anthropologist and psychologist who studied young people with severe learning disabilities and transformed the academic study of archaeology. Ivan Erod who fled persecution and, in exile, became one of Hungary's leading composers. Interviewed guest: Mohamed El Aassar Interviewed guest: Martin Anderson Interviewed guest: Peter Stone Interviewed guest: Brian Sibley Producer: Neil George Archive Clips from: The White House video archive, 07/10/2011; Actuality of Tunisian Uprising, RT, 14/01/2011; BBC News, 30/06/ 2015; Beji Caid Essebsi inauguration ceremony, AP archive 03/08/2015; Tunisian Television -al watania, 27/07/2019; The Voice Behind The Mouse, Walt Disney Home Video; The Spirit of Mickey, Buena Vista Home Entertainment
8/2/201928 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

Andrea Camilleri, Johnny Clegg OBE, OIS, Christopher Kraft, Paul Krassner, Professor Rolf Gehlhaar

Pictured: Andrea Camilleri Matthew Bannister on Andrea Camilleri, the Sicilian writer who created the Inspector Montalbano novels. His literary success began in his late sixties. Johnny Clegg, the white South African singer and guitarist who confronted the apartheid government by embracing Zulu music and culture. Christopher Kraft, the founder of mission control for the NASA space programme. Paul Krassner, the controversial American satirist who coined the word "Yippie". Professor Rolf Gehlhaar, the electronic music composer and technician who co-founded the Paraorchestra. Interviewed guest: John Hooper Interviewed guest: Audrey Brown Interviewed guest: Ellin Stein Interviewed guest: Vahakn Matossian-Gehlhaar Interviewed guest: Nouritza Matossian Interviewed guest: Adrian Lee Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Foreign Bodies: Inspector Montalbano, Radio 4 02/11/2012; Newsday, BBC World Service 17/07/2019; 13 Minutes to the Moon, BBC World Service, May 2019 (archive courtesy of the Johnson Space Center Oral History Project); Paul Krassner on George W. Bush and Abu Ghraib, MediaBurnArchive 22/07/2019; Paul Krassner on Political Satire in America (2005), Manufacturing Intellect, 22/07/2016; Paul Krassner February 1967 interview by Joe Pyne, 02/04/2013; Stockhausen at 70, Radio 3 21/08/1998.
7/26/201928 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

Audrey Eyton, Arthur Ryan, Jack Bond, Rip Torn

Pictured: Audrey Eyton Matthew Bannister on Arthur Ryan, the Irish retailer who created Primark - known for selling fast fashion at low prices. Audrey Eyton, who devised the F-Plan diet, which encouraged people to eat fibre to lose weight. Jack Bond, the Lancashire cricket captain who led his team to success in the one-day game. Rip Torn, the film and stage actor known for his violent temper who appeared in DodgeBall, Men In Black and latterly The Larry Sanders Show. His daughter Angelica Page, who is also an actor, pays an emotional tribute. Interviewed guest: Paul Marchant Interviewed guest: Teresa Wickham Interviewed guest: Carole Stone Interviewed guest: David Lloyd Interviewed guest: Angelica Page Producer: Paula McGinley Archive clips from: Profile, Radio 4 22/06/2008; Midnight News, Radio 4 25/04/2013; Enterprise: Audrey Eyton, Radio 4 24/12/1981; See You Sunday, BBC 1 Wales, 05/05/1991; Breakfast Time, BBC One 14/10/1983; North West Tonight, BBC One 11/07/1996; 5 Live cricket commentary, 14/07/2019; 30 Rock, NBC 2009; The Larry Sanders Show, HBO 1998; Maidstone, directed by Norman Mailer, Supreme Mix Productions 1971; DodgeBall, directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber, Twentieth Century Fox / Red Hour Films / Mediastream Vierte Film GmbH & Co. Vermarktungs KG 2004; Rip Torn on InnerVIEWS, Houston PBS, 05/02/2010.
7/19/201928 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Eva Kor, Christopher Booker, João Gilberto, John McCririck

Pictured: Eva Kor Matthew Bannister on Eva Kor who, with her twin sister, was the subject of experiments by the Nazi doctor Josef Mengele in Auschwitz. She later publicly forgave her tormentors. Christopher Booker, the founding editor of Private Eye and Telegraph columnist. João Gilberto, the Brazilian pioneer of bossa nova music whose hits included The Girl From Ipanema. And John McCririck, the eccentric TV racing pundit who was criticised for his sexist views. Interviewed guest: Alex Kor Interviewed guest: Penny Tierney Interviewed guest: Tim Stanley Interviewed guest: Robin Denselow Interviewed guest: Alastair Down Interviewed guest: Cornelius Lysaght Producer: Paula McGinley Archive clips from: Outlook, World Service 13/05/2015; Dirty Years Of Satire, Radio 4 06/10/1991; That Was The Week That Was, BBC One 19/12/1963; Today, Radio 4 04/07/2019; New Names Making News, Radio 4 18/12/1962; John McCririck Interview, Star Sports April 2018; Celebrity Big Brother, Channel 4 2005; Big Brother's Big Mouth, Channel 4 18/08/2006.
7/12/201928 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Brenda Maddox, Ivan Cooper, Min Hogg, John Gunther Dean, Dave Bartholomew

Pictured: Brenda Maddox Matthew Bannister on Ivan Cooper, the human rights campaigner and politician from Northern Ireland who played a key role in the protests on Bloody Sunday. Min Hogg, the colourful founding editor of World of Interiors magazine. Her friend Nicky Haslam pays tribute. John Gunther Dean, the last US diplomat to be evacuated from Cambodia as war loomed. Brenda Maddox, author of many books including The Half Parent and a biography of James Joyce's wife Nora Barnacle. Dave Bartholomew, the New Orleans musician who wrote four thousand songs including many of Fats Domino's greatest hits. Interviewed guest: Dr Simon Prince Interviewed guest: Enda McClafferty Interviewed guest: Nicky Haslam Interviewed guest: Bronwen Maddox Interviewed guest: Fiammetta Rocco Interviewed guest: Garth Cartwright Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Against the Grain, Radio 4 22/02/2011; News Special: Bloody Sunday, BBC Northern Ireland 30/01/1972; Bloody Sunday, directed by Paul Greengrass, Granada Television/Irish Film Board/Portman Entertainment Group/Bórd Scannán na hÉireann/Hell's Kitchen Films 2002; Arena, BBC Two 21/02/1984; Veteran US diplomat John Gunther Dean dies age 93, AP Archive, 16/06/2019; Cambodia War US Embassy Evacuation AP 12/04/1975; Vietnam helicopter pilots describe the war from the cockpit, Military Times 18/04/2018; John Gunther Dean, former U.S. Ambassador to Cambodia, 1974-75, Documentation Center of Cambodia 12 Jun 2019; Happily Ever After? Radio 4 29/11/1983; Nora, directed by Pat Murphy, Natural Nylon Entertainment/Road Movies Filmproduktion/Volta Films/GAM 2000; Night Waves, Radio 3 16/06/2009; Margaret, directed by James Kent, Great Meadows Productions, BBC Two 26/02/2009; Fats Domino's Longtime Collaborator, American Masters PBS 24/02/2016; Dancing In The Street: A Rock And Roll History: Whole Lotta Shakin', BBC Two 15/06/1996.
7/5/201928 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

Dr Henry Lynch, Judith Krantz, Lord Patel of Blackburn, Anthony Hedges

Pictured: Judith Krantz Matthew Bannister on Dr. Henry Lynch whose painstaking medical research revealed the causes of hereditary cancers. Judith Krantz, the American author who made a huge commercial success from her sex and shopping novels. Lord Patel, the Indian-born businessman who became a key figure in community relations in his adopted town of Blackburn. Anthony Hedges, the British composer whose prolific output ranged from light music to symphonies and choral works. Interviewed guest: Professor Patrick M Lynch Interviewed guest: Penny Warren Interviewed guest: Sarah Hughes Interviewed guest: Jack Straw Interviewed guest: Julia Langdon Interviewed guest: Paul Conway Interviewed guest: Colin Bayliss Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Horizon, BBC Two 04/11/2000; Genetic Mutations as Causes of Cancer, Ecancer/Vimeo; Remembering Dr Henry Lynch, KETV NewsWatch 7 03/06/2019; Princess Daisy, directed by Waris Hussein, National Broadcasting Company/ Steve Krantz Productions 1983; Scruples, directed by Alan J. Levi, Lou Step Productions/Warner Bros. Television 1980; Judith Krantz, BBC Sound Archive 01/05/1979.
6/28/201928 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Franco Zeffirelli, Gloria Vanderbilt, Mohamed Morsi, Philomena Lynott

Pictured: Franco Zeffirelli Matthew Bannister on Franco Zeffirelli, the stage and film director known for his opulent designs and flamboyant personality. Gloria Vanderbilt, the heiress who overcame personal tragedy and was the first to market designer jeans. Mohamed Morsi, Egypt's first democratically elected President, who was ousted from office after only a year. Philomena Lynott, who ran a hotel frequented by rock stars and footballers and was the proud Mum of Thin Lizzy lead singer Phil Lynott. Interviewed guest: Rupert Christiansen Interviewed guest: Reverend Richard Coles Interviewed guest: Rosemary Feitelberg Interviewed guest: Dr Hisham Hellyer Interviewed guest: Jackie Hayden Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 07/01/1978; Romeo and Juliet, directed by Franco Zeffirelli, Old Vic 1960; Romeo and Juliet, directed by Franco Zeffirelli, Verona Produzione/ BHE Films /Dino de Laurentiis Cinematografica 1968; The Taming of the Shrew, directed by Franco Zeffirelli, Columbia Pictures, Royal Films International, F.A.I. 1967; Gloria Vanderbilt in Studio Q, Q on CBC 30/07/2012; The Love Boat, ABC 1977; The Risk Business, BBC One 22/04/1981; 2012 CGI Annual Meeting, Clinton Global Initiative; 15/10/2012; Analysis, Radio 4 06/10/2013; Outlook, BBC World Service 24/09/2012.
6/21/201928 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

John Tidmarsh OBE, Sylvia Denman, Paul Darrow, Sheila Turner, Leon Redbone

Pictured: John Tidmarsh Matthew Bannister on John Tidmarsh, who presented Outlook on the BBC World Service for thirty years and brought comfort to the Beirut hostages. John McCarthy pays tribute. Sylvia Denman, the Barbados-born lawyer who campaigned for better race relations in the UK and fought to improve educational outcomes for young black people. Paul Darrow, the actor best known as Avon, the anti-hero of the cult sci-fi TV show Blake's 7. Sheila Turner, who campaigned for better treatment for patients who, like her, suffered from thyroid disorders. And the mysterious singer Leon Redbone, who specialised in music from the Tin Pan Alley era of the 20s and 30s. Interviewed guest: Bob Chaundy Interviewed guest: John McCarthy Interviewed guest: Daniel Stilitz QC Interviewed guest: Lincoln Crawford OBE Contributor: Matthew Sweet Interviewed guest: Marian Reed Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Outlook, BBC World Service 27/07/1974; Outlook, BBC World Service 15/06/1978; BBC News 12/10/1960; Outlook, BBC World Service 04/07/1996; Newsnight, BBC Two 26/07/2001; Blake's 7, BBC One 25/02/1980; Blake's 7, BBC One 21/12/1981; Dr Who, BBC One 09/03/1985; Kaleidoscope Extra, Radio 4 22/05/1990. Please refer to the following websites if you would like further information about thyroid disorders:
6/15/201928 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Edward Seaga, Binyavanga Wainaina, Mary Stopes-Roe, Gloria Schiff, Dr John

Pictured: Edward Seaga Julian Worricker on: The Jamaican politician, Edward Seaga, who led his country as prime minister throughout the 1980s Binyavanga Wainaina, one of Kenya's most prominent writers and LGBTQ activists The Vogue fashion editor and Manhattan socialite, Gloria Schiff Archivist, Mary Stopes-Roe, daughter of the bouncing bomb developer Barnes Wallis And the Grammy Award-winning, New Orleans born singer, Dr John. Interviewed guest: David Katz Interviewed guest: Ellah Wakatama Allfrey Interviewed guest: Jenny Guinness Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: International Profile, Radio 4 20/11/1987; The World Tonight, Radio 4 17/12/1976; BBC Sound Archive, Jamaican Labour Party Victory 03/11/1980; One Day I Will Write About This Place by Binyavanga Wainaina, read by Freddy Macha, Radio 4 07/11/2011; HardTalk, BBC World Service 21/02/2014; Regional Extra, Radio 4 16/04/1968; Interview with Mary Stopes-Roe, University of Huddersfield Research 19/07/2013; The First Time With Dr John, 6 Music 22/01/2018.
6/7/201928 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Professor Murray Gell-Mann, Nan Winton, James McCord, Gregory Gray

Pictured: Nan Winton Matthew Bannister on Murray Gell-Mann, the American physicist who won the Nobel Prize for his work on the theory of elementary particles. He coined the name "quarks" for the fundamental building blocks of matter. Nan Winton, the first woman to read the TV news on the BBC. She faced discrimination in the male-dominated BBC newsroom. James McCord, the CIA agent who was involved in the Bay of Pigs and the Watergate break in. Gregory Gray, the Irish singer who went from boy band to cult musician. Interviewed guest: Professor Geoffrey West Interviewed guest: Graham Farmelo Interviewed guest: Tina Ellen Lee Interviewed guest: Maggie Brown Interviewed guest: Michael Carlson Interviewed guest: Tom Robinson Interviewed guest: Noel McLaughlin Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: The Key To The Universe: The Search For The Laws Of Creation, BBC Two 27/01/1977; Horizon, BBC Two 25/07/1964; Panorama, BBC One 21/09/1959; Panorama, BBC One 09/03/1959; Arena, BBC Two 15/03/1997; U.S. Senate Select Committee On The Watergate Affair, BBC Sound Archive 18/05/1973; Watergate: Inside The Scandal That Took Down A Presidency, ABC News 17/06/2017.
5/31/201927 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Niki Lauda, Judith Kerr, IM Pei, Herman Wouk

Pictured: Judith Kerr Matthew Bannister on Niki Lauda, the fearless racing driver who survived a terrible crash to make a dramatic comeback on the track. Judith Kerr, the author of much-loved children's books including the Mog series and The Tiger Who Came to Tea. I.M. Pei, the architect best known for the glass pyramid outside the Louvre in Paris. Herman Wouk, the American novelist and screenwriter who won the Pulitzer Prize for The Caine Mutiny. Interviewed guest: Simon Taylor Interviewed guest: Julia Eccleshare Contributor: Michael Goldfarb Interviewed guest: Professor Eric Homberger Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: South African Grand Prix 1976, BBC Sound Archives; Rush, directed by Ron Howard, Working Title Films/Imagine Entertainment/Cross Creek Pictures/DNEG/Revolution Films/ Exclusive Media Group 2013; Hunt/Lauda, Radio 4 24/03/2013; The World At One, Radio 4 12/11/1981; BBC News, 28/05/1991; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 29/02/2004; When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, read by Rosemary Leach, Radio 4 Extra 02/10/2017; The 60 Minutes Interview: I.M. Pei, CBS News 1987; Readings by Herman Wouk, University of California TV 24/01/2008.
5/24/201927 minutes, 31 seconds
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Doris Day, Brian Walden, Dorothy Rowe, Lorraine Warren

Pictured: Doris Day Julian Worricker on: One of Hollywood's top box-office stars of the 50s and 60s, actress and singer Doris Day. The Labour MP who became one of television's most exhaustive political interviewers, Brian Walden. Dorothy Rowe, one of the earliest figures in psychology to build a bridge between clinical practice and the general public. And the paranormal investigator, Lorraine Warren, whose best-known case focused on the house at the centre of the film, The Amityville Horror. Interviewed guest: David Benedict Interviewed guest: Matthew Parris Interviewed guest: Tim Lott Interviewed guest: Tony Spera Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: The Gloria Hunniford Show, Radio 2 10/02/1995; The Man Who Knew Too Much, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, Paramount Pictures/Filwite Productions 1956; A Point of View, Radio 4 18/03/2005; Weekend World, Radio 4 09/05/1982; Today, Radio 4 13/05/2019; The Walden Interview, BBC London Weekend Television 29/10/1989; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 24/03/2002; The Successful Self by Dorothy Rowe read by Frances Jester, Radio 4 03/01/2007; The Amityville Horror, directed by Stuart Rosenberg, American International Pictures/Cinema 77/Professional Films 1979; The Conjuring, directed by James Wan, New Line Cinema/The Safran Company/Evergreen Media Group 2013.
5/17/201928 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Winnie Jordan, Richard Green, Karol Modzelewski, Liz Howe, John Singleton

Pictured: John Singleton Andrea Catherwood on: British Athlete Winnie Jordan who won a silver medal in the Empire Games in 1938 and became a celebrated British Champion after the war. American psychiatrist and lawyer, Richard Green, who advanced acceptance and understanding of gay and trans people. Founder of Poland's Solidarity movement, Karol Modzelewski. Liz Howe, the ecologist who spearheaded a modern environmental Domesday book for Wales. And John Singleton, US film director of the LA gang classic Boyz N the Hood. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Peter Tatchell Interviewed guest: Faye Jordan Interviewed guest: John Brant Interviewed guest: John Ratcliffe Interviewed guest: Dr Stanley Bill Archive from: Front Row, Radio 4, 25.10.2016
5/10/201928 minutes, 8 seconds
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Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg, Terry Rawlings, Neus Català, Heather Harper CBE, Peter Mayhew

Pictured: Peter Mayhew Matthew Bannister on Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg, who served with the Irish Guards during the war, liberated his own country and then presided over its prosperity. Terry Rawlings, the film editor who worked on Alien, Chariots of Fire and the Bond film Goldeneye. Neus Català, the Spanish communist who fought Franco, joined the French resistance and survived a Nazi death camp. Heather Harper, the operatic soprano who was called up at the last minute to perform in the premiere of Benjamin Britten's War Requiem. Peter Mayhew, the actor best known for playing Chewbacca in the original Star Wars films. Interviewed guest: Patricia Treble Interviewed guest: Major General Sir Robert Corbett, KCVO, CB Interviewed guest: Ridley Scott Interviewed guest: Michael Eaude Interviewed guest: Eduardo Bennaroch Reader: Helen Clapp Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Passing Out Parade: HRH Prince Jean of Luxembourg, BBC Sound Archive, 29/07/1943; Alien, directed by Ridley Scott, Brandywine Productions/Twentieth Century-Fox Productions 1979; Blade Runner, directed by Ridley Scott, The Ladd Company/Shaw Brothers/Warner Bros./Blade Runner Partnership, 1982; Heather Harper: A Musical Portrait, BBC Two 30/08/1984; Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope, directed by George Lucas, Lucasfilm/Twentieth Century Fox 1977.
5/3/201928 minutes, 1 second
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Lyra McKee, Una-Mary Parker, Mira Markovic, Doreen Spooner, Edward Kelsey

Pictured: Lyra McKee Matthew Bannister on Lyra McKee, the 29 year old Northern Irish journalist who was shot dead by the New IRA. Una-Mary Parker who was the social editor of Tatler, a commentator on the Royal family and the author of best-selling novels. Mira Markovic, the wife of the Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic, who denied her husband's responsibility for atrocities during the Bosnian war. Doreen Spooner, the first woman to work as a staff photographer on a Fleet Street newspaper. And Edward Kelsey, the actor who played Joe Grundy in The Archers for 34 years. Interviewed guest: Sarah Kay Interviewed guest: Baba Hobart Interviewed guest: Adam Lebor Interviewed guest: Cathy Vandeputte Interviewed guest: Felicity Green Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: BBC News, 24/04/2019; Stephen Nolan, 5 Live 19/04/2019; TEDxStormont Women, November 2017; Just A Nimmo: Gossip and Gossip Columnists, BBC Two 03/02/1977; Best Behaviour, Radio 4 25/09/1991; HARDtalk, BBC News 10/09/2001; BBC News 28/06/2001; The World Tonight, Radio 4 01/11/1996; Breakfast Time, BBC One 29/01/1988; PM, Radio 4 13/10/1986; Woman's Hour, Radio 4 15/02/1988; BBC News, 02/10/1983; The Archers, Radio 4 17/03/2015; Breakfast Time, BBC One 26/03/1985; The Archers, Radio 4 18/07/2018.
4/26/201928 minutes
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David Thouless, Nadja Poderegin, Ian Cognito, Dr Michael O’Donnell, Les Reed

Pictured: Nadja Poderegin Julian Worricker on: David Thouless, whose work in the world of quantum mechanics earned him a share of the Nobel Prize for Physics. The Serbian actress, Nadja Poderegin, who went from 'Bond girl' on screen to be a publisher and novelist. Stand-up comedian, Ian Cognito, whose act was much loved on the comedy circuit but never allowed on TV. Michael O'Donnell, who combined a medical background with a career in journalism and broadcasting, notably on Radio 4. And the songwriter Les Reed, who co-wrote memorable songs for the likes of Englebert Humperdinck and Tom Jones. Interviewed guest: Michael Thouless Interviewed guest: Professor Andy Schofield Interviewed guest: Tanya Firth Interviewed guest: Toby Hadoke Interviewed guest: Dr Harvey Marcovitch Interviewed guest: Laurie Taylor Producer: Paula McGinley Archive clips from: Profile, Radio 4 09/10/2016; From Russia With Love, directed by Terence Young, Eon Productions 1963; Goldfinger, directed by Guy Hamilton, Eon Productions 1964; Comic To Comic: Ian Cognito, Radio 4 Extra 07/04/2012; Stop The Week, Radio 4 14/11/1987; O'Donnell Investigates, BBC Two 19/09/1988; Midweek, Radio 4 11/12/2002; Relative Values, Radio 4 30/08/1988; The Songwriters: Les Reed, Radio 2 18/11/1975; Les Reed Interviewed By Debbie Greenwood, Radio 2 29/03/1988.
4/19/201928 minutes, 4 seconds
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Sydney Brenner, Dan Robbins, Edda Tasiemka, Ian McDonald

Pictured: Sydney Brenner Matthew Bannister on Sydney Brenner, the Nobel Prize-winning biologist who worked with Francis Crick to map DNA. Dan Robbins, the artist who invented painting by numbers. Edda Tasiemka, the archivist who kept a comprehensive newspaper and magazine cuttings collection in her North London home. Ian McDonald, the Ministry of Defence spokesman during the Falklands War who became a familiar face on TV and was known for his sonorous delivery. Interviewed guest: Professor Jonathan Hodgkin Interviewed guest: Larry Robbins Interviewed guest: Robert Lacey Interviewed guest: Ian Mather Interviewed guest: Revel Barker Producer: Paula McGinley
4/12/201928 minutes, 18 seconds
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Michel Bacos, Agnes Varda, Victor Hochhauser CBE, Barbara Low, Ranking Roger

Pictured: Agnès Varda Matthew Bannister on Michel Bacos, the pilot of the Air France jet that was hi-jacked to Entebbe in 1976. He was offered the chance to leave, but chose to stay with the hostages until they were freed in a dramatic raid by the Israelis. The film director Agnès Varda, known as the mother of the French New Wave. The impresario Victor Hochhauser who specialised in bringing top Russian artists to the UK. The biochemist Barbara Low who used X-ray crystallography to identify the structure of penicillin. Ranking Roger, the singer and frontman of the 70s ska revival band The Beat. Interviewed guest: Rosemary Bacos Interviewed guest: Paul Martin Interviewed guest: Terri White Interviewed guest: Norman Lebrecht Interviewed guest: Helen Berman Interviewed guest: Pauline Black Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Raid on Entebbe, directed by Irvin Kershner, 20th Century Fox Television, Edgar J. Scherick Associates, 1977; La Pointe Courte, directed by Agnès Varda, Ciné Tamaris, 1956; Cléo from 5 to 7, directed by Agnès Varda, Ciné Tamaris, Rome Paris Films, 1962; Front Row, Radio 4 13/07/2018; Today, Radio 4 30/03/2019; In Tune, Radio 3 17/11/2017; Liz Kershaw, 6 Music 09/07/2016.
4/5/201927 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

Baroness Warnock, William Hucklesby QPM, Rose Hilton, Professor Lord Bhattacharyya CBE FRS, Scott Walker

Pictured: Baroness Warnock Matthew Bannister on Baroness Warnock, the philosopher who set down the principles which govern human fertilisation treatment and embryo research. William Hucklesby, the Police Commander who led the anti-terrorist branch at the time of the Hyde Park and Brighton bomb attacks. Rose Hilton, the artist who put her career on hold to support her husband, but gained recognition after his death. Professor Lord Bhattacharyya, who brought together academics and industrialists at the Warwick Manufacturing Group. And Scott Walker, the chart-topping singer who moved into experimental music later in life. Interviewed guest: Baroness Onora O’Neill Interviewed guest: Sally Cheshire Interviewed guest: Alex Hucklesby Interviewed guest: Christopher Burke Interviewed guest: Ian Collins Interviewed guest: Professor Dave Mullins Interviewed guest: Sir Vince Cable Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Meeting Myself Coming Back: Mary Warnock, Radio 4 12/07/2014; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 04/12/1988; The World Tonight, Radio 4 20/04/1984; PM, Radio 4 06/09/1982; BBC News 19/12/1983; Sound Archive: Brighton Press Conference, Radio 4 13/10/1984; Rose Hilton interviewed by Susan Marling, 2017 (not broadcast); Woman's Hour, Radio 4 05/04/2011; The Politics Show: West Midlands, BBC One 11/12/2011; Midlands Today, BBC One 09/12/2011; Scott Walker talks to Jarvis Cocker, 6 Music 2017; The Late Show, BBC Two 10/05/1995.
3/29/201928 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Gillian Freeman, Sir Peter Hutchison, Sister Dorothy Bell, Dick Dale

Pictured: Dick Dale Matthew Bannister on Gillian Freeman, the novelist and screenwriter whose books include The Leather Boys, a story of a gay love affair between two working class men in the 1960s. Sir Peter Hutchison who travelled to remote parts of the world to collect rare plants. Sister Dorothy Bell, the nun who after a career devoted to education, turned her attention to AIDS awareness. And the King of the Surf Guitar Dick Dale. Interviewed guest: Michael Arditti Interviewed guest: Edward Thorpe Reader: Mathilda Thorpe Reader: Harriet Thorpe Interviewed guest: James Hutchison Interviewed guest: Simon Milne Interviewed guest: Sister Dr Bernadette Porter Interviewed guest: Emma Cole Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Woman's Hour, Radio 4 22/03/1978; In Search Of The Golden Pleione, Radio 4 30/04/1982; Losing the Habit, Radio 4 29/04/2009.
3/22/201928 minutes, 8 seconds
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Professor Mike Oliver, Jacques Loussier, Professor Richard Lacey, The Reverend Ruth Scott

Pictured: Jacques Loussier Matthew Bannister on Mike Oliver, who was paralysed from the neck down after diving into a swimming pool as a teenager. He became the UK's first Professor of Disability Studies and transformed the debate about disabled people's rights. Jacques Loussier, the French pianist and composer best known for his jazz arrangements of the works of J.S. Bach. Professor Richard Lacey, the microbiologist who warned of the dangers to humans of mad cow disease. The Reverend Ruth Scott, the Anglican vicar known for her appearances on Radio 2's Pause for Thought and Radio 4's Thought for the Day. Interviewed guest: Colin Barnes Interviewed guest: Peter White Interviewed guest: Alyn Shipton Interviewed guest: Dr John Heritage Interviewed guest: The Reverend Chris Scott Producer: Neil George Archive clips from:
3/15/201928 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

France-Albert Rene, Simon Norton, Belle Tutaev, Dr Ian Adamson OBE, Keith Flint

Pictured: Simon Norton Matthew Bannister on France-Albert René, the Seychelles President who came to power in a coup and stayed in office for more than 25 years. Simon Norton, the brilliant but eccentric mathematician who became fascinated by public transport. Belle Tutaev who campaigned for better early learning provision for the UK's children. Ian Adamson, the Northern Ireland doctor who wrote many learned history books and became Lord Mayor of Belfast. And Keith Flint, the flamboyant lead singer of The Prodigy. Interviewed guest: Tim Ecott Interviewed guest: Alexander Masters Interviewed guest: Professor Marcus du Sautoy Interviewed guest: Mary Tutaev Interviewed guest: Neil Leitch Interviewed guest: Professor Wesley Hutchinson Interviewed guest: Helen Brooker Interviewed guest: Andrew Harrison Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Seychelles Daily TV, 17/04/18; World at One, Radio 4 03/12/81; Early Years Alliance, 23/02/12; Lifetimes: Ian Adamson, Radio Ulster 2002; Keith Flint Interview, Radio 1 09/05/96.
3/8/201927 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

André Previn KBE, John Haynes OBE, Tony Mendez, Lady Grantchester

Pictured: André Previn Matthew Bannister on André Previn, the conductor and pianist whose repertoire ranged from the classics to film and jazz music. He took part in a celebrated sketch with Morecambe and Wise. John Haynes, publisher of the Haynes manuals which gave amateur mechanics a step by step guide to repairing their cars. Tony Mendez, the CIA operative who smuggled American diplomatic staff out of Tehran disguised as a film crew. The story later became the Hollywood film Argo. Lady Grantchester, who played a key role in the success of the Littlewoods retail and football pools empire. Interviewed guest: Edward Seckerson Interviewed guest: Annette Haynes Interviewed guest: Peter Earnest Interviewed guest: Professor Peter Toyne Interviewed guest: John Suenson-Taylor, Lord Grantchester Interviewed guest: James Suenson-Taylor Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 18/08/1996; How to Write an Instruction Manual, Radio 4 21/08/2009; Argo, directed by Ben Affleck, Warner Bros./GK Films/Smokehouse Pictures 2012.
3/1/201928 minutes, 9 seconds
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Lady Falkender, Karl Lagerfeld, John Stalker, Andrea Levy, Peter Tork

Matthew Bannister on Lady Falkender who was the controversial political secretary to Harold Wilson for twenty seven years. Karl Lagerfeld, the designer who re-vitalised Chanel, developed Fendi and became an icon in his own right. John Stalker, the Deputy Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police who led an investigation into allegations of a shoot to kill policy in Northern Ireland. Andrea Levy, the award winning novelist who reflected the experience of children of the Windrush generation. Peter Tork who played bass with one of the first manufactured boy bands, The Monkees. Interviewed guest: Michael Cockerell Interviewed guest: Julia Langdon Interviewed guest: Miles Socha Interviewed guest: Kim Winser OBE Interviewed guest: Duncan Campbell Producer: Neil George
2/22/201928 minutes, 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

Gordon Banks OBE, Vikki Orvice, David Garman OBE, Mary Oliver, Albert Finney

Matthew Bannister on Gordon Banks, the goalkeeper in England's 1966 World Cup winning team, who made one of the greatest saves of all time in 1970. Vikki Orvice, the first woman to work as a football writer on a national tabloid newspaper. David Garman, the inventor of the portable bath lift and many other devices to help people with disabilities. Mary Oliver, the American poet known for her works about animals and the natural world. The acclaimed actor Albert Finney who was nominated for an Oscar five times but never attended the ceremony. Interviewed guest: Jacqui Oatley Interviewed guest: Suji Kwock Kim Interviewed guest: Ruth Franklin Interviewed guest: Andrew Macphail Producer: Neil George
2/15/201928 minutes, 23 seconds
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Rosamunde Pilcher OBE, Hugh Lewin, Lamia Al-Gailani, Dr Stewart Adams OBE, Dr Adam Watson

Pictured: Rosamunde Pilcher Andrea Catherwood on: Activist Hugh Lewin who was jailed for his stand against apartheid in South Africa, Iraqi archaeologist Lamia Al-Gailani who helped rebuild the National Museum of Iraq after looting, Dr Stewart Adams, the Boots pharmacist who invented Ibuprofen, Scottish ecologist Adam Watson who devoted his life to protecting the Cairngorms, and author Rosamunde Pilcher, the mistress of the British Family Saga. Interviewed guest: Lord Peter Hain Interviewed guest: Jane Arraf Interviewed guest: Sophie Clapp Interviewed guest: Iain Cameron Interviewed guest: Derek Pyper Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: The Whites Who Fought Apartheid, Radio 4 23/05/2010; ISIL's Destruction of Antiquities, Al Jazeera English 26/02/2015; Dan Cruickshank's Civilisation Under Attack, BBC Four 08/07/2015; Saturday Live, Radio 4 22/12/2007; Afield, Radio 4 03/01/1971; Bookshelf: Rosamunde Pilcher, Radio 4 03/01/1992.
2/8/201928 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

Jeremy Hardy, Diana Athill OBE, Sir Conrad Swan, Michel Legrand

Pictured: Jeremy Hardy Julian Worricker on: Comedian Jeremy Hardy, a mainstay of The News Quiz and I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue on Radio 4.... Editor and author, Diana Athill, who wrote candidly about her personal life especially in her later years... Sir Conrad Swan, who, as Garter King of Arms, was the senior heraldic authority of England... Oscar-winning composer, pianist, conductor and arranger, Michel Legrand.... Interviewed guest: Mark Steel Interviewed guest: Jeremy Corbyn Interviewed guest: Damian Barr Interviewed guest: Gordon Casely Interviewed guest: Patrick Dickinson Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: The News Quiz, Radio 4 01/06/2018; The News Quiz, Radio 4 01/05/2012; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 20/06/2004; Midsummer Night in the Workhouse: A Weekend in the Country, Radio 4 16/10/2011; BBC Breakfast News, BBC One 18/11/1994; Kaleidoscope, Radio 4 15/04/1974; Carte Blanche, Radio 2 08/01/2019; The Music Never Ends: The Michel Legrand Story episode 6, Radio 2 09/05/2003.
2/1/201928 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hugh McIlvanney, Jennie Buckman, John Beavis, David Pritchard

Pictured: Hugh McIlvanney Matthew Bannister on Hugh McIlvanney, the respected sports writer known for his love of language and combative approach to life. Jennie Buckman, the theatre practitioner who trained a generation of famous actors and founded a company to give voice to the disadvantaged. John Beavis, the surgeon who was forced to retire from the NHS through ill health but then spent the next 25 years training medical professionals in war zones around the world. And David Pritchard, the TV producer who created mould-breaking food programmes featuring Keith Floyd and Rick Stein. Producer: Neil George Interviewed guest: Roddy Forsyth Interviewed guest: Sir Michael Parkinson Interviewed guest: Tess Woodcraft Interviewed guest: Adrian Lester Interviewed guest: Colin Green Interviewed guest: Tom Jaine Archive clips from: Life Behind the News, Radio Scotland 18/01/2009; The Final Curtain, Radio Wales 28/08/2004; Today, Radio 4 14/09/1993; Giants Vlog, Tips for Actors, 23/10/2017; Jennie Buckman’s Beginnings Workshop, 18/06/2012; Westway, BBC World Service 03/04/2000; Piece of Silk by Jennie Buckman, The Hope Theatre, Giants Theatre Co 08/07/2016; Midweek, Radio 4 19/05/2010; Midweek, Radio 4 27/05/2009; Floyd’s American Pie: San Francisco, BBC Two 14/11/1989; The Food Programme, Radio 4 01/06/2015; Rick Stein’s Taste of the Sea, BBC Two 1995.
1/25/201927 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

Joe Casely-Hayford, Judge Nicholas Crichton, Professor Sophie Oluwole, Professor Paul O’Brien CBE, Carol Channing

Pictured: Joe Casely-Hayford Matthew Bannister on Joe Casely-Hayford, the fashion designer whose creations ranged from punk to Savile Row tailoring. His children, who followed him into fashion, pay tribute. Nicholas Crichton, the judge who pioneered specialist family drug and alcohol courts in the UK. Professor Sophie Oluwole, who was a powerful advocate for African philosophy. Professor Paul O'Brien, the pioneer of nanotechnology who developed new ways of producing the quantum dots which lie behind our HDTVs and barcode scanners. And Carol Channing, the colourful Broadway star of 'Hello Dolly' and 'Gentlemen Prefer Blondes'. Interviewed guest: Charlie Casely-Hayford Interviewed guest: Alice Casely-Hayford Interviewed guest: Claire Wilcox Interviewed guest: Sophie Miller Interviewed guest: Professor Muyiwa Falaiye Interviewed guest: Professor Richard Winpenny Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Ebony People, BBC Two 09/06/1989; Inside the Family Court episode 1, Radio 4 08/06/2006; Importance of the Mother Tongue, Tunde Kelani TV 13/01/2016; Oro Isiti with Professor Sophie Oluwole, Tunde Kelani TV 17/02/2016; North West Tonight, BBC One 30/10/2008; What is Professor Paul O'Brien Researching?, School of Materials, University of Manchester 14/07/2015; Broadway Babes: Carol Channing, Radio 2 14/09/1984; Star Sound, Radio 2 24/09/1979.
1/18/201928 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Nancy Roman, Ralph Koltai CBE, Julia Grant, Jin Yong, Norman Gimbel

Pictured: Nancy Roman Matthew Bannister on Nancy Roman, the American space agency NASA's first Chief Astronomer. She was known as the mother of the Hubble Telescope. Ralph Koltai, the influential theatre set designer who worked on more than 250 productions. Julia Grant, the transgender activist who allowed her transition from male to female to be filmed by the BBC. Jin Yong, the Chinese writer whose martial arts adventures sold 100 million copies. And Norman Gimbel, the prolific lyricist who wrote the words for "The Girl From Ipanema" and "Killing Me Softly With His Song". Interviewed guest: Kimberly Kowal Arcand Interviewed guest: Dr Stuart Clark Interviewed guest: Michael Quinn Interviewed guest: Professor Pamela Howard OBE Interviewed guest: Gary Roberts Interviewed guest: David Pearson Interviewed guest: Anna Holmwood Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Nancy Roman the Mother of Hubble, NASA 12/06/2017; Horizon: The Sharpest Show of the Universe, BBC Two 09/04/1990; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 23/08/1998; Inside Story: George, BBC Two 25/06/1979; A Change of Sex: Julia Gets Her Man, BBC Two 10/08/1999; Books Abroad, Radio 3 31/08/1996; The Legend of the Condor Heroes episode 11, iQIYI Motion Pictures 2017.
1/11/201926 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Dame June Whitfield, Sir Jack Zunz, Thomas Baptiste, David Austin OBE, Karre Mastanamma

Pictured: June Whitfield Matthew Bannister on Dame June Whitfield, the comic actress whose long career spanned classic radio shows and Absolutely Fabulous. Sir Jack Zunz, the civil engineer who led the construction of the Sydney Opera House and became chairman of Ove Arup. Thomas Baptiste, the Guyana-born actor who appeared in Coronation Street and The Ipcress File and campaigned for colour blind casting. David Austin, who devoted his life to breeding new varieties of English roses. And Mastanamma, the 105-year-old Indian cook who became a sensation on the internet. Interviewed guest: Greg Hodkinson Interviewed guest: Stephen Bourne Interviewed guest: Michael Marriott Interviewed guest: Onkar Karambelkar Producer: Paula McGinley Archive clips from: Absolutely Fabulous, BBC One 19/11/1992; Absolutely Fabulous, BBC One 27/12/2002; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 29/04/1990; Dame June Whitfield in Conversation with Joanna Lumley, Radio 4 30/12/2018; Terry and June, BBC One 10/03/1980; The News Huddlines, Radio 2 21/09/2000; The building of the Sydney Opera House, Huntley Film Archives; ABC: Official Opening of the Sydney Opera House 1973; Till Death Do Us Part, BBC One, 27/06/1966; Black and White in Colour: Television, Memory, Race 1968-1992, BFI / BBC 1992; Play for Today: King, BBC One, 03/04/1984; Gardeners' World, BBC Two 06/07/1984; Gardeners' World, BBC Two 14/07/1989; Granny's Life Story: Mastanamma Story, Country Foods, 22/02/2017; Watermelon Chicken by my Granny, Country Foods, 03/03/2017.
1/4/201928 minutes
Episode Artwork

Sister Wendy Beckett, Nicolas Roeg, Inge Borkh, Professor Sir Aaron Klug, Geoff Emerick

Pictured: Sister Wendy Beckett Julian Worricker on: The nun, Sister Wendy Beckett, who became an unlikely television star when she brought her knowledge of the history of art to the small screen... Nicolas Roeg, the film director behind such classics as Don't Look Now and The Man Who Fell to Earth... The German soprano, Inge Borkh, described as one of the most exciting operatic performers of her era... The Nobel prize winning scientist, Professor Sir Aaron Klug, credited with ground-breaking work on the structure of viruses... And Geoff Emerick, a recording engineer regarded as the technical genius behind the sound of the Beatles... Producer: Paula McGinley
12/28/201828 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sir David Weatherall, Penny Marshall, Evelyn Berezin, Zhores Medvedev, Nancy Wilson

Pictured: Nancy Wilson Matthew Bannister on Sir David Weatherall, the world renowned haematologist and geneticist who pioneered molecular approaches to medicine. Penny Marshall, the first woman to direct a film which grossed more than a hundred million dollars. She also starred in the US TV sitcom Laverne and Shirley. Evelyn Berezin who invented the first computerised word processor for secretarial use. Zhores Medvedev, the Soviet scientist who revealed the use of psychiatric hospitals to lock up political dissidents. Nancy Wilson the versatile Grammy award winning singer who recorded jazz, pop and R&B songs. Interviewed guest: Tom Soloman Interviewed guest: Larushka Ivan-Zadeh Interviewed guest: Matthew Kirschenbaum Interviewed guest: Jonathan Steele Interviewed guest: Tina May Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Eureka: David Weatherall, Radio 4 03/12/95; Science at War: Hydrogen Bomb, BBC Two 10/12/98; Newsnight, BBC Two 21/03/84; Newsnight, BBC Two 28/04/86; Happy Days, Henderson Productions/Miller-Milkis-Boyett Productions/Paramount Television; Big, American Entertainment Partners II LP/Gracie Films/Twentieth Century Fox, 1988; The Talk of the Town, BBC TV 30/04/72; Oral History of Evelyn Berezin, Computer History Museum, Interviewed by Gardner Hendrie 10/03/14 in New York.
12/21/201828 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Peter Boizot, Judith Kazantzis, Sir Sze-Yuen Chung, Sister Cecylia Roszak, Scott English

Pictured: Peter Boizot Matthew Bannister on Peter Boizot who founded the Pizza Express chain of restaurants and invested heavily in his home town of Peterborough. Judith Kazantzis, the feminist poet, novelist and activist. Sir Sze-Yuen Chung, the Hong Kong businessman who led the campaign for residents' views to be heard during the handover negotiations between the UK and China. Cecylia Roszak, the Polish nun who helped to save Lithuanian Jews from the Nazis during the second world war. Scott English the songwriter who gave us "Hi Ho Silver Lining" and "Mandy". Interviewed guest: Clementine Allen Interviewed guest: David Lowndes Interviewed guest: Michèle Roberts Interviewed guest: Baroness Lydia Dunn Interviewed guest: Jonathan Ornstein Interviewed guest: Geoff Barker Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Nationwide, BBC One 13/08/76; Nationwide, BBC One 05/05/81; Table Talk in the 60s, Radio 3 23/05/93; Look East, BBC Norwich 17/02/03; Newsbeat, Radio 1 04/12/97; I Write the Songs: The Barry Manilow Profile, Radio 2 21/11/06; Radio 4 News, 30/06/97.
12/14/201828 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

Harry Leslie Smith, Pete Shelley, Monica Sims, Professor Wendy Atkin OBE, Ivan March

Pictured: Pete Shelley Matthew Bannister on Harry Leslie Smith who grew up in poverty in Yorkshire. He became an outspoken campaigner for the welfare state and a social media star in his nineties. Pete Shelley, lead singer and songwriter of Buzzcocks. Monica Sims, the BBC executive who ran children's TV, then became Controller of Radio 4. Wendy Atkin, the epidemiologist who devised a breakthrough screening test for bowel cancer. Ivan March, the music critic who set up a record lending library and co-wrote the Penguin Stereo Record Guide. Interviewed guest: John Smith Interviewed guest: Owen Jones Interviewed guest: Gillian Reynolds Interviewed guest: Edward Barnes Interviewed guest: Dr Amanda Cross Interviewed guest: Martin Cullingford Reader: Tony Turner Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Labour Party Conference, BBC Parliament 24/09/14; Harry Leslie Smith: Comment is Free, The Guardian 23/03/16; Afternoon Edition, 5 Live 07/10/14; 5 Live Breakfast, 07/12/18; The Seven Ages of Rock, 6 Music 05/04/18; The Buzzcocks Story, 6 Music 31/07/14; Interviews with Monica Sims from the BBC Oral History Collection; BBC News, 12/04/02; Today, Radio 4 28/04/10.
12/7/201828 minutes
Episode Artwork

Baroness Trumpington, Roy Bailey, Chief Inspector Henry Stevens GC, Bernardo Bertolucci

Pictured: Baroness Trumpington Matthew Bannister on Baroness Trumpington, who worked for Lloyd George and at Bletchley Park during the war then became a government minister noted for her cheerfully unstuffy attitude. Roy Bailey the socialist folk singer who teamed up with Tony Benn in an award winning live act. Henry Stevens, the police officer who won the George Cross for repeatedly tackling a burglar who shot him in the face. Bernardo Bertolucci, director of the acclaimed film "The Last Emperor" and the controversial "Last Tango In Paris". Interviewed guest: Martin Simpson Interviewed guest: Stephen Stevens Interviewed guest: Simon Stevens Contributor: Angie Errigo Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Have I Got News For You, BBC One 27/05/16; Profile, Radio 4 14/10/17; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 25/11/90; 5 Live Breakfast 27/11/18; Today, Radio 4 27/11/18; Mike Harding, Radio 2 Folk Show 08/10/08; Front Row, Radio 4 29/04/13; The Last Emperor directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, RPC/Hemdale/Yanco Films/TAO Film 1987; The Conformist directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, Mars Film/Marianne Productions/Maran Film 1970; Last Tango in Paris directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, Les Productions Artistes Associés/Produzioni Europee Associate 1972.
11/30/201828 minutes, 15 seconds
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John Large, William Goldman, Dr Sarah Ntiro, Richard Baker, Patsy Rodgers

Pictured: William Goldman Matthew Bannister on William Goldman, the Hollywood screenwriter behind a string of hits including Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, All The President's Men and The Princess Bride. John Large, the respected nuclear engineer who highlighted the safety risks facing the industry. Richard Baker, the long serving BBC television newsreader who also presented classical music programmes, including the Proms, on radio. Dr. Sarah Ntiro, the first woman in East Africa to get a university degree. Patsy Rodgers who was known as the King of Tory - Ireland's most remote inhabited island. Correction: in this Last Word edition it was broadcast that Richard Baker was the first newsreader on BBC television. This is incorrect: Richard Baker in fact introduced the newsreader John Snagge, who was the first person to read a news bulletin for BBC television on 5th July 1954. Interviewed guest: Harlan Coben Interviewed guest: Ellin Stein Interviewed guest: Shaun Burnie Interviewed guest: Andrew Baker Interviewed guest: John Rendel Interviewed guest: Rita Achiro Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Nationwide, BBC One 04/12/80; Saturday Live, Radio 4 08/01/11; The Last King of Ireland, RTE 27/07/18; Marathon Man, directed by John Schlesinger, Paramount Pictures / Robert Evans Company 1976; Night Waves, Radio 3 26/11/92; Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, directed by George Roy Hill, Twentieth Century Fox 1969; The Princess Bride, directed by Rob Reiner, Act III Communications 1987; 50th Anniversary of BBC Television News, BBC One 05/07/04; Midweek, Radio 4 15/06/83; Walton: Façade, London Sinfonietta, Radio 3 03/06/77; Up All Night, 5 Live, 12/04/11; File On Four: The Future Of Nuclear Energy, Radio 4 04/11/86.
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Aubrey Manning, Max Levitas, Babs Beverley, Janet Paisley, Stan Lee

Pictured: Stan Lee Matthew Bannister on The naturalist and expert on animal evolution Aubrey Manning who presented the acclaimed BBC TV series Earth Story. The Jewish Communist campaigner Max Levitas who fought Oswald Moseley's fascist blackshirts. The singer Babs Beverley - one third of the close harmony singing group the Beverley Sisters. Janet Paisley the poet and novelist known for her work in the Scots language. Stan Lee - revered creator of comic book icons like Spiderman, the X-Men and the Fantastic Four. Interviewed guest: Derwent May Interviewed guest: Julian Hector Interviewed guest: Stephanie Hilbourne Interviewed guest: Matthew Sweet Interviewed guest: Linda Jackson Interviewed guest: Michael Goldfarb Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Sunday Morning with Richard Holloway, Radio Scotland 14/02/2010; The Poetry of Life, Radio Scotland 27/01/2008; The Language of Kings, BBC Scotland/Hopscotch Films 28/02/2006; PM, Radio 4 04/10/2006; Woman's Hour, Radio 4 14/08/1985; Richard Bacon, 5 Live 20/08/2009; 5 Live interview 12/11/2018; Third Ear, Radio 4 17/12/1991; Today, Radio 4 18/11/2015; Rules of Life: Life Before Birth, Radio 4 24/01/2006; Earth Story: The Time Travellers, BBC Worldwide / Learning Channel 01/11/1998; Images by Janet Paisley. 31/12/2018; Jeremy Vine, Radio 2 09/11/2011; Max Levitas Battle of Cable Street, Fourman Films 07/09/2013.
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Lord Heywood, Pamela Lonsdale, Sangharakshita, Tom Jago, Francis Lai

Pictured: Lord Heywood Matthew Bannister on Lord Heywood, the senior civil servant who worked with four Prime Ministers: Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Theresa May. Pamela Lonsdale, the children's TV producer who brought us Rainbow. Sangharakshita, the British born Buddhist leader whose reputation was tarnished by allegations of sexual misconduct with his students. Tom Jago, the drinks marketeer who developed Bailey's Irish Cream, Malibu and Le Piat D'Or. And Francis Lai, the Love Story composer. Interviewed guest: Ed Balls Interviewed guest: Ronnie Le Drew Interviewed guest: Liz Crowther Interviewed guest: Dharmachari Vishvapani Interviewed guest: Rebecca Jago Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Jeremy Vine, Radio 2 05/11/2018; Radio 4 News Flash, 16/09/1992; Westminster Hour, Radio 4 04/11/2018; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe Ep. 8, Part 1, ITV 1967; Rainbow, Thames TV 01/11/1972; Midweek, Radio 4 05/07/1989; Matter of Fact: Going for Refuge, BBC East 12/11/1992.
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Wanda Ferragamo, Wim Kok, Ntozake Shange, Mohamed Sahnoun, Keith Killby

Pictured: Wanda Ferragamo Matthew Bannister on Wanda Ferragamo - who took over her husband's successful Italian shoe making business and turned it into a global fashion brand. Wim Kok, the Dutch prime minister whose career was overshadowed by the Srebrenica massacre. The writer Ntozake Shange, best known for her choreopoem "For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow is Enuf". The Algerian diplomat Mohamed Sahnoun who played a key role in ending several conflicts in Africa. Keith Killby, the pacifist who served unarmed with the Special Boat Service during the war. Interviewed guest: Luisa Zargani Interviewed guest: Suzy Menkes Interviewed guest: Dan van der Vat Interviewed guest: Rohan Preston Interviewed guest: Paul T. Williams Jr Interviewed guest: Jill Turner Interviewed guest: Letitia Blake Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: Radio 4 News, 28/11/2000; Radio 4 News, 10/04/2002; Ntozake Shange - The Lost Interview, Reelblack, 08/03/2016; Melissa Harris-Perry, MSNBC 23/09/2014; A Journey Through Imaginary Landscapes, Radio 3 16/04/1993; For Colored Girls Who've Considered Suicide/ When The Rainbow Is Enuf, Radio 3 21/01/1996; BBC News 30/07/1992; Newsnight, BBC Two 14/06/1993; Interview with Keith Killby, courtesy of the Monte San Martino Trust, 17/06/2014.
11/2/201828 minutes, 10 seconds
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Anthea Bell OBE, Captain Michael Howard, Baroness Hollis of Heigham, Cicely Berry CBE, Tony Hiller

Pictured: Baroness Hollis Matthew Bannister on Anthea Bell who translated the works of Freud and Kafka into English - but was even better known for making Asterix the Gaul funny in his second language. Captain Michael Howard, the intelligence officer who was part of T-Force which was set up after the second world war to seize German assets and bring them back to the UK. Baroness Hollis, the Labour peer who campaigned for the poor and disadvantaged. Cicely Berry, the voice coach who trained a generation of British actors. And Tony Hiller who wrote 1,500 songs, including the Brotherhood of Man's Eurovision hit "Save Your Kisses For Me". Interviewed guest: Oliver Kamm Interviewed guest: Aubyn Howard Interviewed guest: Major John Bendit Interviewed guest: Julia Langdon Interviewed guest: Michael Quinn Producer: Neil George Archive clips from: The Verb, Radio 3 08/05/2004; Open Book. Radio 4 14/07/2002; Front Row, Radio 4 14/05/2004; Open Book, Radio 4 04/09/2008; Woman's Hour, Radio 4 18/07/2003; Victoria Derbyshire, BBC One 27/10/2015; Money Box, Radio 4 13/09/2015; The Week in Westminster, Radio 4 26/01/2013; Newsnight, BBC Two 26/10/2015; The Vox Project, Radio 4 04/01/2010; Night Waves, Radio 3 05/06/2006; Working Shakespeare: The Muscularity of Language, The Working Arts; Miss Moneypenny's Meter, Radio 4 07/09/2006.
10/26/201828 minutes, 15 seconds
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Paul Allen, Dr Mary Midgley, Leon Lederman, Roger Mainwood

Pictured: Paul Allen Matthew Bannister on Paul Allen who teamed up with his school friend Bill Gates to found the computer software company Microsoft. After he left, he used his billions to support medical research, education and an American football team. Mary Midgley, the philosopher who wrote about the relationship between humans and animals and enjoyed lively debates with her colleagues. Leon Lederman, the physicist who won the Nobel prize for his work on the neutrino and described the Higgs boson as "the God particle". Roger Mainwood, the animator who helped to bring Raymond Briggs' The Snowman to the screen, then directed the critically acclaimed animated film about Briggs' parents, "Ethel and Ernest". Interviewed guest: Glenn Fleishman Interviewed guest: David Midgley Interviewed guest: Professor Malcolm Fairbairn Interviewed guest: Nigel Lockyer Interviewed guest: Jez Stewart Archive clips from: Horizon: The Six Billion Dollar Experiment, BBC TV 01/05/07; Origins: Where We and Our World Came From, BBC TV 18/03/86; Woman’s Hour, Radio 4 30/07/03; Woman's Hour, Radio 4 17/03/97; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 20/11/05; When the Wind Blows film trailer, Meltdown Productions/British Screen Productions/Film Four International/TVC London/Penguin Books, directed by Jimmy T. Murakami 1986; Ethel & Ernest film trailer, BBC/BFI/Ffilm Cymru Wales/Film Fund Luxembourg/Cloth Cat Animation/Ethel&Ernest Productions/Lupus Films/Melusine Productions, directed by Roger Mainwood 2016; Meg and Mog, ITV, directed by Roger Mainwood 2003; CBS News, 17/04/11; Today, Radio 4 25/04/11.
10/19/201828 minutes, 17 seconds
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Ray Galton, Professor Gerald Russell, Evelyn Anthony, Sir Roger Gibbs, Montserrat Caballé

Pictured: Montserrat Caballé Matthew Bannister on Ray Galton, who, with his writing partner Alan Simpson, created Hancock's Half Hour and Steptoe and Son. Paul Merton pays tribute. Gerald Russell, the psychiatrist who was the first to describe the eating disorder bulimia nervosa. Evelyn Anthony, the novelist whose historical romances sold millions of copies. The financier Sir Roger Gibbs, who transformed the fortunes of the Wellcome Trust. And the Spanish opera singer Montserrat Caballé, who had a global hit with Barcelona - a duet with Freddie Mercury. Interviewed guest: Paul Merton Interviewed guest: Professor Janet Treasure Interviewed guest: Ewan Ward-Thomas Reader: Alexandra Constantinidi Interviewed guest: Baroness Eliza Manningham-Buller Archive clips from: Read All About It, Radio 4 04/01/76; Woman's Hour, Radio 4 27/11/74; Woman's Hour, Radio 4 15/08/88; The Tamarind Seed, ITC/Jewel Productions/Pimlico Films/Lorimar Productions, directed by Blake Edwards 1974; The Wellcome Trust (; Aled Jones, Radio Wales 05/07/08; Laughed off the Page: Ray Galton and Alan Simpson, Radio Scotland 26/01/07; Hancock: The Radio Ham, BBC TV 1961; Steptoe and Son: The Offer, BBC Light Programme 03/07/66; The Wrong Arm of the Law (film trailer), Romulus Films/Robert Velaise Productions, directed by Cliff Owen 1963; Mark Lawson Talks To: Galton and Simpson, BBC TV 19/03/08; Eyes on Wales: Homeless, Radio Wales 04/06/95; Desert Island Discs, Radio 4 10/10/81.