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English, Education, 1 season, 9 episodes, 2 hours, 45 minutes
Podcast by Cameryn Love
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5 Tips For Successful At Home Lash Business W: Esthetics By Deshea

This week's episode of Lash Queen Radio I had the opportunity to interview Deshea Shepherd owner of Opulent Lash Company in Charlotte, NC. We talked about 5 Tips for Successful Home Lash Businesses. You can keep up Deshea by following her on her platforms!
4/1/202236 minutes, 34 seconds
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Pro's & Con's To Salon Ownership w/ Lauren Lappin

Are you interested in Salon Ownership? This week on Lash Queen Radio we have the opportunity to interview Lauren Lappin 7 figure beauty business owner of Allure Lash Beauty Bar & Runway Lash Co. Lauren gives some amazing advice for Salon Ownership and the many pro's & con's that come with salon ownership. Check out this week's latest episode and learn if salon ownership is for you!
3/11/202243 minutes, 14 seconds
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6 Figure Lash Artist w/ Amantha Hood

Interview with 6 Figure Lash Artist Amantha Hood owner of Lash Lab PDX in Portland. Amantha shares some insight to the lash industry on growing your lash business to 6 figures. Listen in to see what tips and advice Amantha can share on the business of lashes.
2/25/202227 minutes, 8 seconds
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Lash Products & Terminology

This episode is an inside edition of the lash industries terminology and what to look for in lash products, how to find a reputable lash supplier, and the importance of understanding the ingredients in your adhesive.
2/18/202212 minutes, 36 seconds
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Popularity In The Lash Industry

If the lash industry based on popularity? I've spoken to a few lash artist who think that the lash industry is focused solely on popularity. Clients are only booking lash artists who have tons of followers or "clout"
1/28/202212 minutes, 51 seconds
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Back & Better

Back on Lash Queen Radio, Tips for helping lash artist improve in their lash business. Lash Queen Radio is a podcast dedicated to helping lash artist grow their own successful lash business.
1/21/20226 minutes, 30 seconds
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Accommodating Unhappy Clients

This weeks episode we dive into Accommodating Unhappy Clients. Learn the best ways to keep your clients happy and coming back!
9/17/20219 minutes, 8 seconds
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Staying Motivated as a Lash Artist

Hey Lash Queens, This weeks premiere episode for our new podcast Lash Queen Radio we'll be discussing ways to stay motivated as a lash artist. Lashes are in such high demand right now and I'm sure every lash artist can relate to feeling burn out every once in a while. This weeks episode will help you learn how to stay motivated about your lash business.
9/1/202116 minutes, 46 seconds
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Lash Queen Radio is a podcast for lash artist to listen and engage to grow their lash business. We intend to cover crucial topics in the lash industry that will help lash artist grow their business. Lash Artist are also invited on the podcast to share their journey as a lashprenuer and how they reached their success.
8/23/20211 minute, 3 seconds