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Law School can be a scary and challenging experience. However, hearing firsthand real advice can always make the process easier; Tune in to every Monday for an insider's perspective from Haylie and Samantha, two aspiring women, about their journeys to becoming Lawyers. Whether you are just starting out your legal journey, still considering if law school is for you, or simply want some lighthearted legal laughs, this is the podcast for you.
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The Ladies Chat w/ Elise Holtzman from The Lawyer's Edge ®

Elise Holtzman is a former practicing lawyer, executive coach and consultant, and the CEO of The Lawyer’s Edge, where for the past 15 years she and her team have worked with law firms to grow thriving businesses by helping lawyers become better business developers and leaders. Check out her podcast HERE!She is the creator of the Lawyers Making Rain program for law firms and the Ignite Women’s Business Development Accelerator for women partners and counsel. Elise speaks frequently for law firms and bar associations and is the host of The Lawyer’s Edge podcast. She also writes articles for publications such as and Law360. Elise earned a BA in Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and her JD from Columbia Law School where she was a senior editor of the Columbia Law Review and is now a Vice P
06/11/202341 minutes 54 seconds
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LWL Special Recap: Samantha's Wedding to her Law School Sweetheart

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24/10/202324 minutes 4 seconds
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The Ladies Chat: Questions for your next Job Interview

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16/10/202324 minutes 21 seconds
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The Ladies Chat: Practical Tips for Motivation in Law School

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11/09/202324 minutes 39 seconds
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The Ladies Chat: Professor Shailini George on Why Wellness Is Paramount in Law School + The Distractions Keeping You From Performing Your Best

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22/05/202336 minutes 21 seconds
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The Ladies Chat: Feb 2023 Bar Exam Results

Wondering how the February 2023 Bar Exam turned out for the ladies? Look no further! Oklahoma Bar Statistics: Silverman TWITTERSupport the showFollow us on Instagram @theladieswholawpodcast
17/04/202329 minutes 36 seconds
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The Ladies Chat: SnooGoats, the r/barexam King

You can take the 90-second quiz, designed to give you a window into what YOUR best-fit type of law might be!! www.whattypeoflawyerquiz.comInterested in GOAT BAR PREP? Find allllll the info you need here: Support the showFollow us on Instagram @theladieswholawpodcast
10/04/202336 minutes 56 seconds
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So we took the July 2022 Bar Exam LOL This is Our Story

Welcome to Season 4 of the podcast!! This episode cover the ladies bar exam journey. They recorded a total of 4 times. Once after week one, again after week four, then after week eight and lastly 3 weeks after taking the bar exam. The ladies hope you enjoy this raw and real take on their experience studying for the July 2022 UBE.   Support the showFollow us on Instagram @theladieswholawpodcast
22/08/20221 hour 19 minutes 39 seconds
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LWLS x Mazaheri Law: The Right to Bare Arms

This week&apos;s episode is sponsored by AdaptiBar - For a limited time, Ladies Who Law School listeners can save $30 on the MBE Simulator and Prep program by using code LWLS on at checkout.Looking for a *NEW* podcast to listen to? Check out Girl and The Gov Podcast HEREOn this week&apos;s episode, the ladies chat with Katherine and Mary from the Mazaheri Law Firm. The women discuss tips for law students, why it&apos;s important to get the most out of your internship and so much more.  The women discuss fashion in the courtroom and how it is not a good idea to show up in court without a blazer. Read the article Katherine and Mary wrote HERE.  <
14/03/202242 minutes 3 seconds
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LWLS x How To Be Broke in New York: Manifesting Your Dream Law Career

Welcome back to another Ladies Who Law School Podcast episode! On this week&apos;s episode, the ladies talk to Julianne Simson of How to be Broke in New York. Julianne got her under-grad degree and masters from Florida State University and was entrenched in the political scene of Florida, and she thought &quot;Hey I wanna do this in NY!&quot; So she lined up a job on the 2016 Clinton Campaign. However,  when she moved to NY, Brooklyn area, her job fell through. Julianne had saved up some money to get her buy, but after about two months she started to feel really down! In the spirit of ~pivoting~ she made it her mission to find enjoy her new home even if it was on a budget so she discovered all the *free* things to do in New York City, que her Instagram page. She talks about how her LSAT experience was horribl
24/05/202136 minutes 43 seconds