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Kulturang Swiftie: A Podcast for Filipino Taylor Swift Fans

Tagalog, Social, 1 seasons, 23 episodes, 15 hours 37 minutes
If you are a Swiftie, Red is not just a color, 13 is not just a number, 1989 is not just a year, and Taylor Swift is not just a celebrity. Kulturang Swiftie is a Filipino-based podcast that talks about the life, stories, songs, and anything related about the Grammy-winning artist, Taylor Swift. Listen to the episodes hosted by Klyde Eugenio every Friday 7pm on Spotify and other streaming platforms!
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EPISODE 23: Kumusta Ka, Swiftie?

Join us for an exciting comeback episode as we dive into the vibrant world of Kulturang Swiftie! Explore the thrilling highlights of The Eras Tour, including Taylor Swift's recent show announcements in Japan and Singapore. #KulturangSwiftieEp23 #KulturangSwiftieIsBack
02/07/202328 minutes 8 seconds
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EPISODE 22: All Too Well: The Short Film

In this episode, we will talk about the short film of one of the most anticipated songs of Taylor Swift, All Too Well (Taylor's Version). #RedTaylorsVersion #KulturangSwiftieEp22 #AllTooWellTheShortFilm
28/01/202226 minutes 45 seconds
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EPISODE 21: The Release Week of Red (Taylor's Version)

One of the most memorable events of Filipino Swifties is the release week of Red (Taylor's Version) last November 2021. In this episode, we will be talking about Taylor's surprises during that week and the achievements & milestones that Swifties reached for her. 
21/01/202237 minutes 43 seconds
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EPISODE 20: Kulturang Swiftie is Back!

Let's celebrate Christmas eve together by celebrating the first episode of the second season of the podcast! 
24/12/202131 minutes 17 seconds
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EPISODE 19: Taylor Broke The Internet... Again

On this episode, we will talk about Taylor entering one of the most-used applications today, TikTok! 
30/08/202122 minutes 21 seconds
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EPISODE 18: Red (2012 Version)

Let's take a look back 9 years ago and talk about what was it like to experience the Red era before. 
15/08/202129 minutes 16 seconds
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EPISODE 17: Tara Pre-Order ng Red!

Taylor just announced the complete tracklist of Red (Taylor's Version) but before that, she made us twist our minds with another vault tracks teaser. On this episode, we will talk about our thoughts and reactions on Taylor's announcement and where to pre-order the album in the Philippines! 
08/08/202139 minutes 25 seconds
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EPISODE 16: The Bonus Tracks of evermore

Are you more of a "right where you left me" stan or "it's time to go" stan? Let's talk about these two songs on the 16th episode of Kulturang Swiftie and how these songs affect our life with the related real-life stories that we experienced. 
30/07/202125 minutes 53 seconds
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EPISODE 15: Let's talk about evermore

In this episode, we will talk about the songs, reactions, and thoughts about Taylor's ninth album, evermore. The announcement of the winners from the 2nd giveaway will also be revealed here! Episode sponsored by: Fifth Track, Make it 3D, and Smoll Dicc Energy. Voucher code: MAKE3DXKS  Get 10% off on Make it 3D's Taylor Swift inspired CD stands capped at Php200. No minimum spend required! Available for the first 150 customers until July 31, 2021
23/07/202156 minutes 49 seconds
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EPISODE 14: The Miss Americana Documentary

Let's talk about the timely and significant scenes of the Miss Americana documentary. Why is this important for us as fans? What made this documentary different from others? Let us all answer that in the 14th episode of Kulturang Swiftie! Sponsored by: Fifth Track, Make it 3D, and Smoll Dicc Energy: The Podcast. 
16/07/202154 minutes 51 seconds
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EPISODE 13: That July 9th... (A Special Episode)

Listen to the special episode of Kulturang Swiftie where we talk about more than one topic! Stay tuned until the end for the surprise announcement of the podcast. *wink*
09/07/202155 minutes 34 seconds
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EPISODE 12: The Importance of Taylor's Versions

In this episode, I talked about the memorable issue that happened 2 years ago and shared the reason why Taylor is re-recording her albums. With that, I also shared how important Taylor's version of her albums as an artist and how she needs our support as Swifties. 
02/07/202149 minutes 4 seconds
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EPISODE 11: Let's Paint The Town Red

After taking a one-week break, Kulturang Swiftie is back to talk about Taylor's next re-recorded album, Red (Taylor's Version) for the eleventh episode. We will also talk about our reactions when it was announced, our theories, and our excitement for the Red era! 
25/06/202150 minutes 37 seconds
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EPISODE 10: sWiFtie AcKoUh

An episode where we talked about our Swiftie life 10 years ago. Isa ka ba sa mga sumasali sa mga mobile communities for Taylor Swift? Isa ka ba sa nagpaparticipate sa mga fan edits? Let us all take a trip down memory lane and reminisce the memories that we had noong mga baguhan palang tayo sa fandom na Swifties. 
11/06/202143 minutes 32 seconds
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EPISODE 9: Iniyakan Mo Na Ba Si Taylor Swift?

Have you ever cried because of Taylor Swift? Or have you ever cried because you are just proud of her achievements in life? In this episode, we will talk about certain scenarios that our tears fell down during our Swiftie days. Stream evermore after this episode! 
04/06/202148 minutes 13 seconds
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EPISODE 8: folklore, The Surprise Album

This episode will talk about how Taylor Swift surprised us with her 8th studio album, folklore, and how it captured our hearts from last year up to now. I will also share my top 5 favorite songs from this album and of course, the achievements of Taylor Swift during this era.  
28/05/202140 minutes 14 seconds
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EPISODE 7: Let's Talk About ME!

In this episode, we will talk about one of Taylor's most iconic comebacks and the lead single of her 7th album, Lover, which is ME! There a lot of critics and memes about this song but is this song is truly childish or is it a perfect lead single for a colorful & fun era? Listen to this episode now to find out my thoughts and reactions! 
21/05/202126 minutes 49 seconds
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EPISODE 6: My RED Tour Manila Experience

For the 6th episode, we will talk about what happened on the 6th day of the 6th month of the year 2014. I will share my experience when it comes to watching Taylor Swift Live for the very first time at the Red Tour Manila. Credits to Taylor Swift's Official YouTube Channel and Juan Music Kubo's YouTube Channel for the videos/audio used in the podcast. 
14/05/202154 minutes 29 seconds
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EPISODE 5: The Track Fives

For the fifth episode, we will talk about the fifth tracks of Taylor Swift's albums. She is known for putting her most vulnerable and emotional songs in the fifth spot of every album. What's your favorite? What's your ranking of her track number fives? Let us all talk about the stories behind those songs here on the fifth episode!  
07/05/202136 minutes 18 seconds
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EPISODE 4: Pahinging Productivity, Taylor!

During the pandemic, Taylor Swift inspired us to create and do better in the things that we are currently doing especially when she released her albums, folklore & evermore. In this episode, we will be talking about the significance of taking care of yourself and how is it alright to not be productive as much as our Taylor Swift during quarantine. 
30/04/202142 minutes 25 seconds
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EPISODE 3: Songs From the Vault of Fearless (Taylor's Version)

Last time, we talked about Fearless (Taylor's Version) and how we reminisce the memories of this era. This time, we will talk about the songs From The Vault! Which ones are your favorites? Which ones made a huge impact on you? Let us discuss here on the third episode of Kulturang Swiftie!  
23/04/202136 minutes 8 seconds
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EPISODE 2: Araw ng Fearless (Taylor's Version)

For the 2nd episode, I decided to talk about the very special thing that happened last April 9th. Taylor finally released her first re-recorded album that reached a lot of milestones during its first release back in 2008. All Filipino Swifties took this moment to reminisce good old memories through Taylor's music in the album, Fearless (Taylor's Version). Enjoy listening! #KulturangSwiftieEp2
16/04/202158 minutes 2 seconds
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EPISODE 1: What Makes A Person A Taylor Swift Fan?

The first and only Taylor Swift-related podcast in the Philippines is here! Hosted by Klyde Eugenio, let us talk about the three reasons why Taylor Swift is admired by many. I decided to pick this topic as a great podcast starter since we have to go back to where it all started, the things that we love about Taylor. Enjoy listening! #KulturangSwiftieEp1
09/04/202143 minutes 23 seconds