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Chinese, Education, 1 seasons, 184 episodes, 13 hours 57 minutes
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英译 《我们仨》 杨绛

“We Two Grow Old ” Excerpt from "The Three Of Us" Written by Jiang Yang One night, I had a dream. Zhongshu and I were out on a walk together, talking and laughing, when we came to a place we did not know. The sun had set behind the mountains, and dusk was approaching. Then Zhongshu disappeared into the void. I searched everywhere but could find no trace of him. I called to him, but there was no answer. It was just me, alone, standing there in the wasteland not knowing where Zhongshu had gone. 有一晚,我做了一个梦。我和锺书一同散步,说说笑笑,走到了不知什么地方。太阳已经下山,黄昏薄幕,苍苍茫茫中,忽然锺书不见了。我四顾寻找,不见他的影踪。我喊他,没人应。只我一人,站在荒郊野地里,锺书不知到哪里去了。I cried out to him, calling his full name, but my cries just fell into the wilderness without the faintest echo, as if they’d been swallowed. Complete silence added to the blackness of the night, deepening my loneliness and sense of desolation. 我大声呼喊,连名带姓地喊。喊声落在旷野里,好像给吞吃了似的,没留下一点依稀仿佛的音响。彻底的寂静,给沉沉夜色增添了分量,也加深了我的孤凄。In the distance, I saw only layer upon layer of dus
31/05/20165 minutes 9 seconds
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趣配音 晨读 03 YPZD 小小说 节选一

「趣配音 悦己达人」大家好,我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今早读 “A VERY SHORT STORY” BY Ernest Hemingway《小小说》 作者 海明威One hot evening in Padua they carried him up onto the roof and he could look out over the top of the town. There were chimney swifts in the sky. After a while it got dark and the searchlights came out. The others went down and took the bottles with them. He and Luz could hear them below on the balcony. Luz sat on the bed. She was cool and fresh in the hot night.Luz stayed on night duty for three months. They were glad to let her. When they operated on him she prepared him for the operating table; and they had a joke about friend or enema. He went under the anæsthetic holding tight on to himself so he would not blab about anything during the silly, talky time. After he got on crutches he used to take the temperatures so Luz would not have to get up from the bed. There were only a few patients, and they all knew about it. They all liked Luz. As he walked back along the
16/07/20152 minutes 55 seconds
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CCAV 趣配音 晨读 02 时间和金钱

「趣配音 悦己达人」大家好,我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今早读小伍哥分享的双语正能量。关于奋斗过程中的 “时间/金钱”观。 Time and money are precious resources, and few people striving for success ever believe they possess either one in excess. Understanding how you use them is an important part of evaluating your progress toward success and analyzing what may be holding you back.时间和金钱都是宝贵的资源,没有人在奋斗的过程中会认为他们有太多的时间和金钱. 懂得如果去使用时间和金钱,有助于去评估成功进展情况和分析阻力!
14/07/20151 minute 26 seconds
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SAT 50天词汇突破 DAY 50

20/06/20152 minutes 30 seconds
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SAT 50天词汇突破 DAY 49

19/06/20153 minutes 10 seconds
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SAT 50天词汇突破 DAY 48

18/06/20152 minutes 35 seconds
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集思双语 中国文化特辑 西游记

【集思双语 Lewis 中国文化特辑 西游记 Journey to the West】Good morning, everyone! It's Thurs., 18th June. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou. 大家周四早上好,今天是六月十八号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家问好! 今天给大家分享的中国文化元素主题是 《西游记》 Journey to the West!1. “Journey to the West” is the most famous mythology in China.2. It was inspired by real historical events. 3. A Buddhist monk, named Xuzang, walked through the harsh desert for more than 10 thousand kilometers on his pilgrimage to India to obtain Buddhist sutras.4. His first disciple, named Sun Wukong, is a monkey with great magic powers. 5. He is a righteous and brave hero who has mastered 72 methods of transformations. 6. Unlike conventional heroes, he departs from tradition and fights for freedom. 7. His tag is “Hey, I am coming!” 8. He defeated powerful demons on the pilgrimage, and helped Xuanzang accomplish his objectives with Zhu bajie, monk Sha wujin and Bailongma. 9. “Journey to the West” tells stor
18/06/20159 minutes 38 seconds
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SAT 50天词汇突破 DAY 47

17/06/20152 minutes 49 seconds
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录音背景音乐分享 气势恢宏 Earthsong

选自唱片集 “Global Spirit”
17/06/20155 minutes 46 seconds
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集思双语 中国文化特辑 兵马俑

【集思双语 Lewis 中国文化特辑 兵马俑 Terra-Cotta Warriors】Good morning, everyone! It's Wed., 17th June. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou. 大家周三早上好,今天是六月十七号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家问好!今天给大家分享的中国文化元素主题是 兵马俑 Terra Cotta Warriors 1. There is a saying that you have not been to China If you have not visited the Terra Cotta Warriors - Bingmayong.2. Located to the west of Xi’an, Bingmayong is a collection of the tomb treasures of Qinshihuang – the first emperor of China.3. They were built by hundreds of thousands of men more than two thousand years ago.4. Bingmayong were a copy of Qinshihuang’s powerful army which conquered and unified 6 states. 5. Each Warrior was as big and vivid as real soldiers.6. The facial features, expressions and the hairlines of the clay Warriors were exact duplicates of real ones.7. Life-sized war chariots and horses were also made.8. This army of clay statue is as effective and strong as any real military
17/06/20154 minutes 17 seconds
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SAT 50天词汇突破 DAY 46

16/06/20152 minutes 22 seconds
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集思双语 中国文化特辑 红娘

【集思双语 Lewis 中国文化特辑 红娘 Matchmaker 】Good morning, everyone! It's Tue., 16th June. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou. 大家周二早上好,今天是六月十六号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家问好!今天给大家分享的中国文化元素主题是 红娘 Matchmaker1. A matchmaker, often called Hongniang in China, is a messenger of love.2. In a Chinese love story, a young man fell in love with a rich lady.3. The lady’s family strongly objected to this marriage.4. The family’s maid named Hongniang, persuaded the rich family to approve the marriage.5. There are many other stories about Hongniang in Chinese literature and drama.6. Chinese are more than happy to be a Hongniang, because they believe that those who bring happiness to others will be happy themselves.7. Now you understand that Hongniang is the Chinese Cupid.备注:关键词/表达1. Messenger 信使2. Maid 女仆 侍女3. Approve the marriage 同意这门亲事4. Be more than happy to do sth. 十分乐意做某事5. The Chinese Cupid 中国的丘比特
16/06/20156 minutes 15 seconds
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SAT 50天词汇突破 DAY 45

15/06/20153 minutes 57 seconds
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集思双语 中国文化特辑 吃醋

【集思双语 Lewis 中国文化特辑 吃醋 Jealous 】Good morning, everyone! It's Mon. 15th June. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou. 大家周一早上好,今天是六月十五号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家问好!今天的中国文化特辑和大家分享 吃醋 Jealous1. Having vinegar means to be jealous, Chicu, in China.2. The legend says that a minister was to marry his second wife according to the order of the emperor.3. His first wife was quite jealous.4. The emperor offered two choices for her.5. If she object to the marriage, she should drink poison.6. The woman willingly drank the poison offered by the emperor.7. However she didn’t die.8. What she drank was vinegar instead of poison.9. The emperor made the prank to test her attitude towards love.10. From then on, Chicu has been related to jealousy and used to describe the jealousy between lovers.备注:关键词/表达1. Vinegar 醋2. Object to the marriage 反对这桩婚事3. Willingly 情愿地4. Make the prank 开玩笑/搞恶作剧
15/06/20153 minutes 4 seconds
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SAT 50天词汇突破 DAY 44

14/06/20153 minutes 14 seconds
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集思双语 录音背景音乐回放一 沉思 3

13/06/20155 minutes 20 seconds
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集思双语 录音背景回放 二 明快 4

13/06/20151 minute 4 seconds
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SAT 50天词汇突破 DAY 43

13/06/20153 minutes 30 seconds
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集思双语 录音背景音乐回放 一 沉思 2

13/06/20155 minutes 55 seconds
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集思双语 录音背景音乐回放 一 沉思 1

13/06/20154 minutes 29 seconds
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集思双语 录音背景音乐回放 二 明快 3

13/06/20155 minutes 19 seconds
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集思双语 录音背景音乐回放 二 明快 1

13/06/20152 minutes 7 seconds
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SAT 50天词汇突破 DAY 42

12/06/20153 minutes 46 seconds
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集思双语 中国文化特辑 舞蹈

【集思双语 Lewis 中国文化特辑 舞蹈 Dance】Good morning, everyone! It's Fri., 12th June. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou. 大家周五早上好,今天是六月十二号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家问好!今天的中国文化特辑晨读和大家分享 舞蹈 Dance1. Scenes of dancing were drawn on pottery in China some 5,000 years ago.2. At that time, people danced at ceremonies for worship. 3. There was a concubine who could dance on a tray in the Imperial Palace about 2,000 years ago.4. She danced so lightly that she supposedly would fly away when the wind blew.5. Legends say that an emperor made his soldiers dance when he returned in triumph.6. The dance was powerful and vigorous.7. People also dance on festivals, harvest celebrations and weddings.8. You can see abundant styles of Wudao in China, a country composed of many ethnic groups.9. Wudao shortens the distance between people.备注:关键词句1. Scene 场景2. Worship 祭拜3. Return in triumph 凯旋归来4. Vigorous 充满活力的5. Abundant styles of Wud
12/06/20153 minutes 2 seconds
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SAT 50天词汇突破 DAY 41

11/06/20154 minutes 4 seconds
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集思双语 中国文化特辑 民族

【集思双语 Lewis 中国文化特辑 Ethnic Groups 民族】Good morning, everyone! It's Thurs., 11th June. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou. 大家周四早上好,今天是六月十一号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家问好!今天的中国文化特辑晨读和大家分享 民族 Ethnic Groups1. The Chinese nation is composed of 56 ethnic groups, Minzu, with distinct features.2. These Minzu are distributed all over China with their own traditions.3. Culture characteristics include the songs and dances of the Uygur, Water Splashing Festival of the Dai, silver ornaments of the Miao, and Nadam Fair of the Mongolian people.4. Chinese use brothers to describe the relationship among different Minzu.5. Brotherhood means the different Minzu live harmoniously in this huge family.备注:关键词句1. Be composed of 由…组成2. Distinct features 突出的特点3. Be distributed all over China 分布在全中国4. Silver ornament 银饰品5. Brotherhood 兄弟情谊
11/06/20152 minutes 35 seconds
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SAT 50天词汇突破 DAY 40

10/06/20153 minutes 30 seconds
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集思双语 中国文化特辑 唐装

Good morning, everyone! It's Wed., 10th June. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou. 大家周三早上好,今天是六月十号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家问好!今天的中国文化特辑晨读和大家分享 唐装 Tang Suit 1. A Tang Suit, Tang Zhuang, is not a suit of the Tang Dynasty but a suit with Chinese style.2. Tang Zhuang is tailored according to specific procedures. 3. Brocade is the first choice when selecting materials for Tang Zhuang.4. Stand-up collars and symmetrical lapels are typical styles. 5. Exquisite embroidery is another feature of Tang Zhuang.6. Even the little buttons are made with great details. 7. These unique buttons are the finishing touches of Tang Zhuang.8. Nowadays Chinese put on Tang Zhuang for the Spring Festival or weddings.9. People regard Tang Zhuang as special clothing for important ceremonies in China.10. Absorbing some elements from western designs, Tang Zhuang now has a more fashionable beautiful look.备注:关键词句1. Be tailored according to spec
10/06/20153 minutes 11 seconds
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SAT 50天词汇突破 DAY 39

09/06/20154 minutes 32 seconds
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在家里流浪 .境界.心态.经历

在家里流浪 文: 杨华斌 一, 近期在西安装修了一间小房子,没床,没电脑,没电视。睡地上,头枕双肩包,旁搁小台灯,看(西安城墙),偶尔呼朋唤友码码长城,看(理想丰满),不顾现实骨感,看(谁的大学不迷惘),想谁的人生不迷茫?看(涂自强的悲伤),自己就不再悲伤。在家里流浪,是我今年国庆节的选择,被迫,也是自愿。被迫一 是孩子不愿意出去,二是没时间,三是没钱。这个顺序当然是按重要程度来排的。所以,主要是因为要陪孩子,自愿陪孩子,以孩子的意愿来安排,不能不说是一种甜蜜的忧伤。但人心思动,每个人都渴望浪迹天涯。首先我不能衣衫褴褛去远方,其次我没法考察访问去看风景,最后是我更没资格通过贪腐去挥霍。于是,就在家里流浪吧。旅行的本质是学习,既然如此,那就躺地上看看书,熬个稀饭,就点咸莱,想想曹雪芹写(红楼梦)时的九格粥,浇浇花,擦擦地,在家里流浪,无比高大上! 二,在家里流浪,自己体会自己的倔犟。坚持摆个旧家俱,坚持睡地上,翻翻旧照片,整理一下日志,总结一下人生过往。岁月残忍,不是生活无情。所谓的"阶前冷雨",所谓的"岁月静好",所谓的"昙花一现",所谓的"苔痕新绿",只有亲历,她们的美好,她们的动人,只有亲自看见了,都来不及告诉朋友,知己,就已经不见了。去过汶川吗? 好繁华,只剩下"大爱无疆"空洞的诉说。 对一个人的生命历程而言,必须有一段慢旅,旅行中的千回百转本身就是一个启示和暗示。旅行的时间会有结束的一天,而生活的道路相对而言却没有尽头。在家里流浪,你可以发挥无尽的想象。让思想在家的笼罩中摇摇晃晃,胜却在名山大川胡逛。 三,在家里流浪,其实是心无所往。
09/06/201510 minutes 12 seconds
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集思双语 中国文化特辑 太阳

Good morning, everyone! It's Tues., 9th June. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周二早上好,今天是六月九号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家问好!今天的中国文化特辑晨读和大家分享 "太阳" 1. Sun, Tai Yang, brings light and vitality to the world.2. Legends say that there were 10 Tai Yang in the sky in ancient times.3. People couldn’t put up with the hot weather brought by 10 Tai Yang.4. A hero named Hou Yi shot down 9 Tai Yang with his bow.5. The Chinese created a calendar according to shadows produced by the last Tai Yang.6. The Chinese have created 24 solar terms according to the circulation laws of Tai Yang.7. They are used to guide farming activities.8. The rise and set of Tai Yang represents hope in the hearts of Chinese people.备注: 1. Vitality 生机 派生:形容词 vital 重要的/必需的/必不可少的2. Put up with the hot weather 忍受酷暑 3. 24 Solar terms 24节气4. Circulation 轮转/运转
09/06/20152 minutes 59 seconds
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SAT 50天词汇突破 DAY 38

08/06/20153 minutes 30 seconds
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集思双语特别节目·谨以此文献给即将完整结束高中生活,走进大学校园或者一直在路上的你们!文 / 冰菲嫣 M是我的朋友, 很普通很宅的一个工科男生, 就像你在全国众多女生稀少的 理工科院校里看到的任何一个 留着平头穿着免费赠送的T恤 和看起来木木的男生一样, 而他似乎还要格外笨拙一些, 遇到需要说话的场合, 常常仰着脖子, 抽着喉咙半天无法表达。 怎么好交那些明艳动人的同校女生? 他只在高中同学中找了一个也有点喜欢她的女生, 谈着一段不咸不淡的异地恋。 只是,他还是有些不一样的。 当别的男生忙着参加社团发掘自己的特长时, 他正在钻研一道道微积分难题, 当别的男生由于苦闷无聊等种种原因打游戏喝酒时, 他把高等代数又看了一遍, 当别的男生换了好几个女友创了几次业兼了几份职时 他的计算机编程课终于拿了90分。 他很刻苦, 总是舍得在学习上花时间, 总是不会被花花世界所打动, 在自己的象牙塔里笃定地攀爬者。 大三一统计成绩,竟然是班级第三, 败在天分上,他不够聪明,一道题要比别人多想十遍。 本来要推研到一个还算不错的学校, 但临时被一个看起来更聪明发展更全面的同学替代掉了。 他十月份开始考研, 还是那么一天学足十几个小时, 后来就去了全国最好的那几所大学中的一所。 据说去了去读研究生也还是常在课题上遇到关卡, 在土著同学的秒懂中发现自己的迟钝。 但胜在勤奋好学勤问, 跌跌撞撞竟然一路拿了优秀毕业生, 去了一家很厉害的单位, 一年时间还了上学这几年借的钱, 然后和女友汇合, 准备买房结婚生子的事情。 再过几年见到他竟然成了不大不小的领导, 也不再说话张口结舌, 眉宇之间有种淡定的气质, 已经和以前判若两人, 讲起专业知识侃侃而谈, 哪有当年的局促和土气。 同学之间属于他的走向最稳定最好了, 现在同学会都是他在组织。 他和我讲起从前, 我钦佩他对方向的把握和对事情的取
08/06/201512 minutes 6 seconds
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集思晨读 中国文化特辑 印刷

Good morning, everyone! It's Mon., 8th June. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周一早上好,今天是六月八号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家问好!今天的中国文化特辑晨读和大 家分享 “印刷-Printing”1. A Chinese, named Bi Sheng, invented movable type print around 1,000 years ago.2. The movable components are cubes made of baked clay.3. Characters were carved on each piece of clay which looked like the seals widely used in China. 4. The movable components could be arranged freely to form different vocabularies and sentences.5. They were fixed on an iron plate with frames in certain sequence.6. Then ink was painted, and a piece of paper was laid on.7. A printed sheet was created this way.8. This technique improved the efficiency of printing and transformed traditional transcription into modern printing.9. Scripts and paintings spread widely in the world with the help of Yinshua.备注:1. Cubes made of baked clay 泥土烧制成的立方体2. Seal 印章3. In certain sequence 按照
08/06/20152 minutes 55 seconds
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SAT 50天词汇突破 DAY 37

07/06/20154 minutes 18 seconds
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周末读书 《游历身体的江湖》-不可分离的身体

07/06/20157 minutes 12 seconds
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SAT 50天词汇突破 DAY 36

06/06/20154 minutes 12 seconds
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周末读书 《剑胆琴心是中医》粥和生机

《剑胆琴心是中医》粥和生机 剑胆琴心一词大概出自元·吴莱《寄董与几》诗:“小榻琴心展,长缨剑胆舒。”比喻既有情致,又有胆识。如果为中医,拥有剑胆的刚威果断,又拥有琴心的细致浪漫,这应该是大师的意境了,我们可以追求,毕竟人不能没有梦……当中医,在老百姓心里就是调养,就是西医搞不定了,中医来“尽人事,听天命”,一个“慢”字了得。事实上,中医并不是如许温柔,在没有西医急诊时候的中华几千年,还真是只有中医才能“救黎民于水火中”。古代和近代很多名中医,也是靠看急症出道而名闻天下。我学中医的时候,西医学的稀烂,就认一个死理:俺们西医学的再好也远不如人家西医的科班,但是西医的大夫们,凭借着一本《中医基础概论》和“中西医结合”来看我中医的项背也没有可能,很公平!彼此尊重,相得益彰而并行不悖!当然我是很尊重西医外科的,人被车撞了,血流成河,吃中药仿佛是止不住血。但是在ICU里面折腾个十几天,得个“医源性”的什么“鲍曼不动杆菌”感染,西医也就差不多“包不动”了,这个时候病人是死是活,还真和手术水平的关系不大。今年治疗了一例,一男士车祸,脑部手术后,在某西医医院的ICU里面住了6天,情况好转,但是不幸的感染了“鲍曼不动杆菌”,然后情况急转直下,一天不如一天,西医教导我们说:“获得“鲍曼不动杆菌”的科室分布以ICU最多,其次为呼吸内科患者。感染的病人多是老年患者、危重疾病及机体抵抗力弱的患者,以及使用各种侵入性操作和长期使用广谱抗生素治疗的患者。又因为该菌对湿热紫外线及化学消毒剂有较强抵抗力,常规消毒只能抑制其生长而不能杀灭,而抵抗力弱或有创伤的患者可能被从医务人员的手或消毒不彻底的医疗器械所带有的细菌感染的机会较多。”而医院对付“鲍曼不动杆菌”选用了头孢哌酮-舒巴坦,针对此病人病情较重者,又用了β-内酰胺类与氨基糖苷类联合应用。然后,则根据药敏结果调整选用了很多方案,一点起色也没有。一天在ICU里面1万多啊,还基本没有好转的可能。病人家里人和肇事者两个家庭都在流血,只有请中医了,好像并不抱什么希望,把中医当“倒数第二站”,我们去,依稀是为病人送行。刚好会诊的两个中医,都是一点西药西医也不懂,听了病人和主治大夫说了半个钟头,也莫名其妙,我们只是点头摇头,西医估计郁闷死了,说怎么连句话也不评价啊,事实上,
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SAT 50天词汇突破 DAY 35

05/06/20153 minutes 49 seconds
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特别节目-Sheryl Sandberg深情悼念!

谢丽尔: 我爱你,大卫!Sheryl Sandberg深情悼念!【今天是我心爱的丈夫葬礼后30天「谢洛行」(Sheloshim)的结束。犹太教将亲人埋葬后的七天称为「坐七」(Shiva),在这之后大部分日常活动就可以恢复。但真正完成悼念去世配偶的宗教仪式,则是以「谢洛行」这样一段深度哀悼期的结束为标志。】我的一位现在成为拉比(犹太牧师)的发小最近告诉我,他曾读过的最强单句祷告是:“我还活着时就别让我死去。”我在失去大卫之前一直不解。现在我明白了。 我认为悲剧发生时,也带来一个抉择。你可以放弃,任由空虚填满你的心肺,失去思考甚至是呼吸的能力。或者你可以尝试寻找意义。过去的三十天里,我很多时候都迷失在空虚之中。我也知道未来还会有很多时间被巨大空虚耗去。但当我可以选择时,我会选择生活和意义。这就是为什么我在写这些文字:标记「谢洛行」的结束,把别人给我的支持回馈出来。悲痛的经历是极其私人的,那些向我分享自己悲痛经历的人们的勇气帮助我度过难关。一些向我敞开心扉的是我最亲密的朋友。还有那些公开分享智慧和建议、与我素不相识的人。所以我在此分享我所学到的,也希望帮到别人,希望在这场悲剧中找到些意义。这三十天,我如同过了三十年。度日如年的的悲伤,也让我感觉到三十年的成长。我更深刻的认识到怎么做一位母亲。我感受到孩子们尖叫哭泣的深痛,也知道我的母亲体会到我的痛苦。她试着每晚和我同床,抱着我直到我哭着睡去。为了我她强忍眼泪。她向我解释说,我感到痛苦,不但是我自己的,也是我孩子的。我看到她眼中的悲痛,明白她是对的。我明白之前自己真的不知道该对那些有需要的人说什么。我想之前的一切都做错了;我试图让人们相信一切会好的,以为希望是我能做的最令人欣慰的事。一位癌症晚期的朋友告诉我,人们对他说“会好起来的”,但这是最难听的话。他脑子里会有声音大叫“你怎么知道它会好起来?你不明白我会死吗?”现在我理解他了。真正的同情有时不是坚持说一切都会好,而是承认现实。别人对我说,“你和孩子们会再次找到幸福。“我的内心告诉我,是的,我相信,但我知道自己不会再感觉到纯粹的快乐。有人安慰我,“你会找到一个新常态,虽然不如以前好”,因为他们知道这是实话。即使是简单一句“你好吗?“这样总是出于好意的问候,
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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 34

04/06/20153 minutes 32 seconds
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集思晨读 中国文化特辑 你来猜主题

【集思晨读 Lewis 中国文化特辑 】Good morning, everyone! It's Thur., 4th June. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周四早上好,今天是六月四号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家问好。今天的中国文化特辑晨读首先给大家分享一个调调,大家来猜猜今天晨读的主题: Did you get our topic today? 听出来今天晨读的主角了么?If not, listen carefully. Here comes our hero! 1. I' m the national treasure of China.2. I like to be alone just like a drifter.3. Our family has lived on the earth for more than 8 million years.4. At first, we lived on meat.5. Later we ran out of food with the tremendous change of the temperature on the earth.6. Now, we are one of the most endangered species.7. We are regarded as beasts for peace.8. Truce was agreed whenever the flags printed with images of us were raised 1,700 years ago.9. These flags represent peace and friendship10. And both sides of the war would stop fighting.11. Now we’re known far and wide.12. And we’re often sent abroad as gifts.13. We have even bee
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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 33

03/06/20154 minutes 15 seconds
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集思晨读 中国文化特辑 月亮

【集思晨读 Lewis 中国文化特辑 Moon 月亮 】Good morning, everyone! It's Wed., 3rd June. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou. The song you've heard is one of my favorites titled "J'ai Demande a la lune " from the French Children's Choir Vox Angeli. 大家周三早上好,今天是六月三号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家问好。刚才大家片头听到的是来自法国童声合唱团Vox Angeli 发行的同名专辑中的一首歌曲,曲名 “问月”。今天跟大家分享的主题也就是 the“Moon”! 晨读最后将给大家欣赏完整版歌曲。1. Mythical meanings are attributed to Yueliang in Chinese legends.2. Legend has it that Chang E, the wife of ancient Chinese hero Hou Yi stole her husband’s elixir and ate it.3. Then she became a fairy and flew to the Yueliang.4. She lived alone on the Yueliang with the only company of a rabbit.5. Worshiping Yueliang is an ancient custom in China.6. A round Yueliang represents family reunion and often reminds people of their family.7. An ancient Chinese poem says ‘raise my eyes to the Yueliang, lower my head and think of home’.备注:1. Be attributed
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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 32

02/06/20153 minutes 3 seconds
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集思晨读 中国文化特辑 喜鹊

【集思晨读 Lewis 中国文化特辑 Magpie 喜鹊 】Good morning, everyone! It's Tues., 2nd June. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周二早上好,今天是六月二号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!中国文化特辑100期的晨读已经和大家走过了71期。今天和大家分享的 分享的是 喜鹊 Magpie1. The Magpie, Xique, is a lucky bird in China.2. Chinese traditions say that the chirp of Xique can bring good luck to people.3. They fly onto the branches of plum blossoms, and then to the houses of the ordinary people with good news and auspicious omens.4. A Chinese legend says that Xique gather in heaven once a year to make a bridge for a separated couple.5. When they gather and form a bridge across the galaxy, the separated couple can meet each other on the bridge.6. Xique are kind-hearted messengers.7. People love Xique for their affability. 8. There is a saying that “Good deeds come with a warble of Xique”.备注:1. Auspicious : showing that something is likely to be successful吉利的; 吉祥的; 有前途的再举例:I'm pleased that y
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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 31

01/06/20153 minutes 38 seconds
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集思晨读 复播第一天 特别节目

【集思晨读 特别节目】Good morning, everyone! It's Mon., 1st June.I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周一早上好,今天是六月一号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家问好!今天集思晨读复播第一天,跟大家分享海明威的短篇散文《真正的高贵》True Nobility! 节目最后有个彩蛋-2015年第一季度上映的一部大片中,主播十分喜欢的一个演员在该剧中引用了海明威对“高贵”这个名词的诠释,感兴趣的朋友快来听听看,是哪部剧? True Nobility  真正的高贵In a calm sea every man is a pilot.在风平浪静的大海上,每个人都是领航员。 But all sunshine without shade, all pleasure without pain, is not life at all.Take the lot of the happiest - it is a tangled yarn.Bereavements and blessings,one following another, make us sad and blessed by turns. Even death itself makes life more loving. Men come closest to their true selv es in the sober moments of life, under the shadows of sorrow and loss.      但只有阳光没有阴影,只有快乐没有痛苦,根本不是真正的生活.就拿最幸福的人来说,他的生活也是一团缠结在一起的乱麻 。痛苦与幸福交替出现,使得我们一会悲伤一会高兴。甚至死亡本身都使得生命更加可爱。在人生清醒的时刻,在悲伤与失落的阴影之下,人们与真实的自我最为接近。      In the affairs of life or of business, it is not intellect that tells so much as characte
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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 30

26/05/20153 minutes 20 seconds
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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 29

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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 28

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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 27

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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 26

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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 25

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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 24

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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 23

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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 22

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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 21

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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 20

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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 19

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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 18

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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 17

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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 16

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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 15

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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 14

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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 13

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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 12

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SAT 50天词汇突破 Day 11

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集思晨读 Day 151 中国文化特辑 功夫

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 151 中国文化特辑 】071 Kung FuGood morning, everyone! It's Thurs., 7th May. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周四早上好,今天是五月七号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑双语跟大家聊 Kung Fu 功夫 关键词: 武功 / 师傅 / 技击 / 套路 / 武侠 / 习武 (中文解说部分省略)Now let's take a look at a short description of Kung Fu in English. 1. Kung Fu, Gongfu, is as fast as wind, as stable as mountains, and as powerful as fire.2. Kung Fu originated from labor and the imitation of animals.3. Knives, swords, spears, sticks and bows are used in Kung Fu.4. Kung Fu is not only useful, but also graceful.5. Therefore, Kung Fu is regarded as the oriental martial art.6. It is not mysterious. 7. Everyone can take training.8. Kung Fu is good for health and self-defense.9. Now Kung Fu is widely practiced around the world.
07/05/20154 minutes
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SAT 50天词汇突破 (白皮书) Day 10

06/05/20153 minutes 30 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 150 中国文化特辑 火药

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 150 中国文化特辑 】070 火药Good morning, everyone! It's Wed., 6th May. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周三早上好,今天是五月六号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑 跟大家聊 火药 Gunpowder1. Gunpowder, Huoyao, is another ancient Chinese invention.2. It was invented by accident.3. More than 1,000 years ago, people experimenting in a pharmacy made the discovery.4. They found if sulphur(硫磺), charcoal(木炭) and potassium nitrate(硝酸钾) were mixed together with a certain proportion, the mixture would explode.5. Gunpowder changed the style of wars. 6. The steel age ended and gunpowder based weapons are now widely used.7. More than 600 years ago, primitive guns were used in China.8. Cannonballs were propelled by the thrust of the Huoyao explosion.9. Now Huoyao is also widely used in fireworks.10. The splendid fireworks at the Beijing Olympic Games garnered wide acclaim and admiration from the audience.备注:1. by accident: 偶然; 意
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SAT 50天词汇突破 (白皮书) Day 09

05/05/20153 minutes 56 seconds
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集思双语 特别节目 汪国真诗集选读

“大家好,我是主播宽心石! 我在扬州跟大家分享汪国真的诗歌 《告别,不是遗忘》 Farewell doesn't mean forgetting” 《告别,不是遗忘》作者:汪国真 我走了不要嫌我走的太远我们分享的是同一轮月亮 雨还会下雪还会落树叶还会沙沙响亲爱的 脚下可是个旧码头别在上面卸下太多的忧伤告别,不是遗忘 Farewell Doesn't Mean Forgetting译者:蒋隆国I'm leaving for a distant place.Don't blame me for going too far way.I will tell you why.We share the same moon every night.It will rain still.It will snow still.Leaves will rustle still.My dear!Here is an old dock.Don't unload on it too much sorrow.FarewellDoesn't mean forgetting.
05/05/20152 minutes 37 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 149 中国文化特辑 玉

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 149 中国文化特辑 】069 JadeGood morning, everyone! It's Tues., 5th May. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周二早上好,今天是五月五号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑 跟大家聊 玉1. It is difficult to acquire a beautiful jade.2. Only through the delicate procedure of cutting, polishing and carving, a piece of unshaped stone can shine. 3. Yu has played an important role in people’s life in China over the last 8,000 years.4. Seals(印章) of emperors were made of Yu.5. Yu is also a popular material for amulets(护身符), ornaments(装饰物), and expensive artwork.6. Yu was featured in the medals of Beijing Olympic Games.7. Yu represents dignity, holiness and purity.8. Chinese believe that Yu is more valuable than gold.备注1. acquire /əˈkwaɪə / v. 获得, 得到 , 取得再举例:It takes me a year to acquire proficiency in French.我花了一年时间在法语上达到熟练水平。注意派生词: acquisition /'ækwɪz'ɪʃən/n.He is a valuable acquisition to the team.他是球队中一个不可多得的(新)队
05/05/20151 minute 47 seconds
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SAT 50天词汇突破 (白皮书) Day 08

04/05/20153 minutes 40 seconds
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集思双语 Day 148 周一特别节目 一周好文

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 148 周一特别节目-一周好文】Good morning, everyone! It's Mon., 4th May. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周一早上好,今天是五月四号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天跟大家分享一篇转自朋友圈的文章:关键词 父母/沟通/互联网/时间小长假肯定有很多姐妹回家看望父母,聊天模式开启,可是一聊就发现聊不下去。父母关心的无非那几个问题:回家工作吗?什么时候结婚?你说不结婚,也不回家工作。父母问为什么?外地那么好吗?你说外地也没那么好,有时候也很烦恼觉得一点不幸福:污染那么多,出个门成本那么高,什么还没做就累了。但在外地结交的朋友,做的事情,见识到的东西在家里不可能有,便也不会有在外地体会到的充实和激动。父母听不懂,什么激动?哪种激动?除了结婚买房子买车外还有什么值得激动的事情吗?于是谈话进入下一阶段——自说自话。父母开始诉说他们理想中的你的人生,用那个放羊的笑话来讲就叫「放羊、娶媳妇、生娃」。他们也会旁征博引,把这一年从电视上看到的、亲戚朋友里那听到的「幸福人生」的例子都拿过来讲给你听。用「讲」已经是软化后的动词,「羞辱」这个词更接近真相。尤其对女性而言,比如我。他们说,隔壁 XX 跟你一样大,儿子都两岁了,你也这么大年纪,再不结婚谁要啊?言下之意是,女性只要年纪过了一个数就一文不值,做什么事情一点不重要。你想反驳,但能怎么说呢?把你读到的关于女权主义的那些东西讲给他们听?或者跟他们说你身边好多朋友跟自己一样,她们都挺好的?这话几年前就已经说过,结果呢?鸡蛋碰石头。对,父母的价值观和想法已经坚硬得像石头一样,无坚不摧。早料到会如此。每次跟女性朋友聚会都会蹦出一个话题:你家爸妈问不问?答案都是,问,怎么可能不问。天南海北,大城市小城市,父母关心的事情出奇地一致。我们努力把这事当笑话来讲,讲完疙瘩还在心里,挥之不去,所以下次见面还是不自觉提起来。父母毕竟是父母,假期毕竟要回家,这辈子算是缠在一起了。深陷如此
04/05/201511 minutes 18 seconds
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SAT 50天词汇突破 (白皮书) Day 07

03/05/20153 minutes 24 seconds
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五一假期晨读特别节目 个园

03/05/201538 minutes 48 seconds
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SAT 50天词汇突破 (白皮书) Day 06

02/05/20153 minutes 12 seconds
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五一假期晨读特别节目 何园

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 146 中国文化特辑 五一特别节目】Lewis 带你游扬州 何园导游词Good morning, everyone! It's Sat., 2nd May. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周六早上好,今天是五月二号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!集思晨读今天继续给大家带来五一假期特别节目:Lewis带你游扬州 今天给大家分享的是扬州的园林-中国晚清第一名园-何园主要游览路线:何家花园 —— 复道回廊 —— 何氏住宅 —— 片石山房【何家花园】何园位于扬州古运河畔的徐凝门街内,是全国重点文物保护单位。它建造于1883年,也就是清光绪九年,是扬州大型私家园林中最后问世的一件压轴之作。因为建筑手法独特多样,艺术风格上南北兼容、中西合璧,成为扬州园林的经典代表。历史上何园的正门是开在花园巷的南门,现在我们走进的东门,是园林对外开放时兴建的,所以可以说我们一进何园首先欣赏到的就是它的后花园部分。我们迎面月洞门上镌刻的 “寄啸山庄”门额,是当年园主人亲自题写的园名。“寄啸”两个字,取自东晋大诗人陶渊明《归去来辞》中句子:“依南窗以寄慠”、“登东皋以舒啸。”表达的是诗人寄情山水田园、不与黑暗的官场同流合污的志节情怀,那么园主人为什么要集取这两个字作为园名呢?何园主人何芷舠(zhi3dao1)少年得志,官运亨通,暗地里也捎带着经营盐业,拥有巨额财富,何芷舠四十九岁那年却从湖北汉黄德道台任上辞官激流勇退,归隐扬州,也许正是因为他与陶渊明一样有着辞官归隐的相似经历,因此特别钟爱这“寄啸”二字吧!园主人姓何我们后来就习惯性的把“寄啸山庄”叫做何园了。扬州无山,但园林中不可无山,所以扬州园林中常常采用平地叠石的手段来造山,“扬州以名园胜,名园以叠石胜”的说法就是这样来的。后花园中最壮丽的景观之一,就是我们右边一座长达60多米的贴壁山,它就像嵌在墙上一样,沿着墙面走向一路攀援,状若游龙腾蛟,搅动万千气象,把原本封闭压抑的高墙深院,变成了一座抱拥天地自然山川的“城市山林”,同时也起到了防火的作用,可谓一举多得了。转过这座玲珑剔透的太湖石屏风,首先敞开山门迎客的
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SAT 50天词汇突破 (白皮书) Day 05

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五一假期晨读特别节目 瘦西湖 Lewis带你游扬州

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 145 中国文化特辑 五一特别节目】Lewis 带你游扬州 瘦西湖导游词Good morning, everyone! It's Fri., 1st May. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周五早上好,今天是五月一号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!集思晨读今天给大家带来五一假期特别节目:Lewis带你游扬州 扬州景点导游词一览今天首先给大家带来扬州最具代表性的景点介绍-瘦西湖!各位游客:如果把杭州西湖比作丰满妩媚的少妇,那么扬州瘦西湖可比作清秀切娜的少女, 因为杭州西湖给人一种雍容华贵的韵味,而扬州瘦西湖却给人几分纤柔羞怯的情意。多少年来,她那独具的魅力,不仅使扬州人民喜往乐游,也使不少海内外的文人名士为之倾倒,单单一个“瘦”字,就引出许许多多诗人的佳句。早些年,邓拓游湖时,就对湖山风光赞赏不已,欣然成诗:“板桥歌吹古扬州,我作扬州三日游;瘦 了西湖情更好,人天美景不胜收。”   各位游客:我国以“西湖”命名的景区有三四十处之多,而“瘦西湖”仅扬州一个。那么她为什么要定名为“瘦西湖”呢?瘦西湖地处扬州城西郊,原名“炮山河”,亦称“保障河”,是隋唐时期由蜀同诸山之水,汇合安徽大别山东来的洞水流人运河的一段水道。它有50多公顷的游览面积,6公里多的游程,一条曲水如锦带,时展时收,犹如嫦娥起舞时抛向人间的五色飘带,形态自然动人。后来改称“瘦西湖”,是因为乾隆年间诗人汪沆(hang4)将扬州保障河与杭州西湖作了一番比较,写了一首咏赞保障河的诗:“垂杨不断接残芜,雁齿虹桥俨画图;也是销金一锅子,故应唤作瘦西湖。”从此“瘦西湖”作为正式名称,名闻中外。 解说顺序1【大虹桥—南门】“扬州好,第一是虹桥”,现在我们来到的地方就是名闻天下的瘦西湖第一景——大虹桥。这座桥是扬州二十四景之一,建于明崇份年间,横跨保障湖水。原桥为木质红栏,故名红桥,清代乾隆元年改建为石桥。十五年后,巡盐御史吉庆、普福、高恒相继重建,并在桥上建桥亭,改“红”为“虹”,意思是桥如彩虹。现已改建为7.6米宽的3孔 低坡青石桥。虹桥在历史上曾经名噪一时,乾隆皇帝游扬州时也作诗赞赏虹桥的景色。有一
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SAT 50天词汇突破 (白皮书) Day 04

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集思晨读 Day 144 中国文化特辑 四合院

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 144 中国文化特辑 】068 Courtyard 四合院Good morning, everyone! It's Thurs., 30th April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周四早上好,今天是四月三十号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑 跟大家聊 四合院 Courtyard1. A courtyard residence - Siheyuan, is a yard enclosed by houses in four directions.2. It is a closed residence with only one gate leading to the outside.3. Houses on the north are the largest ones, and used as the owner’s bedrooms.4. Houses on the two flanks(侧/边) are the residences of their descendants(子孙,后人).5. The arrangement represents the hierarchy(等级) in a family.6. The screen wall (影壁)stands behind the gate to protect the residence from wind-blown sand(风沙).7. Chinese believe that the screen wall can also ward off bad luck.8. Therefore, the wall is usually decorated exquisitely.9. The Siheyuan is intended to unite all the family members to enjoy a harmonious and happy life together.备注:1. Enclose v.搭配en
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集思晨读 Day 143 中国文化特辑 毛笔

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 143 中国文化特辑 】067 Writing Brush 毛笔Good morning, everyone! It's Wed., 29th April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou. 大家周三早上好,今天是四月二十九号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑 跟大家聊 毛笔 Writing Brush1. More than 2,000 years ago, a general returned from hunting and was inspired by the tail of a rabbit.2. He cut off the tail and stuck it into a bamboo drain, making the first writing brush.3. The penholder is made of bamboo or bones. 4. The nib is made of hairs from sheep, rabbits or wolves.5. Unlike other writing tools, it is difficult to write with writing brushes.6. Writing Hanzi with soft Maobi represents oriental philosophy.7. It is regarded as a method to cultivate the mind and nature, and widely used among scholars.8. Writing became an art called calligraphy with the birth of Maobi.9. Maobi is a friend of Chinese scholars, making records of their knowledge and character.备注:1. Bamboo drain 竹竿(管)2.
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SAT 50天词汇突破 (白皮书) Day Two

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集思晨读 Day 142 中国文化特辑 豆腐

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 142 中国文化特辑 】066 Tofu 豆腐Good morning, everyone! It's Tues., 28th April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou. 大家周二早上好,今天是四月二十八号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑 跟大家聊 豆腐 1. Is there a kind of food that is cheap, delicious and nutritious?2. Yes, it is Chinese Doufu.3. Some 2,100 years ago, a noble who longed for immortality developed all kinds of prescriptions every day.4. One day he accidentally dropped plaster(石膏) into soybean milk.5. The soybean milk curdled(凝结) into something like pudding.6. He boldly(大胆地) tasted it and found it very delicious.7. The new dish is what we called Doufu today.8. Doufu is made of soybeans, which are rich in protein(蛋白质).9. Doufu can be cooked with fish, vegetables and other ingredients.10. We can also eat it rare(生吃).11. The easiest way is to put a little bit of chives(小香葱), oil and salt with Doufu.12. Doufu tastes light, yummy and really melt into your mouth.13.
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SAT 50天词汇突破 (白皮书) Day One

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集思晨读 Day 141 周一特别节目 汪国真诗集选读

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 141 周一特别节目 】 Good morning, everyone! It's Mon., 27th April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou. 大家周一早上好,今天是四月二十七号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天给大家带来集思晨读周一特别节目:汪国真诗集选读《走向远方》是男儿总要走向远方,走向远方是为了让生命更辉煌。走在崎岖不平的路上,年轻的眼眸里装着梦更装着思想。不论是孤独地走着还是结伴同行,让每一个脚印都坚实而有力量。 我们学着承受痛苦。学着把眼泪像珍珠一样收藏,把眼泪都贮存在成功的那一天流,那一天,哪怕流它个大海汪洋。我们学着对待误解。学着把生活的苦酒当成饮料一样慢慢品尝,不论生命经过多少委屈和艰辛,我们总是以一个朝气蓬勃的面孔,醒来在每一个早上。我们学着对待流言。学着从容而冷静地面对世事沧桑,“猝然临之而不惊,无故加之而不怒”,这便是我们的大勇,我们的修养。我们学着只争朝夕。人生苦短,道路漫长,我们走向并珍爱每一处风光,我们不停地走着,不停地走着的我们也成了一处风光。走向远方,从少年到青年,从青年到老年,我们从星星走成了夕阳。
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集思晨读 Day 139 中国文化特辑 音乐

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 139 中国文化特辑 】066 Music 音乐Good morning, everyone! It's Sat., 25th April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou. 大家周六早上好,今天是四月二十五号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑 跟大家聊 音乐 Music1. Chinese music originated from nature.2. The sounds of the wind blowing through the trees, birds chirping and water flowing are the inspiration of Chinese Yinyue.3. Xun, an ancient egg-shaped instrument made of pottery, can imitate the sound of the wind blowing through the holes.4. The bone flute which was made 8,000 years ago could also imitate the sounds of nature.5. There were 125 instruments in the private orchestra of a noble more than 2,000 years ago according to archeological findings.6. Various categories make up Chinese Yinyue, some involving modern elements.7. However, the natural beauty of Chinese Yinyue has endured from classic styles to the modern compositions.备注:重点关注文稿中的动词及搭配1. Blow
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集思晨读 Day 138 中国文化特辑 东西

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 138 中国文化特辑 】065 东西 Things (East and West) Good morning, everyone! It's Fri., 24th April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou. 大家周五早上好,今天是四月二十四号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 东西1. In China, the word “stuff” is composed of two characters representing east and west.2. When you put east and west together, you get Dongxi.3. Long long ago, there was a well-educated ancient scholar who liked to ask why.4. One day he met a friend in the street who was carrying a basket to buy some stuff.5. He wondered why he was buying Dongxi instead of south and north.6. It turns out that in ancient China, wood stands for east, gold stands for west, fire stands for south and water stands for north.7. We can put wood and gold not fire and water into a bamboo basket.8. So people say they buy Dongxi instead of south and north.9. Thus Dongxi represents stuff.备注:A. Be composed of :(由某事物)组成或构成to be formed from a
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憋了许久, 放下让我成瘾的手机,静下心来整理一下,算是对自己的负责。生活在这个世界中,包围在别人的关注里,偶尔会让自己有些莫名的焦虑。虽然已不再年少,阵阵所谓的Peer pressure,还是会不自觉的在眼前,或是意识里弥漫开来。 最近读了一些杂书,没有体系,就是觉得不应该闲着,女人最可怕的不是不会打扮,因为随便看看杂志 听别人说说 怎么也学得会对镜贴花黄的本事;可是如果因为这些 而放弃对生命求真,就会慢慢变成一堆名牌包裹着的笑柄。认识我的人一般不会觉得我是个读书人,也许是自己气质不够优雅,其实我觉得那种午后一杯清茶一本书的生活对我来说不适合,因为学问这个东西不是发发照片得个赞的优越感。我喜欢的那种学问很实在,它能让你在流言蜚语中淡定沉着,让你不会因为别人一句无谓的话或冷漠的眼神心神不宁。当然我做的不是什么大学问,追求的东西也随着年龄在变化,高中时喜欢读古文,因为没有什么特长,能够翻译些别人看不懂的东西就很有成就感。后来,看看美剧和电影,练习英文演讲成就了我现在的职业。一直不是一个什么都拿得出手的人,因为跟名校不沾边,顶着名牌Logo游马尔代夫拍大片又没有身材,晒晒自己教出的高分吧,又觉得几个月的课自己其实作用真的太少。所以一到过年过节亲戚相聚,朋友碰面,真心不知道该怎么向他们进行所谓的汇报。时常感叹,人吧谁活着都不易,装逼是对自己的残忍也是对别人的不尊重。是什么状态就过跟什么状态相符的生活,舒服。 说到舒服,女人的鞋子就是她们对于舒适追求的一个载体。 意大利的制鞋大师菲拉格慕,这个13岁便因为卓越技艺而拥有第一家店铺的人,真真正正的成就了这个体验。并没有良好教育背景的他在美国开设店铺期间到当地夜校修完了解剖学以及化学工程和数学,他了解到人得脚其实由26块骨骼和100多根韧带组织构成,正是为了穿着鞋
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集思晨读 Day 137 中国文化特辑 茶

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 137 中国文化特辑 】064 Tea 茶 Good morning, everyone! It's Thurs., 23rd April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou. 大家周四早上好,今天是四月二十三号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 茶 Tea1. Tea, Cha, is the beverage most representative of Chinese culture.2. Proper etiquette dictates that guests are treated to Cha.3. Many outstanding Chinese poems were created in the company of Cha.4. Originating in China, Cha is divided into Green Tea, Black Tea, Yellow Tea, Dark Tea and White Tea according to its color.5. The procedures for drinking Cha are delightful.6. Cha, water, wares and fire are indispensable when making Cha.7. The shape, color and fragrance of Cha are quite important.8. The water should be clear and sweet.9. The fire should be clean without odor. 10. The chinaware and purple-clay tea sets are widely used.11. People feel closer to nature by drinking Cha.备注:A. Beverage = drink (除水以外的)饮料(如牛奶﹑ 茶﹑ 葡萄酒﹑
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集思晨读 Day 136 中国文化特辑 面条

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 135 中国文化特辑 】063 Noodles 面条 Good morning, everyone! It's Wed., 22nd April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou. 大家周三早上好,今天是四月二十二号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 面条1. Noodles, Miantiao, are a kind of time-honored Chinese food.2. Records say that nobles were fond of the food about 30 centimeters long, which is made of flour and boiled in water more than 1,900 years ago.3. Mix flour with water and make the mixture into a paste, and then cut it into strips. This is how Miantiao is made.4. Miantiao can be boiled or fried.5. Noodles in China also represent permanence.6. Therefore, people always have noodles on their birthday to wish for a long lifespan.7. Noodles are one of the Chinese favorite food, just like the bread for westerners.备注:A. Time-honored adj. 久享盛名的;老字号;历史悠久而广受推崇的再举例: • Having a cup of thick tea is time-honored tradition of some areas in China. 在饭前喝一杯浓茶是中国某些地方的历史悠久的传统。
21/04/20152 minutes
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集思晨读 Day 135 中国文化特辑 姓名

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 135 中国文化特辑 】062 Name 姓名Good morning, everyone! It's Tue., 21st April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周二早上好,今天是四月二十一号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 姓名1. Chinese names, Xing Ming, are different from western ones. 2. The family names come first and given names come last.3. People usually ask each other’s Xing Ming when they meet.4. If they share the same family name, they believe that their ancestors were relatives 500 years ago.5. The family of Confucius is an example of Chinese family names.6. A young man can trace his family line to an ancestor who lived 2500 years ago.7. It is like a tree: leaves, branches and roots are connected by the family name.8. There are supposedly more than 20,000 family names in China.9. The secrets of where your ancestors came from and what they did are concealed in Xing Ming.备注:1. 姓 last name/ family name/surname名 first name/ givn name 西方把“名字”放
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集思晨读 Day 134 周一特别节目 感动我的演讲

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 134 周一特别节目 】 Good morning, everyone! It's Mon., 20th April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou. 大家周一早上好,今天是四月二十号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天给大家带来集思晨读周一特别节目:感动我的那些演讲And my sharing today is from JK. Rowling's Harvard University Commencement Address.Enjoy ! But how much more are you, Harvard graduates of 2008, likely to touch other people’s lives?Your intelligence, your capacity for hardwork, the education you have earned and received, give you unique status, and unique responsibilities.Even your nationality sets you apart. The great majority of you belong to the world’s only remaining superpower. The way you vote, the way you live, the way you protest, the pressure you bring to bear on your government, has an impact way beyond your borders. That is your privilege, and your burden.但是你们,2008哈佛大学的毕业生们,到底有多么得愿意来感受他人的生命呢?你们对付困难工作的智慧与能力,你们赢得和接受的教育,给了你们独特的地位和责任。甚至你们的国籍也使你们
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集思晨读 Day 133 中国文化特辑 钱

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 133 中国文化特辑 】060 Qian 钱 Good morning, everyone! It's Sun., 19th April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou. 大家周日早上好,今天是四月十九号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 钱1. Chinese used shells as money, Qian, five thousand years ago.2. With the development of metallurgy, metallic currency started to circulate.3. These copper coins originated from Chinese people’s daily life and production.4. Spade-shaped coins came from farming tools.5. And knife-shaped coins came from fishing gears and knives.6. The Tongbao coins symbolizing the titles of the emperor’s reigns were circulated for the longest time in the history of China.7. Gold, silver, food and textiles were once used as Qian in China. 8. The earliest paper money named Jiaozi came out in China more than one thousand years ago.9. Now the banknote circulating in China is the fifth edition of RMB.10. The appearance and printing techniques have been improved over the
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集思晨读 Day 132 中国文化特辑 园林

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 132 中国文化特辑 】059  Gardens 园林 Good morning, everyone! It's Sat., 18th April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周六早上好,今天是四月十八号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 园林1. Gardens are regarded as the treasure of Chinese ancient architecture.2. The Summer Palace, a grand imperial garden, is a typical Chinese Yuanlin. 3. The Chengde Summer Resort, which showcases natural scenery, was a place for emperors to avoid the summer heat and conduct his court affairs.4. Ancient Yuanlin or gardens in Suzhou are elegant and classical.5. Dotted with artificial hills, bridges and terraces, natural landscapes were concentrated in Yuanlin.6. Chinese Yuanlin are extravagantly detailed.今天晨读最后插播一个广告,“此时的扬州,是一年中最美的季节! 欢迎大家来扬州做客。而来扬州,要看瘦西湖(Slender West Lake)同时也不要错过个园,何园这两座园林! You will be amazed!”最后再提醒,从上一期晨读开始,我在晨读中附上了对一些关键词和表达的备注解释,大家详见文稿。备注: A. resort 这个词一般做动词用,较为正式搭配:~ to sth make use of sth for help / turn
18/04/20152 minutes 5 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 131 中国文化特辑 鱼

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 131 中国文化特辑 】058 Yu 鱼 Good morning, everyone! It's Fri., 17th April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周五早上好,今天是四月十七号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 鱼 1. The Chinese character, Yu, which means fish with a plump body and round eyes. 2. Yu is related to special meanings and legends.3. There was a Yu in the Yellow River. 4. He wanted to jump over the Dragon Gate, so that he could become a dragon.5. However, only quite a few Yu could accomplish that feat in the turbulent river.6. People with great achievements in study or business are often compared to these Yu who have turned into dragons.7. Therefore, Carps, a kind of Yu, represent achieving prosperity through hard work.8. Yu is a word with a double meaning in China.9. A Spring Festival painting featuring a Yu is a symbol of an affluent life.10. Yu remind Chinese of prosperity and fortune.11. Thus people like to raise Yu to pray for good luck.<b
17/04/20152 minutes 40 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 130 中国文化特辑 风水

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 130 中国文化特辑 】057 Feng Shui 风水 Good morning, everyone! It's Thurs., 16th April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周四早上好,今天是四月十六号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 风水1. Fengshui is a mystical knowledge in China.2. People believe that the basic elements of things on the earth originated from air, water and land.3. The improvement of Fengshui will improve the relationship between humans and nature.4. Fengshui is widely used in architecture and interior design.5. Chinese believe that the best houses should be integrated into nature.6. Water brings vitality and fish brings good luck.7. These elements determine the quality of Fengshui.8. Fengshui involves medicine, architecture and philosophy.9. Chinese put emphasis on Fengshui and harmonious relationship between humans and nature.10. This is Fengshui, complicated and mysterious.
16/04/20152 minutes 2 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 129 中国文化特辑 礼

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 129 中国文化特辑 】056  Etiquette 礼 Good morning, everyone! It's Wed., 15th April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周三早上好,今天是四月十五号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 礼 1. Etiquette, Li, comes from the fear and respect of the nature in China.中国人对礼的认识首先来自于对大自然的敬畏。2. We find order forms of Li from heaven, earth and nature.天、地、自然万物,从中我们发现了秩序,也找到了礼的格式。3. Li represents the authority of emperors who was given by heaven.礼在官方体现了皇权天授的威严。4. Li also represents hierarchy.礼,也体现了等级。5. In social life, Li means that people get along with each other harmoniously and respect the elderly. 礼在民间,人们和谐交流,长幼有序!6. Li comes from the heart of people.发自内心的礼,在规矩之上,是中国人对天,地,人的敬重!7. Showing respect to heaven, the earth and people is important.
14/04/20151 minute 53 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 128 中国文化特辑 黄河

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 128 中国文化特辑 】055 Yellow River  Good morning, everyone! It's Tues., 14th April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周二早上好,今天是四月十四号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 黄河 1. The Yellow river, Huanghe is about 5464 kilometers long, the third-longest river in Asia, following the Yangtze River and Yenisei River, and the sixth-longest in the world. 黄河总长约5464千米,在亚洲排在长江和耶尼塞河之后,是全世界第六大河流。 2. Originating in the Qinghai-Tibet plateau, it flows east through 9 provinces and empties into the Bohai Sea. 黄河源头位于青藏高原,向东流经九个省份,最终融入渤海。 3. Sometimes Huanghe is poetically called the muddy flow. 黄河有时被大家诗话为“浊流”。 4. The Chinese idiom "when the Yellow River flows clear" is used to refer to an event that will never happen and is similar to the English expression "when pigs fly". 中国有句成语叫“黄河水清”,意指罕见的,难得的事情。这有点像英文中的一句表达,“猪会飞!” 5. The rich silt carried by Huanghe form fertile farmland that is the birthplace of Chinese culture.
13/04/20152 minutes
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集思晨读 Day 127 中国文化特辑 西安

上个月介绍西安的特别节目 链接
13/04/20158 minutes 16 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 126 中国文化特辑 西湖

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 126 中国文化特辑 】053 West Lake Good morning, everyone! It's Sun., 12th April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周日早上好,今天是四月十二号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 西湖 1. Located in Hangzhou, east China, the West Lake—Xihu is praised as heaven on Earth. 2. Legends say that a dragon and a phoenix were polishing a pearl which accidently fell down to earth and became Xihu. 3. Some Chinese dramas tell love stories between a fairy and an ordinary man that took place at the banks of Xihu. 4. The gods objected to their love, and imprisoned the fairy in a pagoda, 5. The pagoda named Lei Feng Tower, is a popular attraction at Xi Hu. 6. The picturesque Xihu is surrounded by elegant landscapes, such as Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon, Curved Yard, and Lotus Pool in Summer, and Dawn on the Su Causeway in Spring. 7. As a famous resort, Xihu is a perfect combination of artificiality and nature. 8. It looks like a Chinese t
12/04/20152 minutes 46 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 125 中国文化特辑 三峡

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 125 中国文化特辑 】052 Three Gorges Good morning, everyone! It's Sat., 11th April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周六早上好,今天是四月十一号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 三峡 1. There are three raging rugged gorges on the Yangtze River named The Three Gorges-Sanxia. 2. The 192-kilometer-long gorges are nestled in between mountains more than 1000 meters high on both sides. 3. When you travel through Sanxia, water rushes past with all trees and ancient buildings competing the beautiful scenery. 4. It is a breathtaking but pleasant experience. 5. The main part of the key water project at Sanxia on the Yangtze River was finished in 2006. 6. The dam is now able to control floods and generate electric power. 7. The Three Gorges boasts the largest hydroelectric station in the world. 8. The Yangtze River is often compared to a jade belt, and Sanxia is a brilliant pearl on the belt.
11/04/20152 minutes 6 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 124 特别节目 致我人生中最糟的两个月

致人生中最糟的两个月 季成岳 这可能是我从小到大,第一篇不是“被写作”的文章。  还有两个月就要踏上回国的飞机了,现在我打开电脑写作这一篇文,意味着又是一天过去了,意味着离下一次考sat又近了一天,离回国又近了一天,离向大学投递材料又近了一天,离拿到大学的录取通知书又近了一天。  其实说我要一步一步慢慢走向成功,我真的有那个时间么,满打满算,我只剩半年的时间把一切申请大学的事宜准备好,说老实话,时间真的很紧很紧。而我也后悔过,为什么以前的自己没有好好珍惜过时间,以为还有大把的青春可以挥霍。  不过以前的事情谁都改变不了,现在的我只能每天在啃那本将近千页的sat指导书,抄单词背单词。我也在心里暗暗嘲笑自己,离下一次sat还有一个多月,现在倒知道要努力了,真不知道以前都在干些什么,以为自己能耐很大,于是便不怎么努力。  仿佛也就是眨眼的功夫,离开家已经大半年了,我知道这个时间跟很多别的留学生比起来根本不值得一提,但这大半年对于我的改变应该大于我人生的前十六年,而这其中最大的改变莫过于,我看得清自己的未来了,却又变得比谁都看不见自己的未来了。  爸妈(尤其是妈妈)常说我没有理想,以前的我是不这么认为的,我总觉得他们太着急,等我再长大一些,也许到了高三,一切自然而然就被我看清楚了。现在的我当然知道,以前的自己就是个白痴。虽然话是这么说,现在的我又能好到哪里去呢?如果说以前的我是懒得想自己的未来,而现在的我,是不敢去想未来了。我想考UF,我想上 工程系,但我真的有这个本事么?如果我考不上,那我该怎么办呢?如果我考上了,毕业之后又该怎么办呢?而我,就是被一个一个接踵而来的问题给一点一点地打垮的。我是一个喜欢把一切都给计划好的人,而自从来到了国外,每一次关于大事情的决定,爸妈和我都是以“再决定”“到时候再看”的口吻结束每一次谈话的。所有的事情都变得飘忽不定起来,下错一步棋,便会对我的人生造成巨大的改变,而我到现在下错了几步棋,谁也不知道。  都说家是最温暖的港湾,回到了家一切的伤痛都会消失。有人问我,你想家吗?这当然是一句废话,天下游子有几个是不想家的呢。但你如果问我,你想回家吗?  也许我会说“不”吧。这时候你们肯定会满脸黑线地吐槽,你是不是脑子抽了,这些质疑不是没有理由的,想家却不想回家,这到底是什么样
09/04/20158 minutes 34 seconds
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集思晨读 汉语 Day 123 中国文化特辑 天坛

09/04/20152 minutes 16 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 122 中国文化特辑 泰山

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 122 中国文化特辑 】 050 Taishan Mountain Good morning, everyone! It's Wed., 8th April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周三早上好,今天是四月八号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 泰山 1. Chinese legends have it that there is a god named Pangu who created heaven and earth. 2. Legends say his head turned into the Taishan Mountain 3. Therefore Taishan is regarded as the head of China’s five mountains. 4. Located in east China’s Shandong province, Taishan has witnessed Chinese history for thousands of years. 5. Chinese ancestors believed that Taishan was a holy mountain which connected with heaven. 6. Because of this, emperors built altars on Taishan to pray for the nation’s prosperity and people’s happiness. 7. You will experience its deepness when you climb up Taishan, steps go up the mountain from the foot, the midway goes up to the summit of the mountain. 8. Thousands of steps go up the side of this deep mountain. 9.
07/04/20152 minutes 35 seconds
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集思双语 夜读 《剑胆琴心是中医 自序》李杰 著

07/04/20159 minutes 6 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 121 中国文化特辑 少林寺

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 121 中国文化特辑 】 049 Shaolin Monastery Good morning, everyone! It's Tues., 7th April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周二早上好,今天是四月七号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 少林寺1. The Shaolin Temple, Shaolin Si, is the cradle of the Shaolin martial arts. 2. Legends say that 13 monks who were martial arts experts rescued a besieged emperor.3. Then the Shaolin martial arts became famous all over China. 4. Monks create maneuvers from daily labor tasks during the enlightenment.5. There are 7 yards in Shaolin Si with a total area of 30,000 square meters. 6. The Thousand Buddha Hall is the largest Hall in Shanolin Si.7. The Pagoda Forest houses the tombs of eminent monks and it’s the largest building group of ancient pagodas in the world.8. Kongfu learners all over the world know Shaolin Si with the history of 1500 years. 9. The Shaolin martial arts has been gaining in popularity.
07/04/20151 minute 58 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 120 中国文化特辑 长城

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 120 中国文化特辑 】 048 Great Wall Good morning, everyone! It's Mon., 6th April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周一早上好,今天是四月六号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 长城1. There’s a long stretching wall in China called The Great Wall ‘Changcheng’.2. It follows the natural line of the mountain peaks, reaching breathtaking heights before plunging into the deepest ravines.3. With the length of more than 5000 kilometers, Changcheng was built continuously over more than 2000 years by Chinese people.4. Visitors stand speechless before this architectural masterpiece and wonder about its real military effectiveness. 5. The watchtowers would be lit up by torches if a watchman spotted an enemy invasion.6. Messages could be passed to the military center from one watchtower to another.7. Changcheng was expected to protect national peace.8. Constructing Changcheng would guard our own territory and we won’t infringe on other peo
05/04/20152 minutes 8 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 119 中国文化特辑 壁画

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 119 中国文化特辑 】 047 Fresco 壁画Good morning, everyone! It's Sun., 5th April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周日早上好,今天是四月五号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 壁画1.Chinese frescos date back to the prehistoric period some ten thousand years ago.2.People carved images of human activities and natural views on rocks.3.Excavated from tombs built 2200 years ago, the Bihua remains clear, vivid and colorful.4.Legend has it that an ancient painter drew a dragon on the wall and when he added eyes to the drawing, the image turned into a real dragon.5.With introduction of Buddhism to China, Bihua on the subject of religions rapidly developed.6.The Bihua or frescos in the Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes are the most famous ones in China.7.They are a collection of master pieces of numerous painters in the past 1000 years.8.They tell historical tales and religious stories.
05/04/20152 minutes 10 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 118 中国文化特辑 敦煌

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 118 中国文化特辑 】 046 Dunhuang 敦煌Good morning, everyone! It's Sat., 4th April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周六早上好,今天是四月四号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 敦煌1.Dunhuang is an oasis in northwest china’s desert.2.Since the 2nd century BC, Dunhuang has been a crucial stopover for western and oriental merchants who search for trade and business.3.According to the old legend, in 366 AD the monk Le Zun who passed Dun Huang which was suddenly overcome with golden lights, as if tens of thousands of Buddha had shown their presence to the common people.4.The monk hired workers to dig grottoes and build Buddha’s statues on the cliff to worship the Buddha.5.This is what we called The Mogao Grottoes.6.The Mogao Grottoes span 1600 meters and include 492 grottoes with 2100 panting Buddha figures and murals covering 45,000 square meters.7.The work on The Mogao Grottoes lasted 1500 years and reflected the develop of Buddhism
04/04/20152 minutes
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集思晨读 Day 117 中国文化特辑 都江堰

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 117 中国文化特辑 】 045 Dujiangyan Irrigation DamGood morning, everyone! It's Fri., 3rd April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周五早上好,今天是四月三号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 都江堰 1.Around 2200 years ago, a governor of Sichuan found that the floods happen frequently in the raining season, and water storage was short during the dry season.2.Therefore,based on the geographical features of the Minjiang river and without doing any damage to the natural environment, he built a special structure dam.3.The dam is known as Dujiangyan.4.Dujiangyan functions to direct water and divert floods and sands.5.Thanks to the dam, the region would no longer be plagued by flooding during the raining season and water supply would be sufficient in the dry season.6.Dujiangyan has functioned for more than 2200 years, even the earthquake with the magnitude of 7.8 on the Richter scale in 2008 which happened near the dam didn’t destroy it.7
02/04/20152 minutes
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集思晨读 Day 116 中国文化特辑 蜡染

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 116 中国文化特辑 】 044 Wax Printing (Batik)Good morning, everyone! It's Thurs., 2nd April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周四早上好,今天是四月二号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 蜡染 Wax Printing1. Batik, Laran, is a traditional painting and textile dyeing technique with a history of more than 2,000 years.2. Beeswax and indigo are two widely used dyes.3. A steel knife is used to draw patterns on the cloth.4. A piece of laran is accomplished after spreading wax, painting, dyeing and washing the cloth.5. The most interesting part is that various grains form along the cracks of the cloth after cooling.6. Different grains come from the same pattern.7. Flowers, birds, fish, insects and geometrical patterns on the cloth look mysterious and unsophisticated.
01/04/20151 minute 56 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 115 中国文化特辑 剑

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 115 中国文化特辑 】 043 Sword Good morning, everyone! It's Wed., 1st April. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周三早上好,今天是四月一号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 剑 Sword 1. If you want to select a gentleman-like weapon, the sword-Jian-is the best choice.2. In ancient times, jian was a symbol of social status.3. Nobles not only had to study cultural knowledge but also swordsmanship.4. A good jian is cast using complicated procedures.5. Chinese like to compare the jian with mysterious things like dragons, thunder and lightning.6. Chinese also like to protect justice, equality and other dreams of better future using jian.7. Jian is a weapon but swordsmanship is an art.
31/03/20151 minute 40 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 114 中国文化特辑 丝绸

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 114 中国文化特辑 】042 Silk 丝绸Good morning, everyone! It&`&s Tues., 31st March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周二早上好,今天是三月三十一号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 丝绸 Silk1. A kind of insect called a silk worm produces white raw silk thread.2. Chinese people collect these raw threads, create yarns and weave them.3. The silk fabric is soft, smooth and light.4. It is the best material used to make dresses.5. A si chou dress 2000 years old was unearthed in a tomb. 6. It weighs less than 50 grams and can be put into a match box.7. Westerners cherish Chinese si chou.8. It was introduced to Rome around 100BC by merchants.9. The route they traveled is called The Silk Road.10. Compared with other materials, si chou is more delicate and light.11. The clothes made of si chou are the most comfortable.12. Now si chou clothes are prominent in modem fashions.13. Chinese si chou has been world famous for its h
30/03/20152 minutes 7 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 113 特别节目 西安 我的第二故乡

Xi’an was once a major crossroads on the trading routes from eastern China to central Asia, and vied with Rome and later Constantinople for the title of greatest city in the world. Today Xi’an is one of China’s major drawcards, largely because of the Army of Terracotta Warriors on the city’s eastern outskirts. Uncovered in 1974, over 10,000 figures have been sorted to date. Soldiers, archers (armed with real weapons) and chariots stand in battle formation in underground vaults looking as fierce and war-like as pottery can. Xi’an’s other attractions include the old city walls, the Muslim quarter and the Banpo Neolithic Village - a tacky re-creation of the Stone Age. By train, Xi’an is a 16 hour journey from Beijing. If you’ve got a bit of cash to spare, you can get a flight.Xi'an était autrefois un important carrefour sur les routes commerciales de la Chine orientale à l'Asie centrale, et rivalisaient avec Constantinople à Rome et plus tar
29/03/20151 minute
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集思晨读 Day 112 中国文化特辑 皮影

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 112 中国文化特辑 】 041 Shadow Puppet (Shadow Play)Good morning, everyone! It's Sun., 29th March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周日早上好,今天是三月二十九号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊1. A long time ago, a monarch missed his deceased concubine so much, he got sick.2. His ministers reproduced the image of the concubine with cloth and put it behind the screen.3. The monarch could see the shadow of his concubine on the screen.4. This was the origin of the shadow puppet-piying.5. Piying represents interesting stories with lively songs and shadows produced by lights.6. It is the earliest animated technique in the world.7. The images are always made of pattern donkey leather sewn with thread.8. The bodily movements and facial expressions of the puppets are created by bamboo sticks.9. Piying tells stories with traditional methods and is popular all over the world.10. It features not only interesting stories but a
29/03/20152 minutes 1 second
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集思晨读 Day 111 中国文化特辑 如意

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 111 中国文化特辑 】040 Ru YiGood morning, everyone! It's Sat., 28th March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周六早上好,今天是三月二十八号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 如意 Ruyi1. What do you do if your back itches?2. Chinese made a wooden arm to solve this problem some 1700 years ago. 3. It had a lovely name-“accomplish on your own”.4. Later it merged with a jade plank which was used by high officials to make notes when they met the emperor. 5. The new one named ruyi which means everything goes well in Chinese represents power.6. The head shapes like a glossy mushroom.7. Patterns of flowers, bats and ancient coins are carved on the handle. 8. These elements represent good will in Chinese traditional culture.9. Therefore it is used in Buddhism as a religious application.10. If you give it to your friends, it means that you wish them good luck.
28/03/20151 minute 58 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 110 中国文化特辑 瓷器

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 110 中国文化特辑 】039 Porcelain Ware Good morning, everyone! It's Fri., 27th March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周五早上好,今天是三月二十七号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 瓷器 Porcelain Ware 1. When processed correctly, a pile of soil can be turned into an exquisite artwork.2. Chinaware, ciqi, is a part of daily life in China.3. The surfaces are decorated with various exquisite patterns.4. Some are as thin as paper, some are as white as jade, some are as coarse as pottery and some are black as lacquer.5. Through the development of 4,000 years, now it is still a brilliant art that attracts many people's interest.6. The Porcelain Capital, Jingdezhen in Jiangxi Province which has been praised for thousands of years, will be certain to satisfy your esthetic appetite.Ciqi is still called china in English.
27/03/20152 minutes 40 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 109 中国文化特辑 剪纸

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 109 中国文化特辑 】 038 Paper-cutting 剪纸Good morning, everyone! It's Thurs., 26th March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周四早上好,今天是三月二十六号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 剪纸 Paper-cutting 1. Long long ago, there was a poor scholar who wrote the character ‘福’ or happiness on paper and his wife tore the character out. This is the origin of paper-cutting ‘jianzhi’.2. The jianzhi craft is considered to be one of the standards to identify a smart woman.3. People think a woman who is good at making dedicate jianzhi is smart.4. Jianzhi patterns come from daily life.5. Clipping and engraving are two skills used to make jianzhi.6. Intricate centers are important for jianzhi designs.7. Jianzhi is a popular folk art that expresses Chinese people’s wishes for happiness and good luck.
26/03/20151 minute 49 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 108 中国文化特辑 纸

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 108 中国文化特辑 】 037 Paper 纸Good morning, everyone! It's Wed., 25th March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周三早上好,今天是三月二十五号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 纸 Paper1. Paper (纸 zhi) was a Chinese invention. 2. 2,000 years ago, Chinese invented paper making. 3. This Zhi was made of silk and was so expensive that only the emperor and aristocrats could afford to use it. 4. 1,900 years ago, a eunuch called Cai Lun improved the paper making process. 5. He made cheap, thin Zhi out of tree bark and rags. 6. The improvement in paper making spread Zhi far and wide. 7. And many different types of Zhi were invented by Chinese people. 8. Xuan paper, a kind of high quality rice paper best shows the charm of traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. 9. Jute paper is used to transcribe Chinese classics. 10. Later, Chinese Zhi was spread to west through the Silk Road. 11. Thousands of years of culture and c
25/03/20152 minutes 4 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 107 中国文化特辑 灯笼

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 107 中国文化特辑 】 036 Lantern 灯笼 Good morning, everyone! It's Tues., 24th March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周二早上好,今天是三月二十四号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 灯笼 Lantern1. The lantern (denglong), is the traditional lighting tool of China which also represents merry and joy. 2. The traditional denglong is covered by rice paper with candle burning inside. 3. Lights shine through the gossamer rice paper. 4. Denglongs have diversified patterns. 5. People like to decorate denglongs and paint beautiful and auspicious designs on them. 6. We light several denglongs which symbolize happiness and good luck during the Chinese New Year and enjoy denglong shows with family during the Lantern Festival. 7. Now denglongs are still used in all kinds of celebrations. 8. Denglongs light the night of festivals.9. Merry and joy spread into different families by these different lanterns.
24/03/20151 minute 36 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 106 中国文化特辑 风筝

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 106 中国文化特辑 】 035 Kite Good morning, everyone! It's Mon., 23rd March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周一早上好,今天是三月二十三号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 风筝1. Legends say that the inspiration for kites was a wooden bird flying all day. 2. Most likely people were inspired by a hat blown off by the wind and invented fengzheng. 3. Legends also say that a general bond bamboo whistles on the huge fengzheng made of oxhide. 4. The kite made horrible sounds to ward off enemies.5. Other versions say he wrote important messages on fengzheng and sent them to his troops. The military use of kite was just folklore. 6. After all fengzheng are toys. 7. Classic kites used bamboo, rattan or some other strong but flexible woods for the bars, paper or light fabrics such as silk for the sails and are flown on string or twine. 8. People often make exquisite decorations on Feng Zheng.9. Fengzheng have become real works of ar
23/03/20151 minute 50 seconds
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集思晨读 今日福利 再别康桥 配音师孙悦斌老师朗诵

再别康桥 作者: 徐志摩 朗诵 孙悦斌   轻轻的我走了,正如我轻轻的来;我轻轻的招手,作别西天的云彩。 那河畔的金柳,是夕阳中的新娘;波光里的艳影,在我的心头荡漾。 软泥上的青荇,油油的在水底招摇;在康河的柔波里,我甘心做一条水草! 那榆荫下的一潭,不是清泉,是天上虹;揉碎在浮藻间,沉淀着彩虹似的梦。 寻梦?撑一支长篙,向青草更青处漫溯;满载一船星辉,在星辉斑斓里放歌。 但我不能放歌,悄悄是别离的笙箫;夏虫也为我沉默,沉默是今晚的康桥! 悄悄的我走了,正如我悄悄的来;我挥一挥衣袖,不带走一片云彩
22/03/20152 minutes
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集思晨读 Day 105 中国文化特辑 古琴

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 105 中国文化特辑 】034 Guqin Good morning, everyone! It's Sun., 22nd March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周日早上好,今天是三月二十二号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 古琴1. Long ago, a person was playing guqin.2. A wood cutter heard the sound, and said, “I feel the mountains and rivers in the music.”3. The player was happy that the man understood what was in his heart and made friends with him.4. A body of guqin is made of wood and the strings are made of silk.5. Playing guqin in an elegant environment brings people back to nature.6. Playing guqin can purify the soul.7. It represents wisdom, talent and emotion.8. In 1977, a recording of Flowing Water was broadcasted on the Voyager I and Voyager II spacecraft in outer space.
22/03/20151 minute 48 seconds
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集思晨读 今日福利 超级有磁性的声音

21/03/201546 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 104 中国文化特辑 扇子

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 104 中国文化特辑 】033 Fan 扇子Good morning, everyone! It's Sat., 21th March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周六早上好,今天是三月二十一号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 扇子1. Fans, shanzi, are not only implements but also works of art and symbols of status in China.2. Shanzi in scholar's hands represent wisdom and elegance.3. There are many kinds of Shanzi in China.4. The most typical ones are folding shanzi.5. Techniques of carving, weaving, calligraphy and painting are applied in making shanzi.6. Shanzi are not only implements which bring a cool breeze, but also works of art.7. Collections are cherished by Chinese.
21/03/20152 minutes 27 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 103 中国文化特辑 糖葫芦

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 103 中国文化特辑 】032 TanghuluGood morning, everyone! It's Fri., 20th March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周五早上好,今天是三月二十号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 糖葫芦 Tanghulu1. These are crystalline sugar-coated haws, tanghulu, which is a favorite winter snack for children in northern China. 2. Legends say that 800 years ago, an emperor’s concubine was sick and had a poor appetite.3. A doctor ordered that she eat ten haws boiled with crystal sugar before dinner. The concubine recovered within half a month.4. Later the prescription was passed on to ordinary people.5. People put haws on the stick and dip them in hot sugar syrup.6. The syrup turned into a solid coating like crystals on a haw’s surface. 7. It is a delicious and wholesome traditional snack commonly seen in stores and on streets.8. The haws are tart and the crystal sugar sweet.9. The special taste often reminds us of our happy childhood.
20/03/20152 minutes
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集思晨读 Day 102 中国文化特辑 火锅

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 102 中国文化特辑 】031 HotpotGood morning, everyone! It's Thurs., 19th March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周四早上好,今天是三月十九号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 火锅 Hotpot1. If you want to look for nutritious meal to share with your family, you should choose hotpot, Huoguo.2. Huoguo has a history of more than 1700 years in china. 3. To keep out the cold, people put the lamb chops in the boiling pot and eat them.4. Huoguo ingredients should be selected carefully.5. Only five parts of a lamb should be used and cut into sheets for cooking.6. The sauce is composed of more than ten seasonings. 7. The ingredients of the sauce are the commercial secrete of hotpot.8. Huoguo is popular all over China. There are various styles of Huoguo. Vegetables and meat can be boiled in Huoguo.9. Sharing hotpot meals of meat and vegetables boiled in savory both with your family is a great experience in the depth of winter. 10.
19/03/20152 minutes 18 seconds
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集思双语-晚读-剑胆琴心是中医 代序

18/03/201516 minutes 20 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 101 中国文化特辑 烤鸭

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 101 中国文化特辑 】030 Roast Duck Good morning, everyone! It's Wed., 18th March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周三早上好,今天是三月十八号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 烤鸭 Roast Duck 1. If you come to China, Roast Duck, Kaoya, is a must-have. 2. Kaoya is a famous delicious dish in China with a history of 1,600 years. 3. An authentic Kaoya should be roasted delicately in an oven burnt with fruit wood. 4. The temperature and timing should be strictly controlled. 5. To keep their skin crisp and the meat tender, Kaoya should be taken out of the oven after 50 minutes. 6. A roast duck must be cut into more than one hundred slices within several minutes after it is brought out of the oven. 7. Each slice contains skin and meat. 8. Thin pancakes, Chinese onions, cucumbers and special sauce are used to compliment Kaoya. 9. Now you have followed us so far, if you still haven’t decided to try this famous Beijing’s speci
18/03/20152 minutes 32 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 100 中国文化特辑 舞狮

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 100 中国文化特辑 】029 Lion Dance Good morning, everyone! It's Tues., 17th March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周二早上好,今天是三月十七号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 舞狮 Lion Dance1. Lion Dance, Wushi, is a Chinese traditional folk art. 2. Lions are considered brave and auspicious in China. 3. People perform Wushi on festivals to ward off bad luck and pray for a happy life.4. There are two dancers: one for the head and one for the rear. 5. They cooperate with each other to make the different gestures of the lion. 6. The dancers must have basic martial arts training. Therefore they can accomplish difficult maneuvers. 7. Now Wushi is not only popular in China but also in any place where Chinese live.
17/03/20151 minute 11 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 99 中国文化特辑 凤凰

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 99 中国文化特辑 】028 PhoenixGood morning, everyone! It's Mon., 16th March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周一早上好,今天是三月十六号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 凤凰 Phoenix 1. Legends say that there is a huge beautiful bird with colorful feather and a beautiful voice, which dances elegantly. 2. It is regarded as the Queen of Birds. 3. It brings a peaceful and auspicious atmosphere when she shows up. 4. This is the phoenix, Fenghuang. 5. According to the records of ancient China, celebrations were held after conquering flood. 6. Fenghuang dance to the music during the ceremony. 7. Therefore it is regarded as an auspicious bird. 8. Dragons and Fenghuang are usually mentioned together in China. 9. Dragons represent masculinity, and Fenghuang represent elegance, harmony and auspiciousness. 10. Legends of Fenghuang are passed from generation to generation.
16/03/20152 minutes
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集思晨读 Day 98 中国文化特辑 龙

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 98 中国文化特辑 】027 Dragon Good morning, everyone! It's Sun., 15th March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周日早上好,今天是三月十五号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 龙 Dragon 1. Chinese dragons with no wings are different from western ones.2. They are lucky animals which can bring a good year for people.3. Dragons are regarded as a symbol of power and royal dignity in China.4. The images of Long can be seen in the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace.5. They are admired by people and represent Chinese spirits.6. There are two festivals involving Long.7. On the Lantern Festival each January 15th on the lunar calendar, people wave dragon lanterns to celebrate the coming spring.8. On the Dragon Boat Festival on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, people hold the dragon boat competitions.9. Long is a powerful symbol in Chinese culture.
15/03/20152 minutes
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集思晨读 Day 97 中国文化特辑 春节

Day 026 Spring Festival1. Spring Festival, Chunjie, is the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar.2. When Chunjie is approaching, people are busy for purchasing goods, cleaning the house, cooking traditional food house, making Spring Festival couplets and hanging spring festival pictures.3. Having a family dinner is the main activity on Chunjie. 4. Dumplings are essential to the dinner. 5. Dumplings represent reunion and good will. 6. The whole family gathers to enjoy quality family time.7. On Chunjie, lunar New Year’s Day, people in new clothes, visit each other and give money to kids to send good wishes.8. During Chunjie holidays, all kinds of celebrations are held including tempo fairs, performances and lantern exhibitions, which last nearly half a month.
14/03/20152 minutes 27 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 96 中国文化特辑 饺子

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 96 中国文化特辑 】025 Dumplings 饺子Good morning, everyone! It's Fri., 13th March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周五早上好,今天是三月十三号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 Dumplings 饺子1. Chinese people like eating dumplings, Jiaozi, for their delicious taste and auspicious meanings.2. Jiaozi are made of meat and vegetable filling enclosed in pastry shaped like a half moon.3. They are boiled in water and eaten with sauces like vinegar.4. There are hundreds of fillings with different flavors.5. The shape of Jiaozi looks like the ancient currency of China called Yuanbao.6. People eat dumplings on the Chinese New Year wishing they will earn more money in the coming year.7. There are many steps to make Jiaozi. 8. People even like to put one coin in one Jiaozi and anyone who gets this coin will be lucky in the coming year.9. Making Jiaozi together with the whole family creates a unique harmonious atmosphere.10. Chines
13/03/20152 minutes 5 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 95 中国文化特辑 门神

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 95 中国文化特辑 】024 Door God 门神Good morning, everyone! It's Thurs., 12th March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周四早上好,今天是三月十二号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 门神 Door God1. People paste pictures of Door God on their doors to avoid bad luck and pray for safety.2. Legend said that an emperor was harassed by demons. 3. Two generals drove out the demons so the emperor was able to fall sleep.4. The emperor pasted pictures of these two generals on his door and the demons disappeared.5. People pray that these heroes will guard them from evil.6. Men Shen signifies the beginning of New Year.7. They guard the home for Chinese.
12/03/20151 minute 47 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 94 中国文化特辑 家

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 94 中国文化特辑 】023 Family 家Good morning, everyone! It's Wed., 11th March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周三早上好,今天是三月十一号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 Family 家1. There is a pig and two people. 2. The two people drive the pig into a house and raise it together thus making the Chinese character "Jia". 3. In Chinese daily life, the whole family includes three generations: grandparents, parents and children live together.4. Taking care of each other, looking after the young and supporting the parents are the traditional values of Chinese people.5. You can easily find the typical Chinese "Jia" all over the world.
11/03/20154 minutes 17 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 93 中国文化特辑 矛盾

10/03/20152 minutes 20 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 92 中国文化特辑 孔子

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 92 中国文化特辑 】021 Confucius 孔子 Good morning, everyone! It's Mon., 9th March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周一早上好,今天是三月九号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊 孔子1. Born in 551 BC, Confucius, Kong Zi has made the greatest contribution to Chinese culture.2. Although he was raised in a poor family, he visited famous scholars and learned a lot.3. He developed his thoughts into a system of philosophy known as Confucianism.4. Confucianism emphasizes self-cultivation, harmonious relationships with each other and respect for the elderly.5. Friends should be honest to each other. 6. Rulers should make an effort to provide a happy life for people.7. He was a great teacher as well and promoted education for ordinary people.8. He traveled around to promote political thinking but failed. But he never give up!9. Kongzi is a great Chinese spiritual leader.10. Over the last 2,000 years, his philosophy has continue
09/03/20152 minutes 6 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 91 中国文化特辑 指南针

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 91 中国文化特辑 】020 指南针 CompassGood morning, everyone! It's Sun., 8th March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周日早上好,今天是三月八号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家分享 "指南针" Compass1. A compass, Zhi Nanzhen, indicates north and south.2. It was invented by Chinese 2,000 years ago.3. The ancient Zhi Nanzhen looked like a spoon.4. When the spoon was put on the plate, its handle could point to the south using magnetic fields.5. Then Chinese use a little steel needle to replace the spoon! 6. This makes the Zhi Nanzhen easier to carry!7. 600 years ago, Zhen He, a famous eunuch of Ming Dynasty travelled to the South East Asia and the Indian Ocean seven times.8. Zhen even reached the Red Sea with the help of the Zhi Nanzhen.9. The invention boosted the development of navigation.Tune of the day“Caribbean Blue”-from“Bandari”
08/03/20153 minutes 46 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 90 中国文化特辑 菊花

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 90 中国文化特辑 】019 Chrysanthemums 菊花Good morning, everyone! It's Sat., 7th March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周六早上好,今天是三月七号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家分享 菊花 Chrysanthemums 1. Chrysanthemums bloom in the cold autumn air representing elegance and courage in China. 2. Chinese scholars speak highly of Juhua for their beauty and character.3. Juhua also has another meaning. 4. They also used to convey grieve for loved ones who have passed away.5. In addition, Juhua can be used as an ingredient for tea, wine and food.6. Festivals for Juhua are held annually in China. 7. Juhua blossoms remain open in late autumn and winter when other flowers have withered.Tune of the day "九月菊花-花神陶渊明" 选自专辑 《十二花神曲》 By 史志有
07/03/20152 minutes 47 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 89 中国文化特辑 筷子

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 89 中国文化特辑 】018 Chopsticks 筷子 Good morning, everyone! It's Friday, 6th March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Nantong.大家周五早上好,今天是三月六号! 我是Lewis,在南通给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家聊聊 筷子 Chopsticks 1. Chopsticks, Kuai Zi, are the most important eating utensils in China. 2. Chinese use them during each meal. 3. They are made of simple materials with two sticks. They are made of wood or bamboo and use the theory of leverage to pick up various kinds of food easily. 4. Manners are important when using chopsticks just like using forks and knives in the west. 5. Chinese have used Kuai Zi for at least 3,000 years. They have been spread to Asian countries like Japan and South Korea. 6. The materials come from nature. They represent the wisdom of the Chinese.That's all about this morning's sharing. Bye.
05/03/20151 minute 50 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 88 中国文化特辑 农历

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 88 中国文化特辑 】017 Chinese Lunar Calendar 农历 Good morning, everyone! It&`&s Thurs. 5th March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Nanjing.大家周四早上好,今天是三月五号! 我是Lewis,在南京给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家分享 农历 Chinese Lunar Calendar1. The lunar calendar, Nongli, is the traditional Chinese calendar and is often used in agriculture.2. According to Nongli, the crescent appears on the first day of each month and full moon comes out in the middle of the month.3. The cycle lasts for about thirty days.4. 24 Days mark 24 divisions of the solar year in Nongli according to the different positions of the sun.5. For example, the division Lichun, or the Beginning of Spring, reminds people that spring is coming.6. Jingzhe, the Awakening of the Insects, means the weather is getting warmer.7. Lixia, the Beginning of Summer, is the point when the crops are booming.8. Dahan, the Great Cold, is the end of severe winter. 9. All these create a circle.10
04/03/20152 minutes 31 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 87 中国文化特辑 汉字

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 87 中国文化特辑 】016 Chinese Characters 汉字Good morning, everyone! It's Wed. 4th March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周三早上好,今天是三月四号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家分享 汉字 Chinese Character1. The marks carved on rocks 8,000 years ago are regarded as the first example of Chinese characters-Hanzi.2. Ancient Chinese recorded what they saw in the world by drawing.3. Legends say that Chinese characters are pictures which can be read.4. Westerners often say that Hanzi are pictographs. 5. This is because the first Hanzi were pictographs which conveyed meaning through physical resemblance to physical objects.6. Meanwhile, some Hanzi are composed of symbols which represent sound.7. Looking back at history, we can understand the life of people in ancient China with Hanzi.8. There are 2,500 frequently used characters. 9. A good grasp of these Hanzi is like reading an encyclopedia on China.10. Welcome to the mys
04/03/20152 minutes 13 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 86 中国文化特辑 编钟

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 86 中国文化特辑 】015 编钟 Chime Bells Good morning, everyone! It's Tues. 3rd. March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周二早上好,今天是三月三号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑跟大家分享 编钟 Chime Bells1. Chime Bells -"Bianzhong" are the most majestic and holy ancient instrument in China.2. As a symbol of power, they were used for sacrificial ceremonies or other crucial ceremonies starting 3500 years ago.3. "Bianzhong" were composed of bells with different scales. 4. The bells are played by mallets and create the sounds of seven musical scales much like the piano.5. What's more amazing is that one bell can generate two notes when struck at different spots.6. Its exquisite cast and pure sound reveal the high level of ancient Chinese civilization and wisdom.That's all about this morning's sharing. Now Let's enjoy a piece of music with Chime Bells. 楚商 Chu Merchants By 曾侯乙编钟与乐队
03/03/20155 minutes 48 seconds
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集思晨读 Day 85 中国文化特辑 旗袍

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 85 中国文化特辑 】014 Cheongsam 旗袍Good morning, everyone! It's Mon. 2nd. March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周一早上好,今天是三月二号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑和大家聊一下 Cheongsam 旗袍1. Chinese tradition say that if you want to identify a beauty you should look at her appearance in a Cheongsam, Qipao.2. The Qipao showcases oriental modesty and sexiness wrapping female figures in form fitting dresses.3. Fine Qipao are handmade with soft silk and intricate brocade.4. Selecting fine material is the first step to make a Qipao.5. Twenty six dimensions must be measured to make a Qipao and represent the taste of the master.6. The collars of Qipao are always curved to show the softness and slenderness of the female's neck.7. Popular patterns on Qipao include phoenix, birds, leaves and flowers.8. The breathtaking beauty of Qipao has lasted for more than a century.
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集思晨读 Day 84 中国文化特辑 成语

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 84 中国文化特辑 】013 Chinese Idioms 成语Good morning, everyone! It's Sun. 1st. March. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周日早上好,今天是三月一号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑和大家聊一下 成语 Chinese Idioms 1. Idioms are an important aspect of the Chinese language because this simple yet meaningful phrases are used to communicate people’s feelings and situations in everyday life.2. With just four characters, one can express provocative ideas and strong emotions.3. Being well versed in Chinese idioms is also a mark of proficiency in the Chinese language.4. As a student learns a language, he or she is also being immersed in the Chinese culture.5. Idioms are full of collective cultural wisdom and also a great way for students to explore the Chinese mentality.6. Some of these idioms draw parallels to sayings in the English language.7. For example, “Yi jian shuang diao” is equivalent to the English saying “to kill two birds with one stone”.<br
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集思晨读 Day 83 中国文化特辑 书法

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 83 中国文化特辑 】012 Calligraphy 书法Good morning, everyone! It's Sat. 28th. Feb. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周六早上好,今天是二月二十八号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑和大家聊一下 Calligraphy 书法1. Chinese calligraphy-Shufa-refers to a writing art and technique with writing brushes.2. 1,600 years ago, a boy named Wang Xizhi worked hard at calligraphy.3. He washed his writing brushes in a pool and the pool turned black.4. Eventually he became a prominent calligrapher in China.5. Writing brushes, Chinese inks, rice paper and ink slabs are the basic tools of calligraphy.6. Proper technique for handl ing the writing brushes and maintaining the proper angle between the tips of brushes and the paper are required.7. The structure of each individual character and overall arrangement are both important.8. Calligraphers have created plenty of masterpieces which have been passed from generation to generation. One of the masterpieces i
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中国文化特辑 特别节目 家乡介绍

Situated in the northwest of Jiangsu, Xuzhou City is one of Chinese most well-known transportation hubs, in which China's two most important rail lines, Beijing-Shanghai that runs north-south direction, and Lianyungang-Urumqi that goes from east to west, meet here.With a history of 2,600 years, Xuzhou is a historical city with the critical strategic importance from military views. It is known as a notable battlefield in China's history, from ancient dynasties to modern republics. Regardless of these devastating combats, Xuzhou still remains relatively intact and a large amount of historical attractions and beautiful scenic sites were magically preserved without massive damages. The town was once named Pengcheng during the Qin and Han dynasties and was the hometown for Liu Bang, the first emperor of the Han. Xuzhou is well known for its heritage and cultural relics for the Han Culture, which is honored the best city to search or eye-view these splendid items, displaying in i
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集思晨读 Day 81 中国文化特辑 云锦

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 81 中国文化特辑 】011 Brocade 云锦Good morning, everyone! It's Thurs. 26th. Feb. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周四早上好,今天是二月二十六号! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑和大家聊一下 “云锦” Brocade1. Brocade is a kind of luxurious silk created over 1,600 years ago.2. The gorgeous patterns are as beautiful as the colorful clouds in the sky hence the Chinese name Yunjin.3. Since the Yuan Dynasty, Yunjin has been used for the imperial family's clothes especially the emperor.4. Different sizes and patterns indicate different official ranks.5. It is woven with various kinds of rare silk yarns and feathers.6. Traditional Yunjin is purely handmade on the jacquard weaving machines.7. At most five to six centimeters' Yunjin could be produced one day even with the cooperation of two workers.8. Now this traditional skill has been modernized and applied to new fashions.That's all about today's sharing. I shall have a review tomorrow
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集思晨读 Day 80 中国文化特辑 知音

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 80 中国文化特辑 】010 Bosom Buddy 知音Good morning, everyone! It's Wed. 25th. Feb. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周三早上好,今天是二月二十五号, 上班第一天! 我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读!今天的中国文化特辑和大家聊一下 “知音”Bosom Buddy1. Bosom buddy, called Zhi Yin in Chinese refers to the friend who knows you best. 2. The ancient story of Bo Ya and Zi Qi describes how Chinese define Zhi Yin.3. Long long ago, Bo Ya who was a master of Guqin, a Chinese musical instrument, met Zi Qi who was collecting firewood on a mountain.4. While Bo Ya was playing Guqin, Zi Qi said, "I can hear the mountain singing and the water flowing in your music".5. Zi Qi was only a lumberjack but he could tell what Bo Ya wanted to express.6. When Zi Qi died, Bo Ya played his Guqin for the last time in front of Zi Qi's tomb.7. Afterwards, people use the quote about "High Mountains and Flowing Water" to describe friends who understand and appreciate each other.8. If someone in China s
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集思晨读 Day 79 中国文化特辑 北京

【集思晨读 Lewis Day 79 中国文化特辑 】009 Beijing 北京 Good morning, everyone! It's Tues. 24th. Feb. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou.大家周二早上好,今天是二月二十四号,农历新年初六。我是Lewis,在扬州给大家拜年!今天中国文化特辑,跟大家说说咱们的首都,北京!1. The layout of Beijing formed in the 15th century.2. The Imperial Palace is the center of the city's symmetrical layout.3. The 7.7-kilometer-long axis is the symbol of Beijing.4. There are grand examples of Chinese architecture such as the Imperial Palace, the Temple of Heaven and the Great Wall.5. Traditional folk arts such as Peking Opera and traditional foods such as sugar-coated haws on a stick and roast duck are famous worldwide.6. The Olympic Game was held here in 2008.7. While preserving these traditions, Beijing is becoming more and more open.8. Welcome to Beijing.
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集思听写一百天 选读 Cheongsam 旗袍

Cheongsam 旗袍1. Chinese tradition say that if you want to identify a beauty you should look at her appearance in a Cheongsam, Qipao.2. The Qipao showcases oriental modesty and sexiness wrapping female figures in form fitting dresses.3. Fine Qipao are handmade with soft silk and intricate brocade.4. Selecting fine material is the first step to make a Qipao.5. Twenty six dimensions must be measured to make a Qipao and represent the taste of the master.6. The collars of Qipao are always curved to show the softness and slenderness of the female's neck.7. Popular patterns on Qipao include phoenix, birds, leaves and flowers.8. The breathtaking beauty of Qipao has lasted for more than a century.
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集思晨读 一月份晨读总结 之 重点词汇 短语 (三)

一月份 Lewis 晨读总结 之 词汇短语篇(三)71. historical and cultural luster 72. private financing73. monetary policy74. stay up late/burn the candle/night owl75. thumb up76. suspended "mainstream support"77. extended support78. underground /subway/ the tube/ Metro79. public welfare program80. scan the QR code81. uncivilized behavior82. personal credit records83. the oldest living reigning monarch84. accede to the throne85. annual income86. insurance premiums87. Cybersecurity88. undergo a mastectomy89. the average age of onset90. early-stage breast cancer91. late childbearing92. sleep deprivation93. irregular medical checks94. long-term alcohol consumption95. be integral to Chinese society96. a pictogram of a pig97. know a thing or two about98. Be prized for99. Be tricky and time-consuming to create100. unparalleled experience101. top/ace/champ/diva/queen/king102. rea
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集思晨读 一月份晨读总结 之 重点词汇短语 (二)

一月份 Lewis 晨读总结 之 词汇短语篇(二)1. boycott vulgar horseplay2. violates ethical standards3. obscene sexual innuendos4. the newly weds5. curb corruption in vehicle management departments6. doctor food labels7. beyond the expiration date8. food safety scandals9. silent tribute10. memorial service11. stage a huge manhunt12. impromptu rallies13. mull a ban14. carpet smoking ban15. initiative to reform16. exam-oriented education17. be solely determined by18. unified examination19. single-plank bridge20. collusion between government officials and business owners21. astonishing number of bribery22. seek commercial gains23. small coteries24. major curriculum design25. detachment from market need26. credibility deficit27. sub-healthy28. "mercenary" market economy29. "Bystander attitude" or being indifferent30. Ostentatiousness31. Reveling in scandals32. anti-social behavio
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集思晨读 一月份晨读总结 之 重点词汇短语(一)

一月份 Lewis 晨读总结 之 词汇短语篇(一)1. unfulfilled dreams 2. Duplicate 3. from the same perspective 4. deprive the world of your gift5. figure out6. lady-killer7. contagious smile8. boosts Your Immune System9. Natural Pain Killers10. bullet train11. intercity high-speed rail on-schedule rate12. customized calendars13. gain popularity14. languish15. anti-graft body16. online personalized-printing services17. low fertility trap18. negative growth19. maintain a downward spiral in fertility20. aging society21. flash animations 22. netizen23. dream lover, prince charming24. be brought to life25. traditional auspicious Chinese motifs26. issue a guideline27. elderly people28. vanity29. the constantly changing nature of scams30. rate of empty nest
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集思晨读 Day 56 英语点津 盘点:中国十大突出壮举 No.3 实用主义 Prag

【集思晨读. Lewis Day 56 英语点津 盘点:中国十大突出壮举 No.3 实用主义 Pragmatism】 Good morning,everyone! It's Sat. 31 Jan. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yangzhou! 大家周六早上好,今天是一月三十一号,我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读,今天我继续给大家盘点国人表现突出的十个领: 第三条 实用主义 PragmatismChina's achievements today, including several of the items on this list, can be credited to a deep sense of pragmatism, which assesses most situations by looking at the practical consequences of actions.中国今天的成就,包括本文列举的一些项目,都归功于深层次的实用主义。多数情况下,中国人通过观察行为的实际结果来作出评估、判断。 As Deng Xiaoping, architect of modern China, famously said: "It doesn't matter whether a cat is white or black, as long as it catches mice."中国改革开放的总设计师邓小平就曾说:“不管黑猫白猫,能抓到耗子的就是好猫。”On a grassroots level, Chinese people embrace pragmatism on a daily basis.在日常生活中,中国人每天都在实践着实用主义。 The philosophy explains most of China's customs and cultural norms, including the gifting of hongbao (red envelopes filled with cash), the importance of maintaining guanxi (inter
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集思晨读 Day 55 英语点津 盘点:中国十大突出壮举 No.2 室内运动

【集思晨读. Lewis Day 55 英语点津 盘点:中国十大突出壮举 No.2 室内运动】 Good morning, everyone! It's Fri. 30 Jan. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Nanjing! 大家周五早上好,今天是一月三十号,我是Lewis,在南京给大家晨读。昨天,在晨读里跟大家分享了国人引以为豪的猪肉烹调,今天我继续同大家分享国人表现突出的十个领域的第二条: Indoor sports--室内运动So China isn't all that great at football -- so what?中国人不擅长足球——那又怎样? Its state system of athletic training has perfected a foolproof method for producing top gymnasts, ping pong champs, badminton aces and diving divas.中国针对运动员训练的国家体制已经十分完善,涌现出众多顶尖的运动员,包括体操、乒乓球、羽毛球和跳水等多个项目。 Since it first participated in the modern Olympics in 1984, it's steadily risen toward the top of the medals table.自从1984年第一次参加现代奥运会后,中国就以奖牌榜榜首为目标而不断努力。 Chinese-style athleticism reached a climax at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing when the country garnered 51 gold medals and ranked number one overall.在2008年北京奥运会上,中国式体育运动到达顶峰:中国代表团摘得51枚金牌,在奖牌榜上登顶。 Although a top contender in diving and gymnastics, Chin
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集思晨读 Day 54 英语点津 盘点:中国十大突出壮举 No.1 猪肉

【集思晨读.Lewis Day 54 英语点津 盘点:中国十大突出壮举 No.1 猪肉】 Good morning,everyone! It&`&s Thurs. 29 Jan. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yang Zhou! 大家周四早上好,今天是一月二十九号,我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读。中国的足球,尤其是男足啦,不太好! 但是中国在体操、乒乓球、跳水等室内运动方面一直处于领先水平。中国的茶文化和书法也是历史悠久的资产。从今天起我在晨读里给大家依次分享咱中国人表现突出的十个领域。No.1 Pork 猪肉作为最早出现家猪驯养的国家,我们可以肯定中国对于烹调猪肉的方法略知一二。As the first place to domesticate pigs, we can be sure China knows a thing or two about making pork delicious.据美国国家猪肉局介绍,野猪驯化的证据最早可以追溯到公元前4900年的中国。According to the U.S. National Pork Board, the earliest evidence of domestication of the wild boar can be dated to 4900 BC in China.长久以来,猪这种动物已经成为中国社会不可或缺的一部分。汉字“家”就是一个很好的证明,它由一个头上有屋顶的猪 象形而成。Historically, the animal has been so integral to Chinese society that the Chinese character for "home" is a pictogram of a pig with a roof over its head.如今,中国是世界上最大的猪肉生产国和消费国——那么这些猪肉都是如何被消费的呢? Today, China is the world&`&s top producer and consumer of hogs -- and, wow, how it&`&s c
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集思晨读 Day 53 英语点津 姚贝娜离世 预防“乳腺癌”成焦点

【集思晨读.Lewis Day 53 英语点津 歌手姚贝娜离世 预防“乳腺癌”成焦点】 Good morning,everyone! It&`&s Wed. 28 Jan. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yang Zhou! 大家周三早上好,今天是一月二十八号,我是Lewis,在扬州给大家晨读。2015年1月16日,歌手姚贝娜因乳腺癌复发去世,年仅33岁。继我们所熟知的“林妹妹”陈晓旭之后,又一个明星被乳腺癌夺去了生命。加上2013年著名好莱坞影星安吉丽娜•朱莉接受预防切除术等事,人们在对姚贝娜惋惜不已的同时,更是增强了预防乳腺癌的意识 请看相关报道:The death of 33-year-old pop singer/ Yao Beina has brought breast cancer to the fore again/ in China and raises breast cancer awareness of the public, following American actress Angelina Jolie&`&s decision to undergo a mastectomy. 继美国女演员安吉丽娜•朱莉接受乳房切除术后,年仅33岁的歌手姚贝娜的离世又一次让中国公众直面乳腺癌,增强了公众对乳腺癌的认识。 “乳腺癌”即breast cancer,乳腺癌已成为中国女性最致命的疾病(the most lethal disease)。在中国,虽然乳癌平均发病年龄(the average age of onset)是45岁,但在年轻女性中的发病率也在增加。医生建议,女性,特别是35岁以上的,每月应进行一次乳房自查(perform a breast self-exam),若发现一处或多处肿块(lump)应立即就医检查,早期乳腺癌(early-stage breast cancer)治愈率较高。有家族病史的更因提高警惕。晚育(late childbearing),睡眠不足(sleep deprivation),未定期检查(irregular medical checks)等是乳腺癌形成的几大诱因。<b
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集思晨读 Day 51 英语点津 伊丽莎白女王成为在世最长寿的君主

【集思晨读.Lewis Day 51 英语点津 伊丽莎白女王成为在世最长寿的君主】 Good morning,everyone! It's Mon. 26 Jan. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yang Zhou! 大家周一早上好,今天是一月二十六号,我Lewis, 在扬州给大家晨读。上周四,沙特阿拉伯国王阿卜杜拉(King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia)去世,享年90岁。英国女王伊丽莎白二世成为世界上仍然在世的年龄最大的统治君主。The death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia on last Thursday, at about age 90, leaves British Queen Elizabeth II as the oldest living reigning monarch in the world.  The queen is 88, and will turn 89 on April 21, although her birthday is typically celebrated in June when the weather is better. 女王现年88岁,过了4月21日的生日就89岁了,不过她的生日庆祝活动通常是在天气比较好的6月举行。  The queen and her husband, Prince Philip, who is 93, have cut back on their long-range overseas travels in recent years, leaving it to their children and grandchildren. But not entirely. 最近几年,女王和她的丈夫——现年93岁的菲利普亲王(Prince Philip)已经减少了远途的海外活动,将其交由子女或者孙辈来完成。但女王并没把所有活动都委派给年轻的皇室成员。 She has several engagements in the U.K. in her diary for this week
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集思晨读 Day 50 英语点津 中国将开展“旅游厕所革命”

【集思晨读.Lewis Day 50 英语点津 中国将开展“旅游厕所革命”】 Good morning,everyone! It's Sun. 25 Jan. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Nan Jing! 大家周日早上好,今天是一月二十五号,我在南京给大家晨读。经过多年建设,中国旅游公共服务设施有很大改观,但与游客要求和国际旅游标准还有很大差距。数量过少、质量低劣、分布不均、管理缺位等旅游厕所问题尤为突出。中国今年将在全国范围内发动一场旅游厕所革命。请看新华社的报道:China will launch a "toilet revolution" at tourist sites across the country this year to make the notorious facilities cleaner and more regulated, tourism authorities said on Thursday.国家旅游局负责人15日表示,中国今年将在全国范围内的旅游景区发动一场“厕所革命”,让旅游厕所这一“老大难”更加整洁、更有规范。 据悉,我国将用三年时间解决旅游厕所的数量过少(insufficient numbers)、卫生质量低劣(unhygienic conditions)、以及管理缺位(lack of management)问题,到2017年最终实现旅游景区、旅游线路沿线、交通集散点、旅游餐馆、旅游娱乐场所、休闲步行区等的厕所全部达到三星级标准(reach three-star standards)。 此前,针对游客的一些不文明行为(uncivilized behavior),国家旅游局称拟将其纳入个人信用不良记录(bad records),个人信用记录即personal credit records。最后给大家讲一个笑话,说一位导游英文不过关。一次,一个外国旅行团造访中国,其中一位游客找到导游,说“Hi, where can I rest myself?” 导游随口回答,“You can rest everywhere!” 嗯,想必大家知道这其中的笑点。 解释下,这里游客用“re
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集思晨读 Day 49 英语点津 北京首个“地铁图书馆”开馆

【集思晨读.Lewis Day 49 英语点津 北京首个“地铁图书馆”开馆 】 Good morning,everyone! It's Sat. 24 Jan. I am Lewis saying hello to you all from Yang Zhou! 大家周六早上好,今天是一月二十四号,我在扬州给大家晨读。京城首个地铁图书馆日前正式开馆。乘客只要在4号线车站站台或部分列车上扫描相应的二维码,就能免费在线阅读由国家图书馆提供的精品图书。请看中国日报网的报道:China's capital city launched its first underground library, "M Subway·Library" on Jan 12. The theme of its first activity is "Our Characters".首都京城1月12日推出了首个地铁图书馆——“M地铁·图书馆”,并开启首期主题活动——“我们的文字”。 文中的underground library即“地铁图书馆”。Underground作形容词意为“地下的”,但作名词可以指地铁。地铁的说法各地有别,如伦敦称London Underground,俗称the Tube;巴黎地铁称Metro,是metropolitan railway的省略表达,欧洲大陆的城轨系统一般也都称Metro;纽约地铁称New York City Subway;华盛顿特区地铁称Washington Metro等。 地铁图书馆是北京京港地铁公司和国家图书馆合作推出的大型公益项目(public welfare program),旨在依托地铁这一公众交通出行平台(the platform of public transportation),开放部分国家图书馆的优质图书资源,让乘客在日常出行中多一个阅读的平台和场所。乘客扫描车厢内的二维码(scan the QR code),可免费在线阅读图书。
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NE0-010 元旦特别节目之2014年世界和谷哥聊了什么

(CNN) -- In 2013, people just wanted to know how to twerk. It was a more innocent time. This year, people wanted to know if they had Ebola.Google has released its annual round-up of the year's top global searches. Apple, Facebook and other companies also do these recaps, but those only show what we bought or posted publicly on social media. Our search history is a more honest, sometimes embarrassing, peek into what we really care about. In 2014, the entire world was sad about the passing of Robin Williams, excited to watch the World Cup and worried about Ebola. Those three topics top the list of global trending searches, which also includes missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, the viral phenomenon Ice Bucket Challenge, addictive smartphone game Flappy Bird and Eurovision winner and drag queen Conchita Wurst. Celebrity deaths tend to dominate Google's year-end lists. Last year Paul Walker was the top trending topic after dying in a car accident, and Nelson Mandela
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NEO-Vol 009 黑客 黑客 Hacker Hacker

Good Wednesday Evening! This is NEO, the 9th episode brought to you by Lewis from Yangzhou. 大家周三晚上好,我是靖磊,在扬州给大家带来第九期新闻英语在线节目。For this edition, you shall hear a general description about the hacker event that recently brought SONY Pictures into limelight and garnered worldwide attention for the reason of the release of a film titled "The Interview".本期节目,大家将了解到最近发生的一件黑客入侵索尼影视娱乐网站的新闻概述。 据称,黑客的入侵行为和索尼影业制作并发行的电影《访问》有关。Let's hear the story.Tensions between the USA and North Korea are rising following the cyber-attack on the film company Sony Pictures, and the subsequent decision by Sony to cancel all screenings of its movie 'The Interview'. The cancelled film is a political action comedy about two US journalists who arrange an interview with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un with the intention of assassinating him. A group calling itself The Guardians of Peace has claimed responsibility for the attack. It warned that it would attack 9/11 style any cinema tha
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007 The Orchid Pavilion 兰亭集序

This is the ninth year of Yungho (AD353) Kueichou in cycle. We met in late spring at the Orchid Pavilion in Shanyin to celebrate the Water Festival. All the scholar friends are gathered, and there is a goodly mixture of old and young. In the background lie high peaks and deep forests, while a clear, gurgling brook catches the light to the right and to the left. We then arrange ourselves, sitting on its bank, drinking in succession form the goblet as it floats down the stream .No music is provided, but with drinking and with song, our hearts are gay and at ease. It is a clear spring day with a mild, caressing breeze, the vast universe, throbbing with life, lies spread before us, entertaining the eye and pleasing the spirit and all the senses. It is perfect. Now when men come together, they let their thoughts travel to the present. Some enjoy a quiet conversation indoors and others play about outdoors, occupied with what they love. The forms of amusement differ accord
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NEO-Vol 008 学习语言延缓痴呆Be Bilingual to delay dementia

Good Thursday Evening, this is NEO, the eighth episode brought to you by Lewis, from Yangzhou. 大家周四晚上好,我是靖磊,在扬州给大家带来第八期新闻英语在线节目。For today's program, I shall bring you language learners an exciting news 'cause you may find the correlation between language learning and our physical health from the program today. 在今天的节目中,我将给大家分享一则令人兴奋的内容,尤其针对语言学习爱好者,接下来你会了解到语言学习和我们身体健康之间存在的关系。A new study shows that being bilingual may delay dementia by five or more years. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland discovered that people who spoke two languages did not show any signs of three types of dementia for more than four years longer than those who were monolingual. A co-author of the report, Dr. Thomas Bak, said: "Bilingualism can be seen as a successful brain training, contributing to cognitive reserve, which can help delay dementia." This means that speaking two languages keeps the brain in better health and helps to keep diseases like Alzheimer's at bay for longer than
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NEO-Vol 007 穿衣 任性 Dress to be respected

Good Monday Evening, this is NEO, the seventh episode brought to you by Lewis, from Yangzhou. 大家周一晚上好,我是靖磊,在扬州给大家带来第七期新闻英语在线节目。 Wanna get more respect from others? Maybe you could start from dressing in a, sort of, "abnormal" way. Frankly speaking, when I read the news below, I was totally not expecting this idea. Yet, to give it a second thought, it does have a point. 亲们,想要获得他人更多的尊敬么?或许可以"尝试"从衣着打扮上下下功夫哦,“来个与众不同的”! 坦白讲,初读下面这条新闻的时候,我确实没这么想过! 可是,细细这么一啄磨,确实有点道理! So to be or not to be, let&`&s hear the story! Researchers at the Harvard Business School claim that people who do not follow "normal fashion" get more respect from others. Doctoral student Silvia Bellezza and two of her colleagues examined how we view the social status and competence of people who do not conform to "normal" ways of dressing. They discovered that the more outlandishly people dress, the more respect they get. Participants in the research considered others who had a "weirder" fashion
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NEO-Vol 006 考拉 考拉 The Real Koalas

Good Thursday Evening, this is NEO, the sixth episode brought to you by Lewis, from Yangzhou. 大家周四晚上好,我是靖磊,在扬州给大家带来第六期新闻英语在线节目。 Well, while most of us here in China are experiencing the mind-numbing cold, especially those who live in areas where the city central heating is not available, there are, however, places on earth that are experiencing quite the opposite-the scorching hot ! Do you know which place that I am talking about? 现在已经是阳历十二月过半,北半球的朋友们正在经历严冬的考验,尤其在没有城市集中供暖的地方,这天气,尤其对于要出门在外办事的朋友,那真叫个冷啊! 可与此同时呢,在地球的另一端的人们却也在经历着酷暑! 想必大家已经知道了那个地方! All right, I am talking about Australia. But our topic today is not Australia, it&`&s the cute lovely animal that comes from Australia. And we shall learn a fascinating fact about it today! Wanna know what is it and what exactly the fact is? Stay tune. 好了,不要再猜了,我说的是澳大利亚。 但是我们今天的主题不是澳大利亚,而是来自澳大利亚的一个十分可爱的动物。在今天的节目中,大家将了解到关于这个动物的一个趣闻。想知道这个动物和那个趣闻么?请接着往下听。 Scientists have unlocked one of the secrets as to h
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NEO-Vol 005 来顶个拳头 Fist Bump

Good Tuesday Evening, this is NEO, the fifth episode brought to you by Lewis, from Yangzhou. 大家周二晚上好,我是靖磊,在扬州给大家带来第五期新闻英语在线节目。 Have you heard of fist bumping? Have you ever fist bumped before? Do you think that fist bumping is more hygienic than handshaking? 本次节目开始之前先给大家抛出这三个问题? 问题的关键是围绕“顶拳”展开的,不知道大家有没有听清楚,“Fist bump” ,拳头-fist 顶,撞,bump。 Well,if you need answers for all these questions, just follow the program.好的,咱们来看一下新闻报道。 A new(ish) and alternative form of greeting and showing respect has been found to be more hygienic than shaking hands. We have all seen it on TV. Basketball and baseball players do it after a teammate scores. Rock stars and actors do it onstage at awards ceremonies. Even U.S. President Barack Obama does it. What is it? Well, it&`&s fist bumping. It&`&s kind of like a high five, except the hand is clenched into a ball and the other person&`&s fist is given a gentle nudge, knuckles to knuckles. Researchers at the University of Aberystwyt
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NEO-Vol 004 人工智能靠谱么 Artificial Intelligence

Good Friday Evening, This is NEO, the fourth episode brought to you by Lewis, from Yangzhou. 大家周五晚上好, 我是靖磊,在扬州给大家带来第四期新闻英语在线节目。 For today&`&s program, let&`&s hear what the superstar from the science world has to say about the A.I.(artificial intelligence)recently. And the superstar is Stephen Hawking. 在今天的节目中我们将了解到来自科学界的巨匠 史蒂芬.霍金最近就人工智能的未来所持的看法。 Is he positive or negative about the future of A.I.? You shall find out later! Professor Stephen Hawking, one of the world&`&s most renowned scientists, has warned that robots and machines with artificial intelligence could one day mean the end of us all. Professor Hawking recently told the BBC in an interview that: "The development of full artificial intelligence (AI) could spell the end of the human race." The famous cosmologist made his warning in response to a question about an update to the app he uses to allow him to communicate. Hawking suffers from motor neuron disease (also known as ALS) and needs
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NEO-Vol 003 凯蒂猫身份大曝光 Hello Kitty

Good Wednesday Morning, This is NEO, the third episode brought to you by Lewis, from Yangzhou. 大家周三早上好,我是靖磊,在扬州给大家带来第三期新闻英语在线节目。 For today&`&s program, you are going to hear an interesting fact about the classic cartoon character -Hello Kitty. Yes, the Hello Kitty! 今天的节目中,大家将会了解到关于经典卡通形象“凯蒂猫”的一则趣闻! And let&`&s go! Vol.003 Hello Kitty is a girl, not a cat! The creators of one of the world&`&s most widely-recognised cartoon characters have set the record straight. Japanese toymaker Sanrio have declared that its iconic creation Hello Kitty is not a cat. The bombshell came to light following publicity for an upcoming exhibition on the character at the Japanese American National Museum. The curator of the exhibition, anthropologist Christine R Yano, said she received a mail from Sanrio correcting her script for the show. Ms Yano confirmed that: "Hello Kitty is not a cat. She is a little girl. She is a friend….She&`&s never depicted on all fou
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006 A Ball to Roll Around 滚球

A Ball to Roll Around by Robert G Allman 罗伯特•G•奥尔曼 I lost my sight when I was four years old by falling off a box car in a freight yard in Atlantic City and landing on my head. Now I am thirty-two. I can vaguely remember the brightness of sunshine and what colour red is. It would be wonderful to see again, but a calamity can do strange things to people. 4岁那年在大西洋城,我从货场一辆火车上摔下来,头先着地,于是双目失明。现在我已经32岁了。我还模糊地记得阳光是多么灿烂,红色是多么鲜艳。能恢复视觉固然好,但灾难也能对人产生奇妙的作用。 It occurred to me the other day that I might not have come to love life as I do if I hadn't been blind. I believe in life now. I am not so sure that I would have believed in it so deeply, otherwise. I don’t mean that I would prefer to go without my eyes. I simply mean that the loss of them made me appreciate the more what I had left. 有一天我突然想到,倘若我不是盲人,我或许不会变得像现在这样热爱生活。现在我相信生活,但我不能肯定如果自己是明眼人,会不会像现在这样深深地相信生活。这并不意味着我宁愿成为盲人,而只是意味着失去视力使我更加珍惜自己其他的能力。 Life, I believe, asks a continuous series of adjustments to reality. The more
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NEO-Vol 002 日本经济堪忧 Japaniese Economy

Good Monday Morning, This is NEO, the second episode brought to you by Lewis, from Yangzhou. 大家周一早上好,我是靖磊, 在扬州给大家带来第二期新闻英语在线节目。 From this week on, I shall update the program three times a week! 从本周起,我将每周做三次节目分享。 And I shall make it more listener-friendly for those of you who are having problems understanding the news article. I decide to make it bilingual specifically in the news-review section to better your appreciation be it about the language points or the news angle. 我将针对有英文学习要求的听众,把节目做得更加易听。同时, 特别在节目结尾的新闻总结环节,我将做成双语形式,方便大家从英文知识点和新闻观点两个方面提高收听体验! One last thing, I do will keep on editing The Exercises Sheet for each news article and the way to access it is to wechat me your email address. 最后,我将继续编辑针对每一期节目的练习文稿,大家可以微信给我你的邮箱,乐意为你奉上! So, here we go. For today, we shall about the Japanese economy. Vol.002 Japan recession may hurt global economy Text Japan has slipped back into recession, leaving fi
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NEO-Vol 001 来自教皇的声音 Pope Francis

This program is all about news, news that need our attention! I encourage you to subscribe to this program and contact me if you have any problem understanding each news article. You could follow me through my weibo, search “宽心石” or wechat me @ 187-566-1568. If you need transcripts and exercises for each episode, email me at [email protected]. Currently I shall upload just one episode a week on Monday. The first article’s news figure is Pope Francis! Pope Francis delivered a damning message to European leaders on Tuesday when he addressed the European Parliament in Strasbourg. He denounced what he saw as Europe&`&s &`&throwaway culture&`& where the elderly, the terminally ill and unborn children are ignored. He said technology and economics were more important to politicians than those suffering. He told his audience: "Men and women risk being reduced to mere cogs in a machine that treats them as items of consumption to be exploited, with the resu
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005 Self-Discipline 自律

Self-Discipline 自律 Self-discipline means deliberately aligning our energy with our values and priorities. Through mental practice we focus in on a task before us and let other temptations and distractions pass us by. 自律意为自我对个人行为标准和做事顺序的恪守,通过心智上锻炼,自觉规避诱惑和纷扰之事。 Self-discipline asks that we endure frustration, disappointment, and pain in the service of a higher goal. It means being willing to push ourselves to the limits of our will and endurance if that is what is needed for success. 自律需要你我为了实现更高的目标而承受挫折,失望和痛楚。成功的路上需要你我拿出最大的勇气和毅力! Self-discipline need not be harsh; it can take the form of a quiet resolve or determination that then directs our choices. It is exacting, but is rarely served by our being self-critical or self-denigrating. Self-discipline allows us to make use of whatever power and capabilities have been given us, to be all that we can in the service of our dreams. 自律不需要行为苛刻。从微志细决做起,精明处事。严于律己却又不妄自菲薄。 自律使我们能够集力量和才智于一事,最终实现梦想!
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004 A Reason Season or Lifetime 你生活中的人们

A Reason, Season, or Lifetime People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you figure out which one it is, you will know what to do for each person. When someone is in your life for a REASON, it is usually to meet a need you have expressed. They have come to assist you through a difficulty, to provide you with guidance and support, to aid you physically, emotionally, or spiritually. They are there for the reason you need them to be. Then, without any wrongdoing on your part, or at an inconvenient time, this person will say or do something to bring the relationship to an end. Sometimes they walk away. Sometimes they act up and force you to take a stand. Sometimes they die. What we must realize is that our need has been met, our desire fulfilled, their work is done. Your need has been answered, and now it is time to move on. When people come into your life for a SEASON, it is because your turn has come to share, grow, or learn. They
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003 What I have lived for 我为何而生

What I Have Lived For / 我为何而生 Bertrand Russell / 伯特兰 罗素 Three passions, simple but overwhelmingly strong, have governed my life: the longing for love, the search for knowledge, and unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind. These passions, like great winds, have blown me hither and thither, in a wayward course, over a deep ocean of anguish, reaching to the very verge of despair. 我的一生被三种简单却又无比强烈的激情所控制:对爱的渴望,对知识的探索和对人类苦难的难以抑制的怜悯。这些激情像狂风,把我恣情吹向四方,掠过苦痛的大海,迫使我濒临绝望的边缘。 I have sought love, first, because it brings ecstasy---ecstasy so great that I would often have sacrificed all the rest of my life for a few hours for this joy. I have sought it, next, because it relieves loneliness---that terrible loneliness in which one shivering consciousness looks over the rim of the world into the cold unfathomable lifeless abyss. I have sought it, finally, because in the union of love I have seen, in a mystic miniature, the prefiguring vision of the heaven that saints and poe
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002 Youth 青春

Youth --- Written by Samuel Ullman Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is a matter of the will, a quality of the imagination, a vigor of the emotions; it is the freshness of the deep springs of life. 青春不是年华,而是心境;青春不是桃面、丹唇、柔膝,而是深沉的意志、恢宏的想象、炽热的恋情;青春是生命的深泉在涌流。 Youth means a temperamental predominance of courage over timidity, of the appetite for adventure over the love of ease. This often exists in a man of 60 more than a boy of 20. Nobody grows old merely by a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. Worry, fear, self distrust blows the heart and turns the spirit back to dust. 青春气贯长虹,勇锐盖过怯弱,进取压倒苟安。如此锐气,二十后生而有之,六旬男子则更多见。年岁有加,并非垂老;理想丢弃,方堕暮年。岁月悠悠,衰微只及肌肤;热忱抛却,颓废必至灵魂。忧烦、惶恐、丧失自信,定使心灵扭曲,意气如灰。 Whether 60 or 16, there is in every human being’s heart, the lure of wonders, the unfailing appetite for
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001 If I were a boy again 假如回到童年

If I were a boy again, I would practice perseverance more often, and never give up a thing because it was hard or inconvenient. If we want light, we must conquer darkness. 假如我又回到了童年,我做事要更有毅力,决不因为事情艰难或者麻烦而撒手不干,我们要光明,就得征服黑暗。 Perseverance can sometimes equal genius in its results. “There are only two creatures,” says a proverb, “who can surmount the pyramids—the eagle and the snail.” 毅力在效果上有时能同天才相比。俗话说:“能登上金字塔的生物,只有两种——鹰和蜗牛。” If I were a boy again, I would school myself into a habit of attention; I would let nothing come between me and the subject in hand. I would remember that a good skater never tries to skate in two directions at once. The habit of attention becomes part of our life, if we began early enough. I often hear grown up people say “I could not fix my attention on the sermon or book, although I wished to do so”, and the reason is, the habit was not formed in youth. 假如我又回到了童年,我就要养成专心致志的习惯;有事在手,就决不让任何东西让我分心。我要牢记:优秀的滑冰手从不试图同时滑向两个不同的方向。如果及早养成这种专心致
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