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Koffee with Kazz

English, News, 1 season, 3 episodes, 27 minutes
From internet memes to world problems, a random topic about the world will be discussed every week
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Andrew Tate Is Not That Big Of A Problem To Social Media

It's been a while, but I'm back! This week on Koffee With Kazz, I'll be discussing some of the problems with social media, and why Andrew Tate should not be enemy number one
1/11/202312 minutes, 33 seconds
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Are Moroccans African?

Welcome back to Koffee with Kazz. Today's topic is the conflict between North and Sub-Saharan Africans
12/18/20229 minutes, 48 seconds
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What is ChatGPT?

This week on Koffee with Kazz, I talk about the possibly revolutionary technology of OpenAI's ChatGPT   Website:
12/10/20225 minutes, 33 seconds