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I believe that deepening your understanding of your physiology, the very science that makes you who you are, is the best thing you can do to optimize your health, bolster your performance, look your best, and enjoy a longer and more fulfilling lifespan. I call this “physiological intuition,” and to me, it’s a human right. My dedication to this field derives from a very personal place, as it was through my own health improvement journey and love for the sciences that I stumbled upon the enhanced state of consciousness between mind, body, and spirit where healthy intentions met actionable steps and lasting, positive lifestyle change. Now, with ongoing years of study and time-in-the-trenches, a world-class team, all the latest tools and technologies, a bottomless well of passion, and access to some of the world’s leading experts in human performance and longevity, I’m fully dedicated to your very own scientific self-discovery. The more you #KnowYourPhysio… Enjoy the show.
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Alan Aragon, MS: Embracing Skepticism in Science: Persistence, Protein, and Plant-Based Nutrition Debate

In this captivating episode, we welcome Alan Aragon, a leading figure in nutrition science with over 30 years of experience. As a respected researcher and the mind behind the influential AARR, Alan has shaped the fitness industry's move towards evidence-based practices. His work, which spans from high-profile athletes to everyday health enthusiasts, emphasizes the power of informed nutritional choices.Alan sheds light on debunking nutrition myths, focusing on protein, plant-based diets, and seed oils. He advocates for scientific literacy, offering listeners clarity in the often confusing world of nutrition. His approach to breaking down complex research into actionable insights empowers individuals to make informed dietary decisions, emphasizing the need for personalized nutrition strategies.This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in refining their nutrition knowledge. Alan's message of persistence and passion in health pursuits inspires a broad a
12/02/20241 hour 20 minutes 55 seconds
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Elena Buglo: Exploring Genetic Diversity, Neurodiversity, and the Power of Unique Physiology

In this captivating episode, I'm joined by Elena Buglo, a distinguished neuroscientist with expertise in genetic neurological diseases, CRISPR technology, and mitochondrial disorders. Elena's commitment to bridging the gap between complex genetic research and practical healthcare solutions shines as we delve into genetics, neurodiversity, and individual physiology. Her approach combines scientific rigor with a passion for enhancing patient care through personalized medicine, offering insights into the evolving landscape of health and wellness.Elena discusses the significance of genetic diversity, advocating for a personalized approach to health that celebrates our unique genetic makeup. She explores neurodiversity, challenging conventional views on cognitive and physiological differences, and emphasizes the holistic interconnectedness of our biological systems. Her expertise illuminates the critical role of mitochondria and other cellular components in overall healt
05/02/20241 hour 40 minutes 44 seconds
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Rainger Haslam: Seed Oils, Lipidology, and Navigating Health Influencer Claims - A Candid Conversation

In this insightful episode, I am honored to welcome Rainger Haslam, a fervent advocate for science-based health information and a critical voice against the spread of misinformation in the health and wellness community. With a background deeply rooted in the scientific study of nutrition and health, Rainger brings a critical eye to the often murky waters of health claims made by influencers. Rainger dissects the misconceptions surrounding seed oils and cholesterol, offering a clear, evidence-based viewpoint on their roles and impacts on health. By challenging widely held beliefs propagated by health influencers, he sheds light on the importance of understanding the science behind health claims. Rainger's approach emphasizes the necessity of critical thinking and the value of scientific literacy in evaluating the barrage of health information faced by consumers today. This episode not only clarifies common health myths but also inspires listeners to adopt a more skeptical
29/01/20241 hour 11 minutes 52 seconds
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Paul Austin: Exploring Psychedelic Healing - Unconditional Love, Integration, and Societal Transformation

In this compelling episode, I have the pleasure of engaging in a deep and thoughtful conversation with Paul F. Austin, a leading figure in the psychedelic space. As the founder of Third Wave, Paul has become an influential educator and advocate in the realm of psychedelic experiences, focusing on their transformative power for personal and societal change. His work, prominently featured in global media outlets like Forbes and BBC's Worklife, centers around the intersection of microdosing, personal development, and professional success.Our discussion with Paul unveils the profound impact of psychedelics on mental health and personal growth. He delves into the key differences between conventional psychiatry and psychedelic therapy, highlighting how psychedelics address the core of psychological issues rather than just treating symptoms. Paul emphasizes the importance of intention, preparation, and integration in the psychedelic experience, advocating for a responsible and
23/01/20241 hour 4 minutes 36 seconds
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Dr. Alan J. Bauman: Revolutionizing Hair Health - Biohacking, Scalp Science, and Nurturing Your Natural Crown

In this captivating episode, I have the honor of hosting the renowned Dr. Alan J. Bauman, a trailblazing hair transplant surgeon who has profoundly impacted the field of hair restoration. With over 30,000 patients treated and 10,000 hair transplant surgeries performed, Dr. Bauman's expertise and dedication are unparalleled. His practice, rooted in Boca Raton, Florida since 1997, stands as a beacon of hope for those struggling with hair loss. Throughout our conversation, Dr. Bauman unveils the intricacies of hair health, emphasizing the crucial interplay between lifestyle, nutrition, and hair care. He shares groundbreaking insights into how biohacking and precision medicine have revolutionized hair restoration, offering hope and tangible solutions to those grappling with hair loss. Dr. Bauman's holistic approach goes beyond mere aesthetic enhancement; it delves into the roots of hair health, offering a comprehensive strategy for maintaining and revitalizing one'
15/01/20241 hour 43 seconds
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Buleza Koci: Navigating Resilience and Well-being - Courage, Performance, and the Power of Sleep

In this compelling episode, I have the pleasure of speaking with Buleza Koci, a visionary leader and the driving force behind DRYM Health. Buleza's journey is one of resilience and innovation, marked by her unwavering commitment to reshaping the narrative around health and wellness. As a champion of preventive and proactive healthcare, she leverages her extensive experience in patient care and health technology to pioneer a holistic approach to health optimization. Her passion lies in empowering high-performing leaders and their teams, unlocking their full potential by integrating mental, physical, and spiritual dimensions of well-being.Our conversation with Buleza delves deep into the essence of sustainable health practices, focusing on the critical role of sleep, stress management, and emotional resilience in achieving peak performance. She shares her unique perspective on the importance of understanding individual health markers and utilizing cutting-edge tests
08/01/20241 hour 24 minutes 44 seconds
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Nick Pags: Escaping Digital Shadows: Rediscovering Self in a Social Media World - Is True Fulfillment Offline?

In this invigorating episode, join me as I welcome Nick Pags, a renowned Growth Mindset Expert, Certified Behavioral Change Specialist, and Inspirational Speaker, whose insights into personal transformation are reshaping the way we approach success and fulfillment. Nick's unique blend of high-energy coaching and empathetic understanding has empowered countless individuals, from aspiring entrepreneurs to C-Suite executives, to unlock their potential and redefine their paths in life.Our conversation dives deep into the challenges and pitfalls of our modern digital landscape, particularly the overwhelming influence of social media. Nick eloquently dissects how our online habits can obscure our self-awareness and hinder personal growth. His perspective offers a refreshing counter-narrative to the prevalent digital culture, encouraging listeners to rediscover their authentic selves away from the glare of screens. This discussion is not just an exploration but a call to action
01/01/20241 hour 1 minute 15 seconds
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Dr. Dome Nischwitz: Mastering Oral Health – Beyond Brushing: Nutrients, Breathing, and Lifestyle Harmony

In this transformative episode, I have the privilege of hosting Dr. Dominik Nischwitz, a revolutionary figure in biological dentistry and holistic oral health. As Vice-president of the International Society for Metal Free Implantology (ISMI) and a renowned international speaker, Dr. Nischwitz, or Dr. Dome, advocates for a groundbreaking approach to dental care that prioritizes metal-free treatments. He is also the author of the bestselling book "It’s All In Your Mouth," and co-founder of the DNA Health and Aesthetics Center for Biological Dentistry in Tübingen, Germany.Our discussion with Dr. Dome delves into the critical but often neglected aspect of oral health, challenging traditional dental practices and underscoring its importance in overall wellness. He integrates biological dentistry with functional medicine and holistic nutrition, offering innovative insights. Dr. Dome emphasizes the connection between dental health and systemic conditions, advocating nut
25/12/20231 hour 21 minutes 40 seconds
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Kristen Holmes: The Pursuit of Excellence - Convergence of Athletic Prowess, Mastering Sleep, HRV Insights, Women's Sports Health

In this enlightening episode, I'm excited to welcome Kristen Holmes, Vice President of Performance Science at WHOOP and a distinguished figure in the realm of sports performance. With an exceptional background as an elite athlete and a coach, combined with her academic pursuits in psychology and sports performance, Kristen brings a profound depth of knowledge and experience to the forefront of athletic science and health optimization.Our conversation with Kristen is an exploration into the confluence of sleep, heart rate variability (HRV), and women's health in the arena of sports performance. Kristen provides an insightful look into how sleep quality critically influences athletic capability, delving into the nuances of HRV and its importance in determining an athlete's readiness and recovery. As a trailblazer in women's sports health, she illuminates the unique physiological aspects of female athletes, advocating for a more tailored and informed approach
18/12/202359 minutes 53 seconds
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Dugal Bain: Unpacking the DNA of Lifelong Wellness - Sleep, Hormones, and Habit Shifts.

In this enlightening episode, I am thrilled to host Dugal Bain-Kim, a dynamic leader and innovator in the realm of health optimization. As the CEO and Co-Founder of Lifeforce, Dugal is pioneering a movement aimed at empowering individuals over 35 to enhance their mental acuity, physical vigor, and overall longevity. With a rich background spanning various roles and industries, Dugal brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to the forefront of proactive healthcare.My conversation with Dugal unveils his inspiring journey from the financial sector to the forefront of health technology. He sheds light on the inception of Lifeforce, a company that is not just about extending lifespan but enriching the quality of life through tailored health strategies. Dugal's approach transcends conventional healthcare, focusing on individualized plans that integrate cutting-edge technology, personal biomarkers, and a holistic view of health. This episode delves into the c
11/12/20231 hour 55 seconds
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Dr. Steven Gundry: How Diet and Microbiome Interplay Sculpt Our Gut Health and Overall Well-being

In today's enthralling episode of "Know Your Physio," I had the distinct privilege of conversing with Dr. Steven Gundry, a venerated figure in the realms of cardiothoracic surgery, nutritional research, and authorship. Our dialogue ventured into the fascinating world of gut health, intricately tied to his groundbreaking work on lectins and their profound implications on human health and longevity. This episode is a deep dive into the symbiotic relationship between diet, gut health, and the microbiome, guided by Dr. Gundry's extensive knowledge and expertise.For those who navigate the intricate crossroads of modern and holistic health practices, this episode is a repository of wisdom. We delved into the nuances of a lectin-free diet, as elaborated in his acclaimed books, "The Plant Paradox" and "The Longevity Paradox." Additionally, we examined his pioneering approach at the Center for Restorative Medicine, highlighting transformative di
04/12/20231 hour 22 minutes 15 seconds
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Jolie Glassman: Exploring the Dynamics of Self-Mastery, Integrating Integrity in Wellness, and the Transformative Power of Personal Narratives

In this inspiring episode, we welcome Jolie Glassman, a formidable force in the world of health, fitness, and transformative coaching. As the visionary Owner/Operator of South Beach Boxing since 1998, Jolie has seamlessly integrated her extensive expertise in education, behavioral sciences, and personal development into a unique coaching style that transcends traditional fitness training. Her journey, characterized by an indomitable fighting spirit, has led her to empower countless individuals over three decades, encouraging them to cultivate strength, confidence, and resilience both inside and outside the gym.During our conversation, Jolie takes us through her compelling personal narrative, which forms the backbone of her coaching philosophy. She delves into her groundbreaking work, including her 2022 book, “101 Rules to Being the Champion of Your Own Life – Life According to The Rules of Boxing,” and offers a preview of her upcoming 2023 release, “1000 Questions to Ask Your
27/11/20231 hour 13 minutes 4 seconds
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Dr. Emily Werner PhD: How to Feed Your Mitochondria, Boost Mitophagy, and Navigate Nutrition Information Intuitively

Dr. Emily Werner, a seasoned professional in the field of nutrition and exercise, joins us in today's enlightening episode. Her journey into the world of nutrition began during her active years in sports, where she discovered the pivotal role that food plays in optimizing athletic performance. Intrigued by the profound connection between nutrition and exercise, Emily's relentless curiosity led her to pursue a path that saw her become a Registered Dietitian (RD) and earn a doctorate (PhD) in Kinesiology. Originally aiming to become a professor and researcher, Emily's career took a unique turn when she started working closely with collegiate basketball teams, fostering a deep passion for delivering tailored nutrition guidance directly to athletes. Today, she stands as a respected Team Dietitian in professional basketball, leveraging her expertise to empower athletes to achieve their peak performance through nutrition.In this captivating episode, Dr. Emily Werner
20/11/20231 hour 12 minutes 20 seconds
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Episode 100: Celebrating One Hundred Steps towards Discovering Your Science and Optimizing Your Life

Welcome to a monumental milestone, dear listeners! As we stand at this significant crossroads, it's both humbling and exhilarating to reflect on how far we've come together. From the first episode, my mission has been to bring you the most cutting-edge insights and practical wisdom for enhancing your life through science. Today, as we celebrate our 100th episode, it's a heartfelt reminder of the incredible voyage we've embarked on, driven by curiosity and a shared passion for unlocking the fullest potential of our minds and bodies.In this special episode, we’re not just commemorating a number, but celebrating the essence of transformation and growth. Each conversation, each expert guest, and every piece of knowledge shared has been a step towards our collective enlightenment and well-being. As your host, I've had the privilege of learning alongside you, diving deep into the realms of physiology, psychology, nutrition, and beyond. This centennial episo
13/11/202327 minutes 51 seconds
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Dr. Marco Altini, PhD: Decoding Digital Health - Wearables, Wellness, and HRV Insights

In this episode, I have the distinct pleasure of hosting Dr. Marco Altini, PhD, a luminary in the realm of digital health and wearable technology. An Italian researcher and entrepreneur, Dr. Altini's expertise spans across computer science and biomedical engineering. He's not just an academic; Marco has transformed his knowledge into actionable insights for athletes and health enthusiasts alike. As the co-founder of HRV4Training, he's played a pivotal role in leveraging heart rate variability analysis to optimize training and recovery, bridging the gap between science and real-world applications.Our conversation dives deep into the advancements in wearable technology and their profound impact on health and fitness monitoring. We explore the innovative mobile app, HRV4Training, and how it empowers users to harness their heart rate variability data to enhance their fitness and overall well-being. Furthermore, we delve into Marco's research related
24/09/20231 hour 20 minutes
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Tristan Scott and Ryan Brown: Deciphering the Wellness Puzzle - Instincts, Intervention, and Introspection

In today's enlightening conversation, I had the privilege of joining Tristan Scott and Ryan Brown, the dynamic hosts of the 'Decentralized Radio' podcast. Tristan, with his impressive background as an electrical engineer and a deep passion for health, nutrition, regenerative agriculture, and more, shared a personal journey that pushed him towards understanding the intricacies of health and the existing flaws in our food and farming systems. Having battled post concussive syndrome (PCS), he's delved deep into the realm of self-healing, which has fostered his dedication to educating society on potential improvements. Outside of these profound conversations, Tristan can be found immersed in the outdoors, whether he's skiing, hiking, camping, or kayaking amidst the breathtaking landscapes of the Mountain West.We deeply delved into the essence of holistic health. Advocating for doctors to act more as guides than traditional gatekeepers, I emphasized the sy
18/09/20231 hour 45 minutes 45 seconds
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Dr. Dominic D’Agostino, PhD: Mastering Metabolism - The Intersection of Ketosis, Brain Health, and Elite Performance

In this enlightening episode, I had the distinct honor of speaking with Dominic D’Agostino, Ph.D., an esteemed Associate Professor at the University of South Florida. He is also a Research Scientist at the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition (IHMC), dedicating his vast expertise towards optimizing the health and resilience of both warfighters and astronauts. His remarkable background, which spans from neuropharmacology to physiology and from neuroscience to medical biochemistry, offers a unique perspective that makes him a thought leader in his fields.Our in-depth discussion delved into the intricate details of metabolic health, with particular emphasis on the ketogenic diet and its impact on various conditions including epilepsy, cancer, and even Alzheimer's. Dr. D’Agostino shared invaluable insights into how the body's metabolism is intimately connected to overall health and well-being, including how ketone supplementation can play a pivotal role in brain
04/09/20231 hour 26 minutes 11 seconds
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Dr John Lieurance: Delving into Sleep Regulation, Brain Health, and the Secrets of Our Body's Miracle Molecule - Melatonin's Wide Reach

In today's insightful episode of "Know Your Physio," I had the honor of engaging with Dr. John Lieurance, a pioneering figure from the Advanced Rejuvenation Institute renowned for his expertise in integrative health, neurology, functional medicine, and regenerative medicine. Together, we embarked on a deep exploration of melatonin, often referred to as the 'miracle molecule'. Our discussion sheds light on its crucial role in sleep regulation and its wider implications for overall health.For the listeners seeking an understanding of the balance between contemporary and alternative treatments, this episode offers a treasure trove of insights. We discussed innovative approaches, including stem cell therapy, functional medicine techniques, and the promise of regenerative medicine, alongside alternative therapies that support overall well-being. Dr. Lieurance's vast knowledge provides clarity on these subjects, positioning them within the larger co
28/08/20231 hour 26 minutes 58 seconds
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A Special Episode with Tyson & Andres: The Art of Listening to Your Body and Unleashing Your True Potential

Hey everyone, it's Andres here. In today's unique episode of "Know Your Physio," I'm handing over the microphone to the incredibly talented Tyson Popplestone. If you haven't come across Tyson yet, he's the brain behind Relaxed Running. From running for Australia to training with the likes of Craig Mottram and AFL legend Sam Mitchell, Tyson has a wealth of experience in the world of athletics. But today, he's not here to talk about running; he's here to dig a little deeper into my world.In this episode, we delve deeper than just prescriptive steps or quick fixes; it's a profound exploration of the philosophy of peak performance. We dive into the profound understanding of how intimate knowledge of your physiology and health forms the bedrock of achieving unparalleled heights. It's not merely about doing the right things but truly comprehending the intricate symphony of our bodies and minds. Here, we discuss not just how
21/08/20231 hour 6 minutes 32 seconds
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Phil Southerland: Understanding Insulin, Glucose, and Ketones Interaction - Empowering the 1.2 Billion People Affected by Diabetes

In this riveting episode of "Know Your Physio," we're joined by none other than Phil Southerland, a global ambassador for diabetes who has dedicated his life to reshaping the perception of living with the condition. As the CEO and Co-Founder of Team Novo Nordisk, an all-diabetes pro cycling team, and President and Founder of the Team Type 1 Foundation, Phil's inspirational journey from early diagnosis to professional cyclist and relentless advocate is a testament to his resilience and determination.Phil and I delve deep into the science of diabetes, uncovering the complex interactions between insulin, glucose, and ketones, and how a proper understanding of these can be leveraged to improve the lives of those affected by diabetes. We explore Phil's personal experience with exogenous ketones, his innovative work with drugs like SGLT2, and the publication of research about pre-exercise food ingestion and reactive hypoglycemia. We also discuss Phil&apo
14/08/20231 hour 15 minutes 33 seconds
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Darin Olien: Harnessing ADD as a Superpower and the Revelations of 'Fatal Conveniences'

Welcome back to the show, dear listeners. In today's episode, I sit down with Darin Olien, environmental activist, health advocate, and host of the Netflix series "Down to Earth". You might be familiar with Darin's penetrating insights from his influential book "SuperLife: The 5 Forces That Will Make You Healthy, Fit, and Eternally Awesome". This time around, Darin is here to delve into an array of topics, including viewing ADD as a superpower, the hidden dangers of everyday 'Fatal Conveniences,' and the importance of holistic, grounded nutrition for the body and mind.We kick off the conversation with Darin's groundbreaking perspective on Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). Instead of seeing it as a drawback, he paints a vivid picture of ADD as a latent superpower that, when understood and harnessed correctly, can be a catalyst for remarkable creativity and focus. In addition, we explore the intriguing concept of 'Fatal Conve
07/08/20231 hour 11 minutes 44 seconds
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Baraq Harrison: The Power of Self-Reflection and Teamwork in Unlocking Your Potential

Join me in an enlightening conversation with an inspiring guest, a former member of the Special Forces, Sergeant First Class Baraq Harrison. Baraq embodies the spirit of resilience, creativity, and the power of introspection. Throughout the conversation, Baraq generously shares invaluable insights garnered from his military background and post-service experiences. The discussion revolves around the central importance of teamwork and the techniques to enhance team cohesion through effective communication. We explore the challenging transition from military to civilian life, the weight and responsibility of representing a broader community, and the virtues of humility and recognizing one's limitations in true leadership.Baraq's profound wisdom extends beyond the realm of military service as he emphasizes the significance of sharing success rather than claiming credit, engaging in introspection, and reflecting on personal patterns of behavior and communication. Discove
31/07/20231 hour 4 minutes 52 seconds
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Teemu Arina: The Dark Side of Biohacking and Personal Development

I am excited to have Teemu Arina as our guest. Teemu is a digital transformist, optimal human performance specialist, best-selling author, and biohacker. With a professional career spanning two decades, Teemu is at the forefront of the digital transformation of learning, work, leadership, health, and the future of humanity. He is known for his expertise in studying the intersection of man and machine and finding ways to improve productivity, health, and wellbeing through the use of biological and technological tools. Teemu is a highly sought-after keynote speaker, having presented in various countries around the world, and he gives around 100+ presentations per year.In this episode, Teemu shares his insights on the dark side of biohacking and personal development. He discusses the unique character of entrepreneurial individuals and communities who are never satisfied or fulfilled, often sacrificing themselves and coming from broken backgrounds. Teemu also delves into the cult
24/07/20232 hours 7 minutes 10 seconds
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AMA #2 with Parker Leiro: Recent Updates, The Power of Sleep, and Why Biohacking is for Everyone

Today’s guest is a health optimization consultant for world-class leaders, athletes, and professionals and your faithful host, Andrés Preschel! In this Ask Me Anything episode, Andrés answers a series of listener-submitted questions posed by his partner in life and love, Parker Leiro (AKA The Rolling Sloan). Join us for an honest, transparent, and self-reflective conversation about the importance of prioritizing where we choose to spend our energy, why good-quality sleep is the foundation for everything else we do, and why Andrés believes that biohacking should be accessible to everyone, not just an elite few. Tuning in, you’ll also gain some insight into the surprisingly simple things that will change your health for the better and the books that can help you build good habits, find long-term happiness, and use your biggest challenges as a training ground for greatness, plus so much more!Key Points From This Episode:Where Andrés is choosing to
17/07/202347 minutes 57 seconds
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Orlando Biohacking Conference Montage: Naveen Jain, Katharine Arnston, and Dr. Ted Achacoso

In this episode, we bring together three remarkable individuals who have made significant contributions to the field of biohacking: Naveen Jain, Catharine Arnston, and Dr. Ted Achacoso. Naveen Jain, a visionary entrepreneur, and philanthropist, shares his insights into the power of mindset and the impact of cutting-edge technologies on human health and performance. Drawing from his vast experience as the founder of Viome, Naveen discusses the intersection of technology, biology, and personal transformation. Catharine Arnston, a renowned nutritionist and founder of ENERGYbits, dives into the fascinating world of algae-based nutrition and its potential to optimize physical and mental well-being. With her expertise in the field of superfoods, Catharine explores the remarkable benefits of algae and its role in enhancing vitality and longevity. Dr. Ted Achacoso, a leading authority in precision medicine, shares his pioneering approach to personalized healthcare. Driven by the princi
10/07/202333 minutes 59 seconds
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Matt Maruca: Illuminating the Role of Light and Our Circadian Rhythm for Optimal Health

Ra Optics produces the world's best blue-blocking eyewear and today we are very excited to bring you a conversation with the company's CEO, Matt Maruca! Matt is an expert on light and its huge influence on our physiology and after meeting in person recently at the Health Optimisation Summit in London, it only seemed right to sit down and unpack some of his wisdom and the benefits of the glasses he is bringing to market. Matt has an amazing ability to distill advanced topics into actionable steps and vital insights and listeners can expect to come away from this episode with a whole lot of useful information and reasons to get serious about circadian rhythms. Matt generously shares some of his own health journey, dealing with diet and learning, and how this led to his current work. We also have time to discuss the connections between the different parts of our physiology and the central piece that sleep and light play in this configuration. So to catch it all from one of th
03/07/20231 hour 25 minutes 6 seconds
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London Health Optimisation Summit Montage

Today's episode contains a series of interviews from the recent Health Optimisation Summit, held in London. Tuning in you will hear from a selection of informed voices talking about what brought them to the event, and some specific thoughts on the concepts of health optimization right now. Lucas Aoun from Boost Your Biology offers some accessible ways that you can use supplements to improve every day before we hear from Sol Brah about his holistic philosophy for making the most of our physiology and how we share information. Max Lugavere then talks a little about his presentation at the summit, and building information networks to promote healthy communities. Chris Rinsch tells us about his product, Mitopure, his company Timeline Nutrition, and the foundational aspects of mitochondrial health before we hear from Jim Kwik about some deeper aspects of healthfulness, including fulfillment, recovery, and self-awareness. Lastly, listeners will get to hear from Wade Lightheart about
26/06/202352 minutes 56 seconds
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Bryan Mirabella - Laying the Foundation for a Healthy Life with the Breath

One of the most fundamental layers of health and wellness is our breathing pattern. On the show today to speak about his work and research into the power of the breath and the amazing influence it can have on our lives is Bryan Mirabella. Bryan is the mind and body behind Quantum Fitness, and we get to access a whole lot of his wisdom and insight on the subjects of the breath and our physiology, with some extended focus on diet, sleep, medicine, and training. Bryan even talks about why he believes that humans are capable of living forever through the implementation of the right practices! For Bryan, we have been socialized and conditioned into an unnatural relationship with air and food, and he explains the transitional states that are necessary to correct this and his choice to live as a fruitarian. We also get to discuss simple steps for better breathing and sleep, why we are failing the next generation, and what the world might look like with more enlightened communities. Join us
19/06/20231 hour 10 minutes 48 seconds
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Dr. Jennifer Haley: Natural, Holistic, and Sustainable Ways to Improve Skin Health

When most people think about skin health, the first thing that comes to mind is probably expensive skincare products or collagen supplements. But there is so much more to consider, including the strength of your teeth and bones, maintaining a healthy weight, building muscle, managing stress, trusting your gut, and more! Today on Know Your Physio, we welcome back board-certified dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Haley, who is on a mission to change how we care for and think about our skin. With a background in nutrition, fitness, and skin science, Dr. Jen understands the true integration of wellness and its effects on skin health, which you will learn more about during the course of our conversation. As you’ll find out, taking good care of your skin is important for more than just your appearance, and Dr. Jen has a whole host of suggestions to keep you looking (and feeling) your best. She also believes that we can reframe beauty and shift our focus from aesthetics to authenticity, enabling
05/06/20231 hour 16 minutes 32 seconds
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Andrés Preschel & Ben Greenfield: Unlocking Peak Performance through Freediving | Breathing, Biohacking, and the Spiritual Side of Wellness

In today’s episode, the tables are switched as Andrés Preschel is interviewed by Ben Greenfield on the Ben Greenfield Life podcast. Ben is a well-known figure in the field of health and fitness. He is an author, speaker, podcast host, and consultant who has dedicated his career to exploring and optimizing human performance. With a deep passion for biohacking, endurance sports, and holistic wellness, Ben has gained a significant following and has become a respected authority in the industry. His dedication to helping others achieve their health and wellness goals is evident through his various platforms, where he disseminates information, offers practical advice, and inspires individuals to take charge of their own well-being. In our conversation, we delve into everything performance through the lens of freediving, from breathing exercises to natural supplements that will optimize physical and mental performance. We discuss building fitness and interoception, improving sleep, defying
22/05/20231 hour 8 minutes 24 seconds
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Sally J. Tindall: Everyone’s an Astronaut - How YOU can make it to space!

Today’s guest believes that there’s an astronaut in everyone. Sally J. Tindall is an airline pilot, human factors researcher, and candidate astronaut. She joins us in conversation to share an insider’s perspective on the workings of AdvancingX, where founder Eduardo Diaz has pioneered a project to optimize team design and efficiency for space travel. Listening in, you’ll hear about Sally’s philosophies that being yourself is the only way to make a significant impact on the world and that surrounding yourself with the right people for you is the best way to enhance your contribution. We touch on a plethora of topics, from behind-the-scenes missions at AdvancingX and testing the efficacy of the team you’ve built, to resolving conflict in space, and common problems that astronauts experience during their trips beyond our planet. Tune in today to hear all this and more! Key Points From This Episode:Welcoming Sally J. Tindall to today’s conversation.
13/05/20231 hour 14 minutes 16 seconds
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Alejandro Guerra and The Journey into the World of Space Science

Embarking on a career as an astronaut is no easy feat. It is a rigorous, cut-throat process that demands candidates surpass a sky-high bar of qualifications and experience in order to be considered. With countless aspiring space explorers vying for a limited number of spots, the competition is fierce, and the stakes are astronomically high. Joining us today is Alejandro Guerra, an Aerospace Engineer and Career Astronaut Candidate at AdvancingX. In this episode, Alejandro guides us through what it takes to be an astronaut and pursue a career in space science. He shares his views through the lens of his diverse experience and background working in the space sector. In our conversation, he explains the range of skills needed for working in space and shares his fascinating career journey. We discuss the physical toll that being in space has on your body, the pioneering work occurring in the sector, the psychological aspect of working in space, the training procedures involved, and why l
05/05/202357 minutes 46 seconds
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Eleonore Poli: Astronaut Productivity | How to Organize Your Time and Focus as a High Performer

While many of us may have dreamed of becoming astronauts when we were younger, only a select few people have the skills and determination necessary to make it a reality. Here today to share her story is Eleonore Poli, an analog astronaut, Ph.D. student, Founder of CHASM and Climate Clock Project, Career Astronaut candidate, and the first guest in our new miniseries with AdvancingX, which aims to inspire the next generation of Career Astronauts. In this episode, Eleonore shares how she applies science in her day-to-day life to keep herself productive and fulfilled. Dedicated to reshaping the world for the better, she aims to prepare for the future of space exploration while also using her knowledge to improve life on Earth. Join us as we take a deep dive into productivity, workflows, morning and evening routines, nutrition, supplementation, and sports performance, and how Eleonore manages to do all this while living a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life. She also offers her perspectiv
27/04/20231 hour 16 minutes 18 seconds
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Yaniv Simpson and The Conscious Bar Chocolate - Redefining Food Standards to Indulge Freely

Today’s episode is one for the books as we are joined by the co-author of one of the most innovative regenerative procedures ever! Dr. Amy B. Killen is a former emergency physician and the Founder of Human Optimization Project, an initiative aimed at bringing lesser-known medical treatments to the masses through education and patient empowerment. Dr. Amy explains why she left emergency medicine behind and how her passions and goals shifted during her transition to preventative medicine. We then begin to unravel her ground-breaking stem cell makeovers and how they lead to a better quality of life, how accessible these treatments are to the general public, what stem cells are and how they work, and how healthy lifestyle choices work hand-in-hand with stem cell therapy. We discuss why stem cells in the penis are different, why Oxytocin is pure magic, and what you can do to improve your sex life. Finally, our guest opens up about her Human Optimization Project (HOP) and why it uses bloc
17/04/20231 hour 13 minutes 44 seconds
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Dr. Amy B. Killen: Unleashing the Power of Stem Cells for Human Regeneration

Today’s episode is one for the books as we are joined by the co-author of one of the most innovative regenerative procedures ever! Dr. Amy B. Killen is a former emergency physician and the Founder of Human Optimization Project, an initiative aimed at bringing lesser-known medical treatments to the masses through education and patient empowerment. Dr. Amy explains why she left emergency medicine behind and how her passions and goals shifted during her transition to preventative medicine. We then begin to unravel her ground-breaking stem cell makeovers and how they lead to a better quality of life, how accessible these treatments are to the general public, what stem cells are and how they work, and how healthy lifestyle choices work hand-in-hand with stem cell therapy. We discuss why stem cells in the penis are different, why Oxytocin is pure magic, and what you can do to improve your sex life. Finally, our guest opens up about her Human Optimization Project (HOP) and why it uses bloc
20/03/202350 minutes 29 seconds
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David "Jacko" Jackson - BREATHE BETTER: Breathwork Explained!

Breathing habits have a huge impact on all of our physiological and psychological health systems, and today we are doing a deep dive into how you can immediately start improving your breathing in simple and manageable ways. Joining us, is breathwork coach, exercise specialist, strength and conditioning coach, and former pro rugby player David "Jacko" Jackson! Jacko has made it his mission to help as many people make these changes a part of their lives as possible, using the Oxygen Advantage framework developed by Patrick G. Mckeown. After a serious injury in 2013, Jacko was forced into retirement from his rugby career and it was through this period of transition that he discovered his own weaknesses around breathing and the potential it had to change lives. This episode is jam-packed with helpful tips and the science that grounds this area of human health, and as you will see, the conversation could have carried on for hours! Tune in to hear it all!Ke
06/03/20231 hour 13 minutes 32 seconds
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Dr. Jennifer Haley: Skin Health Starts from Within | How to Achieve Glowing Skin Naturally

Taking good care of your skin is essential in terms of appearance, but also for your health in general. If you take good care of your skin, your skin will take care of you, but what does it entail? To help us unpack the fundamentals of skin care is Dr. Jennifer Haley, a board-certified dermatologist who is on a mission to change the way we care for our skin. Dr. Haley’s approach focuses on the holistic integration of health, skincare, fitness, nutrition, and environmental well-being using science-based tools. Dr. Haley received her Bachelor of Science in Biology from Cornell University before attending medical school at the Uniformed Services University and has been board certified since 2004.  She has been practicing as a private consultant since 2009, where she employs her progressive and holistic approaches to healthcare. In our conversation, we cover everything skin care, from the science to the mechanisms, and delve into her holistic approach to health. Find out how Dr. Haley b
21/02/20231 hour 3 minutes 48 seconds
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Lucas Aoun: Cracking the TESTOSTERONE CODE | Unlocking the Secrets to Optimal Testosterone Levels

When you hear the word ‘testosterone’, the first thing that comes to mind is probably male libido. But this largely misunderstood hormone also promotes increased healing, motivation, memory, and even bone mineral density in both men and women! Here to educate us and dispel some common misconceptions about testosterone is Lucas Aoun, a naturopath, entrepreneur, leader in the optimal health space, founder of Ergogenic Health, and host of the Boost Your Biology Podcast. Lucas’ mission is to empower millions of people with the tools and information they need to achieve optimal health, and on today’s show, he reveals how to optimize your testosterone to improve your quality of life, performance, and drive for success. Join us as we discuss proven natural strategies for maintaining high levels of testosterone, the effectiveness of herbal supplements like tongkat ali, fadogia agrestis, and shilajit, and what it actually feels like when your testosterone is optimized. We also touch on why y
13/02/202357 minutes 12 seconds
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Dr. Nathan Bryan: NITRIC OXIDE: Upgrade your Health, Performance, Sex, and Longevity | The Power of Nitric Oxide and How to Optimize It

Is Nitric Oxide the Penicillin of the 21st Century? Joining us today to discuss his groundbreaking research is internationally renowned Nitric Oxide expert, Dr. Nathan Bryan. With a Ph.D. and over 20 years of experience in the field, he is currently on the advisory board for major players in the biotech industry and is one of the original founders and formulators of HumanN. In this episode, we discover how Nitric Oxide could revolutionize the health and wellness field for years to come. Dr. Bryan breaks down what Nitric Oxide is, how it works, and how it enhances performance and well-being. We learn the symptoms of low Nitric Oxide levels, how to identify the root cause, and how to restore Nitric Oxide production. According to Dr. Bryan, “Most of the poorly managed chronic diseases around the globe today can be explained by a lack of Nitric Oxide production.” Tune in for this breakthrough conversation with Dr. Bryan, as he threads the needle between cutting-edge science and actionab
06/02/20231 hour 12 minutes 7 seconds
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Toby Pasman, MS, BCN, QEEG-D: Brain Mapping, Neurofeedback, and Health Optimization | How to Improve Brain Function and Overall Health

Today’s episode is all about improving the health of your brain! Exercise, sleep, nutrition, and meditation are all tools we can use to optimize our health, and brain hacking is the next frontier. Today’s guest, Toby Pasman, through his company NuroFlex, is at the forefront of this fascinating field, and he is just about as close to a mind reader as a person can get! Did you know that you have numerous different types of brain waves and that each one is responsible for different states that you experience? During this episode, Toby explains what happens when we have deficient or overactive brain waves, and how we can transform our lives when we understand our brain waves better. For a more practical understanding of how brain mapping and hacking tools work, Toby puts Andres’ brain to the test and then analyzes the results! Key Points From This Episode: Introducing Tony Pasman, neurophysiology researcher and founder of NeuroFlex. [00:08]
30/01/20231 hour 47 minutes 42 seconds
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Dr. Moises Roizental: All About Weight Loss and Obesity Medication: GLP 1 Agonists | The Science behind GLP 1 Agonists and Weight Loss

The ever-increasing issue of obesity and its related health complications brings with it the need for effective treatment. We are joined today by a board-certified vascular and interventional radiologist, Dr. Moises Roizental, to talk all things weight loss and obesity medication (specifically GLP-1 agonists). Dr. Roi explains the challenge of overcoming obesity and the role GLP-1 agonists play in alleviating the struggle. We learn about the multitude of benefits, obesity-related and otherwise, as well as the indications, contraindications, and side effects. Tune in to hear about the long-term benefits of investing in your health and how to get the best results from this life-changing medication!Key Points From This Episode:What “bioavailability” means. [00:22]Introducing vascular and interventional radiologist, Dr. Moises Roizental. [03:13]Introducing today’s topic: weight loss and obesity medication. [03:39]Where to
22/12/202241 minutes 47 seconds
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Todo sobre las medicinas para perder peso: agonists GLP 1 con Dr. Moises Roizental

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22/12/202232 minutes 54 seconds
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Q&A Episode ft. Alex Shinkarovsky

For this episode, we have Andrés in the hot seat answering questions from the KYP community. He’s joined by health coach Alex Shinkarovsky to delve into a range of topics, from personal to silly to scientific. We hear Andrés’ take on everything from sleeping on the floor and the best way to train, to mentorship, motivating others, and getting into Goggins mode. Andrés shares his greatest accomplishment and best fitness experiences of his life thus far and emphasizes the power of play and storytelling. This Q&A contains advice for approaching high-profile people and debunks some common bio hack myths from eyewear, hair growth, and oral health, to cold exposure, saunas, workout intensity, and sun exposure. Tune in to Andrés’ opinions on all things health and fitness, as well as his most significant takeaways from past podcast episodes!Key Points From This Episode:The benefits of BioOptimizers Magnesium Breakthrough. [00:05]Andrés take
02/12/20221 hour 39 minutes 57 seconds
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R Blank: EMF and Making Technology Safer | How to Protect Yourself from EMF Exposure and Make Technology Safer

The rise of technology in recent decades has ushered in a new way of life, one heavily reliant on devices to meet our needs, such as phones and laptops. There has been growing interest from both the scientific and public domains about the risk of exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) from the technology people use. Studies have shown that exposure to EMF can cause an increased risk of health problems. Is there a safer way to use the products that we rely on? Here to help us answer that question is R Blank, entrepreneur, technologist, and CEO of Shield Your Body, a company that creates innovative and affordable products to reduce exposure to wireless radiation. R is also co-author of the book Overpowered, the host of The Healthier Tech Podcast, and has written many articles on the subject of EMF. His work follows from a 20-year career in software development for some of the biggest companies in the world and now focuses on helping people mitigate the dangers and
14/11/20221 hour 33 minutes 48 seconds
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Chloe Macintosh: Sexual Health & How to Have the Best Sex of Your Life | Tips for Enhancing Sexual Health and Performance

Who doesn’t want to have better, healthier, more intimate sex? Today’s guest on the Know Your Physio Podcast is Chloe Macintosh, Founder and CEO of Kama; a sexual wellness practice focused on the science-based idea that pleasure is, in fact, health. Chloe’s research has focused on intimacy and sexuality for the past 10 years, and she has traveled the world to meet with experts and practitioners across a wide range of disciplines. By connecting mind, body, and heart, Kama wants to help people of all ages, genders, and sexualities make sexual satisfaction a part of our everyday lives. Their holistic approach to transforming how we perceive pleasure and its role in our well-being combines scientific research with psychosexual therapy, somatic awareness, and ancient wisdom. Join us as we talk all things sex; from having better orgasms when you masturbate to stoking passion in long-term relationships and everything in between. Chloe shares her take on social media, dating apps, and porn,
09/11/20221 hour 22 minutes 6 seconds
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Jeroen Molinger, PhD: Treating Patients Like Athletes, VO2 vs Longevity, and Ketosis | The Intersection of Athletic Performance and Longevity

The emergent field of biohacking has seen massive steps forward in the last few years, and yet there are still plenty of areas ripe for improvement and progress. Joining us on the show today is exercise physiologist, and the creator of Splendo, Jeroen Molinger, to talk about the idea of treating patients like athletes and to share some of his insight into the fascinating subject of ketones. Jeroen is passionate about education in the health and wellness space and has spent a lot of time with patients from compromised populations, which is where he has been able to demonstrate the power of his approach. In our chat, we get to explore Jeroen&apos;s perspectives on which of the biometric tracking devices are the best, including a look at the one he and his team have developed. We also get into some interesting ideas about better integration of data and further application of the wisdom of exercise physiology. So to catch it all in this great episode, tune in today!<b
31/10/20221 hour 22 minutes 4 seconds
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Dr. Michael Roizen: What is your Real Age? | How to Determine Your True Age and Optimize Your Health

Dr. Michael Roizen believes that 90 is the new 40. He is passionate about helping people understand just how much control they truly have over the length and quality of their lives, and he is here today to share his insights. Tune in to learn how genes behave differently in younger and older people, what the evolving areas of research into the mechanism of aging look like today, and two things that Dr. Roizen believes are essential to building an enviable quality of life. You’ll hear how innovation and research make the field of aging technology so rich, and how proteins influence the aging process. You’ll also get a handle on six basics to keep your body young and strong, and how to leverage the power of creatine. For some bad news on how red meat is affecting your health, and some good news about what’s possible for the lifespan of humans today, join in on today’s unforgettable episode!Key Points From This Episode: How much control you have ov
24/10/202255 minutes 38 seconds
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The Rolling Sloan: We Moved to Uruguay! | Our Experience Moving to Uruguay and How It Changed Our Lives

We have exciting news: Parker and Andrés have made a big move to Uruguay! This episode serves as a way to reflect on this moment of transition, fill you in on what inspired this decision, and share their first impressions of their new life in South America! For Andrés, who grew up in South America, albeit on the other side of the continent, there is a certain amount of familiarity, but as a couple and as adults, this is a completely new season with fresh inspiration and challenges around each corner. Tuning in, you’ll hear about simplifying routines, the benefits of following your passions over profit, and how the universe rewards your brave choices, as well as the growth that occurs out of discomfort. Parker goes into some of the reasons she is so excited about a quieter life outside of the States, and shares some of her thoughts on the role of curiosity and courage in the winding journey of her life. We also discuss escaping the limitations of external pressures and expectations t
03/10/20221 hour 4 minutes 38 seconds
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Angelo Keely: Essential Amino Acids: Everything you Need to Know | The Importance of Amino Acids and How to Optimize Your Intake

You’ve probably already seen the words ‘essential amino acids’ on the label of your favorite sports nutrition drink or protein supplement powder, but they actually play a much larger role in your body than simply boosting your athletic performance. So, what are amino acids and why do you need them? To help us take a deep dive into amino acids today, we’re joined by Angelo Keely, Founder and CEO of Kion, a premium blend of leucine-rich essential amino acids that fuel not only your daily workouts, but spontaneous adventures and a joyful, active lifestyle too! Listening in, you’ll learn what turned Angelo on to the importance of essential amino acids and the key role they play in muscle protein stimulation, ATP production, kidney function, mental and physical energy, weight loss, longevity, and so much more. As you’ll come to understand from this episode, looking good, feeling good, being fit, and living a longer life all start with essential amino acids. Get started on your journey to
26/09/20221 hour 42 seconds
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Catharine Arnston: How to Power and Protect your Mitochondria | The Benefits of Mitochondrial Health and How to Improve It

Algae was the first life on earth, and it might just be the ultimate superfood. The Ancient Egyptians and the Aztecs knew this thousands of years ago, but only in recent times has that knowledge begun to permeate into Western society. Tune in today as Catharine Arnston, founder and Chief Scientific Officer at ENERGYbits, explains how spirulina and chlorella can drastically improve our mental and physical health, prevent disease, and enhance longevity. Spirulina has the highest amount of protein of any food source (for this reason, and the fact that one gram of algae has the same nutrition as 1000 grams of fruits and vegetables, it has been hailed as the answer to world hunger,) and taking chlorella is the best form of wellness detox you could ever imagine. These two algae types form the foundation of ENERGYbits products, which are underpinned by robust scientific evidence and have changed many lives in profound ways (as you will hear today!)Key Points From This
13/09/202253 minutes 19 seconds
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Kevin Bass, MD/PhDc: Cardiovascular Disease, Statins, Metformin, and Rapamycin | The Latest Research on Cardiovascular Health and Disease Prevention

Despite what we want to believe, cardiovascular disease does not only start once we are in our 50s and 60s. As we welcome Kevin Bass back to the Know Your Physio podcast, we hear his opinions on cholesterol, the medications to take, and opinions on collected long-term genetic studies. We don’t hold back on having a controversial conversation around starting the reduction of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol in your mid to late 20s, the role of genetics in our predisposition to cardiovascular health issues, and how we need to look at things from an environmental, health, and nutrition perspective. Kevin tells us about his preferences and opinions on the different interventions for LDL cholesterol reduction and how he aims to (one day in the future) create a risk reduction calculator that will look at and create a risk-benefit profile. Plus, Kevin discusses his feelings toward Andrew Huberman, consulting medical professionals, and some signs of when it may be time to start loo
29/08/202235 minutes 37 seconds
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Ariel Nurieli: Personal Leadership | How to Develop Strong Leadership Skills and Achieve Success

Of the many components of successful leadership, dealing with responsibilities in effective ways has to be one of the most important. Ariel Nurieli is on the show today to talk about the lessons he learned about being the best possible leader during his time in the military, and how this impacts his life and work today. One of the main points that stands out in this winding and insightful conversation is the idea that a good leader never looks to take credit for wins, and that by praising the team first, a leader doubles down on the group&apos;s motivation and self-belief. We also cover some of the challenges and hurdles that Ariel encountered early on, and how he overcame setbacks on his path to leading in the army. Our guest sees leadership methods working in whatever situation you are in, and thus has a strong ethic that he has applied from his time in service in his civilian life now. Listeners can expect to come away with some useable ideas around getting things done punctually
23/08/20221 hour 48 minutes 23 seconds
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Alexis Bogomolni: Burnout, Life Cycles, and Microdosing | How to Prevent Burnout and Optimize Your Life Cycle with Microdosing

Welcome back to another episode of Know Your Physio. Joining us today is 23-year-old founder and CEO, Alexis Bogomolni. Alexis received his bachelor of science in business finance and management at the New York University, Leonard N. Stern School of Business. He started the ABH Developer Group and has already achieved incredible success at such a young age. In this episode, Alexis shares his professional background with us, why the content of this podcast is so helpful for him, the cycles of life, and how he handles burnout. We also discuss why Alexis is an optimist and how it has led to his success, why success starts within, and manifestation. You will hear what a typical day looks like for Alexis, his sleep and how he tries to improve it, and macrodosing and microdosing. To hear all of this, how to manage the cycles of life, and even get a discount code for a product to improve sleep, tune in now!Key Points From This Episode:Information about
10/08/202254 minutes 44 seconds
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Dr. Nayib Salomon: El Aprendizaje y la Longevidad | Descubra cómo maximizar su potencial de aprendizaje y vida larga

El doctor Nayib Salomon, es un médico oftalmólogo especializado en cirugía plástica ocular y cirugía de cataratas, quien ha dedicado su vida a la docencia y práctica Oftalmológica en Caracas Venezuela por mas de 50 años. Fue co-fundador de uno de los centros oftalmológicos mas prestigiosos de Latinoamerica: La Unidad Oftalmológica de Caracas, así como de la Fundacion AVAO, institución educativa y asistencial que brinda servicios oftalmológicos a personas de bajos recursos económicos desde el año 1982. Es director y profesor del Curso de Postgrado de Oftalmología de la Fundacion AVAO, auspiciado por la Universidad de Los Andes. Ha sido profesor en diversos programas de oftalmología a nivel nacional y orador invitado en numerosos congresos oftalmológicos a nivel nacional e internacional.El doctor Salomon es militar asimilado retirado del ejército y piloto con entrenamiento instrumental en aviones multimotores. Es un ávido lector, amante de la buena cocina,
04/08/20221 hour 43 minutes 43 seconds
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Dr. Ricardo Komotar: Live like a Neurosurgeon | A Day in the Life of a Neurosurgeon and How to Optimize Your Brain Health

Today, you’ll hear from Dr. Ricardo Komotar, a Professor of Neurological Surgery at the University of Miami School of Medicine and an internationally recognized leader in the field of brain tumors. He performs nearly 800 procedures for these conditions each year using advanced, cutting-edge surgical and radio-surgical techniques; making him one of the highest volume brain tumor surgeons in the world. His research interests include clinical trial development and translational neuro oncologic investigations designed to pioneer new therapies for brain tumors. In this episode, we explore the relationship between health and happiness and how doing what you love can influence nearly every area of your life. We also touch on stress management for better brain health, the benefits of a ketogenic diet for cancer patients, and how you can improve your brain function by multitasking, as well as the correlations between mental health and brain disease. Dr. Komotar demonstrates how approachable
22/07/202245 minutes 53 seconds
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Andrés Preschel: Physiology for Dummies | A Beginner's Guide to Understanding Human Physiology and Health with Dr. Ricardo Komotar

In today’s special episode you’ll hear our very own Andrés Preschel stepping behind the microphone to be interviewed by Dr. Rick Komotar for his podcast, The Crossover. Dr. Komotar is a Neurosurgeon at Columbia University Medical Center and is the Director of the Brain Tumor Initiative as well as the Brain Tumor Fellowship Program. Tuning in you’ll get to know Andrés a little better, including what motivates his passion for physiology and helping people. In their conversation, Andrés breaks down the top ten things everyone should know about their physiology, along with tips on how anyone can apply these lessons to their everyday life. Discover the importance of hydration, why the female biorhythm is infinitely more complex than their male counterparts, and what the Heart Rate Variability (HRV) biometric marker can teach us about how we manage stressful situations. Andrés also unpacks the importance of incremental change, why everyone’s physiology is unique, and how to monitor your o
14/07/202234 minutes 46 seconds
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Kevin Bass, MD/PhDc: Scientific Influencers and Misinformation | How to Identify and Combat Misinformation in Science

When it comes to nutritional science and social media it can be uniquely challenging to differentiate fact from hype. Here today, to help us unpack the topic of scientific influencers and misinformation is Kevin Bass, an MD and Ph.D. student, and founder of The Diet Wars, a site dedicated to upholding evidence-based nutritional research and exposing figures who spread nutritional and scientific misinformation online. We dig into how social media can incentivize the spread of misinformation, why these systems need to change, and take a closer look at the growing community of evidence-based nutritional science experts and influencers online. Tuning in, you’ll learn how to identify legitimate scientific influencers, and what red flags you should look out for when trying to avoid misinformation. Kevin also breaks down key areas of misinformation including how to combat sun damage, the so-called harms of seed oils, and how saunas can realistically benefit your health. Combating misinform
04/07/20221 hour 34 minutes 50 seconds
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Wade Lightheart: Magnesium Breakthrough and Health Optimization | The Benefits of Magnesium and How to Optimize Your Health

Today’s guest, Wade Lightheart; author, athlete, nutritionist, and expert on fixing digestion. Wade is a three-time Canadian bodybuilding champion, who competed as a vegetarian. He is one of the world’s foremost authorities on natural nutrition and training methods. After competing in Mr. Universe, and his health failed him, Wade began to search for answers and developed what he calls his Awesome Health System. Today’s podcast keys in on magnesium, which Dr. Mark Sircus identifies as the most powerful solution we have to a plethora of health problems. During our conversation, Wade gives us the full background on why 75 percent of Americans are not getting enough magnesium today and what the implications are on our health and overall wellbeing. Using the example of Tom Brady to illustrate his point, he explains how practicing bio-optimizing principles can extend the quality and length of our lives. You’ll hear about the key role that magnesium plays in supporting all areas of our hea
27/06/202258 minutes 1 second
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Leigh Erin Connealy, MD: Environmental Toxins, Updated Medicine, and Cancer | The Latest Research on Environmental Toxins, Medicine, and Cancer Prevention

Your health is not only of significance and importance to just you. Self-care is not selfish, self-care is the new healthcare and it’s vital in life and in our communities. Today’s guest is Leigh Erin Connealy, M.D., who is a prominent leader in the field of Integrative and Functional Medical. She utilizes the best of all sciences including homeopathic, conventional, Eastern medicine, and modern medicine and is the Medical Director of two unique clinics: The Center for New Medicine and Cancer Center for Healing. The Center For New Medicine focuses on prevention and internal medicine, early detection of disease and cancer, human optimization, yearly physicals, auto-immune disease, natural hormone replacement, chronic issues, and aesthetics. Dr. Connealy feels we must treat “the whole person”, the patient with the disease and not the disease of the patient, while determining the origin of the illness. Dr. Connealy created the Cancer Center for Healing because of the epidemic spread of
20/06/20221 hour 9 minutes 51 seconds
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Joel Greene: Gut Bacteria, Insulin, Personality Types, Young Muscle, and more | Cutting-Edge Research on Gut Health and Optimization

It’s incredible how you can have a conversation with someone that’s almost 2 hours long, and still feel like you could keep talking! Joel Greene is the CEO of VEEP Nutrition, author of The Immunity Code, and one of the original proponents for prioritizing the gut microbiome (to mention just a few of his many accolades). Joel grew up in the projects, raised by a single mom and surrounded by violence. His upbringing made him resilient, fearless, and determined to learn as much as he could about as much as he could! Our conversation is part philosophical and part scientific and some of the many topics that we cover today include how you can train your insulin sensitivity (and why you should), why you should set aside time for stillness every day, and what you can do to keep your muscles young. This episode is filled with powerful insights from start to finish and you’ll walk away with a whole new appreciation for your gut microbiome and a whole lot of knowledge about how to li
13/06/20221 hour 53 minutes 50 seconds
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Azure Grant, PhD: Circadian Rhythms, Chronobiology, and Interoception | How to Optimize Your Health with Circadian Rhythms and Interoception

Today, we are joined by well-versed physiologist, Azure Grant, Ph.D. to talk about all things circadian and ultradian rhythms, melatonin, sleep optimization, hormones, and more! Azure has a specialization in chronobiology and studies the connections between metabolism, reproduction, and the autonomic nervous system (ANS). In this episode, we touch on everything from the science behind the siesta ‘slump’ and the effect of caffeine on our sleep cycles, to the importance of reducing the causes of fatigue, not just the sensation of fatigue. Azure explains circadian and ultradian rhythms and fills us in on the health benefits of optimizing our natural oscillations. We discover what it might feel like to live according to our chronotype, and how biometrics play a role in interoception awareness. We also find out the long-term effects of melatonin supplements, how best to naturally optimize sleep, how women’s hormonal changes affect thermoregulation, and so much more! Tune in to find out m
06/06/20221 hour 27 seconds
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Cata Rozo: Functional Nutrition: Gut Health, Healing, and Hormones | How to Improve Your Health through Functional Nutrition

One of the major benefits of a functional approach to health and wellness is that it allows us to treat systemic issues from the root cause, rather than with interventions that have side effects. Talking to us today about how she became a functional nutritionist, and why she is so passionate about the field, is Cata Rozo. From her personal battles with gut health and how it impacted her hormones and liver, Cata describes her journey, and why it&apos;s her mission to help others. We learn about the link between gut health and hormones, and whether you should be considering a functional approach or a conventional approach to your health. Tune in to hear about the types of tests Cata uses to assess her patients, and the techniques she uses to improve interoception. We find out why Cata is so passionate about empowering women to find alternatives to the oral contraceptive as a therapy, and what you can do to improve your perceptions of your health. Andrés describes how he learned the im
30/05/20221 hour 2 minutes 52 seconds
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Dr. Jay Wiles: The Physiology of Interoception and HRV Subjectivity | Understanding the Mind-Body Connection and HRV Subjectivity

A common myth about heart rate variability (HRV) is that the greater it is, the healthier you are… Breaking down why this is not the case, is Dr. Jay Wiles, an expert in applied psychophysiology and heart rate variability, and founder of Hanu Health. We start the episode with a discussion around how Jay and Andrés have become more comfortable over time with podcasting, and why they track their HRV and HR to gain insight into how different experiences affect their health. Tune in to learn what the Hawthorne effect is, how to overcome it, and why you should trust your body over the information provided by biometric data readers. We also find out what interoception is, how Jay uses it as a party trick, and where Andrés feels he is most in tune with it! Jay reveals some exciting prospects regarding the launch of the Hanu wearables, where (and why) you should pre-order one, and what you will gain when you join the Hanu Health community. For a breakdown of the physiology underlying HRV, t
23/05/20221 hour 14 minutes 58 seconds
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Andrés Preschel in the Hotseat for EPISODE 50! Ft. Parker Sloan

To celebrate the 50th episode of the Know Your Physio podcast, Andrés Preschel takes the hot seat! His amazing partner, Parker Sloan Leiro, AKA “The Rolling Sloan” takes over to ask all the pressing questions. We hear all about KYP’s goal to make science sexy and accessible, and the immense value that Andrés has gained from hosting the podcast. In this episode, we find out which episodes impacted Andrés most profoundly and the amount of work that goes in, behind the scenes. Andrés touches on topics of fear setting, slow productivity, and what drives motivation, sharing astute advice for those seeking success in a saturated field. Tune in to find out where the goal to improve listeners’ overall health literacy is leading Andrés in his personal and professional life, as he shares his infectious passion for scientific self-discovery.Key Points From This Episode:The benefits of BiOptimization’s new Magnesium Breakthrough supplement.What ins
17/05/20221 hour 4 minutes 20 seconds
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Dr. David Rabin MD, PhD: Unleash Your Full Potential | Master Stress Management, HRV, and Self-Actualization

Today on Know Your Physio we are talking about the revolutionary stress management tool, Apollo, with one of its creators, Dr. David Rabin. Our guest is a board-certified psychiatrist and neuroscientist who specializes in the treatment of chronic stress, and he is here to tell us all about the groundbreaking device providing a safe, non-invasive way to manage stress on the spot and assist us on our paths to self-actualization! We find out how it works to elicit calm by using soundwaves felt through the skin, and Dr. Rabin explains why touch therapy is so effective. We discover the profound benefits of using the Apollo device, how it affects one’s HRV and decision-making ability, optimizes health, and its use in treating PTSD sufferers. Tune in to hear more about this impactful invention that’s putting people in control of their own healing, confidence, and safety!Key Points From This Episode:How Andrés’ Apollo device has benefited him.D
09/05/202254 minutes 37 seconds
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Natasha Dasaro: Unlock Your Productivity Power | The Journey from Adderall to Plant Medicine and Purpose-Driven Success

Most Know Your Physio podcast episodes consist of Andrés asking his guests in-depth questions about all things physiology and life… Today’s episode is turned on its head, with Natasha Dasaro putting Andrés in the hot-seat! Join us to find out how ADHD affected Andrés’ approach to health and life in general, and why he moved from pre-med into lifestyle medicine and health optimization. We learn about the physiology underlying Adderall and Ritalin, and the effects they had on Andrés growing up. Find out what flow state means, and how powerful it can be when embodied. Andrés shares some fantastic thoughts and quotes on the importance of being curious and courageous in knowing yourself, and why being playful and passionate are core elements in appreciating life as it is. We also hear how Andrés’ episode with Dr. Patrick Porter inspired Natasha to embark on her meditation journey, and what his suggestions are for people who don’t appreciate meditation. As always, there is some hardcore s
02/05/20221 hour 15 minutes 31 seconds
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Greg Bennett: Achieve Unstoppable Endurance | Transform Your Life and Triathlon Performance with Visualization Techniques

While knowing your physio is important in living your best everyday life, it is essential for professional athletes. Talking to us today about his time as an Olympic triathlete and beyond, is Greg Bennett, now motivational speaker, corporate trainer, and entrepreneur. We dive in with Greg describing his incredible career, his journey to where he is now, and how he realized that it was time to retire. Greg has a passion for life and gives every opportunity his all, and he explains why this is so good for his (and potentially your!) mental health. We also hear about the state of introspection achieved when doing a triathlon, the thoughts that went through Greg’s head when racing, and what the different triathlon formats are. Greg also shares how has maintained his identity post retiring, how he continuously builds his relationship with his wife through positivity, why helping yourself inspires others to help you, and the importance of grounding yourself in the modern world. We wrap up
25/04/20221 hour 25 minutes 21 seconds
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Joshua Holland: Supercharge Your Mornings | Master Habit Formation and Positively Impact Your Loved Ones

Welcome back to part two of the awareness shift discussion with high performance and health optimization coach, Joshua Holland. We launch right in with some great tips to biohack your mornings, from inversion and manually grinding coffee beans to the products that Andrés and Josh use. We discuss the steps towards forming a habit, and how positive self-talk can impact your perceptions around starting on the path to achieving a goal. The Awareness Shift centers on five pillars of quality, but without a baseline (which you can’t achieve without awareness), you have no idea how you are improving. To highlight the importance of awareness in achieving goals, Josh gives us his definition of what it means, and an example of how it can be used to help someone achieve the “simple” goal of losing weight. Andrés describes the SMART acronym, and we hear how this links to Josh’s method of coaching. We also take a deep dive into spirituality, how Josh perceives people as energy beings, an
18/04/20221 hour 21 minutes 16 seconds
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Joshua Holland: Embrace The Conscious Change | Discover the Life-Changing Impact of The Awareness Shift

To truly optimize your health and wellness, simple physical fitness training is not enough. Talking to us today about the role of awareness in our health is high performance and health optimization coach, Joshua Holland. We start the discussion with why Josh does what he does, and how his childhood experiences, his culture, and his martial arts training shaped him. We hear what awareness means to Josh, and how he’s used it in his own life. While awareness may be gained in one area of life, it extends across all areas, necessitating a multifaceted approach. We discover how you can plant the seeds of awareness in other people by asking great questions, and we hear how this has helped Josh in his coaching journey and with the clients (including some celebrities) he has worked with. Despite having a star-studded clientele, Josh has learned the importance of remaining low-key in gaining his client’s trust, and we hear how his business has grown as a result. Josh also co-authored The
13/04/20221 hour 15 minutes 50 seconds
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Nick Becskehazy: Unraveling the Mysteries | When Science Meets Spirituality for a Deeper Understanding

For thousands of years, humans have been meditating and taking psychedelics to try and move to a higher vibration. With the advent of modern science, a lot of these experiences have been discounted, to the detriment of our wellbeing. Talking to us today about why thousands of years of reproducible results count as science, and why we need to believe in a little bit of magic, is yoga instructor and leader, Nick Becskehazy. We dive into the discussion with a history of why Nick was born to be a leader, and how being a leader is an experience and not merely a role. We hear how to identify if there’s a misalignment between your body and your spirit, and why psychedelics and exercise can help fix this. Nick and Andrés also break down why pure science is not enough, and how to embrace the gross energy of the universe so that awareness pours through us. Tune in to learn why modern solutions distort our ability to channel energy, preventing us from advancing, and how you can purify your cha
10/04/20221 hour 4 minutes 27 seconds
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Catharine Arnston: Harnessing the Power of Nature | Spirulina and Chlorella, the Ultimate Superfoods for Vibrant Health

Algae have been around for over four billion years, and there are hundreds of thousands of scientific articles demonstrating their benefits to human health. Yet they are almost completely overlooked in Western societies! Helping bring this new super-duper food (because they&apos;re so much better than just a superfood), is Catharine Arnston, founder and CEO of ENERGYbits Inc. When Catharine’s sister was diagnosed with breast cancer and told to shift to a plant-based diet, Catharine was enlisted to help do some research into the foods she could and couldn&apos;t eat. Catharine stumbled across algae, and after going down the rabbit hole, she concluded that algae are equivalent to mother nature&apos;s breast milk! Join us today as we dive into the two major algae that contribute to human health (spirulina and chlorella), and the ENERGYbits products that contain these. Catharine breaks down what algae are, how they differ from plants and all of the many benefits they have in human healt
28/03/20221 hour 10 minutes 58 seconds
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Dr. Moisés Roizental: Tame Your Hunger | Unlocking the Secrets of Hormones and Lifestyle Medicine for Optimal Health

As part of the drive to improve people’s health, Andrés paired up with Dr. Moisés Roizental and Dr. Patricia Jaimes to form Hambre y Hormonas (Hunger and Hormones). This project aims to teach people how their body works so that they can make decisions based on science and results. Join us today as we talk to Dr. Moisés Roizental (Harvard-trained interventional radiologist and vascular specialist) about this exciting venture and the factors that led him to adopt a more functional medicine approach to his own health, and the health of his patients. From where Dr. Roi was educated, to his current job and the procedures he most commonly uses, to how he and Andrés met, this episode has it all! We dive into the physiology of lifestyle-related diseases, and how merely taking medication is not enough to solve the underlying problem. Dr. Roi explains why he made the shift from treating patients with diseases to disease prevention, and the combination of treatments he suggests. Andrés and Dr.
21/03/20221 hour 8 minutes 36 seconds
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Brian Sanders: Reviving Ancestral Wisdom | Thrive on Nose to Tail Eating and Combat Modern Life Challenges

For thousands of years, homo sapiens as a species thrived on a whole food, animal protein-centered diet. Now, we eat primarily processed foods and have the highest rates of lifestyle-related diseases in our history. Join us today as we talk to Brian Sanders about the underlying causes of these diseases and the impact of our diet. Brian is the filmmaker behind Food Lies, host of the Peak Human podcast, and founder of SAPIEN Org. Brian had his eyes opened when he lost both of his parents at the age of 30 to lifestyle-related diseases, and he embarked on a journey to discover our ancestral food culture. Tune in to find out how Brian helps those around him make lifestyle shifts (even when they don’t want to listen), and how the current medical standards are not stringent enough to keep us healthy. We dive into what Food Lies is about, and how big corporations and organizations drive the propaganda behind the current food trends. Brian talks us through his experience meal prepping and ea
14/03/20221 hour 8 minutes 48 seconds
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Chuck Hazzard: Shape Your Future Health | Explore Wearable Technology and Health Optimization Strategies

In this episode, we chat with Chuck Hazzard, who is the VP of Wearables and Integrationsat Heads Up Health, founder of The Human Optimization Project, and former VP of Sales at Oura. He brings his vast experience to this conversation all about wearable technology, and the benefits, downsides, and ethics around this tool for health optimization. We also discuss the future implications of this tech and how to apply and interpret the best and latest innovations to optimize your health. This conversation also examines the current use of such devices for fitness professionals as well as the average person, and delves into the ways using yourself for study will impact your life – but not always for the better if there isn&apos;t adequate knowledge around what the metrics actually mean. Finally, Chuck shares some interesting insights into nocturnal biometrics, how lasers really are the way of the future, and the favorite devices and tools that he uses in his own life! To join in this relev
08/03/202249 minutes 37 seconds
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Jessie Inchauspé, Glucose Goddess: Igniting the Glucose Revolution | How to Make Science Sexy Through Engaging Writing

The last decade has seen a shift in society’s perception around sugar and health, with far more people concerned about the content of their food. This has spawned a wealth of scientific research, which has largely remained inaccessible to the average person. Today’s guest is changing this with her new book, Glucose Revolution. Jessie Inchauspé is a biochemist and author who also created the Glucose Goddess Instagram page, where she translates the latest science on blood sugar into easy tips for everyone. She joins us today to talk about what it took to write Glucose Revolution and all the behind-the-scenes nitty-gritty. We discover how her progress diary inspired the introduction to Glucose Revolution, and how the experience of breaking her back when she was 19 shaped her. Hear what the four classic symptoms are of being disconnected from your body (hunger, cravings, sleepiness, and poor energy levels), and how three crazy events in rapid succession convin
02/03/20221 hour 9 minutes 50 seconds
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Alan Aragon: Unlock the Power of Protein | Optimize Muscle Growth and Longevity with Expert Insights

Today’s guest is Alan Aragon and he joins us to talk about the protein requirements for maximizing muscle and longevity. Alan is a nutrition researcher and educator with over 20 years of success in the field. He is known as one of the most influential figures in the fitness industry’s movement towards evidence-based information. Our conversation explores whether protein sources other than those used in trials offer the same results for muscle growth, the protein requirements for maximizing MPS response and whether protein intake is a threat to longevity. Alan makes some great points about the higher importance of total protein intake over post workout protein intake, the caloric surplus required to optimize muscle gain in relation to fat gain, and the role of the musculoskeletal system in longevity. We also get into Alan’s transition from personal training and nutritional counseling to evidence-based content creation, how to have healthy debates online without creating enemies, and
24/02/20221 hour 9 minutes 50 seconds
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Alexandra Laws: Elevate Your Game | Master Peak Performance, Neural Reserve, and Wearable Technology for Success

The COVID-19 pandemic has shifted our perceptions around mental health, with many people feeling chronically exhausted. There is a global movement of mindfulness and improving our quality of life, and who better to guide us through this than our guest today, biohacker and peak performance coach, Alexandra Laws? Tune in to hear why Alexandra is so passionate about what she does, and why her goal is to get athletes to retire on their terms. We hear the overlap between being a professional athlete and being a leader, and why both can benefit from tracking their performance. Find out about the wearable that Alexandra is using (Biostrap) to revolutionize her client’s training and wellness, and how it marries the science behind meditation and mindfulness. When working with a sports team, it’s key to start at the individual level and work your way up, and business leadership is no different! Discover how a wearable highlights your uniqueness, which in turn eliminates comparisons between pe
14/02/20221 hour 5 minutes 49 seconds
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Frank Llosa: Unlock the Power of Ketosis | Boost Performance and Longevity with Ketone Salts, Ketone Esters, and the KetoneAid Experience

Many people associate ketones with weight loss, however, not many people know about their performance-boosting effects and their anti-inflammatory properties. Today we talk to Frank Llosa, CEO and founder of KetoneAid Inc., and self-educated expert on all-things ketone. We dive into the discussion with a history of how Frank ended up an innovator and field leader in a biological product when his career and formal education were in startups and finance. Tune in to hear about the products on offer from KetoneAid (KE4, K1,3, and KE1) and the science behind each of them. From breaking down the pioneering research on ketones by Dr. Richard Veech to discovering an alternative to ethanol-based alcohol, Frank walks us through the history of ketone research and the biochemistry involved. We hear why certain ketogenic products on the market are not actually ketogenic, and the ingredients you should avoid when choosing a supplement. Andrés provides some background physiology and his own inspir
09/02/20221 hour 17 minutes
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Aaron Alexander: Transform Your Life with The Align Method | 5 Movement Principles for a Stronger Body, Sharper Mind, and Stress-Proof Existence

The way to obtain true, optimal health is through aligning our mind, body, and movement. At least, that is what today’s guest believes! If we want to change the quality of our lives, Aaron Alexander maintains that we must first change the way that we move through our lives. Aaron is a pioneering manual therapist and movement coach, founder and creator of the Align Method, author of The Align Method: 5 Movement Principles for a Stronger Body, Sharper Mind, and Stress-Proof Life, and host of the Align Podcast. His mission is to inspire millions of driven individuals to confidently re-inhabit their bodies and be strong, flexible, and pain-free by moving functionally during every daily task. In today’s episode, he shares the value of trusting in the innate intelligence of your body and how to leverage the evolutionarily preserved mechanisms you naturally have access to through functional movement. We also touch on social media, cold water immersion, and ‘folded fin’ syndrome, a
03/02/20221 hour 12 minutes 33 seconds
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Kayla Osterhoff MPH, PhD: Embrace Your Female Power | Master the Biorhythm, Biohack the Menstrual Cycle, and Elevate Women's Empowerment

Welcome to another episode of Know Your Physio! Joining us in conversation today is Kayla Osterhoff, who teaches us that it&apos;s never too late or too early for women to learn about their biorhythm, and live a healthier, more empowered life because of it. Tune in to hear about Kayla&apos;s academic and professional background and the personal experiences that motivated her to focus on women&apos;s health. She describes the female biorhythm as the pace that the female body is set to, and tells us why, even as a health scientist, she didn&apos;t know how to be healthy; all the research was based on male biology! Kayla tells us why she has chosen to work independently with private partners, rather than pursuing a career with the government, and tells us the difference between the female hormonal cycle and the female biorhythm, before teaching us about the four phases of the biorhythm cycle, all with one shared key: to go with the flow of your body. She considers the female biorhythm
24/01/202248 minutes 5 seconds
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Dr. Peter McCullough: Navigating the COVID Conundrum | Demystifying Research, Early Home Treatment, Reinfection, and Beyond

Today’s guest on the Know Your Physio Podcast is Dr. Peter McCullough, the renowned cardiologist and epidemiologist whose confrontation of the US government’s COVID-19 policies drew more than 40 million views on Joe Rogan‘s podcast. Dr. McCullough is board certified in internal medicine, cardiovascular disease, and clinical lipidology. He’s one of the most published medical researchers of all time, with over 1000 publications and 600 citations, 30+ on COVID treatment alone.He cares for advanced patients with common medical problems, including heart and kidney disease, lipid disorders, and diabetes, and he is considered a leader in the C19 disaster. What makes today’s conversation unique is that we had a chance to unravel some of the backlash and counterarguments he received as a result of those viral interviews from other leading health experts who hold opposing views, including why the term “misinformation” is so closely tied to his name.THIS IS A HIGHLY
18/01/20221 hour 52 seconds
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Dr. Joe DiDuro: Rediscover Your Senses | Enhance Smell, Taste, and Mental Acuity through Photobiomodulation Techniques

Three months after having COVID-19, our host Andrés struggled to regain his sense of smell and taste, and his lack of mental acuity almost forced him to stop creating this podcast altogether. He was then introduced to photobiomodulation and Dr. Joe DiDuro. In this episode, he chats to Dr. Joe DiDuro, about the ProNeuroLIGHT and the benefits he derived from it. Dr. Joe DiDuro is the President at ProNeuroLIGHT LLC, the CEO of Concentro Laboratories LLC, and a diplomat of the American Board of Chiropractic Neurologists, specializing in neurology. He also holds a Master of Science in Clinical Research from the Palmer College of Chiropractics and, of course, is a biohacker. While we encourage listeners to remain skeptical, in this episode, we discuss the ProNeuroLIGHT, a device consisting of infrared probes that go up your nose and activate the olfactory bulb to get more blood flowing to your brain. Tuning in, you’ll find out what transcranial photobiomodulation is and the mechanisms thr
14/01/20221 hour 11 seconds
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Luis Palomeras: Unlock the Power of Recovery | Master Self-Reflection, Biofeedback, and Plant Medicine for Optimal Healing

We have a really unique and special episode for you today: we&apos;re sitting down with entrepreneur, health coach, mental health advocate, and athlete, Luis Palomeras! Not your average triathlete, he has a weightlifting and bodybuilding background and is now an endurance athlete, and he joins us today to detail the fascinating journey that led him to not only physical optimization but spiritual and mental mastery too. In this powerful conversation, we highlight how his recovery process was something he originally approached to improve his athleticism and sleep cycle and turned out to be the ultimate way to support his mental health, after a divorce and several difficult mental health episodes left him yearning for answers. We cover some epiphanies he had through plant medicine ceremonies, how mastering recovery needs to come first in order to maximize performance (and not the other way around), and ways to engage curiosity and non-judgment to support the synergy of the 4 pillars of
27/12/202159 minutes 32 seconds
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Patrick McKeown: Breathe Like a Pro | The Oxygen Advantage for Enhanced Performance, Reduced Stress, and Increased Longevity

“Mindfulness” has become a buzzword over the last few years, and one of the many aspects of it is breathing. While there is a multitude of techniques to choose from, not many of them are backed by science. Tackling this issue is world-renowned breathing coach and best-selling author, Patrick McKeown. We start by discussing how Patrick fell into the world of breathing, from his challenges as a teenager, to how the idea of the Oxygen Advantage was birthed. Join us today to find out what the science says about breathing and the areas that we need more data. Discover the link between mouth breathing and sleep, and how this affects your mental wellness and physical performance. Learn about the underlying physiology of nasal breathing compared to mouth breathing, and how the BOLT score works. Andrés describes the breathing techniques he uses to help improve his free-diving and cycling, while Patrick breaks down the physiology behind breath holds. We touch on what VO2 Max means, and how it
20/12/202152 minutes 4 seconds
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Augusto (Tuto) Marolla: Embrace the Quantum Leap | Radical Lifestyle Shifts, Escaping the Corporate World, and the Power of Quantum Entanglement

There are countless quotes from inspirational people demonstrating that becoming an overnight success seldom happens overnight. This was no different for today&apos;s guest, high-performance coach, and biohacking expert, Augusto (Tuto) Marolla. Tuto embarked on a radical lifestyle change that to the outside eye, took just three months to implement. However, this shift was eight years in the making as he consistently experienced an engagement crisis over his 16-year corporate career. Join us today to find out about the catalyst for this life-changing shift, and the coaches he used to reach his potential. We dive into Tuto’s corporate experience and how he identified the misalignment between his values and what he was being asked to do in his professional life. We discuss how you can adjust your thinking around goals and success to benefit from the hedonic adaptation, and how you can escape the conditioning we are all subject to in today’s society. We hear personal anecdotes from Andr
13/12/20211 hour 3 minutes 13 seconds
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Anthony Benedettini: The Art of Living Longer | Embrace Simplicity, Be a Qualitarian, and Master Congruency for a Fulfilling Life

Dozens of studies have shown that people who have satisfying relationships with family, friends, and their community are happier, have fewer health problems, and live longer. Sounds simple, right? It can be! Today, we hear from Anthony Benedettini, Partnerships Recruiter and Sales Consultant at BiOptimizers and the former Inside Advisor at Tesla, about why he believes relationships are one of the key building blocks for optimum health! With a background in applied physiology and kinesiology, Anthony is also a certified coach in Precision Nutrition, the former Director of Strategic Partnerships at Perfect Keto, and former Head of Customer Experience at Dry Farm Wines. In this episode, he shares the three main sources of energy in his life; money, vitality, and relationships, and we hear his theory on a simpler approach to longevity that doesn’t depend on expensive supplements and in-home devices. We also discuss what we can learn from those living in Blue Zones like Sardinia, and the
06/12/20211 hour 22 minutes 53 seconds
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Dasha Maximova: Empower Your Female Body | Boost Relationships, Monitor Cycles, and Take Charge of Birth Control with Body Awareness

Today, we hear from Dasha Maximov, the Founder and CEO of WhealthCo, a Member of the Board of Advisors at Sana Health, Former COO at The Health Optimisation Summit, and a former masters student at UCL, the number one program for Masters in Neuroscience in the world. After shifting away from management consulting and into academia in 2017 with an ultimate goal to #sharethewhealth, Dasha experienced a traumatic brain injury that left her with chronic headaches for more than 14 months. When specialists couldn’t find a solution, Dasha took matters into her own hands and began to biohack her mind and body. From yoga teacher training to 10-day Vipassana silent retreats, nootropics, and more, Dasha witnessed firsthand the beauty of every modality and discovered how each can become a tool in the toolbox of our health. In this episode, we discuss how women have historically been underrepresented in scientific data and why Dasha believes it’s important that women leverage the powerful data th
29/11/20211 hour 23 minutes 15 seconds
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Sarah Turner: Illuminate Your Life | Exploring Photobiomodulation, Circadian Biology, and the Expansion of Consciousness

Light is fundamental to our existence as human beings; it has been a part of our development from the beginning of our time on earth and it continues to impact almost every part of our lives in ways that we are not even aware of. At least according to Sarah Turner, an expert in photobiomodulation and the co-founder and Head of Science at CeraThrive, the red light therapy system targets the gut-brain axis. Sarah is a scientist through and through, but her interest has oscillated from the mechanical end of the spectrum (through her work in the pharmaceutical industry) to the holistic and alternative end (through the studying she did when she became disillusioned with the pharmaceutical industry). She is now in the process of finding her optimal positioning somewhere between the two, and in today&apos;s episode, Sarah shares a wealth of mind-boggling information about consciousness, circadian biology, and photobiomodulation that will cause you to rethink everything you thought you knew
08/11/20211 hour 9 minutes 39 seconds
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Nadeya Hassan: Unravel the Mind-Body Connection | Delve into Altered States and Healing Trauma for a Holistic Transformation

If you have been impacted by a traumatic event in your life, you are not alone. In a recent study that surveyed residents from more than a dozen countries, 70% of people reported having experienced some form of trauma. And when you consider how often we suppress traumatic experiences, often without being aware of it, the number is undoubtedly even higher than that. Here to help us unearth this topic is Nadeya Hassa, Founder and CEO of Zaya, a mindfulness platform that employs a science-backed therapeutic model to support the emotional and physical well-being of individuals with trauma and trauma-related symptoms. Their approach teaches the importance of the mind-body connection and uses mindfulness to activate personal transformation and healing. In this episode, we take a deep dive into the mind-body connection and unpack the complex and far-reaching impact that our thoughts have on our physiology. In our conversation, Nadeya shares how her father’s cancer diagnosis prompted a deep
25/10/20211 hour 15 minutes 48 seconds
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Boomer Anderson: Elevate Your Potential | Master Nootropics, Work-Life Integration, and Health Optimization for Peak Performance

Today’s guest on the Know Your Physio podcast, is Boomer Anderson: a man whose passion sits at the intersection of business and health optimization. He is a health optimization practitioner, the deputy chief and executive officer at Smarter Not Harder, Inc. (parent company of Troscriptions), founder and podcast host of Decoding Superhuman, and strategic advisor for Welldium. In today’s episode, Boomer guides us through the world of nootropics and health optimization, redefining nootropics and sharing thorough breakdowns of specific products offered by Troscriptions. We discuss the free fundamentals to look at before even considering supplementation, the importance of sleep and circadian economics, as well as the benefits of self-quantification. Tune in to learn more about work-life integration, and how to sustainably optimize your health and productivity!Key Points From This Episode:Troscriptions products: certification, manufacturing process, p
18/10/20211 hour 11 minutes 23 seconds
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Dr. Azza Halim: Unveil True Beauty | Balancing Internal and External Beauty through Saturated Fat, Fasting, and Sunlight

Today’s guest on the Know Your Physio Podcast is Dr. Azza Halim, a board-certified anesthesiologist with a broad background in the anti-aging field who has an extremely unique perspective that blends eastern and western medicine. We had the opportunity to take a deep dive on several topics in today’s episode, including the preventive nature of functional medicine, the relationship between animal fats and skin health, and the dangers of intermittent fasting, as well as getting enough sunlight and vitamin D3 without increasing your risk of skin cancer. During the course of our conversation, Dr. Halim shares her aim to create and implement an overall plan that will enable her patients to achieve complete mass rejuvenation by focusing on their internal health to complement external beauty. Tuning in, you’ll find out more about Dr. Halim’s total wellness approach, which includes beauty and skincare, and why she believes that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare, plus so m
27/09/202149 minutes 2 seconds
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Per Bristow: Conquer Your Fear of Public Speaking | Cultivate the Voice of Confidence and Unlock True Freedom for Personal Success

During today’s conversation, we interview vocal and performance coach, Per Bristow and hear his philosophy on life and performance. Tune in to hear why the pressure is greater, the more talented you are, why understanding your psychology is pertinent to beating stage fright, and how the most dangerous thing about stress is our negative perception of it. Per doesn’t advocate avoiding fear, but rather urges listeners to embrace it, in order to empower themselves to do something about it. He believes that the principles he teaches in voice training should be applied to all areas of life, and encourages listeners to embrace spontaneity and aliveness over having a plan and being so attached to an outcome. His advice to people heading to the stage is to embrace and expect nervousness and allow it to show us that we are taking part in a special moment. Next, we get into the technicalities of voice training and Per shares the story of how he learned that anyone can improve their vocal abili
20/09/20211 hour 7 minutes 12 seconds
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James Quandahl: Transform Your Perspective | Achieve Complete Life Balance Through the Power of Positive Reframing

Most of us have probably heard the phrase ‘change is an inside job’, but how many of us actually do it? Today’s guest believes that we overcomplicate the process of positive change. You already know what steps you need to take. It’s just a matter of removing the obstacles that are preventing you from getting there. James Quandahl is an author, speaker, and performance coach who is all about complete life balance; how to make sure that all of your buckets, the foundational pillars of true, lasting health, are filled up in harmony. In this episode, we take you through some positive reframing exercises that will help you pick through your previous life history so you can determine the skills and values that you can then apply to a new path, a new career, a new hobby, interest, or pastime, and excel at it with a newly evolved sense of self-awareness. We also speak candidly about our own personal stories and journeys, given the dramatic career shifts that both Andrés and James have made,
13/09/20211 hour 25 minutes 53 seconds
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Idan Ravin: Unleash Your Inner Drive | Cultivate Commitment and Discipline for Effectively Pursuing Your Aspirations

Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain a new skill, or run a marathon, you will no doubt need to put in a considerable amount of time and effort. In this episode, we get together with Idan Ravin to discuss his advice and insights on how to effectively pursue your aspirations. Idan is an elite performance coach and has worked with a range of individuals, from some of the world’s most respected basketball players to athletes and musicians. Listening in you’ll hear Idan share what he learned from coaching Kobe Bryant and why he was so in awe of Kobe’s mental stamina. Idan shares his insights on how to build lasting habits and explains why discipline and consistency are crucial. We end off by reflecting on the joy that comes with struggle and how it is a sign of passion and dedication. For all this and much more, tune in today!Key Points From This Episode:Introducing today’s guest, elite performance coach Idan Ravin.Idan shares an anecdo
06/09/202126 minutes 33 seconds
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Dr. Jay Khorsandi: Master the Science of Sleep | Uncover Sleep Physiology and Unlock Optimization Strategies for Restorative Rest

Who would have thought that the structure of your mouth impacts the quality of your sleep? On today’s show, we have the pleasure of talking to Dr. Jay Khorsandi, dentist turned sleep optimizer, about one of the most fundamental (and for some, the most frustrating) parts of our existence. Jay is the co-founder of Snore Experts and the host of the Best Night Ever podcast, and has adopted an integrated approach to improving the quality of sleep of his patients which focuses on preventative and non-invasive interventions. In this conversation, we cover almost everything you can think of that relates to sleep, including open mouth breathing, blue light, naps, dreams, sex and EMF. Among other things, you will learn about the importance of cooling down your body temperature before bed, why sleep quality deteriorates as we age, and the benefits of eating an early dinner. Key Points From This Episode:Jay explains what inspired him to transition from dent
16/08/20211 hour 12 minutes 44 seconds
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Capt. Kelly Federal: Soar to New Heights | Lessons from the Cockpit - Embrace Fighter Pilot Strategies for Peak Performance and Unwavering Focus

There’s a lot that the civilian world can learn from the military. Our guest on the show today, ex-fighter pilot and current real estate investor Kelly Federal, is here to share what some of those lessons are. One of the main themes we discuss is the value of open communication; Kelly is a firm believer that honesty and transparency are the key elements that result in achieving peak performance, and that too many people, in their personal and professional lives, have lost these vital skills. Kelly also shares how being in the military gave him perspective on what is important in life, and how to deal with stressful situations. As well as some stories from Kelly’s time as a fighter pilot, you will also hear about the spiritual path that Kelly is on, as well as his recently found interest in health. Key Points From This Episode:Why Kelly feels he is the antithesis of other guests we’ve had on the podcast.A description of the crash which b
12/08/20211 hour 14 minutes 7 seconds
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Dr. Julia Mirer: Journey into the Psychedelic Realm | Discover Psilocybin and the Transformative Potential of Psychedelic Medicine

In many circles, psychedelic medicine and psilocybin are controversial topics. Dr. Julia Mirer is one of the leading psilocybin experts, and she is advocating for a new paradigm of health and wellness which acts as a bridge between Eastern and Western medicine. Julia is the Chief Education Officer at Mr. Psychedelic Law, an NPO that draws on medical and spiritual research in hopes of driving responsible psychedelic reform. She also serves as a medical advisor and volunteer for several psychedelic-related projects. She works on psychedelic research at Segal Trials. Julia holds a medical degree from the Ross University School of Medicine. In today’s episode, Julia opens up about her disillusionment with mainstream medicine and how it led her to the work she does now. As someone who knew early on that she was meant to help people heal, she realized that the path she was on in conventional medicine was not going to get her there. We hear about the power of psychedelics in helping you pr
06/08/20211 hour 33 minutes 49 seconds
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Patrick Porter, PhD: Tune into Your Mind | Brainwave Entrainment and Meditation Techniques for Personal Development and Growth

Today’s guest is an award-winning author and speaker who has devoted his career to neuroscience and brainwave entrainment. As the founder and creator of BrainTap Technologies, Dr. Patrick Porter has emerged as a leader in the digital health and wellness field. BrainTap’s digital tools and mind development apps use proprietary algorithms that have made tremendous advances in mastering peak performance and bettering mental, physical, and emotional health, helping people improve mental clarity, sleep quality, energy levels, and so much more. In this episode, Patrick teaches us how to apply the science of brain entrainment and meditation for personal development, even leading us through a complete meditation session towards the end of our conversation. He also elaborates on the connection between human physiology and meditation and the role of technology in health optimization and outlines his formula for happiness, which includes the realization that you are the lead actor in the perfo
26/07/20211 hour 19 minutes 27 seconds
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Siim Land: Unleash Your Inner Power | Master Autophagy, Strength, Flow State, and Skyrocket Your Productivity

In today’s episode, we get together with best-selling author, online entrepreneur, and podcaster Siim Land. Siim is an expert in topics ranging from health and fitness to productivity and mindset. His ideas involve human life enhancement through body-mind empowerment and he has written a range of books on the topic like Metabolic Autophagy and The Immunity Fix which he wrote with co-author Dr. James DiNicolantonio. We kick things off by hearing from Siim about his experiences growing up on a small island in the Baltic Sea and how living in such a rural and natural environment shaped him. Siim shares how serving in the military at an early age taught him independence and cultivated his willpower and mental discipline. Next, we dive into the topic of autophagy, a process of intracellular recycling that has a host of benefits, including increased longevity. Siim explains why it makes evolutionary sense to have developed this process and how modern life undermines our
19/07/20211 hour 4 minutes 8 seconds
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Andrés Preschel: Friendly Chats to Discover Success | A Heartfelt Conversation on Self-Awareness, Entrepreneurship, and Personal Achievement

Today&apos;s episode is centered on a conversation about the power each and every one of us has. With the world of online business available and waiting for anyone with a specific drive and a bit of determination, coupled with the tendency of audiences to enjoy growing with creators, there is very little standing in the way of starting small and building an amazing community on whatever online platform you prefer. One of the best messages to keep in mind is to approach your projects with courage and curiosity, embodying fearlessness while staying open to learning. The way you do things does not need to be perfect, rather your methods and style can be streamlined and improved over time. Getting your feet wet rather than standing and looking at the water, wondering how cold it is will be a stepping stone to success that you may not even have imagined yet. Today’s guest is Aron, and he is one of my best friends. We met at the University of Miami where we took classes together. So for a
12/07/202115 minutes 53 seconds
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Dr. Spencer Nadolsky: Reclaim Your Health | Boost Insulin Sensitivity, Embrace Memes, and Prioritize Lifestyle over Pharmaceuticals

When it comes to diet trends and health supplements, it can be difficult to know who to trust, especially on online platforms like YouTube or Instagram. Our guest today, Dr. Spencer Nodalsky, is a physician who advocates for lifestyle changes before pharmaceuticals and is known as ‘The Doctor Who Lifts’ in honor of his active lifestyle. During his undergraduate program, he studied Exercise Science and pre-med while wrestling in the heavyweight class at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. He went on to pursue a medical degree at Edward via the College of Osteopathic Medicine where he began advocating for the concept of nutrition and exercise as medicine. During his residency, he studied and specialized in obesity medicine and lipidology. He currently serves as chief physician at Renaissance Periodization. In our conversation, we hear from Dr. Nadolsky about how he uses humor to share his message of ‘lifestyle as medicine’ and why it’s important to lead by example as a docto
05/07/202153 minutes 19 seconds
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Bio-individual Nutrition for Disease Prevention and Longevity with Ella Davar, RD

Everyone is faced with plenty of questions when it comes to health and nutrition. What kind of people should you listen to online and on social media when it comes to health and nutrition? How can you change your lifestyle to better support your health? What is the benefit of fasting? Today’s episode is packed with useful information that will empower you on your journey to health. We speak to Ella Davar, who marries science and holistic ancient wisdom to create powerful nutritional solutions that support health and wellness. Ella explains to us why there is no single diet that is best for humans, we talk about listening to our bodies and explore the different kinds of testing that can guide our diets. We talk about dates, sugar, and blood sugar composition and Ella answers the question of whether you should be more concerned with blood glucose or food sensitivity. Ella stresses the importance of eating according to your hormonal cycle and taking personal responsibility for your spe
28/06/202156 minutes 42 seconds
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The Science of the Carnivore Diet with Dr. Shawn Baker

We have an extra-special, stand-out episode for you today with none other than Dr. Shawn Baker, a leading expert in the field of red meat protein and the CEO and co-founder of MeatRx! Shawn is a speaker, podcast host, father, author, and physician, and we get to hear all about the evolution of his nutrition philosophy and his approach to helping more people eat more meat every day! We get into a deep conversation with our guest, discussing the carnivore diet that he promotes from many different perspectives, getting into his good intentions, the mission behind his work, and his ultimate goal of helping people live longer, healthier lives, an aim we fully support here at the Know Your Physio Podcast! You may recognize Dr. Baker from his videos making fun of vegans on TikTok, but as you will see there is much more to him than that, and he explains why that branch of his brand is necessary in order to promote his message. Dr. Baker talks about why meat is the original superfood, some i
21/06/20211 hour 29 minutes 17 seconds
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Using Science, Technology, and Ancestral Wisdom to Get the Most Out of Your DNA with Zachary Loewenstein

Through changing the body’s internal and external environment, you can effectively control and influence the majority of the physiological and psychological issues you might find yourself facing in the 21st century. By combining ancient wisdom with a modern understanding of chemistry, neurology, microbiology, and technology, today’s guest is passionate about mastering the art and science of mind-body coherence and runs a state-of-the-art bio-optimization facility to help others do the same. In this episode, Andrés Preschel sits down with his friend, Zachary Loewenstein, affectionately known as BioHack Zach, to discuss his personal journey with biohacking, what he uses to track his biometric data and some of the benefits of building stress resilience through techniques like cryotherapy to help you adapt and evolve your body to perform and feel its best. This episode is full of data-driven recommendations and advice from an expert in the bio-optimization field, so make sure to tune in
14/06/20211 hour 9 minutes 26 seconds
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Chocolate, Oxytocin, and the Biology of Courage with Yaniv Simpson

While most of us associate chocolate bars with a guilty pleasure, cacao in its purest form is actually a superfood with a ton of benefits. Today’s guest is Yaniv Simpson, and he is the CEO of The Conscious Bar, a 100% sustainable chocolate that is both delicious and nourishing. Our conversation with Yaniv is all about chocolate, the good kind, and we dive into the story behind The Conscious Bar and the many benefits of this superfood for health. Yaniv talks about his journey as an athlete and how he had to leave basketball behind because of a series of injuries. After shifting into the world of business, Yaniv struggled with the question of purpose for many years, and this was when he got the idea to combine his passions for wellness and chocolate by founding The Conscious Bar. We talk about the ethics behind the product and how this fits into its nourishing ingredients, sourcing approach, and sustainable packaging. Yaniv weighs in on the fact that his chocolate is only made from tw
07/06/20211 hour 1 minute 47 seconds
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The Science of Freediving: Hold Your Breath and Extend your Lifespan

You probably already know that I’m an exercise physiologist—and I’m currently pursuing a master’s degree in applied physiology with a concentration in nutrition for health and human performance—but I’m also a freediver and a spearfisherman. Anybody can freedive but I help people take it to the next level by biohacking their lifestyle.Have a pen and paper ready because, in this episode, I dive deep (pun intended) into the physiology of elite-level freediving. From breathwork to training, I break down a bunch of techniques so that you can dive deeper and hold your breath longer. I also dish out tips on diving gear and nutritional supplements so stay tuned until the end!Episode Highlights:00:58 - Why I freedive05:50 - Cryotherapy or cold exposure therapy to find calmness07:02 - The benefits of diaphragmatic, nasal, and box breathing10:15 - “The best training for any kind of sport is going
14/05/202136 minutes 58 seconds
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Seaweed, Spearfishing, and Sustainability with Kabir Parker

Our guest for today is Kabir Parker—marine biologist, University of Miami graduate, master freediver, and conscious spearfisherman. After realizing that doing scientific research alone is like diagnosing a problem but not fixing it, he decided to take a more active role to protect the oceans and marine life through entrepreneurship. Through his Instagram and Youtube, he educates people while taking them on diving and spearfishing adventures. In this episode, Kabir and Andres dive into some of the research that Kabir is involved in. They also share freediving and spearfishing techniques that can also be used for stress management and relaxation. Finally, Kabir presents a sustainable approach to eating seafood and offers tips on choosing reef-safe sunscreen so that people can lower their carbon footprint.Episode Highlights:04:00 - Kabir’s venture into seaweed agriculture06:13 - Okeanos®, developer of Made From Stone™0
01/05/202145 minutes 19 seconds
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Self-Awareness for Love, Happiness, and Success with Romero Britto

Based in Miami, iconic pop artist Romero Britto is the most licensed artist in history whose work has been in museums and galleries in over a hundred countries. He has collaborated with international brands, creating public art installations for public spaces and events like the Super Bowl XLI. This easygoing man is also an activist who has dedicated time, art, and resources to more than 250 charitable organizations worldwide.In this episode, Romero shares anecdotes from his life—his transition from law school to art and his trajectory following the Absolut Art campaign—and his personal beliefs. Despite the struggles he has overcome, he remains bright and optimistic as he offers advice for aspiring artists and people who want to experience wonder in their lives. He even quotes Marvel comics legend Stan Lee and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Romero is proof that it is possible to be happy and successful at the same time if you embrace your personal journey.Episo
20/04/202147 minutes 47 seconds
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HRV & Stress Tolerance with Dr. Jay T. Wiles

Joining Andres on the podcast today is Dr. Jay T. Wiles, a Clinical Health Psychologist who is Board Certified in both HRV Biofeedback, and Tai Chi for Rehabilitation. His passion for helping others reach their full potential from an integrative and holistic perspective has led him to work with elite athletes as well as executives from the business world. Dr. Wiles hosts his own podcast, ‘Mindhacker’s Radio’, offers one-on-one coaching through his integrative and holistic wellness center, ‘Thrive Wellness and Performance’, and is overall one of the happiest guys you’re ever going to meet. In this episode, Dr. Wiles begins by describing his own health and life journey, and then engages in a discourse regarding all things related to Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Along the way, he touches upon what it can tell us, how to assess it, devices that he recommends, and the most common habits and techniques that he prescribes. He also shares some valuable resour
29/03/20211 hour 15 minutes 57 seconds
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Harnessing Intuition to Pursue Your Passion with Idan Ravin

Today’s very special guest, Idan Ravin, is an individual who is proof positive of just what is possible when you have the right degree of self-awareness and intuition, and can be absolutely honest with yourself about what you love and who you are. Finding himself unhappy and unfulfilled in his original career as a lawyer, Idan has since transitioned himself to training some of the best basketball players in the world along with actors and musicians. Known as ‘The Hoops Whisperer’, he has also become an author, an active investor, keynote speaker, entrepreneur and spokesperson for global brands. The story of his professional transformation is one that has been the subject of many lengthy features on a variety of platforms, and it is guaranteed to amaze and inspire you as you listen in here today. The episode revolves around the story of Idan’s transition into training elite athletes, his unconventional methods, and the many factors that go i
22/03/202144 minutes 49 seconds
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All About HRV with Kevin Longoria

Kevin Longoria, Chief Science Officer at Biostrap, is today’s special guest on the podcast. Kevin’s passion for research and education combined with his expertise in the field of health and performance restoration and optimization has led him to work with populations ranging from clients with severely compromised health to elite athletes. His is an integrative approach that emphasizes the importance of the mind and gut in conjunction with the physical body and he shares it with a vast audience in his role as an international public educator for health and fitness professionals. Kevin starts off today by sharing his passion for what he does, and then defining Heart Rate Variability (HRV) and how the Biostrap and the Biostrap Academy can change your life by tracking this crucial biometric. He also shares his vision for the future of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), proactive healthcare, and the world of medicine. A variety of important biometrics is expl
15/03/20211 hour 8 minutes 15 seconds
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Salt and Longevity with Dr. James DiNicolantonio

Today’s very special guest is Dr. James DiNicolantonio, a cardiovascular research scientist and doctor of pharmacy at Saint Luke’s Mid America Heart Institute in Kansas City, Missouri, and author of The Salt Fix, among other books. A well-respected and internationally known scientist and expert on health and nutrition, Dr. James has contributed extensively to health policy and has even testified in front of the Canadian Senate regarding the harms of added sugars. He is a prolific author who serves as the Associate Editor of Nutrition and British Medical Journal’s Open Heart, and sits on the editorial advisory boards of several medical journals. Dr. James begins the conversation by sharing what motivates and drives him to do what he does so passionately and proceeds to conduct a masterclass on the subject of salt, its impact on our health, and how best to integrate it into
08/03/202154 minutes 2 seconds
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Fix Your Glucose, Fix Your Life with Jessie Inchauspe, the Glucose Goddess

The ‘Glucose Goddess’ herself, Jessie Inchauspe, is the very special guest on today’s episode. Also known as ‘Sugarmama’, Jessie is on a very personal mission to teach everyone all about sugar. She is armed with: a Master’s in biochemistry from Georgetown University, her own glucose monitor, and a passion to help others. As she does on her Instagram page, Jessie shares her own health journey with listeners here today, rendering the science behind it all accessible, entertaining, and inspiring. Jessie begins by describing what she means by citizen scientists, and then proceeds to help us all become them by explaining all things glucose, including glucose curves and monitors, healthy eating and lifestyle choices, understanding your body, as well as offering recommendations for maintaining stable blood glucose levels. She also explores carb intake/activity level matching, Type 2 Diabetes, the dangers of rapid weight loss, and her infamous graphs. Jessie c
01/03/202157 minutes 24 seconds
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INTRO to Know Your Physio

Here is our first official podcast to introduce the show! Excited for what&apos;s to come!Support the show
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