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Kids Bedtime Stories

English, Children Stories, 1 season, 40 episodes, 11 hours, 8 minutes
Explore the wondrous video game worlds with our bespoke stories set in some of your favourite games! Run with Sonic, delivery messages as the Tearaway messenger, build a zoo in Zoo Tycoon or go racing on your favourite Mario Kart track. These stories will help you relax and sleep.
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In this bedtime story you explore the power of community and rhythm.Suitable for all ages.Narrated by Cate BarrWritten by Chris Winson LongleyMusic by Michael HodgsonProduced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2024 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
5/12/202416 minutes, 42 seconds
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Untitled Goose Game

In this bedtime story you are a mischievous yet lovable goose!Suitable for all ages.Narrated by Jamie FirthWritten by Chris Winson LongleyMusic by Michael HodgsonProduced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2023 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
9/24/202318 minutes, 42 seconds
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In this bedtime story you explore the garden as a minature version of yourselfSuitable for all ages.Narrated by Lucy RoslynWritten by Tamer AsfahaniMusic by Michael HodgsonProduced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2023 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
6/7/202323 minutes, 5 seconds
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In this bedtime story you explore the scattered islands in the game Windbound...Suitable for all ages.Written by Chris Winson-LongleyNarrated by Tamer AsfahaniMusic by Nick MayProduced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2023 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
3/16/202316 minutes, 40 seconds
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Lego Friends

For more information about the bedtime stories and to download the Kid's FREE interactive magazine, visit www.checkpointkids.comSuitable for all ages.Narrated by Kezia Burrows Written by Chris Winson LongleyMusic by Nick MayProduced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2023 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
1/3/202318 minutes, 12 seconds
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Never Alone

For more information about the bedtime stories and to download the Kid's FREE interactive magazine, visit www.checkpointkids.comSuitable for all ages.Narrated by Cate BarrWritten by Chris Winson LongleyMusic by Michael HodgsonProduced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2022 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
12/21/202218 minutes, 12 seconds
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For more information about the bedtime stories and to download the Kid's FREE interactive magazine, visit www.checkpointkids.comSuitable for all ages.Narrated by Jonnie HurnWritten by Chris Winson LongleyMusic by Nick MayProduced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2022 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
11/16/202220 minutes, 26 seconds
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Mini Metro

For more information about the bedtime stories and to download the Kid's FREE interactive magazine, visit www.checkpointkids.comSuitable for all ages.Narrated by Jonnie HurnWritten by Chris Winson LongleyMusic by Michael HodgsonProduced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2022 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
10/5/202218 minutes, 7 seconds
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Suitable for all ages.Narrated by Ronnie BarbourWritten by Chris Winson-LongleyMusic by Nick MayEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2022 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
8/6/202213 minutes, 51 seconds
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For more information about the bedtime stories and to download the Kid's FREE interactive magazine, visit www.checkpointkids.comSuitable for all ages.Narrated by Tamer AsfahaniWritten by Chris Winson LongleyMusic by Michael HodgsonProduced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2022 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
5/22/202220 minutes, 23 seconds
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Planet Coaster V2

Suitable for all ages.Narrated by Cate BarrWritten by Chris Winson-LongleyDialogue Editor: Ian AbeMusic by Nick MayEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2022 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
5/11/202213 minutes, 5 seconds
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Journey V2

Suitable for all ages.Narrated by Lucy RoslynWritten by Chris Winson-LongleyDialogue Editor: Ian AbeMusic by Nick MayEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2022 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
4/24/202215 minutes, 14 seconds
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The Climb

Welcome to the beautiful, yet imposing journey of The Climb. In this bedtime story you'll challenge yourself to climb a beautiful mountain and get to the top. On the way you'll have to figure out how to reach certain holds, but you'll also meet some mountain residents who are used to the vertical cliffs that lay ahead. Suitable for all ages.Narrated by Lucy RoslynWritten by Chris Winson LongleyMusic by Michael HodgsonProduced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2022 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
2/28/202219 minutes
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Welcome to the beautiful and intriguing world of Unravel. You find yourself in a strangely familiar place, but where are you?In this story you'll traverse snow covered landscapes to reach your final destination. What adventures await and how, as small as you are, will you overcome the challenges ahead?Narrated by Cate BarrWritten by Chris Winson-LongleyMusic and mastering by Nicholas MayEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2022 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
2/5/202225 minutes, 3 seconds
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Richie's Plank Experience

Suitable for all ages.Written and narrated by Tamer AsfahaniMusic by Nick MayProduced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2022 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
1/9/202216 minutes, 47 seconds
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Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy Cosy up and snuggle down for tonight your adventure will take you out of this world as you explore Super Mario Galaxy. You wake to find yourself suspended, weightless, near the surface of a vibrant green and grey planet. You observe that it consists of grey rocks festooned with lush grass and fragrant flowers whose yellow petals glow in the warmth and light of a blue sky. The air is filled with the sound of running water and a curious buzzing. You are amongst rocks and waterfalls.  Around you there are wooden structures and you notice planks attached like the rungs of a ladder leading up a rockface in front of you. Your way is blocked by a very angry looking, brown mushroom - known as a Goomba. You would rather not deal with it right now so you jump over it and land on the ladder. You ascend the ladder with ease through a passageway carved into the rocks. At the top you encounter a vine dangling within your reach. You grab a hold and swing high into the air. As you descend, you collect two gold coins. These reward you with what seem to be bits of coloured stars and you land safely on the grass. Once again, your way forward is blocked by a large, fierce looking Goomba. This one you cannot avoid. You run forward and spin into it. It disappears in a puff of smoke and rewards you with three more coloured star fragments. You suddenly remember that these are Star Bits, and will be important for you to navigate the rest of the galaxy and the planets within. With renewed vigour and excitement, you climb the ladder.  At the top you encounter a strange looking item. It is a power-up that looks like a mushroom wearing a large, furry hat covered in brown and yellow stripes. You find the pattern vaguely familiar but before you can work out what it reminds you of, you run into it and find yourself transformed into… a bee! For a moment you hover in the air, marvelling at your transformation. You beat your wings rapidly and are amazed at their ability to propel you through the air. Their high-pitched buzzing delights you as you flit about testing your newfound manoeuvrability. Hovering above the ground you spy an outcrop of green, translucent crystals on the earth below. Flying into them, you discover you can still spin only now you leave a golden trail of honey in your wake. The crystals shatter into Star Bits and you quickly collect them all. You are pleased with your ability to fly and that you will no longer need to climb ladders.  Moving swiftly on you come across a flight of waterfalls that rise like steps ahead of you. In front of them is a golden lever with a flag attached. The flag has an image of Bowser on it, and you wonder if this is one of his traps. Cautiously, you grab hold of the lever and, beating your wings furiously, pull it towards you. Suddenly, with a flash of golden light, the flag turns to red with an image of Mario on it! You know what to do, and quickly race up the waterfall. You know every mushroom and leaf you encounter will burst into Star Bits. Having collecting them all, you find you are amongst the clouds. You are thrilled to discover that you can stand on the clouds and they renew your energy.  After more exploration and as you become more fluent with your bee wings, you approach another golden lever. This time you do not worry about the black Bowser flag and grab the lever without hesitating. However, the flag doesn’t change colour. Instead, the image of Bowser begins to smile. But there is no time to think about that now. You are already fast approaching a series of bright orange poles which you will need to climb. You do not have the energy to fly all the way to the top of them and there is nowhere to rest. To make things worse, some of the poles are being guarded by black soot monsters moving up and down. Utilising all your skills, you alternate between climbing the poles and flying around the soot monsters.  You arrive at the top of the level feeling a little curious. Why didn’t the soot monsters put up more of a fight? Before you have time to figure it out you are distracted with your next challenge. Your way forward is blocked by plants that don’t at first appear harmful. Instead of flowers with petals, their coiled stems end in a green ball covered in small red cones. As you fly forward, they suddenly straighten their stem, closing the distance between you and them, and the red cones turn into vicious spikes. It takes lightning reactions and all your skill at flying to avoid them. After passing the last of the plants, you see a beautiful flower hovering in front of you. Above it is a gold coin. You bounce on the centre of the flower and are sprung into the air. With each bounce you gain more height until the coin is yours. There are many more flowers ahead and you bounce from one to another, until the last one sends you soaring up into the sky. High above you is a trail of leaves leading to a cloud. You are delighted to discover a Power Star just above your head. Transforming back into your own body, you launch yourself from the cloud and grab it. To your surprise the Power Star doesn’t take you back to Rosalina in the Comet Observatory. Instead, you find yourself hurtling through space towards a much darker part of the galaxy. The light begins to fade, and the blue skies begin to turn black and empty. You know now that the Star Bits you’ve collected have helped propel you from this world to the next. You can just make out a few small stars, but they are a long way away. In the gloom you begin to see the outline of a strange, new planet. You recognise now that Bowser tricked you into collecting the Power Star, but you’re not worried as you’ve defeated him before. You are standing in the ruins of a garden, surrounded by dead trees and broken walls, patrolled by Goomba guards. Beyond the garden is a large, grey mansion. The windows are all dark, but the front doors are open, and you can see a dimly lit hall inside. As you enter, a large white ghost appears at the top of the stairs and makes its way towards you. You are not afraid. Looking around you see a large blue lever to the right of the stairs. You pull it and the ceiling light switches on, sending a shaft of bright white light downwards, trapping the ghost. Suddenly, the ghost vanishes in a puff of smoke and is replaced by a large golden key. As you collect the key, a pair of doors at the top of the stairs open, inviting you in. This room is one of the strangest you have ever seen. There seems to be no right way up. Windows containing swirling black holes are on every surface and there are Pumpkinhead Goombas walking on the walls and ceiling. You realise that you can walk anywhere you like and so you chase after them one by one, and spinning into each Goomba you dispose of them and collect the Star Bits they leave behind. You leave the room to explore further and discover an enormous gold coin hovering above a small landing. You leap up and as you touch it you are instantly transformed into a ghost. Now you can pass through walls. It's not long before you come across the dungeons far below the ground and, in one of the cells, you discover Luigi! He immediately recognises you because you are wearing Mario's hat! He explains how he was trapped by Bowser and how he plans to trap you too. But Luigi has a secret. From his pocket he brings out a Power Star he’s been hiding. He offers you the star. You transform back to your old self and together you use the star to return to the Comet Observatory and Rosalina.    The Comet Observatory is warm and welcoming, and you soon forget Bowser’s nasty tricks. Rosalina thanks you for the Power Star and you discuss your adventure as Luigi excitedly describes how you found him.   You're tired now, and Rosalina can tell. She offers you a room, but you know your time here is done, and that you need to move on. You ask to explore the gardens, as you want to recall your time as a bee, imagining yourself flitting around the safety of this place. She nods, with a smile and leads you to a door that opens to a wonderful garden, with smells that almost overwhelm your senses.  The bright colours of the flowers entice you and call to you. You can’t resist. The air is fresh, but fragrant and the ground is soft and inviting. You find a comfortable spot where you lay down and stare up at the sky. The ground envelops you, and you can hear the sound of insects buzzing. Your eyes are heavy and you begin to feel sleepy. You slowly feel yourself drifting away as you await your next adventure. Suitable for all ages.Narrated by Tamer AsfahaniWritten by Chris Winson LongleyMusic by Michael HodgsonProduced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
12/21/202117 minutes, 37 seconds
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Sackboy A Big Adventure Cosy up and snuggle down, for tonight you journey through the Imagisphere and discover the uniquely crafted world of Sackboy. You find yourself standing on a small island plateau high above the surface of a planet. The grass beneath your feet is made of ribbed cotton cloth and the sky is filled with swirling paper clouds. Everywhere there are bright velvet flowers with brass paper fasteners for centres. Looking around, you find your path lies between the ramshackle buildings on the far side of a deep chasm. This is a warm planet, and the architecture is of an Islamic design: elaborately sculpted iron grills cover the open windows and symmetrical arches decorate the richly coloured walls. Tall towers are topped with golden finials and diamond shaped mirrors form a ribbon like frieze just below the eaves of the roofs. They catch the light perfectly and sparkle in the sun.   A wooden bridge allows you to cross the chasm. As you move forward, a row of glass like spheres called Orbs hover above the ground. These will increase your chances of survival and so you collect them all as you head for a light blue tent containing seed pods. The large pods look like Ali Baba jars and are arranged in a circle with the biggest one in the centre. As you jump on them, they spring open, releasing more precious Orbs. When you jump on the one in the centre, you are rewarded with a golden bell.  You don’t know what this is for, but it looks valuable, so you store it safely away. Glancing upwards, you realise there is more to explore above your head. Climbing onto a roof, you find a whole new world, filled with more of the Ali Baba seed pods. Jumping on them releases more Orbs which you collect straightaway. As you explore this roof top world further, you find the only way to cross the gaps between the buildings is to use the washing lines strung between them. You quickly run across each line, balancing carefully like a tightrope walker, collecting all the Orbs that appear as you cross. Jumping down from the roof, you come across a large cardboard cut-out of a goat. It is happily chewing the cud and doesn’t appear to notice you. As you cautiously approach, you are surprised to see the ground beneath the goat rotate like a flipped coin. The goat disappears and is replaced by a huge, sleepy, pink flower. Its eyes are closed and it’s yawning. You watch in wonder as its eyes open and its long, leafy arms unfurl. It beckons you towards the opening at its top. With no hesitation, you leap in and the petals close over you. The flower squeezes its eyes tight and begins to vibrate as its energy increases. The petals open and you soar into the air like a cannonball, narrowly missing two surprised looking cut-out birds on a washing line. You feel the breeze in your woolly body as you soar past tall buildings to land safely on a green courtyard surrounded by arched doorways. Now you face a new challenge. Two guards dressed in red and white uniforms with leaves for hats are preventing you from passing through any of the archways. One of them runs towards you, aggressively. You throw a punch causing it to somersault in the air, before disappearing in a puff of smoke. The second guard tries to stop you but meets the same fate. You select the nearest archway and pass through. Inside the darkroom there is nothing to see except a square panel on the floor. You jump on it imagining it will drop you to a lower level. To your surprise it rockets you upwards and through the ceiling, which is made of cotton wool. Now you are at roof level again. There are several brightly coloured acorns scattered around and, at first, you try to jump on them, but they do nothing. While you are thinking about what you should try next, you notice three cardboard cut-out birds. They are tweeting loudly and perched on the side of a giant terracotta plant pot. You jump into the pot only to find it full of earth. You jump up and down repeatedly, hoping that it will release more Orbs, but the earth resists your efforts and muffles the sound of your feet. Jumping down you land near one of the acorns. You have an idea. Picking up the acorn, you throw it into the pot. Immediately, it comes alive and buries itself in the warm earth. Moments later it has sprouted into a magnificent flower. You are about to jump on it when it suddenly erupts shooting five more bells into the air. You quickly collect them all and remember what they are: Collectabells. These will allow you to change your appearance and customise your outfit. But you’ll have to wait. There are lots of guards in this area, but you deal with them easily and continue to explore, collecting Orbs, planting acorns and receiving  Collectabells until you come across another of the cannon flowers. It opens its petals, smiles sweetly, and invites you to jump in. You are fired across the rooftops to land safely on… a giant Orb. This beautiful, blue glowing, glass ball is a Dreamer Orb, and it contains vast amounts of pure wonder and creativity. Just holding it makes you feel warm inside. It is what you have been searching for because it can be used against Vex and his negative energy. Vex is the jester who is trying to turn the world you’re in upside down, but it will take more than one Dreamer Orb to stop him. So, you save it and continue to explore. You arrive at a plateau similar to the one that began this adventure. The grass beneath you is the same ribbed cotton cloth and there are flowers dotted about. However, this time there is no bridge to allow you safe passage across the chasm that separates this section of the level from the next one. As the path reaches the edge of the plateau, it turns into a thick, black slime which oozes menacingly and cascades into the void below. The same sticky, foul smelling slime is on the opposite side of the chasm. Even if you tried to jump, you are likely to land in it. Suddenly, you remember the Dreamer Orb. This dark slime is just the sort of barrier that Vex would create to stop you in your tracks. You take the Orb and throw it at the slime. There is a flash of blue iridescent light and the slime disappears to be replaced with a well-crafted wooden bridge. As you step onto it, a carpet magically appears and unfolds, leading straight to a beautiful purple tent. The roof is adorned with the same gold finials that top the towers in the town and at the crown there is a gold letter Z, shining in the sun.  You enter the tent and are greeted by a character who reminds you of a magician. He is wearing a purple cloak trimmed with gold, and a magnificent turban, covered in stars and fastened with a huge safety pin. In the centre of the turban is the biggest jewel you have ever seen. Sticking out from beneath the bottom of his Harem pants are a pair of exotic carpet slippers, with sharply pointed, upturned toes. This is Zom Zom and he introduces himself to you, his magnificent red rope beard swinging from side to side. In his French accent he explains that here you can spend your Collectabells on a new outfit. He shows you several: Red Riding Hood, a Yak, a Mountaineer, a Punk Rocker and a Festival Demon. Your adventurous spirit leads you to choose the Mountaineer and you pay Zom Zom. He claps his hands with glee and says you look marvellous.  You thank him and leave the tent, delighted with your new outfit.  In front of you, the path winds its way between the familiar tall towers with gold finials and the houses adorned with elegant Islamic arches. You smile as you recall the excitement you felt when the flowers blasted you into the sky and the affection you felt for the cut-out birds.  The sun is high in the sky and the heat is building. You are too hot in your Mountaineer outfit and so you remove it carefully and fold it into a bundle. It makes an excellent pillow.   You realise you are tired now.  Placing your makeshift pillow under your head, you lie back on the ribbed cotton grass and close your eyes. Your eyelids are illuminated by the sun and glow with a wonderful golden-red light. With the sound of the cut-out birds tweeting all around you, you slowly feel yourself drifting away as you await your next adventure. Suitable for all ages.Narrated by Cosima ShawWritten by Tamer AsfahaniMusic by Billy WilliamsDialogue Editor: Ian AbeEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
7/6/202116 minutes, 48 seconds
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No Man's Sky

No Man's SkyCosy up and snuggle down, for tonight you explore the vastness of the known universe in No Man's Sky.You find yourself in strange and odd place. It's not somewhere you've ever been before and you don't recognise any of the trees or plants. The air smells and tastes different too, but you're not scared. Looking around you notice strange animals and can hear unfamiliar sounds. It doesn't take you long to realise you're on an alien planet. You look up to the sky and see a large moon, and another smaller moon behind it. The sky, at least, is a familiar pink and you're comforted in the knowledge that you're safe, wherever you may be. You start to look for a hut, or a sign of a village. A road maybe or something similar, but you're unable to see anything like that around you, so you start to walk in the direction of a small hill. From there you hope to get a better view of the land ahead of you and try to come up with a plan of action. You're still not sure why you're here, but you're excited by the adventure. As you begin to walk up the hill, you notice a glowing orb in what appears to be a stone sculpture. It looks as though it's beckoning you. You curiously approach it, still slightly cautious. After all, this is an alien world and you don't want to take any chances. But you needn't have worried, for having examined it visually first, you place your hand on it. The orb's light dims and in your mind you hear an unfamiliar language which quickly turns into a phrase in a language you do understand: "Welcome to Manuka" before repeating in the original language you heard. The light fades and the stone sculpture is quiet again. You try touching it again, but nothing happens. You head back towards the hill, hoping to find some one to talk to and fearing that you may have broken a special or important structure. Before you reach the top of the hill, you notice something sticking out of the strange and alien bushes. You can see that the ground around the bushes looks to have been scratched or smeared. You are so close to the top of the hill, but notice you're able to still have an overview of the landscape from near this strange looking thing. You approach, cautiously again in fear that you may be approaching a home of some kind. Maybe it's a nest for the local wildlife, you think. As you get closer, you realise this isn't an animal or plant, it's a spacecraft! It seems to have been abandoned, but it looks like it's in excellent condition, other than a few scratches. After a closer you look, you notice a panel from the side is missing. It looks as though it had had a rough landing and whoever, or whatever, had been flying it was keen to get out for whatever reason. You're delighted the cockpit's canopy is still closed, protecting the inside of the ship from the weather and environment. You resolve to find the panel and start backtracking down the hill following the upturned soil-trail the spacecraft left behind. You suddenly remember, and you've been so distracted, that you've completely forgotten to look over the hill to see if there was anyone to help. You make a note to check once you've had a look for the missing panel. Having looked as thoroughly as you can, you find nothing, so head back towards the spacecraft. As you get nearer, you notice something sticking out of a mound in the ground. You can't believe your luck, it's the missing panel you've been searching for! You grab it and race back to the spacecraft and carefully put it in place. Luckily it doesn't need much moving and, as if by magic, it clicks itself into place. The spacecraft comes alive and you jump into the cockpit, excited to explore the planet from the skies.You ascend and are able to see where you'd landed. You're surprised with how varied the landscape is and are mesmerised by the strange, towering plants that appear to form a forest. You fly over them gracefully, and quietly for your engine makes hardly any sound it seems. As you continue to fly over the landscape, your computer makes a beeping sound. You look down at what appears to be a radar of sorts. There is a word flashing on the screen, but you can't make it out. It seems to be in this strange alien language you'd heard before. Fearing that you may have run out of fuel, or that the spacecraft is more damaged than you expected it to be, you fly cautiously back to the surface. To your relief, as if reading your mind and when you're closer to the ground than you feel comfortable with, the spacecraft lands itself. As you touch the ground, something dislodges between your legs. It's a helmet. Before you put it on you realise that you're actually wearing a whole space suit of sorts. You must have been wearing it since the moment you appeared in this world but, in your excitement, hadn't noticed it. The canopy of the cockpit opens, and you jump out of the spacecraft with the helmet. You immediately put it on and it comes to life on its own. All of a sudden you can see information popping up on the screen in a language you understand. As you look around, your helmet highlights plants and minerals giving you information on their composition and their use. You are able to see all the flora and fauna through your helmet's interface, as well as places of interest. You notice that there are other place of interest across the solar system you're in. Looking up to the sky you can see icons identifying different points on different planets. You also notice a scan button on your suit. Pressing it releases a very small echo wave that scans the planet you're on very quickly. You notice that other than one more of those sculptures nearby, there is nothing here. You look up to the sky and see "Space Station". You've never been to a space station before, so you decide to head there in hope of maybe meeting someone, or something else. But before you head back to your spacecraft, you make your way to the last of the sculptures hoping, with your newfound helmet, that you may learn something new.Like before, you place your hand on it, and another sentence flashes in your mind, but this time it's clearer and seems to have been translated by your helmet - as you'd suspected. "This is a safe planet, in a safe solar system. You'll find no trouble here." You feel safer now, and head to your spacecraft with excitement and ready to leave this world. As the canopy closes, you instinctively look towards the space station you spotted earlier. It has moved in the sky, so it takes you a moment to figure out where it is again, but you helmet helps you locate it and lock its coordinates into the spacecraft's navigation system. You press the ignition button and the ship jerks up before smoothly moving forward. You notice a boost and start to climb out of the sky and towards space. But you know you'll need more power to break through the atmosphere so you press and hold a "booster" button which you can now see thanks to your helmet. The spacecraft lurches forwards, you are pushed hard back into your seat and your spacecraft climbs quickly through the clouds - the blue of the sky getting darker as you finally break through the planet's mesosphere, then the thermosphere and finally the exosphere, the last layer of the atmosphere before space. As you enter the black of space, your engines quieten significantly. You remember that you don't need any more thrust as there is no friction or gravity in space. Carrying the speed from exiting the planet will be enough to keep you on track, flying silently and swiftly towards the space station. You can't believe you're in space again, it's quiet and peaceful. From here you look behind you to the planet you've left. Its green and blue hue emanate into the darkness of space. Slowly it disappears, and you notice a variety of other planets, before your spacecraft automatically redirects itself to put you on course to the space station. You sit back and let the spacecraft do the work as you admire astroid belts and scan the planets on your head-up display. Before you know it, you're on the approach to the space station. You're excited and fidget in your seat as the spacecraft starts to automatically dock. It pulls you into a vast tunnel that takes you deep into the heart of this diamond-like structure. Within moments your spacecraft has landed and you're clambering out of the cockpit. You're greeted by an alien who is half the size of you and has big bulging eyes with a beak-like mouth. "You've found my spacecraft!" They say in their native language. Luckily you understand them thanks to the helmet. You nod, stepping back from the spacecraft. You know it must be a huge relief for this alien creature to see their beloved spacecraft again, so you step back allowing them to inspect it. More aliens from the same kind seem to appear out of nowhere as the alien you met makes its way around the spacecraft. But there are other aliens too, one that looks like a monstrous towering beast and a handful of what appear to be robot aliens. You're very confused, but you're not scared. The alien whose spacecraft you had managed to bring back waddles up to you. You can't tell if they're happy or angry. Their face is hard to read as you've never seen any being like them. But you needn't have worried, for as they approach they hold out their hand gesturing that they'd like to shake it. You put your hand out and the surprisingly warm clasp opens some kind of mental link between you and the alien. "Thank you so much," you hear the voice in your helmet say. "I thought I'd be stuck here for a long time before I was able to go back to my planet in a different solar system. I've been away from my family for three star rotations of this solar system, which is around five Earth years. I'm a trader, you see, and I've been stranded here since my spacecraft went missing on Manuka."You smile. You know what it's like to miss your family. You remember the times you went on trips with your school, or were at friends' houses for sleepovers. You can't imagine not seeing your family for five years and are happy that you've helped find this alien's spacecraft so that they can visit their family again. "Please," says the alien through your helmet, "let me take you wherever you need to go. Anywhere in the galaxy!"You politely decline, shaking your helmet-heavy head. "I can sense you're a little weary, space travel is hard especially for those that aren't used to it. Can I offer you my cabin on this space station? You'll have everything you need to recuperate."You nod enthusiastically. It would be good to get out of the space suit and helmet and into something a little less cumbersome you think. The alien leads you through simply lit corridors to a vast room which opens automatically. Inside is a comfortable bed, a bathroom and a window that spans the width of the room and looks out across the solar system. With little fuss and much excitement to finally get off the space station, the alien leaves you, telling you that you can stay for as long as you like. You wave and collapse into a comfortable armchair that looks out through the window. Although you'd like to explore more you're too tired to even move to the bed. You watch for a while as spacecraft arrive and leave the station. You recognise the spacecraft you flew in leaving. You could swear you could see your new friend waving as they disappear into the darkness of space. You're tired now. Warm and comfortable, you think back on the day's adventure. You can't believe you've discovered a whole new planet, new life forms and a new solar system! You wonder how much of the universe is still undiscovered and contemplate that different types of life forms that you'd never had considered before. Recalling the flora of Manuka you can only start to imagine what varieties of life exist across the universe.As you're carried away with your thoughts, your eyes get heavy. It's getting harder to keep them open and you allow your eyes to rest, your eyelids shutting softly with each attempt to stay awake. You slowly drift in and out of dozing, content and happy, hoping your new friend is closer to home and their family. You slip away thinking of hugs and tears of joy as they are reunited with their family. You feel a sense of pride as you finally fall asleep awaiting your next adventure. Suitable for all ages.Narrated by Alexis ConranWritten by Tamer AsfahaniMusic by Benedict NicholsDialogue Editor: Ian AbeEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
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Mars Horizon

Mars Horizon** Kindle eBook available - for those that want to read along and immerse themselves in the beautiful artwork **Cosy up and snuggle down, for tonight we explore our inner solar system with Mars Horizon.You find yourself in what appears to be a huge field. It's flat as far as the eye can see, except for when you turn around, a number of varying size buildings dominate the landscape. There are towers and a large building that connects to a number of smaller buildings around it. To you it looks like a hospital, you know different buildings will help people in different ways. Intrigued, you make your way towards the main building. Because the building is so large, you miscalculate it's distance from you. It takes a little longer to wander over to it than you thought, but this time allows you to study the place more. You realise what you mistook for towers weren't towers, but intricate scaffolding. You also notice the flags on the buildings. The main building houses lots of different countries' flags as well as another flag you don't recognise. This flag has a space shuttle blasting off what appears to be Earth with a massive smoke trail behind it and heading towards a red planet. You realise you must be at some kind of space agency, and the towers you noticed are the launch pads for rockets that explore our tiny, local part of this vast universe.Before you know it, you're standing in the atrium of the building you were heading towards. It's a light and spacious lobby that has rockets, spacecraft, rovers, pictures and many more models - exhibiting the history and legacy of this agency. You're impressed and are captivated by all this history which surrounds you. Before you're able to get too lost in your thoughts, you're approached by a soft-smiling person who indicates for you to follow them. Something about their face is familiar, and you are here to complete a mission it seems. Without hesitation, you follow them through the security areas and enter the heart of the building. As you make your way through the building you notice more pictures of space that you'd never seen before. Some of the missions from this agency have been highly successful it seems, and you're keen to see what your mission will be.You and your companion finally approach a large door which they unlock with a keycard. Almost like the doors of an elevator, they peel away in layers revealing a huge room with hundreds of desks facing the wall in front which has numerous large screens across its width. You know that this is the beating heart of the agency, the operations centre. From here, every rocket, shuttle and satellite is launched and the low whirring of the computers' fans, the quiet chatter from the people and the beeps from the various space missions create a sound of determined calm. Everyone knows what they're doing, only talking when they need to confirm or collaborate. Your guide nods towards the front of the room where a seat has been left for you. You're not sure yet what you're supposed to do, but you walk towards the desk and take a seat. With a tap of a button your screens come to life and takes you directly into a program that has some simple maths equations. A little bit of addition, some subtraction as well as some fractions pop up on screen. You answer nearly all the questions perfectly, only miscalculating one of the fractions. But it's ok and it doesn't stop you from getting to the next screen. You turn to look at your guide, but they're gone. There is no-one sitting either side of you, so you decide to continue exploring the program which brings up a pop-up message. "Welcome to the Checkpoint Space Agency. Today we will launch a satellite that will travel across our solar system to study Haumea (Ho-ME-Ah), a dwarf planet on the edge of our solar system," the message reads. Your eyes light up. You remember this planet from looking at space books when you were very small with your parents. You remember its potato-like shape and its red eye. You remember wondering what it would be like to sit on the edge of the solar system looking back at the sun and all the planets in-between. "To proceed, please press ENTER. You will be required to solve some puzzles to help the on-board computers learn how to solve them in case they have problems in space."You press ENTER and the screen goes black for a second or two before flickering back to life. On the screen you can see a number of objects that need to placed into containers of a similar shape and size. Much like the shape blocks you played with when you were younger, you have to fit the right shape into the right hole. At first it's quite simple, but as you progress through the program the shapes get more complicated and colours are also introduced. Your work will hopefully aide in the success rate of the mission as the computers will be able to identify more complicated shapes and colours thanks to your input. You have to concentrate more than you thought you needed to, but you enjoy the challenge and soon find your rhythm with very few errors. As you work away, you can see on one of the screens the launch and operations team preparing the launchpad and rocket for your mission scheduled for later that day. Suddenly, there is a cheer from the far part of the operations centre. One of the teams, the European Space Agency, has been working for months on a satellite orbiting the sun. They have just successfully completed a full orbit of the sun. It's the first time any agency has achieved this. You look over briefly to the team high-fiving and hugging. You hope your input will help the Checkpoint Space Agency be as successful as the solar orbiter team, but you know your mission could be more perilous and will take a lot longer to reach Haumea, being so far away and on the edge of our solar system. Inspired by the success of the other team, you work harder than you've worked before trying to connect the shapes and colours to their relevant places. After what seems to be just a few minutes, the program ends. You've completed the exercise and the on-board computer system now has all the information it needs to successfully make its way through the solar system. A notification comes up on the screen thanking you for your time and informing you that your input had increased the chances of success of the mission by 35%. This may not seem like much to you, but it's a significant increase and you only realise how significant it is when you finally look away from the screen and see the rest of the Checkpoint team looking at your screen and clapping, thanking you for your time and knowledge. You feel a sense of pride and an incredible feeling of achievement. You check back on the wall-mounted screen of your mission's launchpad and notice the preparations for the launch of your mission have been completed. You've always wanted to see a rocket launch. You look towards the rest of the team. They know what you're thinking and nod in approval. You respond with a thankful smile and make your way out of the mission control room and through the building to the exit nearest to the launchpad. You step out into the early dusk, it's been hours since you first entered the building and had no idea how long you'd been working on the program that will help your mission. It's still warm and the sky looks as though it's painted with broad strokes of orange, purple and dark blue. You can see the rocket being prepared for launch and find a hillock to sit and watch it from a safe distance. Leaning back against a tree and on a patch of the softest moss you make yourself comfortable. You know you won't have to wait long before it takes off into the ever-darkening night sky. As you finally settle, you can hear the countdown from the speakers on the launchpad. "Five, four, three..."The rockets ignite and there is a brilliant orange light that fills the darkness with warmth. The ground below you rumbles and vibrates, and although you're a distance away from the rocket, the sound is almost deafening. The vibrations and rumbling get stronger and louder as the rocket starts to twitch with movement."Two, one..."The rocket slowly pushes up, like a plant breaking through the soil towards the light.  As it rises, it looks like it'll topple over, but it clears the launchpad, accelerates and the vibrations and rumble start to become fainter. You watch the rocket head towards the cosmos, its rockets still firing at full blast and plumes of white smoke billowing from behind. Soon it becomes harder to see the rocket itself, but you start to imagine the journey the rocket will embark upon. You imagine riding through space and seeing the dusty red hue of Mars before you move to the outer planets. You imagine the gas giant Jupiter and it's cloudy and stormy atmosphere. You think about the rings of Saturn and whether or not there are more rings than you can see from Earth. You imagine floating past Uranus and Neptune - both ice giants and the last planets in our solar system before the dwarf planets, which include Pluto. You can see in your mind's eye the delicate and intricate dances of the planets as they all elegantly orbit our star, the sun. You're finding it hard to keep an eye on the fast disappearing rocket in the night sky. As the burners of the rockets and the rumbles slowly melt into the night, stillness and quiet start to take over again. Comfortable and content, you take one last look at the night sky. The rocket is now a shimmering diamond, like a star, in the velvet sky. You're tired now.You close your eyes transporting yourself back to your earlier daydream of traversing the solar system towards Haumea. You soon drift off to sleep, awaiting your next adventure. Narrated by Cate BarrWritten by Tamer AsfahaniDialogue editing and mastering: Ian AbrahamEdited and produced by Magdoos Media LimitedFor Rhniem xx© 2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
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Jurassic World Evolution

Jurassic World - Evolution Snuggle down and cosy up, for tonight you journey to a prehistoric time to explore the awe-inspiring world of the dinosaurs. You find yourself standing in a large plaza filled with life-sized replicas of the most popular and best loved dinosaurs: Triceratops with its huge face shield and three horns, raptors with their intelligent eyes and aggressive stance and the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex - a formidable apex predator and king of all the dinosaurs.  They tower above you and you shiver at the thought of seeing these creatures in real life. Beyond the sculptures, you see the station from where you will take the train. You will be transported back millions of years to the age of the dinosaurs.  You walk towards the train. Above you a golden sun shines brightly in an intensely blue sky, streaked with wisps of pure white.  In the far distance, dark shadows soar amongst the clouds. They are too far away to see clearly, but in your excitement, you imagine they are Pteranodons: large-winged reptiles from the Late Cretaceous Period. But you quickly realise such formidable carnivores would not be allowed to soar freely in the open skies. With their huge nine-metre wingspan and enormous beak, none of the smaller dinosaurs would be safe if attacked. Climbing aboard the first carriage, you are surrounded by glass on all sides including the roof. Each carriage carries a name plate. This one says EVIE. You hear a familiar beeping that indicates the doors are closing, the train glides out of the station. There is no engine or driver in front of you to block your vision because this monorail is designed to run silently, hovering like magic over the single rail, driven by its huge magnets. You’re not scared, you’ve seen this before and know that the train is controlled from the Operation Centre.  The train takes you on a tour of all the key areas of the park. You observe the laboratories where fossils are examined, and where DNA is used to animate new dinosaurs. You spy the immense aviaries, high up amongst the hills, where the winged reptiles live. Then, elevated only metres above the surface, you pass over vast lakes surrounded by herds of dinosaurs: Ankylosaurus and Sinoceratops. Suddenly, to your surprise, the train descends into a glass tunnel taking you into an underwater world inhabited by the extremely rare freshwater ichthyosaurs. These dolphin-like creatures glide easily between the slender tendrils of the freshwater plants.  Emerging from the tunnel, the train enters an area of dense forest. Looking up through the glass ceiling you see the head of a brachiosaur tearing leaves from the branches overhead as it browses in the upper canopy.   The trees begin to thin, and you find yourself back at the station. You hear the beep again and the doors glide open. You alight from the train and follow a path that leads away from the built-up area.  The path leads you to the Cretaceous Compound. This is the area where the dinosaurs gather together before being escorted to their paddocks for the evening. The perimeter fence is quite low, and you have a clear view of the dinosaurs. To your delight you recognize a Dracorex because of its bony head.  Covered in spikes, it looks exactly like a mythical dragon. Its full name is Draconex Hogwartsia, a name that is familiar to you.  All of a sudden, the air is filled with a low, resonating bass note. It is so loud that the ground beneath you vibrates. Instinctively, you scan the compound until you find a large Parasaurolophus standing on its hind legs with its head held high. The sound is coming from the magnificent bony crest on its head. By forcing air through it, the Parasaurolophus communicates with others in the herd. You are captivated by this magnificent animal and are unable to look away.  Then, with no warning, you are distracted by a commotion on one side of the compound. Two keepers have burst through a gate in the perimeter fence and are running down the path towards you. One of them is holding a large net and they are shouting something at you, but you are too far away to hear them clearly. As you stare at them, your eye catches a glimpse of a brightly coloured shape zig zagging across the path ahead of the keepers. It’s a small dinosaur, the size of a large chicken, and it is running towards you. It is a Compsognathus, and it is a carnivore. Finally, you hear the shouting, you’re being told to wave your arms. You understand that to appear more threatening, and stop the tiny dinosaur, you will need to look bigger and more fearsome than the keepers. You boulder down the path, waving your arms wildly. To your astonishment the Compsognathus stops dead in its tracks and stares you in the eye. You are quite close together and although it is extremely small for a dinosaur, you can see the rows of razor-sharp teeth in its beak. You know that if you stay still for too long, it will attack. You wave your arms again more vigorously this time. To your relief it backs away a little and then, turning on its clawed feet, bolts in the opposite direction. The keepers are ready. You have given them time to close the gap and one lunches forward with a net. The tiny dinosaur is caught. It takes a few moments for you all to get your breath back and for your heart to stop pounding in your chest. The keepers are very grateful for your help and explain that this particular dinosaur is very cunning and is always finding ways of escaping from its enclosure. They thank you again before they take the little tearaway back to its enclosure, but say you can stay for as long as you’d like.  As you watch the keepers disappear down the path you decide to find the Parasaurolophus again. You are keen to hear and see it again. But it’s too late. All of the dinosaurs that were herding had been taken back while you were helping catch the Compsognathus. You’re sad you missed them, but realise that you’re actually quite tired now. This Jurassic world is lush, and vibrant and its air is thick with warmth. The dense undergrowth is inviting, and you find the softest patch of moss you’ve ever seen. It’s too much to resist, so you sit down and rest your back against an unfamiliar tree. You feel the warmth of the sun on your skin. Your eyes are as heavy as the air around you, and they slowly flicker shut. You drift away as you await your next adventure.  Suitable for all ages.Narrated by Jamie Firth Written by Chris Winson-LongleyAudio Editor: Ian AbrahamEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
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Rayman Snuggle down and cosy up, for tonight you embark on a wild adventure with Rayman and the Incrediballs. You find yourself in a large underground passage beneath the floor of a castle. A strange, blue light illuminates the stone walls, cobwebs and old bones that litter the ground. Ahead of you a small, green fluffy-like creature is jiggling in the air. It’s pointing a beam of bright, white light towards the wall. This is Vern, your Seeker, who has rushed ahead and is impatient for you to catch up.   Intrigued, and never disappointed by Vern’s finds, you catch up keen to see what has been found. High above the floor and balanced precariously on a huge iron-clad length of timber, is a Teensie in a cage. These magical creatures are always imprisoned in hard-to-find places. With no hesitation, you run towards a wooden platform positioned just below where the Teensie is trapped.  You leap onto the platform and bounce off to get to the cage. You smash it open and the Teensie escapes. As it flees, you are rewarded with tiny balls of golden light that appear to have wings. Unsure what to do with them, you keep them safe in your pouch.  You are about to jump down when you realise that Vern has gone even higher. Above you the ceiling forms a tall, narrow shaft and Vern is at the top. Bouncing from one side of the shaft to the other, you reach Vern and find a cache of golden coins. They carry the image of a human skull and remind you of pirate treasure. You quickly retrieve them and drop back down into the passage. You notice that Vern is looking tired and may not be able to stay with you for much longer. Even so, Vern leads the way once more. Suddenly, the passageway is flooded with light and you see a scattering of old bones. Vern is hovering over it and looks very excited. Without your trusty Seeker’s guidance, you would’ve ignored this area of the floor. Instead, you jump with all your might on the pile of bones, and they give way. You fall only a short distance and land in a tunnel that forks two ways, left and right. Your instinct is to go right, but Vern is shining a light to the left. You follow Vern’s lead and find the tunnel ends quite abruptly. Chained to the wall is a very excited looking Teensie. You release the Teensie and receive more of the curious golden balls as a reward. You turn around to celebrate the moment only to discover you are alone. Vern has returned to the Sacred Tree to rest. As you continue your journey alone, you discover a section of the floor has been replaced by another large piece of iron-clad timber. You run onto it and jump. It rotates, dropping you into the chamber beneath. Here you find another Teensie. This one is tied to a wooden pole and is very pleased to see you. You untie the Teensie and receive your reward. You miss your friend but are delighted to have found a Teensie without the help of Vern.  You push the piece of timber to get it out of your way. It returns to a horizontal position above your head. You can't go back the way you came in now, so continue down this new passage. After a while it stops at the entrance to a large chamber that glows with a pure, golden light.  You can hear a faint humming sound. As you enter the large underground chamber, you are intrigued to find that a blue creature with a long trunk has joined you. This is Sniff. Infront of you, filling the chamber, are hundreds of the tiny, winged balls. They are radiating a beautiful golden light and the air is filled with the sound of their tiny wings buzzing. Sniff explains that these are Lums and are very precious.  On the ground, beneath the Lum filled air, there are lots of rotund, pink pigs ambling about. Sniff explains that they will allow you to jump on their backs. They will bounce you high into the air so you can catch the Lums. Although you are initially concerned for the pigs, Sniff assures you that they are glad to help; the buzzing of the Lums’ tiny wings annoys them. You jump onto the first pig’s back and are launched, as if on a trampoline, high into the air. The pig squeals with delight as you and Sniff sail through the air capturing Lums. You bounce from pig to pig and soon the chamber is filled with the sound of the pigs delighted squealing.  The Lums you miss are easily captured by Sniff’s long trunk and soon, you have captured them all.  Near the exit from the chamber, you see there is only one pig left. It is standing beneath a torn tapestry that hangs from the wall. You can see a light emanating from behind the tapestry and wonder if you have missed some of the Lums. You jump onto the pig’s back and, now expertly, navigate the high reaches of the chamber. But, instead of finding more Lums, you find crystals. They are a beautiful sky-blue colour, and you collect them quickly. You are pleased because these are the first crystals you've found. As you leave the chamber, you realise that Sniff has left, and you are alone once more. Like Vern, Sniff has returned to the Sacred Tree to rest, exhausted by all the hard work. You too are beginning to tire, but you have one last task to perform.  Leaving the chamber, you find you are in the courtyard of the castle. The surrounding walls are very high and are patrolled by guards. Ahead of you, a wooden path rises into the air and leads to a large nest containing a beautiful silver egg. You have found what you are looking for but, in your rush to get to the egg, you make too much noise. The sound of your footsteps alerts the guards, and they drop one by one onto the path before you. You see they are skeleton pirates. They have long swords and an evil laugh but are easily defeated. You run into the first one and it breaks into a cloud of bones before disappearing into the air. Your confidence has been boosted, and you crash through the rest, scattering them easily. The path is now clear and you can easily reach the nest. You sit down on the path and stare up at the egg. The day has grown old, and the sun is beginning to set behind the castle walls. The silver surface of the egg catches the last of the sunlight and sparkles like a huge diamond. You know that an egg like this will grow the Sacred Tree 20 metres and will contain a very special Incrediball. The day’s work has been exhilarating, but you’re glad it’s coming to an end. You’re tired now.  With the wooden path beneath you and surrounded by the warm air, you find somewhere to settle. The Sacred Tree is too far away for you to reach now; however, the gardens of the castle offer shade and comfort.  You perch on a lower branch of a comfortable looking tree. The air thickens and cools as you slowly close your eyes and drift off, awaiting your next adventure.  Narrated by Cate BarrWritten by Chris Winson-LongleyDialogue Editor: Ian AbeEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
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Sonic The Hedgehog

Suitable for all ages.Narrated by Lucy Roslyn Written by Tamer AsfahaniDialogue Editor: Ian AbeEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
3/26/202113 minutes, 18 seconds
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Wii Sports

Suitable for all ages.Narrated by written by Tamer AsfahaniEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
3/26/202120 minutes, 38 seconds
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Mario Kart Racers

Written and narrated by Tamer AsfahaniDialogue Editor: Ian AbeEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
3/26/202114 minutes, 2 seconds
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Suitable for all ages.Narrated by Lucy Roslyn Written by Chris Winson-LongleyDialogue Editor: Ian AbeEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
3/26/202114 minutes, 33 seconds
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Human Fall Flat

Human Fall Flat Snuggle down and cosy up, for tonight you explore the mind-bending world of Human Fall Flat.   You find yourself standing in the grounds of a large mansion, surrounded by tall, fluted columns, partially constructed walls, and a variety of marble statues. In front of you are steps leading to a small landing. As you walk forwards your body feels very strange. It is as if your bones have softened. Although you can control your muscles, your movements are not as precise as usual. You awkwardly climb the steps and try to stay in the middle. In this new form, you don’t want to get too close to the edge and risk falling from the safety of the platforms, suspended in the sky.   At the top you find a pair of silver doors. You push against them, but they do not move. You notice two buttons to the left of the doors. You’re inquisitive, so you raise your hands to press the buttons. You try to press them using your hands, but it’s harder to precisely control your own movements than you think. Finally, you manage to press a button, but nothing happens. You decide to press the other button with the other hand. Again, nothing happens. You try with both hands, but you find it difficult to control both limbs at the same time. You also learn that your hand can stick to the surfaces if you keep it pressed on them. You make a mental note that once one hand is stuck, it is very difficult to manoeuvre the other. With practice and patience, and after a few attempts, you succeed. The doors glide open. You know it will take time for you to be more confident with your movement.  In the next room you are surprised to find a train has crashed through the balcony of the level above and is partially buried in the floor. To the right of the train a pair of doors is blocked by a heavy container on tiny wheels. You remember how your hands stuck to the wall and wonder if you can use the technique to move objects too. Placing both hands on the container you are pleased to find they stick fast, and you are able to drag the container away from the doors. You release the container and push forward through the doors, careful not to touch them and get stuck.  The door leads you to the next part of the level, and you’re looking down on four rows of what appear to be carriages of some sort. These must belong to the train you saw before. They are lower than the level you are on, but the exit doors are on your level, but on the other side of the carriages. You waddle down some steps to examine them in more detail. They are very large and very heavy. You look around to see if there is any other way to climb to the exit but can find nothing. You stop to figure out what to do next. It isn’t going to be easy to get to the other side.   After some thought, you calculate that by moving the carriages along the tracks, you can line them up in order to walk across their roofs and get to the other side.  It takes a lot of effort to move them and you have to keep checking that you are lining them up correctly. Once they are in position, you climb back up the steps and onto the first carriage. It is then you notice the gaps between the carriages are very wide. You decide to see if you can jump. You miss and fall to the ground. Picking yourself up, you try again. This time, as you jump, one of your hands touches the carriage and sticks. For a moment you are hanging from the side. You let go and fall to the ground. This has given you an idea. This time you raise both of your hands above your head and jump. Your hands stick to the top of the carriage and you are able to pull yourself onto the roof. You repeat the process for the next two rows and arrive on the far side. You press the single button and exit the room.  You find yourself staring at a bright yellow crane with a wrecking ball attached. The ball is hanging by a long chain over the centre of a huge break in the floor which is far too wide for you to jump. Without hesitating, you go as fast as you can towards the ball, and with your hands held high, launch yourself into the air. To your relief, you stick to the ball and it begins to swing. By timing the movement of your body precisely, you increase the swing of the ball until you are past the gap in the floor. You release your grip and land safely next to the crane.  At first there appears to be no exit from this room, but you can see an area of wall that looks different from the rest. You can clearly see the blocks and where they are resting on each other. Climbing aboard the crane you find a lever with a red handle. You grab the handle and move it from side to side. The wrecking ball begins to swing. With each movement of the lever the swing increases until the ball is smashing into the wall. It breaks apart easily. You leave the crane and scramble over the rubble to enter the final room.  Ahead of you is a huge windmill. On your left is a wooden crate and directly in front of you is a large green square set into the floor. You stand on the square and are surprised to see it light up. At the same time, the sails on the windmill begin to turn. It’s a switch. As you get off, the light goes out and the sails stop. You understand that you will need to use the crate to hold the button down. You grab the crate with both hands and drag it over to the switch.  It works. The sails begin to turn.   Arriving at the windmill, you are careful to avoid the heavy sails as they pass just above the ground. When you are ready to make your move, you reach out with both hands and grab one of them as it passes. You are whisked high into the air and are spun around several times before you are able to get your bearings and let go at the right moment.  Landing on the narrow walkway at the top of the windmill you are faced with a giant slide. Its silver body snakes down the whole height of the windmill and ends just before a huge gap in the ground. Beyond the gap, you notice a set of giant steps protruding from the side of a high cliff. You can see that the first step is far too high for you to climb and so you look around for something to help. On the walkway near where you are standing is a wooden barrel. It is just the right height. You grab this with both hands and throw it down the slide. You don’t let go. It takes you with it and together you hurtle to the bottom. Then, right at the end, the slide tips up and you are projected high into the air. You sail over the gap and land near the first step. The cliff looks much higher from where you are standing and you will have to use all your strength and determination if you are to make it all the way to the top.   You position the barrel at the base of the first step. Employing the newly learnt technique you applied to the railway carriages, you jump and scramble your way up each step until eventually you reach a plateau covered in rich green grass. You immediately notice the air is full of birdsong.  There are no walls and no exits from this plateau, and you wonder how to proceed. Further examination of your surroundings reveals a trap door set into the ground. You open it, jump down and find yourself at the beginning of a huge underground tunnel. Looking ahead you see a line of extremely tall stone pillars rising from the ground a long way below. Their tops are level with the ground you are on, but they are spaced far apart. At the end of the line, you see only an expanse of pure blue sky. This is your final challenge. You know you will need to time your movements perfectly. Raising your hands, you leap towards the first pillar. As you grab hold of the top, there is a loud crack, and the pillar begins to topple forward. As it strikes the next pillar, you have only moments to scramble up and leap onto the next one before the one you were on crumbles away beneath you. You pass from pillar to pillar and hurtle towards the end of the line. As you reach the last pillar you realise there is a small landing area that you had not seen from the start. By now you’re much more confident with the way in which your body moves. You time your final jump and land perfectly in the centre of the platform. There is nowhere else to go.   You walk over to the edge of the platform and stare into the intense blue of the sky that surrounds you. You take one final look over your shoulder and remember all the obstacles you have overcome. You are immensely proud of your achievements, but you are also tired.   You know this game and know what you must do. You’ve often wondered what it would feel like to complete one of these levels in real life. You make your way to the edge of the cliff and prepare to leave.  Smiling, you step forward and tumble, weightless, over the edge of the level.  With the warm air cushioning your descent, you start to relax. You close your eyes, and with the soft sound of the wind rushing past, you gently drift off, awaiting your next adventure.  Narrated by Cate Barr Written by Chris Winson-LongleyDialogue Editor: Ian AbeEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
3/17/202120 minutes, 1 second
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Among Us

Among UsSnuggle down and cosy up, for tonight you will walk in the memories of those that came before you in Among Us.You find yourself in a strange and alien landscape. The terrain is rocky and ragged but not too harsh. The rocks are bold, but broken, as if sliced by the icy wind you can start to feel through your clothes and on the nape of your neck. The sky is darker than you expect it to be, but bright enough for you to know its daytime wherever you may be.In the distance you can see a jagged mountain range, smothered with snow collapsing off its side, like a badly baked and decorated cake, until the smothering becomes a dusting further down its steep hills. You shiver at the thought of the cold, and the harsh barren landscape. You are cold enough where you are so decide to find shelter hoping your quest will help you realise where you are. You've walked for a little while now and have been slowly climbing a gentle hill. As you approach the top, you notice an out of place object on the near horizon. It's as large as a small town, but looks abandoned as if it had been placed there in error and then forgotten about. But you recognise this object. You don't know why, you are drawn to it and you decide to investigate further. It's getting darker in this already darker world, and you decide that some shelter in a strangely familiar place is better than none. You're still not sure where you are, and are unaware of any potential dangers, so you resolve to use caution and to stay alert until you're sure you're safe.You reach the strange town just as the last of the day's light fades. Although, instead of going darker, the sky turns a different shade, a greenish hue fills the sky and everything is washed in an ethereal emerald. The landscape around you changes dramatically. The snow-topped mountains in the distance now look like cupcakes with glistening green icing, while the rocks around you look more like precious metals than rocks. There is a magic to this light, but the change makes you nervous and you decide to push through an opening you'd spotted a little while back. As you approach the opening, you notice that the object in fact looks like a crashed spacecraft. Suddenly you remember where you know this place from and recall the little, pink, cat-hat wearing hooded character you played in in this very location - The Skeld! You recall the hundreds of games you engaged in with your friends, your sibling and random others in this very ship. You remember the different areas of the ship well, and the lobby in which you all met in before embarking on the quest to find the Imposter. And you remember being the Imposter, the hiding places, the sabotage and the voting. You loved this game and are keen to take shelter and refuge in a familiar place, comforted by your memories. As you walk through the darkness, the ship's lights automatically flicker on. You can hear your footsteps echoing in the vast and empty corridors of the ship. You pass a door on your right, but it's locked. You can either turn around and head the other way, or continue forward. You think you know where you are, so you push forward and enter the Cafeteria - a place you know well. You're excited to be in the Cafeteria and you quickly decide to see if you can use the vents, as used by the Imposters in the game. To your delight you can, and you travel through the vents to the Admin room. Here you look around and interact with the puzzle before stepping back out to the corridor. You remember the camera here, where you'd look at the other players from the Security room, trying to figure out who the Imposters were and where they were coming from, but only recall crazy dances. You remember doing a dance yourself, and later being told how funny it looked in the Security room. You smile as you head left and through the Storage room towards the Lower Engine room. You decide it would be wise to go to the Security room to just make sure there is nothing unexpected lurking in the corners of the ship. You approach the Security room, but you hear something behind you. It sounds like it's coming from the Reactor room. It's a scuttling sound, and you think you can hear a kind of sobbing. You quickly turn around and head towards the sound and are surprised to see a green character stuck in the vents from the Reactor room to the Upper Engine room. "Hello?" you hear as you walk towards the vent. "Hello! You found me! Thank you so much. Can you please help me out of this vent? I've been stuck here for days and I don't know where everyone else is."As you help Green out of the vent, they explain to you how they were the Imposter and had successfully managed to trick everyone on board. They'd all kicked each other out, and the Green had been chuckling the whole time. But something strange had happened. The other characters hadn't respawned, and the green character, lonely, had started to wander the ship in search for them, but couldn't find them. Then the ship started to suddenly make strange noises, so Green had hidden in the nearest vent in order to be safe. When they'd woken up, everything was quiet and dark, and Green was stuck and couldn't' get out. You're amazed Green has been able to survive and you both enter the Security room. Of course, you can't see inside the rooms, only the outside. You and Green begin to scan the cameras, looking for any movement or anything out of place. Suddenly Green points excitedly at the camera near the Navigation room. The door for the Weapons room seems to be jamming open and shut, as if the electrics had been damaged. You decide to head over there together and both agree the quickest route would be through the Cafeteria. There is a vent in the Security room that leads to the MedBay. From there you can go through the Cafeteria and into the Weapons room through the side door, the door that is hidden by the camera.You jump out of the MedBay and head towards the door. But you quickly remember that it was locked from the outside - you tried to open it when you first came into the ship. You release the lock and you and Green head into the Cafeteria. Both of you try the side door, but it's locked. Inside you can hear noises, but you can't make out what they are. You tell Green to stay put and try to find a way to open the door while you disappear into the vent that leads to the corridor outside the Shields, Navigation and Weapons rooms. You quickly run to the Weapons room and you can see the door jamming. You notice the "Divert Power" button has been damaged, but not badly. You fix the button and release the door. Inside you find seven more players. Pink, Blue, Red, Orange, Purple, White and Black. They come out from their hiding places and start to surround you. Before they can ask anything, Green bursts through the side doors. "You're all ok!" he says with relief.Everyone gathers around Green who recounts what had happened. The group start to giggle, hug and laugh. Green points to you, before leaving the group. "Thank you, there was a glitch with the game, it seems. But you arrived just in time. Everyone is so grateful to you."As he talks, the whole ship comes alive and rises from the ground. You've not only resolved the glitch, but you've released the ship from the ground and reset the game. You thank Green, but hint that you're tired. "Choose any cabin you want!" says Green before heading back to the group.You make your way to the Navigation room. You're always fascinated by the journeys space craft embark on. You sit on the bridge and admire the colourful lights of the screens and are hypnotised by the hum of the engines. Slowly, you feel your eyes get heavy, and your body sinking into the chair. You know you're tired, so you close your eyes and drift away, awaiting your next adventure. Written and narrated by Tamer AsfahaniDialogue Editor: Ian AbeMusic contributions: Jan Strum Edited and produced by Magdoos Media LimitedFor Aiéhla x©2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
2/24/202116 minutes, 38 seconds
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Narrated by Cate BarrWritten by Chris Winson-LongleyDialogue Editor: Ian AbeEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
2/16/202113 minutes, 29 seconds
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Ibb and Obb

Suitable for all ages.Narrated by Tamer AsfahaniWritten by Chris Winson-LongleyEditor: Ian AbeProduced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
2/5/202113 minutes, 54 seconds
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Assemble With Care

Written by Chris Winson-LongelyNarrated by Tamer AsfahaniEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
1/18/202111 minutes, 41 seconds
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Where Cards Fall

Suitable for all ages.Narrated by Cate BarrWritten by Chris Winson-LongleyDialogue Editor: Ian AbeEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
1/12/202111 minutes, 21 seconds
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Beyond Blue

Narrated by Jamie FirthWritten by Chris Winson-LongelyEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
12/7/202014 minutes, 24 seconds
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Princess Zelda

Narrated by Cate BarrWritten by Tamer AsfahaniDialogue Editor: Ian AbeMusic contributions: Jan Strum Edited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
11/10/202016 minutes, 28 seconds
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Planet Coaster

Narrated by Cate BarrWritten by Tamer AsfahaniDialogue Editor: Ian AbeEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
10/23/202012 minutes, 22 seconds
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Suitable for all ages.Narrated by Alexis ConranWritten by Tamer AsfahaniDialogue Editor: Ian AbeEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
8/13/202018 minutes, 47 seconds
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Prince of Persia

Narrated by Jamie HarveyWritten by Tamer AsfahaniDialogue Editor: Ian AbeEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
7/6/202011 minutes, 4 seconds
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Angry Birds

Narrated by Cate BarrWritten by Tamer AsfahaniDialogue Editor: Ian AbeEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
7/1/202012 minutes, 32 seconds
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Zoo Tycoon

Narrated by Cate BarrWritten by Tamer AsfahaniDialogue Editor: Ian AbeEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited© 2021 Magdoos Media Limited - All Right Reserved. ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
6/8/202014 minutes, 17 seconds
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Star Fox Team: Space Fighters

Narrated by Jamie FirthWritten by Tamer AsfahaniDialogue Editor: Ian AbeEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
6/2/202014 minutes, 1 second
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Tearaway Messenger

Narrated by Cate BarrWritten by Tamer AsfahaniDialogue Editor: Ian AbeEdited and produced by Magdoos Media Limited ★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★
5/5/202013 minutes, 43 seconds