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English, Water sports, 1 season, 68 episodes, 2 days, 18 minutes
The USA Swimming podcast series, Kick Set, will feature coaches, athletes and staff members who will share their perspectives on various topics in the swimming world.
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Episode 68: Rowdy Gaines Previews the 2024 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Swimming presented by Lilly

NBC Broadcaster, Rowdy Gaines, joined Kick Set podcast to discuss his experiences at U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Swimming meets and his outlook towards the 2024 event. 
6/13/202447 minutes, 51 seconds
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Episode 67: Daisy Ridley Describes Her Swim Training for Disney's "Young Woman and the Sea"

Renowned actress Daisy Ridley joined USA Swimming's podcast to discuss the swim training that went into filming the Disney movie, "Young Woman and the Sea." From barely being able to go a full length of a pool to shooting scenes in the frigid open water, Ridley has grown a newfound respect for swimmers and the sport in general.
5/30/202421 minutes, 29 seconds
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Episode 66: Bobby Finke On Trials Experience, Florida Training Group and More

In this episode of Kick Set, two-time Olympic champion Bobby Finke discusses his experiences at past U.S. Olympic Team Trials – Swimming and the upcoming event in Indianapolis, stories from the decorated Florida training group, and more. Watch Bobby compete at the upcoming Trials this June:
4/30/202450 minutes, 14 seconds
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Episode 65: How Coach Nic Askew Has Helped the Howard University Swim Program Thrive

When Nic Askew took over the Howard University swim program, the team had not won a dual meet in 15 years. Since Askew took over, he has led the team to new heights as the nation's lone Historically Black College & University (HBCU) swim team.
3/29/202457 minutes, 54 seconds
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Episode 64: American Record, Diving Into Data and MORE with Kate Douglass

Fresh off the heels of her American Record in the 200-meter breaststroke, Kate Douglass joined the podcast to talk about her iconic swim, outlook for the Olympic year, passion for data analysis and more.
1/31/202434 minutes, 54 seconds
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Episode 63: End of Year Recap, Look Ahead to 2024

The Kick Set Podcast crew (hosts Matt Barbini and Elizabeth Beisel and producer Kyle Sagendorph) breaks down some of the highlights, both in and out of the pool, from 2023. They also discuss storylines to look forward to at the 2024 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Swimming and Paris Olympics.
12/27/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 25 seconds
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Episode 62: Jack Alexy on His Approach to Training, World Championships, Golden Goggles and More

Jack Alexy catapulted into U.S. men’s freestyle history when he posted a 47.31 at this past year’s World Championships, making him the second-fastest American in the event’s history. In this episode of Kick Set podcast, he sits down with hosts Matt Barbini and Elizabeth Beisel at the 2023 Golden Goggle Awards to discuss his incredible season and outlook towards the future 
12/20/202345 minutes, 31 seconds
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Episode 61: Paige Madden Describes Winning Gold at Pan American Games

Tokyo Olympian and U.S. National Teamer Paige Madden recently went to Santiago, Chile, for the 2023 Pan American Games. She was named one of the captains of the U.S. swim team and went on to win four medals. In this episode, she describes her experience in Chile while also talking about her difference in perspective between this upcoming Olympic cycle and the last cycle.
11/17/202334 minutes, 55 seconds
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Episode 60: Olivia Smoliga Shares Outlook on the Sport

Two-time Olympian Olivia Smoliga shares what growth in the sport has looked like for her over the years and how she's preparing for the new season ahead. In this podcast, she discusses her recent Worlds experience, the importance of believing in yourself and more.
9/27/202343 minutes, 31 seconds
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Episode 59: Alex Shackell Describes Her First World Championships Experience

Alex Shackell was the second-youngest member of the U.S. roster at the 2023 World Aquatics Championships. She anchored the women's 4x200-meter freestyle relay to silver, swimming alongside Katie Ledecky and going against Australia's Ariarne Titmus. In this podcast, she discusses her Worlds experience, the human element of elite swimmers, her experience at Carmel Swim Club and more.
8/17/202337 minutes, 26 seconds
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Episode 58: Rowdy Gaines Previews 2023 World Aquatics Championships

With a competitive career that is highlighted by three Olympic golds and a broadcasting career that spans eight Olympic Games, Rowdy Gaines shares his insight and expertise on what is shaping up to be an exciting 2023 World Aquatics Championships.
7/20/202353 minutes, 44 seconds
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Episode 57: Olympic Legend Dara Torres

Five-time Olympian Dara Torres talks about how swimming has evolved through the years, becoming a USA Swimming Foundation ambassador, being a mom and more.
6/14/202347 minutes, 8 seconds
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Episode 56: Nick and Gabi Albiero on Pride Month, Sibling Dynamic and Swimming Goals

Roughly a year after publicly coming out, ACC Champion Nick Albiero talks about his individual journey in honor of Pride Month while his sister Gabi shares her perspective as his sister and teammate. Nick and Gabi also discuss the upcoming Phillips 66 National Championships, what it would mean to qualify for an international team together, stroke advice for listeners and more.
6/1/202345 minutes, 36 seconds
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Episode 55: Brennan Gravley on Open Water Nationals and Growing the Sport

Five-time U.S. Open Water National Team member Brennan Gravley talks about his experience in open water. From testing it out as a club swimmer to competing internationally, he shares why open water swimming can be a tremendous opportunity for all swimmers.
4/17/202353 minutes, 18 seconds
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Episode 54: Natalie Coughlin Shares Stories From Iconic Career and Importance of Swim-Life Balance

Twelve-time Olympic medalist Natalie Coughlin joins the podcast to share what she has been up to since retiring and stories from her decorated career. She discusses how important it is to listen to the athlete voice, prioritize mental health and more.
3/30/202351 minutes, 23 seconds
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Episode 53: The Impact that Maritza McClendon has Made on the Sport

In 2004, Maritza Correia McClendon became the first Black female to make a U.S. Olympic swim team and later became the first Black American female to win an Olympic swimming medal. In this episode of Kick Set, Maritza discusses her challenges and triumphs in the sport, as well as how the swimming community can become more inclusive. 
2/27/202341 minutes, 9 seconds
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Episode 52: Olympian Katie Hoff Reflects on Swimming Career and Post-Swimming Life

Two-time Olympian Katie Hoff joined Kick Set to reflect on her career. From making an Olympic team at 15 to having an injury bring her to retirement, Hoff's journey in the sport has helped her to a successful career as a dryland instructor, motivational speaker and author.
1/31/202357 minutes, 14 seconds
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Episode 51: Golden Goggles Blue Carpet Show with Olympians, Paralympians and More!

Hosts Elizabeth Beisel and Matt Barbini set up an open microphone at the 2022 Golden Goggle Awards, welcoming any decorated athlete, coach or presenter who was in attendance in New York.Hear from Katie Ledecky, Jessica Long, Ryan Murphy, Bobby Finke and more! 
12/15/202248 minutes, 14 seconds
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Episode 50: Coach Kathleen Prindle Shares Takeaways From National Select Camp

Performance Aquatics coach Kathleen Prindle was one of the head coaches of the 2022 Boys' National Select Camp, which featured 50 emerging talents training and learning at the Olympic & Paralympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She shares her experiences and takeaways from the camp, including how young athletes can grow both in and out of the pool. 
10/31/202253 minutes, 24 seconds
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Episode 49: Leah Smith on Leadership, Longevity and Perseverance

Shortly after being named to the 2022-2023 U.S. National Team in five events and earning two Golden Goggle Awards nominations, Leah Smith shares what her journey has been like this year after a challenging 2021. 
9/28/202241 minutes, 49 seconds
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Episode 48: Ryan Held and the Return of Duel in the Pool

Olympic gold medalist Ryan Held joins the podcast to discuss his time at the 2022 FINA World Championships, his outlook for the upcoming Duel in the Pool and out-of-the-pool life. 
8/16/202244 minutes, 41 seconds
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Episode 47: Carson Foster Breaks Down Worlds Success and Overcoming Mental Barriers

Fresh off his three-medal performance at the 2022 FINA World Championships, Carson Foster talks about his experience in Europe, his fast times since then and how brain-spotting has helped him grow both in and out of the pool.
7/22/202240 minutes, 12 seconds
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Episode 46: How the 2024 Olympic Trials Time Standards were Built, with Patrick Murphy

Patrick Murphy, USA Swimming's Director of Analytics, joins the podcast to discuss stats and storylines for the upcoming FINA World Championships as well as details on how the 2024 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Swimming time standards were created. For more info on the FINA World Championships, head to For more on Trials, visit
6/15/202241 minutes, 28 seconds
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Episode 45: Abi Liu's Rise from International Medalist to Decorated Coach

Bellevue Club Swim Team head coach Abi Liu discusses her start in swimming, competitive career on the Chinese National Team, transition to coaching and outlook towards coaching the U.S. team at the 2022 Mel Zajac Jr. International Swim Meet in June. 
5/25/202249 minutes, 48 seconds
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Episode 44: Open Water Swimming with Haley Anderson

Three-time Olympian and the only American to ever medal in an Olympic open water event Haley Anderson joins the podcast to reflect on her career, share tips on open water swimming and answer questions from the fans. 
4/25/202234 minutes, 8 seconds
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Episode 43: A Look at Junior Pan Pacs with Coach Brent Arckey

The 2022 Junior Pan Pacific Championships was recently announced to take place in Honolulu, Hawaii this August. Listen in as the head coach for the U.S. team at this year's competition, Brent Arckey, weighs in on what the opportunity means for junior athletes, his coaching experience and more.
4/6/202231 minutes, 9 seconds
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Episode 42: Natalie Hinds Shares Journey from Leaving the Sport to Becoming an Olympic Medalist

After taking time away from the sport in 2016, Natalie Hinds climbed the ranks to become an Olympic bronze medalist in 2021. Hear about her journey in the sport, experiences as a Black female swimmer, her home decor and weaving business and more in this episode of Kick Set.
2/16/202245 minutes, 32 seconds
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Episode 41: The Evolution of Sprint Freestyle with Abbey Weitzeil

Abbey Weitzeil, one of the best freestylers in U.S. history, hops on the podcast to discuss American freestyle, being a leader and good teammate, experiences on U.S. relays, 2021 experiences and responses to fan-submitted questions.
1/25/202255 minutes, 2 seconds
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Episode 40: Legendary Sportscaster Mike Tirico Details Experiences at Trials & Olympic Games

Legendary sportscaster Mike Tirico joined the swimming community this past summer by calling the U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Swimming and serving as the nightly analyst of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020. In this episode, he shares his experiences at both meets, as well as his conversations with Michael Phelps, sportscasting career and even takes time to answer questions from fans. Hosts Elizabeth Beisel and Matt Barbini finish off the episode by reliving their favorite moments from 2021 and what they are looking forward to in 2022 and beyond.
1/3/202238 minutes, 38 seconds
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Episode 39: Dave Salo

Kick Set hosts legendary coach Dave Salo as he discusses the outlook for the upcoming FINA World Championships (25m), Thank You Coach Month and answers some questions that our listeners submitted.
12/3/202148 minutes, 56 seconds
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Episode 38: Your New Hosts, Elizabeth Beisel and Matt Barbini

Kick Set is being passed along to the tandem of three-time Olympian, Elizabeth Beisel, and USA Swimming Director of Performance, Matt Barbini. Get to know the new hosts in this episode as they talk about their dynamic and experiences together, overview of the podcast moving forward and more. 
10/21/202129 minutes, 37 seconds
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Episode 37: Todd DeSorbo

Todd DeSorbo, assistant coach for the 2020 U.S. Olympic Swimming Team and Head Coach at the University of Virginia, details what the past year has been like. From winning the NCAA women's title, to watching his athletes make the Olympic team to what he learned from legendary coaches at Olympic training camp, DeSorbo offers plenty of insight for coaches and swimmers alike.
8/31/202148 minutes, 43 seconds
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Episode 36: U.S. Olympic Swimming Team Preview with Russell Mark

The Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 is nearly here, and USA Swimming High Performance Manager Russell Mark breaks down what the team has been up to over the past few weeks, how they have looked at training camp and what the outlook is heading into Tokyo.
7/16/202132 minutes, 32 seconds
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Episode 35: U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Swimming Preview with Rowdy Gaines

Listen in to this U.S. Olympic Trials - Swimming preview episode with none other than the legendary Rowdy Gaines. All the names, matchups, races to watch and more are covered in this exciting episode to get you ready for Omaha. 
6/3/202127 minutes, 31 seconds
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Episode 34: Cammile Adams

With one month to go until Trials, two-time Olympian Cammile Adams breaks down her experiences in Omaha. Between qualifying for Olympic Teams, a temporary disqualification ruling and more, Adams provides plenty of tips, stories and advice for swimmers and coaches going to Omaha this June.
5/4/202144 minutes, 40 seconds
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Episode 33: Catherine Kase

Catherine Kase, head coach for the U.S. open water team at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, talks about the importance of open water swimming, upcoming Olympic Games, Women's History Month, favorite open water travel stories and more.  
3/30/202134 minutes, 47 seconds
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Episode 32: Shaine Casas

U.S. National Team member and 2019 national champion in the 100-meter backstroke Shaine Casas breaks down his quick rise to becoming one of the country's top swimmers, as well as Black History Month, his outlook for the future of his career and more.
2/22/202135 minutes, 18 seconds
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Episode 31: David Plummer

Olympic medalist David Plummer gives first-hand insight on what the road to the Olympic Games looks like and how positive mentoring and leadership can help a team excel. 
1/7/202147 minutes, 16 seconds
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Episode 30: Madisyn Cox

U.S. National Team member Madisyn Cox talks about her experience competing at the multi-site Toyota U.S. Open, as well as her training & competition schedule changes after COVID-19.
11/24/202027 minutes
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Episode 29: Emmanuel Lanzo

Listen in as Emmanuel Lanzo discusses his upbringing in Puerto Rico and Hispanic Heritage Month, as well as his coaching experiences at Ridgefield Aquatic Club and USA Swimming's National Diversity Select Camp!
10/13/20201 hour, 48 seconds
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Episode 28: Ashley Twichell

2020 Olympic qualifier Ashley Twichell joins Kick Set to discuss her swimming career, qualifying for the Olympics and the importance of water safety!
9/18/202045 minutes, 42 seconds
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Episode 27: Dave Durden

Dave Durden, Tokyo 2020 U.S. Olympic Swimming Team Men's Head Coach, joins Kick Set to discuss what the outlook for the team is at the one-year-out mark to Tokyo.
7/23/202051 minutes, 34 seconds
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Episode 26: Jonty Skinner

Former world record holder, USA Swimming Head of High Performance and NCAA Head Coach Jonty Skinner discusses his paper on record progressions and athlete adaptations!
7/13/202047 minutes, 28 seconds
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Episode 25: Erica Sullivan

U.S. National Team member Erica Sullivan joins Kick Set to discuss her training, Pride Month, her ultimate movie list and her club and international swimming experiences.
6/29/202040 minutes, 38 seconds
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Episode 24: Team of the Decade with Elizabeth Beisel, David Marsh & Rowdy Gaines

A star-studded panel dives into what USA Swimming's "Team of the Decade" would look like for the 2010s.Between Elizabeth Beisel's stories as a teammate, David Marsh's expertise as a coach and Rowdy Gaines' memories from watching these athletes in international competitions, you are NOT going to want to miss this special episode!
6/16/20201 hour, 1 minute, 18 seconds
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Episode 23: Missy Franklin

6x Olympic medalist Missy Franklin joins Kick Set to talk about her career, the USA Swimming Foundation and mental health!
6/3/202042 minutes, 32 seconds
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Episode 22: Cynthia Eubanks

This month's Kick Set features Cynthia Eubanks, Executive Director at Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.For more on Sigma Gamma Rho and their learn-to-swim initiatives, please visit or call (919) 678-9720.
2/29/202038 minutes, 7 seconds
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Episode 21: Keenan Robinson

Keenan Robinson, Director of Sports Medicine & Science at USA Swimming, joins Kickset to give insight on staying healthy on the road, dry-land training, sleep, recovery and more!For more nutritional tips, visit
1/29/20201 hour, 28 seconds
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Episode 20: Bruce Gemmell

Current Nation's Capital and former Team USA Olympic coach Bruce Gemmell joins Kickset to discuss his career, coaching tactics and distance swimming in America.
12/20/201942 minutes, 24 seconds
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Episode 19: Beth Winkowski

Listen in as Dynamo Swim Club Associate Head Coach Beth Winkowski discusses her 15-year coaching career and the 2020 tech suit restriction for 12-and-under swimmers.For more on the upcoming tech suit regulations, visit:
10/30/201936 minutes, 9 seconds
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Episode 18: Kelsi Dahlia

Olympian Kelsi Dahlia talks about training, entering the Olympic year and her involvement with the USA Swimming Foundation programs.For full details about the Swim-a-Thon program, please visit
10/2/201924 minutes, 35 seconds
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Episode 17: Russell Mark

This episode features Russell Mark, USA Swimming National Team High Performance Manager. Russell will talk about his life in Colorado, his experience working with national team athletes and the techniques/skills our national teamers use that can be applied to age group swimmers.
6/19/201950 minutes, 21 seconds
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Episode 16: Chris Webb

This episode features Chris Webb, Athletic Development Specialist for Gambetta Sports Training Systems. Chris covers a variety of subjects including the importance of mentorship, coach wellness, different training perspectives and other insightful swimming topics.
4/17/20191 hour, 11 minutes, 3 seconds
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Episode 15: Kathleen Prindle

This episode features Kathleen Prindle who is the head coach & founder of Performance Aquatics in South Florida. Kathleen is a current ASCA Level 5 coach and serves as the Vice President of the American Swim Coaches Association Board of Directors. This conversation is centered around Kathleen's experience in the sport as a coach and business professional. She discusses her core values and how other women in sport have impacted sports in general. Kathleen is a dynamic spirit who is willing to offer her areas of expertise to anyone in need and is constantly reaching out to grow her network and knowledge base.
3/20/201955 minutes, 39 seconds
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Episode 14: Kate Lundsten

This episode features Kate Lundsten who is the head coach of the Aquajets Swim Team in Minnesota. Kate tells her story about her relationship with swimming and how she found success in her coaching career. On multiple occasions, she has been selected as an assistant coach for the USA National and USA Junior National Teams. Most recently, she was named Head Women's Coach for Team USA at the 2017 FINA World Junior Championships. Tune in to hear her story!
2/20/201934 minutes, 7 seconds
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Episode 13: Jon Urbanchek

This episode of Kick Set features USA Swimming National Team Technical Advisor Jon Urbanchek. Jon is an exceptional storyteller and takes you through his timeline working in the sport of swimming. He also provides insight into our prospects for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.
1/16/201935 minutes, 24 seconds
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Episode 12: Maya DiRado & Connor Jaeger

This episode features Olympians Maya DiRado and Connor Jaeger. They discuss their journey in the sport of swimming and how they navigated the transition from professional athlete to business professionals.
12/19/201844 minutes, 33 seconds
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Episode 11: Matt DiLorenzo

This episode features Matt DiLorenzo, Chief Executive Officer at TYR Sport. This episode discusses DiLorenzo's journey in the sport of swimming and the new TYR Venzo suit which will hit the pool in January 2019. DiLorenzo talks about the process that went into the suit design, how TYR worked with Olympians to fine tune the technical aspects of the suit and what it means to be a part of the TYR family.
11/28/201828 minutes, 55 seconds
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Episode 10: Chuck Batchelor

This episode features Chuck Batchelor, head coach at Bluefish Swim Club. Chuck talks about his career in swimming leading up to Bluefish, his experience coaching high level young athletes, how he advocates for his athletes leading into college, the journey of coaching Elizabeth Beisel and how he continues to celebrate his love for food despite dietary restrictions!
10/23/201844 minutes, 16 seconds
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Episode 9: Arthur Albiero

This episode features Arthur Albiero, head swimming coach at the University of Louisville. Arthur talks about his journey in swimming, his experience coaching at the NCAA level and how he has worked to grow his program.
9/19/201840 minutes, 26 seconds
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Episode 8: Tim Hinchey

This episode features Tim Hinchey, President & CEO of USA Swimming. Tim talks about his path that led him to USA swimming, the exciting things happening in our sport and where we are going in the future.
8/16/201835 minutes, 1 second
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Episode 7: Gregg Troy

This episode features Gregg Troy who was the 2012 USA Men’s Olympic Team head coach and 2017 U.S. World Championship team assistant coach. Coach Troy recently retired as the head coach of the University of Florida men's & women's swimming teams. Coach Troy will talk about his experience in the sport and share his perspective on various topics in swimming.
7/19/201833 minutes, 4 seconds
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Episode 6: G Ryan

G Ryan is a former National Team athlete and recent graduate from the University of Michigan. They swam outside of the traditional gender binary, while identifying as trans, non-binary and genderqueer. G shares their story and talks about how to create a safe and inclusive environment for all athletes, coaches and administrators on your team.
6/20/201828 minutes, 30 seconds
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Episode 5: Allison Schmitt

In this episode of Kick Set, Olympian Allison Schmitt talks about her journey in the sport of swimming and brings awareness to the importance of mental health.
5/16/201836 minutes, 10 seconds
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Episode 4: Brendan Hansen

This episode features Olympian Brendan Hansen. Brendan is now the head coach of Austin Swim Club and the general manager of Austin Aquatics & Sports Academy. Brendan will talk about his experience as an elite athlete in the sport, his coaching goals and perspectives and how he built his program from the ground up.
4/18/201840 minutes, 15 seconds
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Episode 3: Lindsay Mintenko

This episode features Lindsay Mintenko who is the USA Swimming National Team Managing Director. Lindsay will talk about her experience in the sport as an athlete from the age group level to the 2000 & 2004 Olympic Teams, the importance of a work-life balance for everyone, especially coaches, and the exciting changes we can expect as we move forward to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.
3/21/201829 minutes, 15 seconds
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Episode 2: Allison Beebe

This episode features Allison Beebe who is the High Performance Coach at Santa Clara Swim Club. Allison will talk about her creative coaching ideas, mentorship in the sport and her experience coaching elite athletes like Olympian Simone Manuel.
2/21/201820 minutes, 15 seconds
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Episode 1: Greg Meehan

In this episode of Kick Set, we'll be joined by Greg Meehan, Director of Women's Swimming at Stanford University, as he touches on the impact sports had on his life growing up in Philadelphia, the importance of relationship building and mentorship and other topics coaches are dealing with in and out of the pool today.
1/16/201833 minutes, 46 seconds