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English, Education, 1 season, 13 episodes, 7 hours, 34 minutes
This is a Bermuda Real Estate Podcast focusing on the different aspects of the industry. Join our hosts Ben Rego & Daniel Woods as they speak on their experiences and interview guests in Bermuda's Real Estate. As someone who maybe new to the real estate or someone who has well experienced, you can expect a very in-depth conversation covering various topics inside the industry.
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S2 EP1: Keys to Mortgages

It's our season 2 premiere of Keys 2 The Rock! Don’t miss Daniel and Ben's  convo with Kareem James, (Senior Relationship Manager) from Bermuda Commercial Bank.We discuss the role in which banks play when applying for mortgages. Additionally, Kareem shares valuable details regarding the Government Guarantee Program currently on offer.
3/19/202341 minutes, 30 seconds
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Episode 12: Keys to Structural Surveys

For our season finale, Ben & Daniel are joined by Mark Jordan of OnSite Engineering to discuss the importance of structural surveys. Tune in as we walk through their role during home buying or selling process. Additionally, Ben gives us a year-end market overview and Daniel shared news of his recent achievement in the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.
11/30/202230 minutes, 14 seconds
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Episode 11: Keys to Home Essentials & Entertaining

What's two things Bermudians love to do for or with their property??? If you guessed shopping & entertaining, you're absolutely right!In this episode, we have some very relatable conversation about the above mentioned with Danielle Paynter of The Nab App & Elizabeth Blankendal from EETTAFEL. The enthusiastic discussion provides a number of helpful tips and tricks that would benefit anybody trying to fit out or entertain within their home.Also, Ben and Daniel discuss the current local rental market and share need to know info for purchasing a property which already has a tenant.
8/7/202237 minutes, 26 seconds
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Episode 10: Keys to Landscaping

In this episode, Sean Adams of Horti-Tec Bermuda joins the guys to share helpful tips around lawn care. Listen in as we have a relatable conversation surrounding the curb-appeal benefits of landscaping. Additionally, Dan gives a brief background on ‘listed properties’ & Ben gives us a market commentary for sales and rentals.
5/5/202231 minutes, 2 seconds
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Episode 9: Keys to Property Law

On this episode we have Mathew Kelly, partner at Hamilton Legal, joining us to share all of the need-to-know information when going through the sale or purchase of a property. Listen in as we cover a wide array of topics including ARV’s, international buyers, stamp duty, foreshores & checklists for both buyers and sellers.Video podcast episode is now available on YouTube or you can check out your fav podcast app for audio only! Just search "Keys 2 The Rock".See our link in Bio 🇧🇲🏡🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑#keys2therock #keystotherock #k2tr #bermuda #realestate #propertyskipperWebsite - keys2therock.comInstagram - @keys2therockApple Podcasts - - - -
3/30/202245 minutes, 15 seconds
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Episode 8: Keys to Property Skipper

We’re back with the great episode eight! For our latest episode, we are joined by Peter Goodall, creator, founder and managing director of Peter alongside Daniel and Ben discuss the latest Property trends, figures and other fascinating information gathered from the local portal. Peter also drops some hints about what we may have in store for the future of Property Skipper!Listen in while we discuss recent local statistics, address frequently asked question and gain a better understanding of the future of property in Bermuda. If you aren’t familiar with Property Skipper and its tools, make sure to check out the website!Video podcast episode is now available on YouTube or you can check out your fav podcast app for audio only! Just search "Keys 2 The Rock".See our link in Bio 🇧🇲🏡🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑🔑#keys2therock #keystotherock #k2tr #bermuda #realestate #propertyskipperWebsite - keys2therock.comInstagram - @keys2therockApple Podcasts - - - -
2/28/202234 minutes, 32 seconds
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Episode 7: Keys to Vacation Homes

In this episode, Tiara Wilson of Crown Point BDA joins Ben and Daniel to share helpful tips for anyone considering vacation rentals. Listen in as we have a relatable conversation that provides viewers with an in-depth analysis of the market and a step-by-step guide to help them on their vacation home journey.Website - keys2therock.comInstagram - @keys2therockApple Podcasts - - - - WoodsIG - - RegoIG - -
1/20/202238 minutes, 9 seconds
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Episode 6: Keys for New Agents

Selling Sunsets, Million Dollar Listing..... psssshhhh. Are you ready to hear the truths about being a new real estate agent? Listen in as Rachel Sawden & Thosh Williams of Rego Sotheby’s International Realty share their authentic experience which uncover alot of common misconceptions reality tv might have you believe. Link in Bio 🇧🇲🏡 Or Available on your fave podcast app and Youtube! Just search "Keys 2 The Rock".
12/3/202135 minutes, 53 seconds
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Episode 5: Keys to Construction

Episode 5: Keys to Construction. This episode features Alex DeCouto of Greymane Contracting Ltd and we dig deep into all of the need to know information about construction. Listen in, as he shares helpful tips and answers the most frequently asked construction questions. Furthermore, Ben shares some interesting millenial statistics gathered from a recent survey.
9/8/202136 minutes, 25 seconds
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Episode 4: Keys to Home Insurance

In this episode, Damian Pitcher from CG Insurance talks all things property insurance with Ben and Daniel. Listen in as we have an in-depth conversation that gives informative tips for all home owners from the insurance company perspective. Ben and Daniel in the spirit of Cup Match, share their market analysis on the unique markets of Somerset & St. George's.
8/12/202134 minutes, 19 seconds
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Episode 3: Keys to Solar

In this episode, Ben and Daniel are joined by Cameron Smith of Greenlight Energy Ltd. The guys have an enthusiastic discussion on the renewable energy opportunities that exist within adding solar to your property. Ben also details some important information for buyers, while Daniel shares brief insight on how to get involved in the real estate industry.Apple PodcastsYoutubeSoundcloudSpotifyDaniel WoodsIGTwitterBen RegoIGFacebook
6/25/202130 minutes, 31 seconds
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Episode 2: Keys to Banking

In this episode, Ben and Daniel are joined by Steven Simons of HSBC Bank Bermuda Limited. They dive into the role that the banks play within real estate transactions and share all the need to know information when dealing with a lending institution.Share Episode OnFacebookTwitterLinkedInMore OptionsEmail Link to Episode CopyDirect Link to MP3 Copy Download MP3Embed this ONE EpisodeView Episode Stats
6/1/202132 minutes, 30 seconds
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Welcome to the Keys to the Rock Podcast. This first episode is just us speaking on our backgrounds and what we look to bring to this podcast. Youtube - - Spotify - WoodsIG - Twitter - RegoIG - -
3/25/202127 minutes, 4 seconds