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Keep Thinking w/Four Candles

English, Electronic Dance, 1 season, 10 episodes, 18 hours, 54 minutes
Keep Thinking is a record label developed through a strong bond between DJ's, producers and party lovers that exists to showcase established artists who continue to break the mould, whilst enabling access for fresh talent into the spotlight of the truly underground. Keep Thinking podcasts offers exclusive access to our resident DJ and artist roster mixes, which can include access to tracks that are yet to be released! Mix subscription is FREE. We hope you enjoy and please remember to support your favourite artists by purchasing their tracks legitimately. ----------------- Keep Thinking Releases: Web: Facebook: Twitter: @keepthinkinguk Demo Submissions: demos(at)
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Episode 53: 053 - Global Progression Special

**NOTE** After 10 years of podcasting, the Keep Thinking team have made the decision to publish all of our future mixes through MIXCLOUD only. The Keep Thinking show will remain free to listen to through Mixcloud, as it always has been!If you wish to contnue listening to the show, you can by searching for 'Four Candles' or 'Keep Thinking' in the MIXCLOUD app. This episode takes a lookback over 2021 in the first hour, followed by an exclusive guest mix for the Global Progression team. You can check out Global Progression over at - they have a real selection of quality mixes and a great community for all you progressive house lovers.Ciao for now,Kris (Four Candles)
1/5/20221 hour, 58 minutes, 39 seconds
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Episode 52: Keep Thinking Episode 052 // Tracks from Analog Jungs, Sean Harvey, Stereo Underground, Torsten Fassbender and more...

Part 1 - Four Candles 1 Costa Dades - Nadra (Solar Kings Remix) [Harabe] 2 Stan Seba - Moving Targets (Frømme Remix) [ Another Life] 3 Quivver - Atomised [Bedrock] 4 Andrea Cassino, Lio Q - Asante (Sebastian Sellares Remix) [Proton] 5 Forty Cats, Meeting Molly - Lagom [Juicebox] 6 Izhevski, Lost Desert - Svezhiy Veter [Souksonic] 7 Dan & Dan - Imminent Eternity (Four Candles Remix) [ARRVL] 8 1MRN - It Lies Beneath Us (Four Candles Remix) [Keep Thinking] 9 Golan Zocher - Ready to Fly ft. Rona (IL) (Stereo Underground Instrumental Remix) [Clubsonica] 10 Analog Jungs - Basanta (Torsten Fassbender Remix) [Mango Alley] 11 DNYO - Sensoria [Juicebox] 12 EANP - Stereograms [Replug] 13 Michael A - Returnal (Nicholas Van Orton Remix) [Balkan Connection] 14 Bàkayan - Kum Gibi [Kindisch] 15 Tash, Starkato - Identity (D [Movement] 16 Temple Tears - Mycelium [KATTERMUKKE] 17 Killahurtz - Return To West On 27th (Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia Remix) [Guerilla Movement] 18 Albuquerque, Foletto - Hamlet [Stripped] 19 Paul Thomas - 1989 (Ucros Extended Remix) [UV] 20 Andrés Moris - Stomper [Or Two Strangers] 21 Sean Harvey - Darker Marches [1980]
11/15/20211 hour, 59 minutes, 56 seconds
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Episode 50: 051 - Then & Now - October Proton Mix

Track ID's on request.
10/7/20211 hour, 59 minutes, 56 seconds
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Episode 51: 051 - 2017 Throwback! Steve McGrath & Feemarx Mixes - Tracks from Pastaboys, Feemarx, Agoria & More

Part 1 - Steve McGrath Throwback1 Pastaboys Feat. Osunlade - Deep Musique (Rampa Remix) [Rebirth] 2 Tigerskin & K.E.E.N.E - Lust Ft. Elli (David Mayer Remix) [Connected] 3 Nhar - Deltavox [Crossfrontier Audio] 4 Sasha Ft. Policia - Out Of TIme [Kompakt] 5 Agoria - Alluvion [Innervisions] 6 Confute - Follow Up (Sebastian Markiewicz Remix) [Compatible Music] 7 Freemarx - Gramame [Not Another] 8 Freemarx - Dusted [Not Another] 9 Audion - Mouth To Mouth (C2s Ending Credits Remix) [Spectral Sound]Part 2 - Feemarx Live from Disconnect@Recife, Brazil
10/6/20211 hour, 59 minutes, 35 seconds
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Episode 49: 049 - CVBox, Bonobo, Budakid, Khen & More!

Part 1 - Four Candles1 cvbox - Fenta [Uncanny Valley]2 Oliver Koletski & Walter Scalzone - Cryptozoology [Stil Vor Talent]3 Bonobo & TEED - 6000 Ft. [OUTLIER]4 Budakid - Silent Summer [Lost & Found]5 Tim Green - Silent Parade [Shanti Radio Moscow]6 Anton MAKe - Arepo (John Cosani Remix) [Mango Alley]7 Sergey Muzarks - Mirage (Weird Sounding Dude Remix) [Clubsonica]8 Nicolas Ruiz - Agartha (Baunder Remix) [Belong To Label]9 Bonobo - Linked [Ninja Tune]10 ANMA & Chat Bizarre - Atitlàn (Four Candles Remi) [ICONYC Noir]11 Khen - Some Little Secrets (Original Mix) [Warung]12 Tenerfuse - Empty Island [ICONYC Noir]13 Mariano Mellino & Paula OS - Misery (Baunder & Folgar Remix) [DJ MAg Latinoamerica]14 Souls of Existance & ANNEN - Dancing IN Your Eyes [Radikon]15 Alex O'Rion - Echium [Meanwhile]16 Corridors - Snapshots of a Memory [Qilla Records]17 Nightbob - Let's See What Happens [IN2U Records]18 LTN & Ghostbeat - The Wanderer [Monstercat]19 Soul Button - God Save The Rave [Steyoyoke]20 MINDSKAP & Krishno - Relentless [MINDSET]21 Thomas Gandey, Ubbah & Brigado Crew - Find You [Stil Vor Talent]
6/3/20211 hour, 59 minutes, 59 seconds
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Episode 48: 048 - Tracks from GHEIST, Ranj Kaler, Robert Bell & More

5/6/20211 hour, 59 minutes, 58 seconds
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Episode 47: Guest Mix: Sean Harvey // Tracks from Scippo, DOMA, Tenerfuse & Arkatekt & more...

Part 1 - Four Candles1 Scippo - Extend [Pangea Recordings]2 ID - ID (Four Candles Remix) [ID]3 Sean Harvey - Neves [Keep Thinking]4 DOMA - Rainbow [OMNIA Rec]5 Tenerfuse & Arkatekt - Charge [Keep Thinking]6 DOMA - Unforgettable [OMNIA Rec]7 Tenerfuse & Arkatekt - Wonder [Keep Thinking]8 ID - ID (Four Candles Remix) [ID]9 DOMA - Memories [OMNIA Rec]Part 2 - Sean Harvey1 Cuartero - Wavy Distance (Paco Osuna Remix)2 Meet Dub & Nia BlaQ - Inamorat (Laydee V Remix)3 Mihalis Safras - Mapa4 Antrim - Or Two Strangers5 Antrim - Desire 6 Kiko - Echoes Of Light7 Universe - Within You8 Dj Fronter & Julian Millian - Meeting Point9 Sean Harvey - Gainpusher [Keep Thinking]10 Sean Harvey - ID [ID]
4/11/20212 hours
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Episode 46: 046 - Tracks from JFR, Sean Harvey, Riko Forinson & more!

1 Jan Johnson & Paul Sawyer - One Step Beyond (Simon Sinfield Sunset Chill Instrumental Mix) [Krafted]2 Zodiac - Serengetti [Hypercolour]3 EdOne - Cramp [Bedrock]4 Sidewalker & Stylez - Demon Drive (Dmitry Molosh Remix)5 Sebastian Sellares - Jinsei [Proton]6 Abstrakted - Haze (Four Candles Remix) [LAIKA Sounds]7 Marsh - Lost In You [Anjunadeep]8 Polar Inc. - Journal [This Never Happened]9 JFR - I Lost Myself [onedotsixtwo]10 Anders. - Felter [Loki Recordings]11 ID - ID [ID]12 Tom Hades & Marco Bailey - Stars & Shines [Bedrock]13 Whorisky - Insation [Full Tilt Recordings]14 Riko Forinson - Atmodpheric Inclination [Omnia]15 ID - ID [ID]16 Fredo Guerre & Francisco Ruiz - Little Helpers 361 [Little Helpers]17 Sean Harvey - Whenever [PL7]18 Frankllin - Phantazium [Mavic Music]19 Stan Kolev - Harmonic Convergence [Outta Limits]20 Valtella Jr. - Lost [Natura Viva Black]21 Lesley Manson - Ares [Sound On Sound]
3/5/20211 hour, 59 minutes, 57 seconds
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London Music Radio: Guest Mix

1. ID – ID [Keep Thinking]2. Marino Canal – Curious Eyes [Siamese]3. ID – ID 4. Disarmed – Disarmed (Lovestrukk Remix) [Ouïe]5. Abstrakted – Haze (Four Candles Remix) [Laika Sounds]6. Ranj Kaler – Lotus79 (Four Candles Remix) [Keep Thinking]7. Matan Caspi – Blue Mamba {Outta Limits]8. Rauschhaus & GRAZZE – Panaji [Sudbeat]9. Stan Kolev – At Every Moment (Teklix Remix) [Outta Limits]10. ID – ID11. Sidewalker & Stylez – Demon Drive (Dmitry Molosh Remix) [BluFin]12. Around Us – Hydraulic (VeeQue Remix) [ARRVL]
2/18/202156 minutes, 2 seconds
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Episode 45: 045 - Tracks from Matan Caspi, Martin Landsky, DJ Samer, Swoose & More

1. Marino Canal - White Atlas [Siamese Records]2. GMJ & Matter - Lost In Oringina (Imran’s 4am Mix) [Meanwhile]3. Liam Sieker - The Forest ft. Alice Campbell (Weird Sounding Dude Remix) [Open Records]4. Dabeat - Free To Imagine [Freegrant Music]5. Four Candles & Ross Geldart - Fixation (DJ Bird Remix) [Consapevole Recordings]6. Four Candles - ID7. Stas Drive - I Feel Her Butterfly (Four Candles Remix) [Keep Thinking]8. Nicolas Navarro - Soul Gemini [Old SQL]9. Jonathan Kaspar - Kali [VOD]10. Extractor - Spring Chorus [Crossfade Sounds]11. Met Blue - Atop Th= Water (Four Candles Remix) [Keep Thinking]12. Oxia - Domino (Frankey & Sandrino Remix) [Sapiens]13. Ranj Kaler - ID (Four Candles Remix) [Keep Thinking]14. Matan Caspi - Mannequin [Outta Limits]15. Martin Landsky - Triage [Rejected]16. DJ Samer - Free Your Mind [Bedrock Records]17. Swoose - Lotus [Lost Palms]18. Jack Lazarus - Indigo (Four Candles Remix) [ICONYC Noir]19. ID - ID (Four Candles Remix) [Laika Sounds]20. Simon Sinfield - Elevation [Krafted Underground]21. Ohm & Kvadrant - Skagerak [KONTAKT]22. Four Candles - ID23. Innere Tueren - Eden (Version) [KANN]
2/4/20212 hours, 2 seconds