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English, Cultural, 1 season, 40 episodes, 1 day, 15 hours, 55 minutes
They come from two different sides of the political spectrum: John Kasich, former Governor of Ohio and 2016 Republican presidential candidate; and Jordan Klepper, a liberal comedian best known for his viral videos interviewing MAGA supporters for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. In this weekly talk show podcast, the pair will come together to scream their differing political opinions at each other for an hour… just kidding. Sure, there will be some political debate, but Kasich & Klepper’s discussions will more often explore the common ground of their shared interests. They’ll dive into conversations about parenting, leadership, pop culture, mental health, and more — all with a good sense of humor and a whole lot of jokes at each other’s expense. Along the way, Kasich & Klepper will be joined by high-profile guests from all walks of life — musicians, athletes, activists, politicians, and much more — each of whom will share their unique perspectives on modern life’s biggest questions. Together, Kasich & Klepper will have thoughtful, engaging, and downright hilarious conversations to demonstrate the power of mutual understanding in a polarized world. Listen, subscribe, and go to for more.
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Introducing 'Paul Giamatt's CHINWAG with Stephen Asma'

🐘🐘🐘 "CHINWAG" is the newest podcast from Treefort Media, and we're inviting you to sample it here first! Paul Giamatti (yes, THE award-winning actor and producer) & Stephen Asma (aka the Professor) join forces for a freewheeling series of conversations that dive deep (like, really, really deep) into the wilderness of the mind. Featuring prominent guests from diverse fields, Chinwag is esoteric in the best way possible, as Paul and Stephen delve into anything and everything: Are we living in a simulation? What’s the most perfect sentence in literature? Is Bigfoot interdimensional? What does Preet Bharara have to say on unlikely topics: UFOs, conjugal relations with chickens, flowers on Mars, the opposable thumbs of aliens, stamp collecting, and the poetry of law? It’s all fair game on CHINWAG! Unexpected, hilarious, and maybe even profound — Chinwag is all about having a really, really good chat. Checkout for more information. 🐘🐘🐘 Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
6/8/20232 minutes
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Introducing: Kasich & Klepper

In this weekly series premiering Jan. 27th, former governor of Ohio John Kasich and The Daily Show’s Jordan Klepper team up to discuss the country’s biggest cultural conversations with optimism, understanding, and humor. Featuring special guests. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
1/19/20222 minutes, 55 seconds