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English, Computing/Technology, 1 season, 16 episodes, 18 hours, 54 minutes
Patrick McKenzie (patio11) blogs on software development, marketing, and general business topics
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Kalzumeus Podcast Episode 14: Running A Business Portfolio with Jonathan Siegel

Jonathan Siegel is a buddy of mine who lives in Tokyo. I can’t decide whether I’m more floored by the fact that he runs five businesses at once or has eight kids. He recently wrote a book The San Francisco Fallacy, mostly to share his experience with running software businesses...
5/10/201750 minutes, 34 seconds
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Kalzumeus Podcast Episode 13: Selling Online Businesses With Thomas Smale

I sold Bingo Card Creator, the business I’m probably best known for, through FEI last year. Thomas Smale, the principal of that brokerage, is now a buddy of mine, and he agreed to chat with me a bit about what goes into buying and selling online businesses. I think it...
8/26/201649 minutes, 44 seconds
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Kalzumeus Podcast Episode 12: Salary Negotiation with Josh Doody

Several years ago I wrote a blog post on salary negotiation for engineers. This probably created more value than anything else I’ve ever written — I have a folder in Gmail with thank-you messages from people, and my running total is something north of $2.3 million in added salary per...
6/3/201650 minutes, 29 seconds
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Kalzumeus Podcast Episode 11: Bootstrapping vs. Raising Money

Keith and I are joined by special guest Jay Winder, CEO of MakeLeaps, in this 11th episode of the podcast.  We talk a bit about doing business in Japan, raising money vs. bootstrapping as a SaaS company, how AngelList is going to eat the world, and the usual eclectic mix of topics....
2/26/20151 hour, 1 minute, 45 seconds
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Kalzumeus Podcast Episode 10: Putting the “Family” in Family Business

Keith and I are back with the 10th episode of the podcast.  This time we’re talking about our wives and kids, how much they mean to us (lots!), and how we try to fit being good husbands/fathers around our mutual desire to keep growing the businesses.
1/15/201553 minutes, 46 seconds
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Kalzumeus Podcast Episode 9: Customer Onboarding With Samuel Hulick

Samuel Hulick, one of the guys I trust most with regards to SaaS user onboarding, joined us for this episode of the podcast.  I met Sam first when he was writing a book on the topic.  The best evidence I can give you for the proposition “Sam knows more than the...
10/15/20141 hour, 15 minutes, 54 seconds
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Kalzumeus Podcast Episode 8: High Touch Software Sales with Steli Efti

I recently met Steli Efti, founder of, in Palo Alto, and did a podcast episode with him.  Transcript and links below as per the usual.
7/24/20141 hour, 17 minutes, 52 seconds
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Kalzumeus Podcast Episode 7: Launching New Products

Keith and I recorded a new episode of the podcast last year, but we didn’t get around to releasing it.
6/19/20141 hour, 54 minutes, 41 seconds
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Kalzumeus Podcast Episode 6: Teaching As Marketing

Happily, there are many ways to productize your relationships with customers or your expertise as a consultant.
8/27/20131 hour, 28 minutes, 59 seconds
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Kalzumeus Podcast 5: Quitting Consulting Via Productization

Keith Perhac and I are back with the 5th epsiode of the Kalzumeus podcast.
7/17/20131 hour, 14 minutes, 47 seconds
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Kalzumeus Podcast 4: Apps That Matter, Angel Investing, and B2B Sales with Matt Wensing of Stormpulse

Matt Wensing from Stormpulse (disclaimer: I’m an investor, long story below) generously took some time off of managing the nation’s severe weather risks to appear on our podcast.  (Keith Perhac couldn’t be with us when we taped this, as he was celebrating the birth of his second daughter.)  It’s been...
4/8/20131 hour, 36 minutes, 12 seconds
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Kalzumeus Podcast 3: Growing Consulting Practices, with Brennan Dunn

Keith Perhac and I recorded our 3rd podcast episode with special guest Brennan Dunn.  Listen to it (or read the transcript) for:
10/10/20121 hour, 32 minutes, 34 seconds
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Ramit Sethi and Patrick McKenzie On Why Your Customers Would Be Happier If You Charged More

NYT bestselling author Ramit Sethi and I continued our earlier discussion about getting your first consulting client by addressing a common pain point for freelancers/consultants, particularly those just starting out: how do you price your offering?
9/21/201238 minutes, 55 seconds
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Ramit Sethi and Patrick McKenzie on Getting Your First Consulting Client

Patrick notes: Hiya long-time blog readers.  Last year I wrote two articles on career advice for young engineers, largely informed by conversations with a buddy of mine, Ramit Sethi.
9/17/201250 minutes, 57 seconds
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Kalzumeus Podcast Ep. 2 with Amy Hoy: Pricing, Products, And Passion

Keith and I recorded the second podcast, this time with special guest Amy Hoy. (If you missed the first podcast, see here.) We’re still searching for a format which really works for us, so this is a work in progress. Please share your thoughts with us on what you like/don’t...
5/18/20121 hour, 19 minutes, 31 seconds
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Inaugural Kalzumeus Podcast: Japan, Startups, A/B Testing, And More

Hiya guys.  My good friend Keith and I decided to do something a little different and tried recording a podcast.  We’re still rather new at this, so it took for form of a freewheeling conversation.  Major topics included:
12/1/20111 hour, 17 minutes, 40 seconds