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English, Technology, 5 seasons, 58 episodes, 1 day, 1 hour, 57 minutes
JUXT are a software engineering firm. We build, we consult and we share our many libraries with the community. We choose to only use one programming language, Clojure, and in this podcast we will talk about various things related to what's going on in the company at the time.
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S5E8 - JUXT Cast: Sane Query Languages — with Prof. Viktor Leis

Episode Notes Our guest is Prof. Viktor Leis, a Full Professor in the Computer Science Department at the Technical University of Munich. His research revolves around designing high-performance data management systems and includes core database systems topics such as query processing, query optimization, transaction processing, index structures, and storage. [0] In this episode we discussed a paper that Viktor recently co-authored with Thomas Neumann, titled "A Critique of Modern SQL And A Proposal Towards A Simple and Expressive Query Language", for CIDR 2024. [2] Beyond the specifics of SQL, many other topics are touched on also including: machine learning in the database, a critique of PostgreSQL, and the potential for massive performance gains in the world of practical database systems. Notes: [0] [1] [2] [3] [4]
3/21/202453 minutes, 8 seconds
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S5E7 - UK Post Office Horizon Scandal

Episode Notes Andras Gerlits' work: Andras Gerlits' blog:
1/23/20241 hour, 10 minutes, 53 seconds
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Rama and its Clojure API — with Nathan Marz, Founder & CEO of Red Planet Labs

Episode Notes In October 2023, Nathan Marz announced the Clojure API to Rama, a new programming platform for building distributed applications that was released last August. Red Planet Labs revealed Rama for the first time by building and operating a Twitter-scale Mastodon instance that’s 100x less code than Twitter wrote to build the equivalent. Soon after this announcement, we invited Nathan as a guest on the JUXTCast to find out more. In this episode, we delve into some of the conceptual foundations of Rama, the influence the Clojure language has had on its design and discuss some of the many difficult problems Nathan and his team have had to solve in the course of developing Rama. Not to be missed! For more information about Rama and it's Clojure API, you can read this post on Red Planet Labs blog: "Introducing Rama’s Clojure API: build end-to-end scalable backends in 100x less code".
11/23/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 33 seconds
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S5E5 - Platform Engineering and Internal Developer Platforms

Episode Notes In this episode, JUXT Head of Delivery, Joe Littlejohn, is joined by JUXT software engineers Aaron Knauf and Mariusz Saternus to talk Platform Engineering, and their experiences delivering effective developer platforms in large tech organisations. Link to Jeremy Taylor's webinar "Bitemporality and the Art of Maintaining Accurate Databases" — as mentioned by Joe at the top of the episode. This podcast is powered by Pinecast.
11/10/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 30 seconds
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S5E4 - JUXT Cast Special with Kent Beck

8/29/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 34 seconds
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S5E3 - JUXT 10-Year Anniversary, Babashka Conf 2023, XTDB Update, and Post-Agile

Episode Notes 'The Holy War' song: 'A first look at the XT20 venue': Banking Transformation Summit: Babashka Conf: Babashka Talks 2023: XTDB: JUXT 10-Year Anniversary Talks:
7/13/202330 minutes, 45 seconds
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S5E2 - Data Sovereignty, SAAS Overuse, and Central Datastores

Episode Notes This podcast episode focuses on some topics that are mentioned in S5E1 "Post-Conj Roundup, Databases, and the LLM era":
6/29/202349 minutes, 2 seconds
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S5E1 - Post-Conj Roundup, Databases, and the LLM era

Episode Notes Clojure Conj: “Design by Pratice” by Rich Hickey: “Vector Symbolic Architectures in Clojure” by Carin Meier: “Clojure Isp: One tool to lint them all” by Eric Dallo: “A Relational Model of Data for Large Shared Data Banks” by Ted Codd:
5/15/202335 minutes, 34 seconds