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17. Breaking Myself Down With Megan PT 1.

In this weeks episode I have Megan returning to break down my human design chart for you guys! It will be a semi deep dive with laughs a long the way
5/29/202323 minutes, 28 seconds
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16. Figure Your Stuff Out

This weeks episode I will be discussing how to figure your stuff out. As I have said plenty of times before, the one size fits all approach does not work. As individuals we have to accept that we do not need to fit the mold, and that is the theme of this weeks episode!
5/22/202323 minutes, 15 seconds
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15. It Is What You Don’t See That Creates What You See

Have you ever looked at somebody and thought “it must be nice” and the feeling you feel after you say that? I will dive into that in this short yet powerful episode & what you can do it make it nice for yourself!
5/18/202313 minutes, 47 seconds
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14. There Is Nothing Natural About Trading

In this weeks episode I will be talking about how modern day trading is not natural for the human body. I also cover how trading will not answer your problems and discuss tangible solutions to those problems . Please like and leave a review. You can follow me on instagram @justsometrader and youtube @justsometrader
5/15/202323 minutes, 23 seconds
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13. Finding Your Personal Greatness

Finding greatness within yourself is something that is not often talked about. We can emulate others but if it is not aligned with who we are then we are just going to be working in circles. While you can learn lessons from others the most important aspect of finding greatness is who you are on […]
5/8/202340 minutes, 40 seconds
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12. Knowing who you are can better help you on your journey

In this weeks episode I dive a little bit into how you can de-condition yourself by knowing your human design. We are not all built to be work horses, some of us are here to be efficient with their energy & and other can talk the lazy path. I will dive into why I think […]
5/1/202329 minutes, 6 seconds
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11. Meet My Performance Coach

In this weeks episode I have a fun filled chat with my dear friend and performance coach Megan. She is a certified theta healer and human design reader. We talk on a wide range of subjects that proves to be fun and also insightful. We get deep when we talk about how limiting beliefs and […]
4/24/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 51 seconds
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9. Know When To Take Your Foot Off The Gas / How I Deal With Trauma

Getting to ones goals is a tough & long process, it requires a lot of you mentally, physically, & spiritually. I will be talking about what happened when I hit my limits recently, as well as how to prevent it. I will also be talking about How I personally deal with trauma & how it […]
4/7/202329 minutes, 59 seconds
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8. Two members, Two Totally Different Styles

In this weeks episode I talk with two members of my trading group. The questions are random but the connection that we have is real. See how out of one method that I show my group gives birth to two totally different trading style. Leave a review if you enjoyed this episode also, if you […]
3/30/202353 minutes, 59 seconds
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Episode 7

Don’t Cheat The Game In this episode I will be talking about the importance about earning your stripes. It is a concept that applies to more than just trading
3/22/202331 minutes, 12 seconds
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6. I’ve Lost 100k Trading, When Do I Quit

3/16/202330 minutes, 29 seconds
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5. The Connection Between Trading & Personal Life

Welcome back for episode 5 of the show. In this episode I am talking about how trading connects to your personal life. There are little things that that one may or may not notice that give you clues to the trader and person that you are in the moment. Please leave a review if you […]
3/3/202315 minutes, 29 seconds
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4. An Interview With A Talented Trader Who Struggles

In this Episode I have a chat with a member of my trading circle that has all the talent in the world to make as a trader yet he still struggles. This is something that is so common in the journey of a trader to not only attempt to master their method but themselves as […]
2/23/202321 minutes, 15 seconds
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3.The hardest And Darkest Part Of My Journey

In this episode I will be discussing the hardest and darkest part of my journey. What it took for me to ground myself & push through. Please like & review if you liked this episode @justsometrader
2/13/202319 minutes, 40 seconds
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2.My Trading Journey

In this episode I’m going to discuss my path and the ups and downs to becoming a full time trader. Follow me as I explain how I loose my job and take the leap of faith to make it happen! @justsometrader
1/30/202331 minutes, 4 seconds
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1.Introductory Episode

In this episode we will discuss the theme of the justsomepodcast, answer some questions that I got from instagram and do a chart breakdown (youtube only).
1/24/202331 minutes, 13 seconds