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English, Comedy, 2 seasons, 28 episodes, 1 day, 9 hours, 45 minutes
Politics are infuriating. From loudmouth millionaires on cable news, to loudmouth millionaires on network TV, there's a lot of rich people telling you how their sponsors want you to feel. John is just the kind of deluded moron to try and break through the noise as he traverses a sea of his own neuroses and undiagnosed mental disorders to tell you the way things ought to be. He might even occasionally elicit a soft chuckle out of you!
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Dawn of a New Era (Soup For My Family Preview)

John has an announcement that shakes the podcast to its very foundations, and then is joined by his best friend Jon Holmes on a completely different podcast. Subscribe to Soup For My Family: Youtube Spotify
2/26/20211 hour, 35 minutes, 45 seconds