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Julie McCarthy: Jewels Says

English, Cultural, 3 seasons, 113 episodes, 2 days 8 hours 41 minutes
Julie has a dear friend who used to say, “Jewels, you’re 19 going on 90”. Opinionated, but always learning, after over 40 years of never getting around to writing plays, books or blogs, her contribution of additional content for Katherine Ryan’s audiobook, The Audacity, motivated her to share some stories and perspectives on all kinds of everyday subjects. Get in touch! Your email may be featured on one of Julie‘s podcast episodes: [email protected]
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Fun Friends: Grandfather Abe the Vegan Babe

Jewels says she just wants to pretend she’s someone else sometimes and she’s a bit jealous of the trained liars who get to do it for a living. Plus a nice chat with Grandfather Abe about his transition to a vegan diet. Though he doesn’t get hung up about a bit of egg in a birthday cake, since the sugar is probably the least healthful part of the cake.
19/01/202330 minutes 4 seconds